Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sent out one tweet about the NFL that will leave you speechless

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is no stranger to controversy.

And neither is Colin Kaepernick.

But what Ocasio-Cortez just said about Kaepernick and the NFL will leave you speechless.

There is no doubt Ocasio-Cortez is driving the policy discussion on the left.

Her radical, socialist views are now being adopted by every Democrat running for President in 2020.

One idea of her’s that picked up traction is her 70 percent wealth tax on income over ten million dollars.

Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw mocked her socialist economic policies by asking if the NFL should socialize the talent so other teams can compete with the New England Patriots.

Ocasio-Cortez did not take kindly to the ribbing.

She fired back that the NFL was a racist league because no team signed anti-American quarterback Colin Kaepernick to play.

Kaepernick is unsigned for one reason and one reason only – he is not any good.

Social Justice Warriors like Ocasio-Cortez forget that Kaepernick was benched and his last starting job was long before his protest began.

The NFL will tolerate all sorts of anti-social behavior in the name of winning games.

If Kaepernick could help a team win, he would be on a roster.

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