All hell broke loose when Donald Trump said this one word about Impeachment

Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the Democrats are cranking up the pressure in their impeachment witch hunt.

Now Donald Trump’s had enough and he’s fighting back.

And all hell broke loose when Donald Trump said this one word about Impeachment.

Donald Trump set fake news reporters’ and Democrats’ hair on fire when he referred to the Democrats’ unfair and Stalinist impeachment witch hunt as a “lynching.”

“So some day, if a Democrat becomes President and the Republicans win the House, even by a tiny margin, they can impeach the President, without due process or fairness or any legal rights. All Republicans must remember what they are witnessing here – a lynching. But we will WIN!” the President wrote.

This led Democrats and the Fake News Media to once again falsely accuse the President of being racist.

“You are comparing a constitutional process to the PREVALENT and SYSTEMATIC brutal torture of people in THIS COUNTRY that looked like me?” Congressional Black Caucus Chairwoman Karen Bass wrote.

But Republicans defended the President.

Lindsey Graham blasted the Democrats’ impeachment process as “un-American” and said the President has a right to be frustrated.

When the fake news tried to accuse Graham of being a racist he whacked the liberal media for purposefully distorting people’s words.

“What’s happened to your profession?” Graham told reporters. “It’s not just racial, my friends. No. I’m from South Carolina, I understand it very well. Mob rule is what lynching is all about.”

Meanwhile, Democrats looked the other way when then-Senator Joe Biden called Bill Clinton’s impeachment a “partisan lynching.”

The Fake News Media manufactured another phony scandal to lie about Donald Trump being a racist so they could distract the American people from the fact that Republican attacks on the unfair process the Democrats are employing in the impeachment coup are starting to take hold.


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139 Responses

  1. Ken Marx says:

    Democrats need to purchase and use some dictionaries. They seem to have a penchant for taking words and turning them into something different from their true meanings. Aside from the fact that lynching black people was something done by Democrats through their KKK organization, the word has nothing to do with civil rights. Another word “niggardly” (meaning stingy) came under fire when used by Spiro Agnew. It was so offensive to Democrats that it no longer in the lexicon or printed in dictionaries. Is “lynching” going to follow suit because President Trump used it properly?

    • Steve Scoutaris says:

      Democrats love euphemisms.
      Social justice = wealth redistribution.
      Mandatory gun buyback = gun confiscation.
      Environmental justice = wealth redistribution.
      Racist = anyone and everyone we don’t agree with.
      Living constitution = activist judges.
      Climate change = any weather related incident we can blame on conservatives.

  2. Wow, he says this while embracing the Stalinist Regime of Vladamir Putin, as he remakes the soviet union. And he calls the constitution phony. you want to get rid of it, then go to your NRA followers, and you have them kill 98% of the democratic Congress. nd you better do that same thing all over the country And you need Putin to come in, and destroy our Military as they might not go along with this. This will be the end for us as we go from one nation under God to end-time Babylon, Revelation chapter 18 tells of what happens to us, and how fast it happens.

  3. 32eagle says:

    I think Don the real deal is showing ignorant people-DEMOCRATS-what they are with an extreme word of unfairness to black folks-everybody except those that are evil hate evil-a hanging rope is vivid a hanging rope is the bitter end democrats don’t like to remember how little choice there was to get ahead in early times-we don’t like to remember mutant mulatto that gay illegal alien treaspasser of our oval office

  4. Dale Garland says:

    Who wants to place a bet that “The Red Man” and “ih8reps” are the illegitimate twins of a Mongoloid mother who abandoned them at a zoo? Why these 2 moron trolls want to spread their stupidity here is anyone’s guess. It’s best to just ignore their inane comments and like any pest, they’ll eventually scurry away in the dark like the cockroaches they are.

    • Mama says:

      HAAAAA – ‘vegas’ takes All bets !!!
      Good 1 Dale. Actually, i can think of
      ‘quads’/ sextuplets 0r Even ‘oct’s !!!
      Oh man , make me LOL. Thnx.
      It’s TGIF . ENJOY !!! God Bless/ SAVE USA.
      Thru MAGA 2020.

      • The Real M says:

        Dale Garland and Mama, As I have said many times…..we have a few trolls using many names!

        • MamaMia says:

          Real M. Yes, aka’s. (haha) BUTT,
          ‘Consider ‘style’ & ‘literacy’.
          > ‘this this. ‘Redman’ has No Duplicate.
          This ‘person’ Has A REAL VULGAR
          Mental ‘problem’. & has access to internet
          & typing. ps What happened to
          ‘betty/diane’ ??? Uh -oh .. Haha.

          • The Real M says:

            Mama Mia, Agree on RedMan being a stand alone troll. I have also seen it razing some Dems from time to time. Diane pops up periodically as Diane but is writing under other names not a doubt in my mind. Betty may be dead! 🙂

          • MamaMia says:

            Hi Real M. RedMan IS ‘VULGAR’ &
            Needs a Break from ‘free speech’. Am
            going to contact RR, along w/ zee & co.> to request a ‘hiatus’___ (& Previously contacted RR re ‘betty/diane’) Anyway —-> As far as Diane/Betty goes – methinx they are ‘both Gone’ !. Both used the SAME
            ‘nasty Words on Ev’ry Post, especially re
            1st Lady. & Now- GONE !!! Amen !!! whew. Have a nice nite ___

        • ship says:

          Just remember this simple rule because it’s always true.
          Not all Democrats are trolls but all trolls are Democrats.

  5. I wish they would leave trump alone I think he is a great president to do allthe go he has done under such stress is amazing. as far as his wife looking insulted she didn’t want to live at the white house she has been insulted for her accent clothes husband and eveything else. Its tuff to be a first ladysome became drunks because of stress. God only what other presidents have done we don’t know about. Quit spending tax dollars on investagations and take care of the people and country.

    • Mama says:

      Amen. A “Great President’ !!! NO MAN could Take
      ‘What’ THIS MAN Takes, Ev’ry Damn Day !!! KUDOS DJT.
      > 1st Lady Melania (i know, i know past photos)
      SAID : ” Don’t feel sorry for me” . I
      Can Handle It” ___ & RITE 0N.
      > i don’t understand your ‘drunks’ comm ???

  6. NOBODY says:

    These lowlifes don’t give a damn about America or for that matter us Voters this includes Democrat voters,
    They just seem either too dumb or brain dead to see the light they just go and drink the cool aid any ways!

    • Robert says:

      That is exactly what Trump supporters do. But we care and love our country to let this lawless president go unabated. What is this light we can’t see ? The real question is how long must we put up with Trump and his antics, he just made a mess in the middle east and wanted the G7 Summit at his resort payed by us taxpayers while he pockets money violating the Emoluments Clause. Yea it’s you who us 8n denial

      • Truckman says:

        you talk about lawlessness what went on with the Obama leadership you talk about a mess heck he did not even have a birth record to prove where he was born and on top of that he locked all his records down school records etc. and the Republicans tried there best to work with him but what do we get in return garbage our ecomany was in the tank no jobs and low paying jobs when you found one President Trump comes around builds up economy brings in jobs pay goes up and the democrats start trying to kick him out before he ever got in and for the last three years have been trying to get rid of him and he’s done nothing wrong this is dang stupid just stop trying to do it illegally and try and beat him at the polls

        • fake news – Obama showed his birth certificate – his mother is American, he was raised by his maternal grandparents and is a Christian. If the economy is so great why is it that the dairy farmers are worried they will not be able to sell their cheese to China because of the tariff, farmers in California worry they won’t have enough workers to pick their crops, in the eyes of our allies he is a joke – you do not betray your allies like he did with the Kurds against the advise of his generals and special ops on the ground
          who with the Kurds were defeating ISIS and now we can watch as Turkish troops massacre the Kurds. The FBI reports and increase in hate crimes since he took office and the KKK and Neo Nazi hatre groups support him. He attacks the press; every president had critics but they never treated the press the way Trump does. Our founding fathers insisted on a free press since the King of England suppressed it. I think the facts will demonstrate he is guilty of colluding with a foreign government to obtain dirt on Biden which is against the Constitution because our founding fathers were wise enough to ban any favors given to any of our leaders because of the likelihood they would want something in return which would interfere with our ability to govern ourselves. He has no morals as evidenced by the way he treats women, is a racist and is leading us down the path to a Nazi state. Jesus would certainly not approve of his policies or his behavior.

          • 32 eagle says:

            Mike Pence loves the guy so how the hell can he be bad for this USA?as for mutant’s birth certificate being born in mombassa Kenya-that is genuine and mulatto was illegal all the way even being unworthy to be a senator.Trump is the real deal-guaranteed to succeed-get out that big crying towel out now

          • Steve Scoutaris says:

            Obama is certainly NOT a Christian.
            Please show us all what part of the constitution deals with withholding foreign aid? Thanks!

      • Mama says:

        Robert. ‘pack it up’. POTUS IS FINISHING ‘the Mess’
        In M.E. Get your ‘head’ 0n Straight.
        > &&& NO Tax payer $$$ for G7 at Doral. Get ‘Real News’.
        >BTW: ‘cancelled’. does that make you feel Better. ???
        > 2x BTW: NOW, YOU etc WILL PAY for Another Location__

      • john says:

        Move to another country scum bag. You and your kind of scum bag moroffs will pay the price for your leftest commits about are great President. If you don’t know what moroffs are your more off than on loser.

  7. Dale Garland says:

    Are overly sensitive Democrats under the delusion that ONLY Black people have ever been lynched in this country? If you believe the historical accuracy of most fictional westerns, horse thieves, bank robbers, murderers, stagecoach robbers, etc., were all hung or lynched on a regular basis and their race was mostly White.

  8. ih8reps says:

    On July 4th 1776 we declared our independence from Great Brittan.
    On November 3rd 2020 let’s declare our independence from Russia.

  9. Bender says:

    He just said it to distract from the damaging testimony against him. Democrats might be mad about it but won’t let it make them miss the evidence against him. He will only get worse as the screws are tightened. Time to sit back and let the unhinged fellow do what he does. Call names and screem unfair. A white guy who was given millions is the victim here. Laws shouldn’t apply to him he thinks he is the greatest person ever. Bow to cadet bone spurs or face the rath of uneducated white men.

    • The RedMan says:

      Yo momma suck long black nigga rods all night to pay the bills and you gots to clean up the mess hahahahahahaha

      • Dale Garland says:

        Wow! What are you, six years old?

        • The Real M says:

          Dale Garland, Probably is 6 years old, please wash that filth out of its halfbreed mouth, use a 32 oz.. size of shower ge! Maybe that will be enough even with its giant mouth!

          • zee says:

            Mama ‘wash’ out mouth W/ ‘Fels Naptha Soap’ . Lesson LEARNED, 1 x___ eos. eom.
            >also in Medical/Veteranarian practice, a ‘surgical hose’ in Another place Does
            wonders! ewww. & Truth. Whatever.
            TGIF Real M.
            > Michigan/Notre Dame Sat nite . Yay !!!

          • The Real M says:

            zee, Yep, fake phony RedMan needs a dirty enema tube inserted in its mouth and you mom’s soap used to cleanse it!
            I DO SO WISH MI COULD WHIP ND OFF THE FIELD! I know there are a lot of ND fans but I am not one of them!
            Happy TGIF!

    • Debbie Downer says:

      Are ANTIFA people educated white men or black men?

  10. just remember the election of any Democrat or anything they want just be sure to vote against them here regardless of any kick them out every single one of them any Republican wants to go to kick your ass out to

  11. Sue says:

    When are the Demons going to stop harassing Trump? This constant attack on him with no solid evidence is the worse kind of harassment. Just because they don’t agree with him, and don’t have the sense to win an election, is no reason to keep this BS up. They’re destroying their own party.

    • kath says:


    • brenda says:

      VOTE RED …If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      I agree… when are the Democrats and RINO’s going to stop harassing Trump? Why aren’t they doing their jobs that taxpayers are paying $174,000/yr to resolve American issues? All the Democrats/RINO’s care about is themselves and their pocketbooks… Kickbacks must be great…… while the average American taxpayers have to struggle to make ends meet….. just as I get two ends together a Democrat/RINO moves the middle…. how can the middle class make progress with ignorant regulations that hurt everyone? I don’t expect the government to resolve my problems and they don’t owe me anything and I don’t owe the govt anything.. ., what I do expect is fair treatment for all.

  12. Sylvia Allen says:

    I will admit to having voted Democrat in the past, because I’ve always voted the person I thought could take the job on. (People who actually WANT to be President have to be a bit crazy, you know. It’s a super tough job!). Last election, I voted for Donald Trump. He was a refreshing breeze in an otherwise sterile environment. Wake up folks, the Demos have been in power too long. They have gotten confused into thinking they are the Dictators of America and can get away with anything! And this attitude is all coming into the light of day. Some of the stuff they have been pulling over the past few years have left me standing jaw-dropped and speechless!!! How is it we are letting this happen?

    • Martin says:

      I quit voting of any Democrats years ago because they all stick together and they vote for the party and not for America. If the Republicans stick like the Democrats do. The Democrats would have never taken back the House in 2018.

      • Trump only cares for himself, does not tolerate any opposition, will not heed the advise of his staff, is a racist, knows nothing of the Constitution, treats women, veterans, Muslims and Mexicans like garbage – you want a Nazi regime, then vote for him – I prefer democracy any day.

        • The Real M says:

          Joseph Strychaasz, Please study American history to educate yourself in the foundation of the American government, how it is was established and how it is supposed to function! You will find the Republican party is the only party trying to accomplish this and we are trying very hard !
          BTW, America is a Republic NOT a democracy! Research and study!

          You parrots never stop trying with the lies and false accusations against DJT. No one believes the unproven propaganda so, you are wasting time, yours and ours. But hey, we don’t care, bring it! 🙂

        • smarter than you says:

          Trump never said illegals are rapists. That was a democrat lie.
          Obama also had racists supporting him too.
          I don’t think you know anything about the constitution either since you can’t be specific.
          ‘social -ism’ is not democracy.
          Nazi stands for National Social -ist German Worker’s Party.

        • Debbie Downer says:

          When you say doesn’t tolerate any opposition you are talking about Democrats. Democrats call everyone racist that they are at opposition with.
          And I would say its Democrats that know nothing of the constitution because they keep saying there’s stuff in it which there isn’t.

  13. BIG STAN says:


    • Amen says:

      This the same kind of stuff that rednecks like you used to say in reference to Nixon, and the evidence came forth that Nixon was crooked as a twice bent nail, and the only election results was to give the Democrats a long time in control of Congress. Nixon is not even H A L F as crooked as Trump who clearly is a spoiled rich kid who thinks he can do whatever he wants, even kill someone in the street and get away with it. He will learn that everyone in this government lives under the rule of L A W. And that money cannot always buy him out of trouble.

      • David SALERNO says:

        I am a redneck and proud of it. I am a Trump supporter and proud of it. I never liked Nixon and felt it was right to impeach him. You think you know what is in peoples’ hearts amen? Shame on you. That is like me branding all Demonrats as liberal lunatics. Then again, if the shoe fits. By the way…………..i think President Trump is THE GREATEST President OF ALL TIME. So you can call me a redneck or any other name you want, it won’t hurt my feeling nor will it keep me and millions like me from re-electing Trump so maybe instead of labeling everyone and anyone who disagrees with your warped sense of what is right and what is wrong you may want to remember one thing…………..”It is better to remain silent and appear the fool, than to speak and remove all doubt. As for President Trump saying he could kill someone in the street and still be re-elected, if you took that LITERALLY then you really DO suffer from Trump derangement syndrome. Ever hear of an ANALOGY?

        • ih8reps says:

          Stop using my phrase that’s plagiarism and if you can’t use it in its entirety don’t use it at all.
          The only one suffering from Chump derangement syndrome is you.

        • The Real M says:

          David Salerno, Great comment! You “stung” old ih8reps!

          Hey ih8reps, ya still like my smiley faces in living color? 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
          🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • ih8reps says:

            Great come back attack me with you’re coloring book from kindergarten.

          • The Real M says:

            ih8reps/Diane, I take ’em where I can get ’em, troll!
            SHUT UP DIANE!
            🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
            Why don’t you file assault charges against me, Pelosi would?

      • ship says:

        Everyone in government lives under the rule of law?
        What a dumbass twit you are.

      • Pineapple says:

        “Trump who clearly is a spoiled rich kid who thinks he can do whatever he wants, even kill someone in the street and get away with it. ”

        Trump didn’t kill someone on the street, but Obama did have a kill list of Americans whom he approved of killing with drones.

    • ih8reps says:

      The only ones going to prison chump family!

      • The Real M says:

        ih8reps, 🙂 Oh, that was a joke wasn’t it? Yeah, it had to be a joke! 🙂

        OH, folks are going to jail alright but the last name isn’t Trump! Going to the pokey will be Dems and a few RINO!

      • Debbie Downer says:

        What is the Trump family going to prison for? I didn’t hear that on TV.
        Please fill me in. Very curious.

    • The Real M says:

      BIG STAN, Outstanding job and SO TRUE!

  14. Earl says:

    All the DumbocRATs are doing is to keep this UNAMERICAN UNCONSTITUTIONAL BS going until November 2020 so that MAYBE they can raise some doubt in AMERICAN minds that there MAYBE some microscopic truth in what they say. Mean while they are doing nothing about the true work of the House. The Republican house did nothing and lost, what will we do with a DumbocRATic House that has done even less.

    • Taylor made says:

      When your “chosen one” gets his ass in a wringer, like Nixon did, you cry “foul” and that the referees should not throw a flag to a violation because, in your point of view, they missed a call 15 minutes ago. What is taking place is totally constitutional and exactly like the impeachment investigation of Clinton. You have an inbuilt bias and continually show your disrespect for any one, and I do mean A N Y O N E who has the audacity to disagree with your limited and often ignorant point of view. You like Trump because many of you are like him.

      • The RedMan says:

        Yo momma lick and suck long black rods to pay the bills and you have to clean up the mess in the mornin’ hahahahahaha

      • KATHYKOOL says:


        • ih8reps says:

          When we leave and take the COMMUNIST with us you’ll have to say good bye to you’re ORANGE ORRANGATANG MONSTER that come’s from Putin himself he wants his boyfriend back.

          • Debbie Downer says:

            When are you leaving and taking the communists with you? Are you talking about American communists?

      • ih8reps says:

        Taylor made
        Allow me to give you one of their lame duck responses.
        Because their vocabulary is limited here it goes.
        Well said I agree with you 100%.
        That’s how Morons talk to Morons nuff said.
        Vote Blue No Matter Who.

      • Bev Wotton says:

        You need to pay Attention & do your Homework Taylor made. Ask yourself: 1) since November 2016, WHAT Necessary Improvements & Upgrades, e.g., Schools, Housing, Parks, Roads, Attracting & Motivating Community & Economic Growth, Jobs, Recreation & Sports, Area Services (Police, Health, Garbage, Water etc) amongst Other Issues, ‘have been made & or are being’ provided for the American ‘Quality of Life’ You, ‘Tax-Payer ‘ are paying Your Elected Officials their huge Salary’s & Benefits to do? Then ask yourself, 2) What if, the multi-MILLIONS of Your Tax Dollars being irresponsibly spent by those Dems in their ‘diversionist, inciting witch hunt’ tactic were spent in Your Community? Imagine!
        Then finally ask Why the ‘witch hunt…? Why, instead of working with ‘real’ Americans, do your Elected Dems want to ‘stop & prevent’ Yours & America’s unstoppable, America-Loving-President Trump & his Team from ‘Restoring & Re-Growing’ America’s ‘imploded’, crippled, Economic Base of the Previous Administration’s/Dems heinous, masked Agenda? Documented, & Visual Facts show, given our God’s Gifted Reprieve November 2016, Your America Taylor made, ‘is’ rising from the ashes of ‘their’ Failed Imploding Agenda & ‘is’ experiencing a resurgence of Returning American Companies; Manufacturing; Employment rising; Increasing Invest in You & America; Astronomical numbers of new job Creation; Building a wall Protecting You & America from an Agendazised Illegal immigration taking Your Jobs etc, for new votes & sadly encouraged & promoted behind the scenes to unsuspecting immigrants/Refuges & children by these Dems with contrived, masked compassion & using children as their pawn) promising them FREE medicare, jobs, housing, drivers’ licence etc., again at Your Expense… Citizenship, Voting rights you had to work & qualify for; Development & Investment creating ‘New’Jobs; the committed ‘Restoring of America’s ‘Strength & Power” on the World Stage, with a no-nonsence Forwarning to Countries who not only openly seek America’s demise but continue to work with those Dems; and, there’s so much more People if you take the time to look. Know that, while your Elected Dems, sworn in to Protect you & America ‘Failed’ November 2016, to meet their Agenda of fully imploding of your America, their daily diversionary schemes filling our airwaves, continue their imploding un-challanged by You & all their Electorate , at Your Expense, I might add… but I caution, while those Dems continue to ‘play’ each of you…expecting none of you will pay attention or do your homework, know you are complicit & as our God’s Accountability & Consequence lurk privily, will also, at the time appointed be held Accountable! So please pay attention, do your homework, join with ‘real’ Americans, our God & America’s President’s winning Team while you can… be part of America’s solution.. be Proud, be Grateful, Experience the greatness America was pre-destined to be & Reap All the Incredibleness our God has for you & America!! You have been given a great Heritage.. don’t give / throw it away!

      • The Real M says:

        Taylor made, I hate to interfere with your “pony ride” but, get off your “high horse” long enough for me to enlighten you…..this Ukraine fiasco is absolutely, positively NOT being done the way Bill Clinton’s official impeachment inquiry was! After Ken Starr completed his investigation and submitted his report, due to Bill Clinton’s admittance of lying and after irrifutiable evidence, among it the infamous blue dress belonging to “that woman, MS Lewinsky, Congress decided to vote on “opening an impeachment inquiry” which Congress did and they proceeded onward. NOW, what Pelosi did was as follows: She declared she was “opening an official impeachment inquiry”! She, Pelosi, did it all by herself, there was no vote taken to see whether or not she had the votes! She didn’t care and nobody will ever know whether the votes were there! In other words, Pelosi decided the House member would have no voice in the decision! She wanted it and by golly, she got it! (And you Dems accuse DJT of being a doctator!) Now, comes along Adam Schit with his zero credibiliity and is handling his behind closed doors kangaroo court as if he is a dictator! (What is it again you Dems accuse DJT of, oh yeah, that would a dictator)!
        I have read leaks stating what Schit plans to do with his summary after he is finished with his interviews and if they are true, this feces is not going to fly because it is unconstitutional and it will end up in the SCOTUS! The American people including all Dems who have half a brain will reject this crap! It would mean that every future President will have a high probability of impeachment! All needed will be lies, bought witnesses and false accusations to do it every election! So stand by, America!

        Thank the Lord if DJT is impeached in the House and it stands, he will be acquitted in the Senate, continue to serve, be reelected, serve four more years and the Dems will get an old fashioned but kicking in 2020 like the Republicans did after impeaching Clinton, a successful President. How do I know, Bill Clinton had success and a good economy. DJT has more a more successful Presidency and a better economy than Clinton did!

        Is this worth it, Dems, HELL NO!

        • ih8reps says:

          Don’t forget you tried to impeach Clinton because he got or received a blowjob.
          Chump is going to get impeached because he GAVE a blowjob to Putin.

          • The Real M says:

            ih8reps, (why didn’t you just write the words “I hate Republicans’ instead of ih8reps, you idiot! You spelled out all those other stupid troll names you use!)

            AND, SHUT UP DIANE!

          • The Real M says:

            ih8reps/Diane, No, Bill Clinton was impeached for lying to Congress among other things. I still wonder why Hillary didn’t do a Lorena Bobbitt quick slice on Bill!

            Donald John Trump is in trouble for not giving the Democrat leadership a blowjob. He just wouldn’t play ball with them. I see why you are confused however, the Dem leadership is a bunch of commies like Putin, aren’t theh?

          • ship says:

            Clinton got impeached for perjury not blowjobs you moron

    At this time it would be best for the Democrats and the Country if they Committed MASS SUICIDE.
    Come on on you know you want to, it’s only a matter of time before you have to choose between

    • Charlie says:

      Just read a pole that 75 % of them believe Civil War is imminent. I don’t know if I can really believe non productive cowardly leftists with nothing to fight for will fight or stay in their mommy’s basements. Leftists should worry about waking up well armed sleeping giant hard working producers.

      • LT. says:

        Charlie… The Sleeping Giants are not Sleeping… Watching very Closely… That’s why the Dem’s and Republicans under Obama were trying to pass a bill to take away Guns from returning Veterans.. As well the guns from American’s….Not going to happen EVER… They know we know..300.000.000. Million American’s Figure out the Out Come for them If Civil unrest happens!!!!!!!! Not going to be pretty… Their going to have to move out of the Country…

        • ih8reps says:

          Funny how you all call yourself PRO-LIFE stop and think about all those millions of babies you’re going to have to murder.
          And you call libs evil.
          Remember you have to get them all because you can’t afford to even let one slip by undetected.
          And don’t forget to say you’re genocide is in the name of God it sounds so much better or maybe it’ll make you feel justified.
          Just go back and re-read you’re post or better yet take it to church show it to you’re pastor to show him how sick you are.

          • LT. says:

            ih8reps… Looks like you can’t read well or better yet can’t comprehend what you read. Have you been sniffing laundry powder??? Genocide where did you dig that up???Killing millions of babies???? Where did you get that from??? Kill them all don’t let no one get away, and that too where did you get that from???? The one that needs to go to a Pastor is you..Did you graduate any type of School??? I think that just maybe your Brain is FRIED.. Next time you sniff laundry powder READ the label first.. Where would you be is something would go wrong in this Country because of Crooked Politicians having their way??? I ‘ll tell you in the laundry room looking for powder.. Glad you’re not my neighbor I am sad for the one’s who are..

          • Debbie Downer says:

            Why do Democrats hate guns?

  16. Susan Cooper says:

    The verb to lynch literally means to administer capital punishment for an alleged crime without permitting the victim legal rights or a fair trial. In that sense, this farce IS a lynching. The Dems have no intention of permitting fairness into this process – because, of course, let’s face it, they can’t. Their actual, so-called evidence will not stand in the light of day. And make no mistake, they have every intention of de-capitating this government. That’s about as capital as punishment gets.

    • ih8reps says:

      Do you even realize how racist you sound.
      Study the facts and History of Lynching you’re so uneducated it’s pathetic.
      What ever chump says next you’ll repeat it without even thinking that’s what low life sheeple do regurgitate hate.

      • LT. says:

        ih8reps… I see where you’re coming from after reading other peoples bloggs.. You slander them.. Thinking you’re some type of authority figure.. Like Patriot, Redman and now you… Same angle same approach of slander.. You are nothing but blog entertainment nothing you write counts…Nor never will……. Enjoy yourself ih8reps now that Meaningful people got your empty game..You don’t matter..

      • Debbie Downer says:

        You are a dumbass and everyone here sees it. Many Democrats called Bill Clinton’s impeachment a lynching. Were they being racist back then moron?

  17. Alfie says:

    “Lynching,” to me, recalls sheriffs, posses rustling, horse thieves, murder, and lynch mobs in the Old West. Matters of race has no place in my mind.

    • Tennessee Hawk says:

      Alfie, lynchings remind me that it was the DEMONRATS that started the KKK and lynched blacks, burned crosses in their yards and any whites that supported blacks and burned homes down. People forget the KKK donated to the HILDABEAST’S campaign in 2016.

      • ih8reps says:

        Ten traitor
        And who rules you’re state and the South right now.
        All racist groups donated to chump that is the fact stop making crap up it only makes YOU look dumber.
        I know you want to try and fit in so you come to sites like this to spread you’re hatred and ignorance, why don’t you join a book club and try real hard to get educated you’ll feel so much better.
        Also take you’re post’s to you’re Pastor so he can confirm you’re sickness I’m sure he can recommend a good shrink you need it BAD.

        • Debbie Downer says:

          Your president Obama was supported by racists so does that mean he is one?
          Several Democrats called Bill Clinton’s impeachment a lynching so does that make them racist for using such a word?
          You are possibly one of the stupidest trolls on these sites IMO.

  18. Tom Curry says:

    The Democrats are a done party just for this unconstitutional action they are doing with this impeacment crap!!! Really they are mostly done because of their do nothing actions of not listening to the citizens of are country!!! The Democrats have attacked are laws are freedom of speech, are constitution, are rights, and are voting proccess with cheating and have been the violent ones in attacking innocent conservatives or Trump supporters of any kind!!! These Democrats are only out to destroy are country and out to get all the power and control of the country, and they have tried to give us this political corectness crap which is truely nothing but crap and this causes nothing but divison in are country!!! The citizens of are country need to put an end to this party once and forever!!!!!! We need to get these Democrats out of office all across are country and just for all the taxes they have given us and the outrageous debt they have given us, for if the citizens would just wake up and see all the Democratic run states and cities that we have they would see just how broke they are, and the taxes these Democratic run states and cities have to pay, and the outrageous out of control crime, and homelessness these states and cities have, all because of Democratic policies and unconstitutonal acts these Democrats have passed the citizens of are country would would be running to the polls to remove these Democrats with voting them all out!!

    • Christine says:



    • Yosemite Sam says:

      You should be using OUR not ARE.
      Just trying to help a RETARD out.

  19. Tony Petros says:

    Ignorant people are shocked about using the word lynching but real people know that in the old days white people were lynched as well. So much for the thought control people in the Democrat leftist party.

    • Magoo says:

      They have lost all common sense. I am southern born and raised. In my 81 years , white people were also lynched. I hope all Democrats in the house are voted out in 2020!!

    • Debbie Downer says:

      Democrats called Bill Clinton’s impeachment a lynching too.
      Democrats are liars and hypocrites.
      Nothing more.

  20. Alaskat says:

    Time to change the name of the Democrat party to the RACIST party. That’s all these vocabulary deficient boneheads ever talk about. When you over use a word it exposes your lack of intelligence as well as losing the meaning of the word entirely. You’re babbling.

  21. Don Juan says:

    The Demon rats are the most sour and corrupt group of hooligans I have ever seen in my whole life. Only a foolish person with a brain compacity that of an undersized walnut would vote for a Demon rat next year. Vote Trump 2020.

  22. T.Bell says:

    The Republicans should have impeached Obumnuts. You know the half breed muslim kniger !

    • Christel says:

      YEP…they should have!! Very disappointed with the Obummer! Voted fir him the first time…regretted it!

    • TexanForever says:

      Obama was the first non-citizen to occupy the White House. … As an admitted Muslim he waged a closet jihad against the kaffir for eight years by:

      1) degrading our currency
      2) replacing our competent military officers
      3) planting commie moles throughout our governmental and judicial system
      4) releasing violent ISIS fighters from GITMO to fight again
      5) giving away billions to Iran and other Muslim enemies
      6) not charging Bergdahl for desertion which caused many other deaths.
      7) funneling Fast and Furious guns to the drug cartels
      8) intentionally allowing the Benghazi massacre of our diplomats

      The list is way too long to continue here.

      • Sharon Jenkins says:

        I agree with you TexasForever….However, Obama and Hillary will pay…. what goes around, comes around…. the best is yet to come.

    • Carmella says:

      Agree with you T.Bell
      MAGA TRUMP 2020
      I’M ON BOARD

    • Bender says:

      Just an inquiry. Don’t worry everything has to be public for an impeachment. You will all see the evidence you will refuse to believe because the cult leader says so. These are such scientologists tactics. Only our information is good anyone who was in group and speaks out against is scum. Wake up God is watching.What side of history do you want to tell your grandchildren you were on. Law and order or draft dodging election cheater.

      • The Real M says:

        Bender, whichever side you and your kind is on will be the wrong side of history!
        I only hope you live long enough to realize how wrong you Democrats are!
        In your quest for power and control, you have lost your humanity, sense of truth and ability to know right from wrong!
        All you dream of is impeach DJT and you very well could, in the House. However, he will never be convicted in the Senate, will continue to serve, DJT will be reelected in 2020 and serve four more years! You Dems will have a backlash for all the skulduggery of trying to impeach and will lose control of the House, and the Republicans will control Congress and the Whitehouse. It happened when when the Republicans impeached Bill Clinton who was also a very successful President as DJT is. Clinton was not convicted in the Senate, continued to serve and the Republicans got their behinds beat in the next election for impeaching Bill Clinton in the house!
        Da Ja Vue, It will happen again! Dems will gain nothing and will lose control of the House in 2020!
        Is impeaching Trump REALLY worth it if he is still President and you lose? I think not!

      • ih8reps says:

        That’s the problem they don’t give a crap about their kids or grandkids.
        For the first time in our History we have to give a triple xxx rating for any and all speeches this stable genius gives.
        That’s really something to be proud of telling you’re kid’s and grandkid’s that they can’t watch or hear their POTUS talk on TV or in school for fear they’ll hear vulgar discussting language.

      • Debbie Downer says:

        Look at you. Accusing people of not believing what they see about Trump and yet you refuse to believe he won the election calling him an “election cheater”. You do what most Democrats do. You accuse people of things you do yourself. Even Obama recently told you woke idiots to get over your wokeness quickly.

  23. Rick Love says:

    Maybe liberals don’t have cable wired to their mommy’s basements so they miss out on a host of classic westerns. I’ve seen a lot of great westerns where there may not be an African American in the cast, but there certainly were lynching’s. Usually orchestrated by way of the saloon and the town’s biggest mouth, the accused frequently was deprived of the right to a trial. The drunks in the saloon just came over as a mob and demanded the accused. Liquor and prejudice had already determined that he ( or she) was guilty, so no trial or jury was necessary. These were lynching’s, pure and simple, a staple of the old west and western movies. Nothing racist about it; lynching’s did not mean if a white drifter was accused of a crime, we went out and found a black man to hang. Lynching was equal opportunity mob violence, and it seems this style of justice is favored by the Democrats. Anonymous witnesses who are free to say whatever they want without personally facing the accused, anonymous witnesses who didn’t actually see what happened ( or didn’t happen), closed door hearings where the lawyers for the accused are not permitted to attend or question the “witness” and a kangaroo court led by the media to persuade us all of the accused’s guilt. If this is justice in the greatest country in the world in the 21st century, then this country is on a quick ride to becoming another banana republic.

    • Christel says:

      Totally agree!! Actually wish we could vote ALL radical nut cases out of office! Makes me wonder HOWSome of these morons ever get into Congress to begin with????????

    • Christel says:

      Totally agree!! Actually wish we could vote ALL radical nut cases out of office! Makes me wonder HOWSome of these people ever get into Congress to begin with????????

    • Tink says:

      Fabulous Rick! Great point!! Go Trump 2020

    • Gay Crand says:

      You are so right Rick. If they keep going this way then the next President (Republican or Dem) can just be thrown out of office because someone in Congress doesn’t like him or her… How dumb are the Dems… can’t they see what they are doing can come back to kick them in the butt….

      • Magoo says:

        L certainly hope so!!! Especially lying Schiff. He would not know it if the truth bite him in the butt. He is a lying two-faced weasel!!

        • Carmella says:

          Agree with you T.Bell
          MAGA TRUMP 2020
          I’M ON BOARD

        • Carmella says:

          Shift has the Napoleon syndrome…little man trying to be big. Schiff is a lying loser and an embarrassment. Wonder what his wife thinks of him.

          • Upset too says:

            CARMELLA… Actually Adam Schiff is Gay… No offense to anyone out there…Just setting facts in order… Schiff days are really numbered..Remember the Old saying…If I can’t have it..Then no one will..I ‘ll destroy it…

          • ih8reps says:

            I don’t know about Schiff’s wife but anytime I see melina and chump together it’s clear she is discussted to be seen with that POS PIG.

    • TexanForever says:

      And the non-PC movies were far better back then. … The “caring” Dems have screwed up everything they’ve touched.

  24. The Real M says:

    I have seen video clip after clip showing both black and white Democrats referring to the Bill Clinton impeachment as a “lynching”! It wasn’t racist 20 years ago and it isn’t today!
    RESEARCH IT FOR YOURSELF! I saw it on Fox News but, you surely can find them on YouTube also.

  25. Douglas Mayne says:

    And Phantom go sing an opera you pussay

  26. Douglas Mayne says:

    No we don’t call you porch monkeys anymore. We bury you up to your foreheads and call you Afro turf

  27. Phantom says:

    Here is where the truth is that trump is trying to hide the truth and is blaming everyone else to hide his guilt or simply tell trump to put up or shut up and can pretty well guess he won’t bring out the real transcript is the only way to prove the guilt or innocents and he knows it because his own people are testifing against him willingly and defying his orders

    • ship says:

      Either you didn’t make it past 3rd grade or migrated here from another country.
      If you don’t know what sentences are can you find someone to type for you?

    • The Real M says:

      Phantom, What “fairy tale” are you reading from?
      None of us know what is being said behind those closed doors in the Whitehouse basement. How can DJT bring out a “real” transcript, he is not in the meetings? Those meeting are being held so close to Adam Schit’s behind, the Republicans serving on that committee can’t get a copy of the transcript after Schit and associates type it up and print it out daily! DJT has made it clear he is not telling people they can’t testify, he merely asked them not to and said he wouldn’t if it were him.

      Phantom, it’s people like you who further damage the Democrat’s reputation which, BTW is in the pits of hell!

      • Christel says:

        Totally agree with your post!!! Too many .commieCrats out there?? We do have 82 registered Communists in the DNC NOW…heavily involved with the DN.c????????????????????

      • Tennessee Hawk says:

        Sure we know. Nothing bad about the President or it would be leaked.

    • Christel says:

      What orders are people defying? Watch the news pretty much all day…not heard one thing about this. Some DNC follower spouting off ???

    • Frank Jones says:

      You sound like a dump little spoiled Democrat that crys when you don’t win and you’re going to cry on 20/20 elections. If anyone believes in the democrats you are as dumb as a box of rocks and a evil person and will have lots of fun in hell.

  28. The RedMan says:

    It be the racist white folk in gov that keep the black folk in poverty. They tell black folks you better vote for whitey or else you ain’t gettin’ no more free handouts and you gonna get kicked off the plantation and might even die of global climate change to so you’s better do the right thing and keep voting whitey into power ’cause you too stupid to make it alone. Rich racist white folk call black folks “porch monkeys”

    • rafael says:

      Why do you accuse Blacks on being in poverty because of whites, pay attention to the Demoncrats who want to take the money the US gives those that are in need Ie ….. Md. which had a Black senator and stole all the money, go find it for the people !!!!!!!!! ass—hole

    • LT. says:

      Redman did you remember to stand when the Correctional Officer’s came to take the head count..Because last time they took away your computer privileges… Don’t forget to take your medications…I hear in your Mental Ward it gets crazy sometimes..Well you put yourself there.. Redman don’t forget to sleep with your ass against the wall..Don’t want that to happen to you again.. Or maybe you’re getting used to it by now..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.In Prison it doesn’t matter if it’s black or white..When the lights go out everything is dark…Enjoy the company.

    • Chenz says:

      Redfmam. Its not whitey keeping you down its Obama Sharpton jackson Farracon
      Who thrive on your stupidity!



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