Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was speechless when she saw the results of this poll

There is one big lie about the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s career.

The truth would destroy her.

And she was left speechless by what this poll said about her future.

The Fake News Media portray Ocasio-Cortez as a political force of nature.

They claim her support for socialist programs like the “Green New Deal” are wildly popular and represent the future.

But none of that is true.

In fact, a recent Gallup poll shows Ocasio-Cortez is as unpopular as Ted Cruz – the Republican Senator the media regularly lampoons as unlikeable.

Mediaite reports:

Gallup reports “half of U.S. adults were unfamiliar with or had no opinion of her in September” after her upset primary win against incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley. Now two months into office, only 29 percent of people say they do not know who she is.
31 percent of those polled said they had a favorable view of Ocasio-Cortez, while 41 percent said they had an unfavorable view of her.

Her polling was abysmal among men, white people, and people aged 55 and older. Her best polling was, unsurprisingly, among Democrats and minorities.

It is astonishing that a first-year House member has turned herself into a national figure.

But that comes with risks.

Ocasio-Cortez is the most high profile Democrat in America.

Until the party picks a presidential candidate, that will continue to be the case.

The bad news for Democrats is that because of her visibility and popularity with the base, Ocasio-Cortez will drive the conservatives in the presidential primary.

And the candidates will be forced to react to the whims of a terribly unpopular politician.


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225 Responses

  1. jack henriques says:

    AOC You are so dumb you don t even realize that no other politician gets as many of these comments about being so ignorant as you. Have you ever seen another politician get 99% negative response to should she be a congress woman. Go back to bar tending or were you that bad there as well that you can t go back. Can t wait to see you loose next election, and you will NEW YORK VOTERS Can t be as stupid as you.

  2. Hey Little cortez, your Mother should have aborted you, instead of spawning the devil.

  3. John Nice says:

    AOC is at best a poorly educated, immature woman who is being used as a puppet by the far left.

  4. Barbara Boeh says:

    She’s a lunatic.

  5. Katee says:

    AOC speechless???????????? Hallelujah, we can only hope it lasts and lasts and lasts!

  6. Nate-ncp says:

    Most of AOC’s talk/gossip I believe comes from her bar tending days. She has listened to those after numerous shots and drinks then jots it down on a napkin for later discussion. Much like when “Tim The Tool Man Taylor” sought advise from the man over the fence who’s eyes were only seen. However, Tim only heard pieces and parts of what the intellectual over the fence said.

  7. john t says:

    When being ugly at heart and being Popular, it never goes away… In cortez’s case, lets say that it should fade away!

  8. Don says:

    Just another ignorant, parasitic lib child.

  9. John J says:

    AOL=An Obnoxious Clown

  10. Steveur says:

    My dog’s stool, could not compete in smell from that POS!

  11. Hans says:

    I think she is farting to much she will go with cows

  12. John T says:

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a NUT JOB!!!!! She needs to back being a bartender although I doubt she even did that job very well!!!! Keep talking — the gift that keeps on giving!!!!! Affirmative Action at it’s finest!!!!! MAGA — TRUMP 2020!!!!!!

    • David says:

      Amen Brother!

    • Peaceful says:

      Affirmative action was allowed in the sixties because employers would pass up a QUALIFIED minority to hire an unqualified white due to discrimination. It worked for awhile and helped even the battlefield so to speak. But bleeding hearts hired idiots just because of race. Made minority’s look unqualified which we know is a fallacy. That defeated the original purpose. The world is not perfect. Prejudice still exists but at least there are laws to assist when that occurs. But that idiot Jussie smollet has made it hard for people who are honest about discrimination. Jesu said love conquers hate. Respect and love and peace are the way to a better America.

    • george says:

      in stead of all talking about this witch, let’s get her thrown out of our American Govt. there is no place for her , and then thrown out of the country, Go Trump clean out these swamp dwellers,baby killers,muslim lovers, illegal lovers and put tem where they belong, Go Trump 2020

    • george says:

      throw her out of this country

  13. Alan Carter, Sr says:

    Ocasio-Ocortezio is a communist of the first order. A true student of Fiddle-o Catro-io the butcher of Cuba. She hasn’t a clue about hat the USA stands for. Only what Communistism stands for. She is a sick “B…..” that needs to be deported to Cuba or Russia.

    • george says:

      where are all the nut job comments from the idiots who were waiting for the mueller witch hunt to put trump in jail , what a joke , go trump 2020

  14. Jim says:

    This fool has been told for a long time that she is the best thing that ever came along. So I doubt anything is going to stop this little idiot. Hopefully New York (but I doubt it )will wake up and put a stop to this fool. Maybe when she cost New York a few more billion dollars then maybe they’ll wake up but not until then.

  15. Norine Levy-Hughes says:


  16. Gregory Sullivan says:

    AOC is another 1960’s throwback. Anyone remember those days? Bettina Apiththecer, Angela Davis and the people’s park riots in Berkeley California. I remember them very well. You don’t hear much of them anymore as they realised that their movement was stupid and got them nowhere and since then have mended their ways.

  17. Grumpy Vet says:

    That RETARD is a disgrace to the human race!

  18. Cecil says:

    Children have no place in the congress – she does not even speak correctly

  19. Randall Clark says:

    Cortez needs to get saved!! If that happened, she would be a whole different person!! BUT, she CLEARLY doesn’t belong in congress!! She is like a horse, still in the starting gate, after the other ones have finished the race!!!

  20. Bill says:

    That theatrical expression of hers resembles a Horse or Jackass face with that mouth of hers.

  21. Earl says:

    We have had one to many Cortez’s in the Americas. The last one destroyed a civilization and a continent. This one is trying to destroy the USA. Time to recall her.

  22. Teddy Monroe says:

    She has gotten a big head with all the attention . Too bad its empty.

    • Norine Levy-Hughes says:

      “For THE LORD has Crushed your Wicked Power and Broken your Evil Rule. Yes, I will drive you out of office, says THE LORD. I will pull you down from your high position… THE LORD ALMIGHTY says: When that time comes, I will pull out the stake this seemed so firm. It will come out And fall to the ground. Everything it supports will fall with it. I THE LORD HAS SPOKEN!” (Isaiah 14, 22) I send this WORD OF GOD TO MANIFEST in these evil powers OPERATING against GOD’ PLANS AGENDA, and OPERATING against The WHITE HOUSE-PRES TRUMP AMERICA, and OPERATING AGAINST us genuine AMERICAN people, and OPERATING against all genuine, committed people of ALMIGHTY GOD. All evil powers AntiChrist, AntiAmerican, Anti Israel OPPOSITION will be CONSUMED by THE BREATH OFGOD now and always. No Weapon that is formed against us shall prosper. We are one nation under GOD. In JESUS NAME FOREVER I DECREE AND DECLARE.

      • Gary says:

        Amen brother, you are absolutely correct, and when the day of reckoning comes,I pity all those souls that do not believe in the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.

  23. Linda says:

    What A dumm-dumm
    She needs to go back to school and
    Learn the constitution and try to learn about the USA and why we have the freedoms we have
    Too bad she and the other dummy’s of the Democratic Party Also don’t know what they are spewing out out their lying mouths
    Time to try Hillary and the other swamps jerks
    They all belong in jail

  24. Robert L says:

    She is a Bimbo and should be recalled

  25. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Not so surprising. She has the full support of the Marx Stream Media who push her 24/7/365.

    • The Redhawk says:

      HER 5 MINUTES of “FAME” are coming to a screeching HALT………….DUMBASSED Bartenders belong behind THE BAR …SERVING…and pouring drinks besides “SERVING”

    • Mike says:

      cortez, has no wish to learn about our Constitution, or the American way or life. cortez, omar, and obama all took their oath on the quran ! They all want more muslims in our Government. Which will give them more power. They want sharia law implimented here.

  26. get corrupt foreighners out of government

  27. scooch 'the' pooch says:

    To ‘smartbiscuits’. ARE YOU An “old White Guy” ? 0R a ‘young
    White guy’ ??? 0R ‘another’ ??? Doesn’t matter. Your ‘biscuits’ Are Burned, dude. >>>
    Smartbiscuits March 17, 2019 at 3:50 pm
    The no brains is correct of the old White Guy. She is far smarter than his not brain comments.

    scooch March 17, 2019 at 11:48 pm
    Your ‘biscuits’ Are Burned & Stink !
    A ‘scavenger’ Would Not ‘pick’ your carion.

  28. Chris Chew says:

    Please let her run for the Democrats in 2020

  29. Mary says:


  30. Arthur Jurczak says:

    It seems the DNC has become a gathering of MORONS. More on MORONs later.

  31. Mona says:

    Just seeing how many people support people like her and any of the Democrats makes me feel like we are heading for a lot of trouble. Hillary sure came close to winning so there seems to be a lot of people that aren’t Christian or Conservative. Neither would ever vote for a Democrat.

  32. Raymond BEAUCHEMIN says:

    She’s a product of JUSTICE DEMOCRATS.

    Look them up. Very scary!

  33. scooch 'the' pooch says:

    Hey dr.jd. You like this poll ???
    You’re such an ‘expert’ = lmao.

  34. John C. Lhotka says:


  35. Mike says:

    AOC = Another Obnoxious Cunt????????????

    • zee says:

      ou. May be true, BUTT Mary comm IS better.
      A(ll) 0(ut) C(razy).
      Trying to BE ‘respectful’ , Rite ? heh.

    • Lisa says:

      Pot calling the kettle. Using that language and presenting yourself, I guess, to be conservative? since you don’t like her, makes you quite obnoxious as well. Here’s a tip: When you use that language, it automatically turns your audience off, no matter what they believe. It doesn’t matter if you are telling the cure for cancer, no one sees the point, only that word.
      I sympathize, as I still have a leftover swaring issue myself, especially when angry. But not that word. I had to practice being quiet when I was young in order to have better communication skills. Why talk if no one listens?

      • leeroy meadows says:

        after the left agree with everything these muslim satan deciples say that word isnt as bad as it used to be

      • Mike says:

        “…. and presenting yourself, I GUESS, to be conservative? ”
        To “guess” is the same as to “assume”. Never assume.
        I’m not a Libtard nor a Conservative. I’m center-right. I believe in Pro-choice.
        And, I would make the identical comment!

    • Yrrek says:

      My thoughts exactly !

  36. Linda says:

    She is a joke
    But I am not laughing
    She and her other left wing nuts
    Are not only crazy they want to destroy America
    They all must go
    We don’t need immigrants telling us how to run our country

  37. Sarah says:

    Only thing I can say EVERYBODY when you go to vote in 2020 take a big RED MARKER to WRITE PRESIDENT TRUMPS NAME IN . The demo senate passed a bill today that if President Trump doesn’t provide his income tax returns his name can not be put on the ballot . I’ll write it in .Maybe the real American Citizens needs to start petitions to make all in the house provide their returns . Dotox was ask to show hers and she right out said NO ! As far as I’m concerned not none of my business , none of theirs either ,bummer didn’t provide his nor his legal birth certificate yea he tore this country apart , opps that’s right he is a demo jackass himself isn’t he ,but the heat is starting to come down on him also with all his coverup especially for his gal hill . President Trump 2020 hell and highwater if that’s what it takes .Thank You President Trump for loving the Americans and our Country enough to fight for it . God Bless you and your family .it is on Washington state senate passes a bill to bar Trump from ballot in 2020 unless he shows his tax returns

  38. ann says:

    She is proof of the FAILURE OF AMERICAN SCHOOL SYSTEM. Teachers stopped teaching worthwhile courses in exchange for Politically Correct Bull$#!t Courses, as well as courses designed to promote a racial divide. These kids have no sense of Geography, American History, BASIC MATH (can’t make change, can’t add, or multiply) & no knowledge of Biology or Earth Sciences (which is why they fall for the “warming” & climate change B.S.) Given her school, I say, “SHAME ON YOU HARVARD”………Not worth the bucks. SCHOOL SHOULD “NOT” BE FOR PARTYING & GAMES. Grade schools are deficient as well.

    • Constantin Draganoiu says:

      Ann, you are so right! That’s the cause of it all! Russian commies said it decades ago! They targeted the young in schools through “educating” the teachers’ unions and through that the teachers. The American kids are so poorly prepared for life starting at the college level. If you happens to go on Cleveland streets around CWRU (pretty renowned university) you’ll see nothing but Chinese and Indian students!

    • Nunyer Binnis says:

      “FAILURE OF AMERICAN SCHOOL SYSTEM” = success of the communist agenda. Research the Frankfurt School for starters.
      satan IS the king of THIS world.

  39. walter siebert says:

    Leave her alone, she’s doing a great job destroying the Democratic Party,

  40. Louise Cook says:

    If the media would stop giving her attention a lot of this would Stop. She is ignorant and needs to be throwed out of Congress her and Omar. America is a Free Christian Country and she and Omar still live in the middle east in their minds. Turn the T.v. off when she is mentioned or turn to another station. This woman has no authority over anyone. Is this how desperate the Democratic Party has become.

    • Martina says:

      I agree. Why is her face always being shown? Who is she anyway. Please google and watch THE BRAINS BEHIND AOC. She is an actress fulfilling a role. Just like Obama. Both of these sorry people were groomed to fulfill an expectation of the George Soros lefties. They want to bring this fine country down. Well my dad who stormed the beach at Normandy must be rolling over in his grave. She is NOT the darling of the left. She is a plant. Stop sucking off of the tit of MSNBC, CNN, the VIEW. Do your homework folks, wake up.

    • mad scientist says:

      The reason she has become a national figure is because the democRAT party has no leader.

  41. Julie Rose Metzler says:

    She is dangerous.

  42. Cg says:

    I wish she was speechless!

  43. JanetW says:

    . . . and I believe she’s backed and “protected” by George SoreAss!

    • william says:

      Nope,, But you need to google “The brains Behind aoc”. then you’ll know.. She was a 5th grader bartender that answered a casting call.

    • Janet, do u belief in ” espionage” subliminal at that. Yup thats what they want over throw the government with their hidden agenda. Dont be fooled any of ya, they the left is trying hard to over throw our President in order to avoid prosecution but it wont happen right? Right. Georgie schorros will be hung or shot before a firing squad and then the rest will follow. How stupid we were to allow all this to happen right before our eyes. Its definately a Coup De Tat in progress.

    • I also agree that Soros is bankrolling her and others like her.

  44. Holly 94 says:

    One more thing…she is TOLD JUST WHAT TO SAY…no matter how “dumb” it might be..she is the DEM’s Goon…that means she says all the crazy things that rile the people, and get bthem ready to dump a administration…after she finishes doing the dumb things they will get rid of her, and thenannounce their “prize” candidate.

    My nose tells be manure is about to rise…OBIMBO???

    • Gerard says:

      Exactly AOC is Actress cast by the Justic Democrats , a puppet that was cast to fit in with that age group of brainwashed Childern that can’t think for themselves .
      I wish these Anti- American Democrat’s would just leave the Country and we could get back to a simpler way of life, being proud to be an American!

  45. vincent postiglione says:

    ………….WAKE UP AMERICA……

    • Vincent, i totally agree with u. Listen, “WAKE UP AMERICA” is coming from all states and from the Christendom community as well. Us Christians are on the endangered Species list as we speak. Ban together and God will not allow this government over-throw amen..

  46. Holley 94 says:

    I’m surprised she isn’t protected by one of the agencies (FBI, CIA, Secret Service, etc)…and her continued harassment s make it difficult to keep her out of harm’s way…

    She can be hateful…and actually she is like a “Mad-Woman” who has lost control of her faculties…

    She can also bring bodily-danger to others…i.e., she is inviting the “Crazies” to do crazy things…we can’t afford any more of that…she should be protected

    Please, Dems, get her off the streets…

  47. Holley 94 says:

    I’m surprised she isn’t protected by one of the agencies (FBI, CIA, Secret Service, etc)…and her continued harassment s make it difficult to keep her out of harm’s way…

    She can be hateful…and actually she is like a “Mad-Woman” who has lost control of her faculties…

    She can also bring bodily-danger top others…i.e., she is inviting the “Crazies” to do crazy things…we can’t afford any more of that..

    Please, Dems, get her off the streets…

  48. Kris says:

    This girl is the TRUE face of the Democrat-Communist Party!

  49. Valli Neal-davis says:

    She needs to be impeached she’s a joke and and treasonous traitor to the United States of America how are these nuts able to run for office? Get rid of her sorry ass. she doesn’t stand for anything.

    • JANET ZWAHLEN says:

      She’s a bad actress and makes sure she appears a dumb as a door-nail! If she thought she had an acting career she has made sure that her acting has failed, It is reasonable to assume that she needs to go on trial for all her lies. No she is not funny. They will have this failure on SNL and it will not be funny.

  50. Valli Neal-davis says:

    She needs to be impeached she’s a joke and and treasonous traitor to the United States of America how are these nuts able to run for office? Get rid of here sorry ass she doesn’t stand for anything. These people are antichrists.

  51. Nate-ncp says:

    She’s not favorable with people over 55 but more so with Dems and minorities. Minorities under 8 years of age. This person won’t last long. The man who’s seat she replaced must be kicking himself in the ass saying, “if I had just goin’ out and hand shaked a hand or two, I wouldn’t have lost. With AOC at the helm? We’ll be totally bankrupt by 2022 and this country will look like Japan after the tsunami hit.

  52. WilliamS says:

    I agree she is most disagreeable , however,I would suggest that those around her be very careful. I feel that AOC has the survival instincts of a cockroach. She will do anything to survive and will take down as many as she can in order to survive.

  53. LEON says:


  54. Everyone Must go to Facebook or Twitter right now this second and check THE FLOOZIE AOC OUT.ARE YOU STILL READ THIS COMMENT??

  55. Tim says:

    People you need to sign the convention of State invoke Article 5 so we can take control of Congress if we don’t your grandchildren will be eating out of garbage cans

  56. Javee says:


    • Barbara says:

      I agree with Javee not only AOC but the other 2 Rashida Tallib – & Omar Illib = we need to get rid of these 3 musketeers & DO NOT VOTE DEMOCRAT it’s a loose loose situration

  57. Petra says:

    Someone called her smart? She might be a smooth talker with a big head but she is totally ignorant and her only accomplishment was being a bartender for six years! She is the real ”MOMO” inside out, crime we have such parasites in congress!

    • Sheron says:

      If anybody thinks that she really comes up with the b s that she does, they are as dumb as her. Bartender floozie has no brains, sense or purpose other than keep her name in the lights. She is one of the biggest losers elected after nanny poo and chucks poop. Oh I forgot omar

  58. maquignon says:

    Not since Barack Obama has there been a politician who spouted swill with such confidence and self-assurance. Difference is that Barack Obama KNEW that what he was saying was not true. This nut job, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is too stupid to know what is true and what is not. She is the stupidest politician to come along in many years and that is saying a lot considering the fact that there is Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi.

    • John Schmidt says:

      She is also an “actress” who her brother tossed into a pool of people to run for that seat. Later interviewed for that seat, she, (herself) never did any “work” for that seat on her own. Every word she may coherently speak is scripted for her. When off script, you see the real “space cadet” she really is! Many Jewish Dems. in her district are already threatening to primary her in 2020.

    • * Maquignon * One correction, please . She is not a politician. She is a crazy outlandish
      piece of terrorism garbage. Everything else, I ,agree with your comments. The three stooges are afraid of this satan’s daughter. And the three lunatics are of the very definition of complicity no doubt.

  59. LEON says:


    • joan Patterson says:

      You are so spot on. Thanks for posting.

    • *Leon* I so appreciate all of your service to and for our country and our freedom. I have to tell you I had a good laugh at what I have read in your equation . In those days in Vietnam feeling safer is saying,”a lot”. I think the little jehad will be moved into ,cease office. There is a petition . At last count jehad wasn’t doing very well. Again, thank you for your service Blessings to you . c. Hargiss Chattanooga, Tennessee

  60. Patrick Henry says:

    KOTEX cortez is as MENTALLY RETARDED as she is STUPID and IGNORANT. He has NO business in Congress and she could NOT even work in a LANDFILL in this country!!!

  61. guy says:

    New yorks finest, they are so proud of her, just like they are of schumer.

  62. Dan Gibson says:

    iRONICALLY, the picture with this article does not give the indication that she is anywhere near being “SPEECHLESS” … So I guess this is just another false alarm. O HEAVENLY FATHER, please help us deal with this Looney-Toon … ‘Til then, the verbal epidemic will continue !

  63. Diana Kueker says:

    Michelle she has made them look exactly what they are they hate citizens of the US, and they are radical left lunatics she fits right in.

  64. Rick says:

    Aoc means all out crazy.

    • Smartbiscuits says:

      How sad finally an intelligent woman that is not afraid Trump lies and tells the truth the Republicans are afraid her and just digging to any silly excuse to bash her. She is far smarter than lying Trump and most of the old Senators in Congress.

      • Kay says:

        AOC is not intelligent enough to create the kind of schemes she has presented. The rhetoric is being fed to her from a group way scarier than she will ever be. She is a puppet. When she creates enough problems for the Dems that have more stroke than she does, then her days as a politician will be over.
        All politicians lie. Some are just more creative than others.

      • m.p.j. says:

        can you name one lie Mr. Trump has told you? IDIOT!

      • Rick says:

        You must be a wing nut as bad as her. We know Obama never lied! Right! This nut job is worse!

      • No! a.c.cortez is a corrupt jhed muslim terrorist ,wrapped up head jarred, infamy, peril is , very much deceptive of what she is and her underlying goals are. It is not good. It is destructive, and, we are not in accord with her or.of her. She will be put out of office. You can bet this PRESIDENT is not afraid of her. It is what she stands for, is the scary part. You should research what this group has recently done to, England. You should also educate yourself. I am a Republican and I can tell you ,”I most definitely AM NOT AFRAID of this jehad controller”. Believe me when I”. I voted for Trump ;he won and he will win, again. I hate to insinuate to you that we Working ,Educated , Tax Paying , Americans that keep ourselves up and do not take, “EVERYTHING FREE AND ARE NOT TOO LAZY TO WORK” will not tolerate this human. Watch what I tell,you”. little cortez will be put out. It will not be soon enough. Sorry, I tell it like it is. Everyone of us aren’t wrong. Do you even work? Most likely not.

      • joan Patterson says:

        OMG are you for real?

      • Carolyn Javaux says:

        Smatbiscuits, I think you are a insan3 & stupid a aoc is! You & oc together dont have as much sense as Pres. Trump has in his little fingr!

      • Smart bis, where do u live? Not in America as seen by ur statement. I had full respect for democrats which have turned into demonrats at its best. No denying. U all on the left are full of deceit, lies at every corner and especially right at home. May God forgive you and help u become real.

      • Wow biscuits, you are a fkn idiot. Trumps finger nail is smarter than that dumb bitch.

  65. Craig Forester says:

    Man did they get me right. An old White Guy over 55 who thinks A.O.C. is scum.
    Talk about a no brainer.

    • Nick says:

      Aren’t we all surprised that the AOC bitch has 41%? She should be at ZERO% !
      Fully UNFAVORABLE! 41% means that 59% like this bitch who plans to destroy America!

      • Diane says:

        The 31% are of course those other communist leaning voters and the welfare dependents that strain the system wanting more from the hard working taxpayers. But then NYC was so dumb they voted for mayor a clear communist himself.

        • Smartbiscuits says:

          Calling someone a communist doesn’t make them one. If they use any poll from Trump’s supporters what would you expect. As for as welfare, more whites are on welfare then any race in the Untied States. And I bet most of them are Trump supporters. Lying White Supremacist who advice Trump just does not get their facts straight. Their prejudice feelings has clouded their reasoning. As ,most of Trump supporters and the ones who write for the website.

          • Michael Johnson says:

            PHA-QUE, smartbiscuits for brains!

          • Texas Belle says:

            Give us statistics, please, to back up your claims.

          • Jackalyn Morrison says:

            Ooh really thought that was the demorats party!! Think all of you are drinking to much kool aid because from where I sit you”‘ll are the ones trying to over throw our country!! God Bless America and God Bless Trump

          • Pat says:

            Please provide the statistical source for your assertion that more whites are on welfare than any other group.

      • Nate-ncp says:

        Those numbers are backwards. Not 41%, 14%! Family members and past drinkers that want her back at the bar.

    • Smartbiscuits says:

      The no brains is correct of the old White Guy. She is far smarter than his not brain comments.

  66. Dewey says:

    MAGA Make America Great Again
    Make Alexandria Go Away
    She is a flash in pan Coumunist that needs a mission!
    So Let her solve Venezuela’s Commie problems.
    Let’s send her down there. Our gift to The Venezuelian people!

  67. Chuck says:

    I AGREE WITH YOU Michelle

  68. Steve Allen says:

    She is what that Party asked for. But she is the perfect example of the lesson most of us know that our dads taught us. Children are to be seen and not heard and only speak when spoken to.

  69. Hedy says:

    Time to get her out of office

  70. The Real M says:

    Yea, AOC, Keep up the good work! You are flushing your own self down the toilet! I LOVE IT!

  71. Chuck says:


  72. DAVID HUBBELL says:



    DO SOMETHING !!!!!!!

    • Nick says:

      You are 1000% right. It all starts with preschool, and goes through schools, colleges and universities. The changes must be made and then we end up anyway with a lost generation of cretins, morons, lazy idiots and uneducated bums. We lost a generation and will lose more if no action is taken NOW!

    • Ric says:

      You are right, David; unfortunately, it will never end. No one has the fortitude to take on the Marxist educators.

    • Diana Kueker says:

      Absolutely most of it was during the reign of Obama.

  73. Mark you are a disgrace to the human race. You are probably a man who beats and smacks women around just to prove what an asshol;e you are. You sir should be in prison so you could learn about being an abused woman. Impeach bone spurs and Make America America Again.

  74. Dan Gibson says:

    AOC …. favorable or unfavorable — that is the daily question. I have mixed (prurient) emotions. I am highly favorable of her 34D chest — but that’s where it ends. Beyond that (or those, if you get my drift), she becomes MOST UNFAVORABLE. She is totally ridiculous, as she reminds us each and every day. MADAME PEWLOSI wants to be President. She sees “Sandy” as her biggest rival in 2028 — when the young ‘un will be the minimum age. Problem is, NANCE — You will be 117 at that point. So you have a ton of rethinking to do. THUS is the CHAOS of the current democrapic partie !

  75. Karin says:

    Oh AOC is quite the medallion for the radical leftists, she makes so much noise that they can now hide their lethal attacks on America, the citizens, and the constitution while she is spouting and We The PEOPLE will not know a thing about it until they have all the power they want. Be careful of the squeaky wheel, remember, they are not transparent in their actions, no matter what they say.

  76. Too bad the only replies you show are the ones from bone spurs jock straps. She is a very intelligent young woman feeling her way in a brand new atmosphere she will learn and grow.

  77. Timothy Toroian says:

    Michelle, how do you know that Satan is a man. She may not be in drag. I’ve heard her referred to as Castro’s Granddaughter and used that myself but that may be too nice.

  78. Robert Koonce says:

    Let her keep running her mouth, she’s turning out to be a great reason to vote Republican .

  79. SJHPW says:

    I would believe that those radical Democrats are driving the moderate Democrats to the GOP, Libertarian or Independent parties. They are digging their own graves and provides free entertainment for the rest of us, albeit disgusting to think anyone would think of supporting their platform for destroying our country. One can only hope there are term limits put in place or at the very least, the most radical voted out of office which goes for any party.

  80. She is Satan in drag! One ugly person inside and out. The Demorats should realize that she does nothing for their party & lowers their already pitiful image.

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