Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was just stabbed in the back by someone she least expected

Establishment Democrats believe Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an asset because of her social media following.

But she causes them constant headaches every time she opens her mouth.

And now her act has worn thin and her 15 minutes may be up.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez helped push a sit-in protest in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office for the so-called “Green New Deal.”

Now, some Democrats are adopting the 29-year-old freshman Democrat-Socialists’ positions.

But she has a growing number of enemies piling up on all sides who are sick of her spouting off anything that pops into her head.

Entrenched Democrats are privately worried her radical socialist positions will doom their chances in the 2020 elections.

And now they’re floating a primary challenge.

As reported last week in The Hill:

“At least one House Democrat has been privately urging members of the New York delegation to recruit a local politician from the Bronx or Queens to challenge Ocasio-Cortez.

“What I have recommended to the New York delegation is that you find her a primary opponent and make her a one-term congressperson,” the Democratic lawmaker, who requested anonymity, told The Hill.

Even Democrats who are pushing the murder of children after they are born are coming to the realization that Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is too toxic and a national embarrassment.

These, of course, are the same leaders who handed the 2016 nomination to Hillary Clinton by blocking the more radical Bernie Sanders.

The Hill continues:

No potential challengers to Ocasio-Cortez have yet emerged. But one New York political insider noted that the Queens and Bronx district is home to many ambitious pols who are close to Crowley and don’t like that a political outsider took his seat.

“She’s pissing off a lot of people and has probably made a lot of enemies. … A lot of people who are furious with her are Joe’s allies, including some named Crowley,” said the insider, referring to Crowley’s cousin, Elizabeth Crowley, a former New York City councilwoman. “She is a woman. She’s been moving more to the left. She would be someone interesting.” Ocasio-Cortez had better watch her back. Just ask Bernie Sanders.

Some Beltway Democrats may believe if they sacrifice Rep. Ocasio-Cortez the American people will be duped into believing the party truly is “moderate” as they claim.

But Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is far from the only Democrat proposing ideas that are beyond the pale.

Since President Trump’s election, Democrats have gone off the deep end.

They’ve called for abolishing ICE, 70 percent tax rates, and just over the past few days they’ve defended infanticide.

They’re the party of Planned Parenthood, union bosses, environmental wackos and open borders.

What are your thoughts on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Vote in our poll and comment below.


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127 Responses

  1. The Real M says:

    AOC, poor little thing thinks she is speaking at a extreme radical left wing college rally. She doesn’t realize Congress is a different time and place but, she will learn. She can’t differentiate between a “put down” by Dem leaders and a compliment. This too she will soon learn. In the meantime, we will just watch and wait, in disbelief! She is just such an enthusiastic little air headed space cadet.
    We must pay attention because there are many empty headed Democrats looking for something to fill their heads some might gravitate to her unpatriotic, un-American, and assuredly unaffordable ideas!

  2. Gregory Sullivan says:

    AOC is honest alright yeah an honest communist liar.

  3. Rob says:

    Why not take the money seized at the border to fund the wall, or sell the cocaine to Obama and Holder! Escobar spent $50 M on effort to stop Trump, “The legal way” so someone is keeping that border open for kickbacks, plus Obama loves his cocaine! Obama used to service white men for cocaine money, but now since he fraudulently became POTUS he can afford to pay mone for it!

  4. Rob says:

    It’s difficult to find words to describe how unprofessional, classless, and amateurish the DNC is! Someone tackle them, they are a nut factory!
    They have nobody that can beat President Trump! It really is pathetic to watch! This Cortez imbecile is running around like a headless chicken making a fool of herself and she doesn’t see it!

  5. Thomas Goss says:

    YES she is an IDIOT, but what about the morons who voted for her? Do you realize that she will get all the benefits that these worthless politicians get for LIFE just because morons elected her. Her and every god dam democrat bastard should be kicked out of America. BUILD THE WALL AND KEEP AS MANY OF THESE SCUM OUT OF MY COUNTRY BEFORE IT IS TO LATE… IF IT ISN’T ALREADY.

    • robert says:

      Thomas goss, I agree 1005 with you. Piss on these demobastards.

    • Steelie says:

      YES !!!! Thomas. SAY ” BARRIER “.

    • Paul T. says:

      I can think of another place she can stick her middle finger(s), both of them!

    • James P (Jim) Petersen says:

      Hey Tom: I would like to see her removed from office today – just as much as you would. But I just want to clarify one thing with you. No one that serves a 1 term position either with Congress or the senate gets a life time pension just like the rest of them. They are paid well and they do get something after a certain period of time, but there are restrictions and limitations. You should look it up one of these days. If it was for real, that a person could be a congressman or woman for one term and then get a lifetime pension, I think you’d have seen my name on the list of short timers in one of those categories. Lol. I have no qualms as to your statement about MORONS having elected her. It must be in the Kool Aid or something because I can’t see how any SANE and SOBER person could put up with much more than about 5 minutes of her blubbering speeches. YIKES, God Save Me and Save this Country.

    • Doc says:

      They don’t get any benefits after leaving office, they have to do their time to retire. I agree with you whole heartedly. Maybe she is what the demorats need , maybe it’s what we need for them also. She is an idiot and everyone knows it

  6. The Redhawk says:


  7. John J says:

    Slimy bit has lose lips and constipation of the brain, a total moron

  8. John Flynn says:

    AOC is an example of the RESULT of our “educational system” (actually, more an Indoctrination system) that starts with today’s system in kindergarten and continues through grade 12; universities, too. Return Obama’s federal edu system back to communities and the community standards. DoE secretary DeVos has one of the most important jobs in DC

    • The Redhawk says:


  9. JACKIERAY says:


    • anniedawn says:

      Jackieray Not refreshing just plain stupid. She doesn’t know the basics of 8th grade civics. Her stupidity is AMAZING and her ideas OUTRAGEOUS. She is the death knell tolling for the ruination of America. Venezuela here we com!

    • Old Fur Trapper says:

      She has proven herself the DNC Party Clown! Her behavior and statements can’t be seriously taken as anything but fantasy or ramblings of a truly mentally developed disabled person!

    • Martha says:

      Every time she opens that big mouth of hers, she inserts her big foot. With that big mouth and those glaring eyes, she is downright scary!! She is one that can give you nightmares.

    • Robby Dunbar says:

      AOC is so open minded her Brains have fallen out

    • Ken says:

      If you speak about things you know nothing of you are lying not only to the listener but especially to yourself.

    • bob says:

      Typing in all caps, no punctuation and misspelled words, no wonder you like AOC.

    • The Real M says:

      JACKIERAY, How do you know AOC is open and honest? I find that impossible to believe, she would be the first Democrat in Congress with those attributes!
      And no, I don’t agree with AOC. If the day comes when my goal is to destroy America by transforming it into a third world communist country, I want to be euthanized and put out of my misery!
      JACKIERAY, Are you of sound mind and body? I am seriously concerned about you, as I am anyone who finds AOC to be refreshing or have one admirable trait. I don’t like stupidity and, she is nothing more than a young, poorly educated with a degree, outspoken, stupid, airhead. I hope the people of her district realize they made a huge mistake casting their votes for her and put her butt back to tending bar, or whatever she is qualified for, at the end of her first term. She is a disaster waiting for a place to happen!

  10. Rickster says:

    Cortex shows her stupidity and age by running her mouth and sticky her foot in it! She needs educated on real life before she can make unrealistic claims! Shes all over the place but what do you expect! Dems are desperate!

  11. snooky says:

    I have a great idea leave cortez in office and see if the democrats will get ride of pelosi and schumer their getting to old so it’s time for them to bow out and never come back,

  12. Jack Handy says:

    Her mind IS IN a ‘daze’ W/this newly
    acquired ‘position’.

  13. John P Catalano Sr says:

    It’s amazing that this woman has a thought of her own. She has not lived long enough to think for her self. It’s quite mystifying that she knows anything about politics, I’m surprised that she knows what a politician does. Who knows she may have been created in the twilight zone

    • Martha says:

      What do you mean? Every time she opens that big mouth and glares those scary eyes, she fully demonstrates she knows ZERO about politics. Of course, all the libs demonstrate this, but most are not as scary as her when the do. She looks like a wild, crazy woman that has escaped from some mental institution. Has anybody checked her background to see if she did?

      • Christian says:

        Nah, she looks like a Jackass who grazes on marijuana frequently! Cheech, put down that joint and come get your wild donkey already! Lol

  14. Guenther says:

    Cortez needs to go.

    • Bob says:

      Would they consider sacrificing Pillosi and Schumer as well?

    • UMCane says:

      AOC is a great gift to the Republicans. She is a radical, liberal lunatic blabbermouth repeatedly making an ass of herself AND the Democratic Party establishment which is afraid of her and will not try to bring her under control!!

      • Ken says:

        We conservative Republicans love AOC and her mouth which keeps running on.

      • anniedawn says:

        You have to remember a JACKASS is the Democratic Party’s mascot.

        • Amberdawn Richmond says:

          Please do not associate AOC with a jackass. I personally know over 400 donkeys and mules and compared to AOC , even the donkeys are way smarter than her. At least, donkeys know when to stop braying and go away. Can’t say the same for the squad.

      • Mercedes says:

        UMCain, you hit it on the nail, but forgot one adjective, not bright
        when it comes to politics. She should go back to her bartender job. She s doing a great job showing the Republicans what not to do and on live TV no less.

    • John Dendy says:

      Sooner rather then later. This woman is an embarrassment.

  15. Judy Stinger says:

    She’s like the Village Idiot and the Class Clown that the Democrats and the corrupt biased lying fake news media are using seemingly as a weapon against President Trump and the US. They are failing miserably. Nothing she says has any substance to it and she has never been able to explain her plans and how she plans on paying for them. She makes absolutely no sense at all and every time she opens her mouth she’s not only an embarrassment to herself she’s an embarrassment to the Democratic Party and they own and are responsible for everything she says and does and that’s not a good thing

    • John Sorrell says:

      I would not like to see her leave that office. I believe she has done more for the Republican Party along with Pakistani and other question nut cases. Leave her alone, she’ll kill herself soon enough. Don’t replace her…..

  16. Ron Hunter says:

    AOC is just plain ignorant. Worse, since ignorance can be cured, she is STUPID, and that, she is stuck with. As she digs herself into deeper and deeper holes, she is just too stupid to STOP DIGGING. Soon she will be out of sight!

  17. Bill says:

    They only need her for one term. She’s just a short term tool to win over the Millennial generation to vote Democrat. After 2020 Elections she wont be needed anymore so they’ll remover her then.

    • Paul Barton says:

      Why remove her ? She’s the true face of the dems now. For the rest of us, this screwball is not even worth giving the time of day to.

      • Ed Hirst says:

        WOW! Are you that ignorant ROFLMAO. If she represents the rest of you, I feel very sorry for the rest of you! She may have some college degree, but she does not even know what she is talking about half of the time! Good luck if that is your future, because you are going to need it 🙁

  18. Geneww38 says:

    Godly people show love, generosity, respect, restore, improve, seek peace and protect our families, communities, country, constitution, life from inception until death and for next generations.
    In contrast, Satan’s followers devalue life, slander, destroy, exploit, excludes boundaries, divide unity and are takers.
    Now consider, study and evaluate our leaders, legislators, politicians and people to envision which army they (and each of us) are in or supporting.

  19. Nancy McGregor says:

    Break a leg, stupid

  20. JOE says:

    its really not the demtards that are destroying their party its the infiltration of the LIBTARDS into their party thats destroying them. just a word to the demtards ….BE CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU WISH FOR

  21. Ken says:

    Old Chinese proverb, “Man who is two faced cannot be stabbed in back”.

  22. Robby Dunbar says:


    • Demetri says:

      The last thing America needs are Muslims, bigots, liars, idiots, illegals, sex freaks, and such. This is the Democratic Party “Professionals”. ENOUGH!!!

  23. Sharon Betts says:

    She is a very stupid person who doesn’t understand basic civics. She doesn’t even know the 3 branches of government. She also lacks a basic understanding of economics. Anyone who is Anti-American should not be allowed to hold an office in our government. Get her out!

    • Irma says:

      She is only expressing the extent of her ignoramce everytime she opens her mouth
      She probably doesnt read this postings, and, I habe Never known such ridiculousness in Congress

  24. Jason Casteel says:

    I have always looked at abortion this way. It is not for me and my family. However, it is and should be up to the woman. That being said, this new stuff, OMG!!! The Dems have completely lost their minds. This is nothing less than pure MURDER.

    The left have lost their minds. From Pelosi and the crew putting all there roadblocks in front of the President, to the new radical newcomers, all the way to Schumer belittling the President every chance he gets. No matter if it is good for the country or not.

    This party has seen the last of this Democrats vote. That is certain. How can I back something that is sure to lead to the destruction if this nation. I did not spend my time in the Marine Corps for this.

    Nancy and Sluggo have completely disenfranchised me and everyone that I know. They do not care about you or me. All they care about is remaining in power. I believe their time is up and they need to be voted out of office. I will do what I can to help in that effort.

    AOC was, I believe, is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  25. Sam Oliva says:

    Alexandria is what you get when children eat paint chips.

  26. Navy PO2 says:

    Let’s see! We have the Democrat Party and the Republican Party. Now we have the Ding Bat Party! It keeps growing!

  27. Mike Mills says:

    ahhhhhhh,yes…….keep on babbling ……..
    A”demonrat” canary, in a political demonrat coal mine, is about become
    worthless to their social system.
    A one termer I think.

  28. BigJoe says:

    You really need you head examined if you vote for a democrat anymore.

  29. Bob says:

    While we were sleeping, we allowed the secular progressive liberals to slowly eat away at our culture and core values. Check out the 45 Goals for Communism in America which was read into the Congressional record in 1963. It coincides with the decline of our colleges and our moral values.;postID=250211069347908512;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=0;src=postname

  30. OKWAHO says:


  31. Francine Skronski says:

    There are 3 women who were elected to our congress in 2018 that shouldn’t have never been. The two radical Muslims and Ocasio-Cortez. We can old NY, Minnesota and Michigan for having elected ignorant women.

    • Druscilla says:

      Yes, I totally agree… The only ones you can blame are the people who voted in 18 for Dems, you have what you voted for!!!!! Trump is the best President we have ever had… Fighting for American citizens. Other Presidents were fight to make as much money as they could while they were in office….. People had better wake up an think about our country an their families…. God bless our citizens an God bless our wonderful USA

  32. Jesse says:

    One more time has anybody looked into her legal status to see if she is or was or floated across the rio grande a lagal citizen of this country

  33. jon says:

    who ever taught her math and economics needs to go back to school and go back thru without the help of others doing there homework and cheating on their tests. To pass her in their class show a total lack of or understanding of true economics not the garbage they claim is is.
    maybe if they read Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell. they can learn how the system really works not the Kenzie crap they try to teach today

  34. Howard says:

    She has no business even being in Congress she is in no way qualified

  35. Kara Wright says:

    Just get rid of her for the country’s sake. And while your at it get rid of all the Muslin women they are just as bad just a little more silent. .

    • Howard says:

      Totally agree the Muslim is not even eligible to hold the seat in the district she supposedly serves!
      People better start paying attention to the quality of the people they are voting for

    • joni heatherdale says:

      I agree.

    • t gio says:

      The country needs to get rid of all muslims in government positions, they are not in their jobs to represent America, only to represent their religion. It does not matter what their nationality is, and when asked will reply, i am muslim, thats all i need to hear.

    • Bob says:

      Why get rid of her, she is a gift that keeps on giving to the Republicans? Every time she opens her mouth it has the Democrats scrambling to do damage control.

  36. I signed the Petition to have her REMOVED from CONGRESS, just like these “other” TWO, muslims…..!!!! Will THAT do anything…??? I don’t know….!!! If there are enough people signing the Petitions to get her/them REMOVED than we may can “sleep” a little better/easier….!!!!???? I also signed to have piglosi REMOVED…..!!!

    • JANET ZWAHLEN says:

      We still don’t know if those who elected these treasonous 4 were legal citizens or not–do we ? The Islamic group would definitely have a criminal twist to getting these SHARIAH WOMEN elected. They have their NO GO ZONES and it is probably evident that this is where their votes came from.
      /Cortez is no doubt from illegal votes – GO FIGURE!

  37. Steve says:


  38. george says:

    and the idiot dems put her in, they ought to be deported from our country.
    this i not a duplicate, are you trying to block me?

  39. Robert Higginbotham says:

    There are at least three freshmen democrats that need to be one term players and Cortez leads the group. It seems every time she opens her mouth she sticks both feet in it and continually proves how dumb she is. Some her asinine ideas have been either picked up by the others that don’t belong in congress or amplified by them. Collectively, if left to continue they will destroy everything good that has been accomplished over the past two years. The democrats need to regain their senses and come back to reality or their extremely far left attitude will either kill them or the country.

    • bob says:

      Too late for the Democrats to regain their senses; they never had any to start with. Obama fundamentally changed the direction of America and this is the result.

  40. Mike says:

    Remember folks Alessandra is an ECONOMICS MAJOR from BOSTON UNIVERSITY. Think about that when you send your kids off to indoctrination – I mean “college” 😉

    • Donis Stango says:

      Soooo right

    • Nick says:

      AMEN Mike. I have been yelling this at the top of my lungs for the past 30 years. Now, this communistic indoctrination has seeped into and totally saturated our high school and even elementary school systems. Most young people do not know right from wrong, much less true history or have math skills etc.

  41. Robby Dunbar says:


  42. Mike W says:

    Why do you say someone she least expected stabbed her in the back – Did she just get a mirror?

  43. Rick says:

    Her father must of had a low sperm count to create such an IDIOT…

  44. cliff says:

    stupid people elected this stupid woman.
    she will not be re elected

    • Mike W says:

      Don’t be so sure of yourself. Stupid people have been re-electing Pelosi – Waters – Warren and Schumerfor decades

      • William Hayes says:

        My thoughts Exactly, the district she “represents” is one where they shipped a Bunch of the “immigrants” to. They’ll keep voting for her/it because she’s one of them in their eyes.

    • Conrad says:

      Obama was! Much to the expense of the country!

    • Nick says:

      Cliff, you are correct; stupid people elected her, but don’t count on her to lose next election. We live among idiots.

    • Silver Fox says:

      Yes she will this whole country is going her way 90% of all college graduates think like her Ipaid for my education way do they want it for free

  45. Vann40 says:

    This kid will go back to be a waiter after two year of glory. Her salary will go back to $26000 a year instead
    of $174000 a year.

    • Paul says:

      Does she get. 174000 for life if so thats a joke.

    • Druscilla says:

      She will collect monies in any direction she can find.. She is smart enough for that, someone with knowledge, do a little research an find out who this person is…. I think it would be worth our while, look what has happened to Northam. God bless you people

  46. Pat DiBernardi says:

    Absolutely a bona fide “WACKO”

  47. Patrick Henry says:

    KOTEX Cortez is a MENTALLY RETARDED B!TCH that has NO knowledge of the workings of OUR government at all. Every time she OPENS her DUMBA$$ mouth she needs to place a KOTEX rag in it.

  48. Bill says:

    There has never been a more ignorant idiot elected to the House of Reps than this woman. Shame on the stupid people in the Bronx and Brooklyn who elected this sorry excuse of a Rep

    • george says:

      and the idiot dems put her in, they ought to be deported from our country.

    • John says:

      I would disagree with your statement that she is the most ignorant idiot elected. Watters, Pelosi, Schipp, Hank Johnson and Swalwell Are all in the running for that title. It does seem that the stupid ones are from either coast.

    • Conrad says:

      What about Maxine Waters?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes she does seem to be an idiot. Unfortunately she has a lot of company who call the President names and express their ignorant views.
      How can a representative of the American people blatantly express anti semetic views?
      That should be cause for removal from office.
      Imagine if Jewish representative said similar things about Muslims.
      Foreigners are attempting to take over our country.
      If we’re not careful they will succeed.

  49. The Real M says:

    AOC is too far left EVEN for the Democrats and is an obvious train wreck. She is just like a little college radical left activist who does and says whatever pops into her empty little head. She is making enemies every day in her own party threatening whomever disagrees with her views, telling them she is going to get people with her views to run against them. I hope soon she makes a big enough blunder for a successful recall vote on her so we won’t have to pay her a pension and benefits for the rest of her stupid useless life! Would that make us all physically ill? Ahhhh, yes!

  50. a fool says:

    “PRIDE precedes the FALL!” Prudence is A Virtue! It is something the PRIDEFUL NEVER Could be able to UNDERTAND and APPRECIATE! They consider HUMILITY could only belongs to the WEAK, such as the GOP Members! It takes GREATER Strength to be HUMBLE, than being a LOUD MOUTHED PRIDEFUL brute! God HELP all of us to learn from the Wise~Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta!

  51. Vince says:

    Well you get what you elect.
    But even if this is the only tetm she will ever see ..she still get 100% of her pay for life. And at 20 something she might have alot of years ahead of her.. Unless she pusses of the wrong person like. Hillary then her life will be cut short but of course the other Clinton affiliate committed suicide.

    • Deborah says:

      She will not get 100% of her pay for the rest of her life. No Representative does. This is such a myth. Look it up. She will most likely be a one term Representative and get nothing in retirement for her service in the House. Hopefully, voters in New York will have sense enough bot to re-elect her, but if she served six terms, she would not retire at 100% of her pay! People need to look up Senators and House of Representatives retirement plans. Just an FYI, they also have to follow the same healthcare guidelines that we do. They have to pay for their own healthcare or buy Obamacare. That’s another myth that is floating around out there. They dont get special privileges concerning healthcare!

      • John says:

        Term limits would solve a lot of the problems. They could set up an IRA like the rest of us and pay for their own health insurance while in office. They make enough money to be able to live comfortably like the average citizen. Congress was NEVER intended to be a career.

      • William Hayes says:

        You’re correct the President is the Only one who gets the lifetime pay benefit.

        • Jason Casteel says:

          Do you know why? I am sorry but I do not recall which president it was, but it was a very long time ago. After leaving office he basically ended up on skid row. It was decided then that a former president could NEVER be in a situation like that ever again.

          Now, if that was supposed to be s dig on President Trump, if not by you, somebody will. The man has not taken his pay and I truly doubt the $200K retirement pension is of much interest to him either.

          Can’t anyone face the fact that the man loves this country and is trying to save it? The Democrat Party does not have YOUR best interest in mind.

  52. Patrick Henry says:

    KOTEX cortez is just a MENTALLY RETARDED B!TCH and a STOOGE of the Democratic Party!!! She is just to STUPID and IGNORANT to see what those people are doing to her. She is the JOKE of Washington DC!!! She has NO business in Congress!!!!

  53. James P Hutchins says:

    This Nazi cortez needs to be censored and impeached for treason and crimes against the American people.

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