All hell broke loose when Donald Trump issued this veto threat

Conservatives were furious when Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell surrendered to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi on the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill.

The legislation betrayed every Republican campaign promise and Schumer and Pelosi were celebrating their victory.

But all hell broke loose when Donald Trump issued this veto threat.

The day after the bill passed both houses of Congress, Trump threatened to veto the legislation because it did not include any money for his border wall.

Conservatives cheered Trump’s threat and pledged to back him up if he chose to follow through.

Trump ended up signing the bill because Republicans in Congress cornered him on defense spending.

He declared it was done in the name of national security.

Establishment Republicans and Democrats held the military hostage to fund their pet projects.

But he ripped the legislation as ridiculous and pledged to never sign such a bill again.

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71 Responses

  1. zee says:

    We Need to Help Each Other in Understanding, what just took place.
    ‘BILL’ Is Not a ‘Budget’.
    POTUS in Discretion Can USE ‘allocated’ Funds Anywhere he chooses.
    > &&& Congress Cannot STOP POTUS, from doing so.
    POTUS can use Over 1 TRILLION $ to ‘where it is needed’. He IS
    Going TO DO Exactly what obama DID for 8 Yrs. Thank you ‘o’ hussein’.
    Haha haaaa. Educate your friends etc.

  2. Bev says:

    Ryan and McConnel need to go;
    Working against President, they don’t want the wall. Soros pays them well along with Dems. Putting Trumps base now rethinking their support as they didn’t
    get budget cuts, walls ( fencing also no more border guards) defunding Planned Parents) READ IT!!!!!

  3. Rhonda Reichel says:

    phony theatrics
    not impressed……….he should have vetoed it

  4. kaz says:

    McConnell and Ryan need to be replaced because their wive’s personal business has been a HUGE influence. And they are the ones the bent over and kissed Mr. Schumer and Ms. Pelosi’s Globalists butts.

    President Trump had no choice because he is following HIS AMERICA’s FIRST agenda, by funding the Military. And guess what….the WALL construction begins TODAY!!!! National Security for the AMERICAN People

    Schumer and Pelosi might have “felt” they won, along with Rino McConnell and Ryan, but questions wil be asked, about funding enemy walls and not ours.

    Thank you President Trump, was upset about all the Pet projects that these Globalists threw at you, but LOVE the downpayment for OUR Wall. September comes, more for the wall, defund the “baby killing” business, and definitely look into the waste of OUR Education system, because after watching the “never again” crowd, though they might understand the First Amendment, they have NO CLUE about the Document that MADE THIS AMERICA GREAT!!!!

  5. Mr. President, you may have issued a veto threat but you didn’t go through with it. There were a lot of issues with this Omnibus Bill, but you didn’t hold out, you signed off on it. ‘We the people’, your base of support are truly disappointed in you. We expected you to stand on your principles, the same you outlined so vehemently on your campaign trail. We are well aware that you have come through on many of your promises, and, we understand that you are under personal attack, we are very sorry about that, but that’s what you signed on for. It’s time to get back on track, get some people in place that are trust-worthy and not hold overs from the Obama administration. Do as you said you would, drain the swamp, don’t become part of it.

  6. zee says:

    POTUS Better SHIFT 1/2 BILLION OUT of PPH & i Stand FIRM on that one. I Know what’s going on there & For What. Hope you do as well. NO Federal Funds on that one, For Sure.

  7. zee says:

    I do understand Potus can Re-allocate funds, shift around etc. It is a ‘bill’ & not ‘Budget’. However, minimal If Any, Arrests will be made. Also, ‘personal advisors’ ARE NOT much to be Desired & Totally Liberal. a Pity on that one.
    > So , Time will Tell, IF, Potus ‘shifts $’ around to ‘whom & where’. All ‘eyes’ on. Hopefully w/ honest info & reporting of such. & ‘we’ have each other to comm. & relay info.
    > Thnx for your comment, Caroline.
    >ps sometimes ‘harsh’ language is nec. to get a point moving.

  8. Caroline says:

    KM, we have already the best, brightest as President, so get over your Cruz sickness as he is not a real American citizen for the position, and Mike Lee is good where he is. If you don’t like what we REAL American like and want, then pack up and go live in a blue state and then live with regret of being ignorant!

  9. Caroline says:

    Sorry, Joseph g, that you have not really noticed how devious, shall be say, Trump is. This is a BILL and not a law so he can spend the money the way he wants and they can’t stop him. Stop, Joseph g, and think of how he has out thought Congress, beat the Congress or shall I say the 2 parties in 1 and they still don’t understand how stupid they are in thinking they are smarter than he. The majority of us will not drop Trump because the alternative, Joseph g, is outright communism, so wake up and smell the coffee and review all of Trump’s winnings since he took office and he ain’t stopping now. Oh, you of little faith and a big part of our America’s problems.

  10. Caroline says:

    Zee, Trump did take control as this is just a “bill” and not a law, so he can spend the money any way he wishes and they can’t do a damn thing about it. Trump is far smarter and faster thinking than the crud we elected/hired to not represent us but themselves. They will pay a big price for going against us and our fairly voted in President. They are desperate because they don’t want to look irrelevant but also as traitors to us and America. Makes Drain the Congress a fun game for us and a lousy future for them as we take away all benefits, etc. And when we arrest them for sedition and/or treason, we will confiscate ALL their assets as no traitor gets to keep their money here or abroad, or any other assets. I am still laughing as how they thought they had stopped Trump when they gave him the key to the kingdom and they lose. He can spend that money any way he chooses and they are allowing it. Dumber than dirt because so hung up in being the ONES rather than accepting the fact that they have become the NOTHINGS!

  11. Caroline says:

    Never, ever cross Trump but they do because they know they will lose those big bucks from outsiders. Way past time for anyone who has had 2 terms or more. DO NOT RE-ELECT them as part of our Drain the Congress Swamp need to do. They have been very obvious from the git go that they didn’t want Trump in but got nice when they saw that many REAL American voters wanted Trump and ignored them. Well, come November they are going to further ignored as we search out real patriot candidates and warn them that they will be elected/hired to represent us and not themselves! No more benefits/perks, no more illegal insider trading, and definitely no more outside money direct or thru the lobbyists. We have had it! Time to take back the reins and make ourselves very proud Americans. The 2 parties in 1 have to learn a serious lesson and that is why we must vote and get others to vote them out! Who in the Hell do they think they are? They are not gods and they are not representing us but their own agendas. We must aid Trump in Draining the DC Swamp as well and get rid of globalist communists in our country, such as Soros, his family and the way to many organizations he has here to undermine us and our country and our President. With this last bill, they have signed their death certificates and being removed from Congress. Note some have already “retired” or “will not run again” because they are running scared and are desperate because they are part of the problem and none of the solution.

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