Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was just humiliated on the world’s biggest stage

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can’t string together two sentences without making a fool of herself.

Despite that, she continues to double down on her absurd job-killing proposals.

And now she got called out on the world’s biggest stage.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez staged a hissy fit when Amazon announced its plans to build a new headquarters in her district that would have created an estimated 25,000 new jobs.

Democrat Mayor Bill De Blasio had offered Amazon tax credits in order to secure the company’s plans to build the new headquarters.

That’s when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez piped in, supporting efforts to derail the deal.

But now it’s blowing up in her face

A humiliating billboard was erected in Times Square calling out Ocasio-Cortez for destroying the job opportunity in her very own district.

Breitbart reports:

The Job Creators Network fired back at Democratic Rep. (D-NY) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with two more billboards in the heart of Times Square, this time roasting the left-wing Democrat after she attacked the group on social media.

“Hey AOC, Saw your wack tweet,” the second 7th Avenue billboard says, which is in response to an Ocasio-Cortez tweet that called JCN “wack.”

Last week, Job Creators Network had a giant billboard erected in Times Square which slammed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her role in driving Amazon’s decision to pull out of it announced plan to move it’s new headquarters to New York City.

“25,000 lost NYC jobs, $4 billion in lost wages, $12 billion in lost economic activity for NY — thanks for nothing, AOC!” the first billboard says.

Even liberals in the mainstream media called out Rep. Ocasio-Cortez.

Mayor Bill De Blasio blasted her for sinking New York City’s opportunity to create 25,000 new jobs.

Not to mention the estimated $12 billion in economic activity that the Amazon site would have brought with it.

Workers and voters in her district aren’t happy with her either.

New Yorkers would have been considered among the top candidates for these new jobs.

But Ocasio-Cortez decided to fight Amazon and stop them from bringing new jobs to her district.

This move is blowing up in her face and could even mean she loses re-election for destroying such an amazing opportunity for her constituents.


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161 Responses

  1. Mark Peal says:

    I truly did not believe, this woman was elected. I cannot fathom the thought process of her own party.

  2. John Straub says:

    AOC is a media created celebrity. The left wing media for some reason loves her. They continue to report everything she says and for the most part give her a pass on a lot of really stupid things she says and does. This incident and what will probably turn into an FEC investigation regarding paying her boy friend with funds that are not allowed can and should cause her a lot of harm politically and criminally.

  3. Retvet says:

    Is she really that ignorant or is this all a put on? A staged set up, orcastrated by someone else, and oac is just a shill?

  4. James O'Shea says:

    I am also concerned with her deciding to give raises to all her staff. She may be the boss but it is not her money. How can she explain turning away money for her district from Amazon growth while spending more at same time

  5. Nancy S. says:

    I’m NOT saying that she shouldn’t be voted out of office. I am fairly confident that MOST of her constituents don’t remember “News” past What happened in the last 6 months. HER constituents were interviewed on TV- They thought she was GREAT before this Amazon fiasco, especially the proposal of 90% income tax on the rich.

  6. Ernst says:

    AOC has not indicated that she has the intellectual or emotional development necessary to experience humiliation. The rote narrative with which she was inculcated is her religion, and she seems to believe implicitly without the slightest respect for conflicting scientific and social data.

  7. Joe Masefield says:

    The Democrats have gone down the toilet since the days of the honorable President Harry S. Truman, whose administration would not have let AOC wash toilets for them.

  8. Dk says:

    Liberals are so stupid that they will vote for HORSEFACE no matter what hair brain schemes she comes up with

    • Robert E. Davis says:

      She is being referred to as “Horseface”…… Well, for “ those in the know “, AOC has been dubbed as, “The Fly”. The bugged out eyes with a propensity of habitually rubbing her hands together and flitting from one place to another with the never ending need to find fresh excrement to surround herself with.

      • The Real M says:

        Robert E. Davis, OMG! How totally gross to refer to AOC as “the fly”! Your description is spot on, I love it and unfortunately, have a mental vision I will have forever………….. Flies have a very short life cycle. SMILE…………………….

      • Wendy Mantooth says:

        OMG…..You made me LOL…….great comment……love it!!!!So true!!

  9. James C Green says:

    What a mindless nincompoop! The voters in her district blew it by electing her. Hopefully they will throw her out in 2 years! She’s a disaster for America!

    • Stephen says:

      Typical democrat think she’s the boss this is yet another new Yorker with her head so far up her ass that she’s starving for oxygen. Obviously she has no depth perception

  10. Larry Gaines says:

    AOC is a stupid IGNORANT Little Bitch

    • Fred says:

      She has no brains at all, if she did and her brains were dynamite she would not have enough
      to blow her nose.

      • Noenameson says:

        It is those who VOTED for her , the stupid ones. It is THOSE who will VOTE HER BACK, the really stupid ones. Iwas asked why I never wanted to “visit” NYC, is it plain to see why?

  11. ROBERT says:

    stupid new Yorkers voted this dumb ass bitch in. reap what you sow.

  12. Gregory L Cur says:

    Has anyone heard of the saying “There are none so blind as those who will no see” This is AOC all over. You cannot deal with totally ignorant people such as her. The only way to get rid of people like her is thru the ballot box as this is highly unlikely because you got too many ignorant and brainless voters out there who’ll vote for her.

    • Ronald C Watt says:

      She should immediately be removed from office, stripped of any and all citizenship, if any, and deported in exile to Siberia or North Korea.

    • Inkpad says:

      The idiots that voted her in thinking wouldn’t it be fun to send this airheaded bartender to be a congressman lmao now the jokes on them she’s already cost NYC billions in revenue what a dumb idea those voters had. Since you put her there you can demand her removal unless you think you’re city can afford more financial losses. More proof always vote Republican. MAGA BLEXIT BOOYAH !!!!!

    • John says:

      Yes, you are so correct. Citizens of New York are so damn ignorant. In 2-weeks they will forget how AOC “F’d” everything up. They only know Republican’s are bad. Democrat’s are the upstanding people, they can do no wrong. Like killing babies, wanting every illegal immigrant to set up their illegal home in the USA.

  13. Smart man says:

    M O R ON. Your IQ is 0 jerkoff

  14. Gerry Johnson says:

    And now, on stage & live, WE GIVE YOU THE AMAZING AOC BLUNDERPUSS!

  15. Dr, JD says:

    I am continually shocked to see just HOW obsessed with AOC the Trumpers are!!! You have one or two posts per week about her – – – is it that you love to tear people down, or you are grasping at straws to find someone to vilify now that Hillary is not running and Trump is tanking!?! Is it diversion now that Trump ‘s people are testifying how Trump continually sides with Putin over the USA?!?

    • Sandra Haddock says:

      No…we just like poking her to see how funny she can be. She is such great entertainment, I look forward to her antics and her display of illiteracy. She gives me a good giggle everyday!

    • beth embrey says:

      LAUGHABLE comment considering CNN and MSNBC have NOTHING but Trump haters on tv 24/7

    • Dale Loveridge says:

      OH my gosh, another brain dead Russia, Russia, Russia, when will you get over the fact that Trump /Russia is a concoction of the left. If you beat a drum in the same spot it will wear out and Trump/Russia is a worn out lie that has been dis proven over and over again. Sorry JD its over Trump won fair and square. Please move on to your next fake venture.

    • Bud Grounds says:

      Hmm, your ID suggests you are a doctor. What is your degree in? Seems you missed English 101 because your sentence structure needs work.
      For the record, AOC is an idiot who either flunked economics or did not take the course in college. This is why you see so many comments and it Is her making a fool of herself, not the people making comments about how little she knows.

      • Franklin says:

        Bud, her degree is in Economics. This is what makes her statements so funny. She just proves The government’s Common Core education system is a big bust. (for the liberal educated individual, the ‘bust’ means broken, not a statue.)

      • Allan Terry says:

        She likely wouldn’t have graduated college except with her demeanor any teacher wouldn’t dare fail her in their class. They would be accused of racism, sexism, and a few other -isms. AOC is Al Gore reborn with doom and gloom. The uncomfortable truth is she isn’t up to the job of congresswoman–unless you mean the Pelosi model of attacking Trump 24-7. Over the next two years, Dems will accomplish nothing that doesn’t involve hating and blocking Donald Trump.

        • Dude says:

          Al Gore and all of his BS including when the world will end is all past and gone. Now we have this new idiot who says we have 12 years. Totally clueless these people.

    • Ali says:

      No.. Its because this women is so stupid..uneducated and does not have the vageist idea what is happening ..and what are you mad about… LOST…and trump is doing better than ever…

    • Martin Dalton says:

      Obsessed with AOC? Really, that’s what you took from this. She is the one who keeps setting the table for rebuke with her outlandish statements. Sooner or later even you will come to realise what an incredibly stupid woman she has become

    • Robert Bronkie PHD, CPA, DDR, CFO, NPR, NOW, NRA says:

      Dr. Of What??? Blind stupidity!
      No one has to “grasp at straws” to hear what is coming out of AOCs month.
      This very limited soul can’t wait to have a microphone put in front of here pie hole.
      You must of gone to daycare at Boston U yourself. AOC is the poster child of the Millennials. Rack up over $200,000.00 in student loans and go to work at a sandwich shop that has four bar stools and be told to pour drinks because you can’t remember a lunch order for two customers. Just maybe you can replace her if you can find your way there. Don’t forget to wash your hands before you go back to washing dishes.

    • Army Brat says:

      We can’t grasp at straws anymore, since you Leftist Liberals made them Illegal now. Smh

    • Karen says:

      She puts her dumb self in the limelight and don’t expect people to call her out. She is a weight pulling this country down. Hope people’s eyes bevome open to her it’s all free communist lies.

    • Smart man says:

      M O R ON. Your IQ is 0 jerkoff

    • Frank says:

      Exactly how does Trump side with Putin? And as far as AOC goes, shes like cartoons in the newspaper, everyone reads and laughs……….

    • Mark says:


    • Snow white says:

      You are just as dumb as her. Chases jobs away. That is okay to New Yorkers. What this have to do with trump? Can you tell me I don’t think so because this has nothing at all with him dumb ass

    • Martha says:

      Are you one of the birdbrains that put her in office?

      You wonder why there’s so many articles about her? Maybe because she doesn’t know when to keep her idiotic mouth shut and puts on such a freak show, who can miss it? We tear her down? Good grief! We don’t get the chance. Every time she opens her big mouth she inserts her foot. She tears herself down. Guess you like her costing NY all that money?

    • cuzinmikie says:

      Did you receive your Post Hole Digger from the University of Southern Comfort, graduating Magnum cum Loaded having written your dissertation on the ‘ Theory of subsurface motivational obsolescence vs. psychosomatic differential synergistics symptoms’ ???

    • Sarah says:

      Dr. , it’s not that everyone wants to bash someone, it’s that there truly is a “forest fire” in our congress that will burn down what has been so costly to become. A Republic where men are equal and free. People who want to destroy our own homeland are the dividers and it is a shame. This country’s history has been distorted to increase hate and racism.
      What better could it be than to stop finger pointing and “make America great again” by becoming again “One Nation under GOD, indivisible with liberty and justice for all”?
      What a shameful, unjust and lustful proud many have become that even the office of “President” has no respect! America has been a great country and has suffered many wounds, why not heal rather than tear and burn.

    • Dude says:

      Dr.JD So what, who cares how many times or not Trump posts about AOC. YOU are obviously without a doubt the one with personal problem. Hillary colluted with a Russian on the FAKE DOSSIER and she colluted with Putin on the sale of our Uranium. Everyone knows you do not sell anything to your enemy that can be used against you in war. Uranium goes with NUKEs. Putin doesn’t need it so he got it for his buddy in IRAN. They also needed allot of cash so Obama brought that to them on a pellet. 150 Billion ! I hope you do get a BANG out of them when they are shot this direction at you.

    • noenameson says:

      Dr,JD WOW! Someone even dumber than Abysmally Obtuse Cortez. Dr,JD is this a term for Dr,Just Dead?

      • P says:

        noenamesson, Maybe JD stands for “jackal dick”. It’s pretty bad for a name to be a jackal’s genitalia but, it fits this liberal jerk! This one never has any good useful information rather, just comes on here to TRY and make conservatives look dumber than “jackal dick” ACTUALLY is.
        Liberals will never realize conservatives have more intelligence than they do. Oh, if only liberals had a higher IQ! This imitation of a human Dr probably is an escapee from a mental facility.

    • Tom Hall says:

      Here’s a flash for you.Most comments are from her home town voters and democrats.Republicans know stupid when seen and she is stupid just like those who defend her

  16. Robert Yormick says:

    She’s nothing but a stupid show-off who thinks she knows, after only a few months in office,she’s the leader of the liberal Democrats, & is so popular ( but in her own mind only ) because of all the attention the Lame Stream Media is giving her. She’s a spoiled juvenile,who after 2 months in office thinks she’s a modern day Moses & will lead the country to the promised land by appealing to the millennial crowd, who are also don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground, but will soon learn NOTHING is for free.

  17. Ocasio-Cortez uses our taxes to pay for first class tickets in airplane and 25 thousands people in New York will not have of jobs Because Ocasio’s wish

  18. RickJames68 says:

    I am being honest as possible.
    There are 3 states in the US A that I would not get out of my car to take take a piss in.
    New York
    We should put border walls around all 3 of them ,hand them the keys an let them be their own Countries.
    If you watch any news these are the places where the dumbest so called Americans are living.

    • Jeanne Krowne says:

      Brilliant analysis!

    • reality check says:

      Well, Ricky, I don’t think they will mind that you would not take a piss in their states. Ea ch of these three have over the average educational attainment, and boast some of the brightest people and best talent in America. You may assume they are dumb because YOU just don’t understand why the country cannot go by the old rules – – – Trump and his cult followers want to take America BACK, perhaps the the 1950s and 1960s. But it is foolishness and ignorance to think one can stop change. Without these three states, our economy would be far less than what it is today, especially California and New York.

      I am just being honest as possible – – conservatives, according to Buckley, are those that run around yelling “stop, stop, STOP!” when the drivers of social change cannot be stopped. We might be much further ahead in America if those who fight adjusting to change would be more likely to see change as a natural thing, not always a bad thing.

      • Eweb says:

        So reality check a couple of things, you refer to Trump followers as a cult, seeing how the libtards are fawning all over this AOC person they look more like a cult than what everyday “normal” Americans that follow Trump do. We just agree that many of his policies and stances are actually good for the entire country. Another question for you if change is a natural thing as you say why is climate change a bad thing? The climate goes thru cycles and if you went back to the 1800’s and 1900′ there were many droughts, hurricanes, floods, etc. Biggest difference today is that so many people have moved to the coastlines and that is where the impact of these conditions is the worst. It really isn’t “proven” fact that the world is going to end in 12 years as she has implied. Unless of course God has had enough of how much mankind has fallen way from His commands and He decides it is time.

      • Ali says:

        Yes you liberals are so smart..or that’s what you want us to believe..the truth is all are dumb as a door nail..and you LOST..and can’t get over it..

      • Emma says:

        Well,let be very honest..
        This country was in a lot better shape in some ways in the 50’s and 60’s than it is now.
        And if you can’t see that your blind.
        A lot of the changes I’ve seen over the years you can have back.Thank you very much..
        And I don’t care who likes how I feel about it..

      • Karen says:

        AOC is one of the dumbest people and not just Congress person. She acts like she nrver went to College. She doesn’t know how things :work taxes jobs, etc. That green deal is unrealistic and insane. No concept on what it will take but good soundings free stuff. And we know nothing is free. If you take 100% of the rich money it still wouldn’t come close to paying for it. A child is in office.

      • Pete says:

        Wow! That’s the best argument I’ve heard in a while to justify bringing back institutionalized psychiatric care. I was in healthcare for 40 years and, with only a few exceptions, found that the attainment of higher educational degrees rarely coincides with higher intelligence. So you’re saying that, in the name of progress, those of us that got degrees that actually benefited society should step aside and let all those that have a Master’s Degree in Dance or Gender and Women’s Studies take control of our futures? Change is a natural thing but, those that choose not to learn from the mistakes made from changes in the past are just idiots.

      • Sarah says:

        Reality check, cancer is a change that kills healthy cells in the body….so should a person just stop fighting the change and go with it? I hear your point and I agree that some of these people are “highly educated” but on a premise that is not necessarily all good. Highly educated doesn’t equate to intelligence, or even good ideals. If can say that if all America has is “highly educated” persons, America would be lost. There would be no back bone or common sense to secure freedom, liberty or ingenuity. America would collapse under their “highly educated” who cannot do simple tasks as they are so called.

        • The Real M says:

          Sarah, Thank you for your comments. This is the second one of yours I have seen so far today and they are great! I do hope you will continue to contribute to these blogs as we need more words of reasons.

      • Dude says:

        Total BS there RUSTED check. A typical DEM and cartoon comments. You are as stupid obviously as AOC (Ocasio-Cortez). It’s you liberals who yell “jump off the cliff!” And you all go over.

      • Wynette says:

        Oh, there are a lot of people from California, New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, and Illinois that see the changes happening in their States they hate. That’s why the smart ones are moving to Florida, Texas, and other States that are not Sanctuary States, Outlawing their Gun Ownership, and not taxing them to death. California is losing so many smart people; they even talked about them being forced to pay an exit tax. Those States are getting closer and closer to becoming bankrupt States.

    • Carol says:

      I am from MN, don’t live there now ( thank God!) and I so agree with you. It has turned into a Somalian outpost and the dems have ruined the beautiful state. Did you see who they voted for and he won the Attorney general office?? Keith Ellison!!!! So sad!

      • The Real M says:

        Carol, I am so sorry for MN conservatives, they find themselves in a bloody mess. I don’t know what or if there is an answer for them. They may have to move and leave it with the Islamic immigrates. I understand a lot of MI has the same problem. I can only imagine how I would feel for the town or city I grew up in to now have street signs in a foreign language.

  19. This what ever has a degree in economics and doesn’t know mathematics. Aoc is telling young people about things they know nothing about. One of our problems is we let the government change the voting age from21 to 18. All you have to do is say i will give you something for nothing and you got votes. I would say aoc has never lived outside of our country and never lived under gov countrol.

    • Robert Yormick says:

      She’s appealing to the ” Santa Claus ” mentality of a 3 or 4 year old, who think that all the presents on Christmas just appeared without anyone buying & paying for them.
      These millennial’s she appealing to will someday realize NOTHING is for free, when THEY have to cough up the money to pay for all the “freebies ” their kids take for granted.

    • Lunchladie says:

      You would be correct!!! And she got to Congress by tending bar in New York.

      • E~4 Ed says:

        Wait ! She can make a Rum & Coke ? Well dam that does place her in the 135 IQ level now if she just pops in a wedge of Lime she can make it to 155 IQ . . . Next, you’ll be telling me she can toss a frizzby oh she can well dam that put’s her at 195 IQ & we are all doomed . . .

      • Gary S Stephen says:

        Yes she had drunks tell her she should run for Congress

    • Dr. J. D. says:

      Experts say the change of the voting age to 18 really made little difference since young people rarely show up to vote. If the young (18-28 YOA) showed up, it would be even worse news for Trumpers since they are very much against Trump and his policies. In fact, the only age/gender group where Trump has support is males over 45 years of age. His disapproval among women is very high.

      • “Dr. JD”: MARKED AS SPAM!!

        • The Real M says:

          Bill Blake, These young people JD is referring to who are against President Trump are the snowflake millennials who have no objectivity, just liberalism, due to today’s education system. Liberalism is all they have ever known. How could they be any different?

          Oh, and you have “pegged” JD correctly, SPAM!

      • Emma says:

        I hate to tell you that is a very huge lie.
        I don’t know where you got that from but,you need to stop listening to who ever told you that lie.

      • Vicky K. says:

        Really. I have two degrees and I am a female Trump voter. The earth has been warming since the last ice age and will continue to warm until we have a magnetic pole field shift. Then the earth will move towards an ice age of cooling again. These earth cycles take hundreds of thousands of years to complete. Patrick J. Michaels is a renowned climatologist who has refuted the parameters created by scientists for climate change. People aren’t causing any global warming, it is normal. People will survive these climate cycles. A. O.-C. claims that the earth will be destroyed in 15 years. People can’t stop the warming. She’s under educated to know. She needs to know more science and math. Her economics degree was her minor, not her major.

        • The Real M says:

          Vicky K., Good comment! I have preached exactly what you stated for years! The liberals continually harp that conservatives are uneducated dumb hicks but, as you, I have multiple degrees and believe I can hold my own with any liberal, as I am sure you can. AOC is a pathetic useless Rep. and I understand her constituents want their votes back! It is amazing to me that she has managed to gather bad information from bad sources without benefit of a single person who knows what they are talking about. Humanity is causing some damage to our climate but, the climate has been doing what “it” does since before humanity and will after humanity is gone. That is, unless God decides He is tired of us and blows the earth to kingdom come!

      • Sarah says:

        Dr. J.D., I stand amazed at your highly educated response! You say that it’s men over age 45 that vote for Trump! I would be or could be offended at your analogy but it is so intellectually base that I have to laugh! I am a woman and am not demoralized by creatians and pompous, lackluster, “highly educated”, absent of common sense or morally deficient people that “ass-ume” women cannot make an intelligent choice. It is the “Pioneering” men and women who engaged with the people’s of America that made America a Republic that these “highly educated” over zealous and greedy power sucking, politicians of these United States, who are actively working to return us to the oppressive governing that these “forefathers” fought to free us from!

  20. Keep up the great AOC… You are truly a gift to the republicans. Oh, and by the way, Mr. Ed called and wants his teeth back.

    • “OKAY, WILBUR!” – All right; now, Folks, let’s all sing the theme song together: “An ARSE is an ARSE, of course, of course; and this one is out-of-her-gourd, of course; You’ve never heard of a a Talking-ARSE? Well listhen to THIS: ‘I AM MISS CORTEZ’!”

  21. Denny says:

    How does a 29 year old Barista selling coffee at Starbucks get elected these days? Where did she get the 14 to 18 million? Coffee tips? Who paid her way? George Soros through GoFundMe? or some such group? I suggest all of the honest voters, no matter which party, look this up using your own internet.

    • RickJames68 says:

      So true. She so against money she can’t get her hands on.

      • Lunchladie says:

        But yet she wants to pay her staffers high dollar for their positions. But then that is on the taxpayers’ dime.

      • The Real M says:

        RickJames68, I read somewhere where that dumb broad has already amassed $8 million! Now, what is wrong with that picture? I guess it is easy to make money hand over fist when you are being bought and paid for by wealthy liberals out to “end” America as we know it! Just remember, paybacks are hell, right?

  22. Michael Brown says:

    Evita Peron believes that Amazon will contribute to climate change. Don’t you folks worry she has a lottery in mind to make sure that some of you get a free education. But you got to be in it to win it. Vote for her because she’s going to get the money from people that earned it and give it to those that didn’t. Isn’t that the American way? You got a better idea. AOC, Maduro needs your help. Go there immediately.

  23. Dan says:

    Unfortunately she is not the only one that does not understand economics. All the DEM want is to raise TAXES and take your constitutional rights away. Under the DEM rule I have never increase my wealth (NEVER). Under Reagan and Trump my Retirement grew. Trumps tax plan has been great for my 401.

    • Vicky K. says:

      Yes, the economy has grown well under Trump. The investments weren’t doing well under 0bama. B.0. even asked how Trump was going to fix the economy problems “by waving a magic wand?” These indoctrinated, under experienced and under educated can’t figure anything out. Trump has both education and experience.

  24. Chuck says:

    Hey OLD DOG, name me one CONSERVATIVE POLICY that would have destroyed either New York
    or Cali, having trouble thinking of one ?

  25. Michael M Merrill says:

    AOC is clearly brain dead and a prime example of what can happen when the entitle sheep vote. The beauty of it is, the 25000 job loss won’t be the nail in her coffin…she is fighting against the far more powerful globalist cabal which has taken over the Democratic party…They will do what they do best and eat their own. she has no chance of survival. divide and conquer is what they do best.

    • Pat says:

      Excellent read!! Thank you for the information!! Very interesting!!

    • Pat says:

      Thank you for the connect!! Well worth reading. I tried to respond before, but Patriot Pulse said I already did!! This is the first time I’ve seen it! I appreciate your efforts. Everyone should give this article a read. Very interesting!!

  26. Steve says:

    She has proven my point about people her age and that generation. Being someone over 50 we are of the generation “you are to be seen and not heard and only speak when spoken to”. Therefor she needs to shut up.

    • E~4 Ed says:

      But Steve . . . Had I not speak up at 19Yr of age as an E ~ 4 Buck Sergent I would have been the only one alive of my squad . . . South East Asian War Games (Remember L.B.J. did not call it a war so he could push it past the Con U Into griefs, so they called it a Fire Fight, just like B.H.O . has called the new 13 Firefights, we are in now with overflights, Drone Strikes & Bomb Drop Runs in the Mid~East. This B ~ S mess he left behind has to be held tight because it can blow up in our face & suck us into 13 more wars just like L.B.J. did in Viet~Nam.) I say this because the Brown stuff can hit the fan yet again . . .

      As to this Air Head Jack Ass Party darling maybe den mother N.P. will pull her aside & school her as to how to get votes, Big cash, stay in office for 45 + years & not do a dam thing for WE The PEOPLE . . . It’s not so much her age it’s the way the way the Hippies of H.R.C. D.F. H.R. B.B. P.S. N.P.
      & others raised her . . . With no truth, no honor, no respect, no job skills because they have no jobs, they panhandled a lot & lived off grants for school but work is after all a 4 letter dirty word . . . I also can’t but think that we can point to G.R.Ford for when he shot all of us that where in Viet~Nam when he signed pardons for the draft doges that went to Canada . . . That act & disallowing the Vet’s Government loans to start or buy a company but did so for the draft dodgers & hippies who started bottled water, granola, yogurt, coffee bars, & home construction bizz but only hired Illegals . . . YES I Point to the Hippy Air Heads we all know who they are many are in the JACK ASS PARTY are in Con~U~In~To~Griefs or Sin~I~Cans . . .

      As to this AirHead this is what you get from H.R.C. Village raised children, it’s a lot like 10 Chiefs & only 1 Indian doing the hunting. In time he will see that he only needs 1 duck or 1 fish, Now you see what the 1 Indian will do!

  27. Susan Dix says:

    She has been in office for all of 2 minutes and thinks she runs the entire country.
    If this is any indication, America cannot afford people so inept and brain dead.
    She needs to go away, far, far, away. Maybe she can move to another galaxy.

  28. James Termini says:

    AOC’s naivete is exceeded only by the naivete of Hank Johnson, who thinks Guam can capsize and tip over into the sea. Think of how dumb the people must be who voted for them.

    • Vino Mody says:

      Low of the right information and practical sense, how would someone like Okazio by elected. It defines the voters in her district, probably relying on the freebees from government; a substitute for hard work. The potion of the US population living on government benefits was relatively quite small 55 years ago when I first came to the US as a student (later became a citizen, legally) but since then the benefits and the number of recipients have grown many fold, with no end in sight on either.

      • Shirley says:

        She won because she did not have any competition. The Republican they put up (doubt if anyone knows his name) did not even campaign while she was out campaigning all over the place. Doubt the Rep even had any money from the RNC.

    • William J Vital says:

      Of the votes they got, I wonder how many were cast by legal living Citizens. How many were fake or altered ballots?

  29. bartbeme says:

    Without a doubt she is the single most stupid, idiotic, incompetent, brain-dead individual to ever be elected to Congress. She will sink the Democratic Party all by her lonesome and loathsome self. The best thing the Dems can do is give her a nice big office, lock her in it, give her a disconnected computer and throw in some food once a day.

  30. dick says:

    she is just plain DUM
    how anyone could have voted for her i’ll never know

  31. theolddog says:

    Typical rightie bilge.

    Why do you always need someone to hate?

    OH! I remember now.

    Your plans and policies cannot stand by themselves because the public cannot stand them.

  32. Tom says:

    It is really hard to tell at this point. But if she continues the way she has been going she will retire Vs. lose the election. The only way I see that not happening is if the people of NY or so thick headed that they believe they can lose this type of economic impact and still keep their taxes in check(NOT). The whole Nation knows they are out of money and the mayor wants the American People to bail out their sorry butts. I believe the American People are smarter than that and NY needs to go by the way side under the DEMS control just like many other cities have under the DEMS control. Sorry AOC looks like you are going to be out of a job soon better start looking for your next bar tending job. Most likely not in the state of NY.

  33. William F F Roady says:

    I just hope the New Yorkers that voted to put her in a job representing them realize where they rank on the DUMB SCALE. She is BONE DEEP STUPID.

  34. Melody says:

    It’s quite apparent that she is not the sharpest tack in the corkboard. I wonder if she graduated from kindergarten or just aged out of it.

  35. Pete says:

    I think it’s freakin’ awesome that the Demonrats want to hook their cars up to the crazy train that’s heading for a washed-out bridge. All their posturing and double-downs on stupid statements made only prove how truly desperate they are to regain power and have become the best thing to happen to the Republican party in decades.

  36. John J says:

    You can NOT humiliate a demo vomit or a moron and that red lipped, banjo eyed, Jerry Springer show reject is both

  37. John Centonze says:

    About the only thing she is good at is trying to cover up her stupidity by making bogus explanations! It doesn’t matter who paid for the billboard, facts are facts regardless of who states them. I would guess that this bimbo would consider Galileo’s statements about a heliocentric planetary system being wrong because he was a heretic/

    • John says:

      Do the Voters understand that they can RECALL her next month by VOTING for it.
      I fail to understand why they voted for her in the first place??

      • Tom says:

        I believe if that were the case they would they are not very happy with her right now.

      • mrp says:

        Most likely as a result of voter fraud attributed to evil George Soros so he could mold her to do his bidding. She is dumb and dangerous, and she has Soros pulling her strings to the detriment of all Americans.

      • James Every says:

        I think I know the type of people l that voted her in.
        Those that did, I’m sure they don’t have the brains to work for Amazon or start their own business due to the planed 25K jobs in their area.

        These are the people that WANT GOVERNMENT SUPPORT and not work for themselves. This now, seems to be the base of the Democratic party along with the wealthy, that want to lead the SHEEP.

      • Dude says:

        They will just put another democrat in her place. Totally clueless these people.

  38. Ded says:

    I agree. She is dimbulb.

  39. JC says:

    She makes a fool of herself evry time she opens her mouth! She is ignorant. She is a fake. She is a Soros puppet.

    • mrp says:

      In a nutshell. She was created by Soros out of thin air and her accomplishments for her constituents are proof of that. All she’s done since her election is run around the country trying to make a name for herself and all she’s doing is proving that she is a big mistake along with her newly-elected allies in congress who defend terrorism. If this continues, we the people are in big trouble, like nothing before.

  40. mspidge says:

    ABSOLUTELY, particularly when the stupid broad said I’M THE BOSS!! YOU PEOPLE IN HER DISTRICT BETTER WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE, or you won’t be able to get the STINK of aoc out of your noses!!!

  41. Keith D says:

    I voted that she WOULD get re-elected not because she deserves it but because there areso many YOUNG INDOCTRINATED CHILDREN they think exactly like her!! NY has been liberal so long they they forget how to THINK for themselves!!! LIBERALISM is a mental disorder!!! If I want to pay some body to do nothing or have HIGH unemployment I would move to VENEZUELA!!!! Where AOC needs to spend a few DECADES!!

    • Matthew Rubba says:

      I also think the same idiots who put her in will vote again for her. Her district had only4% voter turn out which explains a lot.

  42. Because of Ocasio-Cortez New Yorkers lost over 25 thousands jobs

  43. DS says:

    Well, well…this is a prime example of not only having illiterate politicians voted into office but the big picture here is the PEOPLE who actually voted for these Democrat IDIOTS! This shows you the mentality of the Democratic VOTERS…they just don’t pay attention to what is reality, ignorant to life in general, or just plain STUPID!? I would say….all of the above!

  44. Dan Gibson says:

    OKAYYY — So now that she’s ” proved ” herself in these past 6 weeks … suspect the over/under in Vegas on DAILY GAFFES by AOC is 2.5. Get out your money, and get ready to have some real FUN here Folks. (HINT: take the OVER ! Hell, she’s just GETTING STARTED… )

    And the back story here, she loves the camera so much, she forces herself into the NEWS (?) every Damn Day — that makes it very , very difficult for PEWLOSI to keep up with her (and add the fact that NANCE is finding it tougher by the day, to complete a simple sentence) HARRIS & WARREN: Ten Hut … just look over your shoulder(s) and see WHO IS LICKING AT YOUR HEELS …. And thus is Life for the lowly, female-dominated democrapic party. Have a great, productive SECOND ADMINISTRATION, MR. PRESIDENT !! Praise D’Lord we have YOU, SIR !

  45. Riverview says:

    She will be the main reason Trump will win next year by a margin equal to if not greater than Reagan’s re-election. It’s just going to be the worst possible joke waiting for her next major foul up.

  46. LARRY BRULE says:


  47. LAWRENCE F BONI says:


  48. Todd says:

    She shouldn’t, she doesn’t even live in her district. She’s using her father’s address that he had. Collects her mail there every so often. She’s never seen there. Can her!! NOW!

  49. Michael McEntee says:

    The dumb assholes that voted for her in the first will vote for her again, this idiot has no idea what she is doing, she needs to return to tending bar!!!

  50. Eric says:

    If the voters are smart, they’ll recall the dyke.

  51. Dave Miedema says:

    I wonder who’s the bigger idiot: The New York Nitwit or anybody stupid enough to vote for her?

  52. She is another Air-HEAD like Nancy P & the others trying to change this good old USA>>>

  53. The traveller says:

    Rumor has it that her district is about to be either written out or re-written into another district. She doesn’t have much of a chance.

  54. Robert M Hellen says:

    If New Yorkers had common sense I’d say she would lose re-election but since they voted for her in the first place, I can’t really say if she will lose or not. If they do put her back in then they deserve what they get.

  55. James P Hutchins says:

    cortez is a moron and a Nazi half wit who is irrelevant to the American people f her she a idiot and a immoral crook just like the liberal scumbags democrats pelosi and shummer are trash of the Universe.

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