Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spit in the face of police with this giant lie

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continues to dig a deeper hole for herself.

The socialist congresswoman is now attacking law enforcement as they deal with the massive crisis at the southern border.

And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just spit in the face of police with this giant lie.

Ocasio-Cortez is in full spin-mode after being called out for comparing border patrol detention facilities to Nazi death camps.

That scandal only mushroomed after Ocasio-Cortez visited a border patrol facility in El Paso, Texas and outrageously claimed illegal aliens were told to drink water out of toilets.

Border Patrol Union chief Brandon Judd called Ocasio-Cortez out for her blatant lie.

Breitbart reports:

Judd, whose union represents U.S. Border Patrol agents, spoke to Breitbart News’ Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak on Breitbart News Tonight on Sirius XM 125.

He was furious at Ocasio-Cortez’s claims, and pushed back passionately.

He said that cameras that film the facilities would show that Ocasio-Cortez was lying: “I’m calling on CBP to release that footage so they clearly show that she was treated with the utmost dignity and respect,” Judd said.

“Nobody is forced to drink out of a toilet and nobody is told to drink out of a toilet,” Judd explained. “Its completely and totally a baseless and ridiculous allegation and frankly it needs to be investigated and she needs to be exposed.”

The fake news media will run with Ocasio-Cortez’s unsubstantiated falsehoods.

They want illegal aliens released into the country so they can disappear and wait for the moment when the Democrats hold the Presidency and enough seats in Congress to grant amnesty and create millions of new Democrat voters.

That’s why Ocasio-Cortez and her tag team partners in the fake news media are pushing this concentration camp lie so hard.

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131 Responses

  1. Charles Long says:

    The voters of her state and representative area need to monitor their voter polls and registered voters….She should not be re-elected and doubt it was a legal count…Disgraces our constitution and our laws….please go to a country you are from or agrees with your communist agenda.

  2. Eliot says:

    130! We can’t end this thread with 129 posts because that’s a dirty number! 130 is clean and it fulfills a mitzvah!

  3. Cherry Loveland says:

    You’re just as bad as the Dems.

  4. jimmy says:

    nobody voted for her – was election fraud along with the other morons. she is a man by the way- check out those huge ears and teeth

  5. Eliot says:

    The one truth about AOC is that she’s a lesbian who regularly has group sex with her girlfriends! AOC’s lovers are Ashleigh Banfield, Ariel Gold, Angela Davis, Sonny Hostin, Michelle Goldberg, Maria Cardona, Amber Phillips, Jen Mendoza and Nathaly Ariola!

  6. Stephen Mascari says:

    Democrats should know what liars are. Just listen to Hillary, Obama, and the rest of your party.

  7. MG says:

    I thought she did look kind of “toothey”

  8. wamda says:

    It is his party that is attacking conservatives

  9. Km says:

    AOC is delusional, a lier, totally off her rocker!!! This psychotic nitwit needs to go!!! Just look at some of her facial expressions in her photos! She’s totally nuts!!! Im so sick and tired of the bull crap coming out of her mouth!!! I say fly this anti American over to a terrorist country and drop her off!!! See how long she gets away with flapping her lying jaws over there!!!

  10. Jeff Simmons says:

    If you look closely when AOC has her bright red lipstick on if you look at her teeth and the shape of her mouth she kind of reminds me of one of those old style bottle openers you can stick your bottle in and pop the lid, just remember before twist tops.

  11. Herbert says:

    AOC you can move to Venezuela or Cuba and talk all the feces there. I got a broom so you can fly there.

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