All hell is about to break loose as Democrats just made this threat of Civil War if Trump wins

The 2020 Presidential Election looks like it could be another close race.

President Trump says his internal polls put him on a path to victory.

And all hell is about to break loose as Democrats just made this threat of Civil War if Trump wins.

Democrats have been promising riots for weeks if Trump wins the election.

In a speech supposedly condemning riots, Joe Biden threatened America that his voters would torch cities and unleash mayhem unless Americans elected Biden President.

Now in a remarkable article in The Atlantic, liberal activists told Democrat Party propagandist Ronald Brownstein that if there were recounts after the election, Democrat voters would take to the streets and rampage through cities in riots the like of which the nation has never seen.

“Adam Green, a co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, another group participating in postelection planning, told me that he can ‘guarantee’ that ‘we will not have asymmetric warfare this time around. We won’t have litigation on the left and thuggery and election disruption on the right.’ If Trump tries to stop the counting of mail-in ballots after Election Day, or otherwise tries to short-circuit the results, Green predicts, the scale of protests would be that of ‘the Black Lives Matter protests on steroids, as people come into the streets to defend their democracy and to defend the counting of votes,’” Brownstein wrote.

Democrats are not messing around.

Hillary Clinton told Joe Biden that under no circumstances should he concede the election.

And now the Democrat Party’s shock troops are openly promising violent riots that make this past summer look like a street festival.

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