All hell broke loose when Donald Trump issued this veto threat

Conservatives were furious when Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell surrendered to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi on the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill.

The legislation betrayed every Republican campaign promise and Schumer and Pelosi were celebrating their victory.

But all hell broke loose when Donald Trump issued this veto threat.

The day after the bill passed both houses of Congress, Trump threatened to veto the legislation because it did not include any money for his border wall.

Conservatives cheered Trump’s threat and pledged to back him up if he chose to follow through.

Trump ended up signing the bill because Republicans in Congress cornered him on defense spending.

He declared it was done in the name of national security.

Establishment Republicans and Democrats held the military hostage to fund their pet projects.

But he ripped the legislation as ridiculous and pledged to never sign such a bill again.


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74 Responses

  1. Rhonda Reichel says:

    phony theatrics
    not impressed……….he should have vetoed it

    • zee says:

      We Need to Help Each Other in Understanding, what just took place.
      ‘BILL’ Is Not a ‘Budget’.
      POTUS in Discretion Can USE ‘allocated’ Funds Anywhere he chooses.
      > &&& Congress Cannot STOP POTUS, from doing so.
      POTUS can use Over 1 TRILLION $ to ‘where it is needed’. He IS
      Going TO DO Exactly what obama DID for 8 Yrs. Thank you ‘o’ hussein’.
      Haha haaaa. Educate your friends etc.

  2. kaz says:

    McConnell and Ryan need to be replaced because their wive’s personal business has been a HUGE influence. And they are the ones the bent over and kissed Mr. Schumer and Ms. Pelosi’s Globalists butts.

    President Trump had no choice because he is following HIS AMERICA’s FIRST agenda, by funding the Military. And guess what….the WALL construction begins TODAY!!!! National Security for the AMERICAN People

    Schumer and Pelosi might have “felt” they won, along with Rino McConnell and Ryan, but questions wil be asked, about funding enemy walls and not ours.

    Thank you President Trump, was upset about all the Pet projects that these Globalists threw at you, but LOVE the downpayment for OUR Wall. September comes, more for the wall, defund the “baby killing” business, and definitely look into the waste of OUR Education system, because after watching the “never again” crowd, though they might understand the First Amendment, they have NO CLUE about the Document that MADE THIS AMERICA GREAT!!!!

    • Bev says:

      Ryan and McConnel need to go;
      Working against President, they don’t want the wall. Soros pays them well along with Dems. Putting Trumps base now rethinking their support as they didn’t
      get budget cuts, walls ( fencing also no more border guards) defunding Planned Parents) READ IT!!!!!

  3. Mr. President, you may have issued a veto threat but you didn’t go through with it. There were a lot of issues with this Omnibus Bill, but you didn’t hold out, you signed off on it. ‘We the people’, your base of support are truly disappointed in you. We expected you to stand on your principles, the same you outlined so vehemently on your campaign trail. We are well aware that you have come through on many of your promises, and, we understand that you are under personal attack, we are very sorry about that, but that’s what you signed on for. It’s time to get back on track, get some people in place that are trust-worthy and not hold overs from the Obama administration. Do as you said you would, drain the swamp, don’t become part of it.

  4. Dr Rose Sharon says:

    Paul Ryan and his evil cohorts have been plotting against our God given Mr President Trump, we the people will resist you Paul Ryan and your evil cohorts, you are doing a Bidding with the Democrats and we the deplorables voted for our President Trump, we will vote them out period, I am so upset that even some of the Republicans are not standing with our President Trump, it’s so annoying

    • Caroline says:

      Never, ever cross Trump but they do because they know they will lose those big bucks from outsiders. Way past time for anyone who has had 2 terms or more. DO NOT RE-ELECT them as part of our Drain the Congress Swamp need to do. They have been very obvious from the git go that they didn’t want Trump in but got nice when they saw that many REAL American voters wanted Trump and ignored them. Well, come November they are going to further ignored as we search out real patriot candidates and warn them that they will be elected/hired to represent us and not themselves! No more benefits/perks, no more illegal insider trading, and definitely no more outside money direct or thru the lobbyists. We have had it! Time to take back the reins and make ourselves very proud Americans. The 2 parties in 1 have to learn a serious lesson and that is why we must vote and get others to vote them out! Who in the Hell do they think they are? They are not gods and they are not representing us but their own agendas. We must aid Trump in Draining the DC Swamp as well and get rid of globalist communists in our country, such as Soros, his family and the way to many organizations he has here to undermine us and our country and our President. With this last bill, they have signed their death certificates and being removed from Congress. Note some have already “retired” or “will not run again” because they are running scared and are desperate because they are part of the problem and none of the solution.

  5. Ernest Wilson says:

    I do not like the fact that my President did sign the bill! That said ,I have a question for all the people pilling on to my President. Who has done for us all that he has accomplished in so short a time? The answer, not a DAMN one So called President in the last thirty years. So ,I suggest you shut to Hell up and let the man do his job.

  6. Glenn A Lewis says:

    Wow, I’m amazed how fast you are jumping ship from Trump. Do you realize what is going to happen if Trump loses your support? All of the things you complained about from the Democrats and Obama and Hillary are going to happen withoutTrump. Yea, he’s not going to win all of the fights, just look at all,of the opposition he is facing every day and then you want to abandon him as well, you should all be ashamed of yourselves. The betrayal sits in McConnell and Ryan’s laps. Don’t blame Trump and don’t betray Trump, he needs us more than ever now. Are you Republicans fighting for America with Trump or are you Democrats pretending to be irrate Republicans, As for me, I stay loyal to America and my President, Donald Trump.

    • zee says:

      THE PRESIDENT SHOULD have Taken CONTROL . That IS ‘jobbee’ of PRESIDENTS . djt Did NOT Take Control . He just authorized mega $
      FOR Dems/’o’ /’h’ policies. Do you understand that ? . + 1/2 BILLION $
      for PPH in ‘recycling BABIE’ FOR Hormone/VACC’ shots & More. You
      Need to WTFU to put it mildly.

      • Caroline says:

        Zee, Trump did take control as this is just a “bill” and not a law, so he can spend the money any way he wishes and they can’t do a damn thing about it. Trump is far smarter and faster thinking than the crud we elected/hired to not represent us but themselves. They will pay a big price for going against us and our fairly voted in President. They are desperate because they don’t want to look irrelevant but also as traitors to us and America. Makes Drain the Congress a fun game for us and a lousy future for them as we take away all benefits, etc. And when we arrest them for sedition and/or treason, we will confiscate ALL their assets as no traitor gets to keep their money here or abroad, or any other assets. I am still laughing as how they thought they had stopped Trump when they gave him the key to the kingdom and they lose. He can spend that money any way he chooses and they are allowing it. Dumber than dirt because so hung up in being the ONES rather than accepting the fact that they have become the NOTHINGS!

        • zee says:

          I do understand Potus can Re-allocate funds, shift around etc. It is a ‘bill’ & not ‘Budget’. However, minimal If Any, Arrests will be made. Also, ‘personal advisors’ ARE NOT much to be Desired & Totally Liberal. a Pity on that one.
          > So , Time will Tell, IF, Potus ‘shifts $’ around to ‘whom & where’. All ‘eyes’ on. Hopefully w/ honest info & reporting of such. & ‘we’ have each other to comm. & relay info.
          > Thnx for your comment, Caroline.
          >ps sometimes ‘harsh’ language is nec. to get a point moving.

        • zee says:

          POTUS Better SHIFT 1/2 BILLION OUT of PPH & i Stand FIRM on that one. I Know what’s going on there & For What. Hope you do as well. NO Federal Funds on that one, For Sure.

  7. Joseph g says:

    So “they” got to you too. Shame on you dt. I have been a vocal supporter of you. Now when we drain the swamp you will be one of the swamp rats to go. Shame on you for braking your promises. You have turned into one of the low life scumbags.

    • Karen Redd says:

      Yes he has, so now we have to worry about how much more damage he will do in three “long” years. At least now we know what a liar he is and not to believe a SINGLE word he says. It hits hard to know now that we elected a frigging RINO in drag. The rich SOB can run companies but he damn sure can’t run a country. And it’s our fault… we were desperate enough to believe him.

    • robert Fantelli says:

      I am with you on this betrayal by newly designated RINO Trump. (Horrors)

    • Caroline says:

      Sorry, Joseph g, that you have not really noticed how devious, shall be say, Trump is. This is a BILL and not a law so he can spend the money the way he wants and they can’t stop him. Stop, Joseph g, and think of how he has out thought Congress, beat the Congress or shall I say the 2 parties in 1 and they still don’t understand how stupid they are in thinking they are smarter than he. The majority of us will not drop Trump because the alternative, Joseph g, is outright communism, so wake up and smell the coffee and review all of Trump’s winnings since he took office and he ain’t stopping now. Oh, you of little faith and a big part of our America’s problems.

  8. Stan L says:

    McConnell and Ryan must be tossed out of their commanding positions in the Senate and House. Trump’s program for MAGA will be a major disappointment until the two are stripped of their power. Trump was well aware that militarily, our military is in worse shape than the people know. And, with McConnell and Ryan calling the plays in Senate and House, they are doing everything they can to stall any progress by the President. They may act good natured and cooperative with the President, but they are career members of the swamp with no respect for the will of the people. They must be gone!

  9. Harry Tharp says:

    It’s time for all of us conservatives on both sides of the aisle to stop bitching, stand up and vote out every career politician this November and make a major push for the Convention of States. It is now our constitutional duty to take control of the federal government, limit it’s size and power. Last of all set permanent term limits that stops them from having the ability to retire with benefits far greater than the majority of us voters. If you no longer want to be considered We The Sheep then you have to come together as We The People. The division must end. 1.3 trillion of additional debt only funds these treasonist swamp monsters thru September. How much more debt can this nation endure. It’s time to make a firm stand ladies and gentlemen and that is thru a calling for the COS. Contact your states representative and begin the advancement that Congress fears.

  10. Lisa says:

    WHY would conservatives cheer a veto threat over not giving ILLEGALS amnesty?? He didn’t threaten to veto over funding the Planned Parenthood butchers, Schumer’s boondoggle tunnel funding or DOUBLING H2B foreign work visas which impacts our most vulnerable citizens & hands leftist millionaires & billionaires cheap labor that depresses wages & takes American jobs. Sorry but Trump sold us out, period, as did McConnell & Ryan.

  11. KM says:

    NO Trump 2nd term . All Republican voters have to vote and get rid off all the RINO OUT this November. NEVER vote for commie librats. Recall Mitch & Ryan TRAITORS. We have to elect the one like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. Last election I voted for Ted Cruz in primary for president and I did not have choice to vote for Trump because in my life I NEVER VOTE for Democrat or independent candidates.

    • Glenn A Lewis says:

      If Trump doesn’t get a second term the next president will be a Democrat and we can not let that happen. I know everyone is upset but, we must continue to support Trump otherwise we are falling into the Democrats evil plan just like they want. The Democrats want Trump to lose support of his base, that 8s their plan.

    • Karen Redd says:

      I’m in Arkansas and I want BAD for Senator Tom Cotton to run. He is 100% on our side and I guarantee he would be awesome! We could trust him, he wouldn’t turn his back on us like trump did. Using the cop out, wahhhh it’s so longgggg! Blaming it on Ryan and McConnell BUT HE SIGNED IT! He didn’t have the faintest idea what was in it- but he signed it. OMG, he spit on us then almost in tears 😭 he’s boo hooing about Daca. Not us, not what he PROMISED us- but he’s sad 😞 because the illegals didn’t get anything. All we can do now is put patches on the wall, and watch all the illegals that want to just walk right in. AH chuckie gets his tunnel, the murderers can kill all the babies they want, POS calimexico gets funded… and we got laughed at. He apologized about Daca but didn’t give a s*it that we got screwed. HE LIED LIKE A MF TO US- but he made the democraps happy. WHAT THE —— IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?

    • Stan L says:

      It is not Trump’s doing that McConnell and Ryan are members of the deep state establishment. Trump has had the contention of “establishment types” of either party seeking to tie him up, sabotage any possible progress, simply because they are true believers of “The Swamp.” Your contention is with the President, but you mention RINOS. Be advised that some of the Republicans who were high in Congress were inherited by Trump through his election. They, Ryan and McConnell have willed failure to this President because he wasn’t and isn’t a member of their deep state brotherhood. They have their agenda with other Republicans and Democrats. That’s how bad it is. Cruz or Lee would make no difference, they also would be targets for sabotage.

    • Caroline says:

      KM, we have already the best, brightest as President, so get over your Cruz sickness as he is not a real American citizen for the position, and Mike Lee is good where he is. If you don’t like what we REAL American like and want, then pack up and go live in a blue state and then live with regret of being ignorant!

  12. McConnell and Ryan are total pieces of Obama kissing sh-t! They both need to be chased out of DC. How much do you want to bet that they have both taken money from Soros? Rino’s are worthless to the Republican party because all they do is stab you in the back, they owe Big Pharma and other parts of big business.

  13. Rivahmitch says:

    Trump may be right because he’ll never be given the chance to sign another budget.The one that was just pased and signed will probably result in the Republicans losing congress, after which he’ll be impeached and convicted. The Democommies will just keep the government running as they have the last several years (without a new budget) until they’ve removed him from office and Pence will be effectively neutered for the remainder of Trump’s term. The Democommies will then be running the government and only the 4th box will provide any hope of saving the republic. With control of the House, the Senate and the White House, This was the last best hope to do so without catastrophy. The RINOs blew it and, disappointingly, Trumo acquiesced.

    • zee says:

      I don’t think djt used those words ‘loosely’ – “never sign again” etc.
      & ‘That’ is scary, he would say that. Perhaps he doesn’t want the jobbee anymore. Who knows – only him in his mind.

  14. Elia Wyatt says:

    President Trump was betrayed by Ryan & McConnell . Very disappointed in the GOP. As a proud American and tax payer we should FIRE all of you because you are not working for us you are working for ypuselves. You are all selfish centered people with no feelings or consideration for the American people.

  15. Sharon Viggiano says:

    At this point, all we can do is pray that the Lord will forgive President Trump for signing this bill. The Republican party should get a good cleaning out…most of them should be replaced. Ryan and McConnell should be ashamed of themselves…what traitors they are. They are in deep with the Dark Government and G. Soros…who is the devil in disguise…He would love to take America down just like he did Greece, England and several other countries….He is no good and something should be done to him. He HATES America! Don’t people get it? Along with the Clintons, Obamas, Pelosi, Schumer, etc. we are destroyed if they have any say about our country! Take heed to all of this and be aware of the undermining that is going on. If we loose the Senate and Congress, we are doomed as a country. No one will recognize it!!!!! Get on your knees and pray to the Almighty God that he saves our country.

  16. george shores says:

    they should be replaced, they went against the people of the USA, and even gave themselves a raise for being so good at their jobs, they went against everything they ran on, its time for them to get the hell out!

  17. Rhesa Cook says:

    These men in congress, senate & house of reps are TRAITORS. You will never get my vote. I hope you are put out of office. I HATE what you have done. You guys put a raise for yourselves & you don’t deserve it.
    I hope Trump vetoes this bill and I’m praying for the Lord to be on his side. You played dirty pool & you will have to account for it. SCUMBAGS!!!!! YOU ARE PURE EVIL FROM THE DEVIL HIMSELF. Don’t tell me you go to church. God might strike you dead when you go Sunday.

  18. Glenn A Lewis says:

    The only thing to do now is Republicans need to come out in major force and vote in new Republican candidates and win against every Democrat. This won’t be easy as Democrats seem to cheat and try to rig every election but, if we can elect a president regardless of the rigging we can do this. Don’t blame President Trump, he needs our help more than ever. We either do this or we lose our country. End result may require the last thing we want to do but, the Democrats will stop at nothing, including dirty tricks and even murder. Thay’ve done it before and they will certainly do it again.

  19. Connie says:

    Drain the Senate and House. Time for new people. I used to be a rabid fan of Paul Ryan – but no more! What the heck happened to SPINE and protecting the rights of the Republican party/conservatives? Just like the rest of them, Paul, you are being pulled to the left by their underhanded tactics, and you’ve forgotten the promises you made. WE ARE CONSERVATIVES NOT LEFT-WINGERS!!! Time for you to get back in the game. You’re acting like you want us to be dragged further and further to the left, like so many of today’s so-called Republicans. Wake up, conservatives, or it will soon be too late.

  20. prydor says:

    The results are in and the two so-called leaders (McConnell & Ryan) have knifed the POTUS in this back. This has been their underlying goal from day one and they have been totally against Trump with their non-stop venomous ways.
    It now shows the loyal Americans that the time has come for a new political party comprised only of true Americans to take over completely and destroy/remove all those politicians who voted for this unread bill. This is a replay of what the dumborats did in order to pass their Oblammmaa bill. Time for Americans to stand up and defy the bulk of these troublemakers and get rid of them in any way possible. Oh, it would be wonderful if they would all lose their ‘benefits’ that were so greedily granted to each of them by themselves. WAKE UP, AMERICANS !! MAGA BY AMERICANS AND FOR AMERICANS !!

  21. Michael says:

    I have mixed feelings about Mr Trump signing. I know the libs were going to fight him tooth and nail on the wall..would have taken time to get it built anyways… But on the other hand I believe that the money going to strengthen our Military was a big part of bringing the Rocket man to the table… That was much more pressing at this time than the wall…we have yo figure out what to do with the Obamaite illegals that are already here before we start locking illegals out with the walk

  22. Greg says:

    Don’t even think of asking for campaign donations , 256 republicans turned there backs on us sold there souls to the corrupt democrats. We the people will be laughing in November.

  23. Vigilant Sheepdog says:

    Time for a Third Party to emerge. A party based on Common Sense and honest Patriotism. A Party made up of Real Americans. Americans who were born in America, whose Parents were born in America and whose Grand-Parents were born in America. Yes this includes American Indians, not the Elizabeth Warren-esque American Indians – “heritage” passed on by campfire stories – but true American Indians confirmed by DNA if necessary. A Party made up of Veterans whom Honorably served our Country with Pride and Integrity – Unlike “Songbird” McCain who sold out other POWs for preferential treatment. A Party that exists somewhere besides Fantasyland. Sorry folks.

    • Michael says:

      What the hell is the matter with Ryan and friends. I guess they have completely why their were elected. President Trump you should have vetoed the package. It is back room time and I want to be there.

    • Dianne says:

      A third party will only take away votes from the Conservatives and will never get enough votes to win.

    • GySgt Lew says:

      Hooray, Someone who finally states that “Songbird” McCain, add Jane (Hanoi Jane) Fonda were Traitors..
      Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell should step down, be replaced NOW.

      • Michael says:

        Hanoi Jane’s father…good American Henry Fonda didn’t speak to bitch daughter of his for many years..Hanoi Jane was an eye sore to Mr Fonda…that third rate politician John McCain has gotten wayyyyyy to much credit for being a POW…He is a polished liar with a thin skin

  24. Conservatives that supported and elected Republicans and President Trump to represent them abandoned them when this spending bill was passed. President Trump could have vetoed the bill, called representatives back to Washington to come up with a less costly and more conservative bill with some of the promised issues… wall, defund Planned Parenthood, enforce our laws (return to Constitutionally based laws), defund Sanctuary cities and states, reduce spending, etc. Presidents Trump’s threat to veto the bill appeared to be like Obama’s Red Lines which always kept moving. So Sad.

  25. RJ says:

    Now we can’t trust either the democrats or the republicans. I can no longer support either party, financially or with my vote. Not only did they NOT include funds for the wall, they funded murder by abortions and dealt another blow to the second amendment. I thought only the democrats were anti-American. Will the last PATRIOT in the United States please turn off the light.

  26. Gail says:

    Well not near what Hell broke loose when he signed it .We all know anything they put into a bill will live with us forever .Like Obamacare they didn’t read either .Well I will never vote for another traitor republican and I will die before I vote for a communist democrat .So as it seems there will never be an honest election being they are all in bed with Soros and he owns and manipulates the votes . So I believe this will be the year of the Federalist Party and the independent. People want me to believe he conned them .Well we shall see ! If he even tried to talk to the people and tell them why he signed a bill he never read and gave away any possibility of ever having that kind of leverage again .He took the bait from those who destroyed the military in the first place and got what they should have had years ago .While he condemned millions of babies to their death and gave us millions more illegals and gave every damn country in the world what should have gone to Americans . Indonesia and Jordan gets wall and Mexico get millions while we die keeping their people fat with the wealth off our backs . So please be a man and at least try to tell us why you condemned every American after you fought so hard .And just gave in .Remember you had a pen and a phone .I know the republicans are worthless and spineless they never work for America .But you were neither a democrat or a republican . Someone does not change their beliefs just to get into bed with evil .And Americans never half to a job . All I know is I will never vote for democrats or republicans . So please at the very least st least try to explain you might save some of your base .

  27. Karen Redd says:

    He kissed chuckie cheese and nancy’s butts BIG time. All of them along with Paul and Mitch probably had drinks together last night laughing because he had us fooled. We trusted that worthless, backstabbing, piece of garbage, and now America will pay for it. I don’t want want to hear the excuse oh I did it for the military, that’s a cop out. How hard would it have been to veto it, then include the military in a bill that funded the wall that the scumbag PROMISED us. I mean, could he have screwed America any worse? AH chuckie got his millions for the tunnel, the absolutely HORRID planned parenthood got FIVE HUNDRED MILLION… we get a whopping little 1.3 million for the wall that he incessantly PROMISED us we get if we trusted the liar and elected him, and what does he do? He whines almost in tears 😭… because DACA wasn’t in the bill.
    You know, obummer screwed America but he never tried to hide it. Hitlery got votes because of the destruction she had planned. It’s sickening to say but, obviously he is no different than either one of them. He has a brain to make money for sure, BUT HE DOES NOT HAVE ONE TO RUN THIS COUNTRY. We should have known that, but we believed him, and now our country will pay for our mistake. GOD BLESS AMERICA PLEASE, and save it from our own president’s destruction. The baby killers and a freaking tunnel were more important than the wall, more important than us, and he’s sobbing for DACA, my God. The thought of the happy demo stinking craps… literally makes me sick. What’s really unbelievable? Is that DACA is just as sad as we are, we all got screwed.
    …but look at it this way, imagine how we’d feel right now if DACA ‘had’ been included!

  28. Gene says:

    WELL FOR ME,I think come November,in lieu of what just happened ,The Republicans have lost my vote . If I wanted to Liars in office,and those that serve themselves rather than the public,I would have voted Democrat. Republicans are apparently confident in their positions,even voted themselves a bonus,according to the news. I have No Idea as to why they feel they deserve one,unless it’s to celebrate the victory they handed the Democrats !

  29. Bob Hunt says:

    I think we all knew about Ryan and McConnell, the one that surprised me was the President signing the stupid bill without reading it! I’ve been supporting him since day one but I have now corrected that and if I never hear the word Republican again it will be too soon!

  30. Gary says:

    And they had the nerve to tack on a pay raise to for them selves. What about us veterans?

  31. Martin says:

    Ryan and McConnell must be taken out of there so-called leadership. They are traitors to America. America is totally broke and they pile on another trillion plus. Wake up America. Vote out every person who voted for this bill.

  32. S.G Simpson says:

    PONCAWARRIOR ~~~ Time to setup – WE THE PEOPLES – website – For donations – and we throw our change into it each wweek month and – who ever TALKS – THIS NATIONS – CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC – WILL FOLLOW OUR CONSTITUTION AND THE LAWS THERE-OF — F GIVING TO DNC-RNC

  33. These two faced spineless retards need to be replaced in their leadership positions! Neither one of them have done anything but lie to and back stab our President!

  34. Daniel Mckee says:

    Yesterday the Democrats got more that they could have hoped to get even if they controlled both Houses and the Presidency. Further, I think their success in November now is almost guaranteed.
    With President Trump I did have hope that Washington would start producing the results “we the People” expect of them, but that hope is gone now. Our future as a Free Christian nation appears more bleak to me now than under the Czar Obama..

  35. MARK says:


    • David Whalen says:


      • David Whalen, Our President is trying to straighten out what your dumb ass, stupid moron Prez Obama did to this country and he is having a very hard time because of the damn stupid ass holes still in office sneaking laws to be passed and signed by our president , grant you he should have read it before signing it but he trusted the wrong people (traitors) when he signed it. Hopefully we get rid of ALL those ass hole democraps that is left every where in Washington, DC this year by firing them and then voting out the rest of the scumbag traitors. The democrats, sneaky, under handed tricks worked this time to trap Trump, but now he is wise to their under conniving tricks next time!!!

  36. Matthew G. Zatkalik says:

    Trump has demonstrated that he is full of bluster and only is committed to his Twitter use. Blame nobody but Trump. He chose to sign the bill – to betray his base, his supporters. While ‘Rome’ is burning ‘Nero” is out golfing – perhaps out to lunch is more accurate. Full of sound and fury & signing a bill containing more pork than Kansas and Oklahoma combined.

  37. Bruce says:

    Those things McConnell and Ryan are a joke to Republicans and should be voted OUT as soon as possible!! These two weasels are the worst of the worst.They lie like the Clintons and the fake news media. They have just threw the midterms to the Democrats big time along with President Trump who signed this idiotic bill!

  38. Trump should tell them now when you write up the next budget and there is no money for the wall I will not sign it, and demorats if there is money for DACA and any other crap just to spend money I will veto it no if and or butts.

  39. Phil says:

    We voted for the Trump/GOP agenda. Seems as how the GOP just didn’t think we knew what we wanted. Well, in that the leadership of that bunch of idiots is now up in arms over the recent, high-profile special elections where the Dumbocrats have whipped up on the GOP candidates, trying to figure out what happened and why……….here’s an answer. YOU DESERTED US AND BETRAYED US!! The only promise the GOP has delivered on is lower taxes. But…..where’s the wall??? Where’s the defunding of sanctuary cities and states?? Where is the defunding of Planned Parenthood? Well, they did increase military funding, which is good, but what about the rest? It tells you something when Pelosi and Chuckie-Cheese are smiling and jumping up and down for joy. GOP, good luck come November……’re gonna need it!!!!

  40. Jeanne Stotler says:

    The ONLY reason Pres. Trump signed bill was for Military, and done on advise from Military officials.

    • David in MA says:

      He should have called them on it by sending it back with recommendations of change and let congress over ride his veto, then maybe the people will understand who is really being obstructive….
      And congress has to vote to remove the two RINO’s from leadership positions.

  41. ernaldo says:

    Now there is never a discussion for a new attempt at a “line item veto”, which the GOP Congress gave bill the rapist Clinton back in the nineties, and promptly overruled by the Supremes as “unconstitutional”. Try again, you insufferable rino TRAITORS!

  42. Mead Carlson says:

    Trump so;d out all those who supported him and his platform. He trashed the 2nd amendment, gave 50 million to an anti gun group, authorized the gov’t to fund research against guns,expanded the background check system to make a National Gun Registry and thumbed his nose at all those of us who believed he would defend the 2nd amendment. Remember he said”the 2nd amendment is safe with me” He also got no wall for the border, left it wide open and gave Schumer billions for a tunnel under the Hudson River. He could have thrown the 2018 elections to the Democrats which will lead to hios certain impeachment.

    • brenda says:

      WHAT IF PRESIDENT TRUMP HAD SOLD OUT OUR MILITARY? just when 1,100 indictments of democrates and pedophiles were filed and gitmo has been prepared to accept them all soros,hillary obama,mueller,comey podesta, lyn rice wasserman, half the pmedia reporter are pedophiles, the military will be the ones to arrest and they will have a military trail for treason.GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR PROTECTING OUR MILITARY

  43. Capn Jack says:

    What ever happened to the, “Line Item Veto”?
    All of the fat in that bill and hardly anything we voted him into office for.
    Personally, I feel like I’ve been sold out!

  44. JLM says:

    It’s too bad that all Republicans who voted for this bill can’t be thrown out of office.

    I can’t imagine what happened to Trump; one almost thinks he has been replaced by a bodysnatcher pod left by radicals in the White House basement. Using defense as an excuse to sign the bill boggles the mind. Instead of continuing to try to drain the swamp, albeit s-l-o-w-l-y, Trump has refilled it to overflowing.

    • When the Rino’s threatened to cut the money, to the military, which has been abused, for 40 years, he didn’t have a choice. If you are going to talk, about our military being the strongest in the world, you better be able to back it up. President Trump knew this and did what he could to save us militarily. He made the right decision, even though we don’t like it. Now is the time, to get rid of the people in Congress and Senate, that are doing what is wrong, for this country. That is what I support.

    • David Whalen says:

      That’s because trump brought the swamp into the White House. There was no swamp until you Idiots voted for the swamp master. ROF LMAO!

      • The SCUMBAG, foreign idiot Obama filled the swamp to over flowing when he brought his stupid, ignorant dumbasses into offices when he was elected by the stupid people that had their head up their asses when they voted for a man with no back ground to prove he was a United States citizen. Don’t blame anyone for your (democrats) ignorance and brain washing to vote that stupid S-O- B Obama I n as president and screw this country over and sell us out to the enemy!! You are a definite Democrap and it shows, poor loser!! GET OVER IT!!!!!!

      • Karen Redd says:

        Wow you actually got a chance to throw a ‘poke’ in lol!! Hilarious!! Hey trust me, if bitch hitlery had won we would have already had many, many, MANY chances. And we wouldn’t still be whining like a baby like you democraps are lol.

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