Alec Baldwin made a prediction about 2020 that Trump won’t like

One of Hollywood’s most famous liberal activists is Alec Baldwin.

He’s the darling of the leftwing media for his bad impression of President Trump on Saturday Night Live.

But Baldwin went on Howard Stern’s show to make an announcement that Trump won’t like.

Baldwin said that if he ran for President in 2020, he would win “hands down.”

Baldwin stated:

“If I ran I would win. I would absolutely win. I 1,000 percent would win.”

Notoriously liberal on everything from so-called “global warming” to gun control, Baldwin has said in the past that he would consider running for Governor of New York.

Meanwhile, former President Barack Obama has been quietly meeting behind the scenes with other potential 2020 Democratic candidates.

Politico reports:

Barack Obama has in recent months met with at least nine prospective 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, including Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and Deval Patrick, pulling them in for one-on-one sessions at his Washington office.

All the meetings were arranged quietly, without even some close advisers to the people involved being told of the conversations, in part because of how much Obama bristles at his private meetings becoming public knowledge. All have been confirmed to POLITICO by multiple people who have been briefed on the secretive sit-downs.

What do you think about a potential Alec Baldwin presidential campaign? Would he pose a legitimate threat to President Trump?

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108 Responses

  1. Len says:

    What a pity! Great talent actors in the past become mentally sick and stupid when getting older. Very sad!!!
    Alec, you need to retire together with Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep and some other talented stars. At least, do not try to be “politician”. And PEOPLE will remember you in good ways. I wish you health and many great new roles in the movies and theaters. If you still can…

  2. Rhodey says:

    Do yourself a favor, try stop confirming your idiocy, and self imagined importance. Your sole attribute is the ability to act (under direction) , and repeat some one else’s words. So who do you imagine will direct you to act Presidentially, and even more important whose words are you going to mouth. There is not a thought or
    plan or words to indicate you can come up with an idea of your own. As a candidate you would be a disaster a
    source of absolute amusement and indicative of your asinine idea. Slink back to whatever rock you emerged from in Hollywood, which most sensible people regard as La La Land

  3. rafael says:

    His face looks like his a$$ .

  4. Joe says:

    Hey Baldwin, up yours!

  5. Nancy Grace says:

    I thought Baldwin had the plane to fly all these so-called entertainers to another country, far, far away. If they don’t like us, why haven’t they left?

  6. RG says:

    Alec Baldwin, IS AN IDIOT, JUST LIKE GORE WE DON’T NEED ANOTHER incompetent in the white house.

    We need TRUMP a man of action not lies and fakes.

  7. Andy says:

    He wont leave because he “s a greedy lier,Where can he make a living in another country? they dont want a big mouth living with them. But if you do have the Balls to leave, Take sloppy R.D with you.

  8. Computer guy says:

    Baldwin, like the other liberals, didn’t keep their word they would leave. So Baldwin already proved that he CAN NOT keep a promise !

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