All hell broke loose when this Fox News guest just named the whistleblower

Americans are demanding to know the identity of the so-called “whistleblower” who ignited the Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt.

The Fake News Media and Democrats are claiming it would be criminal to name this rogue government agent.

But now all hell broke loose when this Fox News guest just named the whistleblower.

Mollie Hemmingway of “The Federalist” appeared on Fox News Channel’s Sunday “Media Buzz” program.

The Fake News Media is claiming they refuse to name the so-called “whistleblower” because, supposedly, his safety may be in danger.

Hemmingway pointed out that multiple media reports allege 33 year-old registered Democrat Eric Ciaramella is the so-called “whistleblower.”

Host Howard Kurtz recoiled in horror and followed the marching orders handed down by Fox News to downplay Hemmingway’s identifying the alleged whistleblower.

The Daily Beast reports:

After noting that the New York Times had provided a lot of identifying details on its report about the whistleblower, Hemingway went on to point to the online article naming the person while explaining that the whistleblower’s name’s “already out there.”

“We could be talking about this reporting and talking about whether that’s accurate reporting or not,” Hemingway added. “So I feel a little confused why we are pretending it hasn’t already been reported.”

Host Howard Kurtz, clearly startled, immediately shot back that he didn’t know if that person was actually the whistleblower. Former Clinton adviser Philipe Reines, who was also on the panel, said that this “might be the first time that the name has been mentioned on Fox News, and not by a Fox News reporter.”

Fake news CNN, The New York Times, and other media outlets have no issue publicly identifying Trump supporters that make viral gifs or videos.

But these outlets lost their appetite for exposing government secrets because the so-called “whistleblower’s” partisan background renders everything they alleged in their phony complaint suspect.


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152 Responses

  1. John Ballinger says:

    These swamp rats that call themselves democrats should be run out of D. C. And out of the United States. They are our number one enemy. They are using our government too destroy our government and America. There needs to be millions of TRUE AMERICANS march on D.C. and put the fear of GOD in these rats. COME ON AMERICA LET US MARCH before they destroy our country with their HATE and never return . Love your give them a chance to get out of our country or be hung by the neck till they are dead. IT IS PAST TIME SOMETHING IS DONE.

  2. Mohammed, Mohammed... says:

    He’s a leaker

  3. T. Bell says:

    The whistle bloer should just blow himself !

  4. Miguel says:

    In a court room,any accuser , should testify ,to proof is accurated the accuse. And should present the stability of evidence in the case to secure his allegation, until that happen ,isn’t a real accusation because is not presence of strong evidence and the stability of accusation is just base on speculations ,and you say and I say. No continent stability of proof. The accuser most be present in the trail or an audition to proof the veracity of the accusation stability. In other case should be dismissed trail.

  5. manuel says:

    The #1% is Adam Shift and his mob of gangsters.

    • John says:

      I believe the real whistle BLOWER is Adam Shifty Shiff himself, who wrote the first fake phone call, that he later said it was a parody. This was after he got caught lying when he read it into the record.

  6. Eileen Trent says:

    And now we learn that CIA ramella, just started a go fund me for his legal fees.

    DEEP STATE RAT terrified, since he learned he’s named in the FISA report!!!



    And we

    Search for the truth urselves!

    • Eileen Trent says:

      And btw isn’t that like, totes illegal!!

      He just keeps digging a deeper hole for himself!!

      Way to go, CIA ramella……lol!!!

    • Mama & Co. says:

      >gofundme. What a $$$ ‘funnel’ tunnel’ !!!
      a mild form of ‘racketeering’ ? !!!
      > Not smart enough for ‘bitcoin’ ___What a Dumbus

    • I can almost bet that that Go Fund Me account is Schiff, Pelosi’s, and the rest of their henchmen’s way to pay Mr. Ciaramella for services rendered. I would like to have the records subpoenaed for that Go Fund Me acct and trace the actual donors who supposedly donated (anonymously of course. I’ll bet the money is coming from the swamp, bet on it.

  7. Jim Self says:

    Eric Ciaramella? That’s not news.

    • Jack Handy says:

      IS News. Should BE News. Key CIA ‘player’ ___
      > Left w/ ‘consort media ‘hides’…
      > ‘WE’ KNOW, so does POTUS etc.
      ‘the 0pen Secret’ //// “Eyes Wide Shut” ” ….

  8. Jerry says:

    If you know who the whisleblower is, why didn’t you post it with this article. Maybe its illegal for you to do so or its just an opinion that you say that you know who the whislebower is..
    I always like to hear the truth abouth politics, not opinions, That is why I am an independent now. Trust in politics is very low and lower than anytime in the past.

    • Benjamin C Talmadge says:

      It’s is true we all know who the whistle blower is. And this impeachment fraud keeps going there will be a civil war again Americans against the Democrats

      • MaryG says:

        Not only that. Wasting time and taxpayers money. The USA owe $22 trillion plus $102 trillion. Many corruption. Impeachment should be dismissed. American people are not buying these fake news. Listen to Judicial Watch investigators. I pray to God that these false accusation to Our President Donald J. Trump to be ended.

      • JMD says:


    • Cheryl says:

      Most have been taken down by the thought police/Facebook /Twitter/youtube is why fool!

  9. Lynn says:

    The DEMONCRATS will never change! Do as I say not as I do. I think the DEMONCRATS should counter President Trump’s slogans of Make America Great Again and Keep America Great with this slogan ” If it’s free it’s for me.”

  10. IrishEyes2C says:

    Too late, here’s why… Adam Schiffless had already exposed the whistleblowers identity when he forgot to black out his name on the transcripts. Anyone who read the original transcript already saw his name. It was out there for a few hours until someone had notified Schiffless of his blunder and quickly took it down. Schiffless isn’t the sharpest knife in the draw.

    Here are two unfortunate realities: the first is that whistleblowing becomes virtuous only when a Republican is the one being whistled on; the second is that deep state Democrats have a habit of manipulating whistleblower laws when it suits their purposes. I could write a book on whistleblowers the major media chose to ignore. The two examples are, the one regarding Bill Clinton, the other Barack Obama, should give a sense of how the worms in Washington turn.

    ALSO, the New York Times sparked outrage when they outed the whistleblower, who filed a complaint alleging President Donald Trump solicited interference from Ukraine in the 2020 presidential election. “The whistleblower who revealed that President Trump sought foreign help for his re-election and that the White House sought to cover it up is a CIA officer who was detailed to work at the White House at one point, according to three people familiar with his identity,” the Times published. A very, very small universe of people works or have worked as CIA officers in the White House during the Trump administration. Essentially, the New York Times tipped off the administration about who filed the complaint.

    • Brady says:

      Who would harm this leaker? He has no right as a whistle blower. I am real tired of this people who sneak around trying to get dirt on somebody, then not having the b—- to own it. Hell I heard the demos put America first, now that’s a joke, like the demo party..

    • Margaret j. Jaeger says:

      That’s kinda-mostly-the way I recalled the event too. Whistle blower(s) have already been named to the public but now the mmm is trying to play coy, to convince everyone that information was not past revealed publically info. Another dumb move on their part.

  11. Cjenz says:


    • Chenz says:


      • Patsy Autry says:

        If the Dems say reporting the whistleblower would be criminal. As he is already probably a criminal, what would it matter. The public and the president should know the true identity of the whistleblower…All against Trump because of the fake message from whistleblower. Is a coupe planned since 2016 (and before). Many should be arrested…hope the AG really gets going. No impeachment can go forward. Is all fraud, the VERY TRUTH.

      • Eric says:


    • MARY E PIPPERT says:

      Everyone already knew who it was.

  12. Bender says:

    Doesn’t matter everything in report has been confirmed. You rethuglicans have to decide if withholding Congress approved funds till a foreign country smears a political opponent is an abuse of power. Now think about what your answer would’ve been had it been Hillary or Obama. Hypocrisy runs deep with rethuglicans.

    • Hurley Henson says:

      The democrats are all criminal thugs, sort of like you are Bender.

    • Uncle Hoppy says:

      Obama did do it. All presidents do it. The only hypocrisy is with the democrats for tying to impeach Trump over it because everything else turned out to be a dud like Russian collusion and Stormy Daniels, and emoluments, and obstruction.
      It would be nice if democrats would try to defeat Trump at the ballot instead of illegally trying to remove him from office because all of their candidates SUCK!

    • Michael Beard says:

      Comes directly from the Democrat playbook.

    • Herm says:

      Even the treason by your kind is acceptable but Making America Great Again just galls you retards.

      • stormy Daniels is real trrump had one of his gazillion “fixers”pay her off with campaign money which is illegal! do ya homework you re pubic hair neanderthal!
        America was a great country before trump bought the election and will be a good one again when his ugly orange fat ass is kicked out of the peoples-not the draft dodging lying pos ‘s house he does Not belong there and never will he is a disgusting s%^₹stain on our country’history it will take years of diplomacy to undo the crap he’s done in the once great name of the united states of America i hope he has plans to take his concubine on a trip to Dallas this month!

    • Shell says:

      Since Eisenhower was president the Democrats have spent untold amount of the “PEOPLE”S” time trying to impeach any and all GOP presidents chosen by the people. The only one exempt was appointed by Nixon, Gerald Ford. They never consider serving “We The People!” It is unadulterated POWER they seek for themselves, in the form of no term limits, fame, money, pensions and perks!

      • Chenz says:

        Right on ShELL
        Its a Social Communist power grab .
        Its a CANCER that’s spreading across
        the country look at the States they’ve
        Been in control of.
        Uninformed voters want the free hand outs. Like little birds tweet,tweet,tweet
        Free,Free,Free, costs you and me .
        They destroy the state and move on.

    • Lee Nixon says:

      How about old Joe, when he said he on TV that he was going to hold up 1.5 M if they did not fire the person going again his son, in 6 hours. Well, they did fire that person, Joe said. And old Joe gets away with that statement, Wtf .

    • Stewart says:

      You mean hold money like Biden? He even admitted it in front of people. But we do not want to investigate this issue. Also, all I have to say is March 12 Obama hot mic… shall I go on?

    • Eduardo says:

      The problem with your theory is that no such withholdings associated with demands of any kind existed in the transcript. This is simply an attempt by those who want to remove the President from office. It was attempted by the Russia collusion farse, costing over 25million $, and when this failed they came up with this. I have voted in several political races and I have witnessed the other candidates win the election. Instead of “resisting” I chose to wait for the following election but also hoped for good results. I then recognized the good in spite of differences in certain issues.

    • Margaret Jaeger says:

      It wasn’t Republicans who gave the Moslem terrorists the billions of dollars, it was B.O.B. It wasn’t Republicans of anynofgice who threatened to withhold billions in support money to thevUkraine unless their chief DA. Conducting investigation into
      Joe Bidens son and the company he worked for…it was old Joe Biden his self…and That was on major news…leftist and conservative news. Wake up dear. Don’t continue spreading rumored lies and keftist gossip lies as facts. Shave the blue wool off your eyes.

    • gandolf the White says:

      Bender spoken like the gullible, liberal, Demwit imbecile you are. The real smear is S c h i t t and the Demwits with their kangaroo court of hearsay and innuendo.

  13. Aline says:

    What’s good enough for the goose is good enough for the gander. Dems and fake news are always ready to pounce on President Trump or those that stand by him and those of us who feel all this is garbage, but nobody can step on the Dems toes? Give me a break. The Dems that have broken the law should all be held accountable just like anybody else. Better believe, if it’s any of us, we would be in jail in a heart beat. Who cares in going after the whistleblower, all that needs to be done is see his reactions to the questions asked of him/her. I just wish there was a legal way to get Schiff out of office like he’s been trying to get our President out. That goes for Pelosi as well. She has really let them take over, she has no control anymore. Also, AOC is kind of silent right now because she’s pretty much out w/Sanders. Woman’s intuition, and God help us all if this comes to light; can you imagine her running for President? OUCH, if that were to happen that she were to become President, I hope I’m dead by then. I will continue praying extra hard for my Grandchildren and especially my Great Grandchildren as they are the ones that will have a hard time and the civil war. JMHO

    • Robert Allen says:

      You’re right everything you said is a bunch of people up there need to be gotten out of there they’ve been in there too long Ben Mott 3. -4. Years. Been trying to get Trump out The Democrats ain’t done nothing except sit there and fight each other as it’s time is for a change it’s time for a bunch of those people go out when they come up for vote get them out

    • Tom says:

      Then I guess you’ll be dead sooner then later, can’t wait!

      • Lisa says:

        Typical liberal saying you can’t wait for someone to die, how pathetic. This is exactly why nobody should ever vote for a democrat ever!!

        • Gene H says:

          We are all born to one day die. Even Dumbocrats.

        • Tom says:

          99% of all mass murderers are from the radical right.
          The radical right calling for civil war.
          All those very fine people on the radical right live in the south.
          All the haters from the radical right support you’re supreme leader.
          So yeah one less I’m good with that go ahead fire me.

          • Eric says:

            Tom , prove it! You said 99% of massive murder were by the RIGHT! Prove it! You are a left-wing fool! Because you know dam well most of massive murder is due to leftist’s liberal who have snap after reading something that was truth! Want to place blame on someone place it on Bill Clinton and Democrats party! He was the fool who decided to close up mental illness center for people like you! Niw mental illness are those Democrats like Schiff and Pelosi, Eater, Schumer.

          • Hogan says:

            You obviously never heard of those murdered by Lenin, over 20 million killed, Stalin murdered over66 million, starving 10 million were starved to death in the Ukrainian Holomodor, while Mao Tse Tung murdered 77 million of his own people, while Pol Pot butchered over two million Cambodians. Castro murdered over one million Cubans, while sending thousands of families into exile. I haven’t even mentioned Vietnam, Laos, and North Korea, yet. And what is it that they all have in common? That’s correct. They were or still are Communist States, run by the biggest Mass Murderers in History. Tom, you truly are an asshole.

    • rvanta says:

      There is no BIG DISCLOSURE HERE ! Eric Ciaramellia (sp ?) name as the “Whistle Blower” has been identified on public media for a couple of weeks. I should know the spelling of his name by now as I have seen it sooooo often ! This “Whistle Blower” trick is only a dirty political trick, just like the Russian Collusion scam ! ! !! ! I wonder how much this is costing the taxpayers ! Everything the democrats are accusing President Trump of, the Demo’s are guilty of as they did it in real time !

      • Pat says:

        The whistleblower has close past ties to the Bidens and the Ukraine during the Obama administration during the time the Ukranian prosecutor was fired. Just wait until that report is released!!

    • Shell says:

      The HOUSE is the drafter of laws therefore when they see it fits their agenda they make a law, but if it isn’t to their moment of need they change it or re-word the contents. Evil master manipulators to suit themselves to WIN, WIN, WIN, and We The People be damned!

  14. John D Kelly says:

    Ukraine repeatedly requested visit to D,C to give information on Democrats collusion with them and Russians to rig election for Clinton, Yovanovich; an Obama appointee repeatedly denied them a visa; which is why she was fired; although President can fire any ambassador for any reason. Biden bragging on TV that he leveraged $1 Billion in taxpayer money to force foreign government to fire a guy looking into Burisma and potentially cutting off his son’s Payola for a job he had no qualification to have was what Trump is supposed to do. We have a treaty with Ukraine that spells that out! Schiff, Swalwell and Pelosi should be expelled from Congress for violating the Constitution.

    • Dave says:

      Yes, and the constitution was written by the people to protect the people from the government and these potititions hate it and want to destroy it our only defense against these so called Americans, they waist our presidents time in office going from one court room to another.

    • Tom says:

      No qualification you say, Trump’s kids couldn’t pass secret service exam and back ground check, talk about no qualification, but hey daddy’s president so who cares, it’s a two way street or maybe a FAVOR.

      • Pat says:

        Why would Trump’s kids have to pass a Secret Service exam, Tom? They weren’t planning on joining the Secret Service.
        They all have security clearances so they had to have passed a background check. You, obviously, have never held a security clearance.

        • Tom says:

          Funny you ask, as a matter of fact I did have a security clearance, and it’s not easy to pass, but hey their Trump’s kids so they get a pass a FAVOR.

          • zee says:

            Tom. I WAS /AM Totally AGAINST
            “Security Clearance’ for Trumps kids.
            NO WAY jose’, Not to mention the fact ‘kids’ especially Ivanka ( A ‘flaming liberal’)
            Don Jr ? NO WAY –
            > Eric IS the 0nly ‘Smart 0ne’ = he Keeps
            His Mouth SHUT’ !!!.

      • Hogan says:

        Barry Soetoro has yet to produce his actual Birth Certificate, instead of the online forgery. He never signed up for Selective Service, as required,on his 18 Birthday, since they have no record of him. Barry never had a U.S. Passport until he was selected for his Senate seat from Illinois. So, what Nation’s Passport did Barry use to visit Indonesia, Pakistan, and some of the other 57 States he claimed to visit? Barry hired an Army of Lawyers to guard his College records, and Transcripts, which would show that he was getting Foreign Student Aid. A strong Disqualifyer for President. Also, his Grandmother stated that she was present when he was born in Kenya. Barry was born to an underaged girl, and a Foreingner, so there is no way to claim Natural-born status. But the Wall Street Bankers like Goldman Sachs wanted him in, so he was in. Did any of the Democraps speak out about any of this? Did any of them try and protect the integrity of the Office of the Presidency, and the Constitution?

  15. John J says:

    The blower is a coward, a pawn, you can’t just accuse and hide, we have the right to face our accuser

    • Kent says:

      Totally Agree…The DemonRats want to ignore, modify, delete the Constitution altogether. Someone can accuse you of something “remain hidden” & you go to jail. How does that sound? The DemoRATS have turrned this Nation upside down, time for them to go!

    • Tom says:

      You’re right the minute that contract is signed, just like the movie The God Father consider it done kind of like a FAVOR.

  16. H Lee says:

    Ciaramella needs to be dragged into the spotlight and questioned why he would attempt to ruin a person’s life based on hearsay and or gossip. The democrats involved in this are all nothing but PsOS trying to destroy Trump based on nothing. Had he committed extortion like biden did , then it would be something else. I hope someone prosecutes biden who the democrats are trying to protect. Ukraine needs to continue their criminal charges against Burisma and people with them and I support Trump in helping them do so,

  17. PupEPerson says:

    Well, I heard from Bill that Joe said that Meridee thought that she heard Simon say that Robert DiNiro, a single turd in the cesspool that is the DC swamp and Mainstream Media, abused and actually sodomized little 7 year old girls. Since I’m an anonymous blogger, I want my 4th hand hearsay BS to be used to sink that turd! Whattaya mean I have to appear and be cross examined? I don’t even know the guy but I’m sure he’s guilty as hell! That should be good enough. Whattaya mean it sounds like a kangaroo court? Pencil neck and the Ol’ Broad wouldn’t do kangaroos — or do they? Ya know, since ya mention it, I heard somewhere that that …. This Impeachment Nonsense make just about as much sense!!

  18. B. Hicks says:

    The democrats are shouting from the mountain tops about transparency in the government, okay, now is their moment to show the American public just what that transparency is. The whistleblower does indeed need to be put on the stand for all to see and hear from. This secret meeting business and backdoor agendas are what have the American people and voters so angry at every politician in D.C. It’s high time that all of the cards from both sides of the aisle were laid out for all to see, and then make an informed judgment for themselves. Our country is dying and these do nothing democrats will be the reason that our country will be decimated and will fall before the whole world to see. The ooster Has Crowed!!!

    • Nick Byrne says:

      The Republicans HAVE been transparent, on every issue , and our country is NOT in decline. In fact, our country is doing better economically than it has in more than 50 years. Your listening to too much CNN and CBS.

    • Tom says:

      B. Hicks
      Just a thought but what if the whistleblower is some high ranking Republican like maybe Mulvaney, Jeff Sessions, Bolton, or a number of others, just saying.

      • Pat says:

        Why would Trump’s kids have to pass a Secret Service exam, Tom? They weren’t planning on joining the Secret Service.
        They all have security clearances so they had to have passed a background check. You, obviously, have never held a security clearance.

      • Pat says:

        It has been discovered by a researcher that the whistleblower is a staunch Democrat who served in the Obama administration in a position strongly related to the Ukraine. He helped the Biden’s get the Ukranian prosecutor fired and has been joined at the hip to the Bidens for a number of years. For obvious reasons, the Democrats are desperately trying to keep this information from getting out.

        Instead of listening to the Democrats, and mainstream media. spend some time doing actual research. It’s amazing what you may find.

  19. Ken Nelson says:

    The now unmasked fake whistleblower should be required to testify along with Rep. Adam “Rosie Cheeked Liar” Schiff. It would be quite a spectacle watching them on TV pointing fingers at one another. After all the details of their coup attempt are unveiled, they should be handcuffed and marched off to the nearest jail where I hope Brennan, Clapper and other deep swamp creatures will join them soon.

    • Eileen Trent says:

      What if Ciaramella also was at the SCIF meeting that HUSSEIN arranged, to plan their whistleblower hoax?!!

      I just told u that Pres. Trump knew about HUSSEIN’S SCIF- planned whistleblower hoax, and had cameras installed in said SCIF.

      HUSSEIN, PELOSI, SCHUMER, CIARAMELLA, et al, ……attended!!

      I also told u Ciaramella is in the FISA report……

      SEARCH: SERIALBRAIN2 This is where my info comes…..otherwise ur CLUELESS!!

      W W G 1 W G A!!

    • Kent says:

      Eric Ciaramella is part of the COUP. Many need to be hauled off to Guantanamo Bay detention camp for a little R&R…

      • Eileen Trent says:

        What part of telling u that Pres. Trump knew about the coup plan don’t u get??

        When he fired Bolton—traitor—the Cabal lost their leaker in the White House.

        That’s when HUSSEIN organized a SCIF meeting to plan the whistleblower hoax, and Ciaramella, Pelisi, Schumer,et al attended.

        I also told u that Pres. Trump knew about the SCIF meeting cuz the NSA was monitoring all Bolton’s coms., knowing he was communicating with the Cabal!

        The SCIF was installed with hidden cameras and it was all recorded!

        Pres. Trump has EVERYTHING!!!

        Now, where did I get my insider info.?

        I just told u to search: SERIALBRAIN2

        Otherwise ur lost!!

        W W G 1 W G A!!

  20. Eileen Trent says:

    search : SERIALBRAIN2

    I actually told u sev. weeks ago who the DEEP STATE rat was……a plant by HUSSEIN, that Pres. Trump’s NSC booted in 2018.

    I told u the SCIF, to plan the whistleblower hoax, by HUSSEIN, was installed with cameras and EVERYTHING was recorded!!

    Pres. Trump has it ALL!!

    SERIALBRAIN2 is where I’m getting all my info., which is VERY accurate!!!!

    Check it out. I’ve given u the key, now do the research…..

    W W G 1 W G A!!
    Q anon

    • ih8reps says:

      Why do you Obfuscate?
      You’re post is Otiose!
      I will admit one thing for sure, you sure are Bellicose!

      • Uncle Hoppy says:

        We’ve noticed your posts are “verbose” and “obsequious” to the democrat talking points also with a lot of “pubescent” name calling and “obtuse” responses.

        • Tom says:

          Then why do you Elide all the evidence before you, you seem to be so Flummoxed, is it because your a Megalomaniac, I notice alot of Hokum coming from you.

      • Eileen Trent says:

        What r u terrifified of?!!!

        OH, I know!! Pres. Trump has all the evidence that the whistleblower hoax was a planned operation by HUSSEIN in a SCIF, which was installed with cameras that recorderd EVERYTHING!!

        I’ve already led several of these clueless people to find the truth and I will still post until more are informed!!



        TRUMP 2Q2Q

        • Tom says:

          Tonight there’s a full moon if you go outside right now you can see the cow jump over the moon.

          • Eileen Trent says:

            And when the Republican’s invaded the “Emperor of the congress basement” aka Schiff, he grabbed the “wtness ” and ran out the door!

            And the dish ran away with the spoon…….ROTFLOL!!!

  21. Zaw Soe says:

    AllDemoRats Monkeys should Exterminated like filthy dirty Rats. TheseAnimals are sickening. I have no idea how? In the hell these Animals work in U.S. Governments offices. They are Crooked,Lies,Dirty,Racist, do nothing.

  22. Gene says:

    Hey Fox News, Eric Trump outted this guy on the VIEW 4-5 days ago, EVERYBODY ALREADY KNOWS!!!
    He’s not a WB, he’s a LEAKER, trying to undermind an ELECTED President. If you want to see the Dems going absolutely nuts, the SENATE should start getting all of these people under oath NOW. Lastly, Judicuary Chairman Nadler’s committee is SUPPOSE to be doing all of the Houses’ work on Impeachment, NOT “Intellegence” , but after Mueller’s last visit, Nancy couldn’t trust him. SAD

  23. zee says:

    ‘ carmello boy’ Is ‘way old news Already.
    > Sooo, what are ‘they ‘ Going to Do about it….
    > ‘youngster is a CIA ‘program’ ___

  24. Udo says:

    I think it is time for ALL retired VETS to go to Washington Armed and tell EVERY elected Democrat to go home and never come back, since they are NOT working. They are getting paid by the Tax-payers and all they want to do is destroy Capitalism created by our founding fathers ! If they don’t want to go, THEN JUST SHOOT THEM ON THE SPOT ! A lot of us have lost arms and legs for WHAT? So ASSHOLES can try to destroy our country !

  25. libra says:

    The so called whistle blower is not a real, defined whistleblower. He is a Trump hater part of the deep state swamp. He got his information 3rd 0r 4th hand. Brennan and Clapper are his associates. This nonsense is just part 2 of the “insurance policy” cooked up by the Demomarxists after Trump won the election. Sack of Schiff the girly, gay man is not open and will not impeach the President. The House of Reps Demomarxists are nothing but laughing stock with their silly secretive rules of impeachment and even though the House may impeach the Senate never will. Why aren’t these yahoos doing the work they were hired to do? Legislation is backed up like planes on a tarmac waiting for Senile Nancy to bring legislation to the floor for a vote. Will they now shut down the government with their silliness?

    • Cheryl says:

      I say he is a spy there is a difference..and he was picked to be the one that was going to do it, if he was hanging around the White House he was probably the leaker this whole time telling Pencil neck what was going on there.

    • Tom says:

      Fact remains that Mitch the Snitch can’t even get into his office because of all the bills Congress has sent him already, but I guess they can start filling the hallway to his office if that helps to get him to do his job.

      • Pat says:

        Prove it. Tom. Photos?

        • Tom says:

          You want photos, I got the best photos, my photos are beautiful, my photos are perfect photos, nobody has better photos, wait till you see my photos, you’ll soon see my photos, I can’t wait to show you my perfect photos, I did nothing wrong with my photos, just listen to my photos they say a thousand words………

  26. Dan Moriarty says:

    He is full of Schiff!

    • Bob says:

      Lets see if this site is an Establishment site or a neutral one. If they allow the name to be published, they are neutral, if not they are Establishment. Can you say Eric Ciaramella?

      • Gene says:

        Fox didn’t need to worry, Trump’s Son told everyone on the VIEW, last week! The View has a larger viewership than Howie Kurtz does. ALL REAL NEWS should’ve outted this guy a MONTH ago!!

        • zee says:

          Don. Jr. jumped on the ‘bandwagon’ lika
          Way LATE !!! . ‘CIA ‘carmel boy’s’ Name
          Was Already Exposed / KNOWN.
          Ya know,? =’the 0pen Secret’ stuff ___
          :Eyes Wide Shut” ___ etc
          (sorry to say, i have a prob W/jr. he wants to
          be a somebody, more than he is) what can i say ___

      • Tom says:

        Can you say hokus pokus .
        Shimmie shammie.
        How about open says a me.
        You got a magic wand.

    • Stephen Norman says:

      Yes, and undoubtedly his favorite expression is weee weee weee weee.

  27. ian barton says:

    Lane v. Franks. The Whistle blower is protected under the 1st Amendment provided he/she tells the truth. If the “truth” is hearsay it is inadmissible ” ïn court” that is why this W B is being kept away from the proceedings. I assume the senate will require his/her testimony as it will assist in proving a witch hunt. The W B partisanship is irrelevant to first amendment rights.

    • Bob says:

      ian barton, the whistleblower is only protected from government retaliation not disclosure of his/her name. There is nothing in the whistleblower law that says the person is anonymous to the world. This crap about not being able to release the person’s name is a Democrat and Establishment notion; nothing less.

    • Breaker 19 says:

      The “leaker” said himself that the information was hearsay. Someone told someone else and they told him. It’s real name is gossip. Him and Schiff may have made it up themselves. If he is as big a liar as Schiff, that is probably what happened. They are talking about the duly elected President o0f the USA, not some low class government worker. He should be brought before Congress and the American people and made to testify as to where he got the information and who told him. Schiff should also be brought before the Congress and the American people and explain why he lies about the President all the time then jailed. This whole thing is ridiculous and should be stopped and the people doing this should be held accountable for it.

    • Paul Aldredge says:

      First, NO whistle-blower has a right to hidden identity! Second, the dingle-berry in question is NOT a whistle-blower, but a spy!

  28. The Real M says:

    Thank you Mollie Hemmingway! You have more courage than all the MSM, including Fox, put together. Eric Ciaramella, the whistleblower’s name has been circulating in D.C. for quite a while and, you can rest assured if it was not true there would be many lawsuits already filed by his dimwitted attorney!

  29. Elton K. Bowman says:

    The REAL reason Mr. Schiff does not want the Whistleblower to testify is very simple. It would cause massive problems for Mr. Schiff once the truth came out about Schiff and his staffers involvement with the Whistleblower. Right….Mr. Schiff….. : )

    • The Real M says:

      Elton K Bowman, Oh, let me answer for Adam Schit! Yes, his overloaded behind would be in deep do-do, his life and career, as he knows it, would be over!

      • Strider51 says:

        The people of California will keep electing him, he is a hero to them. More from the land of fruits and nuts.

        • D.A.N. says:

          California, the Granola State. When you get rid of the fruits and nuts you still have the flakes. Like the UC Berkeley Prof who says that rural area’s inhabitants are bad people. So now I’m a bad person and a deplorable but yet I protected idiots like him from flooding during Hurricanes. Instead of building a wall on the Southern end of CA, build it up the East side from CA all the way to the Canadien Border

          • Tom says:

            D. A. N.
            Yeah why not spend trillions of dollars build a wall around every state even Alaska how about Hawaii and then go to Home Depot spend a hundred bucks and bring it all down, YAY PROGRESS.

      • Eileen Trent says:


        That’s where I get my info.

        TRUMP has it all!! Hillary server and emails, DNC server, Weiner laptop,


        The $15mil. of HRC and BC’s in Banco de Mexico.

        HUSSEIN’S $29mil. in Singapore.

        Seth Rich murder.

        Scalia murder.

        Want more……..

        Search : SERIALBRAIN2

        Otherwise ur in the dark…..

        W W G 1 W G A!!!
        TRUMP 2Q2Q

        • Mama & Co. says:

          Eileen: re SB2. Sign in here . Sign in There.
          Sign in Ev’ry WHERE. Some ‘0ther’ Sites
          Give as Much, 0R MORE info W/out Sign in.
          > Utube vid’s i saw =2018. whatever. Sooo,
          Here IS 1 :
          Another site i Shan’t post Here.
          > ALL ‘distinct’ INFO is Welcome !!!
          THNX For Your INFO HERE ! KEEP 0N !!!

          • Eileen Trent says:


          • Eileen Trent says:

            Do u know who Q is?

            He started postng on 8chan in Oct. 2017.

            Obviously a part of Pres. Trump’s team, cuz he knows info. that only someone close to the Pres. would!

            I believe they are more than one, and obviously military guys!!!

            They post in mil., language, mil., code, mil., time—-obviously military!!

            I believe Q is actually Admiral Rodgers— –who would know more than he?!!!

            They use code language, and Pres. Trump and they all use gematria!!


            GO Q

          • Eileen Trent says:

            And I alao believe that SERIALBRAIN2 is a part of the Q team!!

            I’ve been following Q since he started poating, and people all over the world have been as well!!

            GO Q

          • Eileen Trent says:

            And Q+ is actually Pres. Trump!!

            In one of his rallies, there were actually people wearing Q shirts, and when he came out and saw them pointing to their Q shirts, he pointed at them, 3 times!! Awemahzinggg!!! He was acknowledging them!!!

            GO Q

          • Mama & Co. says:

            To Eileen. Of Course, i know ‘Q’ !!! etc.

        • Tom says:

          Cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo One flew Over the cuckoo’s nest.

  30. JEAN says:


  31. Truckman says:

    that person needs to be in jail along with shifty waiting on trial for treason and Pelosi but she would probably get off with an insanity plea but she could be kept locked up in the nuthouse for the rest of her life

  32. Robert B says:

    That communist Ciaramella fellow is guilty of sedition, and the bugger should get his neck stretched. He is a liar.

    • D.A.N. says:

      Maybe Epstiened. ;-)Along with Schiff, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Lynch, and the head honcho who knew all about it, BHO. The lawyer for the leaker even admitted in emails that it is a coup attempt.

      • Stephen Norman says:

        D.A.N., yes it is easy to say the left is stupid for the gaffs they make – in plain view – but a better word would be arrogant.
        They are so full of themselves they think they would never get caught.

        • Tom says:

          I guess that makes Trump the most ARROGANT person in the entire world.
          He’s so caught up in himself he forgot he just might get caught.
          I’d say he completely overlooked that, kind of like having a plan and not thinking it through, like showing up to a gun fight with a plastic knife, like going trick and treating without a bag for the candy, like taking a 💩 but you forgot to see if there was TP paper…….

          • Eileen Trent says:

            I believe u are describng the idiot HUSSEIN, planning a coup in a SCIF that had cameras inside!!


            ALL was recorded!

            STRIKE A POSE!! HUSSEIN, PELOSI, SCHUMER, CIARAMELLA, et al……..ur on camera!!

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