Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just suffered this humiliating defeat

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just made a giant mistake.

The freshmen Congresswoman finally got her wish and picked the fight she was dreaming of with Donald Trump.

But it ended badly for her and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just suffered this humiliating defeat.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been agitating for impeachment for months.

She finally got her wish.

Texas Congressman Al Green forced a vote on an impeachment resolution claiming Donald Trump’s supposedly “racist” tweets made him unfit for office.

The resolution was defeated in a massive 332 to 95 vote with 137 Democrats joining Republicans to table the motion.

The Washington Post reports:

House Democrats joined with Republicans on Wednesday to kill an impeachment resolution against President Trump, a move that is likely to rankle the Democratic Party’s liberal base clamoring to oust the president.

The vote was 332 to 95, with 95 Democrats voting to keep the resolution alive and 137 of their colleagues siding with Republicans. It was a surprising turn, just one day after the two parties bickered bitterly over House passage of a resolution condemning Trump’s racist remarks.

Rep. Al Green (D-Tex.) put Democratic leaders in a bind Tuesday night by filing articles of impeachment accusing Trump of committing high crimes and misdemeanors. His resolution, which cited Trump’s comments targeting four minority Democratic congresswomen, was privileged, requiring that the House act within two days.

“It’s time for us to deal with his bigotry. This president has demonstrated that he’s willing to yell ‘fire’ in a crowded theater, and we have seen what can happen to people when bigotry is allowed to have a free rein,” Green told reporters Wednesday. “We all ought to go on record. We all ought to let the world know where we stand when we have a bigot in the White House.”

Democrats will surely try again this fall after Robert Mueller’s upcoming testimony.

But that testimony will contain no new bombshells.

And Democrats – including Nancy Pelosi and her leadership team – will be desperate to avoid a politically toxic impeachment vote.


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140 Responses

  1. Frank says:

    With all this hoop-la from the democrats I see something bad happening in the future if this doesn’t stop. I think it’s called a civil disturbance of a great magnitude. Stop this before it’s to late

  2. Eliot says:

    AOC is a lesbian and she can be comforted by her many girlfriends in their regular orgy!

  3. Lawrence Kelly says:

    Justice for Trump, please stop talking your a fool,you must post to get a reaction. You can’t believe what you say or your just a complete f–king idiot.

  4. dpk54 says:

    Trump a racist???? Are you kidding me?? I say that all the time….only I am far less kind…if you hate it here so much, exercise your freedom of choice and GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS COUNTRY!!! The idiot Omar can stand there in public defiling and spewing her hate for Jews and white America and NOTHING is said about her truly RACIST remarks?? I despise everything AOC and Omar represent….load their entitled asses onto a C-130 and drop-kick them out of the cargo hold over Afghanistan…I do NOT care what happens to any of them!!!

    • newhon63 says:

      the whole point of the stupidity rest on what President Trump tweeted. there was nothing racist about it Omar and the other three knucklehead congresswomen are full of it. they spew their garbage and if anyone disagrees with them, or presents information that contradicts what they say, or just prove to them that they are wrong, they roll over on their backs, Belly Up, and cry racism against women of color. That’s not true the American people just recognize there disrespect, their foolishness, and they’re genuine youthful stupidity. Trump said “go back to your country and fix their problems, then come back and show us how to do it.”
      so what does the media do and the Democrats jump on board? they read it out of context and all they heard was they can go back to their own country. At Trump’s rally, American citizens chanted”Send them back”. Yep, the president waited a full 13 seconds before he said anything. So what. That is called the First Amendment, free speech. it pisses off liberals and Democrats that we all have that right. they think that liberals and Democrats are the only ones that should be allowed to say whatever it is they want to say and get a pass every time. anybody else says what they want to say and they are racist xenophobic sexist, etc etc etc and should be buried alive.

  5. sholom says:

    AOC is woman that one of the most ignorant ,stupid ,and talkes just like am idiot. And whoever put her in office should be shot

  6. Every one believes that you can’t fix stupid(every one except democRATS) the democRATS are determined to punish Trump for beating their darling killerey in 2016

    • Sam R says:

      Correct. Democrats have tried being stupid against Trump and that didn’t work. Their response: They need to be more stupid!!!

  7. Robert W says:


  8. True American says:

    I think everybody should own at least one muslim. Then kill it.

  9. jreb57 says:

    Insanity. Repeatedly doing the same thing while expecting different results.

  10. John Galt says:

    They are all gifts that keep on giving – to the Republicans.

  11. Tina says:

    Hopefully the 4 horsewomen will ride into oblivion in a short period of time. I taught 8th grade social studies for a number of years. My students had more knowledge in their little fingers than these collective kooks have in their pea brains. They are just a band of haters and have no place in this country.

  12. Severa Hill says:

    We have four congress woman that are egotistical, hateful, ignorant stupid. Then we have those who are lunatics, idiots and together all make bundle up of racists, criminals, corrupts and demented. They are angry all the time and attacking the American people, the President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CAUSE THIS IS STILL AMERICA I HOPE EVERYONE KNOWS THAT. AND THEY ALSO ATTACK THE OUR COUNTRY. All they care about is having power so they can turn America into a One World Order Country and RADICAL OBAMA is to be FAULTED FOR THIS. TRUMP IS AMERICAN AND HE LOVES OUR COUNTRY THE USA. He is NOT money hungry like the rest of the Demon crats in Congress. He gives up his salary to charity. He gets treated like or worse than the terrorists in our country. Most of the media is our enemy. All democrats are our enemies plus a few GOP TRAITORS, I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THEM. I HAVE GREAT RESPECT FOR TRUMP FOR SAVING AMERICA FROM BEING A MUSLIM COUNTRY. OBAMA HAS COMMITTED TREASON FROM ALL THE MALICIOUS ACTS HE HAS COMMITTED AND SO DO THOSE INVOLVED IN BRING DOWN TRUMP. THERE IS NOTHING GOOD ABOUT THESE PEOPLE WHO HAVE BETRAYED THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WHO PAY TAXES AND LIVE OFF ALL AMERICANS WHO PAY TAXES. I am AMERICAN, I was born in the USA back in the 1940’s and am darn proud to be American to have and to hold. AMERICA WENT BACKWARDS A FEW YEARS AGO THANKS TO THE FRAUDULENT, PHONY, EGOTISTICAL ARROGANT, AND CORRUPT CROOKED AND EVIL CRIMINAL PEOPLE WHO DECIDED TO TURN BAD FOR THE MONEY. This is not the way our American Government should work for the American people. SAD AND BAD TIMES FOR AMERICA. THEY ALL NEED TO BE SENT TO PRISON FOR TREASON.

    • Jeanni says:

      I call them the Squalid Four, look up the definition it fits them perfectly!

    • Justice for Trump says:

      Your capital letters and violent talk make you even look like a worse traitor. This one world order is another right wing conspiracy, you are apparently too ignorant to know. Trump is a criminal, a crazed racist. constantly oozing his hatred in his lies about Muslims, Mexicans, Obama etc. He is a cowardly draft dodger who was sent away for smacking a teacher. He has ripped off countless banks and employees yet still managed 6 bankruptcies despite inheriting hundreds of millons of dollars. He is a money laundering jackal who kisses Putin and Kim’s butts. Trump is a shameless traitor, all about greed, and power. He is a serial sexual assaulter, who has lost hundreds of lawsuits for his crimes. Severa Hill, regardless of where you are from, here or Russia, you are harmful to be supporting a monster, an egomaniac who does not care for this country or anyone living him, except himself, not even his wives and children or he wouldn’t have cheated on all his wives numerous times with groupies, prostitutes and rapes.

      • Don Lavrich says:

        Trump will be back for 4 more years and you and your commie buddies will be crying for another 4 years so stick it up your ass and smoke it lying asshole. Trump 2020

      • Roger D Mann says:

        How does capital letters make anyone look like a traitor you freaking idiot? You are as stupid as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!

        President Trump did more for America and the American people in two years than the previous four presidents did in 28 years!
        Donald Trump is my AMAZING PRESIDENT and like he promised, president for all AMERICANS! President Trump is the best president ever and the most brilliant leader in the history of the world!
        Keep America Great! Greater than ever before! AMERICA and AMERICANS FIRST!
        Actions speak louder than words and President Trump’s actions speaks volumes for America and the American people!
        President Trump cut many job killing regulations that led to the creation of millions of new jobs, hundreds of thousands of new manufacturing jobs, millions lifted off of welfare/food stamps lowest minority unemployment in history, lowest female unemployment in more than 60 years, a robust stock market, a booming economy and one of the largest tax cuts in history!
        President Trump has been able to negotiate with North Korea and other world leaders in an effort to bring world peace and make better trade deals with no help from the democrats and little from his own party while being investigated for more than two years at a cost of more than 25 million dollars by Robert Mueller a criminal himself!
        I am 100% convinced that the Democrats are so intent in taking down President Trump not just because they lost the election but by keeping their rhetoric in the forefront, they are hoping with their fingers crossed that The Republicans don’t start investigating them!
        The Democrats have more reason to fear an investigation from Obama on down than any Republican! The entire world knows that Hillary Clinton is a criminal, a traitor of the American people and most of all a liar and she deserves no less than life in prison and she must repay the six billion dollars she lost or stole! It is time for republicans to grow a spine and support Attorney General Barr’s investigation into the corruption of the democrats, the FBI and Obama’s DOJ!

        • IrreverentOne says:

          I am an ardent supporter of President Trump but find your third paragraph to be somewhat overzealous. The greatest President ever? I lean towards a few that have come before him at this juncture. Geroge Washington, Abraham Lincoln, & Theodore Roosevelt come to mind. There may be a time when I will call him a great President but that will have to be in the future. Right now I will say that he is the best President we have had since Ronald Reagan was in office.

        • Mary says:

          You are 100% correct, You only speak the truth, THANKS

      • Dennis Clements says:

        JustiDce for Trump, you are a lying simpleton asshole. Nothing of what you said has ever been proven to be true or factual. So go back to Russia and your Commie friends because there is no place for creeps like you in our great country. In other words, F***off you jerk!

        • Billy Vincent says:


      • ray says:

        You’re an idiot

      • Sam R says:

        Well spoken for a CNN prostitute!! Get a better news source. I suggest OAN.

      • Pat says:

        Your are a brain dead liberal who probably watches CNN 247. Howv Severa Hill chose to write her comment is none of your damned business. Only a worthless pri*k like you would take time to bash something like. Patriots could care less what you think of President Trump

      • Gem says:

        It’s okay for Democrats President, s to cheat on their wives even while they were in the White House at taxpayers expense hell they did it in the oval office ,Clinton Kennedy, Roosevelt

        • Mike Hunt says:

          Ted Kennedy drunkenly, cowardly let an intern drown. The Casio-Cortex set called him, “the Lion Of the Senate”

      • Wayne says:

        Trump nor conservatives are racist. We just want our border secure. It’s a complete lunacy you spew the exact same that radical fringe liberals want you to. You desperately want to come across as intelligent but you fell for all the false narratives. You just muster enough energy to repeat them here. Weak. Not a lick of rationale in you as hard as you try and that’s because YOU’RE WRONG. I think Trump is a bit of an ass but YOU PEOPLE are complete f*coin nutsacks about him. We voted for him because Hillary is the real criminal. Trump has done NOTHING that matters nor amounts to the high crimes you say. And here’s the thing…who cares what YOU say?!!! No one. Nor should they because you people are liberals. You have proven that you cannot think on your own and your side wants to change for the worse. Gays and Trans party. Nope..America simply ain’t for that. Paying for illegals…nope ain’t gunna work. And that sums it up. You are on the wrong side as for what’s right for America.

      • Sam R says:

        To Justice for Trump:
        The one world order is a left wing plot. Justice for Trump is a criminal, a crazed racist. constantly oozing his hatred in his lies about Americans and Trump. He is a sniveling dung-head who should be sent away for stupidity. He is a self-righteous idiot who kisses Hillary’s and Obama’s butts. Justice for Trump is a shameless predator who preys on the innocent. He is a monster and an egomaniac who does not care for this country or anyone but himself.

      • Mike Hunt says:

        The desperation of you parasites becomes more evident everyday! I have ear plugs ready to block out the screaming at the sky from the parasitic leftists like YOU. Get ready to get a real job, not community organizing like the welfare-in-chief Obrokeback and Bernie Sanders.

    • Patti Pickerd says:

      Thank you Severa for speaking the truth as we all know it. Our President is the very best thing that could ever have happened to our beloved America. May God Bless & keep him safe.

      TBH there really aren’t enough ugly repulsive words in the english language to really describe those 4 awful women who have such evil hearts & hate Americans so very, very much.

  13. Mike Flanagan says:

    Biggot in the House … what about all the black racist congress men and senators. Not just democrats wither.

  14. Mike says:

    AOC and her SQUAW Squad are to stupid to know they lost besides you won’t se this vote more than ounce in the FAKE NEWS.

  15. Debra Lambert says:

    John Pedsta & Soros find them.& Young Turks. The hate that the Obama’s spue.Remember Weather Underground this is the results.Indoctrnation in SCHOOLS.THEY ARE ANARCHY.Pres.Trump 2020????????????????????????

  16. Somebody says:

    AOC- you are accused of exactly the same thing you accuse Mr. Trump of! Your time is very limited in Congress and anything more you try or say while you are still able to sit in Congress will be held against you. We are America and you definitely do not sound American. I want you to stay in America where we can ridicule you even more and watch for more of your actions that can be labeled “treason”!

  17. neo says:

    They will bring this up EVERYTIME there is a need for a distraction….you can bet on it.

  18. chief1937 says:

    Correct me if I am wrong but I do not remember anything in Trump’s tweet mentioning race or names yet according to some his remarks were racist. If we continue as we are going it will not be long before saying good morning will be a racist comment. Getting kinda ridiculous in my books.

    • DERF says:


  19. MaryAnn says:

    Just let those 4 wing nuts keep talking – every time they open their BIG mouths all they prove is just how STUPID they are –

    • Mike Hunt says:

      The Squat Squad bring more votes to the Trump camp every time they spew their pathetic excuse for intelligence, “racist”.

  20. Randy Frost says:

    I am sickened by the left wing adjenda. Putting party over the people. Whoever does NOT see this obvious reality is lost in the propaganda bubble. The loser followers of the left are the ones that want big government, change the constitution & destroy democracy. Hopefully the intelligent & the visionaries will prevail.

  21. Bruce says:

    DEMONcrats are MORONS!

    TRUMP 2020

  22. Roger jones says:

    God bless America,GOD DAMN MUSLIMS.

  23. Charlie says:

    I wish Donald Trump would start his own impeachment proceedings against these atrocious liberal idiots. All of the crimes these people have committed should be investigated immediately. These anti=American morons should be arrested and charged with all the crimes they have committed.

    • Lisa Johnson says:

      Amen Charlie! He needs to pull these Morons from the Public view!

      • Sam R says:

        No Lisa, he needs to put these morons on public display after a very public trial. In many cases they have gone far beyond “common criminal” activity and have plunged into Sedition and Treason, particularly the Clinton’s and their associates. The “public trial” that is appropriately called for in these cases is a Military Tribunal. Under the “Uniform Code of Military Justice”. I am not exaggerating when I say that a real and very possible outcome of such a military based trial could be execution by firing squad for the most severe offenses. By the way, in the case of Sedition or Treason, there is no “Statute of Limitations” and no clemency. We really are in uncharted territory.

        • Lisa Johnson says:

          We’re All Ready to see that!

        • Wayne says:

          Sam R. YOU are a smart person. Too bad but Americans simply don’t know any of this. I’ve been saying this and that the best thing to do now is declare Marshall Law. This stops courts and politics completely. Shoot seditionist (those who mouth off) on site. Shut down completely all traces of anti American activity and reverse orders of policy that led is here. Foremost was passage of gay marriage. That’s where it all went downhill. Reverse that and all the b.s. Trans rights and like a stack of cards everything sicko liberal will tumble. At the same those who speak against any of it will be shot for sedition. And I’m damn serious about all this. People need to have their mental misfit minds put in place to fix America. Jobs need to be the focus from now on. Higher paying jobs. None of this is talked about. Infrastructure is the best means of getting that started. But since gay marriage Dems and Govt only shoves side fodder meaningless drivel on us. Dems are the party of sinister evil that has alternate plans. And they’re close to accomplishing all of it. People don’t SPEAK up. Silence is what passed gay marriage and I always ask “what the HELL did you think was gunna happen?” Its past time for playing nice. Marshall Law is the best course of correction. For everything.

          • Sam R says:

            It is actually “Martial Law” as in military authority. I am not worried about “gay marriage”. I suspect that a lot of, if not all gayness is a genetic aberration caused by chemical additives to our foods and also due in part to recreational drug use. I am not blaming the GLBTRQABC community for this. They are, in my view, victims of the corporate greed that led companies to use food additives without adequate testing, and also victims of their genetic forebearers mindless drug experimentation. For example, Monsanto genetically altering corn to cause the plant to produce its own insecticide and also to be immune to the effects of Roundup (glyphosate). They say it causes no problems in humans. How would they know? They do not test into future generations and the DNA effects they could be causing.

    • TrumpIsEvil says:

      Charlie, I think that you should be put into an insane asylum for supporting a serial sexual assaulter, a constant liar, thief, America’s Hitler-in-Chief.

  24. Lisa Johnson says:

    We’re Not handing over this country to a bunch of Ragheads! Period.

  25. That picture of AOC’s expression looks like a kid that just got with his hand in the cookie jar.

    • Billy Vincent says:


  26. Lisa Johnson says:

    Who are the ‘Bigots’ here? ????

  27. Fred says:

    These Progressive Liberal Democrats need to follow the US Constitution To The Letter And All Of The Time, which says That The Accused Is Innocent Until Found Guilty Without A Doubt, Their Version Is That The Accused Are Guilty Until They Are Found Innocent Without A Doubt, which is Backa$$wards, but when they want to bring all of those Illegal Immigrant-Aliens Into The USA, By Using “We The Legal Citizens/People and The Legal Immigrants Of The USA’s” Hard Earned Tax Money To Illegally Entice Them To Flout/Go Around/Ignore The US Constitution And The US 1996 Or 1997 US Immigration And Naturalization Act, Which Needs To Be Improved So It Will Serve And Protect “We The Legal Citizens/People And Legal Immigrants Of The USA” From All Of Those IIA’s Including DACA, Who According To These Two US Documents Above Says ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT-ALIENS ARE NNNOOOTTT LEGAL, WHICH MEANS THAT THEY ARE ILLEGAL NON RESIDENTS OF THE USA, WHO HAVE NNNOOO RIGHTS AT ALL INSIDE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, END OF STORY!

  28. Bruno Moretti says:

    They are the squad of DRACONIANS; this is a very interesting word that fits them to a T. They hate America with their hearts and mind. We the people need to demand that all of them be removed from congress. And yes expel all of them from America because they are our enemies.

  29. They brought it on themselves . If they would engage their egomania brains before opening their diaarrea mouths they would be a lot better off. But let them keep running off at their butthole antics it makes the presidents chances better in 2020.

  30. Sue Barr says:

    And what will Democrats do about Democratic bigots in the House go Representatives? Oh, silly me, I forgot it is just fine for the Demos to be as two- faced, fork-tongued, racist, xenophobic, idiotic, anti Semitic, anti-American as they can possibly be!,

  31. George says:

    AOC & Omar are just to stupid to know when their defeated, & the laughing stock of America…

  32. Leo says:

    Such sick & disgusting people! Idiots Unreal

  33. Kat says:

    This isn’t a swamp any more it should be called the cesspool, such alot of crap. Blah blah blah . Such fools

    • Scott says:

      And they expect us to keep eating and drinking out of it!

    • Justice for Trump says:

      Trump is the swamp, he made it larger with more dangerous creatures like General Flynn, his son, Bolton, and endless supply of right wing nut jobs. Thank God Cohen and Manafort are in prison.

      • Wayne says:

        Explain how General Flynn is dangerous. You cannot because he isn’t at all. And you don’t have a clue about absurd things you post. Nor do you know a single political issue or ballot initiative. Do you? If so…name one. You instead have zero intelligence and aren’t ashamed to prove it. You are rather, an inept LIBERAL empty of facts and devoid of ability to discern just how your party has you duped. You don’t even know how so that makes you suseptible to further being easily led. You’re a victim of false narrative. I read your post and it’s all obvious what I say is true.

        • Justice for Trump says:

          Don’t use the word discern Wayne, most of the Trump cultists don’t know that word. You know something, I have never met a Wayne or heard of a Wayne that was intelligent,but at least you can put a paragraph together. However, to back the monster mobster Trump you are either brainwashed or evil. Pick your poison.

          • Wayne says:

            See that’s it right there…brainwashed or evil. I’m neither of those things. Nor are any conservative voters. Liberals on the other hand are just believers of false narrative. We are not racist because we want our border secure. Your side is all about labels…make up identities..ugliness and vendetta. I have said a thousand times libs are emotional and honestly believe that all people should just fall in line with their views. Its not realistic. But that is what Dem party has become. I’ve also said I think Trump is an ass. Bit we voted for him because Hillary is the real criminal. As for you absurd remark about Wayne’s..I have an IQ of 170. I defy you or anyone else here to match. I employ people. So do lots of conservative Wayne’s out there. You are a baffoon who would do better to learn humility.

      • Mike Hunt says:

        Desperation? Your 2020 pandering clown show is going down as Americans aren’t buying their putrid “racist”, “Bigot” blatherings.

  34. These “idiots” don’t represent anyone Butt themselves! If we don’t get it together, the
    United States of America is going to become the Democrat/Muslim States of America!

    • SandyJ says:

      The defeat of Ocasio-Ortez couldn’t happen to a more deserving person. I hope New Yorkers are happy with their choice to represent them! It must be very embarrassing. Please take a look at the lady who is planning to run against her. She seems to have a real brain that’s working!

      • Rick Love says:

        Less than 20 % of the eligible voters in her district showed up to vote. She got 17000 votes out of about 150,000 apathetic voter turnout ( only about 30,000 showed up to vote at the polls ( a whopping 20%). She’s an unwanted fraud who is hated in her home district. Her approval rating is horribly low in her district. She will never survive her next election and she’ll be “one and done” as a member of the House. Sadly, we’ll pay her a pension for life for all of her ” hard work”.

        • Vicki says:

          No we won’t. She has to be in Congress 5 years to get a pension. Hopefully she won’t be there past the next election!

  35. Gene says:

    Al Green is the biggest racist in Texas. Next to Sen Jackson who has taken more money than the state. They share this with sharpten and jackson. Racist always blames others for racism when they are not hiding in their closets.

  36. Desert Fox says:

    The squad of four are a disgrace to the demented dimwit obstructionist demoncrat party, but all of the demoncrats who took in their oath of office “to protect and defend our borders” should be charged and prosecuted for aiding and abetting the felons who are invading our country.

  37. Will says:

    The liberals can’t help themselves , they’ll commit suicide , keep digging your hole boys n girls , we’ll gladly drop you in it after your finished , SIMPLETONS

  38. Timothy Toroian says:

    I would ZLOVE to see a specific itemized charge against or can’t the Dems including Greene manage to actually put one together? Are they using generalizations as political B.S. just to look good to mini-minority?

  39. Gina M Curran says:

    It is a shame that they(radical Democrats) waste the public’s time and our money (Since ,we pay their salaries! )with these ridiculous antics. Everyone knows this is a political act of desperation and theater. There are so many people who have left the Democratic party and many more are in the process of leaving. ( I , myself was an ardent Democrat for years.)They are a disgrace!
    The four freshman are the most arrogant &seemingly “ignorant “people I have ever seen in office. They make mistake after mistake, never apologizing, barely having a command of how the government operates and then make demands that senior Congressional representatives would never even consider. They remind me of high school students learning about how the government works in a class room with a make believe stage.
    I am ashamed of my former party . Why is the party being moved and motivated by four children (either chronologically or mentally)? Plus, its time for Pelosi and the other radicals to give up the ghost, Trump is here to stay and by their actions assured the 2020 election. Unless, their plan is to steal it !

    • Sam R says:

      Gina, I too was a Democrat for a number of years. I was born in West Virginia in a family of Robert Byrd “lovers”. We were expected to be, no, demanded to be Democrats and KKK supporters and sympathizers. I had four uncles that were active Klan members. One was a deputy sheriff. When I came of age and enlisted in the service, and that was my way out, that began my transition to reality. That transition took several years. Eventually I became an Independent, and then finally, a Republican voter. It was a long process and I had a lot of baggage to overcome. But, overcome I did. I see the Democrats for the racists they are and the Republicans for what they are. What are the Republicans, you ask. They are generally conservative, but no one is a total “conservative”. That would be the path to fascism, such as the path the Democrats are on now with their total liberalism. Don’t forget, fascism exists at both ends of the political spectrum. Everyone that is a conservative believes in basic human rights. Some support abortion, most do not. Most support the death penalty, some do not. Most have respect for their fellow human being, some respect nothing and don’t last long in the arena of life. The only thing that you can say is common for conservatives is that there is no mold or pattern that we are expected to fit into, or will fit into. We identify Donald Trump as one of us. Just like a lot of conservatives, he was once liberal, but no longer.

      • James W DeCoursin says:

        Well stated. I am also a dependable Republican

      • Mysty says:

        My grandparents were staunch Republicans but my mom was dem., mostly in defiance of my grandma. I adored my grandparents. I listened to them when they talked. I also paid attention to what my mom & step-dad talked politics. I decided to follow Mother. But… I listened to every speech, watched every debate. Back then the dem party was different it was more for the working man or so I thought. As a child, my 1st president was Ike. We didn’t have a TV so we listened to him on the radio. By the time we got to JFK, I was getting weary of catching him in lies, letting Madeleine Murray O’hare getting away with having prayer removed from every school in the U.S., I NEVER understood why he allowed that. It shows that even ONE very persistant radical can destroy an institution of integrity & a strong moral code. That’s why we have to pay strict attention to aoc & her gang of demonic thugs. As an adult I changed my mind about being a dem. I wanted no more to do with them. At the same time I was getting disillusioned with the party & started looking closer at the Republicans & my husband mother & myself all swittched. Never have regretted it for a moment. As a matter of fact,the dems have become like soul-less rabid beasts.
        I am SSSOOO glad we switched!

        • Justice for Trump says:

          Mysty, your parents brainwashed, the Republican Party is for the super rich or poor white trash who don’t want to see blacks make progress, it is simple as that. You see the lunatics and haters chanting at his rallies, which he never stops, no President held rallies after winning the Presidency, he is crazed with the adulation. He is a failure and an embarrassment and EVERY historian in this country cannot believe how destructive he has been to our country. our values, our alliances and our hopes.

          • Will Penny says:

            Justice for Trump , right , Justice would be kicking your simpleton snowflake Ass up between your shoulder blades punk , , that’s Justice you Dimwit , I don’t care if your pink , yellow , brown , green , red , white or black , your liberal brainwashing has made you a complete fool and for all of you far left wing Liberal looney tunes , your day of Reckoning is up on yourselves
            boys n girls , because if you keep messing with that Lady Standing Tall Out In The Habor ” Mother Freedom ” , you liberals are going to get your asses kicked from here to Hell’s Gate , Courteous of The Red White and Blue , GOD BLESS AMERICA N OUR PRESIDENT Donald TRUMP

        • Sam R says:

          A wise person is one who can say to themselves, this path that I am on is not one I can be proud of, or continue to support. Good for you and your family. Unfortunately I can say from experience that not everyone is willing to open their eyes and change. I still have a family member who believes in the democrat party and, even though she knows the truth, will still not acknowledge the horrible history of her party. Not everyone can be saved.

    • Julia Gurule says:

      Hillary sure tried!

  40. Sam R says:

    It is my understanding that a person who is a “naturalized” citizen, if they commit a serious enough crime, can have their citizenship revoked and then be deported to their country of origin. Also, if a person lies in their immigration process then their honorary citizenship can be revoked , and they can then be deported. Marrying your brother for the purpose of gaining citizenship is grounds. Can you hear me, Al Qaeda Ilhan Omar? SEND HER BACK!! SEND HER BACK!! SEND HER BACK!!!!

    • Emma says:

      Send her back. Let her fix SOMOLIA. She would be killed there.
      The BIGOT RACIST isn’t in the WH.
      The idiots that make up the Democratic party are the bigots & racists & panderers.
      2020 needs to see them all voted out.
      TRUMP ???????????? ???????? MAGA ???????????? ???????????? ???????? KAG ALWAYS????????????????????

    • Vicki says:

      Sam, Omar came here when she was 8 and became a citizen when she was 17. She married her brother so HE could come here. Interestingly he ended up moving to London and now claims he doesn’t even know her. I also heard on Fox last night, that someone has done some pretty extensive investigating of Omar, and he believes that the people she came here with are not even her parents as was claimed. Stay tuned…

      • Sam R says:

        It is not surprising that her background is an entire fabrication. What is really true? God only knows. One thing I do know, and I don’t need anyone else’s “facts” to back it up, this country would be better off with her gone!! We can only pray to the God of Abraham and Jesus that she will take Rashida “Taliban”, AOC and Ayanna Pressley with her. None of them will be missed and their absence will be cause for celebration.

  41. Mike Otrok says:

    dimotwits ? no cee werd in dishonary?!!@@!@@#$@?Eat apples. YAY! !!!…………..Boogie !!!!!

  42. The Demos forget that they all say racist things about anyone that doesn’t agree with them. Al Green is one of the worst ones of being racist.

  43. Sam R says:

    Oh, I so hope they keep it up trying to impeach our beloved President! They are getting so much negative press and giving the Republicans free abundant positive press that the Republicans are assured of a landslide win in November 2020. Now, to be accurate, the media calls positive press negative press for Republicans. The Democrats and the Fake News Press is proving beyond any doubt that Liberalism is a Mental Disease.

    • Mike Otrok says:

      where do you get the best information? Gracias.

      • Sam R says:

        You need to understand something. The American people are very much aware of what is going on with the collusion between the DNC and the Fake News Media. If the media says anything about Trump, the opposite is true. If the democrats say anything about Trump, the opposite is true. The liberals have created an upside-down world. Those who scream racist, are the racists. Those who shout bigot, are the bigots. If Trump says anything about the democrats, you can rest assured that he is holding back because the truth would be so damning. The best information is from the Main Stream Media, but you have to understand that everything they say is a lie. They are so far down the rabbit hole that they are not capable of telling the truth.

  44. Jeff Simmons says:

    I remember seeing AOC on some show where she kept saying that there were so many reasons to impeach President Trump that she had a hard time choosing but when it came down to it she could not even name one. She is a fool

  45. BILL E. BOB says:

    As the open border allows in more terrorists, human traffickers, drugs, drug thugs and illegal alien usurpers, all the Dimotwits can do is try to impeach our PRESIDENT TRUMP.

    When illegal guns start streaming across, watch the gunphobes shat their Depends appropriating more border wall money.

  46. ANI4ANI says:

    This is nothing but sensationalism. The ” Apocalyptic 4″ don’t have any shame. They pay little or no attention
    2 minor setbacks. Rabid radicals like them will only continue until they R jailed or deceased. As greenie snot
    just another low IQ “USEFUL IDIOT”.

    • Mike Otrok says:

      “R” don’t know what a single letter denotes. Explain. Full combinations uh letturs muk werd? u shuld tri uht.

      • J B says:

        You really need to get off those drugs. You are going to wind up unemployed, homeless, and in prison somewhere.

        • Wayne says:

          Mike is not a real person. He’s an empty head whose life is pizza slid under the door because it’s locked. In the basement of some other low intelligent beings. Nothing there.

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