Alvin Bragg is under fire over this damning video

NYC Flatiron Photo by Fernando Gonzalez via Pexels

Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is facing renewed criticism.

It’s a fiasco beyond comprehension.

And Alvin Bragg is under fire over this damning video.

Americans were appalled by a video from New York City showing a violent mob of illegal aliens pummeling a New York City police officer.

Police eventually arrested the five thugs and all were released without bail thanks to New York City’s cashless bail law.

One of the goons left the courthouse flipping both middle fingers to the press in an act of defiance he knows he can get away with because President Joe Biden wants as many illegal aliens in America as possible and New York is a sanctuary city.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office didn’t request bail for these violent illegal aliens who have no right to be in the country in the first place.

That was a sore spot for Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul who called out Bragg’s office for not taking advantage of one of the few instances where New York law provides for bail to hold violent offenders.

“Under existing state law, assaulting a police officer is a bail-eligible crime, and district attorneys must hold offenders accountable,” the Hochul spokesperson said in a statement to the New York Post.

Criminal illegal aliens run roughshod over the streets of New York beating police officers with impunity and the Manhattan DA’s office lets them out with no bail.

At the same time, the Manhattan DA is pursuing a politically motivated show trial against former President Donald Trump.

The lack of perspective and misplaced priorities are why the criminal indictments against Trump aren’t hurting him in the polls and why so many voters don’t trust Democrats on crime.

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