All hell broke loose when Nancy Pelosi won this fight to legalize voter fraud

Democrats love voter fraud.

They want to steal elections with illegally casted votes.

And now all hell is breaking loose because Nancy Pelosi won this fight to legalize voter fraud.

In recent years, Democrats at the municipal level have been passing legislation allowing illegal aliens to vote in local elections.

This is a dry run to one day allow illegal aliens to vote in congressional and presidential elections.

And Democrats just took the first step toward making that a reality.

The Washington Times reports:

House Democrats voted Friday to defend localities that allow illegal immigrants to vote in their elections, turning back a GOP attempt to discourage the practice.

The vote marks a stunning reversal from just six months ago, when the chamber — then under GOP control — voted to decry illegal immigrant voting.

“We are prepared to open up the political process and let all of the people come in,” Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat and hero of the civil rights movement, told colleagues as he led opposition to the GOP measure.

The 228-197 vote came as part of a broader debate on Democrats’ major legislative priority this year, HR 1, the “For the People Act,” which includes historic expansions of voter registration and access, as well as a major rewrite of campaign finance laws.

The Democrats’ Voter Fraud bill – which allows for automatic voter registration and prevents states from purging their voter rolls of individuals that no longer live in the state or are noncitizens – is the most brazen attempt by a political party to rig elections in all of American history.

Pelosi now has the Democrat Party fully on record as supporting illegal aliens voting.

Some Americans think this is will never come to be.

But it was just seven years ago that the default position of the Democrat Party was that marriage was between a man and a woman.

And now supporting homosexual marriage is considered a red line for anyone running for any Democrat running for office.

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131 Responses

  1. Mike Morrow says:

    If you are not a citizen then don’t bother showing up at the polls, you have no right to vote. In fact, you and the election official should be arrested if you try and vote or vote.

  2. L. Shamus McQuade says:

    So anyone around the world can show up and vote, because they would be illegal too. I find it hard to believe there is a law prohbiting an illegal from voting. If so it is not being enforced


    The California Democrats endgame is diabolical. The reason liberals push to make their cities Sanctuary Cities and want to promote illegal immigration, and import Muslims who what to kill us, is because it directly affects the Electoral College vote based on Illegals and all those new “automatic citizens” that can be counted in the census. Since the census is used to determine the number of House seats apportioned to each state, those states with large populations of illegal immigrants and other non-citizens gain extra seats in the House.
    If we counted CITIZEN-ONLY population statistics, the Democrat state of California would lose 5 House seats, New York and Washington would lose 1 seat. Republican states of Texas would lose 2 seats, and Florida would lose 1 seat. It was also projected that those 10 lost seats would go to 10 states that would likely gain 1 seat each, the bulk of which lean Republican.
    The six states with the most electors are California (55), Texas (38), New York (29), Florida (29), Illinois (20), and Pennsylvania (20). The seven smallest states by population—Alaska, Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming—have three electors each.
    Forty-Three States have a population smaller than the population of Los Angeles!
    Should all of the people in those 43 States have the same voting ‘voice’ as just one large City?
    Bottom Line: California wants full CONTROL over who is elected as President… What they want is: “As California goes, so goes the Nation”
    First Jerry ‘Moonbeam’ Brown’s California gave Illegal Aliens a ‘right’ to obtain a Driver’s License, then later allowed anyone with a Driver’s License the automatic “right” to vote, by their “Motor Voter” Law!

  5. John Last says:

    Oh, you’re just now realizing that ?
    I’m ready, let them ( demonRats) start it.
    The “repugnant-cant’s” aren’t any better than the rest….BUT they are trying to live by the Constitution.

  6. r.b, warke says:

    For years I have watched various and sundry conservative organizations talk about “bombshells’, “destruction”, “career terminating”, “explosive” , etc., etc. “revelations” of liberal malfeasance. Nevertheless, these same evil morons are still here and gaining in power and influence daily and not a single one has ever been called been called to serious account. The reasons are legion but the primary reason is that our so-called “conservative leaders” are complete moral and intellectual cowards and are totally devoid of balls and in the end they too will sell us out. Unless there is a divine intervention or some other unlikely miracle, the inevitable endgame will be the most vicious and bloody civil war the world has ever seen.

  7. Frank Notto says:

    vote for TRUMP 2020! Get rid of all Republican pukes that are against President Trump. Vote the Demogugs out of office.

  8. Barbara says:

    Since this women can’t live by the laws and rules of our land and the CONSTITUTION -she needs to be permanently removed from Congress –now, she had broken so many rules she is no longer fit for the head of Congress. She needs to be impeached now and removed.

  9. Keith W says:

    Veteran ’71. What did I give up my legs, left eye, testicles, and in Nov ’18, both kidney’s for. PLEASE, when the fighting starts, roll me to the front. I promise, I WILL not RUN.

  10. John Fulkerson says:

    Any politician who allows illegal aliens to vote in any election is committing Treason against the citizens of the United States. Even suggesting shows they have no integrity or loyalty to their own country. They are trying to overthrow our legitimate government the only way they can, by cheating.

  11. DSC says:

    I agree

  12. Frema Byrd says:

    If this kind of nonsense doesn’t stop, the whole country will look just like California. For those who don’t know, California is a disaster now totally under democrat rule. Native Californians are leaving by the dozens every week, others are waiting a short time before they (can) leave. And then the democrats who are leaving, go to their new state and continue to vote democrat. They just don’t get that Calif is failing because they voted democrat. Its like a snowball rolling down hill and no one knows how to stop it.

  13. Tobydog1 says:

    What you call apathy, I call complacency. However, things are changing very rapidly, many American Patriots are impatiently waiting for President Trump to give US the order to attack, once he does, we will cleanse the government in one huge sweep! We can no longer wait nor, can we depend on voting to resolve our problems. It’s going to take the spilling of blood to save our country!

  14. Tobydog1 says:

    For those of you that think another Civil War is coming, you’re right! Millions of American Patriots are just waiting for President Trump to order an attack and, we will cleanse the government in one huge sweep! Democrats and Turncoat Republicans will be given two choices, leave the country or, be buried in it!

  15. Geri says:

    Holy moly!!!!! This just can’t be America: “the Home of the brave and land of the free” the way the Dems are destroying our country. There are so many issues they support that are illegal, immoral, heinous, etc., etc.
    NO person who was not born in this country – and I do not count those who finagle their way in JUST to give birth t someone who, then, is a citizen – should be allowed to run or be elected to ANY public office. They must also assimilate to the customs of this country – founded on moral Judeo/Christian principles. If they come to this country, they need to learn the language, be able to support themselves [legally] and always support our Consitiution. If not, they are welcome to the country from which they came.

  16. Rod says:

    It’s called apathy. Most Americans don’t know or don’t care that you have to be a citizen to vote. these people can probably tell you the important sports scores IE: football team, baseball, basketball scores but can’t tell you who the president or vice-president is of our country. “Let Joe (Nancy) do it.” Well Joe’s a f..king Democrat and he’s doing it. Get off your dead asses and help the Republican party keep our voting priviliges for American citizens!

  17. Mamabear says:

    I’m sorry, but I am so sick and tired of hearing about this witch, and her built in voting crowd supporting these idiot demos. They have done something absolutely appauling to America, a total sell out to all of us. Why don’t they just move all of us out of the country and turn it over to her violent, raping, murdering, illegal immigrants. We can all move Mexico. Maybe they will give us the vote, free housing, free food stamps, free electricity, free educational resources. Ya think? We could demand that learn English. Better yet they could move in with her and each democrat could take fifty home with them. She could watch her children or her grandchildren raped by these people she is supporting. Can we get back to being Americans and leave this childish crap behind?

  18. It is and always has been illegal to import people to vote for a party. The Democrats are a bunch of idiots if they think the American people will put up with this kin of crap.I don’t know what has happened to the Democratic party but they are doing everything they can to make our country a communist country. They have too many people who have fought for this country to let a bunch of Morons destroy it. Some of us are getting old but America is still worth fighting for.

  19. RockyMtn1776 says:

    Our last 5 Presidents refused to enforce our immigration laws, we are seeing the results of their actions today. We have been sold out by BOTH political parties on the immigration issue among others. Both want illegal aliens here for various reasons . Far to many of our elected officials were more than willing to sell their soul and their country for money, power and votes ! We are NOT going to be saved by government with the continuing tsunami of illegals pouring into our country. We are fast losing our language, culture and American way of life . We have NO ONE in Washington standing up for us other than Trump and a few others. If what’s left of America is to save saved it’s going to be up to citizens to do it. Saddle up Gunny, I think we will be needed once again to save our nation.

  20. Oh just one more thing, In 2016 i had to prove i was a citizen to vote in my local state and for any political person running for a seat or the president, i also had to prove i was a citizen to my local election department, to vote seeing as how i was never registered to vote. even going through the dmv department the proof still had to be given. now why should an illegal person alien or otherwise be able to vote in a local election or a government election. as i see it and have seen it all my life you had to be a citzen and prove it to vote, if not you have no right to say who runs my country and or me in the long run. even for 2020 my local election department asked me again if i was registered to vote and prove who i was.

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