Alina Habba embarrassed Alvin Bragg by dropping this truth bomb

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Alvin Bragg wants to put Donald Trump in jail.

What’s taking place in that Manhattan courtroom is the worst act of election interference in American history.

And Alina Habba embarrassed Alvin Bragg by dropping this truth bomb.

Habba calls out the media for their unprofessional behavior

Appearing on the Fox News show Jesse Watters Primetime, Trump legal spokeswoman Alina Habba took aim at several targets on her list.

First up was the media.

This trial isn’t televised so Watters asked Habba to fill viewers in on what it was like to be inside the courtroom.

You’ve been there most of the time, right, in court? In this kangaroo court? No one knows what is happening inside. Can you give us a little color about what it’s really like?” Watters asked.

Habba responded that while the media liked to make fun of former President Donald Trump, he was spot on to complain about how cold the courtroom was. 

“So it is actually cold. I agree with the President on that. I didn’t know how cold it would be,” Habba said.

Habba then blasted members of the media like CNN’s left-wing, Trump-hating activist Kaitlin Collins for tweeting out the salacious gossip from the trial – such as Stormy Daniels claiming that Trump told her that he and Melania slept in separate bedrooms – for pretending to be journalists but laughing and joking at Trump’s expense.

“So, you know, you walk in and it’s really actually something surreal. You feel like you’re in the Twilight Zone. Today, I walked in, and the first person that caught my eye was everybody from Greg Kelly on the right to George Conway on the left, Kaitlan Collins sitting there,” Habba added.

“And, you know, I appreciate that they all want to act journalistic in those moments. I’m sitting there and I’m looking, but they’re snarking and it’s very strange feeling,” Habba continued.

Bragg keeps failing to make his case

Watters wanted Habba to leave viewers with one unmistakable truth about this case.

And that’s the fact that through three weeks of a trial, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg still hasn’t named the supposed crime Trump committed.

Watters labeled the proceeding a “show trial” as Trump faced prison for fake crimes invented by his political opposition.

“You know, it’s like a show trial. It is for the media. Right? Except there’s no law that’s been broken. They haven’t even named the crime,” Watters declared.

Habba called out the media.

In court, she can see when journalists like Collins have their phones out tweeting and it’s always when salacious gossip is the subject of witness testimony.

These so-called “reporters” never tweet out the substantive points made by Trump’s lawyers showing this whole ordeal was a sham.

“It’s unbelievable! And when anything salacious happens, all you hear is the clicking of, you know, the keyboards. But when actual law and facts are discussed, it’s silent,” Habba exclaimed.

“That sums it up perfectly,” Habba concluded.

Had the media done their job and reported on the fact that Bragg has no evidence, no crime, and no case, Trump’s support in the polls would have increased.

Journalists want to hide that truth in the hopes they can fool the public into thinking this is a legitimate trial so when a guilty verdict comes down it will sink Trump’s re-election campaign.

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