All hell broke loose when Robert Mueller used one word to describe Donald Trump

Pundits have speculated for months about whether Robert Mueller would charge Donald Trump with a crime.

Mueller gave a peek as to what the answer would be.

And all hell broke loose when he used this one word to describe Donald Trump.

Mueller recently met with Trump’s lawyers about working to set up an interview with the President.

During the get together, Mueller revealed that Trump was just a “subject” and not a “target” of the investigation.

Americans have known since last March that the FBI was investigating the President, but being a subject means Mueller doesn’t have the evidence to change Trump with a crime.

The Washington Post reports:

“Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III informed President Trump’s attorneys last month that he is continuing to investigate the president but does not consider him a criminal target at this point, according to three people familiar with the discussions.

In private negotiations in early March about a possible presidential interview, Mueller described Trump as a subject of his investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. Prosecutors view someone as a subject when that person has engaged in conduct that is under investigation but there is not sufficient evidence to bring charges.

The special counsel also told Trump’s lawyers that he is preparing a report about the president’s actions while in office and potential obstruction of justice, according to two people with knowledge of the conversations.”

This is a positive development for the President.

It means that after 11 months of investigations, Mueller has come up empty on proving Trump either conspired with the Russians or obstructed justice.


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129 Responses

  1. Bryce Thompson says:

    The only thing that will bring us out of this depression is free energy, hydrogen from water, have this as your debate, you can make all the hydrogen, as you drive from a tank of water, you know our space shuttles,are powered by hydrogen / oxygen made from water, tell every one not buy a new car / truck, to boycott the auto company’s, when they can’t sell their pieces of junk low mileage vehicles, they will have to bring out water to hydrogen powered vehicles, and kits to change the vehicles now that we have, just think what our world would be like with free energy. Do you want your world back? spread the word boycott the auto company’s that are destroying our world. the inventor of the water to hydrogen auto was murdered by our Democrat Government, get mad get real mad of the Democrats.

    This is what the senators , and congressmen fear, both Dem. and Rep. fear, audit all the Senator’s and representatives, they have wasted, and stole our money, make them repay all, and tax them.
    Do these 2 things, and the Demo rats will be finished, don’t do this and the civil war, will escalate, and the economy will collapse

  2. K says:

    I don’t trust Mueller or his band of thirsty rodents involved in this WITCH HUNT. Mueller was once one of the top dogs, he worked over Comey, ho figure.
    This whole investigations was started over FAKE INFO & STRAIGHT UP LIES and probable setup by Hussein Obama & his corrupt leaders. The investigation should be terminated ASAP & the “team” should have to reimburse us for the millions of wasted dollars!

  3. Chub says:

    Muller don’t have the Balls to say President Trump is innocent of any wrong doing because the DumacRats would surely Excommunicate him from their Backstabbing Clan.

  4. He is unlikely to ever find anything he can use against President Trump. But as long as he is allowed to keep looking he is not likely to officially clear him either. Mueller is not ready to give up his job security.

  5. I “think” that Mueller is SCARED to end this NON-sense investigation as he could find himself job-LESS if he were to end this WITCH HUNT or even end up in PRISON as he had his hands in that CRIMINAL Uranium 1 deal…….!!!!

  6. mueller won’t quit until he has a false conviction on the president, that is why Trump should avoid all interactions with mueller, sessions should get off his a*s and fire mueller because he has no proof that the president did anything wrong and if sessions won’t do his job then it is time that he is replaced, what has the democRATS got on sessions that keeps him from charging any of them with the crimes they have committed, maybe it is time to take a really good look at his past

    • Marty says:

      Just ask obummers intel folks. I’m sure they have been extorting justices, judges and congress for quite some time.

    • Leo Deglas says:

      How much more money is this guy and his bunch of left-wing Dems. go on spending??
      High time DOJ Session puts an end to this comedy funded by the left because they still can’t accept that Mr. Trump won fair and square.
      American Justice is now such a farce. Why are the Clintons not pursued?

  7. Jim says:

    The question above stating ‘will muellar clear Trump’ of what? The President has committed no high crime. After 11 months of a partisan so-called commission investigating Rusian intervention into an election are a farce and a witch hunt. I think it is time to investigate this commission. What a damn waste of tax-payer money! What about the crimes committed by the soetero administration and those of the clintons?

    • Yes what about all the dirt uncovered on Obama, Clinton(s) and all the others, known and unknown as of yet. Is anyone going to charge them with the wrongs they have done? And if after all this time Mueller doesn’t have enough to charge President Trump with anything, why doesn’t he just shut down the investigation altogether and save taxpayers money.

      • asoro says:

        Sorry Nancy, the left hold all the cards when it comes to crime, They can do them with out fear. Because the right does not have the guts to do what it takes. Sad Because they sure have a long list of crap. And Trump just wanted to bring back this country from near disaster from Obama and friends.

    • newtdog says:

      Time is past that Mueller should be FIRED

  8. Tim McGuire says:


  9. Peggy says:

    Mueller needs to put Obama and Clinton in prison and leave our President alone.

    • cliff says:

      we need heir meuller to be put there right along with the rest for the crimes HE has committed. (uranium one ring a bell??)
      Why do you think he hasn’t gone after the clinton crime cartel and all THEIR “minions”? He would be in the deep doo-doo right along with the rest if they FINALLY “investigate” the Investigators”

    • Erich Von Glahn says:

      Muledick needs to drop dead.

    • asoro says:

      Fat chance, they need to keep him off balance until 2020, Because if he does all things he says he will do, the dem’s wont see the WH for a long time.

  10. Randy R says:

    Mueller needed to be investigated along with dragging my feet sessions for not doing his job

    • joe says:

      Mueller needs to be investigated on the 4 people he lied and kept in jail for crime they did not commit and cost the taxpayer 100 mil payout plus uranium one etc

  11. Bender says:

    U didn’t have a problem paying Starr for 2+ years to scrape up something on Clinton. If there’s nothing there why is everyone so scared. If you’re guilty attack the departments and people investigating you. How many guilty pleas have come down already. I don’t know any rich white men who would plead guilty to crimes they didn’t commit. Unless it helped them get away with more serious ones they did.

    • Marty says:

      Clinton was impeached for lying under oath as a sitting President. I believe all of these cases that have been adjudicated had nothing to do with Trump or the campaign. The big difference is Muller had no legal basis at all for the investigation. Sessions only recused himself on the Russian collusion matter. This means Rosenstein could only give authorization for Muller to investigate Russian collusion. Any authorization for other than Russian collusion can by law, only be authorized by Sessions. Mark my words, all these so called guilty admissions will be struck down by the new judge assigned to these cases.

    • Erich says:

      Why don’t you keep bending over for Obama, you creep.

  12. Susan says:

    So this witch hunt cost the taxpayers over 10 million dollars to investigate the Trump campaign with a fake dossier that HIllary and company illegally did! This is outrageous! End this fairytale now!! Trump did nothing wrong there is no evidence and it’s cost a fortune to get nowhere!

  13. John says:


  14. Chastran says:

    Mueller needs to be investigated for delivering the Uranium One sale to the Russians for HilLIARY Rotten Clinton….

  15. It is Mueller and his band of bandits that need to be investigated.

  16. Rodger Shull says:

    he will call off his witch hunt sponsored by soros dnc obama clinton, when all of their dirty deeds an corruption is covered up. but not until.

  17. Vivian Mae says:

    The question should be: Is Mueller ever going to stop trying to find something on Trump?

  18. Glenn says:

    Mueller isn’t going to clear Trump. He will continue his witch hunt for the entire time Trump is in office if he has to. He is nothing more than a LIBERAL HACK! The Dems knew there was no Russian collusion to begin with and were just hoping that as he dug, Mueller would find some dirt or at least cast a shadow over Trump’s entire presidency. They did the same thing during Ronald Reagan’s presidency but most of this generation doesn’t remember that. The Dems need to be sued for the entire amount that this bogus witch hunt has cost.

    • gene lesnick says:

      Amen to that glenn .Trump is one of the best president weve had since Reagan

      • Lew says:

        not one of, the best

        • tgw says:

          Trump has a style no other president has ever had. He is truly there for every American , no matter color or ethnic back ground. What more could anyone ask.
          60 + mil. voter’s were not wrong.

          • Marty says:

            Not just that, he left his cushy life style just for Americans, and he is doing it for free! And what does he get for it, false charges and investigations encouraged by congress, demonrats and RINO’s.

          • asoro says:

            True tgw, but will those 60 mil still see past all the lie’s and the left trying to take him down in 2020?

    • bob says:

      Right on the money.

    • Amen. That is when Mueller will clear Trump, in 2024 when a different President is elected and takes office. Just think how much taxpayer money will be wasted, that could have done more good than smearing the best President we have ever had.

  19. Jesse says:

    Mueller is an honorless political hack trying to get REVENGE for Trump’s LEGAL and needed FIRING of that other Political hack Comey. He will continue to waste tax dollars till Congress fires him for being a political hack.

  20. Keith says:

    Mueller should be in Prison that piece of S**T, F***K him!

  21. Marc Jeric says:

    Comrade Mueller has been a dedicated Marxist all his life.

  22. Rachel says:

    I don’t think Mueller will ever give up until he is shut down or finds some trumped up charge.

  23. San Jose Mike says:

    Unfortunately we are stuck with this band of opportunists until after the midterm elections.

    Hoping (and praying) we still keep a majority in the House. In the meantime, Mueller will induct Trump for “obstruction of justice “ just before the midterms, in hopes of affecting the results (over firing Comey).

    My prediction is that Trump will fire everyone of them the day after we find that we still have a House majority.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  24. MARK says:


  25. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Computer guy, YOU know that and I do; but the left still doesn’t get it! They STILL think there’s a way to get Hillary into the WH to replace Trump! They were totally GOBSMACKED by the results! I think they STILL don’t get just how angry Americans really are!

  26. Computer guy says:

    Who is watching for Pocahontas Warren’s announcement that she will be running for President in 2020? Is there people watching out for her smoke signals announcement ? A real Indian should tell her that doing smoke signals at night doesn’t work so well. But I think they just like watching her be stupid. It’s really hard to be a FAKE Indian you know. I have to go cut the grass now. I hear there are more illegal aliens coming over the border and cutting the grass will stop that ! Pelosi said that again later that night as well. But the funny thing is, that the next day in another interview she said it yet again !!!!! No one told her a thing !!!
    Why has the James Brown wig wearing Maxipad Waters all of a sudden shut up after her non stop bitching about Trump and that he is racist and her constant “Impeach 45” comments ? Oh thanks, I just heard she is still with and is hugging the Extreme Racist Louis Farrakhan. Who would of thought, or that it could even be possible, that it would only take a single photo to shut that extreme never ending mouth of hers UP ?!!!!
    Her and Farrakhan together. At least I can send back that truck load of Superglue now. Friends said that wouldn’t of even worked either. They can send back the truckload of concrete now as well.

  27. Dianne says:

    Trump needs to be very carful and not let his guard down. Mueller is a Wiesel and you can’t trust him. Look at his history, he should be the one being investigated.

  28. Marty says:

    Absolutely true. The demonrats thought they had the election rigged. No doubt about it. I’m afraid they now think they know what they did wrong. Expect massive fraud in the coming mid terms.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      There’s been a pretty fair amount of fraud in the past several cycles already; more would be no surprise, or at least it shouldn’t be.

      • Marty says:

        Yes, I agree. Too bad congress doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to actually investigate the massive voter fraud. That should be a special counsel investigation all by itself. The crooked demonrats could keep special counsels going for decades!

        • Sandra Lee Smith says:

          That’s on the state and county voter registrars, not the Feds! THEY aren’t doing their jobs properly.

          • Marty says:

            No, I believe for federal elections, the feds have the jurisdiction to investigate voter fraud. For state and local elections, you are correct. That is why some local jurisdictions are allowing convicted felons to vote, but not in federal elections. Could be wrong, but don’t think so. When Trump started his voter fraud commission, the biggest problem was the liberal states and county;s refusing to cooperate. Of course they were just protecting themselves from the commission proving voter fraud. We don’t need a commission without the ability to subpoena the documents and hold the states and county’s liable, we need to be able to take them into federal court.

    • Erich says:

      There’s going to be more cheating happen than ever before. Dems won’t make same mistake again. Case in point. They have already “won” two elections where there should have been absolutely know way they could win. But, because of rhinos not liking the Republican candidate, they never looked into it. But it was shown that massive bussing and boxes of ballots and still nothing from top. I really don’t think they care if they win anymore. They all have so much money, that it’s no big deal to them. While the dems want to finish “transforming” the USA into a commie nation, so they can send us to the gulag.

      • Marty says:

        Yup, voting precincts who voted total demonrat and with more votes the there was registered voters. Soros voting machines changing votes. Nothing but out and out criminals, oh I forgot I already called them demonrats. Sorry for repeating myself. We need to demand voter ID. Demand it until they’re tired of hearing from us, and then keep demanding until they actually do it.

  29. mike says:

    No, Mueller will keep at it until he can find something to use. He and his team of traitors are waste of our money. Fire him and spend the money on investigating him, Killery and the rest of the corrupt DOJ and FBI. The truth is showing up, but it keeps being redacted.

  30. Betty Dick says:

    Mueller will close the witch hunt if the Democrats take back the house and senate. That will give the Democrats power to impeach Trump whether there is a reason or not,
    If the Republicans keep house and senate, Mueller will continue his which hunt through the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Holidays.

    • Joan says:

      There IS reason to impeach tRump and throw him in jail as well. He’s a TRAITOR!

      • Steve says:

        Not compared to YOU CRIMINAL LIBERALS , he isn’t !

      • Munge says:

        Not hardly toots that was your God obozo the liar in chief who tried to destroy our country and almost succeeded. Thank God for President Trump the best president this country has had in decades of not altogether.

      • cliff says:

        Please enlighten us all of what OUR PRESIDENT had done to be a “traitor”? He has done MORE for the people of this country in a short time than that flop-eared, gay, half-black, MOOSLIME FRAUD people LIKE YOU ADORED for eight years. I for one, am ecstatic that PRESIDENT TRUMP is CANCELLING OUT every ILLEGAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, ROYAL “DECREE” that OSCUMBAG and his “Minions” shoved through, and cannot WAIT to see what he will continue to accomplish, as he continually TRASHES OSCUMBAG’S so-called “legacy”.

        • Marty says:

          Cliff, don’t hold your breath waiting for any evidence against Trump, it just ain’t there. These idiots have been calling for Trumps impeachment since his first day in office. Just shows they are brain dead never Trumpers.

          • cliff says:

            I didn’t think I would get a “reply” from that brain dead OSCUMBAG LOVER.
            I agree, most ARE definitely BRAIN DEAD and can only spout what their communist “handlers” tell them what to think and say. BRAINWASHED MORONS comes to mind.

        • I agree. What has OUR President Trump done to be a “traitor”. I certainly hope that Obama and Clintons, and the rest of them get what is coming to them, “Gitmo or the equivalent”. They will lose all their precious money, and property as fines and Forfeitures.

      • Kevin says:

        Let’s see: Eric Holder for fast & Furious. The Obomination and Ho-Larry not only failed to send troops to the Benghazi attack, they tried to cover it up as well. Even going back to Al Gore’s campaign in 2000, he was running around the country collecting campaign funds at Buddhist monasteries. Not to mention the Chinese American head of our nuclear regulatory commission under Bubba Clinton leaking nuclear secrets to the PRC that advanced their warhead technology by at least 20 years.

        Do you even know the meaning of the word TREASON? The democratic party needs to be renamed the Anti-Christ party. All this hubbub about Russia is nothing more than a cover-up to keep pressure off of China and their support of Manchurian Candidates and the Anti-Christ party as a whole. You see, they’re the heavyweights when it comes to being Anti-Christ while Russia post the Soviet Union has increasingly granted freedoms to the Russian Orthodox Church along with allowing missionaries from other faiths into Russia to preach the Gospel of Christ!

      • Leon Barber says:

        Joan, you need to get out of left field!

      • Alfredo Dizon says:

        The only traitor is you, John McCain and the other scoundrels… YOU Joan are a traitor for you are advocating for something that is against the will of the people whom voted President Trump into office.
        You get your facts straight, otherwise please OD on your pills and go away for good. You will then be happy in lala land.

        • Marty says:

          Alfredo, she is already in La La Land, and no doubt a troll. Accusations without offering proof is just brain dead spatter.

      • Larry says:

        Joan, I am very curious as to where you got that information? Could it have come from the lying media, or perhaps from some idiot politician? I would certainly hope that you didn’t just think it up yourself. That would mean that you are as stupid as your post.

      • Computer guy says:

        Joan- Traitor for what ? You need to seriously explain that comment ! Lets hear it !!! You don’t have squat to say – do you ?! !!! Fantasy and make belief in your brain is all you got in otherwise empty head. I put a flashlight into one of your ears and saw the light going out of your other ear ! But when it comes to Hillary and staff, she sure as hell did collusion and a hell of allot more !!! But rejoice in your BS that dumps out of your mouth !!! As extremely bad as your breath is even mouthwash will not help you at all. Hypocrite Joan !!! A true democrat showing her well beloved Hypocrisy !!! Rejoice Joan !

      • BwaHa says:

        Joan, ya’ been snorting the Revelle model glue again I see. You know it rots your brain. But then, there’s really no worry for what’s left of yours to be affected too much it appears.

      • Sandra Lee Smith says:

        Wherever you heard that or got that notion; it’s wrong! Trump has done absolutely NOTHING impeachable under the Constitution; on the other hand, your boy O should have been impeached a dozen or more times over in his 8 year reign of terror.

      • BOBBI says:


      • Paul says:

        Joan, I have a quote for you “Nobody is as ignorant as he who knows nothing, yet knows not that he knows….nothing.”
        Sorry I cannot remember who said it, but it is ever so true.

      • zee says:

        All ‘impeach’ Talk is pure Smack. ppl need to get off this talk.
        > A POTUS that has Not Committed a High Crime in 0ffice –
        Cannot be ‘impeached’. Pelosi ‘spilled the beans’ on that one
        Some Months ago. At Least she Told the ‘Truth’ for Once re Pres.Trump.

  31. Richard says:

    Considering the Fact that Mueller has a tainted past of lying in court as a Federal Prosecutor one has to believe that his investigation is biased and he is part of the FBI frame. He lied during parole hearings for 4 men from Boston that he helped frame to cover up mob/FBI dealings in a murder case
    Why would anyone believe he has changed his spots. Send this crooked lawyer and his criminal FBI pals to jail. We the people demand it.

  32. Dorothy says:

    I wouldn’t trust Mueller as far as I could throw him. Why should our President be “subject” to Mueller’s investigation. He is lying, he is attempting to make the President a “target” this is what he has been after all along. Please Mr. President..stay as far away from this rotten Cop Mueller and DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTACES MEET WITH THIS LIAR.

  33. JohnGaltTexas says:

    Mueller will never give up on trying to take down Trump or exonerate him of any wrong doing.

    • Wildmann says:

      Look at a photo of Muley Boy and Billy-Bob Bad-ass Klintstone together! They could be Brothers, or Cousins! Same nose etc.

  34. Martin says:

    He is also part of the “Deep State” that was trying to fix election results. He is lying to Trump, and figures sooner or later Trump will succumb to an investigation. The focus and the time and money should be investigating by an outside third party on the subversion activity of the 2016 election.

  35. Janet says:

    Mueller will NEVER drop this witch hunt. Hillary Clinton must have something HUGE on he and James Comey. Because they have let her get away with EVERYTHING. And there is mountains of evidence against she and her husband. And also against stupid Barrack Obama. If Mueller was ANY kind of a REAL man; he would STOP this mess now. Donald Trump is just what OUR country needed. He was put in office by the good LORD.

    Donald Trump is definitely NOT a perfect man. Do I like some of things he’s done with his personal life??? No I DON’T. But I didn’t vote for him because of what he’s done in his personal life. Look at Bill Clinton. And all the women his wife tried to pay off. But the Democrats had NO problem at all with the things he did. Neither did the media. But now it’s like they have suddenly had a change of heart.

    CNN, MSNBC and NBC are nothing but FAKE news outlets. Bottom Line. But Rosenstien, Mueller, Comey and NOW FIRED McCabe have spent millions of OUR taxpayer’s dollars trying ANYTHING and EVERYTHING possible to impeach OUR President. While James Comey let Hillary go scott FREE for ALL the ILLEGAL things she did. And he did it before he even QUESTIONED her. So my question is this. Mueller says he CAN’T wrap his witch hunt up until he has a sit down with OUR President. Why is that??? Hillary Clinton smashed computers and had her hard drives acid washed. She even goes on stage and makes jokes in front of her CRAZY fans; like she doesn’t even know what it all means.

    But James Comey found her to be NOT GUILTY of any crimes. Of course his brother-n-law was in cahoots with her. So there was ONE reason Comey didn’t do anything to her. And truth be known. Just like Mueller being involved in this Uranium deal with Hillary and Obama; James Comey was probably in something ILLEGAL with her. Bottom line is this. ALL THE PEOPLE INVOLVED IN THIS WITCH HUNT AGAINST OUR PRESIDENT HAVE TRULY MADE OUR FBI LOOK LIKE THE MAFIA. I TRULY feel sorry for ALL the good men and women in OUR FBI.


  36. ernaldo says:

    I wish the civil war would get under way, I’d like to kill a few demotards…and they have it coming!

    • mbw750 says:

      You must be in the 1% ultra rich bracket, if your not, he is not working for you. I want to hear what you are going to say when Trump takes your money, and cuts your benefits.

      • cliff says:

        The only ones that are attempting to “take your money” and “cut benefits” are the DEMOCOMMUNISTS. Apparently you MISSED that speech from the DEMOCOMMUNISTS BRAGGING that if they take back congress in 2018 those “tax cuts” and extra money in their paychecks, people are ENJOYING right NOW, will be GONE. Get your head out of your butt, and stop spreading COMMUNIST “rumors”

      • Munge says:

        Another moron who can’t see past his nose. President Trump hasn’t done anything close to what you claim and you must be like pelosi who thought the tax cuts were only crumbs only you think he’s going to take our money when he just made to government give money back to the people ya blind jackass.

      • Computer guy says:

        Looks like another one got out of the mental ward again. Did Hillary let you out mbw750 after she went to the mental ward to speak about her book, ” Why she and democrats are failures.”
        *** Hillary said, ” Look, the average democrat voter is just plain stupid. They’re easy to manipulate. That’s the easy part.” Hillary Clinton as told to Dick Morris in “Rewriting History”
        In 2005. *** Knowing this now mbw750 that she made sure that she talked about you that day should make you joyous what she thinks about you and about democrats !!! After all, you haven’t yet had enough of hearing her over a hundred excuses why she lost and you idiot democrats are still buying her book !!!! No one else is !

        • Marty says:

          Stands to reason. Killary has been brain dead for many decades, maybe forever. All of her voters are no less brain dead.

  37. Randall says:

    If you want to be rich just be put on a special counsel (it could be a never ending story). Oh! By the way there is one person that could stop all this BS but since he reqused himself he won’t but his next in-line could if would but then your back to the buddy buddy system.

  38. GySgt. Lew Souder, USMC/Ret. says:

    Please President Trump – Don’t fall into Crooked Mueller’s trap – DON’T MEET WITH HIM…..

  39. Steve says:

    MUELLER should be charged with OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE

  40. It is time for Mueller to shut down his witch hunt

    • ernaldo says:

      He’s making millions serving the pig soros and the seditionist media….Why would the slob quit?

      • Chet says:

        That is just the point. We all suspect most of all the top people in the FBI are compromised/paid off. Why don’t we insist they all be rounded up stood against the front wall of the FBI building and shot by a firing squad. That will let the rest of the thugs in the FBI know they had better fly right.

  41. GySgt. Lew Souder, USMC/Ret. says:


  42. Jan13 says:

    I have read things about Mueller that he should be careful about “throwing stones” at
    Someone else, he isn’t squeaky clean, especially when he was working in Boston.
    If he wants to be fair, go after the ones that actually did undermine the election and the Dem primary.
    I hope we get the Inspector Generals report soon.

  43. GySgt. Lew Souder, USMC/Ret. says:

    Congress and the AG have the power to stop this ridicules Investigation – It is a waist of our Money and Time. There are much more Important things to take care of……Let the President do his job!!!!!!


  45. PAUL HOLLOP says:

    If I were the President, I would use the Congress approach of them saying nothing is there and drop it. And if Mueller didn’t disband the team i would fire him and disband it. And if the AG doesn’t get off his butt and stop this team now I’ld consider firing him.

    • David in MA says:

      This would be turned into a charge of obstruction. Better that Trump not meet with Mueller and force a grand jury session where Trump could sit there with a “Clinton memory gap” or maybe take the 5th, but any verbal response trying to show he has not engaged in any criminal activity would be dangerous. Go sit in any court and listen, the more a defendant talks to clear themselves, the more they support the prosecution.

      • Janet says:

        So very TRUE. I hope Trump listens to his attorney’s on this one. I wouldn’t trust this snake in the grass.

    • Didi Murrahy says:

      Totally agree

  46. srw says:

    If anyone colluded with the RUssians…. Mueller was head of the FBI when the Clintons were reaping multi$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ from the Russians. Uranium. To have the deal go thru the Clintons were not the only one receiving $$$$$$$$$$$$$. Everyone in the circle. That included Mueller for not investigating it one of the many Clinton crooked deals.

  47. JLM says:

    Mueller’s request to interview Trump is a ruse to trap him on a process “crime” because of Trump’s memory not being completely consistent after all he has said and written, not an actual lie. Trump should take the fifth on every question.

    • Gerry says:

      Pres. Trump should not and does not have to talk with the POS mueller. Pres. Trump needs to find some different lawyers to represent him. That scumbag will turn and twist every word Pres. Trump says to fit his agenda. mueller has embarrassed himself right along with the demoTRASH who started this BS farce of a so-called investigation.

      • Computer guy says:

        I believe that Trumps lawyers HAVE told Trump not to talk to Mueller. Trump has said back in the not so distance past that he would or wanted to talk to Mueller. I think at first he may have thought that this would end it sooner. But I think he still wants to talk. He does not have to, but at this point of already saying he would and then change his mind- you just have to know how the democrats and the liberal media will go absolutely mentally ill ( as they are well known for ) over Trump changing his mind. It will be their BS that Trump has something to hide now. If Trump was to fire Mueller, the same would result. But then if Trump does piss them off, just think about the mass of enema’s that the democrats and liberal media will have to do because they will be so plugged up with sh*t they will be trying to unload !!! Send them all Enema bags ! Or for the liberal guys, tell them to pull their head out of their a*s and send them feminine napkins.

  48. I believe Mr.Mueller will do everything in his power to find something that will implicate the President in some heinous democrat fashion. He is driven by his peanut galleries hatred of the President. I think also Mr. Mueller will drag this event out as long as he can, simply because he can, and because he has an unlimited budget and an unlimited agenda, which we the taxpayers are being forced to fund. Go figure.

    • David in MA says:

      Better do it before midterm elections because if the demo’s take the majority we know Trump will be impeached and found guilty, even if it is only for spitting in the wind………

  49. Mike says:

    At this point he shouldn’t even be a subject! Obama corrupted everything he touched while sitting in our WH! Comey, Mueller and a vast majority of the FBI included.
    Obama and Clintons should be the people under investigation for treason!

    • Gerry says:

      Mike — the gutless republicans need to be told this so that they get off their dead butts and get behind Pres. Trump. Oh wait — they want Trump out just as bad as the demoTRASH because he is screwing up their status-quo criminal life styles.

      • Janet says:

        Got that right. Paul Ryan is the MAIN one that needs to be FIRED yesterday. He’s still in the bed with Obama.

  50. Mike H says:

    It’s going to be a while before all the evidence comes out. But I guarantee you down the road they’re going to find out Hillary Clinton was one of the most corrupt politicians of all times.

  51. Tom Martin says:

    He would have crucified President Trump to protect the Democrats, FBI and the Clinton’s if conservative had not continued to fight. The liberals normally walk all over us because we do not stand up in the streets for what we believe in. Many sit around and wait on God to defend and protect our way of life. God is waiting for us to defend our position

  52. MARK says:


  53. Jim says:

    If this much time, effort and money was spent on proving Hillary is a criminal, she’d be in jail by now!!!

  54. Daniel O’Cooney says:

    So does that make Hilary a target x 100 all these crooks make me sick!!!!!

  55. cliff says:

    The ONLY reason “heir meuller” is keeping this going, is HE is one of the CRIMINALS involved in the “uranium one” scandal. If ANYONE deserves to be PROSECUTED it is him. (along with many other corrupt LAW-BREAKING individuals in the so-called “justice department” and the OSCUMBAG administration including oscumbag himself) The “evidence” is OVERWHELMING against the “investigator” the DNC and his “team” but looks like taxpayer dollars are going to continue to be wasted so they can keep this FARCE going against the PRESIDENT until the 2018 midterms. (even though there has been absolutely NO EVIDENCE)

  56. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    So, after all this time, what many of us knew to be true a year ago, is now being grudgingly dragged out of Mueller? And it only cost something north of $10mil to get here? All because leftists refused to do exactly what they expected us to do, after Hillary won, only THEY, with their over text top policies, actually insured she’d lose, and they still won’t acknowledge she DID, let alone why! What a COLOSSAL waste of money over a bunch of dinged egoes!

    • Computer guy says:

      You keep hearing that it was such a conclusion by so many democrats that Hillary was going to win and they were absolutely positive and that was that. Even Hillary thought and she has said it several times that she knew she was going to win. She didn’t even travel enough to some states for rallies because she “Just Knew ” she was going to win. The polls NEVER gave such percentages for any DEM including herself to think it was over and done before the vote took place as she and many others in that DEM party ( higher ups ) I still keep hearing all claim the same thing, ” she was going to win- period ! ” To see her small Rallies attendance as well. Her knowledge that she was putting those people behind her were from her campaign offices who were working for her. That gave her some attendance.
      That just keeps telling me to have such an extreme positive knowledge like that before the vote has to be because they had it rigged !!! Only that would give them that kind of KNOW IT FOR CERTAIN attitude that they had. To note the shock some of them showed as if something definitely went wrong and what the hell was it ?!!!! The faces were showing more like that then just a losing face on some of those TOP DEM’S on voting night after the decision was over. Hillary hiding as well. Funny how she bitched about Trumps comment over his answer on acceptance of him losing and she kept it up about that. But her, she is still at it and her outright behavior up to this second is proving that she will not accept HER LOSING !!! With what is it, over 100 excuses now why she lost ? Someone was keeping track of that. In the dictionary I looked up the word, Hypocrite. The definition says, see any democrat. Kim Jung Un is also wearing all her pantsuits !

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