Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just said five words that will cause riots nationwide

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is hoping to be the future of the Democrat Party.

She continues to push the envelope to see how far Left she can drag the Party.

Now, she just went even further by saying five words that will cause riots nationwide.

While the United States has its problems, it is nothing compared to many countries around the world.

Venezuela and Puerto Rico are in a state of constant riots due to far-Left policies like what socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez champions.

Rioting is not completely foreign to the U.S. but such violence has mostly been kept contained.

But if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has her way, it will become rampant.

Speaking about the Trump presidency, and “marginalized communities” in poverty, she said that they will eventually have “no choice but to riot” unless her policies are put into place.

The Daily Caller reports:

Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said in an interview Tuesday that marginalized communities in the U.S. and across the globe “have no choice but to riot” under certain conditions.

“I believe that injustice is a threat to the safety of all people, because once you have a group that is marginalized and marginalized and marginalized, then you create a … like, once someone doesn’t have access to clean water, they have no choice but to riot,” the New York representative said during an interview on “Ebro in the Morning,” a radio show on the New York hip hop station Hot 97.

“And it doesn’t even have to be that way,” she added.

Ocasio-Cortez was discussing Israel and Palestine when she made the remarks, but included poor communities in the U.S. and across the world.

“I’m not even talking about Palestinians,” Ocasio-Cortez said about halfway through her almost hour-long interview, which The Hill flagged. “I’m talking about communities in poverty in the United States. I’m talking about Latin America. I’m talking about like all over the world.”

In recent years, rioting has become a problem in the United States.

From Ferguson, to Baltimore, to Washington, D.C. during Trump’s inauguration, far-Left radicals have stoked violent riots that often lead to property damage, and fights with police.

Ocasio-Cortez stating that there is “no choice but to riot,” only emboldens violent individuals to hit the streets.

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260 Responses

  1. ed says:

    she sure is pretty

  2. Eric says:

    Her new name is Lady Skid Marks

  3. Linda M. says:

    Roger: Just like with Randy, my sympathies go out to all of you that are suffering at the hands of all these illegal aliens storming our country. Especially to all of you that live in the bordering states. I am very fearful all this madness, created by the Nazi party( the Democrats) we will never recover from. Regardless if Trump in re-elected…This whole country is being effected by these illegals though. And you are correct about their behavior. Again I’m sorry, but please keep praying for our President and our great country. This is our only hope….

  4. Myron Smith says:

    Agree, Ocasio-Cortez does NOT know US rights, Laws, and History! Area of New York she Represents DO KNOW US RIGHTS, LAWS, and US History!

  5. robert bizek says:

    So True

  6. Sharon Jenkins says:

    Funny but true

  7. Richard Parker says:

    You can’t fix stupid. And she is eat up with it.

  8. Paul Boudreau says:

    Ur Right Linda!!! They Do Think They’re ABOVE the LAW!!! PURE SCUM!!! Problem is Not All Dems R BAD!!I I Hope!!??

  9. Roger says:

    I agree with you wholeheartedly Randy, I live in Texas where our state has been flooded with thousands if not millions of these illegal Mexicans and others, and I just want to take out the good old pee shooter and go practice, if you know what I mean. They live like cockroaches, ten to fifteen of them in a small two-bedroom house. and sit out on the front lawn every weekend drinking case after case of beer. all the while they all throw their money together to but one after the other a new pickup truck. Yeah, that is really trying to become an American citizen, what a damn joke. And none of them hope to or wish to learn English, screw them all!!!!

  10. Philip simon says:

    Cortez has big eye balls, Omar has a stinking smelly Hijab, Rashida has skin disease, it stinks inside the Congress, do their districts stink like a Concentration camp, burn them down.

  11. Linda M. says:

    Paul Boudreau; Haven’t you noticed, laws, and enforcing them mean nothing to the Democrats ? ESPECIALLY with all the treasonous acts committed and spoken by “the squad”. THEY can be bigots and racists and scream impeachment for Trump.But, in their minds , they are above the laws of the land. All the Democrats have done was cause disruption, havoc and promote violence against any Republican that stands for truth and justice. Because Trump speaks the truth and wants whats good for this country they hate that. Now they even want to rewrite the Constitution! We must get them out of our government soon, or this great country of yours will no longer exist!!!

  12. Paul Boudreau says:

    What are the Real Citizens of the US going to do for Jobs, after All the Illegal’s Get Those Jobs SPANKY!!??? AssHole!!!

  13. Paul Boudreau says:

    I thought Insisting to Riot was a Crime!!! They should Charge AOC, With a CRIME!!!!!! Let’s Push for It!!!!!

  14. Linda M. says:

    bob jones; You sir are absolutely correct! When I worked for IBM, they made sure unions were kept out. As you pointed out, unions are outdated and they are just in it to make money for themselves…

  15. C W says:

    Yes, Repubs and other conservatives better be scared. This country is really at that severe a tipping point. If any one of those Dem fools get in office, (there’s not a moderate among them that I can tell), they are gonna try to undo what good Trump’s policies have done. Can expect job outlook to drastically change fast, not to mention freedom of speech, etc. No excuse not to vote!!

  16. George says:

    Omar & Cortez makes it very clear how they feel about American Citizens , it’s Flag, Our Country…
    It goes like this…….Fk U America..

  17. William M Durham says:

    Bring it on, the good ole boys have been preparing for this for about 25 or more years. It would be a red-neck dream to have that many moving targets to engage.

  18. Jack says:

    Elmer you do know the shooting in Dayton was done by an Lying Liz Warren supporter

  19. bob jones says:

    spanky: you can take your union an stick it up your dumb butt. why should i pay some one to talk for me when i can do it for nothing. union’s only are in business to take care of them selves and make themselves rich. screw your unions they are out dated and not needed.

  20. Colleen La Rose says:

    Randy Smith
    The comment I wanted to reply to you at don’t have a reply button????
    Ya, I know these trolls are really not worth the effort it takes to “correct/spank” them, I don’t take any of their statements seriously at all, & there’s no way I would get any kind of offended when they say crap about me. It’s not like they have any value other then being tools for their liberal masters. I personally think some of them really want to be total a-holes, but they just can’t help theirselves. I respond sometimes just for the cheap thrill of shutting them up????.

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