Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said one thing that had everyone talking treason

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is oftentimes in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Usually she makes news for embarrassing mistakes or massive lies.

But this time she said the one thing that had everyone talking treason.

After Al Qaeda terrorists murdered 3,000 innocent Americans in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, America responded by attacking them in their safe haven in Afghanistan.

Only one member of Congress – radical Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee – opposed the authorization use of military force to invade Afghanistan.

But in an exchange on social media, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made it clear she believed the United States launching no military response was an option she would have supported.

The Iraq War was a controversial decision.

Donald Trump won the Presidency in part on his opposition to foreign wars and nation building.

But even those Americans who believe the war in Afghanistan has gone on too long and would like to see it end supported exacting justice on the terrorists that planned the worst terror attack in the nation’s history.

Not Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Her anti-American views on the subject gave even left-wing members of the fake news media pause.


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169 Responses

  1. Jack Handy says:

    ‘skin Color’. Got that ???
    > IN 0r 0UT.

  2. We Do Not need to Protest. We Do Not need to wear our MAGA Hat’s. We Do Not need to make Azzes out of ourselves. EVERYONE IS WATCHING ALL OF THIS VERY CLOSELY! …BUT, what we do need to do is: VOTE 2020. A STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN TICKET. Make sure we bring as many Friends and Family and Volunteer to drive Church Members and folks without cars to the VOTING BOOTH. And if you see a ANTI-AMERICAN running for office AND NO ONE is running against them? THEN YOU RUN FOR OFFICE! I am serious folks. Keep your eyes open. Get in there and fight with your VOTES! The Forgotten Man/Woman will be heard LOUD AND CLEARLY!

  3. Tomas Flores says:

    I have to wonder what the 3 women freshmen in Congress would say about our involvement in WW2 after being attacked by the Japanese in December 1941.
    The baby boomer’s parents were involved as a unified country to stop the aggression of the Japanese in America – the Japanese residents in America were collected and put in armed camps till 1945.
    The grand children and great grand children of the boomer’s parents are now ‘watchout for the enemy within” which was the watch words and warnings just before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.
    My parents and their siblings fought in WW 2 against the Germans and Hitler’s aggression and proud of winning the wars against the Japanese and the Germans.
    Where are our patriots now willing to fight for America and our personal freedoms?

  4. Steelie says:

    Does she have a ‘brain/wrist /thumb chip’ 0r MKultra ?
    To say ‘what’ she (former bartender) says .
    >She is not ‘normal’. There IS NO (sane) REASON for her
    ‘arrival’ to Congress (0ut of a NOWHERE) Think about that.

    • fg says:

      bet bar was glad to get her gone

    • Barbara says:

      You are 100% correct, Steelie! Another ^manchurian candidate^ selected after obumer.

      • Steelie says:

        That’s Rite, Barbara.
        >HOW ‘she’ Happened W/
        The ‘various’ etc.
        > MUST BE STOPPED. &&&
        ‘the ‘method’ Does Not matter
        at this Point IN PROTECTING
        SOVEREIGN USA. ( we on ‘borrowed’
        Time, UNLESS, ‘biz IS Taken Care of..

    • ROSE says:

      Yes, the thing is , she is under control of outside forces. They have not been elected by the people of this country….she and her cohorts are plants! Why has no one fallowed the tail of AOC? Pelosi is not strong enough to lead the Democrats. They are dragging her around by her nose hairs! The DOJ needs to step in and protect the rule of law, beause we cannot depend on the FBI. They have all been corruted. The whole Congress evidently are corrupted to. I wonder where all of the Republicans are???? They should be there for our duly elected President! Except for Gramme they are more or less SILENT, AND SOME OF THEM ARE VOTING WITH THE DISFUNTIONAL DEMOCRATS!! WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO TO DO SOMETHING BESIDES SITTING ON THEIR THUMBS???

  5. Tom says:

    As a freshman congresswoman. She doesn’t know up from down

    • Rose says:

      AOC IS JUST PLAIN STUPID BUT she was put in there and takes her orders from a man that belongs to the “Young Turks” AS most people know, when she speaks on her own, she says things like…..”Of course the unemployment went down, because everyone holds down three eight hour jobs”! She cannot say things on her own because things like that come out of her mouth . Her cohorts are a different thing. They are Muslims and they hate this country!!!!Where are the good Republicans, that should be speaking up for trump?? I hope the people rise up and votr red and then maybe we can clean up the messes that the Democrats have done. I am sure that their are good Dems but they need to speak up. President Trump has done the things that he said he would do, even though he has had to fight the Dems on every turn, think about what he could have done if they would do their jobs!!

  6. Jim says:

    Quit talking about this ass.She needs to be removed from office.Or do we wait for riots to start?

    • Lisa says:

      Funny you should mention riots. But I’ve been thinking more in the terms of “legal protests,” to show our solidarity and strength of opinions by protesting at least as much as the Libtards!? I don’t get it!? The structure and ideals of our entire country has already changed, and no one moves to fight back!? Our leaders don’t move to fight back either!?
      Who will count the cheated rotten votes for 2020? We know darn well the Dems have no problem cheating, and become even more indignant when we catch them? Where is Trump’s pro-active “Voter Integrity Commission?” We know of specific crimes committed within the whole football team, and no one has to pay, except Cohen and Manaford? For cheating on taxes!? How does that hold a candle to election tampering, lieing to Congress, delivering unauthorized millions to one of our enemies who chant in the streets for death to America? What about some charges surely coming from Benghazi? Manslaughter? Extortion for monetizing the State Dept, treason for selling Russia Uranium, I’m sure there’s a law concerning proper management of all non-profits. Dereliction of duty? Compromising the National Security? Aiding the enemy? Go to FBI, and start clicking those off. What about IRS scandle?

      It’s not even breaking the law. It’s a takeover of our government thru the highest levels. The Dems decided they will continue thier work and harrass President Trump to keep us all distracted. Where the hell is John Kerry Weasel? Last time I heard he was visiting the leaders in IRAN!? Once the control of the military changes out of Trump’s hands, that’s the final nail in the coffin.
      Everyone keeps sighting the Constitution and wondering how the Dems lost thier collective minds. What groups are waiting for the next phase of the death of America? The Dems don’t care about our old outdated Constitution. They believe they are here to EVOLVE the Constitution. They may site it in arguments, only when they need that weapon. They don’t care about the fabric of society in the US being broken down. If there’s fighting in the streets I just bet there will be other nations and UN police fighting with them. Because the World has decided it’s gonna be different. With no borders Jihadists can go wherever they wish.
      I just pray I’m not here to witness WW3.

      • zee says:

        Rite. Whew __

      • Marietta Gary says:

        Damn Lisa! I like you. Common sense, well stated. So now young lady what are you going to do? It takes one person to start a movement, get organized, I’m with you. I’m in Louisiana, old and broken maybe, but still passionate about this great country of mine. Like you, I don’t hide behind screen names.

      • Rose says:

        Bless you, Lisa! You are right about all of this. We prayed for Trump, and the LORD heard us and saved us. We need to pray the crooks out, because if they get back in, all of President Trumps work will all be for nothing! We need to clean out the corruption of the SWAMP! God is behind us and GOD does not fail! But we still have to do our jobs. God helps those who helps them selves!! Those who have committed Tresom Like Obama. Clintons and the Dems like Kerry and any others who have done nothing but damage against our country, trying to take our freedoms away ,are known by the people and should end up in GETMO After it has been remodled just for the them

  7. Rickster says:

    Look at that pic at the top! Why does she always look like she wants to blow the mic? She needs to be sent back bartending and bending over barstools and pool tables!

  8. al says:

    She be havin’ diarrhea of the mouth! Self promoting liar!

  9. al says:

    She needs to be smokin’ da’ Ganga! Or she needs some serious medication!

  10. al says:

    She needs to be smokin’ da’ Ganga! Or she needs some serious medication!

  11. Don Lindsey says:

    AOC, the other muslim in congress and the complete democratic party and any one else in congress that backs them should be arrested today as TRAITORS to the USA and charged as TERRORIST as well. USMC

    • Don Tobias says:

      Absolutely Don! And their next step? To the wall, but not the one they object to so much! They REALLY won’t like this one!

    • Stephen says:

      Let’s all hope these three freshman congress woman child’s Piss off Hilary. Because we all know when you make her mad she has you suicided

    • joney says:

      I was to some degree worried over the entire thing. I’ve never worked from home, But Yeah, I did basically join and all is incredible. so I will post back how it goes. This is dazzling! With all of the traps online it was tricky a veritable system now a days, thankful for the information…

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      please don’t copy “ⓒ” in url thanks

    • Dan says:

      Don, I agree. Time to get serious.
      Treason: the act of betraying ones country, especially attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government. Or, 18 U.S. Code2381. Treason. A stretch? I don’t think so.

    • Absolutely %100 ,it’s a disgrace to everybody that has served and the warriors %200 who gave all, the way things are now in our nation, who knows what will come next, our America must be saved !

    • ROSE says:

      Yes they should be charged with TREASON because they are actively trying to take down his Presidency, no matter what. And the worst ones should be executed !!

  12. James Barry says:

    Wow …… you White folks sure are afraid of Brown and Black people

    • Dana Cayton says:

      and what color are you, or are you masquerading as a white person

    • Jake says:

      Where would this brilliant idea come from ?

    • Ronald C Watt says:

      I fear no one.

    • john t says:

      No cowering here you, DISCOLORED FRUITCAKE.

    • dan says:

      James, we folks, black, white , brown, are sick of you a holes that could care less about our country. Your statement is so asinine.

    • Pam Minnick says:

      How in your mind does this have anything to do with race? Who said anyone is afraid? AOC is a complete idiot. If someone would tell her they invented a world air purifier but needed funding to build it. She would be the first one trying to get funding for it. It’s not our fault stupid can’t be fixed. Idiot’s come in all colors and genders being the left has more than 2 genders. When you throw out the race card, all proves is you have nothing intelligent to add.

      • Jon says:

        Hey AOC honestly believes that since we have grocery stores that we no longer need farms!
        AOC was. Late on her first day because she was at Subway waiting for the next subway. I it never arrived. She said that she would look into this right away.

    • JESUS R says:

      Here we go…….I am not sure what’s in your brain, but here we are talking serious issues, can you CANDID IDIOT see the seriousness of this statements from somebody who is in Congress??, or you prefer to go with the flow of MAIN STREAM MEDIA (AKA-FAKE NEWS)???????

    • Pay says:

      Who said anything about Brown and Black people? Insanity isn’t based on skin color.

    • Thomas Atkins says:

      Well Mr Berry, I might be white, but my wife is Black. She agrees with me and the rest of the Patriots. In act she is a true republican and patriot.

  13. Les says:

    So tired of rehashing things that cannot be changed when we are faced with such limited options where
    our government is concerned. Let’s focus on NOW and what is really best for the country and the American citizens, not a bunch of political professionals who are “for sale” and will say anything to get
    votes and then NEVER follow through . . . The time to drain the swamp is now and Trump is the ONLY person who can do it but only with the help of REPUBLICANS . . . who are holding up the process or have made a deal with the Demonrats!!!

  14. Patriot says:

    Conduct some research. Word on the street is that she is actually named hebe abedin, sister of huma. coincidence?

  15. Chuck says:

    Sorry NY we had plans to go to your state and already had plane tickets reservations three nights but I can’t support Communism and we just canceled all of our reservations and got credit on our flights . We are going to boycott the states and if enough people do the same they may get the pick

    • Virginia says:

      count me in…No reason for me to step foot in that state anymore…


        • a says:

          don’t forget Oregon and Washington State

        • Pam Minnick says:

          I lived in Minnesota for 45 years, born and raised. I moved 8 years ago, to many Somali muslims and liberals. Minnesota went from being Minnesota nice to Minnesota nuts.

        • Roger says:

          You forgot Michigan, they have a ragheaded goat farmer there and she even had pictures taken with people at her swearing in that has ties to Hezbollah.

          • zee says:

            MI. in Deep Trbl. Not Good.
            County/District Lines in Voting
            blew 0ut the rest of the State, re 75 mi
            North of Detroit/ WE ARE Fighting.
            Support us Patriots in MI . Thank you
            for thoughts.

    • Jubal Harshaw says:

      Chuck, you did the right thing, thank you. Its bad enough that I have to admit to living in the Peoples Republic of NY, but I’ll keep up the fight until I’m too old or die.

    • Mike says:

      I live here and support our President this is crazy ! You are correct these people need to be booted from power!

  16. John J says:

    Banjo eyed maggot would not be in office if it weren’t for votes from the dead, deranged, incarcerated and illegal, demand irrefutable photo, voter I.D.

    • concerned says:

      I don’t know where those comments came from. Banjo eyed maggot are not my words. Could be a different John J

  17. Nunyer Binnis says:

    It’s ALL Boo Sheet. From both sides. The PsTB want us DIVIDED. Looks like it’s working.

  18. Terry says:

    Heck yeah we should of taken action, if we wouldn’t have, America would of looked like an easy target to the World.
    I’d like to know WHAT took the US so long to retaliate??

  19. Karin says:

    In one sentence, AOC is correct. Sending a small contingent of our Military to these mid eastern trouble spots is a losing proposition. We have not won a war since WWII. Why, because Congress took over the military and tied their hands. If they had sent 140K of our guys and gals it would have been a win, win, and been done and completed within the first 2 years. Might makes an impression, piddling around just costs us far too much in lives, money, and families.

  20. HEY, Ya ALL … I found the site to oust “OMAR” if your interested. It’s www pjtn org I left out the periods so it might go through? Good Luck and go sign it! LOL

  21. Bill says:

    AOC is nothing but the Democratic Party’s Court ????Jester????. She needs to go back to being a Bartender. ????????????????????????

  22. DSC says:

    They should have just bombed the hell out of them until they were all dead. OVER NO MORE

  23. MGJ says:

    Not sure who is dumber.. AOC or everyone that hangs onto her every word. All the people calling her out for everything she says are the same people not smart enough to quit giving her so much facetime. Out of sight out of mind…. People please quit validating this America hating moron. If we stop, maybe the media will catch on…

    • Ric B says:

      The dumbest of all are Trump cult followers – – even Trump laughed how he could murder someone in broad daylight in NYC and his followers would still support him. Trump has no respect for those that he has conned – – like his Trump “university” fools.

      • ronald simpson says:


      • SickOfLibs says:

        It’s scary how you liberal morons can’t think for yourselves! You can only parrot what the globalist/DemonRAT controlled lamestream media tells you! It’s no wonder this country was in such bad shape after having an anti-American liberal traitor named Obummer in office for eight years and a treasonous media that covered for him no matter what crimes he committed against this country!!

      • Richard says:

        You are a idiot

      • John Flynn says:

        Ric B, what’s the “B” stand for? Basement?

      • Dana Cayton says:

        yeah he did laugh didn’t he, but lets talk about WHAT HE DID, hmmm nothing, now lets talk about what OBAMA did, he left FOUR AMERICANS TO DIE in Benghazi after Ambassador Stevens asked for more security and help SEVEN TIMES, and then what did Obama and Clinton do, THE Y LIED TO THE AMERICAN CITIZENS and said it was because of a youtube video…

      • Kelz says:

        Ric-B~Definitely a troll-bot. As Ive seen this same comment on other sites for sure.

    • Norma Gilmer says:


    • Mark says:


    • grinnie says:

      MGJ, what we are seeing with the likes of Ocasio-“Common-Core”-tez are the ones indoctrinated in our “Common-Core” educational system. Now they are old enough to run for office and vote. She can’t put an intelligent sentence together without the work “like” in it. Damn scary times we are in!! “Like” you know what I mean?
      The Dems are already killing their children thru abortion, before and after birth. With their mind set, that may be a good idea, however, the Muslims are having a kid every 9 months and they have several wives…….see the picture??

      • Irma says:

        Yes, they will fill the USA with many children and take over this country. Keep listening to AOC and it will happen sooner than later. Muslims do not abort their children…just notice!

  24. bagster53 says:

    but i don’t support the way sissy bush went about it , instead of a long drawn out war ,he should have did a scorched earth war instead , burned all the poppy fields and drone the $hit out of them , but then it’s as stupid as letting blacks get away with protests and rioting over black criminals getting shot by cops , they scream cop injustice , while egnoring the blacks criminal behavior , and the jerk in cal. deserved to get shot , his own actions are what got him killed

  25. Betty says:

    d. trump is No 1 on the list for making over & over again Embarrassing & Massive LIES. He’s certainly the Expert in saying the more than one wrong thing that has everybody using the words “INSANE IDIOT” in regard to an Oval Office Blond Haired Orangutan Ape.

    • Tim Wood says:

      Betty is a jealous bitch when it comes time Trump it sounds like!

    • Bob says:

      I think your on hallucinating drugs Betty. Lies ? All you have to do is watch Obama and Hillary in The Who lies most contest . Obama: Hillary: hmmm.
      Let’s ask the public out there

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        The public just responded today in the Quinepec Poll – -they actually believed Cohen by 45% to Trump’s 28-30%. Trump has several newspapers that employ people to fact check what Trump says. They have recorded that Trump has now told over 8,700 lies or errors.

        In that same poll, 45% believed Trump committed crimes before he became president. All of this is BEFORE the Russia Probe report has EVEN surfaced.

        • Don says:

          Very clever to combine errors and lies. It could be 1 lie and 8,699 errors. Ask any Democrat and they will say Trump lies all the time, but just because they say it, that doesn’t make it so.

        • Been around more than once says:

          The Quinepec Poll? How many were polled, Where, When and which Democrate or Republican or Independent what was the question asked. I just poled 3 people in Florida. Out side my home. I asked who was the biggest Scum Bag. 2 Said Cohen is a liar scum bag. 1 Said Trump is a Liar scum bag. 67% for Cohen being a scum bag. 33% Trump is a Scum bag. With out the rest of the circumstances and the Questions Asked using a poll is worthless BS. So stop using poll numbers to support your position.

          • snark says:

            To Been Around. (me too)/
            jd is BS haha (ph.d Behavioral
            scientist by claim on this site) Also
            closed quote [” i taught in a college
            Info, ” How To Lie With Statistics” ]

    • Mark says:

      Care to elaborate as to what lies you are referring? I’ll be waiting!

    • SickOfLibs says:

      Another brainless lieberal (deliberately misspelled) that can only parrot what the globalist/DemonRAT controlled lamestream media says! It’s scary to think there are actually people that believe the constant lies and propaganda of the treasonous media scumbags! I guess it’s just an inability to think for yourselves and actually research TRUTH and FACTS when faced with the lies that fake news stations like CNN (Communist Narcissist Nutjobs) and other lamestream media morons put out to help their puppet masters try to DESTROY this country!!

    • David says:

      Betty is a lifeless troll, ignore he! Spouting unfounded vitriol!

  26. John Galt says:

    A vote for A Oink-casio is a vot6 for the death of the United States.

  27. Stephen S says:

    I supported the War in Afghanistan but it is past time to bring our Military home from there. The mission keeps changing and not much is getting accomplished.

  28. Craig Murphy says:

    Afghanistan should have been quick hitting and then out. Then Bush got into his freaking nation building nonsense. If we stay much longer it will be as long as the Conquista.

  29. Tom says:

    It is the exact right time. The time is here. The time is perfect. The Democratic Party MUST nominate Ms. Cortez to LEAD their as President of the United St…what? Oh…President of Cuba !

  30. Ronald Dunne says:

    Having, in retrospection, saying that she would have opposed the use of military force in the ‘Stan and Iraq after 9-11– 17 years ago- is in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM “treason”. Congress held a free and open vote on the use of military force and not everyone agreed. Not all Americans agreed with the use of force, for various reasons. I supported (still do ) the Iraq war and the attack on Al-Qaeda and the Taliban- and also support the right of fellow citizens to disagree with that policy. AOC is an idiot and a great frontman for the modern lib-dems, but treasonous? Proof of treason is a high bar, and nothing so far suggests that she is anywhere near guilty.
    As freedom-loving Americans there is (or should be) room to disagree with the majority. Calling someone- even AOC- “treasonous” for opposing the wars in Iraq and ‘Stan is way off the mark in a country that values free speech.
    That said, AOC is digging her own political grave the more she talks. Let her continue digging! Throwing up a BS argument like this isnt helpful.. this whole post is “click-bait”, with no real substance to it….

  31. N says:

    Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party and RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception, Fake News (Russian Collusion and Jussie M hoax) the list is endless! And the clueless minions that follow them!

    • LOL says:

      You must be one of those crazy, OLD relatives that people hate to be around at Thanksgiving or other family events. The one that spews all those nasty comments that do not even go together, and when educated and younger family members try to point this out, you start screaming and pounding the table. Are you also involved with screaming at neighbors kids whose baseball or football lands in your yard?


        I only scream at the neighbors kids if their baseball or football goes through my living room window – rightfully so ! ( OLD is so demeaning, show some respect ! )

      • been around the block more than once says:

        When you say educated younger family members. That a HOOT! If you look it up the highest educated people in the United States all Graduated High School in the early and mid 60’s. 19 65 being the highest educated group of High School Graduates in US History. Since then the Education level of High School Graduates have declined every year including this year.

        • MGJ says:

          Yes, I agree. Schools have slowly become Democratic based and actually punish the Republican students. Now it teach for future votes not for the good of America.

  32. walter says:

    wake up ny to see what you people have done.

  33. ANDRE BALASH says:

    She is our new MOVIE STAR!!!!

  34. S. PARKER says:

    Old Marine is right. In the good ol days, she would have hanged!

  35. Do u know how to tell if she’s lying? Her g/d lips “r” moving!! I believe if this punk,skank spic&span cunt had another brain,it w/b lonely u all!! I believe once the Donald finishes her off,her short immature career w/b over! She is the most immature,outspoken,beligerent punk dat’ ever changed her pad,if she does!!

    • Glenn Jacobs says:

      Let us separate two factors here. First, as has been pointed out, we have a faction who automatically join hands with the enemy, and are, in fact, traitors.

      Well, maybe not technically. They have openly declared they side with the Left on any issue that has a Left side. They outright HATE America. They cannot “betray” America, because they have not given us any expectation to be on our side.

      The other factor is that the famed 9/11 attack seems to have been brought about without any the usual accouterments. It now seems highly probable that it was done without any Muslims, and maybe even without any airplanes. It is indeed likely to have been faked by some U. S. residents — using standard explosives to fake all the spectacular results. At the very least, if we were to go to war over this, we should have found out who did it.

  36. Old Marine says:

    Already committed treasonous act by Perjury Under Oath of her Oath of Office.
    Attacking the Constitution after her Oath is an Act of treason. and a criminal act punishable by at least 4 years in Prison or Death if in conspiracy with others.
    Laws on the books for this both State and Federal.

  37. 1.) OAC 2.) OMAR 3.)TALIB THREE STRIKES YOUR OUT. Riddle me this? Why are these THREE particular congresswomen placed on SPECIAL COMMITTEE’S by 4.) NANCY PELOSI? …. Something is Stinking to high-heaven in Congress Right Now. 1.) Treason 911 #2.) Anti-Sematic ALL THE WAY #3.) Out to Impeach a sitting President on her first day using the term MF to describe him. DOES ANYONE ELSE SEE SOMETHING VERY WRONG HERE? This as noting to do with Dem. or Repub. This has to do with TRADER’S ELECTED INTO CONGRESS… All “4” need to be REMOVED ASAP.

  38. Sandi says:

    I’m with u brothers and sisters. Every time AOC opens her mouth STUPID falls out. Scarey!!

    • Lola says:

      That is the same thing we have in President Trump! Example: he is the dumbass who thought we should start having July 4th parades and that it might catch on and become a tradition. It is only been a tradition for over a century! And what kind of dumbass flies 8000 miles to Vietnam to meet with Kim Jong Un when zero details of any agreement were hammered out previously?

  39. Tubalain says:

    My late father was a journeyman machinist. One of these Depression era/WWII guys. He used to have a saying “do you have twenty years experience, or one year twenty times over”? Sums up Cortez, and alot of people I’ve worked for and with in my life.

  40. milvetjim Humphrey says:

    Jane Fonda, cheeeez – what to say, she was not playing with a full deck, at least she was not totally stupid like AOC. They really are not in the same class, don’t get me wrong, I was not at all happy with Hanoa Jane but, AOC… on top of every thing else… she is weird just to look at, gives me the jeebiesssssss.

  41. Kingrat says:

    It should have been – attach all nations that were hiding and supporting Al Qaeda terrorists. There is and was no need to do this kind of terra….. However – if we don’t start to get our crap together in the nuclear field, we will be in black dust particles and radiation. Everyone is so worried about getting the border wall up – while our buts are stick out wide open. If the US ends up with a Nuclear attack the largest cities and fuel and oil wells will get hit first, while that is going on, where are the American people going to evacuate. There is 3 ways we can go: Canada, Ocean, or head south to Mexico and continuing to South America. If the wall is up, what are you going to do. Oh, and then what will you use to fight the intruders. What – kneel down and pray. Nope, the lord says you must fen for yourself. The government took your guns, now what. See the Movie “RED DAWN” now remember, they will send troops after we are nuked. They train for it

  42. MI Jim says:

    To win in 2020, Trump just needs to run against her. She is far out of the mainstream. What would be interesting would be to find out who is pulling her puppet strings. Follow the money!

  43. Chuck says:

    God wasted a perfectly good ASS hole when he put teeth in her mouth.

  44. Gerald Ladd says:

    Like Bugs Bunny said, what a maroon!

  45. Fighterforfreedom says:

    All liberals are treasonists. AOC (asswipe of congress) better hope her eventual book deal provides her bail money, funds for a legal defense and funds to gain citizenship elsewhere bc hiring her after politics will be like catching a porcupine.

  46. Kathleen Landrith says:

    So true everything hat has been said on this page. She needs to go back to whatever rock she crawled out from under and crawl back under it. I have never in my life heard such crap come out of a true Americans mouth. She is so beyond any word in the dictionary to describe an idiot. She needs to be exiled from the US.

  47. Randi says:

    AOC- Why don’t you just invite all the Terrorists to your house for dinner? Then, at least they would all be in one place AND you might finally learn just what terrorists ARE, WHO they are, etc. Perhaps then you might get a brain OR an idea in your silly little head about just how dangerous they are to our way of life. Of course, the way your teeny, tiny brain works, you most likely would STILL NOT understand. So, if they are more important to you than your own country, go to THEIR world and live in THEIR ways. My guess is you would not last 24 hours. Guess you should grow up before you try playing in the BIG WORLD!

  48. Jason says:

    AOC has been heavily indoctrinated all of her life and is still young and stupid but that’s no excuse for this statement. Also it was not unlimited military action

  49. Camillus Mourice says:

    Along with Nancy and Chuck S. Also.

  50. Daniel Mount says:

    Actually, I would have attacked “Iran” and “Saudi Arabia” because they had a much bigger hand in 9/11.

  51. Rits says:

    Cortez should be impeached for being an idiot. Every time she opens her mouth, trash flows out.

    • Fighterforfreedom says:

      To be expected from a NYC bartender. Irrationally caustic based upon internal psychoses. Oh poor her; life is so unfair to her – she needs to go.

    • Prof Carlos Montané says:

      She is not such an idiot, she is learning very fast th demokRATS way, already learned to move almost one million dollars from one accoiunt to another, ?, why ?

  52. Holly Clark says:

    This so called congress person Cortez needs to be removed. She doesn’t support America. She doesn’t appear to have a brain cell in her head. She miss used campaign dollars. Her new green deal is upsurd, and everytime she opens her mouth she says something ridiculous. My good lord who voted for her? Cause they were scaping the bottom of the barrel of democrats. She’s not the boss like she would like to think. She needs to go back to bartending. She doesn’t hold up to the constitution, I doubt if she even knows what it is or says!

  53. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    ANYBODY whwo believes Osama bin Laden and those 19 middle east patsies hijacked three jets and crashed them is 1), retarded, 2) insane, 3) a liar, 4) or ignorant beyond excuse. Take your pick, Jack. Chiquita Loca is out of place and nuts, but dragging this into that problem is the work of swine, if knowledgeable people. Go read the Coast Guard report, endorsed by retired Army Intelligence Major General Bert Stubblebine. This post must have been done by a pantsless John Bolton.

    • Ernest Eusea says:

      Finally, someone who has done their due diligence and studied 9/11! Alan Jowarsky(sp.?) former USMarine officer and one time head of the Army War College and numerous others know that OBL and the 19 had nothing to do with 9/11. The Mossad and rogue elements of the US Government led by GHW Bush and the Rothschild Banking Cartel did 9/11. The first documentary I saw on 9/11 was entitled 9/11 In Plane Site, was right on and there are numerous other studies including why the first plane hit where it did, in the Marsh and McClelland offices where all of the people killed knew how the Silverstream Software that was used to launder 250 billion in Government securities in the five minutes before the first plane hit worked. Paul Bremmer, the first governor of Iraq was supposed to be there but somehow ended up on the news telling everyone it was OBL who did it. However, there was one man stuck in traffic who was supposed to be there who now has written numerous articles trying to wake up America. Do your homework and lets get a real investigation going. Thank you Patriots, you may be ill informed and listen to what your government corporation wants you to think but I know you all mean well and want a free and just America.

  54. John Brand says:

    She always makes stupid statements, that are usually lies, or just hairbrained.

  55. Karen says:


  56. Dewey says:

    Make Alexandria Go Away

  57. Bmad says:

    I was all for term limits but now after seeing what is voted in i don’t know if term limits will do voting in brain dead people

  58. Tom says:

    She makes most other extreme left wing liberals look centrist

  59. Randall Clark says:

    ALL demonrats are TREASONIST!!!

  60. FrankC says:

    Wasn’t she about eleven years old when all of this happened? Do we really want to listen to a CHILD?

  61. William says:

    She would have asked them whether they wanted it shaken or stirred.

  62. Audie Jordan says:

    She needs to be sent to a mental asylum, prison is too good for her. A frontal lobotomy would be cheap for the government, what little brain there is could be removed by non-invasive laser treatment .

  63. James P Hutchins says:

    cortez is a Nazi scumbag liberal clown puppet who is irrelevant to the American people hey cortez shut your mouth you idiot liberal clown puppet.

  64. Patsy says:

    What the hell makes you think you know anything ,your just a foolish kid . You have no idea what is good for America or any other country ,Let alone anything about war or an attack, Go back to your mama and GROW UP .

  65. Karin says:

    Where is she truly from? If she was raised in NY she surely knew about 9/11. Every thing that happened because a bunch of lunatics from a foreign country and an Islamic ilk attacked America. This report gets put in my news reports bookmarks as Idiots. I keep this stuff just so I will have ammunition when they come up for election again.

  66. Robert says:

    AOC is a hopelessly naive idiot hypocrite – living in her fantasyland of unrealistic ideas – she is unable to recognize “truth is reality – reality is truth” – in other words if it really happened – it is true – if it is true – then it really happened – she is ready to put the rest of US society under harsh deprivations of loss of our way of life, eliminating cars – planes – gas / oil heat – like we are all supposed to live according to the wind supplying our energy – getting to work / vacations without cars and planes – tearing down all homes – skyscrapers – airports – stores – hospitals to satisfy her Green New Deal. What will the rest of the world be doing while she is doing this to the US ? The society and lives that we have today are the result of the cultural revolution over centuries before the present inhabitants of the world – combustion engines – building and home construction – electricity – farming – IT technology – medical innovation . AOC thinks all this should be eliminated because it does not fit in with her Green New Deal ! Now she stands accused of Campaign Funds Violations showing her immaturity – incapable of functioning in the “BIG LEAGUE” . She needs to go back to being a bartender .

    • Trebor says:

      Without a doubt , you can see it in her eyes. There is a tune running thru her brain, constant , continuous. ” ON THE GOOD SHIP, LOLLYPOP”.

    • Fighterforfreedom says:

      If she decides to have children bc she is a fail as a politician, she will throw out any ideas of this new green deal after she buys her first box of plastic diapers and the pacifier hits the floor where she will then need a energy consuming antiseptisizing machine. She is in need of an identity which will require a decade of counseling. I pity her children having to grow up under her neuroses.

  67. Warren Abraham says:

    she is an idiot send her back home and impeach her from congress

  68. James G. Mothes says:

    Amen to that!!!! How could anyone in their right mind vote for this bug eyed bitch!!!!

  69. Patrick Henry says:

    KOTEX cortez needs to be charged with TREASON along with abusing Campaign Funds to support her BOYFRIEND!!! If Trump had done what SHE has ALREADY done them Trump would have been IMPEACHED his first week on the job!!! That MENTALLY RETARDED B!TCH needs to be REMOVED from office and then sent to PRISON forever!!!

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