Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s connection to one murder will make your blood boil

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the darling of left.

But every day she sows the seeds of the Democrats’ destruction with outrageous policy proposals.

And now her connection to one murder will make your blood boil.

Americans were outraged over the a shocking video of a MS-13 gang member – who was also an illegal alien – murdering an innocent man on the New York City subway.

You can watch the disturbing video below.

The murder happened in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s district.

And instead of working to secure the border, Ocasio-Cortez used the occasion to attack ICE and demand Congress defund the agency that protects Americans from the scourge of illegal immigration.

The Daily Wire reports:

“This is one of the most urgent moral issues and crises that we have in America right now,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “This is not a political issue. Children dying in detention centers should not be a partisan concern. It should be a universal concern for every American in the United States.”

“ICE operates with virtually no accountability, ripping apart families and holding our friends and neighbors indefinitely in inhumane detention centers scattered across the United States,” Ocasio-Cortez continued. “We’re here to say that an agency like ICE, which repeatedly and systematically violates human rights, does not deserve a dime.”

“I will not give one dollar to black-box detention facilities that think that some people in this country are deserving of constitutional protections and others are not,” Ocasio-Cortez added. “We are a land of laws, what that means is that every person that steps foot on this soil deserves … to have access to our Bill of Rights.”

Americans were outraged.

But they were not surprised.

Democrats are increasingly radicalized on immigration.

They look at Americans murdered by illegal aliens as acceptable collateral damage for allowing millions of potential new Democrat voters in any new amnesty passed by Congress.

Now Democrats want to defund ICE to make it even easier for illegal aliens to pour across the border.


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  1. Justin Case says:

    Who is the cartoonist that created this Cortez character.. Every day it is like reading the Sunday Comics. She cannot be real.

    • John Decker says:

      Better brace yourself, there’s more coming just like her. Every avalanche starts with one little rock.

    • John Decker says:

      Oh, she’s real alright. Just like a bad case of the clap. You don’t want that either. But antibiotics can make the clap disappear.

      • Robert E. Davis says:

        OoooH, don’t forget, “Do you feel the Burn”? Well if you do you better get to a clinic, because you just might have STD’s

    • Bruce says:

      AOC now stands for Asshole Of Congress rofl..

    • Rose says:

      She is more than unreal, she is a total night mare, and if people do not put a stop to it she will destroy this country. They think she is funny, communism is not funny. She has someone pulling her strings and supporting her that wants to destroy everything we hold dear. Haven’t you ever wondered how any simple nut like her could ever get elected into any kind of office? Do some resurch on her, it is out there. She is under control by someone else. She is just acting, when she says something that has not been scripted, she says stupid, stupid things. That is why she will not accept inter views by any of the talking heads who have invited her on their shows!! She is not smart enough to know what a garbage disposal does! I read an article where she said she has degrees from college that she could be in the stock market and make lots of money but it would be too stressful so she went to work as a waitress and bar tender………..ya, right!!!!! I wonder if she even went to college?

  2. reality check says:

    Wow, Patriot Post and Trumpers must be truly scared about Democrats like Alexandria O-C and Beto O’Rourke, given how you continually focus on it and trying to attack their character !! Are you working up your personal assaults on potential candidates while ignoring the legion of crimes by Trump?

    You seem obsessed with this woman, but she is only one congressperson out of several hundred. Does it make you feel better to tear others down – – like this site does so often, all the while ignoring the obstruction of justice and campaign violations Her Corrupt Trump?

    • chibasha83 says:


      • reality check says:

        Trump is the worst thing to happen to America in the last 50 years. There is a reason that Ann Coulter, Rex Tillerson and other cabinet members call Trump “AN IDIOT.” For you and others to not see it shows your own ignorance and/or your cult mentality of following a false messiah. Trump is so demented, he did not even know we already have a July 4th parade and proposed one. He is a terrible and foolish bargainer when you look at him with Putin, Kin Jong Un and Nancy Pelosi.

        AND, most importantly, a large proportion of Americans who have filed their taxes are now discovering the Trump tax plan was a ruse and their taxes are INCREASING substantially this year. That tax plan was not for US, 83% of it went for the richest 1%, like the ones who have membership in Mar-O-Lago etc.!! Plus, you ignoring how many laws were violated to get Trump elected.

        • Mary Mcdaniel says:

          you need a reality check. Put your right hand on your left ear and put your left hand on your right ear and pull your head out of your ass.

        • Arlene says:

          Hey reality check we are stunned that anyone in this country would even put someone this stupid into our government. She’s a total loony tunes character.. The only reason we call her out is to draw attention to her stupidity and hopefully people will realize that she was “put” into office by george soros just as the skank and his husband obama was.. Neither of them ever got voted in. they were “put” in there by soros’s voting machines.. and money..

        • Robert E. Davis says:

          A bottom feeding Communist like you isn’t worth the time of day..

        • William R Thompson Jr says:

          How many laws were violated to get Trump elected? Was it more than Obama violated to get elected, since he was an illegal alien? I wish Congress had put half the effort into investigating Obama’s eligibility, as they are while looking for ONE crime they can use to overthrow Trump! The only evidence Obama presented to prove his eligibility, was the supposed birth certificate he posted online. Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse presented over an hour’s worth of evidence that it was a forgery, but his supporters refused to even look at it! Most people took his word for it that he was eligible, but, there’s so much prejudice against Trump, his word means nothing to those that, like you, oppose him, out of pure, unreasoning, hatred!

      • Rose says:

        Yes he is, he is saving this country. Look at all of the things he has done and think of what he could do if the Democrat Congress would do their jobs and support him. Everyone of them are so childish that they don’t care what happens to this country as long as they can be in control of the House. We need to do some heavy praying that God will stand with us and allow us to clean them out of government! Get out the vote in 2020 and vote RED all the way!!

    • Michael says:

      Calling the men in the white coats for reality check…don’t worry reality they will get you a nice rubber room…Mr Donald J Trump has undone all most all the damage that third rate community organizer Oscuma did to this country in just 2 years ..this country is on the mend on a daily basis..this bitch lib isn’t Evan in the ball park with the Clinton’s…how many people ended up mysteriously dead who had the goods on the Clinton’s…this Ocasio-Cortez is still just an amateur criminal lib politician..Crimes…it’s all coming out now…admissions by McCabe about the lies and all the trouble Hillary started with her and the DNC bought and paid for lies about Russia….Reality piece of advice…stop being part of the fake news CNN, MSNBC club….don’t worry Rachel MadCow can cry alligator tear on Q for losing you as a customer…and listen to a real scholar of the law and the Constitution..Mark Levin,..

    • walt jones says:

      Name ONE crime TRUMP commited, and your darlings in the Dimbocrap party are condoning the MURDER of babies, condoning the drug smuggling , pull your head out of your ass and look around you!!

    • Linda Lofton says:

      Please list all of Trumps crimes. He has been investigated by the Independent counsel for over two years and they have come up with zilch!! I bet if someone investigated you down to what underwear you wore they might find something on you. The media and Americans are following the people in Congress with the “biggest mouths” making the most “outlandish statements”. Both Betata O’Rouke and Occasional Kotex not only say the stupidest things, their solutions are down right dangerous and blatantly ignorant. They are hard to ignore is for nothing else than their complete lack of intelligent thinking. Do away with ICE and borders?? Do away with all fossil fuels and out law cars, planes and nuclear power??? You AGREE with them? Then I am sorry BUT YOU need a reality check!!! You also fall into the “bag of idiots” that someone left open and have escaped into the halls of Congress to run off their mouths with things like anti-Semitism (Omar and the Talib) Sharia law, 70% taxes, free stuff for all if you want to work or NOT. And the leader of them all, Ms Nancy who is not sure what holiday it is or who calls President Bush President Butch. REALLY??? You believe you have any kind of argument defending these morons??? Paleese go back under your rock and leave the policy making to people who have functioning brains!!

    • ROBERT says:

      Hes really saying kotex cortez is the real MURDER

    • John Decker says:

      How about you do a reality check? Mueller is done. Trump is innocent.

  3. Michael says:

    Best to check her background and then understand he posit. If she’s what you all think she’ll embezzle; steal, lie, cheat or forge or maybe all of the aforementioned dastardly events.
    Frankly, she doesn’t understand economics but that what you get when you promise people a house, free medical, free food… Really, where are those luxury’s dispensed in the world?

    • Gailon Arthur Joy says:

      That summary is correct, but do not use her fortune, use the tax-payers dollars to support her radical left agenda…she needs to go back to school and get re-educated in American origins and goals, and stop thinking communism was a great idea…it did not work once and never will, despite their idealistic thinking!!! This is America and not CUBA!!! Give her a one way ticket!!!

  4. PAT FLOWERS says:

    Cortez need to be in jail

  5. John J says:

    spic maggot with constipation of the brain and diarrhea of the mouth

    • Mark says:


    • Poetic justice,would be for an MS13 member to kill her

      • Joseph R Zacharko says:

        Hello hayward stewart

        My friend, I feel your anger and frustration over a retard like Cortez! An idiot who gets news coverage and promises people who don’t want to work in the first place, free money, healthcare, housing, ext.. but doesn’t know the 3 branches of govt, thinks she’s gonna have an inauguration, and sign bills into law! WTF?? She clearly doesn’t belong in Congress, but somehow they want her to make decisions on the welfare of 350 million Americans! AGAIN WTF!!! She’s an embarrassment to our govt, the American people, and to the country as a whole! I agree with your statement, that would be poetic justice!!
        This Green Deal is a joke but to her district of lazy retards who don’t want to work, which we know is true because they voted for her! Will also be appealing to all millennials, another class of people who don’t want to work, are going to be something we will have to deal with!! They are going to be a force we will have to squash!! May GOD, YES GOD bless Trump, all Trump supporters and keep them safe from the violent satanic communist liberal Demoncrats, like BLM, ANTIFA, and Demoncrat party!!!!

  6. Eric Miller says:

    And how much energy does it take to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen? And where is that separation achieved, and by what process? Sounds like net power would be zero.

  7. New York got what it voted for. Everyone who is running away from New York better leave their hair brain politics behind.

  8. Michael Skok says:

    This is what comes out of Boston University and most of our universities. The time to size up a politician is before an election not after an election.

  9. N says:

    Treason is a badge of honor for the NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party and RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception, Fake News (Russian Collusion Hoax) the list is endless! And the clueless minions that follow them!

    • george says:

      after seeing how the libs want muslims in our govt., want abortion to be law to kill babies, it is time to clean up these idiots, the Mueller investigation is a crime in it’s self, over two years of his witch hunt, finding zip, you got this idiot governor, soon to be ex I hope , racist, liar and wants to run for president, you this other idiot lawyer, who coached the nut women who could not remember any thing but drinking beer, you got bernie,al sharpen,tax cheat, a bunch of other nitwits who want to be president, and their backers, people like Vietnam jane and her dopey brother, the whoopster on the pew show and her whole crew, the foul mouth griffith, baldwn,b.mahr,cobert host on late tv, another idiot, the devoted Catholic who is in favor of abortion, the Indian fake who wants to be president, maxine nut, scuimbager,the CA. governor, another waste, the hollywood trash, and do these idiots expect the American people to vote for them who already put muslims in our govt.

    • Rose says:

      Some one needs to educate the people on free stuff. Think about what it would look like if they could bring all of the things they want to fruition. If we could get free health care…..we would never be able to see a doctor……too many people to get in and besides, if there were medicare for all, there would be no one who would go into Medicine they would not be able to make enough money to survive, so no doctors! How about colleges? How would every student that graduates from high school find room to go to collage? Free collage would be over run with people who would go because they could, not because they really want to. A lot do that now, but at last they ave to pay for it now. Anyway how could collages pay for good professors if they can not have the money to do that? Who would even want to be professors, if they cannot make enough to live off of it? One of the important things we need to think of……… how do we pay for all of this FREE STUFF?? Oh that is right… people 90% of what they make! Lets see….that would mean that we actually are just working for the government, we would not be able to own our homes. buy food, clothing or anything else that we now consider important to a happy productive life. In other words the government could control every aspect of our lives, from birth to death, pretty much like Communist CHINA. You know if things sound too good to be true,…….. For people who think their lives would be so much better with FREE STUFF…………………… careful what you wish for!

  10. Jack says:

    If you are truly concerned about the way children are handled at the border, you might want to bring it up with Obama since it was his presidential order that brought that about.

  11. carmen says:


    • Alex says:

      Unfortunately, seeing the results of the last election and how close the popular vote between President Trump & Hilaria$$ was…., there are a whole lot of brain dead idiots out there-I’m not really sure what to call them other than treasonous dogs; an obvious insult to dogs everywhere!

      • Lee Martinsen says:

        Close? How is Trump beating the snot out of Hitlery by millions of votes, close? Hitlery had millions of votes, by illegals invaders in Kalifornee, and hundreds of thousands of dead people voting for Hitlary in Colorado.

        • george says:

          I agree 100 percent, and look how they cried, the Electoral College has been the law of the land for ever, put in by all parties, now these morons claim because hiliaryface won the pop vote, by illegal votes and dead peoples, want to change it to the pop vote, if they had won the elect vote and lost the pop vote not a word would be said, and look at facts, hiliary; deleted 1000’s of emails, got Americans killed at BenGazhi , and her daughter says she left the Church at the age of 6 because her Sunday School talked about abortion,, the clinton’s cried poor mouth, stating they were broke, yet her and williybilly the hide the weenie champ in the oval office with millions of dollars, their daughter worth big bucks,gave her a 3 million dollar wedding , moved in a 10 million dollar house with a mortgage payment equal to what they charge the tax payers for rent for the secret service living on their property, and to top it all , on national tv, calling half of America citizens Deplorable’s, and this is the kind of people we want to lead our country ? cannot wait to see the 2020 election.f

        • Rose says:

          You are right,Lee. 3 million votes in California, but he won the Electoral College votes, that is why the Democrats want to change it so that.only the big states would be able to win and control the elections.

      • Linda H says:

        Alex, I know I am late on this but I just found this site. I would rather be called a dog than a Dem. Dogs are smarter. They don’t wait until their babies are born and then kill them. They have more love and compation than all those baby killers put together.

  12. Marilynn Reeves says:

    Too bad it was not her.

  13. Casey says:

    Since she is just starting her career… who knows! Maybe she’ll have more people killed than the Clintons before she is done.

  14. Guenther says:

    If Cortez was connected to a murder what is she doing in congress whats up with the New Yorker’s are they that stupid to vote here in ? Besides where is the FBI ah more interested to take our President down what a shame what are the Democrats turning into

  15. Francisco Machado says:

    It escapes Ocasio that a person, even if they are a citizen, surrenders certain rights – among them the right to remain free of incarceration – by the voluntary violation of the nation’s laws. Entering the United States as an undocumented citizen of another country without undergoing certain specified protocols is against the law and, despite the Progressive passion for letting criminals out of jail and giving them the vote, has significant deserved consequences for the apprehended lawbreaker.

  16. Kevin says:

    I finally figured out what AOC stands 4!!
    Assault On Commonsense….
    What do ya think???
    Mr. Ed lookin, Forrest Gump sounding numb nippled waste of human flesh, taking up oxygen that someone viable could use!!????????????????????????????????????????

  17. DJRF says:

    With all the good women in our society the mouthy ignorant ones are always elected. AND those are ones that are trying to remove the 2nd amendment. I would think it better than to do that would be to remove the 19th amendment that gave women the right to vote and to hold office. That would kick out Pelosi and Cortez in a heartbeat. It could later be restored as we are not as smart as our founding forefathers, and that is proven by the stupid ways we elect such stupid people such as Pelosi and Cortex. We deserve such a setback to get us on the right track again. Don’t these nincompoops know that the attempt to take away our firearms, and other such items is what started our Revolutionary War?

    • Irma says:

      Gosh! Brilliant idea. Maybe we should sacrifice a little to win the war. Submit this idea to Trump, then he can restore it after the poisons are gone

  18. Timothy Toroian says:

    I’m getting tired of hearing about this woman. I think I will ignore her unless she demonstrates more cleverness as she did with Amazon. That kind of abject stupidity must be recognized. That is on the same level as neutrality was before Japan bombed Pearl.

  19. Paul McCann says:

    Democrats look at Americans murdered by illegal aliens as acceptable collateral damage,( wrong!). One death is too many.

    • Janet says:

      Unfortunately Paul. You hit the nail on the head. I,m an old lady but unless they changed the definition of the word illegal, it means it,s a crime. So these people are breaking the law as opposed to those who are immigrants who came here legally.

  20. Tom says:

    This women is sick in the head. She needs to have her head examined before she can continue on in her position.

  21. Jeffery Brett Koller says:

    The “FACE” of the “new” Democratic party! Be CONCERNED, VERY CONCERNED!!!

  22. Steelie says:

    To John Decker re post below.
    John Decker February 11, 2019 at 3:00 pm
    Help me get this straight. The Constitution applies to everyone in the U.S., citizen or illegal. That’s your claim? So if Ding Dong Ping from China ships a billion Chinese over here two days before our next Presidential election, they are all eligible to vote, and can write in Ding Dong Ping on their ballots? Vacationing French can vote for Macron? Aliens from Area 51 have been voting since the 50’S?
    Well, that would explain votes for Democrats. And it’s all OK according to the Constitution. You’re sure you don’t want to walk that back?

    Steelie February 13, 2019 at 7:51 pm
    ou. jDecker. chi-coms In the population of
    Billions HAVE
    MANY to ‘Spare’.
    >Dems Have NO ‘contact’ 0n ‘that Level (yet)
    0nly S. & Central Americas, for now.

  23. manueo says:

    We dont have enough tax dollars to support freeloaders anymore our national debt is high enough if demos want open boders let them adopt all this illegals take them home and support them we tax payers are tired of all this nonesence.

    • george says:

      The wall must be built, isn’t common sense , it is better to spend 5 billion one time then spend billions every year to handle these illegals flooding our country. palosi and sciumbager want these people to flood our country, they co not care we the tax payers have to foot the bill, they need their votes, because no decent American will vote for baby killers, muslim lovers and crooks, proved it with Hiliary.

  24. Cortez is dangerous woman She is Maduro’s cousin Both of them are dictator

  25. we should defund congressional protection/security teams until these crazy sob’s quit letting criminal illegals into our country–also we should stop foreign aide to all countries that send these illegals to our country

  26. zee says:

    IN Ignoring all the KrAAp for a few minutes –

    DID ANY0NE SEE POTUS In El Paso ???
    WAS AWESOME !!! 105 min. Non-Stop Pure Captivation.
    8-10,000 + 1000’s 0utside .
    >The Support was Crazy HIGH ENERGY/Awesome !!!
    > DJT speech (mostly ‘free -style) WAS His
    ‘casual’ SOTU.
    > Find a review / Settle back & ‘catch’ it. ASAP.
    better than msm or being on this site .

  27. Jack Handy says:

    To ‘esdudiante.’
    > Knock knoc. My name is
    Rashida Tlaib. >0mar & ocasio
    are w/ me. & ‘we don’t like you
    ‘american’ ppl. & ‘stupid ppl put us
    in 0ffice to ‘screw USA over’. Even you.

  28. Bryce Thompson says:

    look at the high waste, and pollution our cars are producing, a 200 mpg Porge vapor carburetor sitting in the patient office collecting dust, liquid gas does not burn, Volkswagen has a 264 mpg diesel not coming here, boycott the oil company owned auto company’s, spread the word.
    The only thing that will bring us out of this depression is free energy, hydrogen from water, have this as your debate, you can make all the hydrogen, as you drive from a tank of water, you know our space shuttles,are powered by hydrogen / oxygen made from water, tell every one not buy a new car / truck, to boycott the auto company’s, when they can’t sell their pieces of junk low mileage vehicles, they will have to bring out water to hydrogen powered vehicles, and kits to change the vehicles now that we have, just think what our world would be like with free energy. Do you want your world back? spread the word boycott the auto company’s that are destroying our world. the inventor of the water to hydrogen auto was murdered by our Democrat Government, get
    mad get real mad of the Democrats. Also audit all the Senator’s and representatives, they have wasted, and stole our money, make them repay all, and tax them. Do these 2 things, and the Demo rats will be finished, don’t do this and the civil war, will escalate, and the economy will collapse, get this out all over the USA. this is the only thing that will bring the economy around.put this out , and spread the word to boycott the auto company’s don’t buy a new car/ or truck. do this Trump, and we will have our dreams back again.

    • Richard R. says:

      Yeah, prove you can run our cars and trucks on water. It’s stupid to think this is true. This would have already been implemented if it were true. You don’t understand the concept. All that fire coming out of the rocket boosters are not made from Hydrogen. You’re dreaming. Now go back to sleep.

    • Eric Miller says:

      And how much energy does it take to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen? And where is that separation achieved, and by what process? Sounds like net power would be zero.

      • Mark says:


  29. Rogers Raman says:

    My dad came to the Bronx to get his Phd in Physics legally from India. A lot of uneducated people came illegally from India. As a result, it is now t is difficult for many educated people to come legally from India. There has to be control in immigration.

  30. John Murphy says:

    This is for all Democrats. If you want open boarders, they need to open there homes up, feed, clothing, medical care and education. I do not want my tax dollars spent on illegal immigrants.

  31. Karen says:

    THIS gets me more steamed: The Trump tax bill, that gave 83% of the benefits to the richest 1%, gave slight tax breaks THE FIRST YEAR to avoid middle and working class people they were “taken.” This year (for FY 2018) many are awakening to the fact their taxes are MORE (check yours out):

    Despite my income and withholding staying the same, my refund decreased by about 66%. Who gained from the deficit exploding tax cut? Not the middle class!
    The IRS said the average refund is down roughly 8%. Refunds for the first full year of the overhauled tax code averaged $1,865 compared to $2,035 for tax year 2017.

    • ron says:

      your refund is not the of how taxes you paid it is the sum of over payment you need to take your total tax bill an this year an compare it to last year if gross is identical what is your tax bill i love you people who the gov is giving you something i don,t give any more than i need to

    • PeterB says:

      How much did your take home pay go up after the tax cut? If you pay less taxes you get a smaller refund.

    • Wayne says:

      Karen: the issue here is open borders and democrats given more rights to the illegals than to Americans. Who gives a darn about your tax refund, at least you are getting one. But I guess you will open your house to the illegals, give them shelter, food, medical care and education. I will direct them to your house when they come across illegally.

      • george says:

        karen is a complete idiot, she must be a dem, she cannot figure out that if you take more pay home an no in crease on the tax, you will get a lower tax refund, she does not see that since the clintons/obums left, less people out of work, stock market up, no more 4 or 5 dollar s for a gallon of gas, black Friday had the biggest spending then ever in history, no more firing o rockets from N. Korea, a president who is trying to stop the dems from making it legal to kill babies, the economiy up, interest rate going up on savings and CD’s and this nit wit complaining about getting a smaller refund, she belongs in the demwit party.

    • Freedom Rules says:

      Liar 83% Did Not Go To The 1%, You Are Just Parroting The Communist Lefts Lie…

    • JR Voss says:

      Karen, before you assume you’re paying more taxes. Look at last year’s tax withheld from your paycheck or pension fund. It should have been less. Therefore, when you take the % of taxes compared to your net income, it should come up less than year 2017. That’s why a lot of end of year’s refund is less. Read Ron’s statement, he’s saying the same thing.

    • D.A.N. says:

      My deductions per month were not changed from 2017 to 2018. So in 2018, I paid in more taxes on April 15th. This year, I will be getting a refund. The first time in decades. So if you don’t see a lower amount owed for the whole year, you must be on welfare.

    • Mark Kane says:


    • Bill says:

      You believe thd IRS? WTF!

  32. Tim Shepperson says:

    This whack job needs to be put away in a home.

  33. Tom says:

    Ever notice how Patriot Pulse clearly wants to stir up all the anger, or blood boiling as possible? I just don’t like anyone who tries to hook me by emotions – — whether fear, anger or even love.

    • Wayne says:

      That’s what the democrats do.

    • Shirley says:

      You are exactly right. They get you all riled up, then you write what you think should be done and they won’t print it. I don’t use profanity, or anything offensive, only what would be morally the right thing to do and it never gets printed. I’m glad you feel the same way. I’ve threatened to stop reading this thing because it makes my blood boil every time they do that to me. So this just made up my mind. Thanks.

  34. Barbara Gobel says:

    If the Democrat’s get in Office in 2020 we are royally screwed this will be a Muslim Country.
    Why do the Politicians have walls around their Property??? To keep themselves safe & Hell to the U.S. Citizens? They have Body Guards that go everywhere with them because they are afraid to walk by them selves??? but they won’t build the Wall to keep us safe. I have an idea they don’t want the Wall built, tear down their walls, get rid of their Body Guards, we can’t have Body Guards, they are no better than us. Send all Illegals back to their own Country we have Veterans living on the street, Our Government turned their backs on them, but bend over backwards to help Illegals. Freedom isn’t Free someone paid the price with their Life. I am so tired of hearing about the Illegals rights, what about Our Rights. President Trump is doing everything in his Power to keep us safe & to make America Great Again. Obama Sold Out the U.S. Along Hilary Clinton. God Bless America & All American Citizens.

    • STAN M says:

      I agree.. The moment these SOB’s step foot on U.S. soil they have already broke the law. Jail them all, and WALK them all back to Mexico. NO rides.

      • Lisa Glabere says:

        I think we should have well armed ICE agents and National Guard on the border with large signs saying step one foot over the border and we fire a warning shot, put the second foot over and we are authorized to shoot you. I don’t think it would take long for them to get the message. They need to realize that we are serious about keeping illegal s out of the country,because let’s face it they are an invasion force and they need to be stopped.

    • Ellen says:

      So true , Barbara .What the president asking for is a small amount of$$$ for our safety & security . The Dems only objective on all issues is to get rid of Pres. Trump ! We all can see this is a truth . America needs Trump !!!!

    • William says:

      I agreel Barbara Goble.

    • Donna M Kelley says:


    • Bug says:

      Amen Barbara. Perfectly said. My sentiments exactly!

  35. Alex says:

    I guess I miss the point!



  36. ocd or bug eye is going to be short lived in demorat party .

    • George Kehl says:

      NO, not bug eye well yeah, sort of, but look at those horse teeh in that big big losers mouth. Sorry to insult a horsebut watch out for them teeth.. All DEMONRATS in DC should be accountable for all the MURDERS of AMERICAN CITZENS by these ILLEGALS. WATTERS< SCHUMER, PELOSI CORTEZ and so forth and so on…

    • William Travers says:

      This is the first picture I have seen when her mouth is not wide open and her eyes bulging out of her head. Still, she is one twisted individual.

  37. Douglas says:

    ¬¬The Destruction Party

    God: POWER
    Heaven: WEALTH at the expense of others
    Religion: SEX
    Sacrament: ABORTION
    Hymns: Racism and Bigotry. Anti-guns. False Accusations. I’m a victim.
    Smear. Guilty until proven innocent. Impeachment. Intimidate. Defend the Swamp. Open the Borders. Attack Law enforcement. Demonstrate. Destroy property. Insult all Christians and white men. Harbor no remorse. Only my biases and politics matters. What Morals. History does not matter. Political Correctness. Rights and Freedoms come from government not GOD.
    Catechism: Make laws from the bench. Destroy the Constitution. Oppose all vintage of Capitalism and Conservatism. Attack Free Speech. DNA of HATE. Global warming.
    Worship: Every day. Every Hour.
    Objectives: Freedom and Justice are an illusion. Public opinion over rules Truth. Facts do not matter. Search and Destroy.
    The Bible: Rules for Radicals.

    Just another deflection tactic.

  38. Douglas says:

    ¬¬The Destruction Party

    God: POWER
    Heaven: WEALTH at the expense of others
    Religion: SEX
    Sacrament: ABORTION
    Hymns: Racism and Bigotry. Anti-guns. False Accusations. I’m a victim.
    Smear. Guilty until proven innocent. Impeachment. Intimidate. Defend the Swamp. Open the Borders. Attack Law enforcement. Demonstrate. Destroy property. Insult all Christians and white men. Harbor no remorse. Only my biases and politics matters. What Morals. History does not matter. Political Correctness. Rights and Freedoms come from government not GOD.
    Catechism: Make laws from the bench. Destroy the Constitution. Oppose all vintage of Capitalism and Conservatism. Attack Free Speech. DNA of HATE. Global warming.
    Worship: Every day. Every Hour.
    Objectives: Freedom and Justice are an illusion. Public opinion over rules Truth. Facts do not matter. Search and Destroy.
    The Bible: Rules for Radicals.

    Just another deflection tactic.

  39. willy d says:

    Why can’t we use the Red Flag Laws against her, she is definitely a threat to herself and others, she should be committed and thoroughly checked out as to not being a threat to herself or anyone else!

  40. zee says:

    Her District. Brazen MS13 murder.
    Abolish ICE &( Air Travel)
    >Pro 0pen borders.
    >Doesn’t Care re NY Full Term
    Abortion Rule.
    >29 yrs old ( Now IN Congress!)
    On & 0n.
    > To ‘dissident Dems on this site : IS
    This What you ‘stand for’ ?
    (b/cuz media ‘told you’ to ‘hate’ ? POTUS &
    you are sucked in, hook-line- & sinker.

    • mick says:

      Her and a few other questionables should be vetted,now, by an oversite committee. Obama slid through without it and still has questions with no firm answers.Let’s not let that happen again.

      • Jerry says:

        AOC should be deported because she is a national security risk. Shame on those who voted her and many like her to congress. You all must hate America.

        • Richard says:

          No Jerry, they are just misfits from New York. The good New Yorkers should kick them out of the State. As long as they done come to Texas.
          It takes some really retarded folks to vote someone to Congress like AOC.

      • Tom says:

        Why is it not like that for all of the elected. Another thing why don’t they have to submit to random drug tests like all of our military are.

        • Bob says:

          Since so up for open borders, getting rid of ice etc. why not invite her new friends MS 13 to her home addresss so she can open up her doors to them. Only fair .

        • Deplorable Lanie says:

          And if they are SO interested in seeing President Trump’s tax returns, than why don’t they submit their tax returns to the public for review? The President had to go through quite a process of divesting (Which AOC says he didn’t) or he would not have been allowed to be President. But these individuals in Congress make $174K per year, and somehow become millionaires?? That makes no sense whatsoever!

      • Mimi says:

        Another one that needs to be investigated is Omar she wrote to a judge to try and get shorter sentences for 5 men that were caught trying to go join isis. Then she tried to get insurance payouts for terrorists family’s that have killed Americans. Then she was appointed to the foreign affairs committee where she should never have Been placed where she can hear political secrets of war.

  41. Terry L Earl says:

    Just who voted YES????

  42. John says:

    Concern American
    The problem with the people in government is they don’t experience the problems working people have
    A border wall would not effect them
    They don’t have to compete with illegal aliens for work
    Tucker Carlson asked a question how does diversity make us stronger
    I would think it would be just the opposite it makes us weaker
    When diversity overwhelmed the system were no longer a country

  43. Tart says:

    I am a little surprised there have been no comments about how bleeding-heart Occasio Kotex cries about families being “ripped apart”. They expect to be separated FOR A BRIEF TIME. But where is her compassion for the infants being slaughtered at birth, a new legal form of murder that she supports?Is that not more cruel than a brief separation?

    • Alan says:

      The main reason she doesn’t speak about abortion is because the Democrats supports the killing of innocent babies. But believe they will answer for this one day when they have to bow before God and give an account of why they did not stand up for the unborn children.

      • Jeannie says:

        People like her and Nancy and good ole Chuck think that they’re above the rest of us. They don’t believe in God and they certainly don’t believe they’ll stand b4 him one day. But they will. And they’ll realize all of their “power” was worth their punishment. But it will be too late to cry I’m sorry. U get one chance at life. And Nancy is nearing the end of hers. Its a shame she’s not near as smart as she thinks she is. When she falls into hell for eternity she won’t be able to send a memo to all her buddies telling them how wrong she was. No paper and pens there. Just fire and brimstone and screaming forever & ever. What a shame how she’s wasted her life being used by satan. What a shame…what a waste…

  44. Pat says:

    A-hole Cortez
    I wouldn’t worry about anything she says It will never go nowhere this is all an act someone has a hand up her back that moves her mouth
    George soros

  45. Carl J Bujan says:

    People like Cortez and the people that voted for her are the real danger to our country.

  46. Carl J Bujan says:

    People like Cortez and the people that voted for her are the real danger to our country.

  47. Wayne says:

    This girl is young and dumb and full of you know what. She should resign from office and grow up. Her ideas sound like some kid trying to get her point across. Go home and grow up. You dance better than a congress woman I ever saw. You missed your calling. Take the hint girl.

  48. David Forler says:

    The left IS THE PARTY OF RACISM, BIGOTRY, HATE,Racial divide-with NO intention of Racial Harmony. The left EXPLOITs MLK to advance their TRUE Communist takeover of Russia(USSR), Hitlers overthrow of the German People. The left is actively Attempting to OVERTHROW AMERICA. The difference between the USSR and Nazi Germany is, FREE MEN, PATRIOTS will NEVER ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN. THE left can terminate the constitution, bill of rights and declare Marshall law, BUT THEY SHALL ALL be the first targets of the AMERICAN PATRIOT.

  49. krymson says:

    Has anyone checked to see if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a citizens of these United States?

    • krymson says:

      To Vogue Magazine, Ocasio-Cortez said, “My family is three generations deep in the Bronx, and my own mother can’t afford to live in the same city, in the same state as me anymore, because it’s gotten too expensive.”

      I find this interesting because she claims her mother was born in Puerto Rico and her father was born in the Bronx.

      “I was born to a dad who was born in the South Bronx while the Bronx was burning, while landlords were committing arson to their own buildings,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

      Ocasio-Cortez continued, “He grew up as a kid with five people in a one-bedroom apartment, and my mom was born in poverty in Puerto Rico. But they met out there, they got married, came back, and had me, and as 20-somethings they were able to take out a small loan and get an apartment in the Bronx, and have me. And the idea of that, for two working-class 20-somethings, it’s almost unimaginable in New York City anymore.”

      Why would a young man, born in the Bronx, go to a poverty-stricken section of Puerto Rico to find a wife, get her pregnant and bring her back to the United States to have their baby? Sounds like a plan to stay in the United States, illegally. Were either of Ocasio-Cortez’s parents really citizens? Is anything she claims true? Is she a product of a defunct law allowing anyone born within our borders to become a citizen by birth, without regard for whom their parents are and from where they came?

    • Dennis Cofield says:


    • robert says:

      no she is not from any place that has brains she has none at all. she should go home and hide her face.

  50. Les says:

    This idiot female may be nothing more than a test case to see just how gullible the DEMONRAT voters really are!!! They know she is both ignorant and “unconnected” so disposing of her down the road will not be difficult. But what is apparent is that the far left is able to do just about anything it wants without having to suffer the consequences of their actions . . . If Nasty Pelosi dislikes her we KNOW she will be gone soon . . .2020???

  51. Estell says:

    Absolutely NO foreign born and/or non native American should be allowed in political office. They care NOTHING about our country or our people. And there should be an age limit of 70 to run for office or to be on the Supreme Court.

  52. Thomas Goss says:

    some ILLEGALS should KILL this stupid bitch aoc and ALL the morons who voted for this scum sucking thing should be deported to Mexico.

  53. Caesar Meledandri says:

    I once again rail against the most ignorant woman on the planet. Her green deal and her open borders are the worst ideas set forth from the democrats. Here she is the stupid darling of the left and where are the intelligent members of congress?? Her rhetoric is divisive and yet Pelosi and company say nothing. Shame on all of you democrats.

  54. John J says:

    This red lipped project tramp is getting WAY too much attention

  55. Nancy B, says:

    Who would invite any of these asylum seekers to stay at their house, for an extended period of time?
    How foolish are we?

  56. michael says:

    trying to blame her for someone killed her district would be like trying to blame trump for someone killed in his hotels. conservatives are so hypocritical!!

    • Rick says:

      Are you dumb..? She blamed ICE for a murder that happened in her district, is ICE to blame for every murder in her pisshole district..????? She obviously doesn’t care about her own district trying to relocate that murder to a ICE detention center rather than focusing on the district she is suppose to be representing.

    • Ralph shelley says:

      She’s part of the problem with her looping reasoning!

    • John Dendy says:

      You are a fool. Trump is against the gangs and this stupid woman blames the agency trying to stop the gangs. Your stupidity is incredible.

      Get a clue dumb azz

    • Eugene Ward says:

      Hypocritical? the naivety of ignorant leftists like yourself never fail to amaze in a common sense atmosphere, the woman is a trained plant in this country to disrupt simple minds such as yours. you say to blame her for something committed on her watch is as wrong as someone blaming Trump for the same thing, YET there you are, using Trump as your scape goat, now who’s the hypocrite?

    • Statesman Patriot says:

      No, Ocasio-Kotex and Dumbocrats are hypocritical. And you, like all other libtard simpletons, just don’t underatand the difference.
      No one is blaming her directly for the murders. Her involvement is doing all she can to allow the murderers to come into the US to commit their crimes.
      You are a typical dumbass libtard!!!

  57. Gerard says:

    ““I will not give one dollar to black-box detention facilities that think that some people in this country are deserving of constitutional protections and others are not,” Ocasio-Cortez added. “We are a land of laws, what that means is that every person that steps foot on this soil deserves … to have access to our Bill of Rights.”

    Hey AOC the Constitution and Bill of rights only applies to American Citizens. C-I-T-I-Z-E-N-S!!! What part of that don’t you get.

    This is why that every Congress from this point on needs to take a course in the Constitution and be tested on it and pass BEFORE they can run for office. If they fail they can take the course again and be re-tested. If they fail again they will be barred from ever running for Congress. This applies to State, County and Town municipalities. This and term limits and doing away with the Party System will help reshape our Government.

    • Pneeb419 says:

      Actually, that’s not true. Our constitution applies to ALL who are in this country…legally and illegally. The constitution is the foundation of our laws. Our laws must be followed by ALL who are in this country…legally and illegally…whether you agree with them or not. If you don’t agree with them, then work to get them changed. CBE protects our borders…not ICE. ICE enforces our immigration laws. Our immigration laws state that if you are not in this country legally, you must leave. I don’t always agree with how ICE enforces those laws, but it IS an entity that must exist. The only way I would agree with defunding ICE is if every person in this country followed our immigration laws…only then would there be no need for them.

      • krymosn says:


        You are partially correct in your assessment of non-citizens. Evert person in the United States has the right to think freely and express their views, but they are not entitled to the First Amendment rights to assemble, peaceably or otherwise, to address grievances against the government. If immigrants have not sworn to support this government, they are not citizens, nor do they have aright to grieve against our government.

        Article IV, Section 2 describes freedoms for “citizens” of varying states, with the key word being “citizens”, not immigrants: legal or illegal.

        Voting rights extend to citizens and only citizens of these United States, not immigrants.

        Immigration laws describe the path immigrants must take to become citizens. Those who live here illegally and refuse to follow this path are to be deported and never allowed to vote.

      • Statesman Patriot says:

        You are NOT correct.
        Some consitutional provisions apply to noncitizens but the entire constitution applies ONLY to citizens.
        Suggest you go study the Federalist papers that explains the reasons the constitution was written as it was.

      • John Decker says:

        Help me get this straight. The Constitution applies to everyone in the U.S., citizen or illegal. That’s your claim? So if Ding Dong Ping from China ships a billion Chinese over here two days before our next Presidential election, they are all eligible to vote, and can write in Ding Dong Ping on their ballots? Vacationing French can vote for Macron? Aliens from Area 51 have been voting since the 50’S?
        Well, that would explain votes for Democrats. And it’s all OK according to the Constitution. You’re sure you don’t want to walk that back?

    • Anne says:

      Perfect, she is such a stupid female
      And Yes make All of them have to take ALL OF THE COURCES ABOUT OUR COUNTRY!!! AND Prove they sat thru it!! NO HELP FROM Any of the others!!

  58. Michelle Greer says:

    “this is a nation of laws” followed by “everyone who sets foot in it is entitled to ‘the bill of rights'”? Failing to remember, *ILLEGAL* immigrants are *BREAKING* THE EFFING LAW! What a complete moron.

    • D.A.N. says:

      In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny, “What a maroon”. But even a rabbit would have better ideas than this idiot in CONgress does.

  59. John Schneider says:

    This is the stupidest Meskin I have seen in Government with the the exception of maybe DeLeon from, you guessed it Cali-Mexico. She should be deported. The Wetbacks are illegal and have NO protection under the Bill of Rights Bitch.

  60. Proud vet says:

    I think this little Muslim to it should be removed from the car as I don’t hear one Republican crying out about having her removed or that Muslim removed for older serpents tongue evil but they’ve been spewing against the American people in America. Both of us should be deported. If any Democrat opens her mouth especially with a pencil neck screwball Adam Schiff he already tried convicted and hang for treason. Adam Schiff is eating and abetting he’s also colluding with people to make an issue out of a non-issue against Mr. Trump which they have been doing with mouth Maxine Waters before Trump ever got in the White House. I guess we have nobody and Congress in the so-called Republican Party that’s supposed to be representing us so I guess it’s going to have to be after we the people to take our country back that’s the only answer that I see, as the treason and the Tierney and the unequal application of the law ,Totally out of control, and let’s not forget how many men and women have lost their lives fighting for this nation and how many men and women have laid your lives on the line for this nation, I’m sure it’s not for these communist who been in power hiding behind a democrat for the last hundred years.

  61. Linda Burreson says:

    This is why it is so important to get out and vote!!

    • Susan M says:

      The only problem with this, is that these illegals, dead people, and multi votes from one person are also voting (voting fraud). You can’t even trust the elections to be fair anymore.

      • krymosn says:

        Which is the reason, and the ONLY reason, Democrats oppose Voter ID! They register illegals and welcome “open-borders” to bolster their voter pool. How do you think Roy Cooper defeated Pat McCrory (2016 gubernatorial race in N.C.)? A Federally mandated ruling (issued from a NAACP partition) from a judge, appointed by Obama, gave several Durham County precincts(NC) a two hour extension to vote. When the late results were calculated, Roy Cooper (Dem) moved from being 1.5% behind Pat McCrory (Rep) to the elected governor in 2016.

        • Bug says:

          Krymorsn, I know McCrory didn’t lose. Burns me up!
          There’s so much cheating going on that there’s probably 10 or more that shudnt be there!

  62. Michael Hughes says:

    And where did this illegal alien get the gun? I’m fairly confident that it wasn’t purchased through legal channels, especially in New York.

    • krymson says:

      This is why we have no need for more “Gun Control” laws. We do not have a “gun Violence” problem; we have a “People Violence” problem. So long as liberals control our judicial system, we will have violence, without regard for any law: old or new. Until we return to executing serial killers and violent murderers, these violent acts will continue. When liberalism grants life in prison to proven murderers, instead of the Death Penalty, violent people will still kill, rape, and continue to commit violent crimes.

  63. Frank says:

    All these people coming here falsely claiming asylum know what the routine is. They are the one placing themselves and any children they bring with them in danger, especially when they enter illegally. They are in violation of the law and only due to stupid legislation are they allowed to enter the country and allowed to get “lost” . They should be denied entrance to the country and told to go home. Mexico allows them to pass through their country to get here. If Mexico does not stop them from entering their country, then they should become Mexico’s problem. I have been a proponent of War with Mexico for at least 20 years. They have never been a friend to the United States and we should make it clear that their cooperation with these invaders will no longer be tolerated.

    • Nick Byrne says:

      I agree Frank. Instead, we or our government rewards these rogue nations with OUR tax money they label foreign aid for fighting against the American people.

      Once more: you can’t steal from an empty pot. And, that is what it is all about.

  64. Breaker 19 says:

    Every Democrat has something that they always go back to when they want to accuse President Trump of something. Her’s is the same as about all the other Democrats have used over and over again. The terrible way Trump is stripping the illegals kids from the women and putting the mother in a detention center.
    They broke the law when they crossed the border illegally. What happens to the American citizen when they break the law? Do they put the kids in jail with their parents? Of course not.
    They are usually picked up by DSS and held until the parent gets out of jail. When is it OK for the law to seperate the American parent from their children when they break the law, but not if you are an illegal? Trump did everything he could to keep from seperating the children from their parents, but that wasn’t good enough for the Democrats. I never seen so many deranged people in one party before. Do they not have one person that is not half crazy?

    • Agree………I am an American Citizen. If I commit a crime, I am arrested, and CPS takes my children into custody. Generally winding up in Foster Homes. The Government pays for their Foster Care. This entire USA government has gone crazy. ????

    • Jeanne says:

      No! The democrats today are a desperate, disgruntled bunch of sheep with no direction and no leader. They are trying to latch onto something to keep themselves alive but they are failing miserably. They are running scared and they have no place to go! ????

    • Nick Byrne says:

      They can do to the illegal child what they do to unwanted American child, and just kill them. Does that make sense? Or, are you beginning to get the TRUE picture? They don’t give a damn about these illegal children. They want open borders so they can destroy this government and implement thier one-world single, communist government.

  65. Jeannette Sorrell says:

    “the mind is a terrible thing to waste”. Only if she had a brain!! What bothers me is she is a role model to all of the very liberal young people of our country. They will actually believe everything she says even though she can not back it up! I am not sure a person in her capacity can be removed from office but there is probably away… disrespectful, immature, and even though they say she has an education I find it hard to believe. God help us!! ✝ ????????

  66. Old Fur Trapper says:

    This is business as usual in her region! Mexican trash running the streets and killing, raping, and robbing! Those were her hit squad evening up the score for some drug deal gone bad again!

  67. Sherry L Chase says:

    Terrorist! Remove her NOW.

  68. AG Macdonald says:

    The sooner Brooklyn wakes up and calls for this green bag of slime the better the USA will be. Outrageous and nothing less is how the NYC hamlet will be. If they think she’s so brilliant. NYC can become their own State and divorce itself from the rest of the State.

    This waitress needs to go to school and get a real education. Does the Swamp offer public education night school? She obviously lacks any semblance of having a formal education and the ability to use common sense, as well as the ability to crunch numbers.

    Above all that, she needs to learn how to communicate thoughts in a in proper American English.

    She’s no rock star in Congress as the “fake news” parades her pathetic brain child nonsense ” clean green” through the SWAMP.

    She’s on the path to be known as the “rock Scar” of Congress that could never make it to first base. She’s struck out in just five weeks of her first and hopefully, last term!

    • Marilyn says:

      Perhaps this demon woman will declare that the next action she will take is to fly to Mars on her broomstick and announce that she’s the queen of all those idiots who follow her there.

  69. guy says:

    Chucky Schumer’s & Cumo’s lil bitch, new yorks finest or should I say, the three stooges!!!

  70. Roger says:

    Satan’s Daughter and best little mouth whore looks more ignorant everyday. She’s been in office for how long and hasn’t learned a thing. She’s go dementia. Somebody use a crucifix on her chest and don’t sharpen the end.

  71. Bonnie says:

    She says we are a land of laws and then turned around and says because we are a land of laws we should take care of these illegals. They are breaking the law coming through the borders. Where is her logic and reasoning. How many has she put her money where her mouth is since she got such a great raise from bartender to the House of $174,000 year. She surely can adopt and keep some of these children herself.

    • JIM says:

      I wouldn’t worry too much about this little dumbass twit, she is just trying to impress her dumbass idols.

    • Laura Leach says:

      the pproblem with her is she has zero ability to think logically and has not an ounce of common sense! She is a total nitwit along with most of the other dems. None of them uses what brains they have. All they do is follow one another and repeat each others absurd and nonsensical talking points. They remind me of a cartoon showing a circle of dogs sniffing the butt of the dog in front doing nothing but that going in circles over and over. They are all nutso!!!

      • Ralph shelley says:

        She went to Boston University! Who’s spot did she take? Did she pay full price?

        • Laura Leach says:

          huh…maybe daddy called in a favor? She can’t even name the three branches of government, for goodness sake! I have no clue how she even made it out of high school with her lack of even some basic knowledge that is required learning to graduate . It scares the crap out of me that she is part of our legislative branch with her apparent ignorance of some critical skills necessary, ie; basic finance, U.S. history,, etc.

  72. William R Thompson Jr says:

    So, ICE, a Federal agency who’s funding has been approved in the Federal budget, which is approved by both parties, is now worse than MS-13? Who’s members are here illegally, and have to commit a criminal act to become a member of MS-13? They have to beat, rape, or murder, to become a member. How can you compare that with ICE?

    • T-pac says:

      She looks to be on Crack or something!! How anyone with an ounce of intelligence would listen to her America hatingBS needs to have their head examined. Her name should have been “ O’ Crazy O “ she obviously got the I don’t want to work vote along with some voter Fraud to win. Figures the Dumbocraps song Lie , Cheat and Steal from we the People

  73. Timothy Toroian says:

    I once heard her referred to Castro’s granddaughter, nope, she’s to his left. He also knew how to count.

  74. snooky says:

    We can put the blame on the democrats that are in off right now for this horrible horrible killing. The democrats have to start changing there ways or you will see a lot more of this going on. I blame Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer they are so bent on not giving Trump the money for a border wall it’s time to get off your high horse you two and start doing what the people in this country put you in office for do you here me. We the people do not owe you a damn thing but you owe the people of this great country United States the money so some type of wall or barrier can be built.

    • Estudiante says:

      Boy, strong women in congress–especially women of color scare the $#!+ out of you Republiclowns! Better get used to it; you’ll soon be calling Senator Elizabeth Warren “Madam President!”

      • UMCane says:

        , Strong women in Congress is one thing, but ignorant radical lunatic idiots like Ocasio Cortez is another. When asked what AOC would do to replace the air travel industry she wants to do away with because airplanes are bad for the environment she replied “high speed energy efficient trains”. To which left wing Hawaii Senator Hirono answered ‘not so fast”, no train service from Hawaii to West Coast. Somebody forget to tell Ocasio Cortez!!

      • Pat says:

        Don’t hold your breath.

      • Mary says:

        Haha. You got to be kidding!! She screwed up!!

      • Jack Schiht says:

        Squaw Gray Beaver will never be Chief and She Guevara is the laughing stock of the Democratic Party. Not even SanFranGranNan likes her.

      • Mikey says:

        Strong women in Congress do not scare me. Elected officials like Ocasio-Cortez, who put illegal aliens, even criminal ones, ahead of the people they are supposed to represent – that scares me.

      • Estudiante— Pocahontas president??? ROTFLMMFAO… She has as much chance of being president as you do… Lmao. 0, notta, zilck. Boy, YOU are as stupid as cortez…

      • Jet5 says:

        Warren is a looney tune! And as an independent and retired female veteran, I do no find any of the idiotic liberal females scary in the least! I find them like you Estudiante to be repugnant and not very intelligent running around making decisions on “feelings” following “fake” news stories and not relying on actual facts!

      • Msueh says:

        Madame of a whorehouse, maybe, not the White House

    • Ralph shelley says:

      They won’t! They have nothing to fear! Fear makes government work says John Adams!

  75. Patrick Henry says:

    It would be very FUNNY and APPROPRIATE if a MS – 13 Gang member saw KOTEX cortez at a mall one night, and the police found her body, in 100’s of pieces near the garbage ben!!! LOL!!!

  76. Kevin says:

    WTF, Ocasio Cotex the Forrest Gump of the demo-stain party!!
    Stupid is, what Stupid say’s!!????????????????
    I hate 2 say it but those fuc’s that voted 4 her dumbass need 2 be sterilized and she needs a lobotomy and sterilized!!

  77. M. Stefanich says:

    We have un-American piles of horse manure that are in the demacratic party. alex cortez is a BIT_H that not even a man or woman that has been released from prison would be desperate enough to have sex with that lowlife. She was born out of a lowlife pile of horse manure . polosi is a SKANK &schumer is a panty wearing little BIT_H that’s a puppet on a string for polosi. Anyone that wants to defund ICE needs to go move to mexico with all of there illegal law breaking mexican friends. We don’t need toxic trash like that in this country.

  78. Wilddog says:

    Why is anybody surprised by Occasional Kotex lack of sympathy for the innocent? Look at all the people who mysteriously died from the Clintons. How about those Obama killed with his Obamacare because they couldn’t afford the insurance or the medical services needed to stay alive. Another typical Marxist democrat.

    • Estudiante says:

      How do you like your (non) insurance under Presiden Orange-Blob, Senator Turtle and the Republiclowns? Obamacare wasn’t perfect–President Obama bent over backwards to please the Republiclowns, and we got a Frankenstein of a health care plan as a result. However, it was better than where we were before. AOC and the other House newbies will be pitching for universal medicare, and Senator Bernie Sanders will be doing the same in the Senate. It won’t come now, because we have the Insane Clown Posse still in charge in the Senate, led by that inbreed turtle from Kentucky. But, after 2020, when Dems control both chambers of congress and Elizabeth Warren is “Madam President,” we will finally get universal health care for all. Then, America will truly be great–for ALL Americans, not just the wealthy!

      • Jet5 says:

        Not very bright are you! Why do you think so many Canadians come over here for “elected” surgeries and care?! They do not have the time to wait in the long lines and wait months for proper care under their government system that charges them really high taxes to boot! They also come here to shop every day because they do not wan to pay the exorbitant prices for goods on their side of the border! I have friends that wanted Obama Care that prior to implementation were paying about $700-800 for two parents and at least two children. Under Obama Care they now pay $1800 per month for just two! What a freaken joke Obama care is for those of us in the middle class! I suppose you are one of the many where it is free cause those of us that are paying, we cannot afford it anymore! And Obama never did anything that the Republicans wanted, he just kept delaying the Obama Care mandates for the employers cause they knew it was going to be a disaster. Thank god, this admin
        stopped the mandates that my son and many could not afford! Get a clue DA!

      • Bug says:

        Esturd, are u really that stupid?

  79. Gregory Sullivan says:

    It’s a pity that AOC and the dumbellcraps that they are an ignorant party that refuses to accept reality that Trump’ s ideas will save American lives while theirs is to get votes illegally from illegal aliens and give the middle finger to the rest of us. They are desperate to keep getting those votes to stay in power.

  80. Stavros says:

    I want to thank AOC and the rest of the deranged newcomers. They are so far left and whacked out should make 2020 another 4 years of Trump.

  81. Joe says:

    I agree with those who wish to defund the USA Hating Democrats in Congress. Weed them out, and send THEM to Mexico!

  82. Laurie A Gervaise says:

    Just by a person stepping foot on our soil does not give themprotection under our bill of rights. To be a citizen and covered under our bill of rights and constitution one has to be here LEGALLY. These people are not so ship them home and send her with them so she can preach and work for them in their homeland and make it a better place. Of course chances are she will disappear or be killed but then she can do some good for the people she loves so much because it sure is not the citizens of the US!

    • Ladypyro1 says:

      It’s not just being here legally. It’s meeting the requirements for citizenship and assimilating in our communities.
      I’d like to see her try to pass the citizenship test!! If she failed could we deport her to Venezuela that she worships? Deport for the reason of being a traitor to our country or we can send her before a firing squad.
      The main thing is to stop her and her communist ideas.

    • Sgt. Preston says:

      can’t make a cesspool a better place until you drain it. Same with our swamp in Washington.

  83. DC says:

    The Bill of Rights does not allow foreigners to break US Immigration law and enter the country without permission. Cortez doesn’t understand economics in which she claims to hold a degree. She is also ignorant of US law. She should resign and go back to school – about Tenth Grade level, and try again to learn something before inflicting her ignorance on Americans.

  84. Larry says:

    This little girl is just plain crazy. But she’s crazy smart. She has become a big mouth piece of the democrats. They will use her up in her first term then they will hunt for another tool they can use up. To quote her words in this article, “I will not give one dollar to black-box detention facilities that think that some people in this country are deserving of constitutional protections and others are not,” Ocasio-Cortez added. “We are a land of laws, what that means is that every person that steps foot on this soil deserves … to have access to our Bill of Rights.” Can you see how she plays her words. She says way too much in order to hide her true meaning. She talks about illegal border crossers as if they are American citizens. “Every person that steps foot on this soil deserves … to have access to our Bill of Rights.” What that truly means is that every person that steps foot on this soil LEGALLY can gain access to our Bill of Rights once they become a citizen. When you cross our border and step on this soil illegally, you are a criminal in this country, because we ARE a land of laws, and everyone is expected to abide by them. She is a big mouthed con artist playing with the words of OUR constitution and that is why I said she is crazy smart. These kinds of people will work harder trying to circumvent our laws instead of seeing that they are enforced. We have plenty of laws against illegal immigration now. They are simply NOT being enforced and every patriotic American can see where it has got us to at this point. Her along with those anti-American muslims the democrats elected to make laws for our country need to be dealt with harshly for their anti-American and anti-Israel rhetoric. It’s time to stop looking for Russian collusion that isn’t there on Trump, but is there on Hillary Clinton and the democrats, and start dealing with these anti-American internal threats that have infiltrated our government at the direction of our wonderful new anti-American democrat congress. These people need to be removed ASAP instead of waiting until the next election.

  85. Pat says:

    A-hole Cortez
    The American people demand that wall be build why stop at ice just abolish law in forcment altogether
    When you say things like this you make yourself look stupid
    Instead of saying stupid statements
    Try actually solve problems
    Start with voter fraud it’s rampant in America demand voter id

  86. AOC is totally out of her league and should be removed from office as she is a threat to all American with her naive agendas.

  87. John Russell says:

    I believe the only defunding needed is the defunding of A .O.C’s salary as a REPRESENTATIVE. She is only representing her own ridiculous Ideologies, not what is best for our Country

  88. Sharon says:

    “We are a land of laws” to quote her. ICE enforces our law. Duh! Time to think before you speak.

    • Larry says:

      She knew exactly what she was saying. She’s a con artist that plays on the sympathies of the people that can’t see through her. There are two voices that talk to people, one of good(GOD) the other of evil(SATAN). The good voice speaks softly and the evil voice talks loud and is a motormouth. Where category does she fit in?

    • Ben says:

      Sharon, I fully agree with you. She says it stating that we should afford and protect every person that steps on US soil access to the Bill of Rights. Well, I do agree with her that we should allow CITIZENS access to the bill of rights. They shouldn’t be in my country if they don’t follow or abide by the LAWS of the US. starting with immigration!!

  89. Ronald Dunne says:

    The video doesnt “show” anything and if this is all the “evidence”, look for anyone accused to walk away. Occasional-Cotex is apparently correct on this one..

  90. Dawnia says:

    The entire Democratic party has gone off the f–king deep end!!! They ALL need to be impeached and put in Gitmo along with Hitlery and Soros!!!

  91. maria says:

    The thing that unnerves me is that so many people are too stupid to know the difference between the truth and the lies nowadays. ..for instance, people who think Obooboo was a fantastic president. Dear God,

    • mit says:

      Name calling is nursery school behavior.
      You seem to be one of those you accuse of being “too stupid to know the difference between the truth and the lies .”

  92. Tobydog1 says:

    It would not bother me at all, if Cortez was found somewhere with a bullet in her head! Enough said…..

  93. Deplorable Lanie says:

    She talks about Constitutional privileges, but what she doesn’t seem to understand is that each person is only entitled to these privileges if they are AMERICAN CITIZENS. Those who are not are certainly entitled to the privileges of their own country’s constitution. Legal immigrants are entitled to our protections BECAUSE they have gone through the legal process of immigrating here which includes interviews, background checks, health exams and other things. Those who do not immigrate legally, are not entitled to anything except a ride back to their country of origin. The same that we would be entitled to if we tried to enter another country illegally!

    • Mary says:

      Constitution applies to people, not citizens so
      sayth the Supreme Court.
      United States v. Verdugo-Urquidez 494 U.S. 259 (1990) and
      District of Columbia v. Heller 128 S. Ct. 2783 (2008).

  94. Phyllis J Ryan says:

    Need to deport the witch.

    • Jim says:

      She would just return, and be able to raise more crap for the people that made this country so super nice for these idiots.
      Deport them to Gitmo for an extended holiday with the rest of the creeps.
      Lets keep America great and strong within the constitution, not some other failed system horror.

  95. BEFORE: “One reason that people who are politically conservative are skeptical of efforts to combat climate change is that it sounds to them like it requires massive government intervention. … It does, it does. … I have no problem saying that.”
    —Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
    AFTER: “I think one way that the Right does try to mischaracterize, uh, what we’re doing as though it’s, like, some kind of massive government takeover. Obviously, it’s not that.
    —Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    RE: Green New Deal:
    No need for airplanes!
    To all of you Doubting Thomases, just wait until you can take an electric powered TRAIN all the way to England or Japan!
    POLITICIANS say it can be done, no matter what the stupid “Scientists” and “Structural Engineers” say!

    Even if you stole everything… err… ah… “TAXED” everything that the wealthy 10% has, so they become as poor as church mice, and eligible for Welfare, there would not be enough money to PAY for every STUPID thing the Leftists want!

    • Randall Hart says:

      There isn’t enough to pay 1% of thier demands. Does she think an electric train will go over water? If they believe that please have all of them get on
      If they all believe in not using anything that pollutes the envirornent, then prove it now don’t use any vehical or eat anything that uses carbon immediately. That means only walking or biking to all places otherwise they are complete hypocruts.

    • Alaska Woman says:

      Name calling is evidence of illiteracy.
      It is also evidence of immaturity.
      The top tax rate was over 90% to pay for WW II.
      There are now 13 “wars” that have been funded through debt.
      The major holder of that debt is Communist China.

  96. Marcia says:

    This thing as I can not and will not call her a woman is as stupid as they come. Yes they need to get rid of her but if you think about it all her idiotic ideas coming from her horse mouth is really hurting the demoRats. So keep blowing your mouth up AOC it just proves how stupid you are and how stupid your party is for allowing you in.

    • G F Phillips says:

      People believe whatever they want to. Had a woman stand me down this afternoon that Obama’s records are not sealed. There is no such thing as objective truth today. Whatever serves your purpose is truth.

      • Alaska Woman says:

        Everyone’s school records are sealed.
        You school records are sealed.
        It is a requirement of law:
        Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974

      • Larry says:

        What ever the democrats say is the truth. If you don’t believe it just ask them. They aren’t the least bit bashful about it. Perfect example: Elizabeth Warren saying she was a Native American on every paper that asked her nationality to advance her career. That put her in a double minority for jobs, a Female Native American. It took a while but she got caught up with. Look at all the people that criticized Trump for calling her out on it. Now what is she doing besides apologizing to the Indians. Check out some of the videos of her trying to explain it. So funny.

    • Shirley says:

      You hit the nail right on the head. Our President has made it so obvious and has awakened Americans so completely starting with his run for Office, where he started driving it home just what the democrats are up to. Which I for one wasn’t even aware was even happening. They are so blatantly lying about everything, & how the media is falsely reporting things. Now I truly believe and hope and pray that these idiot clowns like Pelosi, Schumer, Warren, AOC, and all the other loud mouth democrats are just digging a hole deeper and deeper and deeper every time that they oppose our President on anything that he is trying to do to better our Country, especially now with the Border Issue. The more hateful Pelosi is and digs her heels in, stopping the building the wall, the more of a fool the whole Country sees her and is blaming her for the deaths of the innocents whose lives are being taken. I Pray To God every night that He will expose all of those crooks in the Government and convict all of them.

  97. Catherine says:

    Cortez has a loud mouth and armory head. She who lied to the people of the Bronx, she understands them. When she lived n Westchester n a expensive house, went Togo’s school. She has one qualifications for the demoncrates party, she lies.

    • carmen says:

      she lived there because she and her mother were employed by this rich family. she went to that school because the lady of the house, paid for it. she was born, race in Bronx. She is a mulata Puerto Riquena.
      that is the truth of her life. Look at her fixtures and you will realize what I am saying, especially her nose.
      you are not a bartender or waitress if you live in a mansion. Ask her for her graduation book.

  98. Dennis Sumner says:

    Come on karma, smack the bitch!

  99. Dan says:

    The nonstop nonsense has to stop. Enact the sedition laws,round up the perps and prosecute. Declare martial law if that’s what’s needed.if that doesn’t work, we’re looking at civil war. Although this idea is extreme, look at dictator Franco’s overthrow in 1916 Spain. As I said extreme. But that did stabilize Spain for over 40years

    • Ronald Dunne says:

      Dan- What?? Franco’s “overthrow in 1916”???? Try more like 1939 after Madrid fell to Nationalist forces. Franco was never overthrown. The Nationalists, led mainly by Franco, fought three years before gaining power- starting in 1936. Help from Nazis and Italian Fascists swung the war into the Nationalist’ favor.

    • Pamela says:

      Dan, I agree, there will be a civil war…If the Dems think we will stand for the trash they are voting in to run this place, they had better think again…We will not stand to see this country go down the drain , which is what all their leaders want…Throw out the Dem Party and start a decent party, one that will abide by the laws of this country. All illegals should be thrown out and the people who object to it should be thrown out with them….JUST DO IT WASHINGTON…….

  100. Mary says:

    I think Michigan should remove her from her Seat in Congress. She used her Fathers address to run in his district, but she NEVER lived there. I think that is FRAUD. HER LUDICROUS IDEA’S REMIND ME OF SOMEONE THAT HAS KNOWLEDGE OF HOW THE ECONOMICS OF THIS COUNTRY WORKS, SO SHE JUST THROWS REDICULOUS IDEAS OUT THERE, NOT TELLING EVERYONE THAT IF WE ADOPTED ANY OF HER HER PLANS, WE WOULD BE RUN BY THE GOVERNMENT, GIVING THEM MORE THAN 50% of your paycheck. She has no business to be seated in Congress.

    • Jeanette Fossum says:

      Mary, this dummy A O C is from the Bronx, New York.

      • Vincent D. Sacco says:

        Being born and raised in the Bronx, I’m insulted that people keep claiming this idiot is from the Bronx. She may have been born there but was raised in Yorktown Heights. She is not A Bronx Girl.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      I think you’re responding to the wrong story here, Mary. Tlaib is from MI; Omar from MN and AOC from NYC.

  101. vincent says:


  102. theolddog says:

    Amazing how one young, brown-skinned, Latina, progressive Democratic Member of the US House of Representatives has so many big?, strong? white!, Male! Pubbie! Representatives wetting their undies in fear.

    • gary says:

      I know right! Some Americans [especially you whites LOL} are their own race and countries own worse enemy along with the rhinos, especially the democrats and their tool their medias. All cowards to liberalism labels of words! The liberal lowering of standards to pacify all hurts all LOL! Yahoo and facebook along with the rest of the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES are the enemy also of you Americans and America! LOL!, LOL!

    • Ronald Dunne says:

      What’s a “pubbie”?

  103. Pamela says:

    GET ALL ILLEGALS OUT OF THIS COUNTRY, they are unable to mix with legal Americans. They have no idea what “abeying the laws’ mean, they are completely ignorant….GET THEM OUT NOW, ALL OF THEM…..

    • Marcia says:

      Agree Pamela, we don’t want them here I bet if there was a poll as to how many didn’t want them here you’d find the majority would vote get them out.

    • lisamains says:

      I agree. And i,am also a immigrant ,legal ,maybe you don,t hear it but i say thank you to all and everyone for having me It is your country and you have the final say who comes and who you want ! I love this country it,s a wonderful place So again thank you to each and every one of you !!!

  104. Patrick Henry says:

    KOTEX cortez needs to be held ACCOUNTABLE and RESPONSIBLE for the MURDER on Train 7 since she FULLY supports ILLEGALS and GANG MEMBERS in her district and the country. She does NOT care about Citizens in the nation period!!!

  105. William Van Winkle says:

    AOC is just as responsible for this murder as the MS-13 perpetrator. She should be arrested as an accessory before and after the fact even though she wasn’t there, she is just as guilty because of her position on ICE. Same thing with Gov. Andrew Cuomo. He’s the one who declared Newe York as a sanctuary state!, so he’s just as much at fault as AOC.

  106. Rodney says:

    AOC said it herself, We are a Land of Laws. The law is, no entry into our country without permission. You are in our land illegally, you cannot be covered by our rights.

    • jim stevens says:

      0ur bill of rights are to protect people in our country all people in our country not just special people.

      • Ronald Dunne says:

        By “special people” I assume from the context that you mean American citizens? If so, then we are indeed “special” and blessed. Not everyone living in these United States is a citizen and there are hoops to go thru to become a citizen.. something countless immigrants have done over the centuries. Those foreigners in our midst who cannot hack it need to go home, not remain here endlessly. And NO MORE “anchor-babies”!

  107. Vera morgan says:

    As our President Trump would say you are fired.
    And if the democrats would investigate your people before they run for office.this wouldnt,happen you know me and several others said they should not let his any one in the house now there you go .hey did of her.and don’t blame it on trump.there should be a law in effect no Islam allowed to serve on any government all do not let the involved in these situations before you act.that needs to are up there in the big serv?e the American people.

    It’s time the American start cleaning house up there where we can lay down and get a good night’s sleep.

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