Al Sharpton just sent a message to Christian Trump supporters that will shake you to the core

Al Sharpton made a career off of exploiting every racial scandal in America.

So naturally, he’s now become a full-time anti-Trump talking head.

And Sharpton just sent a message to Christian Trump supporters that will shake you to the core.

After spending decades stoking racial tensions, it was only natural that Al Sharpton would get a job at MSNBC.

And from his new job, he gets to go on national television and attack white people and law enforcement on a regular basis.

In a recent broadcast, he targeted his hate at Christians who support President Donald Trump.

He said he doesn’t understand how “avowed Christians” and “evangelicals” support the president because Trump wants to end homelessness.

Sharpton contends much of the support is because they are racist.

Breitbart News reports:

Sunday, MSNBC “PoliticsNation” host Reverend Al Sharpton delivered a memo to President Donald Trump addressing his solution to solve homelessness in California.

Sharpton questioned Trump’s Christianity for saying homelessness was bad for business, saying he “subverted the humanitarian called Jesus’ message to nurse a political grudge against California.”

He then said he does not “understand” how “avowed Christians” and “evangelicals” support the president.

“Absent a certain baseline racism, I still can’t understand why avowed Christians, let alone evangelicals, are still enthralled to you, Mr. President — especially as your administration is now toying with using law enforcement to round up homeless people,” Sharpton stated.

Christians supporting President Trump is very simple.

Trump is promoting the very values Christians believe in.

And the Democrat Party has gone so extreme that no God-fearing Christian could ever support them.

At this point, Democrats are openly supporting infanticide in the case of babies born out of botched abortions.

Democrats are also routinely attacking Christians, with many believing children should not be allowed to pray in school.

Even if President Trump isn’t the perfect messenger for Christian values, he is doing a whole lot more than any other President in recent history.

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174 Responses

  1. When is that JACKASS SHARPTON going to pay all of the back taxes he owes? Is our government afraid of him or what. That no good SOB owes our country a lot of back income taxes.

  2. Randy Smithr says:

    Maureen, yes, Al Sharpton is a greedy self righteous pig. he cares about himself and sleeps with Liz Warren.

  3. Robert Ewing says:

    Al Sharpton is a fake reverend and a fake Christian. He is a life-long race-bater; soaking black citizens for millions to foster and support his crusade of hate toward whites. He is the lowest of the low; and just about everything that MLK was not.

  4. Jimmie Chesser says:

    No Obama was the biggest con man in our country’s history.

  5. Jimmie Chesser says:

    Obama gave the island that I was raised on Ferreira island the Azores don’t know why he did it he gave it back to the Portuguese. Never seen a vote for that how much did they pay him. Bet he got plenty and I missed about it I loved being raised there.

  6. Jimmie Chesser says:

    I wish that racist pig Sharpton would just drop dead he is just like his brother barracks obama I am sick of them both

  7. H Lee says:

    No one of virtue would hire ,or support, al brawley sharpton, only racists and dung flingers like msnbc or cnn. He ruined good people with racist and intentional lies. He avoids his taxes by being friends with obamas and the IRS is scared of him.

  8. Maureen says:

    so Al Sharpton is against Trump wanting to end homelessness. Doesn’t he realize that the Dems want to give free housing to the homeless which would cause taxpayers a bundle. But I believe Trump’s plan might be less costly. But is seems Sharpton would rather leave homeless people homeless

  9. This guy sure doesn’t live up to his surname does he? He’s not very sharp and he’s not all that well informed. He seems to miss the facts for the fiction.

  10. Dan'l says:

    The bible reminds us to beware of fake prophets of which this guy must be one……

  11. Brian says:

    This nut has been under the eye of government organizations since the sixties. He owes millions in back taxes, fines and fees yet he has not been arrested. Why? You think he might have been told it will all go away if he allows himself to be used as a tool against Trump?

  12. Francpo says:

    AL (THE DOO) SHARPTON is suffering from all those chemicals he puts
    on his head TO RELAX HIS KINKY HAIR!!!!!!

    THE DOO wants white-boy looking hair!
    He wants to LOOK White!!!!
    DOO! What is wrong with your Kink, Afro or Natural?????/

  13. Rose Thompson says:

    I so agree with you , Rick Strul. His hypocrisy knows no bounds. He is the bigot, the hater, the racist who has no love for anyone but himself, and those who think as he does. Repent sharpton before Jesus’ return or you’ll be left behind. You are a false man, and part of the antichrist spiirit in and of the world just like obama. You both need to repent if you don’want to burn in hell with your father, satan!!!

  14. RUTH says:


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