All hell broke loose when Trump’s lawyer sold him out to Robert Mueller

Special counsel Robert Mueller believes he struck pay dirt.

Donald Trump’s lawyer has flipped and is willing to rat out the President to the special counsel.

Now all hell is breaking loose after the media reported what he is going to say.

The fake news media broke out in celebration when Trump attorney Michael Cohen made it known he is willing to tell the special counsel that Donald Trump had advanced knowledge of the infamous “Trump Tower meeting.”

CNN reports:

Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, claims that then-candidate Trump knew in advance about the June 2016 meeting in Trump Tower in which Russians were expected to offer his campaign dirt on Hillary Clinton, sources with knowledge tell CNN. Cohen is willing to make that assertion to special counsel Robert Mueller, the sources said.

Cohen’s claim would contradict repeated denials by Trump, Donald Trump Jr., their lawyers and other administration officials who have said that the President knew nothing about the Trump Tower meeting until he was approached about it by The New York Times in July 2017.

Cohen alleges that he was present, along with several others, when Trump was informed of the Russians’ offer by Trump Jr. By Cohen’s account, Trump approved going ahead with the meeting with the Russians, according to sources.

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani blasted Cohen as a liar with no credibility.

CNN also reports:

“He’s been lying all week, he’s been lying for years,” said Rudy Giuliani, the President’s attorney, to Chris Cuomo on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” on Thursday night.

He added, “I don’t see how he’s got any credibility.”

Giuliani also said Cohen is “the kind of witness that can really destroy your whole case” and called Cohen, who was a top Trump Organization attorney for a decade, a “pathological liar.”

Cohen’s credibility is also undercut by the fact that the day the Trump Tower story broke, he applauded Donald Trump, Jr. for being honest and transparent.

President Trump also strongly denied the story and stated Cohen was fabricating his version of events so prosecutors investigating his business dealings will go easy on him.

The other problem with the story was the Trump Tower meeting was a complete nothing burger of a story.

No dirt on Clinton changed hands.

And all parties – both from the Trump campaign and Russia – all testified to the Senate Intelligence Committee that the meeting was brief and about Russian adoptions and the Magnitsky Act.

There was no discussion of the 2016 campaign or collusion.

This is another manufactured story by Trump’s enemies in the fake news media to try and overturn the results of the 2016 election.


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89 Responses

  1. Mary says:


  2. Mary says:


  3. Jim says:

    And the witch hunt goes on and on and on…Mueller has everyone in his pocket, using his power as special counsel to trod upon everyone’s rights in his quest to destroy Donald Trump. Fair and impartial investigation? Are you kidding me? Mueller is corrupt, and he is the epitome of everything that is wrong with our government. He is nothing more than a pawn in the Deep State’s goal to regain and retain power and control of our government and the People. How many more millions of dollars of the taxpayer’s money will he spend and squander trying to implicate and destroy Donald Trump? It is time to put an end to this fiasco and focus our resources and energy in uniting the people and nation for the common good of everyone concerned.

  4. Sue Jackson says:

    I do not, in any way, want to appear to be making excuses for why Michael Cohen has made an ‘eyes wide open’ decision to throw out accusations against his former employer and our now POTUS. I remember when this story first broke after the Democrat lead investigation was opened in just one of the many ‘Destroy Donald Trump’ attempts they have undertaken. Cohen was very adamant in honoring his Attorney/Client privilege clause which I found to be admirable. I wonder why no one is asking themselves the question of ‘why did Cohen stick to his ethical standards which lead to him leaving the Trump administration only to then, after having been barraged with many accusations and threats by the FBI, to change his previous claims of no wrong doing by the President or himself. The first outing we saw of Cohen, being accompanied by FBI officials I think told us a story, if only we looked into the eyes and facial changes since he left the employment of the President. I see a haunted look of great fearfulness in Cohen eyes, facial expressions and overall body language. When he is seen with his family, they too seem to have the same obvious signs of fear that makes me wonder just why they are afraid and who it is that they fear? The fact that Cohen has come up with supposed recordings now, in my opinion, brings up even more suspicion as to who is really behind all this ‘cloak & dagger’ showmanship. I took an oath to maintain the privacy of all persons I dealt with in my work, which meant a great deal to me. Thankfully I was never was put into a situation in which I had to break my oath except for one time that a child’s safety was in question. Cohen risk everything to keep his oath with his client, then suddenly changes his mind and goes against that oath which could result in his own disbarment from the practice of law, destroying his ability to earn a living to support his family. Was he promised some form of reparations for becoming a turncoat and if so, wonder who or what the source is for providing that payout?

    • G says:

      Sue Jackson, I think this Cohen situation is nothing more than when his office was raided and the FBI got Cohen’s records on ALL his clients, who knows what all they got on whom. They could have evidence on say, Joe Blow, who probably doesn’t even know DJT, but Cohen could be criminally involved with old Joe Blow. Cohen could have been told unless he helped them with DJT, he would be prosecuted.for the Joe Blow stuff. At which time Cohen is between a rock and a hard place so, no wonder he and family have fear in their eyes. He may stay out of jail for cooperating with the FBI but may face disbarrment for his DJT situation. This is just one scenario and it could be a lot of other things besides money changing hands. If it looks like this will not hurt DJT I would not be surprised if Cohen is approached and money proposed by , oh, just somebody. (wink wink nod nod)

  5. Tony Winters says:

    I hope this guy has a lot of money socked away or has a really good book deal because no one in their right mind would ever hire him as their lawyer knowing that if things got a bit rough he would sell them out in a minute and provide recordings of all of their conversations.

    • Bob L says:

      It’s very sad that our President can’t even trust those who are supposed to protect him.
      Cohen seems to be just another lying swamp rat.

  6. Mary says:

    I’m beginning to wonder if President Trumps lawyer was maybe one of the spy’s. He quit when when Special Councel was ready for him. Maybe raids where to cover up plan to trap the President. Wouldn’t put it past the FBI and DOJ hold overs from Obama’s Adm.

    • Bob L says:

      All Cohen is trying to do is save his own skin by giving up anything he can. Muller and the rest of the liars CNN etc is trying to spin this into some type of crime.
      Presidents Trumps team is letting this load of lying crap investigation play itself out


  8. All hell broke loose when US citizens realized that the Russians compromised the 2016 Presidential Elections with Donald Trump’s knowledge. Trump ‘s performance since has undone all social programs that had been in place to facilitate healthcare and decent living conditions for the elderly and people in lower income families. Most agregous of all, is the recent Helsinki Conference with Vladimir Putin’
    President Trump would rather befriend our country’s arch enemy, ex KGB COLONEL VLADIMIR PUTIN, than demand the Russian government to cease further interference in American politics and business. Trump’s treasonous actions followed his faux pas with our European and United Kingdom allies.

    • russell says:

      that was the Obama that new and allowed Russian interference although I seem to remember Hillary said she was not hacked what liars

  9. J. says:

    Cohen should be disbarred!!!

    • Mary says:

      I’m beginning to wonder if President Trumps lawyer was maybe one of the spy’s. He quit when when Special Councel was ready for him. Maybe raids where to cover up plan to trap the President. Wouldn’t put it past the FBI and DOJ hold overs from Obama’s Adm.

  10. Ernst says:

    The Mueller investigation is doing a remarkably good job of revealing conspiracy and deviousness among the Democrats and anti-Trump people. So far there has not been much conspiracy or dishonesty revealed among the Trump inner circle.

  11. LOLA COLLINS says:

    WHY do we hear so many conflicting stories on who can talk to anyone they want when there is campaigning going on? Some say it’s OK to talk to anyone who can help with getting a candidate elected . I also thought if there is pay involved through a foreign country that would not fly, but just discussing issues should be OK? DC doesn’t even seem to know what is right!

  12. Ron says:

    Mueller, will believe anyone’s FAKE NEWS … Cohen should be investigated more because of the many LIES he has already told the press the media and told everyone that listen to his BULL _hit stores … Cohen is nothing but a cheap con artist !!!

    • von Potter says:

      Wonder if he will lose his lawyers license……??………Looks like there are many lawyers that will never be trusted again………..

    • Bob L says:

      Signs of desporation by Muller’s team of Trump / America haters. The second the jacks offs from CNN etc come up with another total BS story they try to sell it like absolute truth and the end of the world is near.
      Hey CNN how’s your rating going ? Not well I would bet and hopefully out of business soon !!!

    • Mary says:

      He was probably overed immunity to testify for Mueler.

  13. Kilroy Was Here says:

    Trumps so called Lawyer has sold his soul to the liberals Devil Muller for what he will find out was for nothing as they will turn on him in a heartbeat and he will be a nothing as his law license is revoked and he sets in a prison.

  14. Rich Kenny says:

    CRUCIFY THE SCUM RIDDEN RAT!!!! PUBLICLY KNOW LIAR ET AL…. no law broken, no information compromised… nothing to shame, except this LYING SCUM BAG! HANG HIM FOR LYING!!!

  15. Jerry says:

    I don’t care if he slept with the whore. I don’t care if he told a few lies. All I care about is he is great for the USA and its people. Let’s face it. It is a low life dirt bag who is investigating our President. I bet if we had a special counsel investigating Mueller he would find a lot of dirt there.


    • Doreen says:

      Now you are scratching the bottom of the barrel ..give it up ..have you slept with anybody but your spouse? It none of our business ..there is your answer ..just give it up the more you speak the stupider you sound or are you jealous?

  17. Doreen says:

    You said that right ..I can’t believe how short focussed the liberals are

  18. Bret Golke says:

    This is all one big joke!! All the liing Obama, Hillary, Bill, Storzak, and McCabe and his pos boss’s all just baffling. Democrats coddle these dispicables, going as far as saying on the House Intelligence committee that Storzak deserves a purple heart..thats un fu€kn believeable. They are trying to destroy a man who is working very hard to fix OUR America, that the demon demz have worked very hard to destroy!! Everything Trump does involving Russia is undermining them, but the iggnorant left keeps wanting to push this narrative!! The man needs to be able to have conversations with Putin…its his flipn job!! Then that disgraceful, nasty, race card pulling pos Maxine comes out shooting off her ,I hate America mouth..claiming God sent her to stop Trump. She is beyond delusional, and the only morons who believe any of her rhetoric, is the bLack LivEs MattErs ,race hating, only wanting violence..wanting a free ride..keep pulling the race card morons. They dont understand..we as conservatives know its all a crap burger!! They think they are winning, they think people believe their bs…boy are they wrong!! They will find out Americas wrath if they try and mess with the savior of the USA by trying to illegally remove him from office with some chumped up bs! Trump could of fired Mueller long ago if he had something to hide, but he hasn’t. He obviously has nothing to hide. I keep hearing from liberal nuttjobs, oh theres been how many investigations into Hillary and shes still free so yheres nothing. Thats bs!! Theres plenty yo lock her up for 10 lifetimes, but when you have a stacked deck you’ll never lose. Comey let that worthless woman walk and no one does anything, but Trump should go to jail?? Why?? Because he stands for the American people, not the established, entitled billionaires and politicians who believe we are their slaves and are too ignorant to know the truth…sorry jag offs..only far left libz fall for your bs..

  19. Parduc says:

    Welcome to the Jewish conspiracy against Trump!

  20. Bob Hunt says:

    It looks like either some real serious money got to Cohen or Mueller has him by the short hairs which is probably illegal, which I’m sure does not matter to Mueller.

  21. JimT says:

    Trump could have fired Mueller long ago, but he was too timid. Matters will only get worse, not better, as this investigation continues. Trump should fire his entire legal team, including Gilliani. They are NOT helping Trump.

  22. jdw says:

    cohen will do whatever is needed to protect himself. This cretin has no ethics or honor about him. If anyone believes what he is saying are dumber than a doorknob. mueller and minions need to be investigated for the over-reach and collusion they have perpetrated. We need to see where the taxpayer money is being spent. The debacle has gone on long enough known as ‘the witch hunt’.

  23. Robert Wynia says:

    To my knowledge this meeting was cut short by DT Jr deciding it was BS and walked out within minutes. What are the Dark State and Mueller trying to demonstrate or prove. If you want dirt on Hillary all you have to do is stand out in the wind and allow it to blow in your face!!!!

  24. Dorren says:

    I would like to put my 2 cents worth in here ..why has nobody got fired ,charged .with all this mud slinging I am a Canadian I am definitely on Trumps side as I would not trust Hillary ever ..but with everybody calling everybody a liar who do I believe ..really this mess has gone on for so long and we are no closer to proofing anything..I keep hear I g they should be convicted or they will be charged ,always have a bteakingstory that adds nothing that can be proved beyond doubt ..why?

  25. BigJoe says:

    Maybe this whole thing is a plan to destroy Mueller’s entire case. Maybe when Cohen gets on the stand and Mueller thinks he’s going to finally nab Trump Cohen will reverse himself and expose Mueller’s threats of indictment and charges against him making Mueller the laughing stock he is.

  26. Marlene says:

    Cohan is a scared little weasel that Mueller is blackmailing to lie. It is a habit of Mueller’s to use blackmail to get witnesses to lie by threatening to charge the person with a larger crime whether true or not and threaten their families. Cohan contradicted his previous testimony that there was no collusion with Russia by him or Trump. In other words he has been told to lie Or else by Mueller .

  27. Rob Dean says:

    Looking forward the the Bar permanently removing Comey from ever practicing law again! You cannot divulge attorney-client info without the permission of your client or proof that an actual serious crime is about to be committed and this information is needed to prevent the crime. If a crime has already been committed, the attorney is bound by the ethics and can only divulge this info with the consent of the client. Cohen needs to be disbarred and then appropriately charged with whatever crimes HE has committed. Trump should have an absolute prohibition of anything Cohen says being used against him in any manner. Plus Trump needs to sue Comey for libel and slander. Rest in Peach Cohen, you have committed the worst problem for yourself ever. You will lose your pension, you will go to jail, you will be gang raped by the evil child molesters in prison. Well deserved for your sins.

    • thoughtful one says:

      Rob, you fail to see where attorney/client privilege does NOT apply. If you are helping your client commit a crime, that privilege does not apply. They had a master judge involved in deciding which materials were subject to attorney/client privilege and which did not. But here is what is interesting – -the tape we just heard WAS covered by a/c privilege and would have never surfaced unless the TRUMP LAWYERS released it. Rudy G thought it showed Trump was innocent because of some phrases. Next, most do not think that Cohen would be turning on Trump now if Trump did not hang him out to dry, as Trump does to his people. If Trump had Cohen’s back, it is most likely Cohen would have done the same.
      Trump has NO loyalty in his life.

      • Bret Golke says:

        What exactly is a master judge?? And there is attorney client privilege…Cohen fukd up and he thinks liing on Trump will get him immunity like the crooked hillary investigation..criminals get immunity so they can lie to try and hurt this president..with all these indictments Muller has, which none have anything to do with what he’s supposed to be investigating..he still has NOTHING..oh they are gonna flip..heard it like what 100 times..and nadda, because there is nadda..keep dreaming troll..Trump is going nowhere

  28. I don’t think Mueller should be doing any of this considering he was in the middle of the Clinton’s mess! I think they should investigate the Clinton mess and everyone that I involved before anything else goes forward, they are all in bed together! Let’s finish one investigation before starting another. Half of these people should have been in jail already! How can you have a fair investigation when a lot of these people are corrupt! Mueller stands on his pillar, and he is just as guilty as is the rest!. Let’s start getting real here ….. we have a lot of crooks running this gov’t !

    • thoughtful one says:

      Karen, you are confusing people again. It was Comey who was in the middle of the Clinton emails etc., Mueller was a retired REPUBLICAN. Mueller has brought in people of integrity and talent, and Trump is in deep trouble. You are using the old technique of rationalization for your guy by Blaming all the others – – just like criminals do when caught – – “well, everyone is corrupt and the justice system is unfair to me.” Clinton was investigated, even by a Republican congress (Gowdy was in charge) and they never had the evidence to proceed – – get over it.

      • Marlene says:

        Trouble was no one in congress had the power to indict. They showed plenty of evidence but Comey was the one who could reccomend indictment and didn’t. Obama and co protected her.

      • Marlene says:

        No one in congress has the power to indict. The FBI and Comey had that power and despite all the evidence decided not to indict. This has been proven by exposure of all the biased parties. And Mueller has packed his team with rabid Hillary supporters with not one Republican. Mueller is an Obama loyalist and traitor, he is one of the biggest rinos and dweller of the cesspool under the swamp.

      • Jug says:

        Karen is right!
        Mueller WAS in the middle of her mess with selling Russia 20% of our Urainium !

        And Mueller was the delivery boy for the samples!

        Mueller also railroaded 4 innocent men on false charges, one of which died in jail. The tax payers bailed him out of that one to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars!

        Then he charged 3 or 4 others, wrongly in the “Anthrax” case as well! Bullying one to the point of suicide!

        The guy is a dirty cop that has ruined numerous lives without any remorse. He will and has pulled every dirty trick in the book! Applies pressure to other people to get them to “roll over” on anyone, guilty or not!

      • Bret Golke says: are wrong..theres tons of evidence on Clinton, but since Comey gave out all kinds of immunity to Clinton cronies and sabotaged the whole case from the beginning by allowing evidence to be destroyed, sitting on evidence and liing the corrupt pos clinton walks again..and prople of integrity?? You must be kidding..Storazk,Page,..ya dripping with integrity…you are obviously a blind mousefollowing the pied piper right off the cliff. Im sure Muller says hes republican, so does McCaine and Flake and the list goes on and on…and you should know what vriminals sound like..Hillary, Bill, Obummer..those are your heros, and youve been backing and falling for their lies for decades..dont make ignorant comments on bs trying to undermine a true American and defending your criminal American hating party

  29. Jerry Staggs says:

    Hi Diane if you take everything you read in the media as truth and real , your not old enough to remember all the news about Vietnam and the lies that were said about it. Grow up young lady, get your head out of the dirt.

    • Matthew G Zatkalik says:

      Sy Syms’s advertising slogan: “an educated consumer is our best customer” holds true for bloggers who contribute their input on issues.

  30. Jerry Staggs says:

    Diane if you take everything you read in the media as truth and real , your not old enough to remember all the news about Vietnam and the lies that were said about it. Grow up young lady, get your head out of the dirt.

  31. Albert Bryson says:

    Cohen is a rat fink. He is lying to save his neck. He is willing to risk President Trump to impeachment, etc. in order to avoid going to jail. Let lose his license to practice as lawyer and put him jail where he belong.

  32. Mary Sue Hawkins says:

    The Democrats are in complete melt down mode, grabbing at any straw of hope that they can use to destroy OUR POTUS. They will fail because if most are like myself and my family nothing that President Trump is being accused of happened while serving America as President. Therefore it matters not to us. Look at the high level criminal activities that Bill Clinton and BH Obama committed against America and Americans while serving as President. If they insist on traveling down this road of lies and ridiculous accusations they have built up to destroy the best President we have had since Reagan, then they will be the ones suffering the consequences of their own criminal activity against each of us as well as OUR President who was, BTW, duly elected by the American majority vote. The Russians did not make an of us vote against Hillary. Hillary made all of us vote against Hillary!!! Now suck it and get over it. You have less that 2 years to find another troll which we will destroy with our vote for another term with our beloved President Trump. Apparently, Success is addictive!!!! We are lovin’it!!!

  33. Since when is it against the law to dig up dirt on your opponent when running for political office ? Where’s the charges against Hillary and the DNC for violating REAL ELECTION LAWS ? This is just more BS from Bull Sh*ters. I’ve got news for them, it ain’t gonna work.

  34. JC says:

    I would believe Trump over a crooked lawyer any day of the week!!!

  35. Rodger Shull says:

    he is as DIRTY as mulelips mueller, his filth comes out more an more everyday, a blackmailing crooked lawyer POS. just another low life abulance chaser.

  36. Truth and Justice #1 says:

    Mueller has Michael Cohen where it hurts most and, is squeezing very hard. Due to the raid on Cohen’s office, I imagine they collected damaging evidence on COHEN and he will lie and do whatever he needs to stay out of prison including take down POTUS. Seems the most damaging thing would have been revealed first for the shock value. What we have seen to date is nothing. Who in their right mind would believe a word of testimony from an attorney who has no client loyalty, attorney client privilege, tapes private conversations with clients (really stupid) and speaks volumes
    about Cohen’s character, trustability, and honesty. We all know criminals will say or do as told to be given immunity or avoid prison. I would not trust a word he says or testifies to.

    • Diane says:

      But you trust Trump???? He lies more than anyone! Ow that’s hysterical! Cohen’s going to save his own rear end. Obviously 45 is throwing another “friend” under the bus…….WHO hasn’t he? Trump is a disgusting incompetent liar and you are ignorant to support this moron!

      • Truth and Justice #1 says:

        DIANE, You call me ignorant, you obviously don’t know what is going on here! Your comment doesn’t even make any sense and is not rrelevant to this article. I understand you think DJT is a liar, Lord knows the whole world knows exactly how you feel. That’s all you talk about except for your incompetent attempts to talk down to and demean anyone who doesn’t share your shallow views and opinions. Diane, you are so boring. Oh, and by the way, the only one that someone is trying to throw under the bus is (wait for it) Cohen is trying to throw POTUS under the bus. Since you are behind in today’s current events, read the article or ask someone to explain it to you. Bye-bye now! 🙂
        and opinions.

        • Angelica says:

          Diane,you are confusing the clintons and the illegal obama with President Trump…THEY are the ones who repeatedly threw people under the bus…NOT TRUMP! Better get your facts straight if you want to sound credible!

        • alrf says:

          Truth and Justice #1……..The problem with Diane is too much CNN, CBS, NBC,NYT.WP,.
          etc……to such extend that she got a fatal brain damage…..well…. if any brain !!

        • thoughtful one says:

          OK, T&J #1, you are ignorant. Most of you miss that Trump ALREADY showed how he colluded with Russia at Helsinki. You know what is really boring (?) to see all the whining and complaining about Hillary and Obama. Rather than face the fact Trump was president when they tried to get rid of the sanctions against Russia (but failed because of Congress) and continually attacks our allies while kissing Putin’s ass and defending his attack on Ukraine, Trump’s total failure in North Korea – – where he did Putin’s bidding again. Just do some math – – how is it most of the people that Trump chooses end up being pathological liars, while he is the only one telling the truth. He stabs his people in the back, like Sessions, Bannon, Tillerson etc..!

          • BigJoe says:

            If meeting with and discussing actions and events demonstrated by both countries is collusion, than every president that ever held office is guilty of that. Because of your obvious and ignorant hatred for this president there is nothing he can do that would stop you from thinking he was guilty of something. You’re not a very deep thinker if you even think at all. Repeating what you hear on whatever network you hear it on without hearing both sides makes you what they call a “useful idiot”. They put this crap out there so that their little parrots will go out and repeat it and swear it’s true. Congratulations on being a sucker.

          • Truth and Justice #1 says:

            thoughtful one, There was a time in my life when I would have patiently tried to reason with you, silly me, I had endless dreams that a liberal could be shown where they were misinformed and told them the sources to check to verify my point. In today’s world that is impossible, there is too much hate and animosity to change anybody’s mind. So, I will just say that liberals don’t know what in hades they are talking about because they are getting their information from sources whose soul purpose is to bring down the POTUS and, they couldn’t care less about TRUTH, in fact, they go out of their way to lie and makeup stories in an attempt to reach their goal. POTUS is not perfect but, he is much better than those trying to destroy his Presidency. It seems the only thing you liberals should be thinking about is how much better off you are monetarily today than with the BHO administration. Any bug with no brain under a rock knows that! I guess that is what makes you so angry! Oh no, I have too much money! Do you realize how crazy that sounds? Now go away Dem lib, you are bothering serious minded folks.


          • Bret Golke says:

            Your comments show your iggnorance..everything Trump does with Russia undermines them moron..if youd get your news from a reliable source, youd know this…and our allies???thats mean the ones who take advantage of us at every oppertunity..allies dont do are obviously a complete troll and have no clue of whats truth because you dont look for look for what fits your narrative..and how exactly did he fail in NK troll?? Hes gotten more positive done with Kim than any president..but you wouldnt know that bevause the View and CNn wont tell yoj that..ignorance is bliss and you are blissfully ignorant etc…

      • Kathy Adams says:

        Go after the true certified criminals corruption mafia. Obama and Hillary are the true certified criminals and murderers of Benghazi and other Treason crimes.

      • Breaker 19 says:

        Trump is a liar. Where have I heard that before? Not once, but hundreds of times. Oh yes, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, NYT. We know that it is true, because all these honest, trustworthy news agency’s wouldn’t lie about something this important.
        If you don’t have anything bad that you can accuse Trump of doing, just say “He lies all the time”. I heard it on CNN. Everybody will believe you.

      • Emma says:

        Do you really not see all the good POTUS TRUMP has accomplished for America? And the World for that matter!?
        I stand with POTUS TRUMP
        all day, every day , all the way!!!
        You are on the wrong side of history.
        I hope you wake from your nightmare soon.
        Trump 2020

      • Bret Golke says:

        Diane..please shut your mouth!! Your big great white hope Muller has nothing, will find nothing, then you and your idiot party will try domething else!! Yes I trust Trump!! First prez since Regan to actually do what he said hed do!! Your great prez obummer destroyed this country and you still praise him..shows your ignorance troll…I do believe Trump ans I stand behind him or in front of him..but with all you trolls trying to stab him in the back, probably behind..the more you libs hate him the more the majority love him..and you are by far the iggnorant one!

  37. seastar says:

    What I think is not so much that Cohan is lying, but that the media is exaggerating the story . They sensationalize everything even if they have to lie. Cohan may be caving under pressure and they are ruining his life (which they shouldn’t be allowed to do ) but they don’t care as long as they get a witness to say what they want him to say .Whole mess is lies and half truths and made up stories ,and I for one am so sick of it .

  38. Rodney says:

    This moron ambulance chaser Cohen was hired as a PERSONAL liar…er…lawyer and had little if anything to do with the campaign. Unless he tape recorded the conversation implicating President Trump, Cohen will be taken as he is, a bumbling fool of a lawyer.

  39. stevo says:

    I remember the phrase “cohen and f**k yourself”.this must apply to this pos!

  40. Michael says:

    That F’n turncoat piece of S–T is a so full of lies…when I think os Cohen..the word DIRT comes to mind…another scummy lawyer

  41. James P Hutchins says:

    cohen is just plain lying about President Donald Trump.

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