All hell broke loose when Joe Biden saw this poll about his Ukraine scandal

Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign just absorbed another body blow.

This one could finish his Presidential campaign.

And all hell broke loose when he saw this poll about his Ukraine scandal.

The real scandal with regard to Ukraine involves Joe Biden.

Critics contend his son Hunter tried to cash on his father running point on the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy by accepting a $50,000 per month payment to sit on the board of directors of Burisma – a Ukrainian energy company.

Biden later bragged that he threatened to withhold a billion dollars in aid unless the Ukrainian government fired a prosecutor that had been investigating Burisma.

The former Vice President and his allies in the Fake News Media tried to claim there was no “there there” and President Trump was promoting conspiracy theories.

But a brand new USA Today poll shows voters think Biden’s behavior should be investigated by a two-to-one margin.

Breitbart reports:

On Sunday’s broadcast of CBS’s “Face the Nation,” USA Today Washington bureau chief Susan Page said Americans want Joe Biden’s “unseemly” behavior over his son Hunter’s business in Ukraine investigated.

Host Margaret Brennan asked, “What does this mean for the 2020 race. You have Joe Biden out there with the “Washington Post” op-ed. He hasn’t sat and really answered questions to clear the air on this. Is it going to hurt him?

Page said, “Yes, it’s going to hurt him. It’s hurting him already, fairly or not. You start any discussion by saying there is no evidence that Joe Biden did anything illegal or anything improper. That said, on this show, we saw a commercial paid for by the Trump campaign making the case against Biden. We had a USA Today poll this week that showed by 2-1, by 42-21%, Americans say it would be legitimate, there are valid reasons to investigate Biden’s behavior when it came to Ukraine.”

She added, “The behavior was not illegal. It’s not unusual for family members the try to cash in on famous or powerful relatives. It is something Americans do not like. It is unseemly that. It is a question that Joe Biden is going to have to answer moving forward.”

Biden already turned in lackluster fundraising numbers.

And Elizabeth Warren eclipsed him in key early state and national polls.

Voters seeing him as corrupt could be the final nail in his campaign’s coffin.


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138 Responses

  1. Don Juan says:

    Most of the Democrats are extremely worried that an investigation of Biden and his son Hunter ever came about, it would show their involvement in it as well. They will do anything and everything to prevent Trump from allowing this information to come forth. Even if that means to bring our country down to its knees in total misery.

  2. mykpyp says:

    Why would ANY business knowingly hire a CRACKHEAD? I guess being the SON of a Vice President overrides his CRACK usage!

  3. prove me wrong ! says:

    Why is everyone JELOUS of a business person who ran for PRESIDENT &happened to be very wealthy, before he got into Politics, instead of after he got into POLITICS,& takes NO “”PAYCHECKS”” IMAGINE THAT !!!

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      Far more important ; Our President will not “line His/ His Family’s with foreign cash” and sell out Americans. Bill Clinton sold rocket technology (from Two California companies) to China—CHINA GATE
      Hillary Transferred American Uranium (20%) to Russia, for $150,000,000.0 0 that IS known about—-URANIM ONE
      California’s Senators : Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein were enriched by China when They had Our Coast Guard evicted from Long Beach, California’s Harbor and turned over to China’s Military—in China the government Owns everything.
      GOD has bless America with a Man that does not have to “sell out His Country” for riches. Pray for America’s Commander and Chief.

      • Mysty says:

        I pray for him every day! In fact I JUST finished praying for him!!! PRESIDENT TRUMP is the BEST PRESIDENT we’ve EVER had!!

      • reconviper1 says:

        You are 100% correct, Gary. Trump has since taken back the port of Long Beach and kicked the Chinese out. All these people you mentioned are named in sealed indictments. Justice is coming, but it will be up to the President to give the word to drop the hammer. I am going to throw a party on that day. Bear in mind, we are still operating under war powers authorization by congress to fight terrorism. This means that treason becomes high treason and is punishable by death.

      • Rota Marie Koyoumjian says:

        I agree 1000% my dear! Their are many of us, but we are obscure, until 2020!

  4. Arthur says:

    Drain the Swamp.
    Take America Back!
    Trump 2020

    • Gary Von Neida says:


    • Rita Marie Koyoumjian says:

      That is why they are attacking him, biting, lik a “Swamp Rat”!
      They don’t want to give up their perks; millions from Ukraine, China…& more to come I am sure.
      They Do Not want the ORGIE to end!
      Corruption on a scale we could never Imagine!

  5. Tony says:


  6. Dave says:

    he is crooked SOB and so is his brother. but what else is knew for a swamp rat demorat of D.C.

    • Cp123 says:

      Try to get a democrat to believe there is corruption at the top of their party. They group think. No capable of independent thought after all these years.

  7. David Small says:

    It can’t be much more obvious than him being recorded bragging about what he did. Son of a bi%(h, what more proof does anyone need?!?

    • Mike Flanagan says:

      “They were walking out to a press conference. I said, nah, … we’re not going to give you the billion dollars. They said, ‘You have no authority. You’re not the president—the president said’ … I said, ‘Call him.’ I said, ‘I’m telling you, you’re not getting the billion dollars.’ I said, you’re not getting the billion. … I looked at them and said, ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.’ Well, son of a b—-. He got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time.”

  8. Steven Stepton says:

    With all this that is going on about the Biden family and the Ukraine how come nobody has come to terms with interviewing Biden’s son who is at the center of this?

  9. Mary says:

    Biden, has sold his soul to the evil one, you can tell by the way he acts & the way he looks. The democrats have been acting like little babies since Trump won, they still can’t stand it, I am ashamed that I once was a democrat, they have went way too far to the left. I have my prayer warriors praying that the real truth about the democrats comes out. The democrats own the media, everyone knows that so you can’t trust them neither also most of hollywood.

  10. Ernst says:

    Joe Biden is being exposed for the insecure little man he is. The many Biden stories that Joe has created over the years,in which he is the hero, are demonstrably false. When Joe was a Senator, these were overlooked because he was a secure Democrat vote in Congress and was very secure in Delaware. Now the lies and corruption are coming out. It stinks and Joe is on the way out. No wonder Obama did not endorse Joe Biden.

  11. Tom Curry says:

    Both parties should be all for an investgation for the truth is what matters and to fight against this investigation only shows that Biden and his son are guilty!!! If their is nothing to hide then they would have nothing to fear!!! Beside all of this crap that is going on, it is us the citizens that overwhelming want it investigated and it is us the citizens voice that counts not any of these politicians!!!

  12. Joann Abraham says:

    Well said truckman!

  13. Jan says:

    Since it’s now known that Biden is corrupt with the Ukraine scandal…no doubt the rest of that administration were also cashing in on those mega bucks from Ukraine, China, etc.!!! When Biden is investigated, we might find out more surprises!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Paul Aldredge says:

      Just look up the Ukraine and donations to the Clinton foundation. You’ll also discover other articles regarding George Soros wanting to takeover control of the Ukraine’s energy. The Ukraine paid a lot of money, more than others, for pay-to-play.

  14. bagster53 says:

    don’t forget about hillary , bill was paid big money by russia to give speeches while hillary was sos, what kind of speech would a pervert give that is worth big money like bill got , the clintons and obomas are neck deep in it

  15. IH8reps says:

    I’ve never forgot what reagen did to the American worker when he declared war on unions and labor and started this class warfare and division amongest us and to this day thats all the retardicans have stood for they truly are anti American and pro big pharma big insurance corprate power tax cuts that only bennifitt the rich basicaly robin hood for the 1%

    • Norman says:

      Hey everybody! I found Jimmy Hoffa. He is going by Tony now.

      • NANCY EVILSIZOR says:


    • Steve Scoutaris says:

      Unions are rotten. Look no further than the teacher’s unions and public schools.

      • IH8reps says:

        Yeah we all know having a good job with a livable wage is just so unamerican long live wage stagnation long live the OPPRESSORS if you can’t live the high life and save for retirement on 12 an hour somethings wrong.

        • Breaker 19 says:

          I worked in Detroit back when there was an auto plant on almost every corner. I saw some pictures of Detroit one day. It showed empty buildings, windows broken out, grass growing up al over the parking lots.
          What happened? Where did all the plants go?
          They had a “closed shop” union where I worked. You didn’t have to join, but you had to pay the Union dues anyway. They hoped you didn’t join, that way you had no say about what they did.
          They went on strike 3 times the last year I worked there. Where did the auto manufacturers go? to Mexico or some other country to get away from the Unions and get cheaper labor so they could compete with the foreign car manufacturers. There was no way they could compete paying what they had to pay for help here in the USA.
          When wages go up, everything goes up. If McDonald’s has to double their employees wages, they will have to go way up on everything they sell, so they can still make a profit. That’s the way it is with all manufacturing companies.
          Pretty soon the cost of living has increased to the point where you are having the same trouble making enough money to live on that you had before That’s what minimum wage has done. Government needs to get out of trying to set wages. The people who hire employees would have to pay a competitive price or they would not have the people they need.
          Competition is what hold the price down. The unions caused the prices to go through the roof and the manufactures could no longer compete. They have almost killed every manufacturing job in this country.

    • Americanmade says:

      Ok Tony I think the problem here is you’ve relyed entirely way too much on mainstream media. I’ve been down the rabbit hole for 2 years now and it is polar opposite from what we’ve been told. Think… who shot Reagan and how is he tied to Mitt Romney/Bain/Iran contra and current President of the NRA?

    • prove me wrong ! says:

      I live in the Flint area GHOST TOWN ,DO NOT TELL ME about what the DEMO-C-RATS UAW did to themselves & many other major cities &states !!! GM got tired of all the insane UAW trash DEMO-C-RATS the UAW forced workers to vote their LIES !!! Guess who got tired of DEMO-C-RAT CRAP &moved to other countries ,DUH !!! It’s time real people realize that George SORASS Soros billionaire, who by the way was NAZI. informant in Hungary WW 2 ,was DEPORTED from Hungary ,is HUGE money supplier to DEMO-C-RATS !!! He better be DEPORTED from U.S.A. !!!

  16. The Redhawk says:

    Since 2016 the DEMOCRAT PARTY has tried to OVERRULE a legal ELECTION ….RUSSIA…Collusion….Mueller and FAIKLED with the DEEP STATE COUP…..Now Pelosi and her MIDGET minded MINIONS are attempting the IMPEACHMENT COUP since Trump>Barr> Horowitz> Dunham are getting closer to NAIILING these BASTARDS ERA of CORRUPTION….and BIDEN is ONLY a mINOR CROOK compared to what BIG CROOKS like Clinton>>PELOSI>> Obama and KOMRADS have accomplished….BIDEN is just the FIRST they THREW UNDE THE BUS,,,,more are coming….

  17. Jonathan Conover says:

    This is just more of the fake news media at work. It is nothing more than the Real Deep State out to destroy Joe Biden. These people should be flushed out of their ratholes, tried by a military tribunal, tarred and feathered, drawn and quartered, have their genitalia burned with acid, have their eyes poked out and made to perform perverted sexual acts on Old Scratch himself.

    • Will says:

      Jonathan ,, I wish you were our AG,, !!!!
      DC would be a lot shorter on population :}

    • Steve Scoutaris says:

      Except Biden bragged about doing exactly what the democrats are accusing Trump of doing with the Ukraine. Biden is on video bragging about strong arming the Ukraine into having the inspector looking into Burisma Holdings fired. Biden bragged about blackmailing the Ukraine.
      As for the rest of your rant, you sound like the late Saddam Hussein.
      Saddam enjoyed torturing people too, especially with acid.

  18. Virginia Johnson says:

    Can’t wait to vote all these Dems out of office!!

  19. Mike Flanagan says:

    “They were walking out to a press conference. I said, nah, … we’re not going to give you the billion dollars. They said, ‘You have no authority. You’re not the president—the president said’ … I said, ‘Call him.’ I said, ‘I’m telling you, you’re not getting the billion dollars.’ I said, you’re not getting the billion. … I looked at them and said, ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.’ Well, son of a b—-. He got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time.”

    He never learns to keep mouth shut what a dummy

  20. Mohammed, Mohammed... says:

    Why is he so angry? To intimidate people? because of his immaturity?
    all of the above?

  21. Tony says:

    Doctor JD… I support you 100 percent Regarding any Politician breaking the Laws of this Nation… No matter what party they represent… You as a Doctor treated persons in an effort to Save lives never knowing who they were… As a retired federal agent I arrested any one who broke the law… I really don’t care what family name they go by what party they push out there like a business card… IN do process if found guilty of a crime… LOCK THEM UP…. Lets address this mess and clean it up… These small few Political person(s) NEED TO GO…. What really takes me back… Is where is the Department of Justice and why have these crimes have gone on for decades…Don’t care who they are… These CRIMINALS ARE DIVIDING OUR NATION

  22. FrankC says:

    HUNTER Biden did not cash in on his father’s political position. JOE Biden cashed in on being VP, and threatened the Ukraine and forced them to do things that benefited his son.

    • Steve Scoutaris says:

      And now the democrats want to impeach our president for doing exactly what their #1 candidate bragged about doing with exactly the same country.
      What I want to know is if Biden won would the democrats immediately begin impeachment proceedings with Biden??????

      • KATH says:


    • Will says:

      Yep, and he did it with the tax payers money

    • Gen.Stewart says:

      Listen to yourself. How do you not see that Hunter didn’t benefit from the arrogance of his father demanding Hunter not being investigated ? It’s not only Hunter,but John Carey’s son and a damn mafia family member. These men(Biden,Carey)were using their relatives to strongarm a foreign country for money. That is called EXTORTION !

  23. Mark Palumbo says:

    I truly do not understand why we have to ask the question regarding whether or not the Biden’s should be investigated.

    • Mike Lenahan says:

      It’s a sad ???? time we live in when the Truth is turned into lies and Lies into Truth.

      I support the real Truth and it’s that Our President is being railroaded and those that have been destroying this country like Mr. Obama , Mrs Pelosi, Mr Joe Biden, Mr . Schumer , Mr Nadler, Ms. Maxine Waters and others of like ilk are bringing about nothing but I’ll will and failing to think ???? about the well being of this Great ???? Nation.

      Let’s learn to work together towards the common goal of serving the People , rather than our own pocket books as so many in Washington have done for so long . The payoffs etc must stop ✋ or our nation will go down just as the Roman Empire did and so many other nations that were great and then lost sight of the goal and the real Truth. We need God back in our schools and fear of the Lord to filter into our ♥️ Hearts. Lest learn to Love one another , rather than thinking of how to destroy and corrupt our nation.

      They need to get back to work and try to work on compromise and the well being of our Blessed Counrty .

  24. Steve Scoutaris says:

    Yeah but we like what Trump is doing. Of course we know Trump is a scoundrel but what is our choice?
    Switch sides and vote democrat? You want us to dump everything Trump has done and pick one of those democrats in the clown car promising free healthcare for illegals, open borders, free college for everyone, and stack the courts with activist judges? Are you freaking kidding? Think about what you’re asking for a moment.

  25. ABC says:

    Fox News host Tucker Carlson published an op-ed with Daily Caller co-founder and publisher Neil Patel zinging Trump for his call with Ukraine’s president. “Donald Trump should not have been on the phone with a foreign head of state encouraging another country to investigate his political opponent, Joe Biden,” Carlson and Patel wrote. “Some Republicans are trying, but there’s no way to spin this as a good idea.”

    • Mark N. says:

      Agreed, but is it REALLY an impeachable offense, as the Democrats claim? the clause int eh Constitution on which they rely is not as broad as they wish it were. Moreover, buried in all the hoopla is the central question: Even if what Biden did did not violate Ukraine law, did it violate US law? How is what Trump allegedly did–a quid pro quo your aid is dependent upon your cooperation with Guillani, any different than what Biden did: a billion dollar quid pro quo to fire a Ukrainian prosecutor.

      • Steve Scoutaris says:

        How can the democrats have a presidential nominee who bragged about doing the exact same thing with the exact same country they’re accusing Trump of doing?
        How is that possible?

    • dlr says:

      Tucker Carlson is wrong on this one. People who deny that Joe Biden did wrong are ignoring the plain spoken words that Biden spouted off when bragging about it. Americans are not that stupid.

      • Scott27 says:

        well, you are, dlr, if you don’t take into account the context and truth of that matter rather than a 90-second edited clip.

  26. Cg says:

    Biden will lose either way.Not presidential at all.LOSER.2020 MAGA

  27. Grizz Mann says:

    Quid Pro Joe or Lyawatha, watta choice. Or Trump a fighter and proven sucess. Stock market moving along , employment rates at the highest rates for a half a century. For all Americans, Blacks, Latinos and women included

  28. lzib says:

    “The behavior was not illegal. It’s not unusual for family members the try to cash in on famous or powerful relatives.”

    Ok, so if we go by their Logic that what Biden did by threatening to withhold a Billion dollars of US aid unless the investigator was fired in the next six hours is not Illigal- Then it follows that nothing Trump could do or say to the Ukrainians in this like regard would be illegal! Yet, here are the Dems trying to Impeach him for a phone call showing next to nothing by Comparison to what Biden publicly Confessed to and, in fact, bragged about, like some mob boss telling his fellow henchmen about his Crime! The same one they are trying to pin on Trump…Smelling kind of fishy to me…

    Funny though I just saw Biden is up in the polls for the nomination over Warren and Sanders- Guess the left is determined to cut off their noses to spite their face- I do hope Biden is the Nominee- we could not ask for a better match up. And think of all the swamp dwellers who will in their attempts to take down Trump in impeachment- end up exposing their own Illegal activities…that is assuming they do not cheat as they are now. They want to deny Trump the right to face his accuser, the right to investigate, to question, so they can rail-road him out of office.

    In the end, the real reason is- they know they have next to zero chance of winning fair and square in the election- Pathetic!

    • Hillary lost, get over it says:

      Hillary is gonna jump in last minute to “save the day”, and it wont cost her a dime. And shes already said, she wont make the same mistake as last time again. Which means, she will make sure theres enough fraudulent votes. Watch and see. This is already planned out.

  29. Dr. J.D. says:

    As a Democrat, I wholeheartedly agree with an investigation of the Bidens. And if the evidence shows both Joe and Hunter Biden guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, I support sending both to prison. Now, how many of you Trump supporters would agree to the same thing in regards to Trump and his people about soliciting aid from a foreign country and obstruction of justice!?!? And if found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, that you would support also the sending of Trump and his people to prison?

    Please just hit “reply” and say “I would” support an investigation, and if convicted, a prison sentence for all guilty parties! Thanks!

    • Steve Scoutaris says:

      Trump had permission from the treaty Clinton signed to solicit help from the Ukraine.
      The only reason you didn’t know that it is because you only watch one sided media and don’t get both sides.
      But of course everyone should be investigated. The Clintons, the Obamas, the Trumps, and all of congress starting with the speaker on down. They’re all dirty.

      • Roger says:

        ok–so why won’t the house hold a legitimate vote for impeachment–because that would allow the republicans to launch their formal inquiry into what really went on. Without a formal vote–it’s just another fake news story. They know by not holding a formal vote the Republican hands are tied and it will ony be a one sided story. Typical double standard

        • Steve Scoutaris says:

          Of course! The democrats are playing politics. It’s just what democrats do.

        • Will says:

          There is two sides to this coin.. The longer they drag this out,, the more people are hating them for doing it . The only ones that don`t tire of this crap is the phony News media Just beating a dead horse , to keep them selves relevant ,,, which they are not

      • Bill says:

        Of course the Democrats know that Trump had law backing his effort to get assistance from the Ukraine government involving Joe and Hunter Biden. Many of them have been in congress long enough to have voted to approve the law. At the time, however, they didn’t realize what they did would come back to bite them in the ass.

    • Barbara says:

      Also investigate Romney and Pelosi, they are involved in the same scheme. How many more bureaucrats are involved? They all should be named in the investigation.

    • lzib says:

      If what I saw in the Transcript is the basis of you saying Trump is guilty of “soliciting aid from a foreign country and obstruction of justice” it far misses the mark. He said nothing that could not be interpreted in several ways- the left just wants to interpret it the worst way. Gee interesting he did not say- you have 6 hours to fire the investigator (looking into his son) or I will withhold a billion Dollars in aid- and son of a B they fired the guy!

      So as you said if the standard is “beyond a reasonable doubt” and all you have is hearsay, speculation about his meaning, and presumptions of his intentions- then there is reasonable doubt. I doubt you could say the same for Biden- who made his “meaning” crystal clear. Even the Ukranian President said there was no corrosion or threat- you just want to interpret Trump’s words however you “feel” he intended or like Shift and Nancy make fictional accounts of words that were never spoken!

      So yes, I am fine with the standard of “guilty beyond a reasonable doubt” I hope the left is too! If Trump is guilty and we see a real quid pro quo- you know like Hunter getting Millions or Hillary paying $9 Million for a dossier of Russian lies, – which she called “oppo research” then used said foreign lies to get her cronies in the Obama admin. to use it to get the FISA court to spy on Trump her political rival, not once but 4 xs, let the trials begin and let’s see who is really guilty but let’s not use this two-tiered justice system the left seems so giddy to implement.

    • Patricia Blann says:

      I would. If one is guilty, they all are guilty.

    • 82nd Airborne vet says:

      Doctor JDI don’t always agree with you and you know this we’ve had our differences however the evidence shows Joe Biden opening up his blabber mouth And saying that he threatened to hold a billion dollars to get someone fired that was investigating his son and a corrupt corporation. All the evidence on trump that was investigated for over 2 years turned up nothing however if they found evidence that proved trump was guilty of obstructing Justice then I would support it but they haven’t been able to prove anything and there’s no obstruction of Justice none he doesn’t Have to show his tax records. And even if he did the irs has them. And remember every president is allowed to cash in a $500000 paycheck per year for the rest of their lives trump didn’t accept a dime nope the check that they’re going to write for trump every year is for one penny the paper that the check is written on is costing more than what trump is accepting as payment for being president what president has done that not a 1. But president does have to take a pay check so trump said make it out for a penny. The only person ever willing to do that Was Ross Perot.

    • Hillary lost, get over it says:

      I agree. We already know tg heres zero Russian collusion. We also know, the phone call has been released. There was nothing improper with it. Now, if we are going by your rules, that Trump is guilty, then I surely want Obama investigated about telling the Russian ambassador to “tell Vladimir I will have more freedom after the election “. What? More freedom to have a milkshake with him? Freedom to play checkers? Huh?

  30. sp says:

    sure makes me wonder about the illiterate folks who dont want him investigated

  31. Why did Joe Biden and John Kerry become RABID. when President Trump won the Election ?

    God Bless America and President Donald J. Trump, an American HERO.


    • Patriot says:

      John McCain was an American Hero.
      Trumpzilla is a draft dodging Coward.
      Get your facts right.

      • Will says:

        NOT TRUE McCain was far from a hero
        and people would still be alive if he would have went to
        Canada , but instead ,, he let his Grand daddy and Daddy
        cover for him . He should have been locked up in Leavenworth

        • USN Vietnan Vet says:

          Right you are will.The only true thing about McCain is that he was a POW who gave info to the NVA about the US.This moron that goes by Patriot by far is no Patriot.He wouldn’t know what a real American Patriot is.The real hero’s are the Vet’s who went to fight for our freedom and never returned home! Patriot never served our country and just talks sh#t.He needs to shut his mouth and get his facts right.Trump may have not served in the military but he’s serving our great nation as our President.Patriot if you don’t like Trump and freedom go live somewhere else China or No.Korea see if you can talk your sh#t there.

  32. Rick says:

    Ukraine was a money-laundering operation. They laundered the money through Burisma Holdings. Obama, Soros, Joe, and Son, DNC many other politicians involved. They basically stole 1.8 billion of our taxes. Could this be why they want closed-door hearings and blame this on the President? These people need to be executed!!

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      I would agree if found guilty. Would you agree to the same things for Trump and his people?

      • Steve Scoutaris says:

        I agree except for the execution part. Let them go where they put Blagojevich.

        • Dr. J.D. says:

          You are right, Steve, I do not agree with the execution part either. I would add, that if the Bidens and Trumps, and for that matter the Clintons also, are convicted, I would like for them to go to a REAL prison, not the country club facilities for white collar (rich) criminals.

  33. walter says:

    don’t go away mad joe . just fall over dead!

  34. frank yelt says:

    HO HO! Creepy Joe has got to go!

  35. Scott27 says:

    Why is no one talking about Ivana’s connection to China and why they suddenly granted her about 100 patents? How’s Jared’s middle east peace plan going? Why are the sons allowed to continue $130 million in foreign real estate deals on dj’s behalf and he can financially gain? Where’s that “beautiful” health care that “everyone would love”? Why is Mitch McConnell holding up legislation addressing foreign involvement in our elections (along with about 100 bills passed in the House? Why is it ok to strong-arm a foreign country for dirt on a political opponent in this nation? Are you aware that neither dj nor his sons are allowed to operate a foundation in all of New York because they stole from a children’s cancer fund? Are you aware he was found guilty of defrauding hundreds of students at “Trump University?” Are you aware he reversed regs and now allows the use of a pesticide known to kill? Are you aware coal companies can now dump toxic waste into rivers? Are you aware his ignoring subpoenas goes against the Constitution? Are you aware of the dangerous conditions of our infrastructure because, despite the House’s best efforts, he has chosen to ignore it? I could go on, but maybe it’s time you all put country over a president who is really nothing more than a reality TV huckster.

    • frank yelt says:

      I like him! MAGA!

    • The RedMan says:

      Snotty Scotty, are you aware that it’s white racists in your party that are directly responsible for the plight of the black man?
      What did you think would happen when you kept telling blacks they’re too stupid to support themselves so they better stay on the plantation and vote for whitey so whitey can give them more free sh/t, and maybe even reparations if they’re super obedient.

    • Rick says:

      Really?? CNN??

    • Tony says:

      Scott what Trump did by hiring his FAMILY into Office is called nepotism…. That should have never happend!!!! If Trump wants to do whats right REMOVE HIS FAMILY FROM OFFICE!!!!! It’s not a Family business… One family does not represent a WHOLE NATION… The same thing with the Bidens… His son Hunter should have never been put into Office either… See the outcome….. PERONAL BUSINESS DEALS.. Again not representing A whole nation BUT THEIR OWN POCKETS… Americans see that and we don’t FORGET…

    • Ivdad says:

      Perhaps you need to do some independent research besides info from CNN and MSNBC. Joe bragged about threatening Ukraine by with holding money if they didn’t fire the prosecutor investigating the energy firm that hired his son. Ukraine admitted to interfering in the 2016 election for Hillary. Ukraine also funneled millions into the Clinton Foundation. Do your own research and don’t depend on the media.

    • Bumper says:

      I see that you have been a Butt Hurt SnowTurd for some time now………’16?

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      You are always up on the news and information, Scott27. I actually did not know that Trump’s sons stole from a children’s cancer fund . . . but I am aware that the Trump “Foundation” was as bogus as Trump “University” and had to be shut down.

      Maybe I am wrong, but I cannot fathom many conservatives being happy that Trump has refused to work on an infrastructure improvement bill, because he got all angry at Congress. I mean we have hundreds, if not 1000s of bridges that should be condemned, replaced or repaired. Aren’t some Trump supporters upset about this? And are you not upset that Trump has violated the law at least three times in soliciting foreign interference in our election ? Are you not upset that because of the trade chaos Trump has caused, we have already lost 300,000 jobs and are projected to lose 1 million American jobs?

      • Duke says:

        Wow Dr.jd you are delusional. Did you realize that the Dems wanted to add all kinds of “pork” to the infrastructure Bill? Look it up mpron.

      • Will says:

        What sector was these jobs lost ??
        and if this is true why is the unemployment rate so low ?

        • SAD TIMES COMING says:

          Low unemployment not for long DOW dropped over 300 today that makes ove 500 point drop in 3 days this is just the start your in for an awakening very soon i can’t wait to hear you baby’s cry when you loose it all can you say bye bye 401 bye bye

    • lzib says:


      Now let’s look at 98% of Dem Politicians, shall we?

    • df says:

      Why are you cherry picking? Ivanka was accepted for her Trademarks before President Trump was elected. This isn’t something new. Then she closed her business a year ago. The sons are running the business so they can continue to make real estate deals. The garbage against Eric Trump and St Judes is just that. He still fundraises for them and St Judes in turn has named their research wing after him. I also don’t believe what happened with Trump University. This is not a school where you went to class. It was separate seminars that you signed up and paid for indidually. When the class action started no one had to show how many seminars were taken. They only had to show they took a class. What is this pesticide you speak of? The coal company was only rolled back to the resolution of 1983. The resolution you speak was only changed on Jan 19, 2017. One day before Obama left office. President Trump is ready to do infrastructure and Pelosi stopped that. He’s already to do immigration and Pelosi has stopped that. Obama also ignored subpoenas in 2013. See..your hands are dirty too.

    • prove me wrong ! says:

      Let’s see, Detroit,Saginaw Lansing,Flint Michigan,,Sanfransisco , Los angels, etc . Cal.,,Seattle,, Boston,, Baltimore,, Wasington DC.,, Ferguson,, New York,, &many other DEMO-C-RAT ran FAILING states &cities hmm ,let’s see, where did all that Federal MONEY GO all these years to welfare, rebuilding, etc,etc. !!! FLINT,MICHIGAN,, FOR INSTANCE water SCAM was one HUGE DEMO-C-RAT “”LIE”” The 8 indicted REPUBLICANS, done by DEMO-C-RATS had to be released because of the LIES told in court !!! Flint didn’t remove & replace lead water lines, the State told them to replace over 30 yrs ago !!! Now we all have to pay for it,,Federal taxes, WOW!!! All the bottled water by FEDERAL TAXES !!! A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU PERFECT “”DEMO-C-RATS”” Thanks for spendwasting.your time & MILLIONS of again FEDERAL DOLLARS !!! WOW !!! How many more EXPENSIVE SCREWUPS. are we going to let DEMO-C-RATS get away with !!!

  36. Tony says:

    Biden doesn’t need to run for President… He and his family don’t need the Money.. Ukraine and China gave them MILLIONS Already!!!!!!! Did they spend it all???? If they did then we all know why he’s running. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$… Whats done in darkness will come to LIGHT

    • lzib says:

      Well, Tony, I hear cocaine costs a lot of money so it may be that Hunter has spent it all by now and needs Daddy to get another job!

      • Amen says:

        Not to mention Erik and Don Jr., who are involved in many deals of Daddy, and the giving of inappropriate credentials and security clearances to Jared and Ivanka!

        • Jonathan Conover says:

          If Donald Trump hugged his son Eric, would he be guilty of grabbing a P^*&y?

        • SAD TIMES COMING says:

          We all know it takes multible players to rob a bank and it always ends with one guy walking away with all the loot who will it be ivanka jared eric melina donny jr or don won himself I’m taking bets on cadet bone spurs

          • prove me wrong ! says:

            Why you can’t text FACTS is just what is wrong with DEMO-C-RATS every time they open their PIE HOLES !!!

    • Will says:

      I think that creepy joe , figured that it was so easy to scam every one ,,once why not go in for the kill and screw the world over ,, in the shadow of the crooked media ,, they will provide complete cover for his extortion`s

  37. says:

    Unsubscribe me from your propaganda

  38. Steve Scoutaris says:

    Didn’t the democrats learn in 2016 not to put a known crook up for your nominee?

    • Rick says:

      That is all they have. Do not leave out any politician!!

    • Laura says:

      Didn’t the republicans learn prior to 2016 not to put another republican crook, like Nixon and Trump, up for your nominee?!? What gets many of us, including some republicans, is your blindness and blind support of Trump – – – because for most of us, we see him SO brazenly as a lifetime CON MAN! Trump has always been a rotten egg, slapping a teacher and being sent to military school, having Daddy produce a fake excuse of “bone spurs”, having Daddy get him into Wharton, where his professor told everyone that “Trump was the dumbest GD student he had in 30 years” – – to failure after failure where Daddy would have to come bail Donnie out of messes. Trump stiffs his subcontractors, often his banks (Americans banks stopped doing business with him), many of his lawyers. The whole Trump fiasco of a fake University where he had to pay back the students he defrauded.

      • lzib says:

        Wow, sad we share the same name Laura- is there a Dem talking point or bit of propaganda you did not buy into?

      • Steve Scoutaris says:

        Yeah but we like what Trump is doing. Of course we know Trump is a scoundrel but what is our choice?
        Switch sides and vote democrat? You want us to dump everything Trump has done and pick one of those democrats in the clown car promising free healthcare for illegals, open borders, free college for everyone, and stack the courts with activist judges? Are you freaking kidding? Think about what you’re asking for a moment.

        • Laura says:

          At least you are willing to admit Trump is a scoundrel. What about some choices in your own party? There were some good ones running at same time of Trump who would have guided this country much better and with far less CHAOS and EGOMANIA!

          • Steve Scoutaris says:

            A vote for a 3rd party candidate or a replacement at this point is a vote for the democrats.
            I like Joe Walsh, (used to listen to his radio show), even though I think he’s a little crazy but it ain’t gonna happen. It’s either Trump or some nut job from the democrat clown car.

          • Truckman says:

            Laura are you really happy with the last person you put in office the one that went around kissing Muslim leader’s feet. apologizing for the USA and the only we have ever done is help other countries feeding them giving them money what has America got to be sorry for except the ecomany was in the tank all kind of stuff was going wrong and Trump comes along and everything is turned around the job market everything is better without help from democrats so what is your complaint now this is for all people who like proper grammar and such you will not get it from me so don’t bother posting anything

        • robert bizek says:


          • Earl says:

            The Democrats are just jealous because they have never had a President that was Smart enough to talk to other countries leaders to save our country Millions of dollars

      • Donald Duck says:

        They just hope the next guy will break the corrupted cycle but alas just more of the same thats all they know they love oppression but just wait the hollidays are coming we all know thats when companys love to hand out holliday cheer with a big fat PINK slips thats how ceo’s get their million dollar bonuses with the DOW dropping daily it’s guaranteed to happen and today just like their supreeme leader kissing up to communist leaders the NBA joined in I’ve known this for 50 years going back to nixion and all republicans since divide the country for the coming of communisum more than half of american companys have already moved to china thats how Romney made his millions with bain capital facilitating companys with the move to china if you want more laughs on the republican circus just watch the late show with Steven Cobert funny stuff laughs galore well dont forget saterday night live also very good also very good showing these republican clowns or as i like to call them BOZOS

      • prove me wrong ! says:

        You must force yourself to not Suck up all THE DEMO-C-RATS REDERICK INSTEAD REAL FACTS !!!

        • prove me wrong ! says:

          Why is everyone JELOUS of a business person who ran for PRESIDENT &happened to be very wealthy, before he got into Politics, instead of after he got into POLITICS,& takes NO “”PAYCHECKS”” IMAGINE THAT !!!

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