Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was left blindsided by what one Congressman said about her

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the most famous member of the House of Representatives.

That gets her into trouble more often than not.

And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was left blindsided by what one Congressman said about her.

Florida Republican Congressman Ted Yoho caused a stir when he confronted Ocasio-Cortez over her comments that the crime in New York was caused by poor people looking for bread to feed their family.

Yoho stormed off and a fake news reporter claimed Yoho uttered a profanity about Ocasio-Cortez.

The following day Yoho apologized for being abrupt with Ocasio-Cortez.

“I rise to apologize for the abrupt manner of the conversation I had with my colleague from New York,” Yoho stated. “It is true that we disagree on policies and visions for America, but that does not mean we should be disrespectful. Having been married for 45 years with two daughters, I’m very cognizant of my language.”

But Yoho denied swearing at Ocasio-Cortez and said if anyone took his comments as directed at Ocasio-Cortez that wasn’t his intention, saying “if they were construed that way, I apologize for their misunderstanding.”

But Yoho did not back down from being passionate about defending the police or other issues.

“I cannot apologize for my passion or for loving my God, my family and my country,” Yoho concluded.

Ocasio-Cortez raged on social media.

The New York Congresswoman expected Yoho to throw himself on the mercy of the court and beg for forgiveness.

When Ocasio-Cortez did not see the Florida Republican grovel she lost it.

“Republican responds to calling a colleague “disgusting” & a “f—ing b*tch” w/ “I cannot apologize for my passion” and blaming others. I will not teach my nieces and young people watching that this an apology, and what they should learn to accept. Yoho is refusing responsibility,” Ocasio-Cortez fumed.

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