Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said one thing that had everyone talking treason

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is oftentimes in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Usually she makes news for embarrassing mistakes or massive lies.

But this time she said the one thing that had everyone talking treason.

After Al Qaeda terrorists murdered 3,000 innocent Americans in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, America responded by attacking them in their safe haven in Afghanistan.

Only one member of Congress – radical Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee – opposed the authorization use of military force to invade Afghanistan.

But in an exchange on social media, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made it clear she believed the United States launching no military response was an option she would have supported.

The Iraq War was a controversial decision.

Donald Trump won the Presidency in part on his opposition to foreign wars and nation building.

But even those Americans who believe the war in Afghanistan has gone on too long and would like to see it end supported exacting justice on the terrorists that planned the worst terror attack in the nation’s history.

Not Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Her anti-American views on the subject gave even left-wing members of the fake news media pause.

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165 Responses

  1. ROSE says:

    Yes they should be charged with TREASON because they are actively trying to take down his Presidency, no matter what. And the worst ones should be executed !!

  2. Rose says:

    Bless you, Lisa! You are right about all of this. We prayed for Trump, and the LORD heard us and saved us. We need to pray the crooks out, because if they get back in, all of President Trumps work will all be for nothing! We need to clean out the corruption of the SWAMP! God is behind us and GOD does not fail! But we still have to do our jobs. God helps those who helps them selves!! Those who have committed Tresom Like Obama. Clintons and the Dems like Kerry and any others who have done nothing but damage against our country, trying to take our freedoms away ,are known by the people and should end up in GETMO After it has been remodled just for the them

  3. Rose says:

    AOC IS JUST PLAIN STUPID BUT she was put in there and takes her orders from a man that belongs to the “Young Turks” AS most people know, when she speaks on her own, she says things like…..”Of course the unemployment went down, because everyone holds down three eight hour jobs”! She cannot say things on her own because things like that come out of her mouth . Her cohorts are a different thing. They are Muslims and they hate this country!!!!Where are the good Republicans, that should be speaking up for trump?? I hope the people rise up and votr red and then maybe we can clean up the messes that the Democrats have done. I am sure that their are good Dems but they need to speak up. President Trump has done the things that he said he would do, even though he has had to fight the Dems on every turn, think about what he could have done if they would do their jobs!!

  4. ROSE says:

    Yes, the thing is , she is under control of outside forces. They have not been elected by the people of this country….she and her cohorts are plants! Why has no one fallowed the tail of AOC? Pelosi is not strong enough to lead the Democrats. They are dragging her around by her nose hairs! The DOJ needs to step in and protect the rule of law, beause we cannot depend on the FBI. They have all been corruted. The whole Congress evidently are corrupted to. I wonder where all of the Republicans are???? They should be there for our duly elected President! Except for Gramme they are more or less SILENT, AND SOME OF THEM ARE VOTING WITH THE DISFUNTIONAL DEMOCRATS!! WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO TO DO SOMETHING BESIDES SITTING ON THEIR THUMBS???

  5. Thomas Atkins says:

    Well Mr Berry, I might be white, but my wife is Black. She agrees with me and the rest of the Patriots. In act she is a true republican and patriot.

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