Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sent out one tweet about the NFL that will leave you speechless

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is no stranger to controversy.

And neither is Colin Kaepernick.

But what Ocasio-Cortez just said about Kaepernick and the NFL will leave you speechless.

There is no doubt Ocasio-Cortez is driving the policy discussion on the left.

Her radical, socialist views are now being adopted by every Democrat running for President in 2020.

One idea of her’s that picked up traction is her 70 percent wealth tax on income over ten million dollars.

Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw mocked her socialist economic policies by asking if the NFL should socialize the talent so other teams can compete with the New England Patriots.

Ocasio-Cortez did not take kindly to the ribbing.

She fired back that the NFL was a racist league because no team signed anti-American quarterback Colin Kaepernick to play.

Kaepernick is unsigned for one reason and one reason only – he is not any good.

Social Justice Warriors like Ocasio-Cortez forget that Kaepernick was benched and his last starting job was long before his protest began.

The NFL will tolerate all sorts of anti-social behavior in the name of winning games.

If Kaepernick could help a team win, he would be on a roster.


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307 Responses

  1. Danny Wild says:

    You can watch NFL Free Live online on => ­ NFLTVNOW­ .­C­O­M­ > NFLTVNOW .COM Search on by Google 🙂

    • Dave Miedema says:

      Why the hell would I want to.? The NFL is run by SJWs and anti-American Communist Democraps these days. Scum like those pukes will never get a cent of my money.

  2. scooch 'the' pooch says:

    Scroll down a lil bit. HaHa HAAA.

    • Antonio says:

      Dems are now party of high , taxes no borders, drugs, crime, no God, late abortions, infanticide, regulations transgender military, fake news…

  3. James King says:

    Kaepernick was benched before the protest. S.F. would not trade him. That when his girlfriend told him that he lived in a country that still had slaves. By the way, he was making 20 million dollars. That does,t sound like a country with injustice policy. The bottom line he was protesting because he didn’t get his way. He wasn’t good enough for the money and still isn’t. He could play but not as a starter. The protest was a sham.

  4. scooch says:

    Kaepernick is just Not ‘That’ Good of a player.
    He dug a hole’ bending his knee’. & Remains wealthy.
    >re ocasio: in bartending ‘daze’ , did she really know
    the diff. ‘tween Pernod/0uzo. ? a White Russian or a
    Black Russian?. Long Island Tea? She is a
    ‘ca-ca mamie puppet’. & that’s about it.

  5. Kevin says:

    Mr. Ed lookin Forrest Gump sounding waste of human flesh!!
    Pimple on the ASS of civilization that just needs 2 b popped like the heat rash u get on ur ASS in the summer….

  6. TH Frick says:

    No longer Progressive. Pelosi has to be the dumbest, most corrupt, and most stubborn person in the entire world. I don’t know who made her the Ruler of the United States. They are the Resistance Party who are corrupt and dishonest liberals who are destroying the country with their destructive demonstrations and riots and fake news with no facts. They change their common sense and policies because they are so anti-Trump that whatever he tries to do, they are against it. Wish they would get a life.

  7. Gary says:

    This dense dumb ignorant inbred piece of pig trash needs to go. She needs to be removed from office and taken to Iraq Iran or syria and dumped . She and her running mouth need to stop NOW

  8. Floyd Hardee says:

    When players disrespect the Flag, the Anthem, or their coaches and fans…..they are public relation failures. Why should a team want them on the roster.

  9. Irma D says:

    AOC is the distraction of the left, while they continue their dirty deeds, like late term abortions! Being they control the media, they are sending her off on these excursions “on purpose” to keep her out of the White House vacinity! They truly know what they are doing, and Americans better wake up soon!

  10. Blue says:

    If you put aoc’s brain in a bird, the bird would fly Backwards!

    • Philip Simon says:

      To AOC, stick to Accasional Occulus Cotex, not Colin Kapernicks strange knee behaviors for attention to his non-developed skills in hair do’s.

      • Warren Hopkins says:

        How much of what Colin Kaepernick did was influenced by his Muslim girlfriend? I haven’t seen much mentioned about that relationship. I wonder if she is still involved with him.

    • Irma says:


  11. Caesar Meledandri says:

    Kapernick doesn’t get picked up by an NFL team because he is a good quarter back period. As far as AOC is concerned is that she is just a simpleton.

  12. John J says:

    This asshole says the same things that the insane homeless woman at Broad and Lehigh says, why doesn’t the homeless woman get all of this publicity?

  13. George says:

    I can’t wait to see the Democrats implode when President Trump gets re-elected in 2020, so much more entertaining than watching felons throw a football around. Oh and can’t wait until Ginsberg is replaced and Roe V Wade is overturned!

  14. Jon Darmes says:

    Absolutely nothing that the village idiot, Occasional Kotex, says or does is surprising to me. Look like a beaver, act like a fool. BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  15. Dick Guzinya says:

    The NFL is racists…towards whites….idiot

  16. Ron says:

    Let the brainless OC buy a team and she can hire him. Bankrupt in first half of first game . What a brainless nitwit as are all those who voted for her.

  17. Bill says:

    No Colin should not be hired by any team. He made his bed so let him kneel in it.

  18. Rob says:

    The entire DNC is a bunch of cry baby racist, negro’s, and stupid women!

    • Donella S. Wood says:

      Rob – think about what you just posted. The Democrats are not racist and neither are the
      Republicans. I do not understand why they are fighting President Trump and doing everything
      in their power to sabotage him and everything good is fighting against all odds to do for our
      country. Makes absolutely no sense, My conclusion is what the old comedian sad in his skits –
      The devil made me (them) do it.

      • Edna Krebs says:

        this is not really about the republicans or democrats it’s pelosi personal hate of trump period. it’s about democrats under obama was given everything they wanted. so now they are being told NO. so pelosi has made this personal.

  19. Charles says:

    Please, you website owners are making that moron Cortez famous, Quit posting stories about the idiot.

    • Patricia m Bryan says:

      TRUE – too much publicity and idocrity

    • JV says:

      Right on, they are giving too much air time to this spic bimbo.

    • Fred says:

      I’m with you Charles on her being a moron, watching her and the other moron Omar is
      like watching a female version of Dumb and Dumber, they keep putting their foot in their

      • William J Vital says:

        Well, maybe it will let people with a quarter-of-a-brain see how much of an anti=American idiot these two elected officials are, as a start. Voters can see how these two keep their feet clean.

    • Irma says:

      AOC is the distraction of the left, while they continue their dirty deeds, like late term abortions! Being they control the media, they are sending her off on these excursions “on purpose” to keep her out of the White House vacinity! They truly know what they are doing, and Americans better wake up soon!

    • Marie says:

      I agree! Stop talking about Cortez & kaepernick & stop forwarding any and all messages about them! If you get anything on them, delete immediately!

    • Dorothy Blueter says:

      Agree! She is like cancer, spreading hate and violence to destroy the U.S.A.

  20. STEVE FLOWERS says:


  21. WM GERALDS says:


  22. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Foremost “Tinydick” is anti-law enforcement as are way too many of your professional athletes, they go out of their way to do stupid criminal things drawing attention by LEOs to themselves get upset at being detained, get beligerant and violent with the police and then whine when the police are forced to use excessive forced to restrain them, when you behave worse than an animal that is the way you will be treated.

    • Tim says:

      That is so true. They want something done,about the violence,in their own neighborhood,but refuse to give up ANY info…thus empowering the evil. I respect but…WAKE UP and fight back. Otherwise…”STOP YOUR WHINING”.

  23. Navy PO2 says:

    The NFL can co to HELL! And take Nike with them!

  24. Timothy Toroian says:

    People who call other people racist without solid proof are the racists.

    • Dana opp says:

      You are so right on

    • ahem tonto says:

      Yes, those in the least defensible positions always scream the loudest! And the most profligate racists always use the race card as their ultimate crutch in their attempt to shame the true non-racists. They do so because they have no factual data to support whatever argument they are attempting to proffer for their short comings, lack of ability or credible ethics.

  25. John Kos says:

    They should hire him as part of the grounds keeping team. He seems to be a professional knee bender he could take care of keeping the weeds of artifical turf. He could be quarter back for the weed pulling team.

  26. JIM says:






  27. R B says:

    AOC failed to mention that Kaepernick turned down a contract offer from the Denver Broncos in 2016. If Kaepernick doesn’t have a job with the NFL now, it’s his own fault.
    Once again AOC opens her mouth concerning something that she knows nothing about.

  28. If anyone listens to that stupid bitch then you are dumber than she is…

    • Notalib says:

      Why am I seeing this nitwit doing on all the news sites? How the hell does she command this type of coverage? She is really an uneducated person. If she disappeared tomorrow would anyone care. Is it because she is a liberal democrat who appeals to MSM and the rest of liberal news people? I honestly don’t get it. She is really a stupid woman.

  29. Mamabearistough says:

    I have a project for all of you who made comment about this NUT that was elected by idiots. Check out what has taken place in DEARBORN, MICHIGAN, LONDON, and PARIS. They have adopted the Muslim’s Sharia law. Now there is mass violence, areas that police would then not enter at all, rapes happening to the point that women were afraid to go out of their homes. These reports were going on daily a year or so ago now you hear absolutely nothing about it. SHARIA law gives the men the right to rape anyone they wish, to marry children, not sure of the age they can have sex with them, but I think it is six. Research this for yourself. Books available in the libraries. They are trying to take over our country from WITHIN. Remember, OBUMA is MUSLIM admittedly. How many Muslims do we have in office in America? FIND OUT.

    • Emily says:

      You’re absolutely correct. Liberals need to wake up. And Conservatives need to March on Washington. Silence =Complicity. And if the Silent Majority remain silent, we have no one to blame but ourselves. It ain’t the Jews controlling everything that’s for sure.

    • Lynda says:

      One Muslim is one too many.

  30. Ray Copeland says:

    How in the hell did this brain dead wet back moron get into the USA office?????

    • tanya cummins says:

      She was BORN IN THE USA, you IDIOT, that’s how.

      • Donald says:

        Are you all sure about that, Obama claim the he was to only Kenyan African who sat in the oval office in the name of the Democratic Party

        • Jesse says:

          Obama and the rested of Democrats are trying to turn the USA into a third world country . The Democrats aren’t educated are smart enough to run this country. Who are in their right senses, to make Iran capable of building nuclear weapons. When they chant death to the American people. And their ignorance of the wall on the southern border. The Democrats seem like to me they have to be getting some kind of kickback, for not wanting to put that wall up. God bless America and God bless Donald Trump !

        • gandolf says:

          Donald yes she was born in the US.

        • ladydragon10 says:

          Yes, and do you all remember that Donald Trump during BHO’s Presidency, stated that BHO was not an American? He was ridiculed for trying to get to the bottom of that and Trump was basically hushed up. It is now a known fact that he is from Kenya.

      • so what does that mean idiot demwit, so was Charles Mansion, did you want him to be President, you demwits voted for muslims,misfits and etc and put them in our govt., but no problem, Trump will figure away to unload them, Go Trump 2020. you can vote for pocohuntus, are one of those other deadbeats, but Trump will still win, there are not enough of demwits to beat him.

        • William Thomas GERALDS says:

          Riding your coat-tails…….attempting not to choke most the liberals on the way.

        • ravi says:

          do something whatever it may be to get the dummies out..nothing will work if we keep arguing and discussing. Action, vote, get behind trump and protest to keep him there, keep illrgals and nancy, chuck, shift, harris etc etc out of office by voting them out..tell them we want this nation to remain democracy. no freebies, work for what u get

          • Lee Martinsen says:

            This nation is NOT a democracy, we are a democratic republic. The difference is that, in a democracy, the government is run by the people who are chosen by the ones we elect. In a democratic republic, We elect those who run the government, and they work for US. They are directly responsible to us, IF AND WHEN WE HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE. Donald Trump is trying to hold them accountable, but id facing opposition and corruption from start to finish.

      • Teame says:

        It’s idiots like you put her there

      • Rick B says:

        She wasn’t born, she was hatched.

      • Steve says:

        If that is the case, I am for after birth abortion now go and abort her, at least deport her

      • Murphy says:

        She needs to go to Venezuela. The old President their could use her to take his place for the hanging!!

      • Ray says:

        Dumb a*s b*t*h prove it, I don’t know who the biggest moron is you or her, She’s just like that sorry a*s illegal Muslin Obama that was born in Kenya. I know some people from Alabama went over to Kenya several years ago and when some of the kids found out that they were from USA the said your President was born here.

      • Bruce Jenkins says:

        She may have been born in the USA, but she is still all wet.

      • Ray Copeland says:

        Tayna Cummins, your a stupid dumb a&s B&T&H.

    • Arthur Macdonald says:

      Idiots in Brooklyn . Now that the voters got the apathetic voters to stay home, look at what the “hello” they got. She isn’t going to survive getting re elected after her obvious stupid, pathetic B S she’s shoving down the throats of You Norker’s. The time to annex NYC & the Islands into their own “state of confusion.”

      The time for creating a new state west of the lower Hudson is at hand.

      This has been the most deplorable elections of person’s for Congress America has ever seen. Between NY & MI, we’ve seen. If people don’t wise up, we are in trouble.

      The lesson is vote do matter and must be used with wisdom.

    • Mikey says:

      Brain dead voters hired her, that’s how.

  31. Ray Copeland says:

    This is one stupid dumb a*s b*t*h

  32. Brian Moses says:

    After some research I stand corrected, his last season as starter ended with 2 wins and 14 losses!

  33. jomama says:

    Democratic Primary
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
    15,897 57.5%
    Joseph Crowley*
    11,761 42.5

    so a bimbo that got into office with JUST 15,897 VOTES is going to drive policy for millions of americans. is the best america has to offer. we are in deep ………

  34. Brian Moses says:

    Let’s be serious now…what was Kaps record in his last full season as a starter? Oh yeah, 3 wins and 13 losses. That’s not racist, that’s smart business.

  35. Jon says:

    This just proves that you know nothing about anything. I dought that you even know how to use a tampon Correctly! Did you know that gun control is all about hitting the target? Since when are stand up comedians elected to office? Thanks for making me laugh. Most comedians can’t do that but you do it without even thinking about it.

  36. Chris McDonnell says:

    Ms Cortez you were voted in to help the country with serious issues not just stir up any opportunity you find to stir up strife look at your job description and get busy doing what u were put in office for

  37. JLawhun says:

    AOC reminds me of a firstgrader who just got a new box of crayons and wants to mark on everything.

  38. ANGELO says:


    • Drew Winzer says:

      What an Intelligent Speech.

      • Karin Isbell says:

        “Lady” go back to tending bar and quit pretending to emulate Joseph Stalin. You’d need to understand Marxism,Lenin, Trotski and all those who helped Stalin into the saddle, before he disposed of them, after he was safely seated in the saddle. All this is out of your reach, ambitious “lady”.

        • john says:

          When she was a bartender she got caught stealing tips from the waitresses. Now she wants to steal our freedom.
          don’t let it happen again republicans get out and vote these idiots out in 2020

    • Ron says:

      Tell us how you really feel, don’t hold back.

  39. Rickie Glenn says:

    I hear next year to gain support of more fans the NFL is going to no longer have the super bowl in fact the probowl is going to become the superbowl. Every team will be given the championship trophy from now on at the end of the regular season of play no longer will there be playoffs. They will play 16 game season and then end the season with the probowl and trophy hand out to all teams and all players. This is what they are going to do next.

  40. Julius says:

    Occasional Cortex is INSANE!!…So, it stands to reason that naturally, she’s the new darling of the anti-American democrats! Her obsession with wealth arouses curiosity about why George Soros (the democrats’ most open checkbook benefactor hasn’t been targeted in her mindless rants. As far as her overly-dramatized tears, regarding illegals I’d like to see her get something to REALLY cry about during one of her empty-headed rants……….just to shut her up!!

    • Drew Winzer says:

      U have HER Confused with djt don’t U?
      MOST Americans know he’s SICK, INSANE, AMONG OTHER THINGS.

      ✔POPULAR VOTE,… 3,000,000 MORE.

      • Johnny Peloso says:


      • hey drew you are stupid fkg lib die mfr

      • Really DJT insane ? POTUS received a 76 percent approval ratings after the SOTU Speech THAT WAS REPORTED BY YOUR LIBERAL MEDIA NETWORKS CBS AND CNN!!!! And yet AOC and you ! You sorry Panty sniffing waste come out and say “He wasn’t prepared “ the public didn’t believe him “ The American People have SPOKEN AND THE ONE THAT IS NOT PREPARED AND THE PERSON THAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DON’T BELIEVE IS AOC!!! 76 PERCENT!!! APPROVAL RATINGS CBS AND CNN POLL!!!! So take minute and stop sniffing the same underwear you’ve been wearing the last two weeks maybe you can clear head. Stop believing your own lies because we don’t buy anymore and yelling racist is going to scare me because because I’m from the Boogie Down Bronx and I’m more Puerto Rician then AOC will ever be!!

      • Julius says:

        No confusion you idiot!!

      • Cynthia Medashefski says:

        She has a box of rocks for a brain. She’s asking for the USA to become like China and N Korea, get it? If you like that sort of thing feel free to leave

      • Rick says:

        Who rolled the rock off your stupid arse. Roll over and go back to sleep

      • Brat says:

        Mad because Killary didn’t win. I’m sure that the families of our soliders in Benzahgi are glad Killary didn’t win. When they called and told her they were under attack, she went back to bed and left them to be murdered.

      • jw says:

        Drew you are just as insane as AOC

  41. elen says:

    people are curious why her eyes are always wide wide open, and why she keeps that constantly ecstatic so happy to see you look, when she is not happy to see you at all.
    They are also wondering how trimmed she likes to be, and what she looks like in a bra and panties.

    • Vi says:

      Those are the eyes and look of a CRAZY person.
      Her open mouth looks like a hungry bird wanting to be fed.
      Why isn’t anyone asking about her parents and how they could afford the expensive colleges she claims to have attended.
      Has anyone checked their tax returns?

  42. Diamondjim says:

    This woman is certifiable idiot. The NFL is racist? Really? At last count, the NFL is 70% black. And now her mindless Green rant which will eliminate 99% of all automobiles. Absolutely nuts!

    • Drew Winzer says:

      Diam Jim,
      News Flash……
      I think its in the CONSTITUTION & I DON’T THINK IT SAYS,.

      • Tammie Pobiedzinskit says:

        Hey idiot it was not the issues the people had a problem with. It was the platform he used. He could of ran for office, protest at government centers donated money to the cause. We pay outrageous money to take our families to these events that pays them keep politics out of my entertainment.

    • papusa says:

      Not only autos but cows, pigs, chickens etc… and eat doodoo to look like she does

  43. Timothy Toroian says:

    You know less about football than you do about economics. Ole Colin slowed down by about 3 steps and since his speed was what kept him out of trouble once he lost that he was done. He wasn’t a tremendous passer so without speed he was screwed. He did lose his starting job long before he started “protesting” and he lost his speed long before that.

  44. manuel govea says:

    How can anybody listen to the stupidity of Ocasio Cortez you really have to be a no brainer.

  45. Jackie Davidson says:

    I have wondered if AOC is a Republican mole?

  46. B Taylor says:

    If you want to lose, sigh him up.

    • madeline says:

      Kaepernick was offered a job with green at Packers. He said he didn’t want it. Cortez is crazy.who cares what color you are. They play for the love of the game. Or money NFL players are awesome . They work hard to get that ring. Respect all NFL players or don’t watch

  47. Jerry says:

    I can’t understand why any serious person would bother to ask this airhead a question. She talks nonsense. Her “answers” are either incoherent or to mystical questions not asked.

    • PatrioTEA says:

      She is a child…..with false, idealistic child-like thoughts.

      • Jerry Todd says:

        Please pick up the difference between child-like and childish. Childlike people have equal access to their left and right brain hemispheres that maximizes their spiritual, creative and intuitional thinking. Donald Trump is childlike (Tough to see, but he’s miles ahead of the weenies who hate him.)

        AOC is not only childish, but corpus callosum challenged where her thoughts can’t escape her left brain hemisphere for further processing. She spouts believable nonsense because she doesn’t know any better. The Globalists, Democrats and RINO’s support her because she makes the same noises they would if they were smart enough. She is smart, but woefully ignorant.

      • anthony guastella says:

        Yes, exactly. A spoiled, immature, know it all brat.

  48. John Schoen says:

    She must be smoking something——the NFL is RACIST??? Has she ever looked at the ratio of Black and other people of color to white players???

  49. cristobal o otero says:

    Kaepernick sucks,old news.Cortez never played a sport in her life,grew up on welfare and food stamps so she thinks every one else should to.Shut up!!

  50. Leo says:

    Can someone find something far these communist dictators to do then let them have all this publicity.

  51. Oompa says:

    Ok here is a question to the all knowing LEFT……
    A bigger question is….


    I mean they are telling EVERYONE else they must hire him for a job he CLEARLY can not do. If he is ALL THAT & has the skills to play. Don’t you think he could do it for them as a commentator or an analyst????


    • Rick says:

      They won’t hire him because all you will see is the top of his afro because he will be kneeling, protesting about everything and every commercial that doesn’t line with his views

  52. Donna says:

    I am surprised that AOC has not demanded that All sports teams have to play all of the players on their teams at least 10 minutes each in every game so they all have the experience to get paid to play and not sit on the sidelines wishing they could play. This way even the not so good players also get to play. That sounds fair. From elementery to the pros. Just playthem all nd the teams would be about equal in abilities. That should make her and the LGBT and the ACLU happy.

  53. Don says:

    I’ve watched many in Congress who are really stupid….mainly Dems but there are some who claim to be on the right but aren’t. Yet I’ve NEVER seen one as goofy as AOC. Sure says a lot about New York.

    • Sgt. P reston says:

      Right on, Don. AOC sets a new standard for goofiness. Republicans have a lot to worry about if this democrat joke gets nominated.

      • Dennis says:

        Let’s call AOC what she really is, a liberal snowflake!!!

        • JOHN BURDETTE says:

          Hey Dennis,
          Let’s go in a little deeper on AOC…
          I TRUELY believe others would agree… that not only a Liberal Snowflake…
          But, a Stupid Ignorant Democrat Liberal Snowflake…
          That should keep her mouth shut!!

  54. Blue says:

    aoc is the Leader of the democrats, and that’s a Good thing!

  55. Meadowlands says:

    This idiot has something to say no matter what the subject. She knows everything about everything but knows nothing about anything

    Don’t waste your money sending your kids to Boston U.

  56. John J says:

    This jerk off belongs on the Jerry Springer show

  57. STEVE FLOWERS says:

    In your opening remarks you state that AOC is the driving force of the LEFT, that could me very true, but, I would like to know who is in the background and is driving her! The press is using her, eventually pelooosly and chuckie will shut her up. They are already looking for another DEMOC-RAT TO RUN AGAINST HER IN 2020! iN THE MEAN, ENJOY THE RIDE AND THE ENTERTAINMENT FROM THIS NUT BAG!

  58. h8aliar says:

    I like her because she’s hot.

  59. Enchanted says:

    Why does this ignorant twit get so much press? My dog has more intelligence than she does. Enough.

  60. Anthony Alfaro says:

    Last year on ESPN a retired coach was asked why teams are not picking up Kaepernick. He responds by saying First, Kaepernick has not taken a snap in an actual game for a long time Second, he is not as sharp as he once was Third and most important he is too disruptive to a team

    • Dude says:

      Just FYI: Something to think about that just maybe is the reason why KAP is not in the NFL. As Anthony says “Third reason” is correct. Think about this. KAP is playing in SF. SF is ultra liberal and keeps voting in Pelosi – you understand ? Kap went to the dumps rapidly as a QB. Once he met the muslim Girl. If he can not stay on a team in SF of all cities ( only NYC and LA can match the ultra liberal government ) then he sure as hell will not make it on any other team. He is too disruptive and to much to stay with SF of all cities proves that. Kap won’t be changing his ways for any team and that he has proven by how exactly he still shows himself to be ! He only has gotten worse as well!

  61. Gregory Sullivan says:

    The reason why no NFL team wanted Kapernick was because of him kneeing down during the national anthem which turned a lot of fans off causing those teams to loose money because of it by not attending those games and nothing more stupid idiot Ms Cortez and a hole Kapernick. You don’t turn your back on your entire country because of a few rogue police officers.

    • Dude says:

      I am a 49er fan. Kap was not good. If you saw his stats he went belly up fast. I should of kept his stats for his last game but I still couldn’t clip those in here anyway. He just went downhill rapidly. His BS came after that. He changed rapidly when he met this muslim girl. He was a pathetic QB after that as if that religion changed him completely. So strange. But he is married to her and hasn’t changed back to whom he was since. It was as if a snap of a finger how he became so completely different. It seemed to YES, affect his play as QB also. That had to of gotten the attention of the rest of the NFL team owners not to want him. He did it all by himself with no one else to blame.

    • Dennis says:

      Kapernick didn’t just hurt the 49ers. His hairbrained protest spread to other teams and hurt their revenue as well. AOC loves this, but the people who were hurt the most are the vendors who sell expensive fast food, popcorn, candy, pop, beer, and ice cream. These people don’t make the million dollar salaries that the players make and they only have a job as long as the team is playing. The very people AOC says she care’s for got screwed the most. H8aliar thinks she’s hot but I don’t see anything hot about a stupid lying spoiled little female dog.

      • Drew Winzer says:

        …..FINALLY THE TRUTH BE SAID, ITS ABT,… $$$$$$$$$..

  62. FrankC says:

    I want New England to sign him for when Brady retires. Kills two birds with one stone, wipes out NE and shows how incompetent Krapperdick is. I don’t like NE, I don’t think anyone can tell though.

    • LARRY BRULE says:


      • SweetOlBob says:

        Great idea ! But how much would Craperknock have to pay them. I don’t think he can afford it.

      • Jason Casteel says:

        Well Ms AOC. I was going to give you a pass. But after your interview the day after. Not so much. You said President Trump was not prepared for the SOTU? How would you know? You had the gal sitting next to you tell you when to get up and sit down. Don’t think for a minute, ( if that would be possible), that we didn’t see you taking selfies.
        The reason the president didn’t give an explaination on how to pay for healthcare, there is none. It can’t be done. Not one of your people could do it either. BECAUSE IT JUST WON’T WORK. Trust the people, AOC. Go to Venezuela, ask them how it worked. Go anywhere and ask them. It does not work. All of these great ideas of yours, I don’t know if they’re great, Noble, perhaps. Unless you have an unlimited supply of money, they simply will not work. Taxing of the rich has been tried before. It works for a while, then they figure out what to do with their money so you can’t get your hands on it. The next thing you know, DEFICIT. Those of us who have been around a bit longer than you know that to involve the government in these types of things, cost goes up, and quality and quantity go down.

        You have proven over and over, you should not give interviews. I had high hopes for you to be a new voice. But you are nothing more than a voice of ignorance. I am sorry, but you have lost my vote. Also, everyone that I know thinks you are quite entertaining and not to be taken seriously.

        AOC, please stop talking to the press. They are not your friends and they are using you for a cheap laugh.

    • Candy Warren says:

      Good one.

    • JoAnn Davis says:

      Good luck with that. NE wins because they have discipline, good coaches, and good players. Go, Patriots!

      • Ron Logan says:

        Don’t forget,they have their own officials,too. Roughing the passer? NOT CLOSE!!!


    • nick says:

      Your oppinion! The Patriots are the best and so is Tom Brady! 6 Superbowls!!! The Best!!!! so
      stop being a jealous hater!

    • Too bad NE is not as stupid and ignorant as you are!!!!! Seems you think black incompetency rates as high as our wonderful, fantastic Patriots whose fans stand by them. Looks like he doesn’t have or had any!!!
      GO PATRIOTS!!!!!

  63. Jere Crouse says:

    What an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dora says:

      This stupid child should go back to school and learn some histtory something she’s a disgrace to the race with her stupid comments.

      • Brad Smith says:

        She really does come off as an uneducated moron. She makes absolutely no sense when trying to answer a tough question. She is an idiot. She needs to take the cotton out of her ears and shove it in her mouth!!!

  64. DSC says:

    First, he doesn’t care anymore about playing football. He has NIKE and his clothing line. Second, so is he doing anything to help poor black communities now? Third, she is a very stupid person. But man she sure does a lot for our side!

  65. Tom says:

    Ocasio-Cortez-Cortez is a woman? Never knew that. Wow that means she is a misogynist hating herself!

  66. Delbert says:

    The best way to shut her up, is to cut her off, don’t print her useless crap.

    • Pat says:

      Exactly. She is getting too much attention with her stupidity

      • D says:

        You can’t cut he roff the media. She loves the video camera’s on her. Plus, the liberal media loves her as well. They do think that she is intelligent ! What is funny is that a couple of liberals such as Oprah for one, told her to shut up and learn things about her new job first before making comments! AOC not a clue by what Oprah was saying. AOC thinks that she is intelligent enough to be where she is and smarter then the people in the HOUSE even. That is why she is so spoken out on everything. She really believes she has the solution to everything!
        We only have 12 years left people ! According to her! Where did this come from ? She is the first person to say this and the only person since then. No one has backed her up on this either !

    • Dude says:

      Oh common now. She made a video of how important it is now that we all must wear matching tops and bottoms pajamas. She is serious about that also ! She seems to have passed Pelosi for stupidity rather easily. But she also knocked out Maxipad Waters for most stupid comments. Although Maxipad came back with a real stupid remark that will keep her close to which idiot gets the top spot of most lunatic of the year award! Maxipad just has to be pissed off that she has a serious contender to her for that award !

  67. JB says:

    AOC looks like the offspring of John Elway and a donkey

  68. Jose says:

    Warning .. “stupidity” is contagious. Thus, the more that you or anyone else who’s bless with having common sense .. if, such lucky a person continues to listen or, to pay any attention to real stupid people whose level of stupidity shows up every single time when these dumb-turds shamelessly dare to open their pie-hole making nonsense-noise; know that you’re most definitely at risk of becoming just like them morons. One needs not to search in far-away places in order to be able to provide living examples of real dumb-turd personalities. Take, for example .. the retard from NYC known as ‘alexandria ocasio-cortez’, and them millions of poor, lazy, give-me-give-me commies whom, evidently “saw” something in such a shameless lazy pendeja.

    • Felipe Gomez Jr. says:

      Beautifully explained. I like it! Only if any people in our Government? Had common sense enough to put these fool’s in a 4 Walled rubber room in a straight jacket?

  69. Navy PO2 says:

    The NFL can go to HELL! And take Nike with them!

    • Felipe Gomez Jr. says:

      ???????????? I loved playing sports! I loved playing football and basketball. But. Watching these American Traitor’s turn these sports into a joke? That’s right! Screw these fool’s. I haven’t watched it at hone or gone to any games since they pulled their garbage crapping on that flag and the National Anthem. Yes! They can go straight to hell.

    • Dora says:

      Cortez and Kaepernick shoud put their money together and buy or take a team because they are minority and are entitled because of their minority entitlement.

  70. Mike Mills says:

    I think the choice is theirs to make ,,,,,,but if they asked me I would say absolutely not.
    He picked his poison ……….soooooooooo…… with it.
    He is a “pc” correct wanna be that got bit on the ass……too bad so sad.

  71. Pat says:

    Aoc has the brain of a nat she is not dangerous she’s just stupid she should stop calling everyone a racist because the fact is she is the racist
    Go back to bartending call your old boss tell him your be back in 2years
    Thank god for Donald Trump

  72. Truckman says:

    oac should be just like Kaepernick unemployed

  73. n. wilson oliver says:

    Each time this dingbat discusses anything more complex than a whiskey on the rocks (guessing her bartending skills were better than her intellectual ones, pretty sure bet), she reveals a simple mind devoid of critical skills, capable only of parroting Leftist polemics. She is dumb enough to not realize how dumb she is AND she speaks to supporters even more intellectually challenged and lazy besides.

    Of course, Jabba the Hut, AKA Michael Moore, perhaps the ugliest, most slovenly male on the planet, thinks if he praises her, he might finally score with a “babe”–I would love to see them pair up and produce an off-the-charts-spring with frog eyes, layers upon layers of fat, with a cavity for a brain, and an inability to shut up–

    Ocasio never learned the first lesson of politics (beyond the “promise the fools anything), keep your mouth shut and people won’t know how stupid you are, open it and you’ll erase any doubt.

    • Yogi Bellcourt says:

      We need to band together and start removing these old farts and dingbats too stupid to be in Office… They want to impeach the President because he’s an outsider, we can boot their butts too…

  74. Didn’t he chose not to take any of those offers because he had already signed a BIG deal with Nike long before he was let go………..for big bucks!! Haven’t heard or seen much out of Nike since then. Guess he shafted Nike as well!!

    • Dude says:

      They tried to use him and found out that he isn’t helping them a bit ! I quit buying NIKE myself. NIKE should of been smarter then that. But if you have a liberal or DEM for CEO or President, whatever they think of they think is pure genius. It had to of cost them about 50% of their business.

  75. Dianna says:

    maybe NFL is “racist” for not hiring more white & hispanic players? some people should your their head before they speak!

  76. Will says:

    SJWs don’t belong in the public eye, whether it be in pro sports or public offices.

    • teyegrrpauwz says:

      As the song goes that Nickleback sang. She looks better with something in her mouth like dirty football player socks or jock strap. She couldn’t cut it as a bar tender & she sure isn’t cutting it in her present job now. She sat there all last night Disrespecting the President. if anyone is a 0racist it’s AOC. She is definitely Anti-American. She wants open borders so any & everyone can enter the United States. Anyone who wants in the USA needs to learn English & stop entering illegally. Everytime she tries to speak they need to bleep her out & duct tape her mouth shut.

  77. John Bloxson Jr. says:

    This woman is dangerous to her self and the Country she needs to be in a mental institution because she is insane. She actually believes her hype even when she knows her hype is completely wrong headed

  78. Earl says:

    Should read “never read”. Sorry

  79. Earl says:

    OAC is a moron. She probably has need read the Bill of Right and the Constitution, which she took an oath to defend.
    She is a perfect example how messed up our educational system from K-12 and University system is.

    • Jeff Beard says:

      Even if the “Fruit Cake” from New York would read he Bill of Rights and the Constitution she wouldn’t understand a dam word of either one of them. She is mentally deranged and should be put in a mental institution with Pathetic Pelosi.

  80. Chief Kickabitch says:

    I’d hire Kaepernick. I’d use his head to dust my teepee, as for horse face, I’d like to kick her around the reservation, but I need to be careful one of the wild mustang’s may try to mate with her. Oh. I should apologize to all the horses out there.
    Chief Kickabitch leader of the Slap-a-hoe tribe

    • Barry Milbert says:

      Pelosi needs to be locked up in an institution for the insane.

    • Dude says:

      Your funny ! You make a point and with using humor ! I like your nickname also Chief Kickabitch!
      Hey Chief, start kicking Maxipad Waters. I gave that one the name Maxipad because her mouth is always on it’s period daily ! It also fits to use Maxipad to replace her first name.
      You and I both know that we are not making a fool or idiot out of either Maxipad or AOC. They are doing a tremendous job of that all by themselves ! We just happen to help them out with advertising it !

  81. Grizz Mann says:

    AOC. I have a great Idea for your plan to work. You buy a NFL team and hire him yourself. Problem solved?

  82. Jonathan Rash says:

    Cortez is an anti-American moron. Look how many blacks play in the NFL versus how many white guys play. If the NFL is racist it’s racist against whites. There are far more blacks playing in the NFL than whites BY FAR!!!!

    • Rod says:

      Ocasio-Cortez is also no good. How did she get signed (elected)?

    • Bud Grounds says:

      Jonathan, AOC is not very keen on facts, otherwise, she would not be making such stupid comments but then she does have a lot of space between those ears and may not know her comments are idiotic.

      • Larry says:

        Now hold on just a minute! She got elected to represent a district in Nut York and came with both qualifications to do just that. Qualification #1: She is an EX-bartender! She learned all she was capable of on how to mix drinks and listen to drunk people blubber. Qualification #2: She possesses with no doubt. The flawless ability to wear an expression on her face that in almost every picture you see of her, looks like a mule looking at a new gate. Doesn’t have a clue! If that doesn’t qualify her to be a representative of Nut York I don’t know what else does.

  83. Sunny Hutton says:

    When he first started taking a knee it was because he’s a Muslim, he lied when he said it was because of injustice to blacks. He never did anything to help blacks and still hasn’t, he is a fraud.

    • Dude says:

      Great observation. You are correct as well. He has been using the RACIST against Blacks thing to cover for his new religion- muslim. He has not done a thing for BLACK people but if you still are paying attention to him,- who he is and has been in connection and communication with since he became muslim. He is far into the muslim culture. I couldn’t believe that NIKE signed him and how they thought he would do good for them. ADDIDAS and other shoe companies loved that decision. Like Gillette thought they had a winner with their stupid idea. That also cost them and will get worse as well. Both Nike and Gillette had to throw in politics with their brand. As the NFL let it go as well and lost fans big time as well. Liberals never learn either and CNN is a perfect example of that. But CNN doesn’t care. They only have their liberal viewers but they have to continue pushing the liberal agenda no matter what. Liberals listen to, believe, and obey what they are told. They are told what to believe or not per the liberal agenda. They do not have a clue that news is suppose to be reported, not told to them as to what to think or believe.

  84. paul says:

    when I was in college I was taught to keep my mouth shut if I didn’t know the subject I was talking about. obviously AOC never attended that class. Just to blab about something that was in your head showed how dumb you really are. AOC face it your just a moron! where did you go to school? take warning, don’t go to school there.

    • Rod says:

      She is also a fraud. She should be deported.

    • Dude says:

      She didn’t go to Electoral College. She said so. She also said that she never ever would go to Electoral College either ! She does know how to kick out some absolutely funny lines ! She has absolutely no clue what Electroal College is either and that makes it even funnier !!!!

  85. Ross says:

    As long as the worthless POS doesn’t play football…
    I have faith in mankind.

    • Diane Snyder says:

      He has not worked out with a team in lime 3 years. He is washed up with no team support to offer. And no one wants to watch a team go down in flames for his change of venue his job turned into some ridiculous idea that he could avoid his job and create a mess for heavy ticket sales that pay the reset of the team down the drain. He is an uneducated fool. But he has opened up more eyes to how much they don’t need to spend on tickets to watch an egotistical overgrown brat

  86. Norma Garcia says:

    Per Forrest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does.” Ocasio-Cortez exemplifies the quote.

  87. Tony Bell says:

    Sure we could bench Cortex and the rest of her ilk. Next vote seems to far off. KAG

  88. Jim says:

    They deserve each other!

  89. Frank J. STANGEL,J.D. says:

    AOC is a product of the New York City environment prevalent in NYU, Yeshiva University, Columbia Univ, Hofstra, City College of New York…Delancy Street…et-al…I know…I was born and raised there for 19 years until I escaped and moved to Texas where real Americans live and thrive saluting our flag and have respect for each other under the principle of: LUKE 16-24.

    • Dude says:

      She attended Boston U. She ran as if a poor person and as a bartender. A DEM of all people had to let people know about this. He told of all the places where she lived by name and the cost per year at Boston U is. All neighborhoods he mentioned by name you would have to know the area, but they are upper middle class areas and not poor areas at all. She portrayed herself as if she was just a poor bartender when she ran for office. This DEM couldn’t stand that and finked on her! But why did he wait till after she was already elected to do so ?????

    • Harold says:

      She was actually raised in Yorktown Heights in Westchester County.
      She did not attend any of the NYC Colleges that you mentioned. Her parents should get a refund from Boston University. With your references, I hate to say you sound a bit antisemitic.

  90. Mike W says:

    I guess the phony Patriot Pulse is not liking all the anti-Kaepernick comments they are getting

  91. James Samuel Scaggs says:

    If he could play some team would have picked him up but he is not pro material,but that does not matter the left has this mind set that being qualified should not be a part of the picture,just because you are black or a woman or some other manority that cannot succeed based on their own merits but because of all this sexiest,racial bigtory needs them the tolerant leftist liberals to save the day and nanny them.what a bunch of goofs and if this crazy woman is becoming the face of the Democratic party,My dog could get elected in 2020 let alone the Trump train,and it will be by a wider margin then 2016, great speech by the way.

  92. Ron says:

    After the political suicide the demon rats made last night , a bunch of them will be gone soon.

  93. Mary Hatch says:

    AOC better watch out she is making enemies . Most dems are now days. They don’t like the American people they prefer illegal immigrants.

    • mspidge says:

      Let the fool keep spouting off her mouth, the more she spouts gibberish the better, keep it up oc!!! soon you will be back to your bar, but cleaning toilets this time

  94. AJ says:

    AOC is a nut xcase and the peopel who voted for her …well they need to pull their head out of their….#*#@*^($*#)@*$.

  95. Lance Parks says:

    Just think, when this Demonrat dimwit is voted out of office, and hopefully it’s in 2020, she’ll still be getting her Congressional salary for life. Makes you wanna puke, doesn’t it?

    • James Samuel Scaggs says:

      No that district that voted her in is just as cooky as the one that keeps that Nancy in office.she is in for life but hey once the GOP takes the house back it will be fun to watch when she realizes she has no power.

  96. Echo says:

    Nowhere in her tweet did she called anyone a racist.

  97. Joyce Fitzgerald says:

    Obviously this dim bulb is not knowledgeable about football! I really did grow up in Parkchester and rooted for the New York Giants. Knew the players and their abilities. This young lady should keep quiet until she knows what she’s talking about.

    • Jc says:

      Lets not forget that Kaepernick was going to be signed and managed to screw that up and also turned down being signed by the Broncos, he had more than one opportunity to play the game but was more interested in himself and promoting his so called agenda and for all the AOC’s out there, he has probably made more money working with Nike and other brands, not that his stardom has brought them anything but negativity, I digress, his not signing with the NFL was nothing less this his own fault and the ability to play the game and leave politics out of it, this is not discrimination, it’s simply smart hiring practices, these players are hired to play football and nothing more, when there on the field play ball, if they wish to hold a press conference after the game or on there day off by all means go for it, this is exactly why the NFL is suffering with poor rating and low viewership,…….but dim-witts like AOC and her ilk will never understand these facts because it’s so much easier to claim rascism and supply not a single fact to back the claim, lastly when calling all these NFL owners rascist and such, I’ve never known a rascist that would pay millions of dollars and let’s not forget that no one is forcing these so called oppressed individuals to play the game… do tell, where is the oppression and rascism.,……….crickets!!

      • Ginger says:

        He has hooked up with Hanoi Jane now. They both spoke together last week at some kind of liberal thing. They were high fiving on television. Jane may be loved in Hollywood but many of us will never forget that she is A TRAITOR.

  98. Craig Murphy says:

    And she never answered the question.

  99. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    WHY would any team hire a mediocre at best trouble maker for his team at some ridiculous salary???? That’d be even dumber than Occasional Cortex.

  100. Mark Dolan says:

    You give this uneducated waitress way too much air time. She is totally worthless!

    • Ginger says:

      She outsmarted us. After two years, if she is voted out, she still has her $174,000 salary for life as a pension – gift- from us.

  101. Marcia says:

    She’s so stupid I think she just opens her mouth and lets what ever comes out flow…she thinks if she talks it’ll make her way thru congress and get a name for herself..guess what it has === stupidity.

  102. Larry says:

    Who cares.

  103. Sonny says:

    One guy took a knee for Christ and he was crucified and ran out of the NFL and that boy had real talent , but he was developing a National Movement as everyone was Tebowing. So where’s the Outrage? O Snap – the Liberal Fake News Media loves promoting anything Race Related , screw the Truth

  104. Bill says:

    For all the knelling he did he probably can’t even walk without limping. No good for football anymore. Maybe he should have used that over-sized Afro to pad that knee.

  105. Rhonda says:

    Could someone please send this thing back to wherever it came from?

  106. Karl says:

    This bitch is soooooo stupid I doubt she can tell her ass from her face. How these people get elected is a clear sign of what kind of idiots are graduating fom school. The mooslim slut needs to go too.

  107. Dave Miedema says:

    It makes sense that AOC would be triggered by Rep. Crenshaw’s teasing. After all, how many of us know any liberals that have a sense of humor?

  108. Albert says:

    Let AOC play for NFL all she does is trash talk she would fit right in but she has no business in politics because she failed to do research prior to running for office. She hasn’t a clue what she is doing besides pissing people off !

  109. Will says:

    If some team did hire Kaepernick, his QB skills are so rusty now, they could place him as an End, and Guard and Tackle.
    End of the bench, Guarding the water bucket to Tackle anyone who got near it!

    • Bishop J says:

      Couldnt of said it better. But how do you guard anything on your knees? And we know by his remarks ,he doesn’t pray when he’s down there.

    • Didn’t he chose not to take any of those offers because he had already signed a BIG deal with Nike long before he was let go………..for big bucks!! Haven’t heard or seen much out of Nike since then. Guess he shafted Nike as well!!

      • Dude says:

        You have to say that NIKE shafted themselves. Once they did that commercial with him, they got what they deserved. A loss of business. You do not put politics into your business. Liberals still to this day have no clue about that as they continue to throw in liberalism into everything and ruin it all. They really honestly feel that their crap is the true way to go and believe. Even though no matter what has proven their BS does nothing but makes things worse and destroys. They want to dictate and control everything so they will continue to destroy everything.

  110. Llnda says:

    No frigging way

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