Al Sharpton just sent a message to Christian Trump supporters that will shake you to the core

Al Sharpton made a career off of exploiting every racial scandal in America.

So naturally, he’s now become a full-time anti-Trump talking head.

And Sharpton just sent a message to Christian Trump supporters that will shake you to the core.

After spending decades stoking racial tensions, it was only natural that Al Sharpton would get a job at MSNBC.

And from his new job, he gets to go on national television and attack white people and law enforcement on a regular basis.

In a recent broadcast, he targeted his hate at Christians who support President Donald Trump.

He said he doesn’t understand how “avowed Christians” and “evangelicals” support the president because Trump wants to end homelessness.

Sharpton contends much of the support is because they are racist.

Breitbart News reports:

Sunday, MSNBC “PoliticsNation” host Reverend Al Sharpton delivered a memo to President Donald Trump addressing his solution to solve homelessness in California.

Sharpton questioned Trump’s Christianity for saying homelessness was bad for business, saying he “subverted the humanitarian called Jesus’ message to nurse a political grudge against California.”

He then said he does not “understand” how “avowed Christians” and “evangelicals” support the president.

“Absent a certain baseline racism, I still can’t understand why avowed Christians, let alone evangelicals, are still enthralled to you, Mr. President — especially as your administration is now toying with using law enforcement to round up homeless people,” Sharpton stated.

Christians supporting President Trump is very simple.

Trump is promoting the very values Christians believe in.

And the Democrat Party has gone so extreme that no God-fearing Christian could ever support them.

At this point, Democrats are openly supporting infanticide in the case of babies born out of botched abortions.

Democrats are also routinely attacking Christians, with many believing children should not be allowed to pray in school.

Even if President Trump isn’t the perfect messenger for Christian values, he is doing a whole lot more than any other President in recent history.

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