Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just got caught red-handed in an anti-Semitic scheme

Democrats like Ilhan Omar are reeling over a series of anti-Semitic scandals.

The Democrat Party is being exposed one-by-one as the true party of racism.

And now Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is in the mix after getting caught in an anti-Semitic scheme.

After anti-Semitic comments from Muslim Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, Democrats passed a watered down anti-hatred resolution.

Democrats reluctantly condemned anti-Semitism, but refused to condemn the comments from Omar and Tlaib.

So they pushed the resolution as cover.

That’s when Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stepped into the fray.

Just before voting for the resolution, socialist Rep. Ocasio-Cortez sent out a fundraising email asking for donations to defend Omar and Tlaib.

She claims that the pro-Israel AIPAC is coming after the two, along with herself.

Ocasio-Cortez alleges the comments are simply questioning U.S. foreign policy, and the influence of money in politics, despite the fact that figures on both sides of the aisle consider them anti-Semitic.

As reported by Fox News:

“Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign arm sent out a fundraising plea minutes before Thursday’s House vote on an anti-hatred resolution, asking for dollars to defend her and liberal allies Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

“It’s official – AIPAC is coming after Alexandria, Ilhan and Rashida,” the email began, referring to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

“Rashida, Ilhan and Alexandria have at times dared to question our foreign policy, and the influence of money in our political system. And now, lobbying groups across the board are working to punish them for it.”

The House passed a resolution Thursday afternoon condemning all forms of hatred after Omar made statements widely condemned as anti-Semitic.”

This email makes it clear that Democrats aren’t really concerned about anti-Semitism.

The fact that Ocasio-Cortez feels this issue is fundraiser-worthy also shows that her supporter base agrees with her.

Any attempt to dispel the anti-Semitic nature of the comments are disproven by the very actions of Democrats.

Not to mention the fact that just days after passage of the resolution, former KKK leader David Duke announced his support for Omar, calling her “the most important” member of Congress.

This isn’t very surprising considering that it was the Democrats who started the KKK to begin with.

On top of all of that, the Democrat Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, still remains in office despite racist yearbook photos of him in either blackface or a KKK outfit.

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71 Responses

  1. Cherry Loveland says:

    Maybe just not re-elected.

  2. Victoria Worrel says:

    Agree!! The 1% seems to have these minions in our Congress 2 further their racism, their anti-semitic loathing. We the People in grand mass must expel and purge them from our Congress!!

  3. Edgar Sibold says:

    The 2 Muslim haters will have Muslim holidays in our schools and add Shira law to a bill and if it doesn’t pass will take court action under freedom of religion.We must stop the 3 Democrats who preach anti Semitic trype.expell Aoc,Talib and Omar.They are traitors thru&thru!

  4. Frosty says:

    What is truly evil and stupid was Speaker Pelosi’s decision to. Appoint Tlaib & Omar to the foreign affairs committee. Tradition in Congress is that appointees be experienced and mature members who have demonstrated themselves worthy of serving this powerful committee. What poor judgement on the part of Pelosi. She needs to be punished as well.

  5. Newton/Brinsmead Diane says:

    This Ilhan Omar is a despicable woman as is Rashida Tlaib and AOC I s ignorant and empty-headed as a disgusting slimeball can get. I think she is on either cocaine or meth and is, as the video shows, completely controlled and run by the group the “Justice Democrats”.
    Now back to the two Muslims….we all have to realize that their “religion” is cold and flat and desolate. There is no God like our God who is love and mercy and
    “caritas”. Who gives us an example to follow by imparting wisdom, integrity, and gentle kindness.
    These people have no knowledge of these virtues, and therefore will not demonstrate them . They, all three, need to be expelled from Congress and not allowed to hold public office ever again.

  6. Shawn says:

    How I’d love to see Fox News run a story on these “Justice Democrats” tracing them to the Young Turks & those pulling AOC’s strings. On the other hand perhaps they have considered. Are we now at the point where death threats have become a reality?

  7. Robert Higginbotham says:

    The video about Cortez makes a lot of sense. If she really does have a college degree she obviously didn’t learn anything. I can understand her working as a bar tender and attending a cast call for potential democrat candidates. It also seems reasonable that most of the rhetoric she spews is fed to her. However, the Green thing seems so preposterous this shadow council that puts the words in her mouth and supposedly wrote it can’t be any brighter than her.

  8. Robert Higginbotham says:

    I think that is debatable. Are they considered civil officers?

  9. Neil Glenn says:

    The Democrat Party has ALWAYS been a party of strife! They were all for slavery prior (and AFTER!) the Civil War (AKA The War Between the States). They went to war to MAINTAIN that condition, and the GOP President Lincoln fought back, and issued the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing them! Afterward, Dems instituted ‘Jim Crow’ laws to KEEP the blacks in figurative bondage, and fought long and hard to keep THOSE laws in effect decades after, along with the help of the KKK! Indeed, the supreme head of the KKK at that time was Grand Kleagle and Senior Senator Byrd of WVa! Only under the leadership of Pres. Eisenhower, was the GOP able to effectively start anti-discriminatory procedures, integrating schools, and the blacks integrated buses, and cafeterias by occupation. But when the full integration law was finally passed, the Democrats claimed the credit, that THEY were the blacks’ “friend”, taking the credit! President LB Johnson,at that time literally said “The (‘n’ word)s would be voting Democrat for the next hundred years!”, and it looks like he was right! The Dems continually institute welfare increases, and the blacks keep re-electing them to KEEP that welfare! Yet this welfare has a hook, like a drug-habit! Families MUST kick out the men, then become dependent on welfare. Now, WHOLE generations have been so raised! Women have multiple children just to qualify for MORE funds, and not always with the same man! With the fathers gone, children have NO good male role model, either, further family deteration!

  10. Fred says:

    Ms. or Mrs. Welsh, I agree with you, there is NO room inside the USA for Sharia Law and their Anti-Israel Rhetoric, should never have started, because on May 14, 1948 AD, that word/name “Palestine” CEASED TO EXIST, ACCORDING TO THE UNITED NATIONS RECORDS!!! Both The US PLDP Members and those Islamic Muslim People are one and the same, THEY LOVE TO LIE, FORGET, IGNORE AND KILL/WASTE/SMOKE/MURDER, SPECIALLY INFANTICIDE = KILLING/WASTING/MURDERING EMBRYOS AND NEWBORNS WITH A PASSION!!!

  11. John J says:

    The BRAINS??????????

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