All hell broke loose when Mitch McConnell went back on this promise made to Republicans

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is on the hot seat.

Once again, with everything on the line, McConnell folded in a fight with Democrats.

And all hell broke loose when Mitch McConnell went back on this promise made to Republicans.

Mitch McConnell declared this past summer that Democrats would have to use reconciliation to raise the debt ceiling and add trillions in debt.

Republicans believed this was their best chance to scuttle a massive multi-trillion dollar socialist spending bill Democrats cooked up to impose the Green New Deal and create new entitlement programs.

But once again, when McConnell faced the moment of truth, he folded.

McConnell surrendered to Democrats by agreeing to provide the Republican votes to gut the filibuster by creating a new exception to raise the debt ceiling and avoid the 60-vote threshold.

Republicans slammed McConnell’s timidness, with Ted Cruz stating Democrats should own the new debt lock, stock, and barrel.

“[Democrats] should at least own the responsibility for crushing debt they are necessitating. Republicans should not participate in racking up that debt, which is harming people across the country,” Cruz told reporters.

It wasn’t just conservatives furious at McConnell.

Even the RINOs McConnell counts on to help him pass the Democrats agenda expressed dismay at McConnell rolling over for Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden.

“I’m at a loss,” South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham exclaimed.

South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds – who supported past McConnell debt ceiling cave-ins – blasted the move, telling reporters that Democrats “control the agenda in the Senate. There’s no reason for us to try and facilitate anything for them again,” Rounds added, remarking “I can be pretty pragmatic. But this one?”

No Senator did more to pass Joe Biden’s agenda in 2021 than Mitch McConnell.

McConnell supported the phony $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” bill, which cleared the decks for Democrats to begin stitching together a $1.75 trillion socialist spending bill.

When Democrats faced a debt ceiling obstacle, McConnell helped them clear that roadblock out of the way, which eased another pressure point which could have killed the socialist spending bill.

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