Al Sharpton just made a huge announcement that could change everything in 2020

There is nobody in America who has done more to sew racial division than Al Sharpton.

He truly is a race hustler, who is simply willing to stir up any controversy to make money.

And Al Sharpton just made a huge announcement that could change everything in 2020.

Self-described “civil rights leader” Al Sharpton believes he is the voice for black Americans.

For decades, he has launched racist attacks against white people and Jews, only to be seen as a hero in the Democrat Party.

And as it turns out, he may be trying to capitalize on that.

In a recent interview, Sharpton came out stating he isn’t ruling out a 2020 run for President.

“I never rule anything out,” he said.

PJ Media reports:

If you’re still hoping for even more Democrats to join the already crowded clown car of 2020 candidates, you’re in luck, because Rev. Al Sharpton might be thinking about entering the race.

“I never rule anything out,” said Sharpton, adding that he isn’t currently exploring a run for the nomination.

Sharpton’s feeling about where the Democratic Party is in relation to Trump is no secret. This year, on a recent visit to the United Kingdom, Sharpton told the Guardian Trump would likely Keep America Great because Democrats are “too tame to deal with an untamed opponent.” And he’s run before, citing among other things, a need to insert his voice at a time where the party had seemed insincere about its declared direction. That year, he also gave one of the more memorable speeches at the 2004 Democratic convention, saying he ran in part to show poor children who grew up like he did that they can also run for president of the United States.

Those who run for President rarely admit it before making their announcement.

So the fact that he isn’t willing to rule it out it makes many believe he may actually jump into the race.

He does see himself as a leader after all.

And after having his own show on MSNBC, he clearly has a lot of Democrats who would support him.

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154 Responses

  1. John says:

    Let’s see sharpton’s tax returns.

  2. Betty Oeschger says:

    Hey Al pay your way over due taxes first before asking someone else to pay theirs

  3. Edward Osler says:

    Al Sharpton is thinking about running for President in 2020. Who would the VP be? AOC or the Grand Wizard of the KKK. That is like Hitler running for the Jewish vote. I have never read anything so stupid and idiotic in my entire life. Al is a race baiter, a hater of Whites and Jews, a man who would want to separate the USA into a true Civil War: Radical Blacks vs the White People of America. Of course, there are a lot of loony tunes “out there” who would vote for Al, but then the inmates would have truly taken over the asylum. We have enough idiots representing Congress (are you listening AOC and her Squad?). This lunatic owes back taxes and has committed so many crimes against humanity that when he dies he will have a free trip to Hell. He can run for President there. Now that would make more sense.

  4. Daniel from TN says:

    INTELLIGENT people care what Sharpton says because……………?

  5. Keith D says:

    Please AL run third party!!!! You can call the IDIOT ILLITERATE PARTY!!!!! MSDNC should really be proud of their “ANCHORS” like al and MADCOW!!!!!

  6. Couriggia says:

    I didn’t want to but Al Sharp?ton made me believe that he is a disruptive. self engrossed, blithering idiot!!!

  7. Eugene Patrick Clark III says:

    Sharpton’s “alleged” run for PRESIDENT would be the culmination of just how BIZARRE our CULTURE has become and how numb the collective mentality of our citizenry has regressed. NOT TO MENTION just how plain STUPID anyone could be to even entertain such a travesty !!!!!

  8. you are really a stupid democrat or communist

  9. jim says:

    don’t put this ass in prison and feed the clown until he dies nope there are better ways to get rid of them the garbage collectors pick the trash every week and dump it this guy is so fkg dirty it hurts just get rid of him

  10. obie says:

    Black people know that Sharpton is no damn good lot of black folks are not going to vote for this scum bag they are on to him he’s not helping them he could care less

  11. dn says:

    George Soreass is his best friend!

  12. dan says:

    Was he born with that face or is it the result of an auto accident-no seat belt! True question?

  13. JJ says:

    GOOD!! Let Melon-head Sharpton run… hopefully as an independent… split the Dem sheep vote.

  14. Roy says:

    I just posted two comments and neither one of the two are posted, Why? Or are we just chicken
    to show them.

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