All hell broke loose when these final two poll results reached Joe Biden and Donald Trump

It’s Election Day and Americans will soon see results reported.

But until that happens, everyone wants to know which candidate has the momentum on their side.

And all hell broke loose when these final two poll results reached Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

In 2016, one of the most accurate pollsters was the Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP tracking poll.

Their final poll on Monday left Democrats nervous and President Trump and his supporters optimistic because their poll showed Joe Biden’s lead shrinking to just three points nationally.

“The latest Trump vs. Biden poll shows a much tighter race between former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump with just one day to go,” Investor’s Business Daily reported on their poll. “The IBD/TIPP presidential poll suggests Trump has widened his advantage among rural voters, nosed ahead among independents, and narrowed the gap among black and Hispanic voters.”

“Today’s Trump vs. Biden poll update finds the Democratic challenger leading the Republican incumbent by 3.2 points, 48.8%-45.6%, in a four-way presidential poll of likely voters. Biden’s lead was 5.1 points on Sunday,” Investor’s Business Daily added.

In 2016, Donald Trump lost the meaningless popular vote by two points yet ended up winning 304 Electoral College votes.

The IBD/TIPP poll showing Joe Biden only leading by three points puts Donald Trump right where he needs to be to win another Electoral College majority.

Rasmussen was also one of the most accurate pollsters in 2016.

And their final tracking poll showed Joe Biden leading Donald Trump by one point.

The corporate media polls and pollsters who work for left-wing universities are showing the race as a Joe Biden blowout.

The pollsters who called the last election right are saying it’s a jump ball.

Americans will soon find out which is right.

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