Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s new impeachment plan could take down Trump for good

Democrats are pushing their efforts to impeach President Trump into overdrive.

They know they need to take him out now, as they’ll have little chance to in 2020.

And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s new impeachment plan could take down Trump for good.

Currently, Democrats are 80 votes short of advancing their effort to impeach Trump in the House.

They are having trouble getting a lot of Representatives in their own party to back the effort.

That’s why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is pushing a different plan.

She is trying to shame Republicans into backing the measure, claiming opposing it will be a “stain on their careers.”

Breitbart News reports:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) on Tuesday signaled strong support for the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment efforts and dared Senate Republicans to go on the record and “knowingly vote against impeachment of this president knowing his corruption” so they can “have that stain on their careers the rest of their lives.”

“Once the House impeaches, the House has impeached the president,” Ocasio-Cortez told reporters Tuesday, despite the fact that the House has yet to hold a full impeachment vote, as Democrats fall over 80 votes shorts of a pro-impeachment majority.

She continued:

“If they [Republicans in the Senate] want to fail it, then I want to see every Republican go on the record and knowingly vote against impeachment of this president, knowing his corruption so that they can have that stain on their careers the rest of their lives because this is outrageous to protect the amount of lawlessness.”

Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) is vying for a committee vote, laying the groundwork and defining the scope of an impeachment probe. Despite House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) efforts to stall the probe, she claims the party is united.

Surprisingly, there are some Republicans open to the idea.

Former Republican turned Independent Rep. Justin Amash is supportive of the idea, buying into the discredited claim that Trump has committed crimes while in office.

It will not be surprising if a bunch of Republican Never-Trumpers follow his path.

The establishment hates President Trump, so if there is any real effort to impeach him, establishment Republicans will certainly be in support.


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138 Responses

  1. thomas robinson says:

    For a starter, the stain is on them, if they impeach him for NOTHING! and, if the republicans cower to your threats, then they will have NO future, as Americans will get rid of such idiots. the president is only at fault for throwing a wrench into the corruption that has been going on in our government for eons, and the democrooks stand to be completely EXPOSED for their criminal activities. they don’t hate Trump any more than they would hate anybody else that stands between them and their continued illegal dealings that have made them all millionaires. Hillary would have insured the continued criminal actions they have pushed so deeply into the every day doings of these out and out thieves. now that they are open to scrutiny, THEY ARE SH__TING their pants, because they know they will be found out and put where they belong. there are so many of them involved, we may have to build another jail, just to hold them MAGA 2020 !!

    • Maureen says:

      totally agree lets look at some of the laws AOC and her squad have broken they need to clean up their own back yards frist, help the people who put them in office instead of beating a dead horse (impeachment) they are the ones who grew up where you had a winner and a winner. Not you have a winner and a loser and the loser comes around to helping the winner get things accomplished for the legal people of America

  2. Mark says:

    Ocasio-Cortez and the squad are a threat to this country and our democracy. That makes them domestic terrorists. Why are they allowed to remain in government when our military should be arresting them. Where’s the law been when it comes to the mishandling of Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign contributions. Lock her up!

  3. Toxic says:

    AOC,Omar & Tlaib need to be deported to Afghanistan.

    • bunny68 says:

      Agree wholeheartedly. If AOC et al do anything to get him impeached I wouldn’t want to be them… If you think Hillary has a hit list, I’m willing to bet that millions of people would join in and make their lives a living hell. They will wish they are in Afghanistan.

    • AOC, Omar & Tlaib or would like to see ever American male citizens killed and have said this more than once. They belong to the same Muslim terrorists who attacked the United States on 9-11-2001 , the Cole booming and 100’s of others. Need to be in prison for treason then deported.

    • Jan says:

      Toxic, you’ve hit the nail on the head! That’s a great place for the squad! It’s where they belong…and they would fit in better with the natives!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ted Rigger says:

    Hey, AOC. As long as you are not doing anything (and your Not) why don’t you try to help with the crisis’ at the border? The ones your cousins created. Not only do we have an invasion by your cousins they are crapping in the ocean. Maybe in your world, this is not a crisis but here in America, we don’t like people dumping RAW sewage in the ocean. These are the people you are defending.

  5. H Lee says:

    I support throwing aoc out of the country. To Syria, to Kenya, any place. Just treat her as the seditionist that she is, and ship her out.

    • Tony Maroney says:

      I go along with that, Good By AOC you are going to Syria for good and take the other THREE with you. I am sure you will a ball with your kind.

  6. Ken Marx says:

    While a large number of Republicans in Congress are generally out of touch with reality, surely even they recognize AOC for who she is. Her threats couldn’t possibly be taken seriously.

  7. MNJ says:

    The little twit couldn’t even hold Trump’s gun belt

  8. Don Juan says:

    AOC, you are one beautiful B!TCH! Our country would be in so much better shape if you were currently the POTUS. Please run. Please, please run. I want to see exactly what a bartender looks like sitting in the Oval Office.

  9. Shell says:

    There are RINOs who would join the effort to vote against President Trump, regardless of his accomplishments in less than three years when some of them have spent a lifetime in government and are not known for anything, but to put their name to that record would be a traitor in name forever.

    • Raffa says:

      Fossil deserves of big foot up her ass.She talks about the pres., It should be made public all the under hand bull shot she has done.


    • Doug says:

      You’re right. That’s the only thing she runs is her mouth!

      She may have the runs from eating at Taco Bell too much. She, like most democrats, needs a good blanket party!

  11. Bill says:

    I may have read a more misleading, idiotic headline in the past but I can’t recall when. One would think that ditzy Cortez woman had irrefutable proof that the President had committed some egregious act too despicable to be discussed in public. When, in fact, she has absolutely nothing on which to impeach the President and is trying to persuade Republican members of the House to join with the Democrats. And, as proof, you cite one turncoat who never was a Republican in name. Why don’t you get real and use someone other than that Cortez woman to generate headlines.

  12. chief1937 says:

    Attempting to impeach president Trump will be a big mistake for the democrats and if AOC has anything to do with it we all know it is wrong and any charges levied are probably made up. To impeach there has to be provable laws broken insinuations are not proper grounds. This will be interesting any republican or democrat for that matter that votes for impeachment must be voted out of congress and placed among the unemployed.

  13. J says:

    If you Republicans allow this to happen, then, you will have a stain on you forever, and will deserve to be stained. Wake up a holes, and work for the people, not criminals who pay you off to vote their way

  14. Taterrr says:

    And in this episode the Clown Idiot AOC is doin her best to unseat the President of the US. Otherwise known as a CUE. An nothing is done about her or the rest of these PEKERHEADS in the same mode. So we go on listening to BS we really dont care to hear. President TRUMP will remain in his SEAT an also win 2020 an you an a few others will hopefully be jailed an tried for TREASON. But our next episode will be on them in a Duck molesting skit with all these PRIKS.

  15. Carla Grissom says:

    She is an idiot….has a college degree (as she publicly announced that she still has student loans) yet she was a bar tender prior to getting in office. Why would anyone in their right mind listen to her? They try impeachment….be prepared for a revolution. We’ll see who gets their name on a list!

  16. Eliot says:

    AOC is a lesbian who deft in pleasing non-heterosexual women! Pu$$! is her favorite food and her tongue frequently licks one! Her go-to move is The Scissors, which she frequently does to her many girlfriends!

  17. Kenneth Hecker says:

    AOC thinks she can do anything, but is slowly learning she can’t. She says she was a bartender, but I’ve seen where she is listed as a former waitress. Sounds more likely. She and Beto should get together. If they get their arms flapping enough, maybe they’ll fly away.

    • Cg says:

      Can’t wait for the dumb, ignorant moron waitress AOC and mentally disturb, stupid flapping arms Bedo fly away and disappear from planet earth.

      The entire Democrat party should disappear, because they don’t do anything, and get paid by the American Taxpayers , wasting time. sitting around and talking about Impeaching President Trump, who will go down in History as the GREATEST PRESIDENT IN AMERICA.

      We the American Taxpayer should demand, starting with Toxic and corrupt Pelosi and all the Democrats that they all be Impeached.

  18. Karen says:

    AMASH IS A MUSLIM. that rino probably has a donkey costume in his closet.

  19. Karen says:

    TRUMP WON THE ELECTION IN 2016 and the left hates that. TRUMP LOVES AMERICA and the left hates that. get RID OF THE DEMOCRATS, THE MUSLIMS AND THE RINOS. they are all traitors AND HYPOCRITES.

    • Bill says:

      The Democrats hate anyone who stand GOD and country. If you are a person who doesn’t fit into one of the little segments of the population they have divided our people into then you are the enemy. And, it is their stated aim to destroy everything that has made us great and rebuild us into just another third world country. Unfortunately, we have far too many people in our country who have trouble understanding words longer than four letters and the only one they are familiar with is — free.

  20. george chalagonian says:

    Any Republicans that support Alex Ocrackass attempt to take down the Prez just want to get into her panties-got news for you-IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN

  21. Gideon Rockwell says:

    When is the F.E.C. and D.O.J. going to pull this little moonbat in on her campaign funds improprieties. There seem to be some serious infractions and money laundering business concerning her campaign funds. Right now everyone is watching the Republicans in both the House and the Senate. We are watching to see who supports Trump and who is going to break weak and support the Bolshevik Marxist Democrats gun control tyranny.

  22. Randal Parten says:

    AOC there you go braying like a clueless jackass!!You and your seditious , obstructionist, lying, anti constitution, anti american,racist, hypocrite, communist ilk need to leave ASAP! Trump has done absolutely nothing to impeach him for! He is not the problem! Maybe Cuba or North Korea would be more to your liking,Just don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

    • judy skeens says:

      My word exactly, let get rid of all for of them , those trouble maker don’t belong her in America, they are unworthy to even visit let along live and trying to destroy our country.
      deport them.

  23. dprato says:

    This is a fairly stupid article to even write based on an idea perpetrated by a known moron. What exactly is the evidence of Trump corruption particularly in view of all the real evidence Judicial Watch has on a host of Democrats who worked under the Obama administration and particular Hillary Clinton. Would be nice if these people showed some proof. They spent over 25 million on Russian Collusion only to come up empty. The woman and her colleagues are going to bury themselves before the bury the President. Ocasio still has to explain her campaign finance scheme and she may have more legal problems the Trump.

  24. Zaw Soe says:

    Donkey AOC Belong in LA ZOO. Why let this Animal lose in Public. Send this Donkey back in the Cage

  25. jozef jorik says:

    It is time send this BITCH packing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Tom says:

    AOC needs to be charged with treason and removed from congress You cannot impeach a sitting president just because you don’t like him There must be a real crime to charge him with or you become guilty of treason This piece of garbage swore an oath to uphold the constitution NOT upend it

  27. Kenneth says:

    It’s idiots like her that seems to forget and that is We the people who voted for Trump will take them down, either by right or by might, so she better know the outcome of what this deplorable would do to stop these communist from destroying our country.

  28. timothy wathen says:


  29. Sherry L Chase says:

    DRAIN the Corrupt EVIL Demorat SWAMP…… A Up Rising a coming if they try to Impeach whom We the People voted for. Lock ALL the Law Breakers Up and there are so so Many. Mr. President Trump 2020 because We Don’t need Another 911 and We need the corrupt Law breaking con-gress Locked Away.

    • ken says:

      mr. president, ocassio cortez must be impeached for campaign violations. and while we are at it ilian omar has to be locked away with liab for corruption in the u.s. congress. thank you

  30. mzaz says:

    Dang there are a lot of DIMWIT DEMS here. What has DJT done to be impeached? Who sold 20% of our uranium to Russia. Who deleted 33 thousand subpoenaed emails and destroyed over 13 devices? Who paid for a phoney Russian dossier? That would be the CRIMINAL HRC, DNC& BO. Who gave Iran billions if taxpayers dollars? BO. The list goes on. I won’t banter words with Dimwit dems. Turn off the fake news and lay off that koolaid. LMFAO Just research and use Google lies.

  31. Harry Katz says:

    If any Republican votes for impeachment, they will not have to worry about their career. Their career will be over – Death by Suicide.


  32. Jan says:

    Alexander Ocasional Cotex has bird defecation for brains. I understand that she has almost no support now from her NY district! Let’s hope the next time around that she loses her seat. The fact that she knows so little of our American history also shows what a bird brain she is!!!

  33. Moe says:

    AOC is an ignorant moron of a communist, she demands open borders and wants 100 millions more poor illegal entry migrants here upon welfare. She tells GOP Trump is a stain on their record, this moron is not capable of reading a comic book, never had a real job, now she is giving advise? So let us figure this one out? We get rid of Trump cause he us mean, say the communist in the House, in exchange we get 100 million poverty stricken aliens on welfare and higher taxes to support them. The democrats get enough illegal votes to enslave under near communist in the new green deal. I am a racist say the communist ,to fix that, we need 100 million people of color who are poverty stricken and uneducated to improve our lives. Hell what a deal, it is Obama all over again, bend over the democrats got something really special to shove up your ass, open borders and you better enjoy it, your going to be taxed to support the new people who hate you. What a deal indeed.

  34. an says:

    A.O.C. = Ass Of Congress
    Get her out of the faces of American Citizens………Dumbest Woman on Earth, where Fossil Fuels is the RECYCLING of Dinosaurs.

    • Zebedee burgess says:

      I am sick of this moron .She comes to this country ,wraps her head some dam tight it has scrambled “SOMETHING IN HER HEAD ” She needs to be kicked out and take her CRAZIES with her. We don’t need any more nuts to crack.

  35. Kevin says:

    What’s she gonna do????
    My guess is, SUCK HIM AND GET HIM WEAK IN THE KNEES!!!!👌👌👌👌
    A is 4 Absence, O is 4 Of and C is 4 Commonsense which this DUMBASS HAS NONE!!!!

  36. Juanita says:

    She is sooo totally STUPID I don’t know why they even bother to print ANYTHING THAT SHE SAYS

  37. Moe says:

    AOC is an ignorant stupid moron of a communist, she Deanna’s open borders and wants 100 millions more poor illegal entry migrants here upon welfare. She tells GOP Trump is a stain on their record, this moron is not c@oable if reading a comic book, never had a real job, now she is giving advise? So let us figure this one out? We get rid of Trump cause he us mean say the communist in the House, in exchange we get 100 million poverty stricken aliens on welfare and higher taxes to support them. The democrats get enough illegal votes to enslave under near communist in the new green deal. I am a racist say the communist ,to fix that, we need 100 million people of color who are poverty stricken and uneducated to improve our lives. Hell what a deal, it is Obama all over again, bend over the democrats got something special to shove up your ass open borders and you better enjoy it, your going to be taxed to support the people who hate you.

  38. Alaska Woman says:

    Trump’s recent remarks about hurricane victims is an explicit demonstration as why he is unfit to hold the highest office. The man is a legally-documented racist.

  39. Margaret says:

    Try checking a non google site, you’ll find a much higher number. Google is under indictment right now for an anti trust lawsuit for censoring conservative news and subscribers. Democrats think they can impeach the President because they didn’t like the election results. What they’re doing is exposing their own collusion and interference in the election.

    • MARGARET says:

      I agree, the democrats are not listening to what is said, ALL THAT IS SAID. They pick words and form their own comments. OAC might know how to make a NY Iced tea, but she knows nothing about government. Neither do the muslims pretending to be congresswomen. If they were back in their country they would not be allowed any say in government. There are some good democrats, but most, like my Grandpa are deceased and now know nothings are running.

      • Brenda says:

        AOC is stating impeachment due to The corruption Trump has done in office. She failed to mention what is the corruption. The corruption was done by Obama. Is it possible we can impeach her due to her ignorance. I really do not think she could pass a US history class.

  40. Pauline says:

    If that immature idiot gets back in next year and the GOP regains their majority, impeach her and send her packing!

  41. Rolando Perez says:

    Anyone Who pays any attention knows this is Rubbish and is click Bait. AOC and her Gang of morons are going to lose so Badly that they won’t know What hit them

  42. Ronnie Osborne Moore says:

    You think to your democrats for loudest stupid idiot in office thank you your Democrats now you better wake up America you better make a decision what’s happening Democrats and Obama brings the worst of the worst people in this country I feel they’re going to be their personal Army against the Americans military and Republicans who cares about United States do you think these people actually here to make mud pies with you be your best buddy at your barbecue come on there’s always something behind everything the Democrats do I think it’s time to do back to Democrats where they’ve been doing us and no I don’t think Trump should go anywhere but I do think the Democrats need to go and you need to get these for Muslims out of this office they were sworn in by the Democrats on a Quran Bible this country is not founded on a Koran Bible so therefore it means nothing Trump you need to do something before American people stand up and do it for themselves these Democrats bring people in here we’ll D head you and gut you if you continue in a Democrats continue that means every person who gave their life in battle for this flag and United States of America for the Americans to be free these Democrats are taking out away from you you need to wake up you need to stand up for them they gave their life for you think about it people

  43. daniel says:

    Thats okay they can talk all they want there no evidence or anything to go after our President of USA.Trump going to win 2020 its time for us Americans to take back our and Gods country from theses no good democrats an some of you republicans.Ill go on record you will lose the impeachment God on Trumps side, an the Americans people

    • Mike Otrok says:

      “God” condones adultery,rape,laziness and being fat and stupid? If Trump had any heart he would have gone to visit the shooting victims in Toledo. Yoo englush nah very gud. OO guh tuh Trump University? did you fly Trump Airlines? Can’t seem to get a flight. Any help? I wunt tu goo tuh Trump Caseenos! THE BEST!

  44. Toomy Gunn says:

    Any adult Congressional member of either party that pays on second of attention to anything this certifiable nut case says is also too damned dumb to be making rues for others to live by. She is a living example of what is wrong in American politics today. In earlier times during my life of following politics, the senior members of the of the party would take someone like “banjo eyes” to the woodshed, and tell her to sit down, shut up, and pay attention, learn a few basic elements of the procedures in use. and to stop being an attention grabbing pain in the ass and all around embarrassment.

    • Karen says:

      why don’t they sell Hamas cookies to the fools in Congress? will you wake up America when they tell you to kneel down and pray for your life? WAKE UP AMERICA. IT’S THEM OR US.

  45. Truckman says:

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the others of the 4 horses butts are a severe stane on the US

  46. Desma Jones says:

    This is a bunch of crap. I wish they would not post lies and garbage like this just to get people to donate more money. This is disgusting.

    • White Beard says:

      Agreed, Desma. They do not have the votes to get rid of Trump at this time. It is a hook and bait technique and I am getting quite tired of it. let the other party be the one to post lies and garbage.

  47. Michael J. Hall says:

    Blow this B$$#h away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. michael J hall says:

    .45 ACP to the temple.

  49. Michael J. Hall says:

    Euthanize this Horse!

  50. Pauline Lange says:

    This impeachment effort is unethical and totally depraved. This person likes to speak untruths about the President to take attention off of her own crimes and makes statements that are totally false. Anyone who would believe her has to have the same mental deficiencies. Please N. Y. vote her out. She is harming America with her propaganda and needs to be removed from office.

  51. Lisa says:

    This stupid bi**h doesn’t have any thing on President Trump and needs to shut her disgusting mouth. How dare she tell anyone else how to vote and threaten them. This bi**h needs to go and will be gone at election time. Every time she opens her mouth she proves how stupid she is.

  52. Wicked Woman says:

    If Republicans allow this little Twit to browbeat them in such a way as read in this article….then shame on them. Grow backbones or balls whichever you prefer and….do not allow impeachment of President Trump!

  53. Benjamin C Talmadge says:

    They should never have been voted into office in the first place Muslims Islam sharia law all have been banned since 1952 so how did they get into congress It’s illegal for them to be there so let’s all vote for them to be impeached

    • GH says:

      Well said, But like most of the Republicans in Congress, I think many American citizens have lost their backbone and, or balls. Not me.

    • Mike Otrok says:

      Ban freedom of religion. Trump wants to ban free speech. Deport Melania ,and all of Trumps wives and anchor babies. Lazy mooches living of taxpayer money. All of them look like inbreeds. “DUH” HUH” WUH” “uuuhh…”

      • mzaz says:

        Jealous? ROTFFLMFAO. Quit drinking that koolaid. Take those blinders off and turn off fake news
        You sound like the inbreed. Dems are called DIMWITS FOR A REASON .

      • tony says:

        What the Trumps pay in taxes you will never earn. ( you will never find out how much either, ha ha). What about moocheles mother, mrs. robinson living in the White House for 8 yrs. on the tax payers? Guess that’s o.k. cause their demo’s. You are a complete hypocrite. And not very funny.

    • mzaz says:

      Dems in congress reversed in in the 90s

  54. Duffy Spies says:

    This substandard ex-bartender from New York, is all of a sudden an expert on political affairs??? I don’t think so…

  55. Christopher Buehner says:

    Impeach him?! Again, I ask, ON WHAT CHARGE?! they can not simply impeach a sitting President JUST because they do not like him! They HAVE to have a REASON, A CRIMINAL CHARGE against him in order to impeach him! IF they proceed with no charge or some fabricated lame ass reason to remove him they will only be kicking the hornets’ nest of militia members all across this country and it will start a new Civil War, a new Revolutionary War and a War against Foreign Invaders all in one package!

    • Benjamin C Talmadge says:

      Got that right. This old hornet will zap them where it hurts

    • Mike Otrok says:

      Trump can give lessons on the last Revolutionary war. The stories of Washington battling British airports. Trump is a military genius. Overcame bone spurs to become a mighty warrior- then later became THE CHOSEN ONE!! YAY!All without learning English,math or anything. Maybe he can count the number of divorce and bankruptcy lawyers he’s gone through. How many of you invested in Trumpco projects and how much did you make? Looking forward to your answers.

  56. trebor says:

    She is history. She cost Andy Cumo 20,000 Amazon jobs . She supports the other Islamic fundraisers while her city is mourning the loss of thousands of NY city lives. She will never survive a primary contest. Andy will see to it that she is exposed as a terrorist supporter and an absolute idiot.

  57. Defend babies against dem terrorists says:

    Anyone who takes part in impeaching Trump will pay dearly. They have no idea that that will be the biggest mistake of their lives.

    • Ann says:

      I can’t believe this!! Our Republicans would never do this, I know of. 3 and I hope Romney listens to his constituents, I heard that they were upset because he is not SUPPORTING OUR PRESIDENT!! PRESIDENT TRUMP SHOULD NEVER BE IMPEACHED. HE IS WORKING HARD FOR THE AMERICAN CITIZENS AND OUR COUNTRY!!

  58. Paul Kline says:

    I wonder what happened to the will of the people? We the people elected him to do a job which he is doing in spite of all the opposition from the opposition party. It is time for the people to Take a stand against third They are trying to destroy our country!

  59. Jose Camara says:

    Aoc is the one who should get impeached, why is there no one pushing for her impeachment for her communists ideology to destroy our way of life in America. She is the one colluding with a communist, and my suspicion is, she getting paid by the Communists

  60. Johnny says:

    Talk about a stain, AOC is one big dung stain!

  61. Denise says:

    I can’t say anything different than what has already been said – she is a total idiot! When is she going to shut her pie hole? She has no business being in Congress!

  62. Dave says:

    this rabid hyena… who she thinks she is rather than stinking POS? Who cares what this swine want or does not? She is a moron, she is a clinical idiot and her place is in the madhouse on serious tranquilizers because she is insane…

    • Brady says:

      what does that say about the people who voted her in?

    • vicky Huss says:


  63. DC says:

    Really need to VOTE AOC, OMAR and TLAIB OUT OF OFFICE as soon as possible, since we cannot Trust the Democrats to do their jobs…. Vial, Disgusting, Deplorable Anti-Semitic and Anti-American remarks made over and over… additionally inciting violence with their mindless rhetoric, and now making statements that our President is a Corrupt and the Republican Senate should not vote against the Democrats wishes to Impeach HIM… Is she for real? Are any of these three Congresswomen for real? Between them, do they have an ounce of respect for our country? Haven’t seen any demonstrated to date. Why do we have Not One, Not Two, but THREE out of control anti-American Representatives in the United States Congress? It’s mind boggling. Are there ANY Democrat Senators/ Congressmen/Congresswomen
    With a backbone? Guts? Patriotism? It appears NOT! How else can you explain that no disciplinary action has been taken against any of the three noted representatives… maybe it’s time we reminded every member of our Senate and our Congress that we are: 🇺🇸THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 🇺🇸

    • glock19fan says:

      Do we have enough Republicans with the backbone to smash the Dems? Trump is our duly-elected President and overthrowing him would promise to be the last straw and lead us to what nobody wants: civil war.

  64. DSC says:

    Really? This is a stupid story. Does anyone really think the Republicans will turn on their constitutes? So this idiot talks and the Republicans will turn on our President? They like their jobs to much and they know where we stand!

  65. libra says:

    I can guarantee that all who follow this simpleton’s advice will suffer at the ballot box. She actually wishes to KILL the Golden Goose, She wants us to become poor peasants . That is the dream of idiot occasion and Bernie.. They will live as elite royalty if only they could turn the USA Marxist-Communist. I have traveled Russia and it ain’t pretty. AOC and Bernie are real good at making promises but keeping those promises are only an empty dream of a Marxist who never had a job until he got into politics and a bar tender with a fake degree in Marxian economic. Which is the theory of economics now used in ALL American Universities today Karl Marx theory of Economics–another loser who never held a job, Read up on Marx as he was a hated person and fled Germany to Russia in the back of a garbage truck.

  66. Jeff Simmons says:

    AOC is an idiot somebody has to be delusional to think that anyone will take anything she says seriously

    • Linda M. says:

      Jeff Simmons: They just might, that’s the problem. The Leftists are so desperate to impeach Trump they have really became even more erratic!! In stead of them DOING their jobs, no. They would rather continue going on these constant which hunts ! What a disgrace!!!

  67. Rodney says:

    I would really like to know why anyone would put what this dumbass says any where!!!!! SHE?IT has been debunked in everything that she has said!!!!!!! Would someone please put her out of “MY” missoury!!!!!!!!

  68. Jake d says:

    AOC needs to be removed from office and removed from the country.

  69. Grizz Mann says:

    I suggest that she discover what Russian dressing is used at Trump properties and use that against the president. Even the Müeller inquisition could not find that out.

  70. T. Bell says:

    Some one should take down that wetback AOC and stomp a mud hole in her ass and face !

  71. Jim C says:

    They have tried everything including the recent CNN and leftist reporters that said the CIA was afraid Trump was leaking classified information. Folks that was OBAMA and HILLARY. What corruption is AOC referring to. The Mueller report? PLEASE get over yourself. They have tried everything and so far every investigation has come up empty except for the ones that the IG is doing now which points to the FBI and Obama and Hillary and Comey ETC, ETC, ETC. Hey I give you an A for the effort.

    • Christel says:

      I checked .Google a couple of moths ago on how many Communist ‘s do we have sitting in .congress. Google gave me 82… ALL under the DNC. When I did that check ALL names were listed! I went back to Google to write down ALL those names…..NAMES were ALL removed but the number was still there! Guessing someone in congress got wind of that and had all names removed😡😖

    • Christel says:

      I checked .Google a couple of moths ago on how many Communist ‘s do we have sitting in .congress. Google gave me 82… ALL under the DNC. When I did that check ALL names were listed! I went back to Google to write down ALL those names…..NAMES were ALL removed but the number was still there! Guessing someone in congress got wind of that and had all names removed😡😖

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