All hell broke loose when Robert Mueller made this surprising return

Robert Mueller took his best shot at trying to bring down Donald Trump.

Everyone thought the Mueller probe was in the past.

But all hell broke loose when Robert Mueller made this surprising return.

Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was the only administration official to plead guilty in the Mueller investigation.

Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI about a December 2016 phone call with the Russian Ambassador despite the FBI agents who interviewed Flynn reporting back that Flynn believed he was being truthful.

After pleading guilty, Flynn changed attorneys and fought back claiming the FBI entrapped him.

Then Robert Mueller’s prosecutors struck back by recommending jail time claiming Flynn had not provided any useful information.

Flynn’s lawyers responded by filing a motion in court to withdraw his plea agreement.

Politico reports:

The move, made just two weeks before Flynn is supposed to face his long-delayed sentencing, follows Flynn’s shift to more confrontational defense lawyers about half a year ago and an ensuing, acrimonious showdown with prosecutors over the retired Army general’s planned testimony in a related case.

In a motion filed Tuesday night in federal court in Washington, Flynn’s defense team said the prosecution’s description of those events in a sentencing submission last week amounted to a breach of the plea agreement that Flynn and his former attorneys struck with Mueller’s office in late 2017.

Flynn’s current lead counsel, Sidney Powell, said the government essentially blew up the plea deal by retreating from an earlier statement that Flynn deserved leniency because of his “substantial assistance” to the government with various investigations it was pursuing.

The FBI targeting Flynn was one of the earliest examples of FBI corruption in the Russia hoax.

Flynn did not realize the FBI viewed him as a possible criminal suspect when they interviewed him.

The then-national security advisor believed he was helping fellow law enforcement officers deal with a counterintelligence situation.

Instead they used the interview to help get the ball rolling on the Russian collusion scam.

Under the direction of Obama holdover Sally Yates who was still in her position of Deputy Attorney General, the FBI concocted a false allegation that Flynn was liable for blackmail because he violated the 1799 Logan Act – under which no American has ever been prosecuted.

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50 Responses

  1. Danny says:

    H Lee, you are 100% correct and the only way for them to regain respect, is prosecute Obama, Hillary, Lynch and all the sheep that followed them during their crime spree.

  2. Mark says:

    Mueller needs to disappear into the sunset or Trump’s team might need to look into his mistakes in the past and there are many. How did all these anti-american liars get to such high places in our government? IT’S EASY TO HIDE IN THE SWAMP. Just ask the Bidens, Obama, Strock, Page, Clapper, Brennan, Yates, Comey, Clinton and all the other swampers because you can’t ask the ones like Epstein or any of the others who have been killed in the swamp and the evidence was either eaten, killed or just plain COVERED UP!!!!!

  3. There is a group of powerful people wanting to over throw this wonderful country. We must vote these people out of office. We must vote for persons that have a love for our country. Abraham Lincoln did & he was a Republican. Take a good look at history of the Democrat party & they want power but want to rule like the movie The Hunger Games. We r on the cusp if we don t vote for honest leaders. Trump wants to drain the swamp & we must help him. Vote Republican. The democratic party will throw our country under the bus. Obama tried & remember Bengazi. He & Hillary did that one. The blood is on their hands.

  4. Linda Hill says:

    You got to take care Obama for the rest of his life so. He is done think about whats going on now

  5. dick says:

    Mueller has caused the FBI enormous damage. When he is found guilty he should be sent to prison for the maximum amount of time allowable by law. He should also loose his pension.

  6. TOM says:

    Is Putin going to be a witness?

  7. CHENZ says:


  8. CHENZ says:


  9. Tim Shepperson says:

    I agree with #H Lee. However being retired from the DOJ for many tears, I feel that this only holds true to the upper echelon of these agencies, who are in most case political appointee’s. Now the liberals want AG Barr to recuse himself. Gee it seems that every time the good guys get close to bringing down these deep staters they want to change the rules. I want all these dregs brought to justice.

  10. H Lee says:

    The fbi no longer has credibility. The obama administration has totally killed respect for the top government security agencies. i.e. fbi, doj, irs. batfe, cia, They no longer deserve the respect of having their initials in capital letters.

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