Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suffered this humiliating defeat

New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez looked like she was on a one-way trip to political superstardom.

Not anymore.

That’s because Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just suffered this humiliating defeat.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez built her reputation on claiming socialism will benefit everyday Americans.

It turns out she is only out for herself.

Ocasio-Cortez was the highest profile member of the House of Representatives to come out in favor of a $4,500 pay raise for members of Congress.

Ocasio-Cortez wants a pay hike at a time when Congress refuses to do the people’s business and secure the border to stem the tide of the illegal alien invasion.

And ever more outrageously, Ocasio-Cortez claimed raising members of Congress’ pay will help them pass Left-wing wishlist items like so-called “campaign finance” laws that would allow them to shut down grassroots conservative organizations.

Democrats yanked the pay raise legislation after vulnerable Democrats in districts the President won in 2016 cranked up the heat on leadership.

But by coming out in favor of lining her own pockets at a time when Congress is more dysfunctional than ever, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proved she was just another swamp creature.


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70 Responses

  1. vinnie says:

    This ia really RICH! A Barmaid making Suggestions (DEMANDS) that she should get a $4500.00 pay raise for Criticizing everyone without blinking an eye as if she is the Savior of the World because she has all the “Answers” ! Her ideas (if they are hers and not the Puppeteers), are not even plausible , nor are they realistic ! Her best bet would be to stick to serving drinks and listening to drunken anecdotes !

  2. I think we should all refuse to pay taxes until they get their asses to work and do what they were sent there for . No work No pay…..

  3. ALL the money that the democraps spent on that stupid witch hunt wasting of us hard earning tax payers money–we AMERICANS who PAY your salaries (you hating Democraps and RINOS) of which you have done NOTHING for us while you plot and scheme with hate and jealosy against our AWESOME LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT TRUMP AND VP PEN CE spending our hard earned money not yours–and get BACK to work and RESPECT our President YOUR President and our GREAT AMERICA TRUMP PENCE 2020 MAGA –YAYyyyy

  4. satch says:

    members of Congress already get $140,000.00 per year for life. I repeat FOR LIFE

    any pay raises are pure greed.

  5. vote4sheyanna says:

    AOC is full of hot air

  6. Peacefulheart says:

    STUPID IS AS STUPID Does!!!!!!!! How can anyone listen to this Airhead??????

  7. hotrod says:

    the hell with the gutter slut. it does not deserve to live.

  8. Gaby Bond says:

    I have a request… Let’s not talk about Alexandria Cortez and let’s ignore her for sometime. The more we talk about her or refer to her, she thinks she is an important person. The more she sees her name in the Media, she believes she is a Celebrity . Let her yell, shout and scream, believe me, she will shut her mouth.

    • Maxx says:

      I totally agree. It’s the media that keeps her around and also her stupidity. Last year she was making minimum wage as a bar tender. There is another one like her in Congress from Wisconsin named Gwen Moore. She campaigned on this slogan….
      “from welfare to Washington”. She rarely opens her mouth and does anything but provide a democrat vote on everything. An absolute SLUG. The IQ of a pine stump. nTa

  9. Martha says:

    They should get a pay cut not increase.
    They are doing nothing to protect the people of this Country.
    Most of them should not be reelected.

  10. Don Poggendorf says:

    Congress should all have a PAY CUT since they do not do the job they swore to do when they were elected by the AMERICAN TAXPATERS!

  11. Everett McAfee says:

    Congress should be paid by the number of days they work and manage to accomplish something. So far this year they wouldn’t have gotten a cent.
    AOC is undoubtedly the dumbest representative ever elected. She went from bartender where she was unable to keep the drinks straight to Congress. Tell her she can take her pay from the tax incentive money that remains from the Amazon deal.

    • John Flynn says:

      Indeed, Everett, she’s already cost her constituency over 25,000 well-paying jobs by being about the only person that bad-mouthed Amazon constructing a giant Amazon facility in NYC (perhaps in her very own district, not sure)

  12. Jeanette Voisin says:

    Since we the taxpayer have to pay for all the illegals then there is no money for a pay raise . Think twice before you open your mouth AOC

  13. Dennis Durgan says:


  14. STEVEN J MOORE says:

    this is the most crooked thing I have ever heard of…….they should not only NOT get a pay raise …..they should consider going on a merit system and let us decide if they get paid at all. As an employer I have the ability to decide if someone stays working at all WHEN THEY DO NOT PERFORM THEIR JOB !!!!!! The terms (even two years) they are given for Congress are way too long in my opinion because we are stuck with BS results from the vast majority of them. What ever happened to the idea of probation on a job ??? Lets hire a good pest control company and sends the big city Congress rats, the rats that they are allowing to overrun our beautiful cities of San Fran and NY, and put them behind their walls !! (AOC and Nancy) I would donate to that campaign!

  15. James Sotcheff says:

    This is SOOO Wrong! WE the PEOPLE should be the ones who decide this. Arrogant Bitch.She whined after the election how she couldn’t afford an apartment until she got her 1st check while she’s running up a 23,000 Luft bill.She’s a liar and a phony.She won’t be running unopposed this time.

    ““““ .

  16. James-Joseph Greyson says:

    Aren’t the DUMBASSES that voted this clit into office ashamed of their stupidity yet. Who in the hell in their right mind would vote for this ignorant bitch accept for a selfish retard.

  17. James C Green says:

    Congress should not be paid a “dime” until they balance the budget. Politics was NEVER intended to be a career calling. They should get in, do their job, and get out… Term Limits for sure! As for AOC… she is so stupid it boggles the mind. I have Grandchildren in High School who are way smarter than she! Goodbye and good riddance next election (if not sooner)!

  18. Michal says:

    I was just reading a Gordon Wood book on the Founding Fathers. Turns out they saw holding office in the US Government as a chore that took away from their personal and financial lives. Not a lot of luxuries or becoming wealthy as a politician. PS. if anyone reads George Orwell’s Animal Farm, AOC is practicing what the pigs on the farm called “more equal” than the other animals. There’s no reason a politician would need to go through loopholes or cheat. If they are displeased with the money they are making, then they need to act like every other American and try to align themselves with a different career or start a side business, or perhaps work two jobs to pay the bills.

    • Anita Timmons says:

      This is because it used to be a place of honor, not money! They used to be like the Congress in Texas. They meet twice a year. Problem solved!

    • Ann says:

      Citizen legislators, just like Trump.

    • Maxx says:

      I have wondered my entire life why we are stuck with political parties, any of them? Then I read an article by Joshua Philipp titled “The Story Behind Washington’s Warning About Partisanship”. It is the history of the creation of todays political parties from before the US was created. It is a shocking read to say the least. Explains why so many people don’t see much difference between the two major parties. The article was in the May 30 – June 5 2019 issue of The Epoch Times. Makes room for the idea that these parties could and should be abolished.

  19. Ron Duke says:

    Pay them minimum wage for the two weeks they actually work.

    • derf says:

      what two weeks Ron they haven’t done anything in there job but try and think of ways to get at trump and want to waste out tax dollars

  20. Ernest Lane says:

    I think Congresspeople should get no pay unless they pass legislation that gets signed in to law. Anything does no one any good.

  21. James says:

    Give the pay raise to help homeless veterans. They do not make $175,000 a year and they sure could use the help!!!!!’

  22. Do nothing congress needs a pay cut not a raise, they are already getting too much legally and what they steal from the taxpayers can’t be counted

    • Maxx says:

      The law or whatever they use that allows them to raise their own pay needs to be abolished, rescinded or repealed. Having control over one compensation as a alleged “servant of the people” sounds illegal. Just like them never being held accountable for crimes they commit. Our government was specifically chartered to be
      “of the people by the people for the people”. The word politician does not appear a single time in that statement.

  23. Mike says:

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suffered this humiliating defeat. You can’t Humiliate this Dumb Baitch … She’s to STUPID to know you and the world is Laughing at her.

  24. Shelly says:

    Congress is the most expensive welfare recipients they have not done any work to earn the money they already received they just sit on their butts hating the Americans and collecting money no better than the welfare mom with 6 kids. STOP GIVING MONEY TO THE LAZY DEADBEATS!!!

  25. Robert powell says:

    absolutely no raise if anything confiscate all of their assets,{most of it is stolen anyway] send the leaders to gitmo for life ,without parole or the next democrat pardoning them.

  26. lzib says:

    In what other job do the employees get to vote themselves a raise?!

    They should have to work like all the rest of us plebeans and let the Boss decide if they deserve a raise.

    Oh, BTW Nancy and AOC
    We The People are your Boss!
    Wait till the election and put it on the ballot- we will decide if you do-nothing employees deserve a raise or a pink slip!

    Personally I vote for Pink slips- for at least about 350 of you the rest should be put on probation and we will readdress you employment status in two years.

    Give me a break, AOC wants to extort the Am. Taxpayers or she will break the law?!

  27. Gary says:

    What the heck the Pes. does not even take a paycheck. Give them a paycut for doing nothing and cheating us

    • Ann says:

      Thanks to Trump the US is energy independent. our troops are no longer fighting foreign wars (especially over oil.) he is doing his best to secure our border from millions of criminal invaders even though Congress won’t do a thing, He’s taken on China and brought back millions of American jobs, Our stock market is the envy of the world. Our GDP blows away the EU, China and every other country on earth. , and he doesn’t take a paycheck, instead donates it to charity, and these losers want a raise? What a disgrace to even ask.

  28. grandpa says:

    voters are to blame because they are the ones who voted them in office so vote them out in the next election simple

    • GIBSON says:

      In total agreement!

    • Tom says:

      I hope the American people do vote them out, Congress has done absolutely nothing for America. It should be filled with Republicans in the next election, if it is, we will see khaki wonders after that, if we’re going to have a Republican President in the WH , we also need the Congress and Senate Republican also, just think what we would have accomplished if we had that since President Trump was elected

    • Jimmie Chesser says:

      The American s don’t vote these piece of shots in office have you ever heard of voter fraud that’s how these looser dems stay in office aka be end sniped at the mid terms

  29. Bruce says:

    Why not take the pay raise to the American public and let them vote yes or no! To chicken s,,,,, to do that I’m sure!

  30. Daniel Mount says:

    I can see giving the Republicans a raise but definitely not these Democrats because all they have done for the past 3 years is Lie, Cheat, Steal and Harass President Trump and accuse him of things he never did. These Democrat Politicians are the ones that have Obstructed Justice as well as commit High Treason.

    • Herbert Lubitz says:

      They also used tax revenue to wage a coup against Trump. Wasted the time they get paid to work for the People, but done absolutly nothing for the People, and have taken OUR People’s Security and left America open for the Terrorists they are in bed with. But when Trump gets all the convictions going, I can bet they will either leave America or sit in Prison, or be impeached. The Democrats are done, and if we allow those Illegals to interfere in our next election and put those vote in the Ballet boxes, we should be screwed for being stupid followers of free crap that we all know will not be there after they get elected, but we will be under their control once more like the blacks were for the past 50 years, now they have a chance to get all the People under their boot. Do not vote for these vermin, they are looking for their submissive slaves that won’t have their guns to fight them off. Keep the Second amendment or keep tierney.

  31. Jeannette says:

    Not only NO, but hell no!! And their pay should be stopped (not held, but taken away) until they pass a balanced budget, fix immigration and start working for the taxpayers who pay them, not the illegals so they can buy votes. They need to do their job, and now they are getting ready for a recess. They should work like the rest of us and only get 2 weeks off .

    • GIBSON says:

      So much is written by the public when things appear to be going bad for the country , enough to set Congress on fire, together with any Democrat that’s ever breathed, but no initiative is ever taken, just hot air, letting off steam, why is that?

  32. Dave Miedema says:

    Any time that Rep. Cow Farts loses, real Americans win.

  33. bob says:

    It all she’s out for is to get cheap publicity. Nothing she says makes any sense BUT by saying dumb things that hardly anyone backs or agrees with, the Lame Stream Stupid Media reports on it & she thinks she’s popular .
    Shows the mentality of herself & the stupid people who elected her,

  34. james says:

    Agree with Mary, they receive 174 THOUSAND AVERAGE plus expense acc, and all the side money they hide l from lobbyists. No F way, get rid of all of them

  35. James M says:


  36. Allen Morgan says:

    I thought I would never say this: Thank Senator McConnell and the Senate Republicans who have approved most of Trump’s appointments and judges. McConnell knows how to get Trump’s judges passed or keep the Senate in session through scheduled vacations. That has been highly effective.

  37. Jean says:


  38. Michael says:

    N O P E

  39. Michael says:


  40. 33,000 ft. In the air on a 1 way flight is the only raise they deserve.

    • Herbert Lubitz says:

      With defective parachutes made by Democrats. We all know how efficient a Democrat run business runs that business, they save money by not using expensive paracord, and raising the price to fill their pockets.

  41. Jeanne says:

    So I guess she’s advocating holding the American people financially hostage. Give us a pay raise in the hopes of work getting done for the people. Then, nothing happens. This plays over and over and over again and still nothing gets done! Ooo, give us your money so we don’t take dark money…

  42. KatahdinView says:

    Mary, I agree with you 100%, it is time that they did something they were elected to do work for US.

  43. Colleen La Rose says:

    This witch needs to be fired & shipped to another country! You sure has not done anything to earn the boatload of money she gets now.

  44. Mary says:

    ABSOLUTELY NOT! These so-called Democrat (& a few Republican) lawmakers have done NOTHING for the hardworking American taxpayers! The ONLY thing they’ve done is to pursue their single agency since President Trump was voted into office: to bring him down ANY way they can, either legally or illegally! SHAMEFUL!

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