Americans are about to get one letter in the mail that will seal Nancy Pelosi’s doom

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats desperately want to hang on to power in 2022.

But their faint hopes of victory in November may have just been extinguished.

And that’s because Americans are about to get one letter in the mail that will seal Nancy Pelosi’s doom.

Obamacare is one of the great policy trainwrecks in American history.

When Democrats rammed the socialist scheme through Congress in 2010, critics warned that it was a doomed-to-fail disaster whose true purpose was to set the stage for a complete government takeover of healthcare.

There is now more evidence the critics were right.

Democrats are terrified that Americans who receive health insurance through Obamacare will receive a letter right before the election announcing a 53 percent hike in premiums.

The timing could not be worse.

“Right before the election, people would get notices of big premium increases, and that will certainly not reflect well on Democrats,” Kaiser Family Foundation health policy expert Larry Levitt told The Hill.

Democrats running for re-election in swing districts are breaking into a hair-on-fire panic.

“I’m worried that we’re running up on a cliff,” Pennsylvania Democrat Congresswoman Susan Wild said in an interview with The Hill. “We’re suddenly going to lose that ability. It’s similar to the child tax credit, which, you know, just kind of came and went, the expiration of it. I just don’t want to see that happen. I think it is absolutely game-changing.”

Stopping the 53 percent premium hike would require another $70 billion spent over the next three years.

With inflation running rampant and the national debt spiking to over $30 trillion, there will not be one Republican vote to cause inflation to surge higher by borrowing more money to fund Barack Obama’s socialist healthcare scheme.

One Democrat strategist told The Hill his hope was the Obamacare premium hike deadline would force action on Joe Biden’s stalled multi-trillion-dollar socialist spending bill.

“People are certainly worried about it and hopeful that it will get resolved,” the strategist told The Hill. “This would be a self-inflicted wound if Democrats let it happen, but there is growing desire to avoid the cliff.”

But Democrats are running out of time.

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin won’t support a large scale spending bill that makes inflation even worse.

And the longer the Democrats wait, the more likely it is that the final nail in the coffin for their majorities will come from Obamacare premium increases.

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