Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made herself a laughing stock after admitting to a baffling lie

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t the brightest person to serve in Congress.

She doesn’t seem to know what she’s talking about on anything.

And she just made herself a laughing stock after admitting to one baffling lie.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is leading the disinformation effort about Trump’s migrant detention centers.

The centers, which were run by both Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, house illegal aliens.

Ocasio-Cortez believes they are concentration camps, and is doing everything in her power to push propaganda about them.

Her latest lie has been that Trump is refusing to give children toothpaste and soap.

But at a recent trip to a detention center, she revealed that a woman in the detention center handed her a shampoo container, proving that is a lie.

As reported by Breitbart News:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) admitted Monday that illegal aliens residing in migrant shelters are given basic hygienic products such as shampoo, despite the fact that she has been claiming for weeks that the Trump administration is actively “fighting to not give children toothpaste or soap.”

The freshman lawmaker – along with fellow Democrat lawmakers – toured migrant shelters in the El Paso area Monday. She has been providing updates to her 4.59 million Twitter followers, detailing what she claims are ratty facilities with abysmal care and rampant mistreatment by law enforcement. However, she made one small concession Monday afternoon, tweeting a picture of a shampoo packet supposedly handed to her by a woman in the facility.

“CBP made us check our phones. But one woman slipped me this packet to take with me. It says ‘shampoo,’ but she told me that this is all they give women to wash their entire body,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted.

The most hypocritical part of this is that President Trump is trying to improve conditions for migrant children.

But Democrats, in an effort Ocasio-Cortez led, attempted to block a $4.5 billion crisis funding package that would help with conditions.

The migrant detention centers are overcrowded, with more illegal migrants being detained than they have in decades.

Ocasio-Cortez loves this fact, and wants issues to get worse so she can force through her open border agenda.

What do you think of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

Vote in our poll and sound off in the comments section below!


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192 Responses

  1. BETTY? …. LOL …. YOU ALL DO REALIZE …. THAT “BETTY” …. IS A “MUSLIM “MALE …. AND HE’S MAD AS HELL. Because, America woke up and caught them all with their hands in the Cookie Jar. And all their “ONE WORLD TAKEOVER CRAP” Is ending TODAY. Because, America will VOTE THEM ALL OUT. …2020 Simple as that. Ohhh And we are not laughing. WE ARE VOTING.

  2. Pat says:

    From Pat – I did not make the comment on this post. Someone is illegally using my name. I WILL investigate it with a Master Tech for Microsoft, then that person will be banned!

  3. Teresa Smith says:

    Ruby red lips is so ignorant. A laughing stock with the entire world! At least its a distraction, like a cartoon!

  4. Susan says:

    Sorry, even if this were true, a packet of shampoo is QUITE enough to wash your hair AND entire body. Hint: you can also wash your hair with body soap as well as dish soap; they work just fine. I know, my father-in-law ONLY used soap on his hair for decades. And several members of my family use a certain dish soap because their bodies react to all the shampoos they’ve tried. Dish soap is also good for washing laundry. The only people who think a packet of shampoo is not good enough are the spoiled people who haven’t learned any lessons from the Great Depression…oh wait…they didn’t even HAVE packets of shampoo back then…. Get a grip, everyone. I guarantee you, these migrants have plenty more than many citizens here.

  5. Ann says:

    Sorry to interrupt your obsessive and continual bashing of AOC, but from what is just coming out in the news from several sources, it appears that there are several Republican reps and Senators that have a completely different perspective (negative on Trump) than what they are showing the press. So, I am wondering if the GOP has a strong rift against Trump and his lack of use of Congress and it might really create more problems in the election. The Dems and women are united against Trump, so if some covert RINOS turn against him, Trump might be in real trouble soon.

  6. Betty says:

    Like that’s news! CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump has in the past four years made a Laughingstock of Himself Too Many Times To Count with All of the LIES He’s Told, Not To Mention His Many Actions Of Mentally Unstable INSANITY!

    • Dennis Sumner says:

      Look out everyone, Betty’s off her meds again!

    • RICHARD MORSE says:

      Its the dam democrats that colluded and obstructed they but liRs

      • truthistruth says:

        Making things up again, Richard. Explain why Trump lied to all about Trump Moscow, which gave Putin an advantage to make Trump compromised? Explain why there were over 120 instances of contact between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. Explain why today even Trump said in an interview that he would still look at dirt on his opponent, even when it is illegally comes from a foreign government? Read the Report!

        • Lisa says:

          Interesting name, “This Is Truth.” Everyone has read Mueller’s so-called report and you folks that want to take excerpts from this rag that reads like a NYT op-ed are not fooling anyone. The American people know it is not a prosecutor ‘s purview to write a report in this manner, nor s it their job to exonerate someone. They think we do not understand the presumption of innocence. But simpletons like think you can sell this garbage. Trump 2920 — keep America Great. Bow you’re triggered

    • Lisa says:

      Betty “D” for dumb Trump.” That is so bad. Sounds like Betty just mastered the alphabet and ishowing off with a little rhyme. How sweet. But really you need to come up with an insulting “T” word for Trumo. Keep trying Betty . You can do it!!

    • travis says:


    • Susan says:


    • Jerry says:

      I’ve been hearing/reading comments about Trump’s incessant lies, but the only one I’ve heard as an example of his incessant lies is his statement that “Mexico will pay for the Wall.” How many politicians have you heard promise something, and it never comes to pass? (e. g., “You can keep your insurance… your doctor….” etc. Was that a lie? I believe it was one among many that were often expressed in support of Obama are. Many of you lefties didn’t consider such claims as lies, but accuse Trump of lying with every utterance. Hypocrisy reigns in your deluded dreams of Utopia.

  7. Mary says:

    Make them use the same medical insurance and Social Security we use. Eliminate the special pensions, medical etc they receive unless WE can also receive them! Time to clean house before the thing burns down!
    If they want illegal immigrants so much, let them personally house, feed, medicate, educate, clothe them etc on THEIR OWN dime and in their OWN HOMES!

  8. Mary says:

    I’d love to have THE PEOPLE VOTE on whether people in the Government (Congress, Senators, even beaurocrats) can be charged with lying to us when they do. So far, they are protected. Time to take those “protections” off in order to protect the nation! Charge the Dims with treason, lies and obstructionism! If they don’t show up for work, dock them! They work for us! Arrest George Soros for treason, try him and shoot the bastard!
    If the Congresspeople or any other Governmental workers are caught stealing, lying, making extra money with insider trading etc, throw them out and don’t let them work ANY government job ever again – including dog catcher! Throw the book at them and make them examples.

  9. Jeff Simmons says:

    My main issue with AOC and these other beginner Representatives is that they all seem to forget or just don’t care that they work for the people not the other way around

    • Eileen Ross says:

      Jeff, the demonrats like AOCartoon are just practicing for the New World Order. They actually think they are going to be part of the Masters and Slaves. Them being masters of course. What they don’t realize is that once they have completed their jobs for the Big Boys, they will no longer be needed, and will be ……..discarded.

    • David says:

      That’s been the problem with congress for the last thirty years.

  10. Jeff Simmons says:

    I figure that AOC is spending so much time calling people Nazis and other horrible things that her new name can be Eva AOC Braun

  11. John says:

    This is all part of the Dims plan to make the legal citizens vote irrelevant. Bring in a bunch of people who are dependent on the government for everything and they’ll vote Dimocrat. The Dims are Santa Claus and the citizens of the country are the piggy bank. The Dims only need to turn a few states blue and the Republic will be gone for good.

    • Jo Scott says:

      Wrote a reply to your great message and this bunch of trash killed it before I even had a chance to post.

  12. Dennis Sumner says:

    Just as we thought, yesterday’s celebration “triggered” an new pandemic of TDS!

  13. Dennis Sumner says:

    No Lola, we’ll never run out of idiots, sadly!

  14. ray tormaschy says:

    she aoc needs to quit and let someone smarter and honest take over

    • Cheryl says:

      Too many educated idiots in politics. AOC is a classic example.

      She said Ivanka Trump doesn’t qualify to sit in on G20 just because her father is potus. What qualifies a barmaid, an ignorant one at that, who serves booze to drunks to sit in Congress? She’s an embarrassment to the Dimwits party!

  15. Lisa says:

    Mike from the midwest really? That is the absolute lamest response I have ever read. Are you really a man or do you just use that handle to hide the fact that you are really a post menopausal feminist. Really men don’t talk or think that way. I am being targeted because I am a woman with power. No people don’t care what gender you are. When you are profoundly stupid and you are in the US Congress and you outright lie and talk like you should be attached to a thorazine drip people are going to call you out.

    • Dennis Sumner says:

      Well said!

      • Charlie says:

        The time left from when AOC said three months ago “the world will end in twelve years” is now down to eleven years nine months. The last time I read the last prediction was well over twenty years ago when Al Gore said we have only ten years and in 1948 when the New York Daily News had headlines; “Mile High Glacier To Cover All Of New England In Ten Years And Polar Bears Will Be Roaming The Hudson River!!”

    • Vicki says:

      She needs to be ousted!!!! She is a puppet who’s job is to inflame, and cause unrest in favor of the left idiots!!! dumbRATS are trying to run afoul with our country, it is completely immoral what they are trying to turn this country in to. She is nothing but a firestarter with nothing but a pea brain and hate for Trump.

  16. Laura says:

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is mentally ill. She is exhibiting every sign of delusions with narcissistic personality disorder. She needs to seek professional help and quickly. If she is currently being treated, I think that they might consider changing her medication.

  17. barb says:

    LOL…aoc is and always has been, and always will be a laughing stock…One of the biggest jokes in DC….Puppet Pelosi better get some balls and get rid of the three stooges in congress………

    • Mike from midwest says:

      Trumpers, and especially Patriot Pulse is OBSESSED with AOC – – must be two or three columns a week on her alone. It could not be her power, because she has the same as 435 other members who are not in leadership roles. When I look in the last year at people you like to demonize to make yourselves APPEAR better than you are – – they are most often WOMEN. You love to bash and spew your venom about AOC, Hillary (who is out of politics now), Michelle, Maxine and Nancy. Could it be you are sexists and no wonder women in the country want nothing to do with Trump and his support has fallen to only 1 in 3 women.

      • Duane says:

        Mike, I truly believe you are an absolute IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mary says:

        where do you get your facts??? who said that only 1 in 3 women support Trump?? AOC is an embarrassment to women and any person with a functioning brain understands this, go back under your rock and stay there sweetheart. Many people, male and female voted for Trump and will vote for him again, TRUMP 2020

      • Gene Hudson says:

        Mike, how many of the other 435 members are plastered on the front page is they dont usually make such stupid irrational statements EVERY day. She is just looking for face time no matter what it takes. The fact that you cant realize this and apparently buy into all her crap makes me wonder about your sanity and/ or your IQ. You should pray that youre just insane and just not that stupid

      • Cheryl says:

        Wow. Too many educated idiots in politics. AOC is a classic example.

        She said Ivanka Trump doesn’t qualify to sit in on G20 just because her father is potus. What qualifies a barmaid, an ignorant one at that, who serves booze to drunks to sit in Congress? She’s an embarrassment to the Dimwits party!

    • Nick Byrne says:

      Barb, I think a lobotomy would be more in order for aoc.

    • SUZANNE says:


  18. Wesley York says:

    I think she is offensive she and her followers have made death threats to an 8yo girl she calls herself Mini AOC on social media and does a parody of AOC. If AOC finds it offensive then quit saying stupid stuff. We are all laughing at you what ?are you going to have us all killed well come and get me but leave a 8yo child alone but what do you expect from a pro abortion person

  19. Jeff Simmons says:

    I need to find out from AOC if she will reimburse me for all of the Beano that I bought to give to the cows to help control their farting

  20. Eugene Waldenmaier says:

    Thousands repeatedly hear her lies but just a few dozen may rear he admission of guilt.
    Taught well by communistic mentors and Saul Alinsky.

  21. Dennis Sumner says:

    When you sugar it all off, look at the source of the funding, the rancor, the strategizing, one name deserves to be made very public. George F*****g Soros!

  22. Kenneth Cox says:

    Has anyone asked her,does she realize how stupid she sounds by making crazy statements and ideas shen is trying to push.Does she really think the every day person is that dense to believe anything she has to say??She really needs to go. She is making thing s worse than making things better

    • mike dar says:

      She was promoted, campaign paid for and Campaign manager provided by George Soros… her purpose is entirely to make things worse. The rewards for her behavior have been a million dollar book deal funder by Soros and a ten million dollar Netflix movie deal that Obama and Susan Rice got funded.
      ‘She needs to go’, she can only be ejected by voting in 2020 and hopefully people will wake up to the threat of the 80 more planned by Soros in the 2020 elections… just like AOC.

    • Robert TUTTLE, Sr. says:

      that’s her plan to make things worse.

    • mrp says:

      She is nothing but a self-serving propagandist whose only claim to fame is that she won an election by fraud. Never to be found in her district but gallivanting around the country to make a name for herself to further her ambition. Who would illegally cross a border to enter a concentration camp? She should have remained a bartender because she does not what she’s doing in congress.

  23. Ronald Dunne says:

    aoc is a bug-eyed LIAR, and incredibly stupid.

  24. Ernst says:

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an extremely biased dunderhead, making false, exaggerated, and inaccurate statements constantly. She is a constant reminder of the hateful, dishonest, ignorant nature of the Democrats/Leftists, and she is the best argument for the reelection of President Donald Trump.

  25. Dan Gibson says:

    Just another stupid statement by “Sandy” … she is completely devoid of political or people skills. When confronted with the “truth”, she ducks out the back way in search of creating another “lead story”.

  26. grin n barrett says:

    We may all be in this together but you may bet your bottom dollar, politicians won’t have illegals living in their yards, taking their jobs, overrunning their neighborhoods, crowding out their children in schools, taking away from their family to give to the illegal invaders. It is maddening.

    • William J Vital says:

      Politicians will NOT let ANY illegals live anywhere near them.

      • Pat says:

        They should take them in and house them at their residences; in and around their mansions. They speak out of both sides of their mouths! Go live somewhere else AOC. You are OFFENSIVE to the U.S.

  27. TOM KELLY says:


    • old man coyote says:

      Shades of H.G. Wells – the Morloc are infighting for control of the planet and title of Emperor of the World while the Eloi hang around propagating and waiting for their next hand-out from the Morloc

  28. tommy says:

    hey how about this…we bring all our american citizens that are homeless with there children to those camps,,,,,and also all the veterans as well hey A.O.C, america first ok you spoiled brat ass

  29. Breaker 19 says:

    AOC went from a $15 an hour bartender to a $174.000 a year congressman., plus all the goodies that go with it. She thinks we work for her, not the other way around.
    About the condition of the detension centers. All the Democrats have to do to fix it is vote for the $4.5 billion to build the wall. This could have and should have been done ages ago. With the Wall, we wouldn’t need the detention centers. We spend hundreds of billions dollars on illegal aliens every year and getting worse all the time. $4.5 billion is just like Pelosi said about the $1000 bonuses, it’s just crumbs. They don’t care about the kids, or anyone else in the detention center or how they are treated. It’s just something to blame Trump for. If they really wanted to fix it, they would be happy to vote for the wall and stop the illegal from coming into and taking over our country.

  30. Gene Hudson says:

    The really sad part of this is shes getting face time on every network every day. Granted, she gets it by saying incredibly stupid and outrageous things but the libs/Dimtards eat it up although privately the are squirming their fat buts in their seats because of her insane rhetoric and blatant lies. Even too much for the Dimtards

    • Charlie says:

      AOC is an ignorant delusional nit wit with very severe mental problems she has had most of her life. And she is proving to be a big embarrassment to the House Of Reps that are trying to figure out a way of getting rid of her. She should seek help before this incompetent has a break down.

      • Lorene says:

        $174,000 is a gross waste of money when she deserves $15//hour.

        • Gayle says:

          She doesn’t deserve 15.00 an hour. What can she do? Bartend? That never paid 15.00 an hour in my part of the country. She can’t do much else but lie, put on an act, and cause problems because she’s not smart enough to actually help Americans in her current job. Which means she’s in over her head and should be fired.

  31. American says:

    These people have put themselves in this position and put their kids there. Why do they think they should get better treatment than any other person who breaks the law. These people should be at Gitmo they are illegally invading a country that is an aggressive act. They would not get away with it at another country’s back door.

    • David says:

      Every year AMERICAN children are separated from their parents and handed over to Child Protective Services while the parent(s) languish in jails. Children have died while in the care of CPS. Where are the leftists about that?

  32. Ted says:

    Ass Odor Commie is just a dumb nutjob. I’m sure she failed as a barmaid and had to take a job way lower on the totempole as a democrap politician.

  33. JKWFO says:


  34. Jimmie says:

    My Grandad was born in 1896 and passed in 1975. He told me that the USA would be taken over by a foreign country without a shot being fired. I like the comments but we all need to realize that people in our country are electing more Muslams every year. If we don’t get put and vote to keep these out it is going to happen. It amazes me how Grandad could see this back then. All the negative comments aren’t going to get them removed. PLEASE GET OUT AND VOTE TO REMOVE THESE IDIOTS!!!!!

    • Julia Gurule says:

      So True! So True!

    • Chilidog1947 says:

      I heard the same thing when I was a kid. Turns out that our elders knew what they were talking about….unfortunately. I guess we fell down on the job and allowed communist teachers to sway our children and especially our grand children. Quite a few of our contemporary’s were also indoctrinated. Now it is probably too late to change the direction of the country. Lord help our country.

      • Lola says:

        True, look at the dumb fool we have from president and how his best buddies are Putin and Kim Jong Un. I NEVER thought we would have a president actually say that “he fell IN LOVE” with the brutal dictator of North Korea, and bend over and kiss his butt.

        • Jojo says:

          Better check to see if you are out of tin foil for your little CNN hat. You are just a F’ing lemming!!! NOBODY in the doofas dumbRAT party could EVER deal with those leaders. Much less be a US president!!!! Lemming.

          • Lisa says:

            Perfect response. They are mindless lemmings. The scenery never changes in the lemming CNN pack.

  35. Chuck says:

    Whatever they’re getting here for hygiene supplies is still a big step up from what they’re used to using in their home countries.

    • Jenney says:

      They could be taking their baths in the Rio Grand River!!!!! They had nothing but expensive cell phones when they came thousands of miles but didn’t complain. Its our dumorats who are spreading the lies. Anyone that doesn’t like it can leave including dumorats

      • Mark says:

        She needs to go back to the bar where she can continue her reasearch of how men think which she conducts in the back room on her kneepads!

  36. JKWFO says:


  37. Pat says:

    And Marilyn, Wilson is just as guilty of that as we are or so she thinks. The lies she says bout Conservatives and our President which is worse.

  38. Patrick Cross says:

    What do you mean “made herself a laughing-stock?” From the day she scammed her way into office, shes been nothing BUT a laughing-stock!

  39. walter siebert says:

    Did you know that the stainless steel toilets in the place have a sink on top !!!!

    • neil riewer says:

      i could use one. it’s a very efficient use of water and a space saver. They have porcelain ones in Japan

    • derf says:

      AOC must think the water comes from the toilet she doesn’t know it has a different water line how comes the people in jail never said that before

  40. Rivka says:

    I think she is a thoroughly offensive individual and shame on all democratic representatives who have failed to silence her as the voice of the Democratic Party

  41. George says:

    Not AOC….But AZZ of the “Party”

  42. Billy Vincent says:

    A.O. COTEX …😁

  43. CLIFF says:


    • Mar says:

      She won’t care. She’s a spoiled child who wants only fame, not the responsibility of serving the USA. She is probably already looking for a talk show to host.

    • TheOldChip says:

      There have been surveys in the AOC district, which show that about 40% don’t even know her and another 20% don’t approve of her. SO, HOW DID SHE GET ELECTED???????
      The unfortunate answer seems to be that – The people that SHOULD HAVE VOTED – DIDN’T, and this foolish, totally unqualified for just about anything, ex-bartender got her nose under the tent.
      The 2020 ELECTION is HUGELY important and any SITTING HOME and not VOTING will have grave consequences for our nation.
      Worthless politicians are elected by citizens who don’t bother to VOTE.

    • Carmen says:

      Omg 2 of my friends actually said they would vote for her. I can’t believe how stupid my friends can be. Now I wonder how if I can deal with it.

    • Chilidog1947 says:

      Maybe they will see the error of their ways and either not vote, or vote for Trump….Nah! They need to stay at home

    • Lincoln says:

      Just remember, Cliff, IDIOTS ELECTED THE IDIOT TRUMP, and if IDIOTS don’t vote in the next election, Trump will lose by a landslide.

  44. Jan says:


  45. lzib says:

    You know the Nazi’s also spread lies and propaganda about concentration camps- but they had to lie and say how wonderful they were and that they were being treated so well. AOC a modern day nazi is doing the reverse and spreading lies and propaganda about how horrific the conditions are! The Nazi’s claimed the people who were forcibly rounded up at gunpoint wanted to be in the camps while AOC has to lie about these illegals who are fighting to climb the fence and turning themselves in begging to be allowed admittance. She lies and says we are holding them prisoners like the Jews were, but the fact is if any single one of them wants to cross back across the border they would be free to do so. They stay because they want $$$ and your party promises them every possible freebie as long as they agree to vote for you!

    Deciver and user AOC should be ashamed of herself and her entire fake party of faux compassion who only want power and money and a new large group of dependent ignorant people whom you can keep that way through social programs and poor schools. Latinos need to wake up before you suffer the same fate as African Americans have over the past 70 yrs.

    • Billy Vincent says:


    • Herbert Lubitz says:

      That’s right, look at where all the black votes took them, voting for a man or woman for their skin color or sex, is not going to be of any help for the Country. Obama was voted in twice, by the same idiots, and got the same results…….Nothing at all.

      • Chilidog1947 says:

        Oh, no! The country got something all right, but just not what one would have wanted! We got screwed!

        • Anon says:

          The USA people are being screwed right now by a new tax law where 83% of the benefits go the the richest 1% . . . and this will also lead to increasing the deficit to over A TRILLION DOLLARS for this year alone.

      • Bill says:

        Unfortunately, the country got exactly what Obama promised. He said numerous times he wanted to transform the United States.

  46. Wakyn Ferris says:

    To call this idiot a moron would be paying her a compliment. The two dumbest human beings on the planet would be aoc and maxine waters and in third place will be the two muslim demon-craps that have one IQ quota point above those two a–holes.

  47. neo says:

    JUST your typical liberal politician ….nothing but lies…she is so stupid that they all know that she is a compulsive liar

  48. kenneth says:

    shes from NY don(t exspec to much

  49. John A Hollon says:

    Consider where she came from! Idiots up there elected her/

    • Jan says:

      Let’s hope that the idiots who voted for her will choose someone else next time around! Poor old Alexander Ocasio-Cotex needs to go back to tending bar! No doubt she’d be happier and not under more stress than her simple mind can endure.

  50. Loretta says:

    She needs mama Pelosi to redirect her back to the bar to make her another mai tai.

  51. Actually, if you think about it, AOC has the mentality of a dumba$$ Democrat! I’m not sure but, I think they are the basis of the word, “Dumba$$”. Of course, I could always be wrong, I’m just a NORMAL AMERICAN PATRIOT!

  52. John says:

    She’s an idiot

  53. John P. Centonze says:

    She doesn’t care if she is right, wrong or neutral. She only seeks attention.

    • Ron says:

      Surely the Congress has a bar where she can serve drinks where she’s better qualified.

    • Billy Vincent says:

      According to Rep. Frederick Wilson , DUMORAT FROM FLA., It is AGAINST THE LAW to put down a CONGRESSMAN, OR CONGRESSWOMAN on the INTERNET, and she is proposing ALL SUCH PEOPLE BE ARRESTED !!

      • Marilyn says:

        I never heard of that law! NEVER! Another lie from a (D).

        • Amy says:

          Yes that is a lie. There is no law against making fun of Congress people. It’s actually constitutional right to have freedom of speech. If she can’t take the heat she needs to stay out of the kitchen. They are trying hard for tyranny.

    • Tracy Lynn Velasquez says:


    • Paulnam67 says:

      Mr. Ed still wants a date with her.

    • Chilidog1947 says:

      I think you are wrong about that. I think she has a desire to be in on the destruction of America, and she wants to be famous. She doesn’t care how either are carried out as long as she gets what she wants, which I fear is to be the President.

  54. Gene Hudson says:

    Please, people of NY, get this Bobbleheah lamebrain out of office. Hope youve seen enough of her, the rest of the country certainly has. She has even less qualifications that Obama, and thats saying something

  55. Timothy Delong says:

    AOC should be brought before the ethics committee for her blatant lies and her slandering the hard working people at the border facility that she said she toured and in fact never went inside. Let’s see if her democratic cohorts in Congress do anything about it

  56. LJ says:

    Ocasio who?………..

  57. Lisa Dorger says:

    I hear she makes a hell of a white russian. Let’s Make Alexandra A Bartender Again!!! MABA

    NEVER lets me down or should i say us AMERICAN PATRIOTS with her stupid comments and thoughts thru her vile agenda and her hate for our AWESOME PRESIDENT TRUMP—WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND that these flakey Democraps NOW RESPECT our duly elected President–like we all did for years of OBummer–we pay their salary–they work for us and i use the term work lightly–what is it that these looney democraps like AOC Bernie Sanders,Beto and the rest wave their arms in the air like to add drama or maybe in their minds?? substance to their stupid fake promises–yeh right we will never allow 16 yr olds to vote or legalize prostitution or pot like kamal toe would love —wise up –they will do and say ANYTHING to get votes–lets make sure only US CITIZENS VOTE–TRUMP/PENCE 2020 MAGA

  59. Audie Jordan says:

    AOC is dangerous because our educational system from pre-school throughout Graduate School has been taken over by leftist/liberal radicals who can teach anything they want or nothing & cannot be fired because they have tenure. There is not a one of them who would last a week in a real job.

    They hide behind the 1st Amendment for their ideas but deem anyone with a different idea as hate mongers. They have no interest in whether the kids they are teaching learn anything they can make a living with or not, jut as long as the kid accept their ideology.

    • Mar says:

      I absolutely agree about the education system. However, both AOC and Kaepernick had parents who raised them. Shouldn’t they bear some of the responsibility for how their children turned out?

    • Billy Vincent says:

      According to Rep. Frederick Wilson , DUMORAT FROM FLA., It is AGAINST THE LAW to put down a CONGRESSMAN, OR CONGRESSWOMAN on the INTERNET, and she is proposing ALL SUCH PEOPLE BE ARRESTED !!

    • BJH says:

      That is absolutely true Audie Jordan,
      AOC gets on my last nerve ! We all know Politicians’ lie , however, she has brought it to a new low . Why she and the other 3 disgraceful Reps. haven’t been hauled before the Ethics Committee I will never understand !

      • Laurel says:

        BJH, I totally agree with you. But what gets my last nerve is that somehow these foul mouthed, foul thinking liars in the demoncrat party are NEVER ever made to pay consequences for the threats and lies they so blatantly spew. Laws? So what (if you are a demoncrat).

  60. libra says:

    I have to wonder if OCA was schooled in anti-USA rhetoric sort of like Tokyo Rose. The Demomarxist opens her pie hole and LIES FALL OUT. I will bet Boston Univ. is really proud of their former student and I have to wonder how many alumni are putting away their checkbooks at donation time for Good Old B.U. and it’s infamous student.

  61. IF … EVERYONE WANTS THIS “SLEEPER AGENT” To Go AWAY? #1.) Let VOTE HER OUT… #2.) EVERY TIME you see an Article or a T.V. Program Or A Magazine Cover with her face on it? IGNORE IT ALL. … Give her ZERO Attention. … #3.) PUFF … She’s Gone. (Yes, this woman is very dangerous to America. She was PLACED to disrupt our Society, Our Elections and Our Sensibilities.) DO NOT ALLOW IT. … IGNORE What’s her face. PLEASE Run For Office In District 14 in New York.

    • chilidog1947 says:

      Unfortunately she will not go away on her own, and ignoring her will not make her go away, either. She has to be tossed out on her ear! Hopefully the voters who put her in office realize that they have made a grave error! At least, possibly, the voters who put her in office will be embarrassed by the reasonable people who are making fun of their lack of common sense. But, who knows. Those voters may just be too far gone to straighten themselves out.

  62. Gene Hudson says:

    Oh Yeh, Trumps making it his lifes work to make sure that the kids dont have soap, water, and toothpaste. How gullible and stupid are the people that believe that.New York get rid of the Bobble Head, she should be an embarrassment to you

    • vicky Huss says:


  63. Ed says:

    4.59 million followers out of a country of 330 million, yet to believe main stream liars she has influence of half the country. Main Stream Liars would also have you believe the LGBTQ community are a major portion of the country when all combined are most likely less then 3% of the entire country, and this is what we should decide policy on in this country. The government can’t rein in MSl because for decades before all this debacle they parroted the governments lies which they justified all the government’s illegal and unconstitutional actions. This and most the world hates us because we fund dictatorship all over with citizens of those dictatorships killed directly by US Funding and manipulating. We are all slaves to this country with tax collection limiting the lives of the poor when the government just prints more money when they want to hand it out to their chosen. Then to prove your a slave they ship all the jobs overseas denying the common citizen even the ability to be a taxpayer and forced into the government Dole. The biggest enemy of the US citizen and government is the government itself and even the great Trump plays the master/slave game. Although he has raised the slaves standard of living can anyone name one right he has restored or improved?

  64. Dpw2811 says:

    The below URL will take you to Petition2Congress w/all the Petitions Regarding “Expelling AOC”

    Please SIGN the Petitions that YOU Agree With & Pass On the URL! Let the DEMOcrats hear Our Voices Loud & Clear!

  65. Sandra Gatlin says:


  66. Patricia Barnes says:

    David Small: your comment will be posted. This site notifies you in another email to verify your comment. Just verify it and then it will poset. I don’t like this method but that is what they do.

  67. David Small says:

    You have not posted my comment or that of Mr. Orr. Is this some form of censorship? Perhaps someone should investigate the legality of such action on your part.

  68. David Small says:

    I just made a comment on this matter. Why did it not get posted? I filled in all of the required fields

  69. Rodney W Orr says:

    where is my comment?????? Am I a bad boy again, because I said a bad word, or I went against the so called little, my panties are in a bunch and you can’t say that about me!!!!!!!

  70. Patricia Barnes says:

    We need red lipped clowns. Rodeo’s can’t survive without them. Seriouslu, though, someone arrest that thing called Ocasio or take herout!

  71. Dave Miedema says:

    This is nothing surprising. Rep. Cow Farts has been a laughingstock since before she took office.

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