Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just said five words that will cause riots nationwide

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is hoping to be the future of the Democrat Party.

She continues to push the envelope to see how far Left she can drag the Party.

Now, she just went even further by saying five words that will cause riots nationwide.

While the United States has its problems, it is nothing compared to many countries around the world.

Venezuela and Puerto Rico are in a state of constant riots due to far-Left policies like what socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez champions.

Rioting is not completely foreign to the U.S. but such violence has mostly been kept contained.

But if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has her way, it will become rampant.

Speaking about the Trump presidency, and “marginalized communities” in poverty, she said that they will eventually have “no choice but to riot” unless her policies are put into place.

The Daily Caller reports:

Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said in an interview Tuesday that marginalized communities in the U.S. and across the globe “have no choice but to riot” under certain conditions.

“I believe that injustice is a threat to the safety of all people, because once you have a group that is marginalized and marginalized and marginalized, then you create a … like, once someone doesn’t have access to clean water, they have no choice but to riot,” the New York representative said during an interview on “Ebro in the Morning,” a radio show on the New York hip hop station Hot 97.

“And it doesn’t even have to be that way,” she added.

Ocasio-Cortez was discussing Israel and Palestine when she made the remarks, but included poor communities in the U.S. and across the world.

“I’m not even talking about Palestinians,” Ocasio-Cortez said about halfway through her almost hour-long interview, which The Hill flagged. “I’m talking about communities in poverty in the United States. I’m talking about Latin America. I’m talking about like all over the world.”

In recent years, rioting has become a problem in the United States.

From Ferguson, to Baltimore, to Washington, D.C. during Trump’s inauguration, far-Left radicals have stoked violent riots that often lead to property damage, and fights with police.

Ocasio-Cortez stating that there is “no choice but to riot,” only emboldens violent individuals to hit the streets.


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268 Responses

  1. Eric says:

    Her new name is Lady Skid Marks

  2. Richard Parker says:

    You can’t fix stupid. And she is eat up with it.

  3. Paul Boudreau says:

    Ur Right Linda!!! They Do Think They’re ABOVE the LAW!!! PURE SCUM!!! Problem is Not All Dems R BAD!!I I Hope!!??

  4. Paul Boudreau says:

    I thought Insisting to Riot was a Crime!!! They should Charge AOC, With a CRIME!!!!!! Let’s Push for It!!!!!

    • Linda M. says:

      Paul Boudreau; Haven’t you noticed, laws, and enforcing them mean nothing to the Democrats ? ESPECIALLY with all the treasonous acts committed and spoken by “the squad”. THEY can be bigots and racists and scream impeachment for Trump.But, in their minds , they are above the laws of the land. All the Democrats have done was cause disruption, havoc and promote violence against any Republican that stands for truth and justice. Because Trump speaks the truth and wants whats good for this country they hate that. Now they even want to rewrite the Constitution! We must get them out of our government soon, or this great country of yours will no longer exist!!!

    • Philip simon says:

      Cortez has big eye balls, Omar has a stinking smelly Hijab, Rashida has skin disease, it stinks inside the Congress, do their districts stink like a Concentration camp, burn them down.

  5. William M Durham says:

    Bring it on, the good ole boys have been preparing for this for about 25 or more years. It would be a red-neck dream to have that many moving targets to engage.

    • George says:

      Omar & Cortez makes it very clear how they feel about American Citizens , it’s Flag, Our Country…
      It goes like this…….Fk U America..

  6. Spanky says:

    Can’t help but comment on ICE raids in Mississippi.
    Notice the sign identifying company as belonging to Koch Industries advertising help wanted.
    Yes we have a problem with illeagle immagrants no denying that FACT the problem is our Government attacks and punishes the very people who only take advantage of job opportunities offered by the very powerfull people BREAKING THE LAW CORPRATE AMERICA.
    To even think that the retardican party is going to uphold any labor laws is absolutely ludicrist this corporation is one of their very top TOP donors. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.
    Everybody from the supervisors all the way up to the Koch brothers themselves should be arrested and federaly charged with a crime of aiding or abetting the practice of hirring illeagle immagrants LOCK THEM UP!!!
    To Vote for or support the retardican party that is complicit in these crimes is in its self a crime against America.
    Wake up can’t you the so called brightest people on Earth the most Righteous people on Earth the most Hollyist people on Earth.
    Why can’t you see or figure out that your being played and owned by Corprate America Suppressed and oppressed by Corprate America you have totaly released all and any Rights Liberty Freedom to Corprate America.
    When did this happen you ask???
    Answer it all started in 1980 escalated to Right To Work Laws!!!
    ———-“YOU’VE BEEN PLAYED”———-

    • Randy Smithr says:

      Spanks, you’ve been informed many times of your blatant ignorance. Once again, your ignorance is blatant. I am a small business owner, I live in an area that is flooded with illegals from Mexico and central America. They continue to flood in, take jobs/projects below what America citizens can afford. And they stick together. A competitor of mine has one of them employed in his sales office. They flock to him every day and because I am a born in America legitimate citizen, my business does not even get a look. Plus, talk to some of the Mexicans that came and got citizenship by way of the law. They are outraged because they too are getting under priced and under bid when they seek work/business the correct and tax paying American way. These illegals do not pay taxes and their wives sit at home all day making babies and talking amongst themselves about ways to get freebies like welfare, healthcare, foodstamps, etc. you have no clue spunky punk. No clue.

      • Linda M. says:

        Randy Smithr; I am sorry you and yours are suffering because of these illegal aliens flooding our country illegally. It must be controlled soon ! Or this country will be totally bankrupt supporting them.We citizens that have contributed to this country all of our life’s with our hard earned tax dollars, don’t get anything for free. And even before these illegals arrive here, they already know where to apply to get their welfare checks, food stamps and etc..My one grandfather that was from Italy, when he arrived in this country was just so happy to be here and obtained his citizenship. When he was told he was eligible for certain programs, he flatly refused .He worked to support his family . Like a man does. I wish you well….

        • Randy Smithr says:

          Thank-you Linda, we are witnessing a changing world, should the democrats get into office next year the change will escalate and turn America into something Americans have never seen. It is rather scary to think about.

          • C W says:

            Yes, Repubs and other conservatives better be scared. This country is really at that severe a tipping point. If any one of those Dem fools get in office, (there’s not a moderate among them that I can tell), they are gonna try to undo what good Trump’s policies have done. Can expect job outlook to drastically change fast, not to mention freedom of speech, etc. No excuse not to vote!!

      • Roger says:

        I agree with you wholeheartedly Randy, I live in Texas where our state has been flooded with thousands if not millions of these illegal Mexicans and others, and I just want to take out the good old pee shooter and go practice, if you know what I mean. They live like cockroaches, ten to fifteen of them in a small two-bedroom house. and sit out on the front lawn every weekend drinking case after case of beer. all the while they all throw their money together to but one after the other a new pickup truck. Yeah, that is really trying to become an American citizen, what a damn joke. And none of them hope to or wish to learn English, screw them all!!!!

        • Linda M. says:

          Roger: Just like with Randy, my sympathies go out to all of you that are suffering at the hands of all these illegal aliens storming our country. Especially to all of you that live in the bordering states. I am very fearful all this madness, created by the Nazi party( the Democrats) we will never recover from. Regardless if Trump in re-elected…This whole country is being effected by these illegals though. And you are correct about their behavior. Again I’m sorry, but please keep praying for our President and our great country. This is our only hope….

    • bob jones says:

      spanky: you can take your union an stick it up your dumb butt. why should i pay some one to talk for me when i can do it for nothing. union’s only are in business to take care of them selves and make themselves rich. screw your unions they are out dated and not needed.

      • Linda M. says:

        bob jones; You sir are absolutely correct! When I worked for IBM, they made sure unions were kept out. As you pointed out, unions are outdated and they are just in it to make money for themselves…

    • Paul Boudreau says:

      What are the Real Citizens of the US going to do for Jobs, after All the Illegal’s Get Those Jobs SPANKY!!??? AssHole!!!

  7. Linda M. says:

    Spanky;Oh how nice ! With all the postings here and you chose me AGAIN to leave your one and only comment for. How very special! Colleen and I are not promoting violence you nitwit! But your party certainly does! And you and YOUR WIFE carry mace for safety?? You actually found someone with low standards such as your self to marry? Again how special!! Why don’t you stop stalking me( like a rabid dog) and find someone else to inflict your ignorance on. Please? Thank you!!

    • Linda M. says:

      Oh and Spanky, I’m not worried about anything being picked up on my computer.Please don’t pull that I’m reporting me and anyone else that says something that offends your delicate sensibilities to the FBI again are you? Already informed you, my cousin works for the FBI so no worry’s!!!!

      • Colleen La Rose says:

        Ok, I had to search high & low for a reply button by your name Linda 😡
        I see our wee little spanky boy is back. You know he has a crush on us…poor fella, even if I were a cougar, he is way too low for me to entertain the thought of….anyways, I wouldn’t want to upset mrs. Spanky…LMAO! You have a great blessed day my dear! & hey, let’s not beat too many baby seals with our stick😆😉

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      I’m all kinds of in my feelings…..wee little spanky hasn’t talked to me😢
      I can’t believe that fella has a Mrs spanky that claims him.

  8. mark says:

    only people who are on meth are afraid of farting cows and garbage disposals, rumor has it that cortez and Maxine waters both know the same meth dealer

  9. MaryAnn says:

    I f we had a revolution against the left wing nut jobs – her head would be the first one on a stick – with this demented eyes wide open.

  10. James A. Democrat says:

    Appropriate peaceful group marches to express the proposed needed change in the response of leadership to the identified needs of the assembled individuals to these leaders or a change of that leadership if the identified needs for changes are not addressed and steps taken to correct the deficiencies, riots are irresponsible and barbaric animal like behaviors to which such assembled individuals need to be cautioned against

    • Spanky says:

      James !!! I hope your watching the coverage in Dayton Oh protester holding probaly the top first place sign welcome president CHEETO to the city of TOLEDO because he is such a genious man and no it all superior human at the top of the ladder never lies never makes a mistake never ever had a failed business never stole from anybody including federal taxes “AKA TAX EVASION” STUPID MOTHER F##### didn’t even know what city he was talking about pathetic DUMB A##

      • Randy Smithr says:

        hey spanks, if you must attack the President, then you must also attack THE corrupt democrats. Start off by telling me why Pelosi is worth millions of millions on a politicians salary. Such a hypocrite you are.

        • Spanky says:

          Randy Not true in any post did i praise, love, support, cream my undies over some dem. Unlike colleen who loves SUM SUM SUM DUMP I heard she LOVES DUMPS COME!!!!! Ha Ha Lol Lol!!!!
          I remember the Hollywood Tape, Beauty Pageant he sponsored when he forced his way into GIRLS dressing room trying to get a glimpse of young girls BOOBY’S SICK SICK PERVERT!!!
          Look at all the filthy rich rep. Mitch The Snitch you don’t think he’s not a millionaire also his wife who owns shipping company and sits on top of transportation committee oh I’m sure no back door deals goin on there!!!
          What about Wilbur Ross, Mitt Romney, remember mitt one of the top 47% that don’t pay taxes!!!
          Watch any documentary on netflix about dump see him for who he really was and truly is today.
          The reason and only reason he got elected two words PRO LIFE !!!!
          He spent his whole life supporting and voting for Dems. Also he’s a registered dem.
          I really like him because in reality he’s doin more damage to reps. then the dems. ever could even dream of. Almost daily he has reps. openly denouncing him pulling away from him do you really think he cares about anyone but himself his MOTTO ” ME MYSELF & I”
          Retardicans not looking at big picture only at present day what we’re see today is the ANIALATION of the future of the rep. party not every body forgets you may not like it but when these Hispanic kids grow up do you really believe they’re goin vote red they’ve been traumatized they wont forget!!! Also many of them american CITIZENS!!!
          Look at all the greastest hollyist christians that threw away their morality their faith in Jesus and all his teachings just because of two words that the great ORANGE one said he never has supported or endorsed PRO LIFE he’s been a life long DEM. he knew that to get elected he had to utter those two words because it’s all about HIMSELF he’s an opportunist allways taking credit for every thing mostly what someone else did!!!
          So go ahead use that mush of a brain you have vote for the WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING but when the crap hits the fan don’t blame Clinton or Obama this is his baby this is your creation that being the ANILATION OF THE RETARDICAN PARTY MAYBE 2020 MAY BE NOT BUT ONE THING FOR SURE JUST LIKE THE RAPTURE ITS COMMING!!!

          • Randy Smithr says:

            I don’t have time to read the book you just wrote here. just glancing through its easy to note that what you say only digs you in deeper. First of all, your so called facts are rather falsely stated. And, If you want to criticize the President and Republicans, you must also expose the rather insane left. I can and will never be able to give my support to such corruption, double standards, hate, jealousy, ignore the law democrats that have you brainwashed. Your ignorance merely digs you in deeper again.

          • Colleen La Rose says:

            There you are you little rascal
            Do you miss me wee little fella? I see you can’t keep my name out of your posts. Why don’t you ever respond to me? I’m starting to wonder if your love for me is real…. so what were you blabbering about concerning me & the Trumpster? OH nm, I saw what you said
            Ha Ha Lol Lol!!! Dang you are a funny one ain’t you? Well have fun spankster. Stay in touch, I do so look forward to your dribble!! Ha Ha Lol Lol!!!!

          • Randy Smithr says:

            Coleen La Rose, spankers is a low intellect maggot. he has the brains of an oyster and finds his entertainment doing what he can to irritate any one with integrity and real values. Just not worth it, let him go feed on rotting flesh like the other maggots from the fake news.

        • Colleen La Rose says:

          Randy Smith
          The comment I wanted to reply to you at don’t have a reply button😠
          Ya, I know these trolls are really not worth the effort it takes to “correct/spank” them, I don’t take any of their statements seriously at all, & there’s no way I would get any kind of offended when they say crap about me. It’s not like they have any value other then being tools for their liberal masters. I personally think some of them really want to be total a-holes, but they just can’t help theirselves. I respond sometimes just for the cheap thrill of shutting them up😉.

  11. Isaac Garalnick says:

    She should have said:


    • George W. says:

      To bad AOC doesn’t have a door on her mouth so the cuckoo can cuckoo 24 times a day!

    • jreb57 says:

      Then she would be right!

    • KatRob67 says:

      This horse-mouth bitch needs to be arrested for inciting violence. The african community already owes millions of dollars in reparations for damages from their rioting and looting, and her words will just encourage those animals to cause more damage.

      • Donald Duck says:


    • J. says:

      AOC is a raving lunatic. Very scary…..

    • Randy Smithr says:

      Yep, when that guy crossed the English Channel on his drone like platform AOC asked the French why they don’t have an English Channel.

  12. JACK says:


  13. John R Young says:

    If your poll is correct how come we cant get her out of office now,They are tring to impeach Trump impeach AOC

    • Randy Smithr says:

      The reason is John R Young, they are elected in districts that have 90 percent demos/libs. Remember when Pelosi said a democrat glass of water could get elected in their districts?

  14. chief1937 says:

    And democrats want to blame Trump for these riots and shootings looks like the encouragement is coming from their ranks to me.

    • VA VET says:

      Chief looks to me someone out there making suckers of all of you he’s reeling in quite a few of you he barks and you fools come running funny stuff i so look forward to his witty come backs funny funny stuff 1 told him family has connection to fbi I’ll bet that scared him off funny funny stuff

  15. Eric says:

    Lady Skid Marks.

    • Dude says:

      She’s so RACIST!!!!! She could teach a college class on HOW TO BE STUPID,IGNORANT AND A RACIST…..

    • Donald Duck says:


  16. Eric says:

    She needs the holy living hell knocked out of her.

    • Donald Duck says:

      Eric. SO SAD you must have had a very traumatic hideous CHILDHOOD perhaps at the hands of your mother or a female family freind God only knows I truly feel sorry for you please seek professional help because to INCITE VIOLENCE TO WOMEN OF ANY COLOR ANYTIME IS TRULY SCARY ONLY THAT ORANGE ORANGUTANG MONSTER DOES THAT AND IT HAS BEEN PROVEN WHAT HIS MOTHER DID TO HIM AND HE ALSO NEVER SEEKED HELP DO YOU TRULY WANT TO MIMICK HIM OF ALL PEOPLE

      • Randy Smithr says:

        You again sucky ducky, so typical, did you call out all your violent and sexist buddie libs who are guilty of sex crimes and assault against women. The answer is no. All you deep hating full of rage jack asses are the real people that need help. And because of your blatant ignorance you will never seek it out. Just keep taking back the President is all your dumb stupid ass knows.

        • Donald Duck says:

          Randy The most wonderfull thing happening right now is what happened in the 80’s the early 2000’s and again right now the stock market is starting it’s decline towards a crash wiping out trillions of dollars of wealth soon very soon a major recession is going to hit the past and the current crashes acured during retardican administrations resulting to retardican losses it’s so plain to see i can’t wait “CHEETO MAN KEEP IT UP YOUR DESTROYING AMERICA MAGA” MAKE AMERICANS GRIEVING FOR THE LOSE OF LIFE AGAIN MAKE AMERICANS GREEVING FOR THE LOSS OF WEALTH AGAIN MAKE AMERICANS GREEVING FOR THE LOSS OF PROSPERITY AGAIN MAKE AMERICANS GREEVING FOR THE LOSS OF AMERICA TO THE PEOPLE MAKE ALL HUMANS GREEVING FOR THE LOSS OF THE HUMAN RACE AGAIN

  17. Timothy Queen says:

    Get her out of our government and LOCK HER UP.

  18. Bill says:

    AOC. A legend in her own mind.

    • Randall says:

      Yaaa if she had one , she’s killing America. And the others too ! Demoncrates are idiots no to get rid of them. Instead they cater to the un- Americans. Aborting baby’s why because their Americans . and worried about teenager/ baby’s at the border ?

      • Spanky says:


        • Spanky says:

          Sorry spanky here again just ask linda or colleen they carry STICKS you know thats what they use to kill baby seals but be carefull linda she has a cousin in the FBI watch out the BOOGY MAN IS COMING TO GET YOU BE AFRAID VERY VERY AFRAID MAWA!!!

          • VA VET says:

            Spanky Great Great Posts keep up the great work funny funny stuff FULL STEAM AHEAD

          • Colleen La Rose says:

            Hey there spunky spanky
            I have missed your oh so insightful comments…..NOT
            OK, who told you about mine & Linda’s secret life killing baby seals with sticks? Whoever let the cat out of the bag, I’m gonna beat with my baby seal killing stick.
            Ummmmm….BTW, how original of you to call me & Linda baby seal killers… did you come up with that 1? Anyhow, how have you been spunky? Been lonely lately? Ok, well I gotta go now, there’s others that are also need of a spanking.

          • Linda M. says:

            Spanky; No words can describe the stupidly you exhibit with each and every one of your posts.And now you have taken on ANOTHER name” VA VET” to give yourself another high 5? Really pathetic. . I never threatened you with the FBI you fool. When you were PRETENDING to be this well balanced married(HA) man(HA) that was so fearful for your life, YOU threatened me, by saying info. could be pulled off my computer. You know what gives me joy ? That EVERYONE on these sites knows what an immature jerk o**you truly are. So keep carrying on like a nut case that you are. Someone that TRULY needs a mental evaluation and some meds .Oh, and idiot, I never said I carried a stick. You can’t read either. Jealously is one of your biggest hates, isn’t it? I’m sorry you obviously had no upbringing and not a normal family. So have fun making a jackass out of yourself.YOU are nothing to me…..

  19. RAYJAY says:


  20. William EARL Brown Jr. says:

    I just can’t believe how this dummy fruit cake got in congress must be a lot of FRUITS in and around New York huh just saying if you stupid you got to be tough. And boy she’s as dumb as a box of rocks. Her brain must be like a BB in a 55 gal. drum rolling down a hill.

  21. Anthony Manzo says:

    Little Girl, your ravings prove to me your lack of knowing History among so many other truths. I won’t let you strain your little brain, but just go back a es years. A giant in the ways of righting wrongs showed the world how to accomplish CHANGE ; DR. KING . Who’s Great Work in righting Wrongs has been destroyed by the like of ignoramus’s like You, Sharpton, Jackson Etc.

  22. Pat says:

    I honestly think she must have sampled all the drinks she served/mixed as a BARTENDER…….Just one look tells you she is a lunatic and a DRUNK one at that.

  23. Yes, I went to school says:

    Your anger is all out of proportion to this news. WHY are you so angry? Didn’t you win the Presidency? And have a firm hold of the Senate? I don’t understand your ugliness, unless it’s because deep down inside you know Trump is an evil, selfish, creepy criminal, and so is everyone he appoints.

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      I don’t know what school you went to, but I think you should have continued your education after you graduated 1st class. I LOVE ME SUM TRUMPSTER!!!

    • Linda M. says:

      Yes, I went to school: And we all know if corrupt Clinton was voted in as president , This country would be sooo much better. NOT!! If you want to start casting stones about evilness, corruptness and criminals, please look to your party first. They can’t even conduct themselves properly in congress! I’ve seen 5 year olds behave better.AOC is such a shining example what the Democratic party is all about. Aren’t you proud?

      • Colleen La Rose says:

        Good morning dearest Linda
        I tried to reply to you in RR, but my post wouldn’t go thru😠
        But yep, I’m sure the individual using the name redman (&other names) is some skinny glow-in-the-dark white boy desperate for attention. I usually ignore wee little red boy but once in awhile he sets himself up for a zinger. & I can’t resist. So dear friend how are you doing? Yesterday I had a great day, I went to a park that has rides, I rode on 5 of them. I’m a bit sunburned, & my voice is scratchy from the yelling I did. But it was a great day. See you around. I have to sharpen my stick😉

        • Linda M. says:

          Colleen La Rose: I know you saw the news about those terrible shootings and the Democratic hopefuls are already blaming President Trump for them!! They are just disgusting and they are like rabid dogs. Just keep coming at you. Too bad you can’t treat them like rabid dogs and put them down…. Well, keep your stick handy because you know we are going to need it.
          Oh, we had a very severe thunderstorm the other night. Should I blame Trump for that too?? Good Grief!!
          Glad you’re doing well and had a good time! Doing alright I suppose.Thank you my friend!
          I also saw the problem you had with Pat.Well, you and Mysty set her straight!!

          • Colleen La Rose says:

            I knew the minute the news came out about that awful massacre the libs would pounce on President Trump & the NRA, (as obummass has already done) yet they are silent about the Ohio shooter….want to guess why….
            Well let me enlighten you & others (though I’m sure we all know already) apparently that animal is a die hard lib. He said he planned to vote for pocohantis & he is Satan worshipper. This is not an opinion, he himself said that!
            So of course the libs are giving him a pass! Yep ms. Pat did indeed realize her ignorance & shut up.

          • Spanky says:

            Linda!!! Sorry but i just had to reply and of course I’ll use YOUR favorite poster ID NAME AND OF COURSE MANY MANY MORE I JUST LIKE TO MIX IT UP!!! Anyway you made a reference to VIOLENCE more then once to do physical harm to another HUMAN BEING any computer program can pick up on it. That being said my wife and i prefer to carry MASE IN A CAN by far less damaging with no permanent physical harm or major hospilation we need this today because we’re a mixed couple and nothing scares us more today than ever before because we have some crazy lunatic retardian racist potus. I can’t help but notice that you and colleen spew the same VIOLENT RETRICK as so many others on this troll site word for word what comes out of the vile mouth of your potus all of you people here need some serious mental health evaluations SEEK HELP NOW PLEASE!!! BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE GETS HURT OR WORSE

    • randuss says:

      Must wonder what brain washing liberal hate America School you attended for a single day. Try having a short session with Lord Jesus. Then you will indeed be schooled!!!

    • Donald Duck says:

      Yes!!! Your so correct it’s all that ugliness the hatred violence racial hedious fear being fed to them from the deep state its called subliminal messaging the biggest retailer in America the place of the shooting in El Paso Tx has spent millions for marketing research to target shoopers walk into any one of their stores you will see a big display of just say bannanas now maybe you could buy them cheaper some where else your not even in thier store for groceries or bannanas but something completely different and yet what really happens is you acually do buy groceries and by the way also those BANNANAS completey forgetting what you went there for NOW YOU HAVE TO GO BACK!!! Just like the pic of AOC they want you to see oh i don’t know a hissing cat with claws extended someone or something ready to attack they just hooked you sinker and all your first reaction or response is to attack and destroy any threat OUT of FEAR!!!! Like it or not admitt it or not deny it all you want your mind just got Manipulated or like dumps favorite frase YOUR BEING INVADED he used it very successfully in 2016 posting 6 million ads on face book with the help of RUSSIA BY THE WAY!!! There is a show on sunday discovery or history channel can’t remember called BELEIVE IT OR NOT so weather you wanted to or not is not my analogy or my accusation by no means I’m saying that your being attacked every day by one means or another because it has been PROVEN from many years of research that the HUMAN MIND CAN BE MOLDED LIKE CLAY I LIKE TO REFER TO RETARDICAN MINDS AS MUSHY SPONGY GOO

  24. Roberto Fiad says:

    Not only do we remove Alexandria Ocasio Cortez from her position as Congresswoman for Bronx and Queens but we also arrest her and charge her with sedition and inciting violent rebellion against law and order. And we convict her and sentence her to a long prison term in a federal penitentiary.

    • Latina says:

      Amen, you took the words out of my mouth!

    • AL says:

      Absolutely,most definitely. Those four brainLESS idiots that they refer to as …”THE SQUAD” all need to be OUSTED not only from our Govt.,but also DEPORTED. All they are doing is becoming INSTIGATORS for hate..violence..and who knows what else. THEY NEED TO BE VOTED OUT.

    • Rush Limbaugh says:

      Roberto Fiad First and foremost your last name sounds Islamic NOW LET ME ASSURE YOU I DON’T CARE!!! But i deffently can assure you dump hates Islam, with that said AOC AND THE SQUAD only defended themselfes after being violently attacked by that BIG ORANGE ORANGUTANG MONSTER

  25. Beverly Hulin says:

    I find it horrifying that people like Crazy Cortez and Ilhan Omar and their like are in our government. It’s like a bad dream we had better wake up from before it’s too late and they do some real damage. They want open borders because the more illegals that get into our country, the more votes for them to keep them in office and the people who are unfortunately supporting them WILL vote for them again. How do you think they got in in the first place? These women and the Demonrat Party are going to rip out our American foundations and cut our Social Security and Medicare benefits that we have worked so hard our whole lives for in order to pay the way for these illegals.

    • Donald Duck says:

      B H Do your research all this happening today is a direct connection to VOO DOO NOMICS the rise of the ” SQUAD” is directly connected to the anti American policies of the retardican party and their connection and support of corprate america and the deep state so nice to see young fresh faces ready too stand up and fight for those of us who are well informed I’m thrilled that the retardican party is soon to become illrelavent younger generation coming of age today do not support the retardican party this gives me hope for my grandkids to have a future because if we don’t change course now we’re doomed as proven over the last 40 years 2020 is going to be the reckoning because 4 more years of that ORANGE ORANGUTANG will put us in a massive DEPRESSION worse than 1929 massive death and destruction doubt me all you want it’s just a fact HISTORY WILL REPEAT ITSELF VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO SAVE AMERICA FROM THIS TYRANT IMPEACH HIM NOW BEFORE MORE PEOPLE DIE IN MASS SHOOTINGS 😎🤗🤓😤😖☠👹💀👽😈

      • Sven Johansen says:

        In case you haven’t noticed it. Do you REALLY think that law abiding, patriotic , hardworking citizens of the USA are going to put up with an attempted overthrow of our democratic way of life because some group of idiots think they have all the answers with their radical ideas. There are always some idiots who succumb to the ideology that is spewed by these people but people with common sense see through the BS .
        If you try to overthrow our current way of life with violence, You will see what “The Silent Majority” is capable of.

      • Chris Nawara says:

        Why didnt u have this outrage when all the shooting happened when do nothing Obama was president

      • Tresa says:

        It isn’t Trump who’s evil. It’s the jhadist squad, plus members of the dem party. U know the ones screaming the loudest in the media. Who have much 2 hide. I despise these traitors to our Republic.

      • Ilona Bogdan says:

        You right the Vorst animal is the democrats and ef we do not do something to stop all these terrorist ho gat in congress ,they will destroy us beautiful country . I strongly suggest Mr Dac do not be on stupid animal to .

    • Donald Duck says:

      Beverly !!! Horrific attack in El Paso Tx spurred on by dump himself thats not HORRIFYING OMG really where’s your sense of MORALITY plus your ss income MITCH THE SNITCH MCCONNELL calls that an entitlement and wants to take it away he repeatedly calls for repeal of it he’s a true danger to all seniors very very dangerous keep an eye on him for sure

      • Beverly says:

        Donald Duck, I really don’t think you can blame President Trump for the mass shootings. They were already going on while Obama was in office. I think the mass shootings are the result of a bunch of mentally ill individuals who have lost all hope as we as a country seem to have turned God out of our lives. I hope Mitch McConnell doesn’t try to take away Social Security and Medicare. I think a great number of people would think that was a really, really bad idea.

        As far as the border situation is concerned, I have absolutely no problem with people who want to come to the US in order to try to create a better life for themselves and work hard for it. However, it has to be done in the right way by becoming a citizen in a legal manner and abiding by the rules. If this does not happen, then chaos and anarchy are the end result. I love different cultures and ethnicities and think this would be a very boring country if everyone was exactly the same.

  26. Donald Duck says:

    I’m going to pay close attention to the name of the next mass murder shouldn’t take too long i believe that person is on this troll site as we speak

    • Linda M. says:

      Donald Duck: Perfect name by the way. You just keep quacking . YOU are going to pay attention to the next mass shooter? Well perhaps that might be you! Just another disgruntle Dem. that their evil queen wasn’t voted in. THANK GOD!!!!

      • Donald Duck says:

        Linda !!! Took a few days but see how i hooked you line and sinker and all, fishin couldn’t be easier SUCKER!!!😎🤓😤😭

        • Linda M. says:

          Donald Duck: You didn’t fool me you little twit. I baited YOU!!!

          • Randy Smithr says:

            Linda M. Mr. ducky unlucky is driven by hate, anger, jealousy, insecurities, along with anything else fitting that category. Totally in need of real professional help, ducky won’t ever seek it out cuz the “enemy” has him by the quack quacks.

  27. Dc2 says:

    AOC is mad, as in crazy. She signals the end of the Democratic Party. Her words should be printed and hung around her neck so that she – and the Party – can never escape them.

  28. Tom says:

    I do not like her politics, but she is entitled to her viewpoint. She is also right about global inequality , it needs to be addressed by creating more jobs for those fit and able bodied and a better safety net for those unable to work and robbed by the bankers.

    • Russ says:

      We are at the LOWEST unemployment rate in decades. The LOWEST in history for most minorities. She is an idiot. And, WRONG. As for “Global inequity”, that is the problem of each country individually. We are already leading the way and are not responsible for the “Global” problems. Let the people oppressed in those countries rise up. We are not going to degrade our own with idiotic blather from AOC. Let the squad boosters riot, by the way. It would be called culling the herd.

  29. Elmer Fudd says:

    Will Yes today el paso tx over 20 killed last sunday california 3 killed when are the righteous republicans going to stand up to this MONSTER THE ORANGE ORANGUTANG how many more must die i thought they were the PROLIFE PARTY

    • Joe says:

      The killings will stop when the left stops with their conspiracy & killing people for their own greedy purposes . You dumbocraps are the dumbest, ignorant, gullible and naive idiots to inhabit this planet. Blind to the truth. Rather believe the lies from the left. It will be your funeral.

    • Ruth Alvarez says:

      This has got to be the stupidest comment on here today.

    • Michael D Fodor says:

      Are you drunk?

    • Samuel Malat says:

      Thank the brave officers, especially the officers in El Paso. I always call balls and strikes and the .000001% of rouge officers that should be weeded out give the 99.99999% of you that are brave, heroic, strong and kind a bad name.

      Please share this with the 99.99999 and let the .000001 that they should just go home so there are no other examples that smear the good names of people that they could only wish to be as brave, strong or kind.

      I am left with the question of where I can donate some money for the good officers to get some target practice to keep their aim sharp? I mean, heck, the Dayton shooter was wearing body amour and the Ohio guys took him out in a minute, at night, with no time to “psych up.”

      Thanks again, as a proud former weapon carrier, the vast majority of officers make all of the people of this country proud to say that they are protected by the finest in the world that the El Paso and Dayton officers managed to end carnage without hurting any innocents, which, frankly, it more important than anything else.

      So, in short to the knucklehead that wants to predict when shooting will stop, my prediction is when hate is replaced with love, compassion and understanding. You know, the stuff that made America Great in the first place.

  30. Let’s see Trump pushes his basre to go on Killing sprees for him. i think that maybe that is enough for the rest of us. It is Kill or be Kill . One of the biggest things that made us Great was our ability to negotiate among ourselves and each party going 1/2 way. When we are divided, we lose. Whem we mistreat people our end is coing quickly.

    • Beverly says:

      President Trump most definitely is not pushing his base to go on killing sprees as much as the Demoncrats are trying to pin all this on him. Ridiculous! Trump has the best interests of our country at heart and is trying to turn everything around and I think he is doing a great job. The only thing I disagree with is the gun issue. I think there does need to be much better gun control. Too many people who have no business owning a gun have them and this needs to be changed.

    • Randy Smithr says:

      this mass division started with barack Obama. do a little common sense research, the facts don’t lie

      • Linda M. says:

        Randy Smithr; You know very well that the Leftists are not interested in facts.All they are capable of doing is twisting the true facts and are hell bent in destroying our great country..

      • Linda M. says:

        Randy Smithr: I just wanted to say thank you for defending me against ” Donald Duck”. He posts under so many different names. Including “Spanky”. Since I called him out of his deceptions, he has real vendetta against me. But he is just like his party. Filled with lies, deception and hate, so why should I expect him ,or the other haters that post here, act any differently.

        • Randy Smithr says:

          Linda M. got your back the same way you have mine. My father, a wise man, always told me hate hurts those that allow it to hurt them. He went on to say it takes a big person to stand tall and know the truth without having to prove anything to anyone. I wish I could always do just that each time some one like spanks or ducky boy comes at us, but in the end we will know the truth. You stay strong my friend!

          • Linda M. says:

            Randy Smithr; Thank you so much! Yes, indeed your father was a wise man and he raised an honorable man as well.
            I will always have your back…..

          • Colleen La Rose says:

            Your a great man as is your father! & dear Linda has a permanent spot in my heart! Anyways, have you read of mine & hers secret life? Apparently according to spunky spanky we are now baby seal killers! I need her to watch my back as I slaughter the poor baby seals. See how foolish the silly trolls are.

    • Linda M. says:

      Fred Amirault: I truly wish you would spell check, because it’s very hard to follow your drivel. And you are all in favor for negotiations ? You mean the same ones that President Trump is doing with other countries? But gets criticizes for handling it that way? Plus, please look to YOUR party that flatly refuses to work with President Trump on any issue. I have never seen such ridiculous behavior by supposedly grown adults in our government. And in no way has President Trump promoted violence against anyone! Just because he is trying to keep our country safe and stopping the massive influx of illegal aliens storming our borders. How about the mass shootings before Trump became president? How about all the Muslims Obama brought into to our country? Did you Leftists forget these issues??? Oh that’s right. Just Republicans are the cause of our present situation. NOT!!!!

  31. Will Godfrey says:

    The article is taking what she said out of context. She not condoning rioting, she saying impoverished people without access to sustenance will take extreme measures for survival! I would think that anyone here, who’s family was denied sustenance would do the same! And she’s promoting the idea that we need to take positive action to eliminate the need for such hostility! Nothing treasonous about what she says, its being proactive to avoid confrontations! What is worse, is our president saying “beat the crap out of them”, then saying “sorry for your loss”! That’s in-sighting violence, vs AOC trying to prevent hostility!

    • Randy Smithr says:

      Will Godfrey, how can believe anyone that compares a Nazi concentration camps to a humane detention center holding those who made a choice to get sent there. Really!!! anyone that ignorant and with a simple knowledge of world history so heavily lacking has no credibility in anything they say.

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      Hush Will! I’m listening to the crickets on the dems end.

  32. Will Godfrey says:

    Seems to me the number of mass shootings has been on the increase the last few years! Anyone else think this?

    • Elmer Fudd says:

      Will Yes today el paso tx over 20 killed last sunday california 3 killed when are the righteous republicans going to stand up to this MONSTER THE ORANGE ORANGUTANG how many more must die i thought they were the PROLIFE PARTY

      • Colleen La Rose says:

        Hey Elmer fudd….
        Are you related to this Donald duck, & (pink) redman in here? You all seem to be afflicted with a terminal stuck-on-stupid lib disease. Find help ASAP before it kills more then your brain cells!

        • Spanky says:

          Colleen or is it linda or mary ann or beverly or leeann who really cares don’t matter to me go ahead play your games I LOVE TO PLAY WORD GAMES before we start go clean the ORANGE color off your lips and tongue also get that BROWN spot off your nose I’ll wait I’ve got all day——- ready now here we go that f###### idiot didn’t even know what city got attacked in Ohio i mean who cares anyway just another S####### state and S####### city anyway lets go out spend many millions of tax payer money on bs and police protection cause one of my patriot supporters might $^#@&%$#%$*%#@ me not one of the victims wanted to see him NO ONE so typical of THE ORANGE ORANGUTANG MONSTER to grab the spot light on yet another tragedy such selfishness so go call your cousin tell or i mean go cry to him spanky is being a bad little boy you think i never saw the God Father movie it’s code for “Tony!!! I Got A Job For You” now say it like an Italian or the fake Don The Con —– come out and play—–

          • Colleen La Rose says:

            You want some cheese with that whine? What’s wrong little fella, is Mrs spanky not putting out for you?
            Admit it spunky, you love me & Linda.

          • Linda M. says:

            Spanky; Oh we ALL know you like to play games you sick F***PRETENDING to be so many different people on these sites.Being rude. Making fun at people. THINKING you are so funny and so smart.But all you are is this sick fraud that has no life. And you want to bring up wasting tax payer dollars. How about your corrupt party?? From the Clintons to the present… And what the hell are you raving about the Godfather you twit? I don’t have to call my cousin or anyone else. You and ALL of your PRETEND characters are self-destructing right before my very eyes and you want to know why? Because you are so filled with hate and jealousy it is eating you up alive. As I typed to you before, you are NOTHING to me. You will NEVER have what I have or accomplished what I have . Not if you lived three lifetimes. So continue to play your childish games . But no matter what name you post under or how you TRY to belittle me and others, EVERYONE will see right through you …. EVERYONE…..

          • Linda M. says:

            Spanky: Just so you know, I have NEVER posted under a different, or make believe, name.Collen and I are two different people. As far as the other women’s names you mentioned, are not me either. But I’m quite sure there are MANY other women that posts on these sites know what a fool you are and post as such. So don’t blame me or Colleen that you are an idiot.. Since you have criticized others before of their grammar errors, please reread your last post; August 7, 2019 at 9:12 PM. Really? Just like Betty, you got so caught up in your colorful cussing rants, you seemed to have forgotten periods, spelling errors and etc…

      • Jack says:

        Elmer you do know the shooting in Dayton was done by an Lying Liz Warren supporter

    • Joe says:

      Yes, it’s the dumbocraps doing this so they have an excuse to take all guns away except from the criminals. Why don’t you lazy ass dumbocraps read up on history and why the 2nd amendment was created. Providing you can read, millennials.

    • Randy Smithr says:

      Only your ignorance Mr. Godfrey. There is movie made in the late 60’s, based on a true story where a sniper locked himself in a memorial tower over looking a college campus and shot numerous students in the mall area below. Tragic as that day was it tells a story that continues today. One more of many shootings your ignorance wont allow into your oyster brain. These people are sick and need help. They will never get it as long as finger pointing individuals like you play the blame game only.

  33. wesley thomas says:

    This POG should be executed fortreason and sedition. She`s doing her best to overthrow America. The bitch should spend the rest of her life in GITMO.

  34. hart isaacs says:

    AOC and other members of the quad should be defecated from congress as soon as possible before more damage is done to the USA.

  35. Death To Her and Her Three Stooges.

  36. paul says:

    How long are we going to put up with her until she starts a war.

    • Russ says:

      If she does start a war, it should be agreed that under no circumstances should she survive. These people who are banking on watching the carnage from the sidelines while others pay for their anti American stupidity should be the first ones to fall.

  37. German says:

    Somebody stick some beef pole up her ass

    • Joe says:

      Yes, it’s the dumbocraps doing this so they have an excuse to take all guns away except from the criminals. Why don’t you lazy ass dumbocraps read up on history and why the 2nd amendment was created. Providing you can read, millennials.

  38. Jack says:

    she wouldn’t get as much attention as she does, if news sites like this,
    and all the rest, wouldn’t give her a platform. She is influencing far less people, than the media claims. She’s a silly young idealist, with a big mouth, and a bunch of teenie bopper followers. Big deal. In a year, know one will remember who she was. Especially if she doesn’t win re-election, which is very possible.

  39. cliff says:

    she needs to be removed from office.

  40. Mona says:

    This person is an idiot and shouldn’t be allowed to spread her stupidity.

  41. Ralph E. Lewis says:

    You are not the only one my friend. Mongo

  42. Mongo says:

    Mongo says his AR-15 is locked , cocked and ready to rock doc.

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      Many people are ready for this. In fact it’s inevitable, all I can say for the lunatic liberals is they better bring plenty of body bags!!

  43. Will Penny says:

    Now AOC , SHE’S SPECIAL , she needs to be replaced now , not tomorrow , Now ,.hell

  44. Robert says:

    Don’t start something you can’t finish AOC REMEMBER WE ARE EVERYWHERE 👌🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  45. Linda Lofton says:

    Like what is she trying to say?? Trump endangers minority’s, he causes people to get death threats by telling the truth, Liberals are encouraged to confront and harass Trump supporters and Conservatives etc. etc. and that is absolutely okay. Now she is calling for the Left wing nuts and demoncrats and all of that ilk to riot, which is against the law, and that is okay BECAUSE they have no choice. BUT, Trump and Conservatives are the violent bad section of the country? She must have had a lobotomy along with her “pals” to find ANY logic in her thinking, ah I mean her verbal spewing. I doubt that any of them actually “think” as that would require a functioning brain.

  46. daniel says:

    Oh squad you think your so tough let me just remind you of something that when your voted out of your seat.So you cant love the United States Of America an bring all theses illegals in our country destroy it you and the illegals can get the hell out of hear go take your garbage to another country . USA Home of the Brave and Proud for the Liberty and Freedom.Trump 2020 from nor cal

  47. Gregory Sullivan says:

    You can bet that AOC and the other 4 members of the ( hit ) squad are being bankrolled by ( you guessed it! ) Georgie Soros the cheap communist tycoon.

  48. kwm57 says:

    The core four hores, all must be eradicated!

  49. Zaw Soe says:

    Donkey OC must put in ZOO wherever available Cage in any Continent in the World. This Animal has no clue what? Ever coming from her big Ass low I/Q.

  50. David Muench says:

    How much longer is we the America n people going to put up with this squad of four bitch’s alll they want to do is to cause another civil war in this country . These four ding bats must be stopped immediately without question. Especially AOC.

    • Valli Neal-davis says:

      These four women are a joke and a threat to the American citizens get rid of them by any means necessary.

  51. Betty Sakai says:

    Gentleman, the United States is a Christian nation, not as the media has indoctrinated so many to believe a borderless member state of a one-world government called the North-South America Union. Unless the people called “patriots” can get hold of the transmission of lies and propaganda called “the media”, the people will continue to sleep and ask like they did of the Gilroy, CA Garlic Festival shooter: “Why would he do that?”


  53. J J says:

    I believe this so called “Sqad” knows exactly what they are doing. They are being coached to do as much damage and turmoil to keep the good people of America in knots! What better way to destroy this country than to have us turn on each other.
    What thier IGNORANCE hasn’t counted on is WE THE PEOPLE are not going to continue to take this lieing down! Our history shows we didn’t tuck our tails than, we’re not going to tuck and run now either! You keep this in mind “sqids” the true American Patriots don’t need to be told when and where to defend ourselves, We Are Always Ready to fight if the need arises!
    I’m throwing out a benefit of doubt that there are good people in the states of MA, MI, MN and NY that didn’t see this coming and regrets what these radical Sodomite Social Engineers are trying to do and look forward to replacing them come 2020!!!

  54. Alan says:

    A pea-brained idiot.

  55. CrazyHorse says:

    Nothing new . . . if you’ve been following the hysterics of Maxine Waters . . . hell, she called for it months ago!

  56. Ted says:

    She’s got a BiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiG mouth. She’d better hope the rioting doesn’t start right outside of her NY headquarters office or on the street where she lives. She’s starting to tick a lot of people off….

  57. Robert Koch says:

    Cocaine Tramp

  58. Bill says:

    AOC’s ratings have hit rock bottom so she is trying to detour the focus on the real problem that is the Democratic Party. Prime examples are so far Water’s, Polosi and Cummings where there Districts they have ignored and let areas neglected.
    Pushing there false racist agenda to stir up hattred as a tool to distract the truth and push for riots and mayhem.

  59. Barbara says:

    She certainly seems to be a candidate for the “booby-hatch” or needing a thorough analysis, doesn/t she!

  60. Leilani says:

    Instead of rioting – we should all refuse to pay our federal taxes!

  61. Clarence Cochran says:

    Encouraging Insurrection and Sedtious speech are still crimes. Arrest and book her DANO!

    • Donald Duck says:


      • Operator Rampage says:

        You have a very limited IQ DDuck. You copy the same thing over and over. You are just proving to everyone how ignorant you are; go back to sleep

      • Teresa Kelly says:

        You are an idiot!!! President Trump, does not advocate violence. But, the squad sure as hell, does. At least two members of the “squad,” are traitors, and they’re all guilty of sedition.

      • Linda M. says:

        Donald Duck: Are you related to our dear friend Betty? Because you both spew the same idiotic nonsense. I wish you lived in North Korea and called their president the same vile names you call our president. You wouldn’t see the next day. But because our wonderful country has freedom of speech, we have to put up with ignorant fools like yourself….

        • Colleen La Rose says:

          Good morning dearest Linda
          I asked DD’s other personality (Elmer fudd) the same question the other day, but he/they/she/? didn’t respond to me. You have a great way of setting these rascals straight. Have a great day my dear friend.

          • Linda M. says:

            Colleen La Rose; Don’t you find it interesting that RFT and JFT and Guns are not posting. But now we have these other fools are suddenly showing up? Just so you know, this was part of my job in the military. I pay attention.
            Did you hear poor President Trump naming two wrong cities where the shootings happened ? Of course the mayor ( a Dem) jumped on his mistake. Even though it was embarrassing for him, everyone makes mistakes. Even his writers that scan his speeches. I don’t know how he can continue doing his job being assaulted on all sides. Especially within our own government.
            I just wish we would start seeing some justice soon against these radicals…
            Have a very blessed day, my friend!!

        • Colleen La Rose says:

          Ya Linda
          They play tag team or the 2 (at the most, as they are one in the same). No I didn’t hear my President mistake the names of the towns, but I am sure the filthy pieces of s * * t dems jumped on that with a vengeance! In the dems world, they can say or do any stupid thing & it’s ok, but let my President make a simple mistake, & they piss their panties because they have something new to criticize my President about. I really have not hated a group of people like this before, but if everyone of the lunatic liberals spontaneously died, I’d celebrate!

  62. Tobydog1 says:

    I think that AOC, the SQUAD, ANTIFA and BLM are not considering the fact that Americans are tired of rioting, threats, intimidation and the destruction of private property by traitors and lawless people! Americans are not far from taking matters into their own hands, which means that justice will be quick and permanent. ANTIFA declared that it was going to attack El Paso and now we’re hearing about the shootings at a mall in El Paso. I believe that we should shoot on sight any ANTIFA THUGS that appear in public and threaten or injure innocent people.

    • Keith says:

      Yes, and one more piece to that, if any liberal representative is not willing to publicly denounce Antifa, they should be considered part of the problem and given the same treatment any terrorist would be given.

    • Mark says:

      Although I do agree with you, I also want to point out that talk is cheap and that’s mostly what’s being done. It’s the old meet, greet and retreat then expecting some change. To be honest, It’s similar to the story of the elephant being scared around by the mouse. A bunch of pencil pushing, chair warming dorks in suits pushing around the gun toting, hard labor working backbone of America. Doesn’t make much sense but its happening. I believe it’s because American’s aren’t really taking this seriously and think talking about how they don’t like it will magically make it go away. Get creative and start planning your operations now.

    • Teresa Kelly says:

      I, absolutely, concur.

  63. Leilani says:

    Remember what some wise person said long ago – you can’t please all the people all the time.
    You also can’t make everyone do their share of the work.
    Remember those kids in high school who NEVER did their homework?
    They are grown up now and still not contributing their fair share – hence, the welfare lobby in all our major cities.

  64. Leilani says:

    There is a Republican man who is going to run against her.
    Send money to him!
    She was not just a bartender, she worked under Bernie and has been getting a one-sided education from him.

    • Kate says:

      There is also republican woman running against her too. Her name is Sheree or something like that. You could also vote for her. I saw her on Watters World. Very smart lady !

  65. Dorothy says:

    I wish someone would stuff a sock in her mouth and tape it shut. The more this pos talks, the more she condemns herself for being not only a misfit and malcontent but a stupid piece of work that never should have been elected to Congress. And that goes for her Plus three. All four of them are the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse and need to be put out.

    • Gary says:

      Stuff a huge cork in her mouth and another huge cork up her arse. Guess what, she’ll smother to death. That would very apt and fitting for that evil person.

  66. Mark Mueller says:

    We need urgently to send this :

    **A** nnoying
    **O** bnoxious
    **C** unt

    straight to Cuba or Venezuela !

    • **** Absolutely ****
      **** Orangutan ****
      **** Cracked ****
      { * j * } Her and Shifty Schiffs babies would look surprised all the time! Fertilizer for the bean fields.

      • Eliot says:

        AOC won’t have a baby with Schiff – she’s a LESBIAN! We need to get the turkey baster for her!

        • Teresa Kelly says:

          Any self respecting lesbian, wouldn’t give that skank the time of day. She’s a disgusting POS IDIOT!!! The best she could hope for is a man, no real woman would tolerate her meth head, lunatic ass!!!

    • Eliot says:

      For C – you need to put the word sucker or licker after the word because that’s what the LESBIAN AOC loves to do! She also likes to Scissor women!

  67. Mary Johnson says:

    It would appear that no matter how much schooling AOC is given she still has no clue about anything.

  68. Mike Flanagan says:

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is in consequential for get the BEIATCH and shell Shirley up like the wicked witch of the West in Wizard of ass holes in Washington.

  69. Leilani says:

    She has the blood of Cortez who was a horrible Spanish man. He went to Mexico and treated everyone badly.
    Look at her face – those weird expressions.
    She should just stay out of politics.

  70. Dan says:

    What kind of nut tree did she fall out of?

  71. Leftshot says:

    Hey AOC, if you really care about injustice how about you investigate all the corruption in the city of Baltimore–a city run by Democrats for the last 50 years. You can start by looking at the billions of dollars in federal aid they have received over the years and why it hasn’t reached and benefitted the citizens of Baltimore.

  72. Esther Lemon says:

    Please, please, please STOP giving this brainless idiot any attention. She will never go away as long as she’s princes of the news media. She’s is a big NOTHING and I am sick of looking at her and hearing anything about her

    • Alan Wright says:

      This is the most intelligent post I’ve seen today. Thank you, Esther.

      Sadly, few of us will pay any attention…..Ha, including me! I’m sorry.

    • Valli Neal-davis says:

      You are right she ‘s not worth any attention or replies that are posted.

  73. tinker says:

    She probably figures if Maxiscream Waters can get away with it, she might as well try to do the same. Lets see what happens, if anything.

  74. Tony Bell says:

    What goes around comes around AOC. The hatred you espouse will be your undoing. Good people will reject everything you say, do, and promote. Evil cannot hide from truth.

  75. Patrick Henry says:

    KOTEX cortez is just a MENTALLY RETARDED B!TCH of the Democratic Party!!!

  76. Teresa Kelly says:

    I think it is time to build the gallows on Capitol Hill!!! These f’n little commie bitches, are fixing to cause major social unrest, and America’s second civil war. It is time for the people, to take America back from the corrupt politicians. I only serve one master, and his name is God!!!

  77. Scotty says:

    If AOC’s supporters riot,they will die. They are unarmed and stupid.

    • old man coyote says:

      But she will head for the high ground where she can cheer them on and run like hell when the tide turns. As for being unarmed and stupid? They have their ways of getting weapons a lot easier than honest citizens.

    • Alan Wright says:

      Scotty, please tell me that you truly don’t believe that! I mean the “unarmed” part, of course. As for the “stupid” part, well, that’s rather self evident!

  78. ROBERTW says:

    If the FBI doesent want to do something about this, then maybe the people will riot against her and put this bitch in the sewer tank with the rest of the Racist Haters.

  79. olaree says:

    I think you have to serve six years before you get a pension…Hope that is right.

    • Agnes Coffelt says:

      I am glad you wrote this. I was wondering but did not know where to look. My opinion is that she is getting afraid to lose her income since she did not know how it was like to have money. She is going to keep it up until we help get her out.

  80. Marlene says:

    Arrest that M FR.
    On insighting a revolution!

    • Think hard before we speak. says:

      I’m surprised that she hasn’t been arrested already — as well as her “Sqad,” and all those who support their “cause.” How right you are, Marlene!

  81. VN says:

    To be frank, I don’t worry much about this bitch, bc she is an airhead. The two bitches that I’m worrying are: the two radical muslims, both of them are demons. Please God, steer the evils away from our beautiful country.

  82. Sparky Patriot says:

    Inciting a riot IS a criminal offense. Her only excuse is to be a clueless millennial, yet even that is not enough in her position. She should be impeached, heh. That would be icing for sure.

  83. Randall clark says:

    Well, AOC, if riots are started, YOU WILL BE THE FIRST ONE TAKEN OUT!!!

  84. TOMMIE CLARK says:

    arrest her take her passport and deport her she is causing the problem which she was told to do democrats don’t think u will attack an ugly little et ET GO HOME

  85. Jeffry Devries says:


  86. James Ogilvie says:

    Why do we allow such blatant terrorist comments from this silly bitch, even one of our reps in the government without being put under arrest before she has the following idiots do what she wants? We as Americans sometimes I believe we are as stupid as her for doing nothing but are ranting waiting for our leaders to do what’s right before we have to take up our guns to fix it !!!

    • Phyllis says:

      She is clearly a danger to America, and her insane radical ideas are creating more fear and hatred. Why in God’s name would any reasonably intelligent person elect her to Congress? She and her posse are out to destroy everything that is great about America.

  87. Steve says:

    This enemy of America is obviously committing rampant sedition & high treason – arrest for GITMO with the REST of the TERRORISTS !

  88. Gideon Rockwell says:

    She and the rest of her insane clown posse are the face of the Democrat Party today. They have dropped any effort to hide who they are, which is the American Bolsheviks. They are no different from the Bolsheviks of 100 years ago that launched the Communist Revolution in Russia, murdered the Royal Family and their associates in cold blood and laid the groundwork for the Soviet Union. That is their goal a new Soviet Union of the Western Hemisphere. They are the enemy within and ANTIFA and B.L.M. is their militant arms. The whole vile coven of communist anarchists should be declared outlaw.

  89. Joan says:

    She appears to be a Communist Russian spy sent here to cause a riot and change this great country into a communist country along with her three other communists spies from Russia.

    • DavidW says:

      That’s a picture (above) that any mental hospital would be proud to display.

      She looks like some wild eyed revolutionary seeking to stir up the peons to die for the cause of equality. And who is it who dies? The peons. Who survives? The revolutionaries. The revolutionaries are the ones who get a mob moving, the slip to the back, and throw rocks at the police and mob from out of sight. Then they slip away to talk to the media about how the police attacked the mob.

  90. Todd McGann says:

    This is what happens when you vote a waitress into Congress.

  91. Jan says:

    AOC is a complete lunatic! How in the world did she get voted into office? And…the sad part…if she loses the election next go round, she will get her fat salary we tax payers provide for the remainder of her life!!! She should have remained a bartender!!!

  92. Fann says:

    For someone you has just gotten into politics and had no experience she sure is a know it all. Every time she opens her mouth it shows just how dumb she really is. Sham on the ones that voted for her

  93. PJ says:

    Watch her and the “SQUAD”. I am betting that they are covertly communicating and working with Antifa. When Trump wins 2020, all hell will break loose. Be prepared, be vigilant and be ready!

    • Les says:

      She and her squad should be in jail. Aside from being so anti American inciting a riot is a felony. Is she above the law? If convicted she could always plead insanity because she is.

  94. Liz Mueller says:

    I can’t believe she’s still in Congress with her remarks against Israel and now calling for riots! She’s a total nut job

  95. Deplorable Lanie says:

    I think that they are MORE than irresponsible, I think that they are dangerous!

  96. Km says:

    I can’t believe what I’m seeing when I look at AOC’s facial expressions in some of her photos. She looks stark raving mad. Really, she looks like she is insane.

    • LHGB says:

      Exactly so.

    • Pamela says:

      Km, I totally agree with your comment and I can’t understand how they still remain in their positions in our government. AOC is a complete nutcase and anyone that voted these 4- BITCHES into office should be thrown out of our country. What the hell is wrong with people? I thank God everyday that we have President Trump, but he can only do just so much. The DEMORATS are totally off the wall and will cause a civil war.

  97. jimbob says:

    The face of AOC is the face of a mental person.

  98. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Since you are a died-in-the-wool believer in manmade “climate change” and will.never ever change your mind about this contrived hoax started by Al Gore and that cow farts contribute to this crap, it would be best for you to set an example and not exhale as every time you do this, you emit green house gases.

  99. Vasu Murti says:

    A free market economy Vs a “Green New Deal” ?

    Should meat be taxed? I’ve heard that when he was with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Bruce Friedrich would urge legislators to “tax meat” — similar to the “sin taxes” we now see on cigarettes and alcohol.

    Before joining PETA (and later marrying Canadian vegan Hindu Alka Chandna), Bruce Friedrich distributed copies of his essay “Veganism and Nonviolence” to the numerous Catholic Worker houses across the United States, pointing out that many Catholic worker-types like to think of themselves as nonviolent, but are unaware of the violence that goes into a hamburger and/or a glass of milk.

    A bumper sticker by Friends of Animals reads “Veganism Is Direct Action”…

    …but direct action might be economic impact:

    Abolish “welfare ranching”!

    Abolish all taxpayer support for the livestock industry.

    Vegan author John Robbins provides these points and facts in his Pulitzer Prize nominated Diet for a New America (1987):

    Half the water consumed in the U.S. irrigates land growing feed and fodder for livestock. It takes 25 gallons of water to produce a pound of wheat, but 2,500 gallons to produce a pound of meat. If these costs weren’t subsidized by the American taxpayers, the cheapest hamburger meat would be $35 per pound!

    Livestock producers are California’s biggest consumers of water. Every tax dollar the state doles out to livestock producers costs taxpayers over seven dollars in lost wages, higher living costs and reduced business income. Seventeen western states have enough water supplies to support economies and populations twice as large as the present.

    U.S. livestock produce twenty times as much excrement as the entire human population, creating sewage which is ten to several hundred times as concentrated as raw domestic sewage. Meat producers contribute to half the water pollution in the United States.

    Again: half the water consumed in the U.S. irrigates land growing feed and fodder for livestock. It takes 25 gallons of water to produce a pound of wheat, but 2,500 gallons to produce a pound of meat. If these costs weren’t subsidized by the American taxpayers, the cheapest hamburger meat would be $35 per pound!

    If we abolish all taxpayer support for the livestock industry, the cheapest hamburger meat would be $35 per pound, effectively making everyone in the United States a vegetarian. This would have far greater and far-reaching consequences than merely taxing meat.

    It takes nearly one gallon of fossil fuel and 2,500 gallons of water to produce just one pound of conventionally fed beef. (Mother Jones)

    Nearly 75% of the grain grown and 50% of the water consumed in the U.S. are used by the meat industry. (Audubon Society)

    Over 260 million acres of U.S. forest have been cleared to grow grain for livestock. (Greenpeace)

    In their 2007 book, Please Don’t Eat the Animals, mother and daughter Jennifer Horsman and Jaime Flowers write:

    “Half of all fresh water worldwide is used for thirsty livestock. Producing eight ounces of beef requires an unimaginable 25,000 liters of water, or the water necessary for one pound of steak equals the water consumption of the average household for a year.

    “The Worldwatch Institute estimates one pound of steak from a steer raised in a feedlot costs: five pounds of grain, a whopping 2,500 gallons of water, the energy equivalent of a gallon of gasoline, and about 34 pounds of topsoil.

    “Thirty-three percent of our nation’s raw materials and fossil fuels go into livestock destined for slaughter. In a vegan economy, only two percent of our resources will go to the production of food.”

    • Anne says:

      Go back to India, and worship cows. Everything is a “social issue”. If people eat beef, they have more energy, and produce things. Real men don’t eat tofu (which is estrogen). They work the land and build things. This is America we eat what we want. You can, too. You leftists can’t balance a check book but what to tell everyone else how to live. Go clean up India and China if you care so much about “climate change.”

      • Pamela says:

        Anne, WHAT A GREAT REPLY. It certainly made me laugh. We sure have some nutcases in this world and Vasu sounds like one of them.

      • Vasu Murti says:

        Why should *my* tax dollars subsidize *your* choice of “lifestyle” — especially if I don’t want my tax dollars subsidizing the taking of innocent life? Abolishing “welfare ranching” is based upon free market principles which conservatives claim to espouse and would have far greater impact than the so-called “Green New Deal” involving greater expansion of government powers, which conservatives claim to oppose. Abolishing “welfare ranching” is the animal rights equivalent to the Hyde Amendment.

    • Sam R says:

      I eat beef, poultry and pork (ummm BACON). I don’t try to force you to do so. Don’t try to force me to become vegan. I respect your right to make choices for YOURSELF. Don’t presume to make choices for me. Why is it that people who enjoy an “alternate” lifestyle think it is incumbent upon them to force that choice on everyone else??!!

      • Vasu Murti says:

        Why should *my* tax dollars subsidize *your* choice of “lifestyle” — especially if I don’t want my tax dollars subsidizing the taking of innocent life? Abolishing “welfare ranching” is based upon free market principles which conservatives claim to espouse and would have far greater impact than the so-called “Green New Deal” involving greater expansion of government powers, which conservatives claim to oppose. Abolishing “welfare ranching” is the animal rights equivalent to the Hyde Amendment.

        • Linda M. says:

          Vasu Murti; Why should my tax dollars be spent on taking innocent lives of babies being slaughtered everyday that your party supports? Better known as Pro-Choice. PLEASE go back to your motherland( India) and make their country better. I you can…..

      • Randy L Smith says:

        Correct Sam R. I can hardly wait until dinner time so I can eat another tasty animal.!!

    • Sam R says:

      Vasu, come on!!
      “Half of all fresh water worldwide is used for thirsty livestock. Producing eight ounces of beef requires an unimaginable 25,000 liters of water, or the water necessary for one pound of steak equals the water consumption of the average household for a year.”
      You don’t really believe this drivel do you!?!?
      I call Shenanigan on this one!!!

    • Teresa Kelly says:

      Take your long winded Bill shot back to India. Your people are dying because they have no respect for Mother Earth. India and China, put off the majority of carbon monoxide/dioxide. Your own people have no clean water, the mass civilization, in India, cannot produce enough, healthy foods to even sustain themselves. So when you go preaching about how great their ideologies are, think about that. You’re a complete moronic, idiot!!!

      • Vasu Murti says:

        Why should *my* tax dollars subsidize *your* choice of “lifestyle” — especially if I don’t want my tax dollars subsidizing the taking of innocent life? Abolishing “welfare ranching” is based upon free market principles which conservatives claim to espouse and would have far greater impact than the so-called “Green New Deal” involving greater expansion of government powers, which conservatives claim to oppose. Abolishing “welfare ranching” is the animal rights equivalent to the Hyde Amendment.

    • Kate says:

      Oh my. Are you done yet?? Babble, babble, babble. You’re not fake news, you’re fake climate change. NYC should be under water by now per Al stupid Gore.

      • Vasu Murti says:

        Why should *my* tax dollars subsidize *your* choice of “lifestyle” — especially if I don’t want my tax dollars subsidizing the taking of innocent life? Abolishing “welfare ranching” is based upon free market principles which conservatives claim to espouse and would have far greater impact than the so-called “Green New Deal” involving greater expansion of government powers, which conservatives claim to oppose. Abolishing “welfare ranching” is the animal rights equivalent to the Hyde Amendment.

    • Teresa Kelly says:

      Your canned answers, are without merit. India, is one of the most, environmentally, devastating countries on the entire planet. Next only to China.

  100. jd says:

    Blame the morons that vote these people into office.

  101. Timothy Toroian says:

    What the Sam Hill does she think will happen when marinalizes a really big bunch of us. Won’t be no riot , baby, remember Lexington-Concord.

  102. Tom says:

    Time to bring her up on Ethics Charges and possible dismissal from her Congressional seat. It her words incite a riot she is legally done as far as I am concerned and an Enemy of the State.

  103. Beverly says:

    She looks like a complete nut! Her crazy policies show in her demeanor.

  104. Mark Akerley says:

    AOC go away.just shut your damn mouth and go away.we don’t need your hatred in the U.S any longer.take your 3 other witch friends with you..go practice your vodoo somewhere else.

  105. Ken says:

    She should be removed from office and arrested for treason and sedition.

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