All hell broke loose when Fox News broke this story about the Deep State whistleblower

Democrats launched a full-blown impeachment inquiry over a whistleblower’s complaint that Donald Trump improperly pressured the Ukrainian President to investigate Joe Biden and his son.

But it looks like the Democrats just fell into one of Donald Trump’s traps.

And now all hell broke loose when Fox News broke this story about the Deep State whistleblower.

The Fake News Media tried to paint this whistleblower as a patriotic do gooder motivated by loyalty to country and the Constitution.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Fox News’s Ed Henry appeared on Sean Hannity’s show and revealed that a senior administration official informed him that the inspector general report of the whistleblower’s complaint contained a giant bombshell.

And that was the fact that this supposed “whistleblower” was biased in favor of one of President Trump’s 2020 rivals.

Breitbart reports:

Henry, citing a “senior official” with first-hand knowledge of the inspector general’s report, said that the anonymous “whistleblower” — who did not hear Trump’s conversation directly — was biased in favor of one of Trump’s 2020 opponents, though the official did not say which one.

Henry also said the official had told him that there would be no “smoking gun” in the transcript of Trump’s conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky — even though there would be “at least a few words” in it that would cause unspecified problems for the White House.

Hannity added that his sources had also told him that Trump and Zelensky had only briefly discussed the aborted investigation into a company on whose board Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, had served. Biden boasted last year that he had forced the Ukrainian prosecutor out by threatening to withhold $1 billion in aid.

This was a fake scandal from the very start.

A partisan hack buried within the Deep State set in motion this chain of events with a politically motivated complaint against the President.


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207 Responses

  1. Braveryder says:

    I suggest that when comments are made by Patriot and others of his/her persuasion that no one reply. This person is just trying to get noticed. If no reply means I don’t recognize you as a comment creator hopefully they will fade away into the distant past.
    God bless America. God bless President Trump.

  2. Linda Abernathy says:

    So if I whistleblow on let’s say Nancy Pelosi ever if its hearsay we could impeach her? Or Schumer or Schiff? or Nadler? Doesn’t have to be the truth anyway so why doesn’t all of America say whatever they want about the above?

    • Steve Scoutaris says:

      By that metric the Trump impeachment proceedings should have started from day one in office because of all the hearsay from CNN and the other FAKE news networks.

  3. Carol l Frazier says:


    • Stephanie says:

      All of Congress has an axe to grind even Romney whose good friend is a Board Member involved in the Ukraine deal. RINO! Trump is the only non politician & we have a chance, but the general public are brain washed. I can’t believe that the public really looked at Dems Agenda.? They should be appalled. Just opening the border letting millions of people who may be escaping from their own country’s legal system. More drug overdoses, rapes, robberies, home invasions, car hijackings, murders. Dems wanting us to share all Federal benefits including free meds & medical care, national rent control, free education, grants, workman’s comp, student loans, etc. Expecting even middle class to pay 40%-55% income tax. Difficult for millions of these people to work. Some w/ 4th grade education & not speaking the language. People who aren’t criminals may commit crimes to feed their families. If we let them in, we must be willing to give up our lifestyle to support them. Dems will pass legislation for these new Democratic Voters.

  4. Daniel Barre says:

    Hello, my fellow Americans, this is sham for us by the shamless so called Left Liberals. They want to eliminate and defranchise our votes and our election for our president. Here Donald Trump is not victim , but all those who voted are victims. We are offended . So, we must wake and come out our homes and defend our rights.

  5. Spanky says:

    Almost everyone here please excuse me for a few minutes I have too drop the kids off at the pool take a drump wipe my melina with some ivanka flip the handle and send them off to the city cess pool where they belong.

    • Freddie says:

      Hey,Spankmeister,don’t you stupid,clueless,democrats,ever get tired of losing?!You idiots are in way over your heads,when you try to go against,’The Grandmaster,The Maestro,The Magician,aka,President Donald Trump! He plays you idiots like the incredible fools that you are!Trump sets traps and you democrat/liberal,lefties,continue to stumble and bumble your way,right into them! Donald Trump knows exactly what he is doing.Just when you think you think you got him ‘over a barrel’,his brilliantly played stunts,hit you ‘daffy dems’,right where it hurts,ooh,how can you take it,dopey dumbos? I guess there’s a real good reason why the ‘jackass’is the symbol of your party!
      Stupid is,as stupid does!!

    • Robert says:

      Feel FREE to inspect the cesspool first! Might be too many Democrat Liberals taking up the space

    • gandolf the white says:

      Spanky go right ahead. It sounds like you live in a ghetto somewhere in a city run by the Demwits. Ghettos are cesspools. Some like San Francisco are open cesspools.

    • Ray says:

      Spanky you need a spankin.

  6. Patriot says:

    Because thats old news thats so yesterday we’re curently living under a Treasonous potus get real and real quick hang your flag upside down America is under attack and we’re in distress wake up man wake up.

  7. Arlene says:

    Don’t these dummies realize that God put Donald Trump there to bring this country back to where it is supposed to be and every time they try to do something to destroy him it backfires. “When God is for you, who can be against you?”

    • Patriot says:

      Just remember you will have to answer to God himself one day, do you want to try and explain to him that he put SATAN in charge.
      I think not choose your words wisely you will be Judged, make sure it’s not because you whorship SATAN.

    • BootsOnGround says:

      God did put President Trump in Office and is going to do it again in 2020. God will show Dems one more time who is really in control simply because of their mocking and rejection of God

      • ST says:

        Did God speak to you or write you a letter? If please share. I guess the book of Revelations is about to begin. In not th gen you are all nuts.

        • BootsOnGround says:

          Those who endeavor to obey God’s ten Commandments and trust in His Son who is Jesus have prayed and asked God to give us as President the one who is under His supreme guidance and protection, and He gave us President Trump. God is not mocked, and this is precisely what Dems have been doing as part of their agenda in America, especially within the last several years. Christianity is under severe attack in our country in an effort by the evil powers of this world to destroy it; and guess who it is that is doing the attacking. Answer: It is not those who are guided by Jesus Christ, but by those who are guided by the devil. It may surprise you, but there are several (and with God it only takes a few) in our great nation who knew with certainty on election day of November 8, 2016 that Donald Trump would win the election. We are barely hanging by a thin thread in our country as we struggle to keep this republic together, but God will again give us President Trump as our President in 2020 because God honors those who obey and trust in Him, and He grants their prayers.

        • Ray says:

          You will never understand the Bible, unless you have the spirit.

      • Steve Scoutaris says:

        I don’t think the God of the heavens and the earth put Trump in office.
        Anyone familiar with the bible knows things will not get better, but only worse.
        This planet as we know it will be destroyed, and it won’t be from climate change.

    • DEEP STATE says:

      God put Trump to danish the people, so that next time will not vote for “constant genius”..

    • MAHALIA P LUTZ says:


  8. Really. Only the epublican partyhas a news Channel that was actually formed to to the propaganda Arm of the Republican Party, and Trump. Fox is as fair, and balanced as someone with a broken leg. So, that is a lie. and Trump is a crook, so that is not fke News. Fox news is Fake news, except Sheperd Smith. Tell Tucker Carlson that.

    • Robert says:

      I’m sure that it took You and Your two brain cells,if you even have that many!,to Type down that dribble of lies you have been indoctrinated with!,why dont you just stop watching mslsd,and Watch Fox News for a Month,just at 8,9,and 10 every weekday evening and You just might save yourself from yourself!

      • Patriot says:

        I’m rolling around laughing this is one of the funniest things I’ve heard Fox News really Fox News and you claim to be informed funny funny stuff indeed.
        Jeff Foxworthy said it best HERE’S YOUR SIGN wear it proudly your an idiot.

        • jlbusm says:

          Hey patriot, your not that smart being a stupid ass lib. Bill engval said here’s your sign, not foxworthy. Now I have 2 signs for you and they are my middle finger on each hand!

      • DEEP STATE says:

        No wonder your remarks are so dumb. you watch Fox News.

    • Duke says:

      Jeez Fred, sounds like you wanna jump in the sack with Shep. You 2 are perfect for each other.

  9. Jesse says:

    I have Two Questions 1) Why is Biden not in prison for this crime and his sexual assaults on women and children mostly those on children?? And 2) Where is or was the MORON MEDIA when Biden broke the Law??? Or I should have said LAWS. The report got one thing WRONG that being who is reporting Trump violated any law, ethic or morale standard. The proper name for them is FAIRYTALE NEWS. See FAKE News has some small shred of Facts in it but FAIRYTALE News has NO TRUTH whatsoever in it. Since the MORON NEDIA is constantly sucking the RECTUMS of the Democrapic party they have even more WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER where their brains belong than their puppet masters the Democrapic party.

    • Patriot says:

      Since there is the axis hollywood tape of cheeto man and the video proof of him busting into girls dressing room at beauty pagent to see young women naked I’d be more carefull of making wild accusations against someone else.
      I know your ashamed of yourself for voting for a well known perverted pedophile but get over it already just learn from your mistake and move on you’ll be much happier in the end.
      Jeff Foxworthy instructed me to give you this.

  10. veritas says:

    From reading some of these posts, it is clear that Trump was “dead on target when he said he could do anything, like even shoot someone in broad daylight on 5th avenue and his people would still support him.

    Really sad for many of you. Even the Republicans after 48 hours, has NO DEFENSE for Trump’s phone call or other actions. Minority leader of the Senate, McCarthy, even said it was a mistake.

    • Jen says:

      How stupid are you ? My guess would be VERY.

      • Patriot says:

        Just read my prior posts.

        • Tony Aquino says:

          Jen don’t worry to much about the Patriot, he’s really a Mental PATIENT under heavy supervision by the state..He doesn’t know how to affectively communicate with other people because of an abandoned childhood, you know Parents not wanting him and all kind of stuff..I think he was raped by five men..But when it was investigated come to find out it was consensual sex not rape..So lets give him a chance to change..I think he’s on a new drug that may help..I understand the bitterness he has towards other humans because of his empty childhood a meaningless life…We hope you feel better PATIENT PATRIOT…

        • BARNEY says:

          Patriot There is a place for (YOUR) and one for (YOU’RE)
          you FU#KING IDIOT !!!

    • tinker68 says:

      Well, put the shoe on the other foot, suppose this phone conversation was between Obama and Zelensky. Would you still be saying what you said and would you want Obama impeached because of it? How about if Biden is elected President, would his actions in Ukraine be of no concern to you? Your answers to those questions would tell me a lot about you and your bias.

      • Patriot says:

        Take it easy on these fools their already ashamed of themselfs they voted for a perverted pedophile.
        Now add to that he is now known as a Traitor to America this is taking a toll on their decisions their having trouble processing all this corruption.
        I mean this happened with Nixion, Reagen the Bush’s now cheeto man they just can’t pick a winner just Traitors and Treasonous leaders their in melt down mode already.
        I mean one more scandal and their done for good, lets all pray together and pray for God to destroy them for good.
        God Bless America And Keep Us Safe From Satan And His Disciples!!!!

    • Duke says:

      No defense needed.

    • Cheri says:

      You are wrong and true Americans will vote for Trump!! God is in control, not you Liberal Atheists!!
      We like our freedom and we will keep it with Trump! We will fight for what is right!!

    • Eileen Trent says:

      AG Barr in Italy. DEEP STATE panicking!! What’s in Italy? Can u say Misfud? ROTFLOL!! ???????? MAGA!! WWG1WGA!!

  11. bob jones says:

    why don’t liberal democrats want to know whether or not joe biden and his son is a crook. every one is corrupt except the liberal democratic party.

  12. Donna Seago says:

    Democrats against citizens of America…………VOTE 2020……………….KEEP AMERICA GREAT……………………………

    • chief1937 says:

      Will democrats never learn doing the same thing over and over again will not change the results only destroy their credibility , if they ever had any, for most Americans. The democratic party have become nothing other than the party of obstruction.

    • Patriot says:

      D S
      Because you have nothing intelligent to add just please STFU.

      • Joyce says:

        Same to you Patriot!! You definitely have nothing of intelligence to add. You’re (correct usage) like a broken record. Why is it that you liberals keep doing the same thing over and over and expect to get a different result? So far, it’s nothing but egg on your (correct usage) face!! TRUMP 2020 ????????

  13. bagster53 says:

    well their phony scam is falling apart all ready , using the same lawyer as one of the other never trumpers and he has ties to hillary ,

    • Eileen Ross says:

      Please correct me if I’m wrong, but IMO a whistleblower is someone who was there, or listening in on the conversation of the alleged crime. First hand! This “whistleblower” is nothing more than a demonrat gossip.

      • chief1937 says:

        It has already been stated he has No first hand knowledge only hearsay.All this hullabaloo over nothing first hand.

        • Tony Aquino says:

          100 percent right on in a court of law it’s called hearsay speculation..No credible witness, and ANY JUDGE would dismiss the complainant as a witness..Because there is NO WITNESS…The real person of interest is the person(s) spreading this false information!!!!! AMERICA THE TRUMP INVESTIGATORS WILL FIND THEM FOR SURE.. How the DEM’S WORK IS FEEDING FALSE information to the media and the media feeds crap to the public…

          • Patriot says:

            No that would be Fox News Spreading lies and deception.
            Alow me to use your guys favorit frase Stop Drinking The Spiked Kool Aid.

      • Lt. Robert Polans USMC, Special OPS., ret. says:

        You’re right and Sue Gordon (phony whistleblower and Brennan minion) had two other guys as her eyes and ears but NOBODY was in the room, it was a private phone call.

        • Robert Polans says:

          Add to that Hunter Biden is in Ukraine, no expertise of the area or of natural energy or electricity yet he is paid $83,000 a month there. In China, he makes $Billions for the same thing.

        • Tony Aquino says:

          LIEUTENANT..First HONOR AND RESPECT TO YOU AND FAMILY SIR FOR YOUR SERVICE FOR AMERICA…..Sounds like you have inside knowledge how things work in CONFIDENTIAL SETTING FOR SURE..I as well 28yrs Federal Agent..Thank you for monitoring web sites like this one..BECAUSE FRIENDS HAVE FRIENDS WHO HAVE FRIENDS WITH TRAINING LIKE OURS…..To shine light to the AMERICAN FAMILY who do not know how hidden things work..

        • Patriot says:

          OMG A know it all that kows it all someone right outside the door after he inspected everything first i just love know it alls that don’t know s###.

      • Patriot says:

        E R
        Your wrong now STFU.

  14. DonRS says:


    Indeed, the entire affair OF DEMOCRAT’S ACtIONS SHOULD BE THOROUGHLY INSPECTED! Anything Rep. Adam Schitt for Brains is involve in, you can count on as being TOTALLY CORRUPT!

  15. PupEPerson says:

    Well, the Russia hoax finally appears to have died an ignominious death. The DemWits haven’t talked about it now for 2, maybe 3 weeks. I GUESS THEY’VE FINALLY CONCLUDED THAT PARTICULAR DEAD HORSE IS NEVER MOVING AGAIN! The DemWits have discovered some more — only different — crap to fling against the wall hoping something will stick. Sorry kiddies, not happening. Same cast of despicables making the same — only different — made-up lies. This time however, the proof of the matter — the innocence of our President — was on full display to the public in a matter of a couple of days. All of this will be remembered come election day. Average Americans have a sense of fair play long abandoned by the DemWits. I predict a Trump landslide along with coattails that retain the Senate and retake the House. The visages of Nadler, Schiff, Maxine et al pontificating their obvious lies will hopefully be a thing of the past. The “Squad” will be sent packing and the DemWit liberal lunacy will be relegated to history’s dust bin, a fate it richly deserves. The loons are so far over their skies, metaphorically speaking, that there can be no recovery for them or the lemmings that buy into their insanity. TRUTH WILL OUT people! Complete vindication for our President and his policies shall ultimately win the day.

    • Herbert C Lubitz says:

      It will be a glorious day when every part of government get Republicans and no Democrats? The Democrats and Californication cartels are the Enemy of the State and need to be sent out of the country once we are back in control, meaning the American Patriots.

  16. Earl Keith says:

    the next election for president is 2020 not 2024

  17. Scott Giordano says:

    This story about Trump is being presented wrong. First, this is not a whistle-blower complaint. This normally legitimate process is just what they (Democrats) are cowardly hiding behind to allow this person to speak against the president without accountability. This method of communication allows for this person to speak about this issue which is really about finding a way to let Biden and the democratic party know that Trump is aware of the truth of collusion, election meddling, and crimes that were committed by Biden and Obama while in office and that he is actively dealing with it. Obviously given the facts of the situation Biden, Clinton’s, Obama and the Dems would not like or want this to information and truth to get out because they want and need Biden to be president. This also gives the dems the chance to open an impeachment process which they have been trying to do since President Trump was inaugurated. So, they spin the story to be about Trump doing something he didn’t and ignore the truth of what Biden actually did. This is not about Trump doing wrong but letting the Dems and Biden know they are about to be exposed. Again, this is clearly a biased act now that we know who is involved. We now know the ties to the Clinton’s and money being donated to the Biden campaign from the person who made the complaint. This person is not only biased, but he knows that he must report this to save his deep state and the party that controls it. The FACT that he/she was not there and was not witness to this event is step one. Two, the President has every right and privilege in fact he has the responsibility to speak to this foreign president who is a mutual alley with the US. Third, President did not initiate the conversation about the problem of corruption in Ukraine until after the Ukrainian president brought it up. Fourth, Once brought up the President spoke about the prior 2016 concern of interference in the Us elections that possibly involved players in Ukraine. THIS IS A REAL LEGITIMATE QUESTIONAND CONCERN! Even the Ukrainian president agreed and wanted to get to the bottom of the problem. The US just spent two years investigating this to blame President Trump, but he was exonerated. So, we all know something happened and so the president is asking for this real problem to be looked into for the integrity and protection of the US elections. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HE SHOULD DO AND WHAT WE ALL (EVERY US CITIZEN) WANTS TO KNOW EXCEPT THOSE THAT ARE ACTUALLY GUILTY. Hence the whistleblower complaint to cover up those that are guilty.
    So, What the current Democrats in power are saying is if you are running for president you cannot be investigated because it might interfere with the possible election of that person running (but only if that person is a democratic presidential candidate). However, if you are the current duly elected president you can and should be investigated even if it’s based on false, weak, and unproven information. Of course, they say this investigation is being done for the search of truth for the protection of the US citizen. But if you are the current president and even suggest that someone that is running for president be investigated for something that did actually happen and is well known that president should be impeached for even suggesting that person be investigated. I’m sorry, but is this person not the president? Does he not have the right and authority to ask such things that pertain to possible national security issues? This is the perfect cover up tactics and strong arming of a Deep state government that is running like an organized crime syndicate. The Dems say that the president does not have this right or authority and that only the democrats in the house and senate should have this right and power. Through this method they can control what is being done and said and can keep any laundering of dirty information about the truth that might affect them and their party so they can stay in control and continue to deceive the people of this great country. This tactic that we see is called the smoke and mirrors tactic which is used to drawl away the attention of the people from the truth. It’s the old sleight of hand trick. They then use the very biased media to constantly portray and propagate the lies to confuse the people and make the people tired of government and politics and turn against Trump. So, I ask you who is manipulating the elections? The facts show time and time again that the left has and is continuing to manipulate the elections, the government, and the people for their own purpose, power, control, and financial gains.
    Make no mistake about it this is all about power and control. The current president is not one of them and having him in the position of president greatly threatens their empire and regime. This is what this situation we find ourselves in is really all about. The information and facts are already available, but the Dems and many republicans refuse to address it because this is not about truth or protecting the Us elections or the US citizens but about protecting themselves and the elects (Democrats and even some Republicans) best interests and power. Dems are going after Trump (again) who comparatively did nothing wrong in-comparison to Biden who was vice president who actually did exactly what they are saying is such a heynis crime constituting impeachment of the current president. But, when it comes to Biden who actually did the very act they are so concerned about they defend him because they want him to become the next president. Why? Because he is one of them and does not pose a threat to the empire. So, we see that it is not really about what Trump did that dems are claiming is so bad because Biden actually did what they are so concerned about. Yet, when it comes to Biden, they not only don’t care but they condone it, defend it, and ignore it. No, this not about wanting the truth to come out to unveil what has and what is actually really happening. They want the American people to stay blinded to who the democratic party really is and have become and what they are really up to.
    I guess what the president should have done is this: Fill out a whistleblower complaint to keep him anonymous and protect him legally. I’m sure the Clinton attorneys would be glad to help him out on this. Then the president would be able to say, “many people have come up to me with very disturbing information and since I’m president I am required to report this and send it up the chain to protect the people since this is an urgent security matter. It has come to my attention over the past many months that Biden with President Obama’s awareness spoke to the President of Ukraine at that time Biden was Vice President and threatened the Ukrainian President that the US would withhold 1 billion dollars if he didn’t fire the investigator that was investigating a CRIME that involved a company that Biden’s son worker for. Later I was shown a video where Biden brags about doing this very thing coming right out of his own mouth. I also found out that this actually did happened that they did in fact fire the investigator because of this threat. So, it was not just an idle threat or in fun but a legitimate threat that was acted upon in fear of losing the needed funding to one of our allies which in this case was Ukraine. I have gained knowledge and awareness that something similar happened in China but with much more money involved. My concern is Biden is running now for even a higher power of position as the president of the USA and given his past pattern of behavior which I’m sure you agree is concerning.
    Also, I have found out that Ukraine did play a part in the election meddling and that tens of millions of dollars were placed in the Clinton foundation. Also, millions more were donated to the Clinton campaign. I have been made aware of the connection between common players such as the Clinton’s, Obama’s, and Biden’s as well as many house and senate democrats. George Soros also seems to be involved again. Because of this I would like to request an urgent and full investigation on election meddling, government coup, money laundering, use of public office for personal gain, and treason. Thank you for your quick and deliberate response on such an enormous and unprecedented event in US history. No one is above the law and this needs to be handled immediately”. Let’s speak to the current Ukraine president and see if we can get him to cooperate with Us to find the truth in our investigation kind of like the past three democratic reps did when they contacted the past president of Ukraine via letter to investigate me but let us do this without the threat of holding money from them as those democratic representatives and Biden had done previously. Thanks!
    So, I guess in the end the President can’t address concerns and national security and real problems that are and have already affected our country, but a random security intelligence official can. In fact, people in position of government can talk amongst themselves and share sensitive and secure information outside of their position with each other out of supposed need and normal practice and then decide to respond and share that information with others. This is allowed even if they don’t know or did not receive this information first hand and were not an actual witness to what happened or what was said, but the president definitely cannot and in no circumstance does he have a right to speak to anyone about problems involving this country. Is that what we are saying here? I just want to know are the American people done with this yet? This is enough and has gotten way out of control. Time to take action now before it is to late.

    • PupEPerson says:

      Maybe a little long, but absolutely correct on the facts.

    • Rick Love says:

      Beautifully written, and to the point.

      • Cheri says:

        God bless your comments Scott! What a true Patriot you are! I stand behind you 100 %!
        I am fed up with all the Liberals and all the Democrats in Congress that are constantly attacking Trump! Why are they not being investigated? They need to be booted out of office for their hatred of Trump! I think, as Americans, we should be allowed to have a say in these corrupt leaders!

    • Mary says:

      You are so right. Anyone who votes for a demorat, has lost their minds.

    • Robert Polans says:

      If it is touching on all the facts, it can’t be too long, that is something democraps mistakenly cannot just skim so they pass up. I have sources in every branch of service Black OPS included. They’ve told me the same things. One has even shown me a picture of Sue Gordon, a tall blonde. I’d find the 33-year-old pretty if she wasn’t as duplicitous.

    • AbortThySelf says:

      Scott G, thank you for such mind provoking information. A lot (not complaining) to muse over. Hmmmm…. Distracted me from my anger at all D’s. I would like a law passed that makes communism a crime. Oh, and malicious slander and libel a punishable crime. The 1st Amendment should not be cheapen and abused this way. This abuse is harming innocent people. Enough!

    • Kathy says:

      Agree Scott G, facts are on point. Too long for the sound bite minions to read and absorb I’m afraid as they’re too filled with vile hatred to absorb the facts…

  18. Carol says:

    “Breaker 19”, come on. I watch Fox News to and every woman reporter plus Wayne Garcia is 100% against President Trump and they always make nasty comments about him so if they go, they go.
    I know this is all garbage and I will never abandon the President over this made up crapp. He still has my vote.

    • VN says:

      Carol, ME TOO. No matter how things turn out, I still vote and appreciate our great President.
      I watched pencil neck lied yesterday about the transcript, it made me sick, so sick that I wish I can break his pencil neck. Love our POTUS named him “PENCIL NECK”. LOL.

      I’m legal immigrant, but I love this country more than most Americans do.

  19. Jack Handy says:

    THANK YOU ! e’1 Here , realizing the
    KrAAP from jd. & this dr? richard person.
    > those 2 etc. Are ALL ‘blow’. Period.
    I Read Both ‘transcripts’.
    W.B IS /Remains Anon ( complete BULL) & NOT THERE ! (re phone call)
    > Furthermore, W.B ‘official’? transcript WAS ALMOST
    ‘pro’, Butt, Too much ‘VERBAGE’ Indicates Amateur’.
    SEE / Read & Think. >>>It’s 0bvious. ___
    anyway – EXPECT MORE ‘roll-0ut KrAAp til 2020. Sooo-
    Don’t get Too upset, Let Your Heart NOT be Troubled.

    • Lincoln says:

      babble much, Jack or just fairly inarticulate? Probably a good idea to keep a dictionary handy, Jack Handy!
      I don’t think you read or did not understand the transcripts of the phone call and even critics are saying that the whistle blowers complaint is well researched, tight and credible. The White House has confirmed much of it.

      • Robert Polans says:

        I understood JackHandy perfectly, what were YOU babbling about? The transcripts appear to be written by a legal team a swampy one. Interesting that you say, whistleblower, if three people can make a whistleblower okay. Otherwise, she’s just a useful tool.

      • Jack Handy says:

        Dictionary AT ‘my Side.’. haha.

  20. geo wilson says:

    This is really an ongoing cat fight between Nancy and Hillary. Hillary couldn’t beat Trump at the polls so Nancy stepped up to take over the Deep State’s Brennan designed, Soros funded, counter-insurgency attack on Trump to undermine his presidency and to run him from office. 2 ½ years and $40 million later, they couldn’t get that job done. Nancy and her fellow Shorenstein funded California caballers, including Schiff, Waters, Feinstein and Newsom, are now out whipping up the IT (Impeach Trump) mobs to keep the frenzy going.
    Working from their latest failed fraudulent attack on the President, Hillary is now stepping back up to run for President again with major offshore contributions now being washed through their accounts in the London banks.
    Does anybody think that this is not Russian money again, coming to influence our elections? Not Russian? How about China, N Korea and Iran all ponying up the cash to overthrow the current President and install their own Hillary as president!!! Hillary has been romancing them all during the Obama years. Now she wants to give them the whole enchilada through her desired position in the WH. Not a pretty picture. Not a future to be desired. Fight back!!! Get up, get busy and get out and Vote!!!

    • PupEPerson says:

      The DNC has scheduled an upcoming fundraiser in — wait for it — MEXICO CITY! This is while simultaneously decrying foreign interference in American elections. The word hypocrisy doesn’t begin to cover the malfeasance of the DemWit party. This should not be allowed to happen.

      • AbortThySelf says:

        In your face, in bed with the Cartel! Mexico’s peasants, do not have thousands of dollars to throw at gringos, especially just for the privilege of hearing how Americans really, really want to support their brats. IRS needs to audit these Dems after their Cartel brotherhood bonding.

  21. Breaker 19 says:

    I was watching FOX News a few minutes ago. I have Dish Network. A message came on the screen saying Dish was removing FSI,BTN and more. It said “some people will lose their local FOX Station. They didn’t say why.
    I hope it is not because Fox is not one of the “Fake Newa” networks.

    • John says:

      If you have not noticed by now there is a powerful and corrupt Deep State who has one goal to overthrow our govt. by removing a POTUS that is trying to do what is right for our country and get rid of the swamp critters (Deep State Democrats). They try to blame Trump and his family for anything they can spin and lie about. What even more evident or revealing is the fact the Obamas, Clintons, Pelosi, Schummer, Nadler, Schiff, Comey, Mcabe and rest of the snakes are just puppets for the big guys calling all of the shots with their weallth campaign funds and criminal activities. Personally, I am sick of these corrupt Democrats and Rhino’s (back stabbers) and hope that we get to see these evil, immoral and corrupt individuals get what’s coming to them asap. We do not need them and their kind and their hate. Most patriotic Americans know what is going on with these Left Wing Radicals and my family will all vote Republican tickets to help Trump drain this corrupt swamp.

      • Patriot says:

        If only you had a lick of sense, since the death of Bush sr. BOZO BARR is now the ring leader of the DEEP STATE.
        Bush sr. oversaw the assination of John and Robert Kennedy the attack on 9-11 the murder of MLK the movement of tons of drugs into Arkansas and Colorado and yes the Clintons are involed Obama was still in high school during this time.
        What you need to ask of BOZO BARR is where did he and the Clintons bury all the bodies of the witnesses to these crimes against the American people.
        You seem to be interested in knowing who the Deep State is and all the corrupt leaders involed then watch movie titled The Family.
        See for yourself who really is in charge and their agenda for a White only population of Rich And Powerfull Religious Freaks alot of them current members of the KKK.
        This is why trump has been pushing so hard for the hate of all mexicans he’s just another puppet for the Deep States agenda of world domination.
        They have every intention of ridding the world of 7 billion people and i can guarantee you are one of the unlucky ones just like all of us.
        All the systems are already in place wind and solar power plenty of oil food, a population of say 50000 people is all that is need to maintain these systems for their survival.
        It’s already too late to stop them soon they will unleash BIO-TERRO on us, just make sure to go outside with your little pea shooter and try to shoot an enemy you can’t see or smell.
        This all started right after WW2 Nixion took us off the Gold standard Reagen and every stupid retadican since has never made them pay taxes, there’s only one thing i can’t figure out why would they need all that money when everyone is DEAD ?

        • Jo Deplor says:


          • Patriot says:

            Jo D
            What a great come back !!!
            Because your intellectually challendged you fire back with foul words rude comments and wild accusations.
            I totaly understand you have a bad job low pay you can’t buy a house you see your worthless life going nowhere with no future.
            Instead of trying too figure out what went wrong you come to sites like this to find comfort in people just like you, because your incapable of cognitive thinking you repeat word for word what everybody says, let me give you an example of your vocabulary and the extent of same.
            1 I agree.
            2 I agree 100%
            3 Your so correct.
            4 I was going to say the same thing.
            5 You took the words right out of my mouth.
            6 I love it.
            7 Fox News.
            8 Rush L.
            9 Sean H.
            10 I heard the same thing.
            Shall i go on or does this help you and your friends here see how ridiculous you all sound.
            Your puttng all your faith in a political party that has only one agenda to Oppress you control all aspects of your life from wealth to housing where you live how you live tax you to death and give your hard earned money to the top 1%.
            Nobody here accually knows the true debt on our econemy but let me assure tou it is no where near 21 trillion dollars which by the way is what Bush left Obama and what he left to your supreeme leader your comrade your tyrannical leader your holiness your Satonic God.
            I’m already sick of playing with all you verbaly challenged Neanderthals who by the way far exceede anyones intellect on these sites.
            All you cry babys go back to mommys basement and remember you’ve been voting for your own demise stop blaming someone else for your own ignoance.

          • Tony Aquino says:

            jOE you are so right on..That’s no patriot he sounds more like a PATIENT who needs to up his mediciine up another 100 milligrams as well I don’t think he’s an adault either..I feel kind of sorry for him..Because I bet you he doesn’t have many friends and has to go through life ALONE that’s why he is bitter to everyone on this blog. HEY PATIENT try something for us…Take the BLUE PILL and go back TO SLEEP…So you could FORGET HOW YOUR MOTHER AND FATHER HATED YOU..I understand you have nothing, no family, friends I wonder WHY…Joe don’t get me wrong everyone does have a right to express themselves…I just did…LOVE AMERICA

        • Shirley says:

          I suggest you get back on your MEDS or start researching different sources for your info other than fake news sites.

          • Tony Aquino says:

            Good for SHIRLEY ..I just hope that this PATIENT who call ITSELF Patriot Doesn’t go into any GUN STORE any time too soon..I bet you he’s not married, no family , MOTHER and FATHER never wanred him, no friends, Probably was pushed around in school and playground, used to have girls take his lunch money, was never good in any sports..Animals run away from him..Such a sad thing to see a Human being that has to go through LIFE ALONE…I bet you when he was a kid his Mother and Father made him sleep in the tool GARAGE. HEY PATIENT HOW DOES IT REALLY FEEL LIVING A LIFE ALONE..Please let us know.So I can respond…I love this it makes my day much more interesting. Sharing stuff with an EMPTY SOUL..

        • Mary says:

          It really sounds like you are drinking the cool aid. May God have mercy on you.

        • Joyce says:

          Creating scenarios in your head and pushing them off as the truth. Just like the Democrats. You’ve taken all of their cues and have learned them very well. You need to get yourself evaluated. It must be hard going through life like that.

    • Patricia Overbey says:

      Breaker 19 if Dish is really going to eliminate Fox I a sure it is the because they are one of the fake news. Fox in my opinion is changing. I good channel is [OAN] our cable company [no surprise here] does not have neither does Dish however Direct TV does. I am not thrilled with Direct TV either.

  22. Dr. Richard, you are without a doubt an over educated pompus ass with highly biased radical far left liberal views. Your education has taught you NOTHING!! You are blind if you can’t see the despicable behavior of the democrats or you can’t see it because you’re just as stupid and immoral as they are!?! Education doesn’t mean you have common sense or, any kind of sense at all for that matter. You have forgotten the faces of your parents ans should be ashamed of yourself for demeanig others the way you did Trump supporters. I myself am an independant voter who listens to the issues from all angles and perspectives, weeds out the BS and votes what he thinks is best for this country and I suggest you put your petty grievances aside and DO THE SAME!!!! Then you will have shown you have some intelligent sense!…

    • Patriot says:

      W L
      And yet you also have no ability for COGNITIVE THINKING stop making a fool of yourself go back to mommy’s basement and STFU.

      • Tony Aquino says:

        Hey PATIENT is the HOSPITAL staff taking good care of you..Is your bedpan empty and clean..We don’t want you to get sick..If you need anything let us know so we could make sure you don’t get it..I really want to know why and how you ended up like the way you are..It would help Millions to understand your case of MENTAL ILLNESS..Maybe there is a cure out there somewhere..No don’t get me wrong about you people from time to time need attention..I am giving you mine for now..Since Jesus will not give the time some one has to…Are you still hearing the voices in your head if yes what are they saying???I really enjoy this game patient I really do..It’s not every day that one has the opportunity to communicate with a DEVIL…Looking forward on hearing from you..Have a GOOD AND LONELY NIGHT…

      • Freddie says:

        Well,’Patriot’and I use the terminology loosely,since you apparently don’t have any idea what an actual Patriot is.If you have a dictionary,use it,if you don’t have one,get one!A Patriot is a person who respects,honors,cherishes and loves his/her country,for all the right reasons and the people governing that country,for all the right reasons.
        Donald Trump is not perfect,far from it,but he is doing everything he can to turn America around and make her the once great country,she used to be.Family values,morals, ethics,honesty,truthfulness,etc.,these are all ‘hallmarks’of what Trump is trying to bring back to our country.Border security and national sovereignty,are also extremely important for the safety and security of our country! The ‘left’ and that includes you,seem to want any and all people,to be able to come into our country the wrong way,illegally and if that’s not allowed,then we’re looked at as being’racist,’unfair,discriminatory and ‘mean spirited’.A nation cannot exist without it’s own culture,identity and customs.All Donald Trump is trying to do is protect America and Americans,if you have a problem with that,then you are definitely not a Patriot!

  23. 2WarAbnVet says:

    The point here is that Trump didn’t lay any trap, the Dems – as usual – did it to themselves.
    With all the traps they’ve laid and seen miscarried you’d have to believe, by now, that they’re the real life version of “Wiley Coyote”.

  24. Tony Aquino says:

    PEOPLE PEOPLE PLEASE. WE ARE MISSING SOMETHING HERE…We are arguing between each others blogs…Just for now lets address one issue… OUR COUNTRY IS IN DANGER..THE SLEEPER CELLS HAVE BEEN HERE A LONG TIME JUST WAITING…Whats going on in our government just shows our WEAKNESS to them.. It doesn’t matter who is who President on and on..Right now whats going on is unfortunate because these current Government parties are dividing the HOUSE OF AMERICA AND THE WORLD IS LAUGHING AT US…The media is putting our PROBLEMS OUT THERE SO THE WHOLE WORLD COULD SEE!!!!!!!What we could learn about this regardless WHO IS IN ELECTED POSITIONS..If they are NOT DOING RIGHT FOR AMERICA..GET THEM OUT..

    • Patty says:

      Yes we the American people need to step up and get control of this mess, since the people that have been put into the positions to do that for us can’t get past high sxhool drama. Yes the world is laughing at us and I for one am ashamed of my government….

      • Patriot says:

        And I’m sure you voted for that ORANGE ORANGUTAN MONSTER!!!

        • Patty says:

          And you have the same simple minded attitude our government shows. Grow up and learn some respect.

          • Tony Aquino says:

            Patty don’t worry about him too much..THE PSYCHIATRISY at the institution probably is hoping that with some outside communications with other HUMANS may help with his rare case of MENTAL ILLNESS..By reading his reactions to many AMERICAN’S like yourself, and others seems not to be working at all..That person who calls himself Patriot is way out there with hate towards people he never meet before..I write him I call PATIENT…so far no response from him..I am looking forward from hearing from him so I could mess with his way of thinking..I truly feel that his is an angry angry empty soul..

  25. Bender says:

    Its presidential harrassment so we have to ask what was he wearing? Was he out late wearing a no morals low cut blouse? He was asking for it. He wanted it he just didn’t know it yet. Fortunately in case of legitimate presidential harrassment the body has a way of shutting things down. Some of the best from the internet can’t claim credit for these gems.

  26. new news, john solomon of the hills has documents now obtained that will put many people under the gun,so to speak, from the ukrainian government during the russia hokes and what happened to the prosecutor who biden had fired and much more. check with mr solomom or sean hannity as to clairifi the reports.. watch fox news not the fake news.

  27. renato says:

    all democrats are all plain lunatic to me because they are so desperate for power and control
    of country and the people itself.

  28. Lan Ho Huynh says:

    Dems just run out of cards, so they will pick up anything drops along the way!

  29. Had says:

    The Polls Also Said Hillary Clinton Was Going To Win Because The “Fix” Was “IN” , So She And Democrats Thought , Well They Didn’t Factor The American Voters In Or The “Electoral College” In Either To Help Equalize A Presidential Election. Perhaps They Figured That People Like Obama , Slick Willie , Hillary, John Kerry Nancy Pelosi And Chuck Schumer Might Surface Some Day .
    Well They Did And Guess What You Can Have More Popular Vote And Still Lose Because IT’S The “ELECTORAL VOTES” THAT COUNT AND President Donald J Trump Smoked Hillary In ELECTORAL VOTES .
    WA WA … Democrates Now They Want To Abolish THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE, Even The “Mental Midget” AOC Says That The ELECTORAL COLLEGE Is Racists , Will They Ever Give It UP ? This Latest Impeachment Inquiry By Nancy Pelosi Before The “UNREDACTED Transcript” Was Released Was Not The Smartest Thing To Do ? The ONLY “quid pro quo” Was Joe Biden3030 Bragging About In Front Cameras , And He Wants To Be President, ? Please ??? RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU WANT YOUR TAXES RAISED ??? THOUGHT SO ?

  30. Randall clark says:

    THE DEMONRATS, are a communistic disease, that INFESTS this country!! THIS DISEASE, NEEDS TO BE TAKEN OUT, AND GOTTEN RID OF!!!

    • Davy says:

      They are just like their locust insect cousins and Nazi collaborators….the muslims….and scumbags like suckhead Soros.

    • Dr. Richard says:

      After reading all the comment on the thread I must reiterate of few my comments made in a speech to a totally non partisan audience made up of more than 300 of my fellow Mensa members. These particular comment were each met with rousing applause and cheers.
      1. Trump supporters across the board are clearly amongst the least educated U.S. citizens.
      2. Trump supporters lack the ability to detect virtually any of the almost infinite number flaws in the President’s psyche.
      3. Trump supporters will believe virtually anything the president says or tweets no matter how absurd, how incorrect, or how blatantly untrue.
      4. Trump supporters are, as a group, some of the most gullible ever to fall prey to what they view as a charismatic leader.
      5. Trump supporters have profound difficulty dealing with even the most obvious fraudulent and self serving aspects of the president’s daily utterances.
      6. Trump supporters view the president as infallible, infallible in his beliefs and rulings; they ignore the profound dangers the worst of his immoral behavior will bring to their country and all the nations of the world.
      7. There is something in the psychological makeup of Trump supporters that cannot accept the fact that they have their collective heads stuffed so deep in their own anuses they will never see the light of day nor hear any truth that will ever change their views. Very sad indeed; don’t you agree?

      • Call Bobby B says:

        Mensan rectal smoke. Before you make further attempts to blow smoke up your own ass, remember these two axioms: 1. Prepare with spinal stretching exercises to improve your reach, 2. Learn to acquire a perfect seal with your lips.

      • SandyT says:

        Substitute the name Trump with Obama and you might be more accurate. Obama was a fraud to begin with.

      • Bill Bergeron says:

        Dr. Richard, there is at least one thing that you left out about us Trump supporters and it follows; Since there is no noticeably qualified Democratic opponent to face off against our President in the 2024 Presidential Election you can bet your bundle on President Trump’s landslide victory against whomsoever is salvaged from the Dem Wannabes waiting in the wings to fight the unwinnable fight. Take it to the bank,Doctor. We deplorables will always take the side of right and truth over left and lies. Question; Did Pelosi jump the gun and destroy the Democrat’s chances for success in 2024?

        • Mary says:

          It is sad, that people do not look into the past of these Congress members, like the fact that Nancy is from a Mafia family. Do you really think that she has nothing to do with them? Let’s start our own investigations into the other people in Congress.

      • Jer says:

        No, I don’t agree. Your blog is full of it

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        Dr. Richard, what a thoughtful and superb post, and I am sure it was a rousing reception you deservedly received. One of my academic areas of lectures was about cults, and it has long seemed clear that the behavior of Trumpers — at their rallies and elsewhere that they are a cult. In addition, they perceive anyone, even members of their own party, who disagrees with them as a HERETIC, and deserving of vilification, if not death. Like cult leaders who do illegal acts (like some who had sex with underage children), instead of questioning of the cult leader, they use excuses and rationalizations on how the cult leader is ABOVE the standards of “normal human beings and their rules.”

        One of the most common rationalizations is by Sandy T, who, having vilified others, think that anything their leader or they do is justified, even if it is committing crimes like soliciting help from a foreign leader to interfere illegally in our USA elections.

        • Jer says:

          Dr. J.D.,
          Another really long blog…full of lies!

        • Clyde says:

          Dr. J.D. and Dr. Richard since you 2 present yourselves as Dr’s please stay in the medical field because you no nothing of our constitution. you do realize as POTUS you are sworn to uphold the laws of our constitution. By asking anyone (foreign or domestic) to look into the possibilities of corruption by any citizen is his constitutional oath of duty. All you dems are doing is casting a dark cloud, a smoke screen of what actually transpired. Stay tuned docs as you 2 are about to be educated by us deplorable’s, the truth will prevail.

        • Joyce says:

          You’ve described the Democrats to a T!!!

        • Steve Scoutaris says:

          Trump is not a cult. He is just a better choice than Hillary was, and certainly better than the clown car your party is presenting right now.

      • Donald says:

        The comments you made is a good example of the elitist that think that they are the smartest and the average person should not have an opinion. How dumb you are.The average hard working american will again see the truth of whats going on and elect trump again in 2020.

      • Jer says:

        Dr. Richard
        A really long blog, but not a syllable of truth!

      • Philip says:

        Dr. Richard how long were you in he MK Ultra program? Sounds like it used up quite a few brain cells
        Best of luck to you.

      • Hugh says:

        Dear Dr. Richard. You should be thankful that Trump supporters had the God-given foresight to vote for Trump or else we would have the Clinton Mafia is the White House. That does not bode well for the assumed higher intellect and mentality that your particular group of Menses members who gave rousing applause and cheers for the false assumptions about Trump supporters. The instincts of Trump supporters far outweigh the higher education you and your false pride in the higher education you may have obtained. You guys are a product of indoctrination at Universities that have been teaching the same old false assumptions of rationalism of the so called rationalistic period of past centuries that have brought us communists and Nazi’s. I invite you to join the rest of us in the 21st century who are now seeing through the false assumptions of the past and the foresight to see through the indoctrination of the far left that have brought us only wars and genocide in the 20th century.

      • Ellix says:


      • Eric says:

        The sad fact of this list is Trump supporters the opposite is the truth,an Trump supporters are smarter than the DEMACRATES are insane which disqualifies them from any intellectual LIST,INTELLIGENCE STRTS WITH THE TRUTH YOU LIBERAL WET RAGS

      • Patriot says:

        Dr Richard
        So true and remember Neanderthals became extinct also.
        Go figure, retardicans still carry that gene.

      • Tony says:

        And yet we win. Praise God. Poor losers!

    • Glory says:


  31. Carolyn says:

    I am so sick and tired of the Democrats and the way they treat President Trump. They are all a bunch of narcissistic idiots, who blame Trump for everything, why isn’t someone looking for skeletons in their closets?

    • Bender says:

      Carolyn That’s what the whole thing is about. The President allegedly asked a foreign government to investigate a political rival in return for military aid. If you don’t think that is an abuse of power you might be in a cult.

      • Rob Lyle says:

        you are a truly unmitigated a-hole

      • Dr. J. D. says:

        Bender, Kudos on that post. And if you don’t believe that extorting personal FAVORS (word Trump used) by withholding military aid while that country is fighting off Russia, you might be in a cult!

        • Jer says:

          Dr. J.D.,
          At 81 years of age, I can still recognize b.s. when i see it. Your blog is really full of it.

          • Dr. J. D. says:

            Sure it isn’t dementia that is speaking, Jer, that does not allow you to process new information that has come our recently? You see, I don’t have a “blog” – – I am just posting to a few discussion sites, like this one.

        • Steve Scoutaris says:

          So Biden was lying when he bragged about getting a Ukraine investigator fired with blackmail? Doctor, why do you keep sidestepping that?
          If you think Biden is lying about doing that then stop accusing Trump of being a liar.
          If you believe Biden then stop being one sided with your outrage.
          Be honest. Be fair.

      • Patriot says:

        It’s a Neanderthal cult all retardicans belong to it.

      • Eileen Trent says:

        POTUS has the servers!! When are u libs ever going to get it? Here comes the pain! What is in those 33,000 emails the “Queen Of Darkness” thought she destroyed? We’re all going to find out soon, because , did I mention, POTUS HAS THE SERVERS!! There won’t be enough room in Gitmo for all of them. And the DNC server wasn’t hacked by the Russians! Those emails were given to Assange by Seth Rich, an angry DNC staffer who discovered Hillary rigged the primary to shut out Sanders, of whom Rich supported. Cross Hillary u die. He died. All and more to come when POTUS releases it. VINDICATION COMING FOR POTUS! ROTFLOL???? MAGA!! WWG1WGA!

      • Joyce says:

        And it’s a fact that HE didn’t but Biden did. On VIDEO!!! Wake Up!

  32. Shepherd says:

    It has just come out one of ROMNEY’S advisors works for the same company. Seems a tad nefarious, doesn’t it?

  33. Laura says:

    WHAT . . . . . . . .. ANOTHER . . . . . . . . .. EXAMPLE . . . . . . . OF . . . . .A . . . . .GIANT . . . . . . . . .CROCK . .. . . . .. . OF . . . . . . . . . . . .STEAMING . . . . . . . . . FECES!!!! Even President Trump told aids today that he did not know the identity of the whistle blower . . . . . so how could this anonymous “senior official” or anyone else know if this person was a partisan or not!?!

    Good Lord, you guys just make steamy piles of crap up and then call them “truth” – – like Trump’s inaugural crowd size, or his “3 million illegal voters” or that “Mexico will pay for the wall.”

    • Doug says:

      What a rug munching moron you are Laura! Pull your head out of your backside and wipe the stench from your eyes and you might see the truth. Democrats have done nothing good for this country ever! They are like cockroaches!

      • Lola says:

        Again, where is your evidence . . . FACTS . . . Pat about Hunter Biden. Trumpers do this all the time – – like Trump who accused his republican opponent of being unfaithful on the “Tallahassee Trail” when Trump has been blatantly unfaithful in ALL of his marriages. He is the the guy who did underage parties with Epstein. He makes Bill Clinton look like a choirboy.

        Your standard and bias is totally clear, Pat, if they are not one of your group. they are automatically guilty, but one of your own, even as Trump said – – he could kill someone in broad daylight on 5th avenue and get away with it.

    • Patriot says:

      They can’t help it their Neanderthals they grunt and growl all day at things they don’t understand and never will, just leave them alone they’ll return to their caves and soon will become extinct.

  34. Kat says:

    Again on Capitol hill they only look at trump and totally disregard the whole question about biden and his son. How can you look into only one specific item and ignore the rest of the letter. Joe and his son were getting play for pay and he is the one who threatened the Ukrainian goverment if they didn’t fire the prosecutor looking into the gas company hunter was getting money from they had 6 hours or he was holding back 1 billion from the country. And he was proud of this. He is either really stupid or so arrogant thinking he is above the law.

  35. Will Penny says:

    My goodness , yet another failed attempt and another false accusation , but come to find out it’s Joey Biden whose Guilty as Hell , The Far Left Wing Looney Tune Liberals , are just that , ” Looney ” , you bunch of Idoits need your butts kicked just for being Stupid , if you keep this insane crap up , you just might get what you deserve , A Ass Kicking , Courteous of The RED WHITE and BLUE

    • Sharon says:

      Will Penny, you have any proof that Joey Biden is “guilty as hell?” Aren’t you guys fighting for other members of Congress not to rush to a conclusion about Trump, and yet, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU DO, FORGETTING YOU HAVE NOT THE EVIDENCE AND HAVE NOT FOUND BIDEN GUILTY OF ONE THING BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT.

      Hypocrites! There has been ZERO evidence produced about Joe Biden, but TONS of evidence, including the words of Trump and especially Giulini, plus the summary of the phone call plus all the evidence in the whistle blower’s filing to SHOW THAT TRUMP IS GUILTY OF VIOLATING NUMEROUS LAWS. Are all of you or just most of you, corrupt sheeple? You project Trump’s guilt onto others, scream and whine if a little piece of dust falls into your eye, but launch dust storms at others!

      • Dave D. says:

        What more “proof” of Biden’s corruption do you need, Sharon? We have it on video of the idiot admitting to it and laughing about it as if
        it were a gigantic joke (like the rest of his foolishness.) We actually have all of you dummy voters who put all of those democrats in office to blame for all of this nonsense.

      • Duke says:

        Sharon, Biden admitted his guilt on air. Where the fu## have you been?

      • charlie says:

        Hey Sharon, did you just say there was tons of evidence that Pres. Trump broke the law and Biden is innocent of wrong doing? Joe Biden himself bragged about breaking the law and Pres. Trump has not been charged for any crime. The only dust storm I see is the democrats raising storms about Trump’s wrong doings and finding nothing.

      • Doug says:

        Laura, Pull your head outta your partners twat and stop the Hillary rug munching you f…’ing moron. Another stupid liberal cvnt trolling. You people deserve lead poisoning!

        And yes, I have plenty of evidence. The fact that Joey Bite me is a democrat is evidence enough.

        • Ric B says:

          You are a true low-class vulgarian, aren’t you Doug? Probably an old fart that has accomplished very little with his life and so spews venom in all directions. Please put up some signs to warn your neighbors that an old, probably mentally challenged, gripey whiner lives in your house with the username of “Doug.”

          • Patriot says:

            Ric B
            Doug’s a Neanderthal lives in a cave like his ansestors and sleeps in his own feces and urin, give him a break he only knows violence and acting like an animal.

      • Patriot says:

        Just like a man will never ask for directions no matter how lost he is, it’s called being Ashamed of yourself, their so embarrassed and shamed they got BAMBOOLED they lash out in anger, go easy on them poor little babys got their poor little feelings hurt.

  36. Charlie Fortune says:


  37. Jim Tierney says:

    The party of infanticide and the alphabet people obviously know there is no way they will win, legally, the 2020 election. If their efforts weren’t so destructive to the country this whole thing would be quite funny and entertaining

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      Boy, you guys make this Kool Aid up and then are such sheep to believe it. No way they will win” Try these two latest polls this month, the first from ABC/WaPo, the second from Fox Poll.
      Biden…………55%…(plus 15%)……………….40%
      Sanders………52%…(plus 9%)………………..43%
      Warren………51%…(plus 7%)…………………44%
      Harris…………50%…(plus 7%)………………..43%
      Buttigieg…….47%…(plus 4%)…………………43%

      Fox News Poll, Sept 21, 2019
      “A Fox News poll released Thursday showed President Trump losing head-to-head matchups against four of the top Democratic presidential primary contenders,” reports The Hill.
      “The poll found Trump with 39 percent support among registered voters in head-to-head matchups against Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). The poll found Sanders beating Trump with 48 percent, Warren winning over Trump with 45 percent and Harris winning with 46 percent support.”

      • Hurley Henson says:

        Wow J.D., they have you still believing lies that would even make Hillary look like a truth teller. I guess you forgot this same lying media and fake polls had Hillary guaranteed to win the 2016 election by 99% to Trump’s 1% chance. Even with all the voter fraud by the democrats, Trump still won the election by a landslide. And you still believe them huh? Let me invite to to my 4 million acres of swampland I own in Arizona.

      • Frank2525 says:

        You are repeating same mistake Democrats, MSM, and Politicians made in 2016. You under estimate Donald Trump, and that is not smart. Look at the crowd size he gins up on spur of moment, which is always over flowing the meeting site. Democrats have met with as few as 12 (BETO) in Texas, who then had them follow him to the drinking patio, where it looked like a crowd. Surprising what a camera can make something appear to be. And none of the Democratic Candidates are pulling that many to their meetings, and debates are even more revealing, in who attends, and who does not. So believe what you want, but the ONLY POLL THAT IS ACCURATE IS ON ELECTION NIGHT IN NOVEMBER 2020.

      • Challenger says:

        And Hillary had a 98% chance of beating trump bahahahahahahahaha.

      • bob jones says:

        the polls they conduct is made up of democratic voters. if they run across a conservative voter t hey run to the next liberal jerk.

      • Joyce says:

        And they said Hillary was going to win as well. What’s your point?? Oh yea, there isn’t one.

    • FIREBALL XR5 says:

      You nailed it for sure!

  38. Mark St says:

    The man is as sly as a fox!
    God Bless America and President Trump.

    • R.C. says:

      More like Trump is as dumb as a stump! To say those things on a recorded line, after withholding military aid to Ukraine until the Ukraine president “played ball” with Trump’s personal interests, was very damn dumb and desperate. Trump hears from his people about the polls, and knows he is in deep, deep, and desperate trouble.

      Trump is unraveling. And it shows if you knew the difference and were not sheeple.

      • Challenger says:

        The money being withheld from the Ukraine was withheld by the Obama administration and President Trump was the one who released the illegal hold on the money.

        • Dave says:

          TOTAL B.S.!!!! It was directly ordered to be withheld by T R U M P to chief of staff Mulvany and his staff did not know why. Do you just make this stuff up from your dreams and think it is true? Read the Whistle Blowers statement – – – he is clearly in contact with our intelligence agencies.

  39. Mary Johnson says:

    It is a treasonous act to have a deep state and therefore, the deep state whistle-blower has committed treason. This witch hunt is just that a witch hunt that has no bases. The democrats need to stop wasting the American taxes payers monies.

  40. John King says:

    Over and over and over again . . . America is becoming so sick and tired of all the lies of the media, and the lies from the Trump hating democrats, that their own actions and words are going to insure Trump wins in 2020!!!

  41. Pat Stokkeland says:

    The President or any one for that matter should be able to ask any other country to look into an American or any one not working for our government or any citizen actions in a foreign country . President Trump IS a citizen of America , Biden’s son was not working for our government ,his dad was and Hunter was of Legal age. Anyone can ask a government official about someone else , They may not get an answer but they can ask and Hunter was doing things he shouldn’t have been doing .

    • Lola says:

      Again, where is your evidence . . . FACTS . . . Pat about Hunter Biden. Trumpers do this all the time – – like Trump who accused his republican opponent of being unfaithful on the “Tallahassee Trail” when Trump has been blatantly unfaithful in ALL of his marriages. He is the the guy who did underage parties with Epstein. He makes Bill Clinton look like a choirboy.

      Your standard and bias is totally clear, Pat, if they are not one of your group. they are automatically guilty, but one of your own, even as Trump said – – he could kill someone in broad daylight on 5th avenue and get away with it.

      • Lola if Trump did that all these candidates and their whistleblower would be all over him right?

      • Mdog says:

        Your comment should come with the Looney Toons theme song playing in the background. 50 lbs of stupid in a 10 lb bag.

      • John says:

        You think that you have something just like the rest of the Trump Hating Democrats but you have not seen or heard anything until the real truth and facts come out on the corruption that has been going on in congress. If you reallyc think that Bill and Hillary are not corrupt to the gills you must be fishing in the wrong hole. Let’s wait and find out not just spew hate and lies about Trump and his family when you have Joe Biden admitting and bragging on TV about bribing a Ukraine President an d not telling what we will find out with China and Russia relations. You need to know the real facts and not just spin them in your favor.

  42. Pat Stokkeland says:

    The President or any one for that matter should be able to ask any other country to look into an American or any one not working for our government or any citizen actions in a foreign country . President Trump IS a citizen of America , Biden’s son was not working for our government ,his dad was and Hunter was of Legal age. Anyone can ask a government official about someone else , They may not get an answer but they can ask and Hunte rwas doing things he shouldn’t have been doing .

  43. Tony Aquino says:


    • Taylor made says:

      Tony, Barr may be in hot water himself. Have you not noticed that the Trump phone call mentioned Barr numerous times this summer in communications with Ukrainian president to talk to A.G. Barr – – and Barr denies he has ever been contacted. You see, Tony, the province of those communications is the STATE DEPARTMENT, not the Dept. of Justice!!!

  44. Steve Scoutaris says:

    Democrats are terrified of losing again to Trump.

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