Al Sharpton just made a huge announcement that could change everything in 2020

There is nobody in America who has done more to sew racial division than Al Sharpton.

He truly is a race hustler, who is simply willing to stir up any controversy to make money.

And Al Sharpton just made a huge announcement that could change everything in 2020.

Self-described “civil rights leader” Al Sharpton believes he is the voice for black Americans.

For decades, he has launched racist attacks against white people and Jews, only to be seen as a hero in the Democrat Party.

And as it turns out, he may be trying to capitalize on that.

In a recent interview, Sharpton came out stating he isn’t ruling out a 2020 run for President.

“I never rule anything out,” he said.

PJ Media reports:

If you’re still hoping for even more Democrats to join the already crowded clown car of 2020 candidates, you’re in luck, because Rev. Al Sharpton might be thinking about entering the race.

“I never rule anything out,” said Sharpton, adding that he isn’t currently exploring a run for the nomination.

Sharpton’s feeling about where the Democratic Party is in relation to Trump is no secret. This year, on a recent visit to the United Kingdom, Sharpton told the Guardian Trump would likely Keep America Great because Democrats are “too tame to deal with an untamed opponent.” And he’s run before, citing among other things, a need to insert his voice at a time where the party had seemed insincere about its declared direction. That year, he also gave one of the more memorable speeches at the 2004 Democratic convention, saying he ran in part to show poor children who grew up like he did that they can also run for president of the United States.

Those who run for President rarely admit it before making their announcement.

So the fact that he isn’t willing to rule it out it makes many believe he may actually jump into the race.

He does see himself as a leader after all.

And after having his own show on MSNBC, he clearly has a lot of Democrats who would support him.


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154 Responses

  1. Edward Osler says:

    Al Sharpton is thinking about running for President in 2020. Who would the VP be? AOC or the Grand Wizard of the KKK. That is like Hitler running for the Jewish vote. I have never read anything so stupid and idiotic in my entire life. Al is a race baiter, a hater of Whites and Jews, a man who would want to separate the USA into a true Civil War: Radical Blacks vs the White People of America. Of course, there are a lot of loony tunes “out there” who would vote for Al, but then the inmates would have truly taken over the asylum. We have enough idiots representing Congress (are you listening AOC and her Squad?). This lunatic owes back taxes and has committed so many crimes against humanity that when he dies he will have a free trip to Hell. He can run for President there. Now that would make more sense.

  2. Daniel from TN says:

    INTELLIGENT people care what Sharpton says because……………?

  3. Keith D says:

    Please AL run third party!!!! You can call the IDIOT ILLITERATE PARTY!!!!! MSDNC should really be proud of their “ANCHORS” like al and MADCOW!!!!!

  4. Couriggia says:

    I didn’t want to but Al Sharp?ton made me believe that he is a disruptive. self engrossed, blithering idiot!!!

  5. Eugene Patrick Clark III says:

    Sharpton’s “alleged” run for PRESIDENT would be the culmination of just how BIZARRE our CULTURE has become and how numb the collective mentality of our citizenry has regressed. NOT TO MENTION just how plain STUPID anyone could be to even entertain such a travesty !!!!!

  6. dan says:

    Was he born with that face or is it the result of an auto accident-no seat belt! True question?

  7. JJ says:

    GOOD!! Let Melon-head Sharpton run… hopefully as an independent… split the Dem sheep vote.

  8. Roy says:

    I just posted two comments and neither one of the two are posted, Why? Or are we just chicken
    to show them.

  9. The lynch mob is growing.

    • obie says:

      Black people know that Sharpton is no damn good lot of black folks are not going to vote for this scum bag they are on to him he’s not helping them he could care less

  10. Another Thurmond Relative says:

    I should have voted for him in the poll on this page, if only because I found out we are likely cousins due to familial ties to ‘ol Senator Strom Thurmond.

    So he’s a Black Agitator, huh? I thought he was the one who’s the TV Weatherman, for the longest time. When you’re used to seeing some old fat black guy, they all seem to look alike after they let all the “air” (fat) outta them.

    I dunno about ‘ol Al, but I bet that TV Weatherman could give Trump a run for his money.

    • John R Day says:

      Naah! Al is just what the Democrat party deserves.
      He would have nil chance to be elected dog catcher, altho Fakebook, Twister and other social media would all support him.

      • KATH says:


        • Michael Wimberley says:

          People need to stop calling this anti-white, anti-semetic hater “rev”. There is NOTHING reverent about this blow hard trouble maker. He just starts trouble to make money. He’s not for blacks, whites or anyone else. Only his WORTHLESS POS SELF!!!!!

        • dn says:

          George Soreass is his best friend!

  11. Hal G Lemoyne says:

    Do you think Barack Obama was the worst President in history??
    Absolutely with murderous lynden b johnson as very close 2nd

    whom give his ????’s up to have our late JFK assassinated

    and NOW WE USofA have the strongest & best US President

    WE USofA has ever had in our US Presidency

    ????????????TRUMPence2020???????????? successfully US Reelected assuredly
    Amen & Amen!!!

  12. Black African already know that Al Sharpton is interested to their money Not to them

  13. Yeah and he could have Jessie Jackson as his VP!! Oh Lord we would be in trouble. Never happen!

    • William Levi Havtawaite says:

      Just another clown trying to get in / on the CLOWN TRAIN to steal our money not a swinging dic- can give a straight answer to who is going to pay for all of their asinine monkey crap ideas from boobindope to the asinine idototic panel of four crooks who have a more dirty mouth than I do and I was in the service which everyone think that we are all dirty mouth

  14. Samuel says:

    Sharpton running for potus? This is proof that the Democratic party should be eradicated once and for all.

  15. Helene says:

    Who will be stupid to vote for Al Sharpon . The crook have no talent and took American money to give to the Islams Muslims to kill us . He is a traitor must be put in jail for 10 years.

  16. Richard Parker says:

    Sharpton you have the ability to do nothing. That’s what you been doing all your life. Lying and stealing is all you know to do. That’s why you will be at the gates of hell soon. You’re too stupid to be anything worth a damn. You can’t do good because your no good. Just a simple low life stealing from America and not worrying about doing the right thing. We will be glad when your last day on this earth is here.

  17. Corinne Loewy says:

    all sharpton is a racist idiot. I’ve met him several times while living in NY. He is only interested in himself and his platform which is dangerous. Get rid of the pig. corinne loewy

  18. Lynne says:

    Al Sharpton takes advantage of those who are not well informed about his background and political affiliation. He acts like a “snake in the grass”, quietly lying in wait for the next thing he can exploit. Americans are very tolerant of differing opinions, but I don’t think they will be tolerant of him as a presidential candidate.

  19. Irish Lad says:

    How about the 4 million dollar back taxes he owes. What a piece of dung he is. He should have been in
    jail years ago (along with hillary)

  20. Richard says:

    Are you kidding me?? Sharpton is an SOB that should be in jail!!

  21. Bill says:

    Old AL would fit right in with the rest of that mob of democrats all trying to see which one will lose to President Trump in 2020. We know, of course, old AL is just blowing smoke because he would be terribly embarrassed to find just how few people actually listen to or believe in him.

  22. dlmstl says:

    This is what passes for leadership on the lower, left hand side of the Bell Curve. Sharpie is just the latest Crown Prince for the race hustling, poverty pimp crowd.
    Then again they did come up with Kwanza, Ebonics and reparations,. And you wonder why so many AA remain stuck on the bottom rung of the socio-economic-cultural ladder?

  23. BigJoe says:

    Instead of calling this freak of nature out on his past actions, the rest of the democrats will kiss his ass on stage. That’s how pitiful the democrats are. The fact that this tax evading dirtbag is still breathing good air is a crime in and of itself. I hope when he finally does go, he suffers with the same pain he’s put the rest of us through all these years. I’ll be the first to piss on his grave.

  24. Joanna Johnson-Smith says:

    I don’t think many Black Americans would agree that Sharpton is the “Voice of Black America”. He is more like an embarrassment TO Black America. People need to stop trying to BE their voice. Let them alone to think for themselves, to evaluate how they will vote, how they will address crime in their neighborhoods, and build “Think Tanks” in their communities.

  25. Shelba says:

    If Sharpton wants to run for president he needs to pay his back taxes first

    • NavVet says:

      Wonder if California will let him on the ballot where as he did not pay his taxes. Any one wanna bet they do? I have a few thousand that says they will.

  26. Jesse says:

    Were he to run I do believe most Democraps would vote for Trump so not to see that BIGOT in the White House. Democraps won’t ask to see his tax returns since he has not been paying taxes at all. If he wanted to give America hope he would return the millions he has stolen with his LIES and leave America NEVER to return that would give all America something they would live to see.

    • Jim says:

      Not just that. People have voted in the “smooth talking fork tongue” Obama and were let down by another Democrat full of empty promises.
      I won’t vote for those liars n traitors.

  27. aj schure says:

    who!gonna be his vp tywanna b lying bitch ! or mayb louie farakan hate all the pale faces he has a slew of hopefulls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. PHIL DOAN says:

    How can he run for a Public or Government office when he owes all the taxes he has not paid for years and he is such a raciest and if he would get in office there would be NO UNITED STATES!!!!!

  29. Charles Harris says:

    I thought maybe Al was announcing that he was going to pay off his back taxes.
    Maybe a loan from the Clinton Foundation?

  30. James E. Shumer says:

    not even sure he is dead. It is not possible to trust anyone with all the rats scurrying for cover. He could be in protective custody. It would not be out of the question for he has/had information that could put away many very powerful people and the DOJ is not so stupid as they are being made out to be.

  31. Lisa Johnson says:

    That’s the Funniest yet Stupidest thing I’ve heard in the last hour! Like someone would vote in the tax Evading POS Racist into Any Government job!

    • William J Vital says:

      Look at the Anti-Americans who got voted into the HoR…

    • Mary says:

      He also went to Baltimore to to help Cummings out and he almost got thrown out on his butt. He was actually told to go back to NY and stay there. You come here defending Cummings and we in his district never see him. Blacks are learning that Rev. Al is nothing but an instigator.

  32. jane says:

    This black ape is just about as stupid as the wetback AOC is.

  33. Gun Nuts of America says:

    Sharpton would be a much better President than the mobster and serial sexual assaulter we have now.

    • Statesman Patriot says:

      You’re a looney lefty trill pretending to be a on the right with your moniker GunNuts of America!
      Easy to ID your kind!!

    • J says:

      We have a red flag issue right here. I sure hope his family is paying attention and the authorities to comrade gun nuts of America. Hey Comrade, do you need some mental help?

      • Gun Nuts of America says:

        Trump is known as Comrade throughout Russia, did you know that J?

        • Will T says:

          Well no nuts, if it ever actually came down to it, Russia does allow for at least some personal freedom and freedom of religion, etc. The owners of your DNC, in Beijing, do not.

          • Racists forTrump says:

            China owns Trump too, he already caved on the tariffs, and he is over his head with his insane mind compared the Chinese leaders running a smooth machine, as evil as it is.

          • Will T says:

            Hey Racist, I thought you were saying Trump was a Russian asset. You idiots can’t even keep your own lies straight.

          • Gun Nuts of America says:

            He is a Russian, Chinese, and North Korean asset nil Will, he is goes against our allies and sucks up to all our enemies, he is a freaking traitor and you know it if you have an ounce of honesty,

          • Will T says:

            That depends on what you consider “honesty”. I don’t think your delusions count.

    • Joseph Dominic Sanzo III says:

      you are a chooch.

    • Stan G says:

      Gun Nuts – This must be an old post. You are surely talking about Bill Clinton right? He and mobstress Hillary run the gang “ pay to play” Clinton Foundation. I don’t think Trump has had 56 friends “commit suicide”. Not only was Bill a sexual predator, but now might be a child rapist as well! Epstein’s painting of Bill in a blue dress and red heals is a bit disturbing. If President, Hillary would have sold the USA to Russia along with our Uranium

      • Gun Nuts of America says:

        Trump controlled the prison system and allowed Epstein to be strangled not self hanged. There should have been multiple people watching the creep Epstein. He was Trump’s buddy, you saw the tape Stan of them partying. Trump bragged about the orgy they had with 24 “women” and he knew Epstein liked them young. How would he know that? He also talked on Stern sexually about his own daughter when she was a teen. What disgraceful thug would do that? Dershowitz who now kisses Trump’s ass was on the island according to one of the women,. It all adds up, many big shots were there, especially Trump because he has worse morals than an alley cat, and no empathy being a sociopath which countless doctors have diagnosed as, and even the guy who really wrote the Art of the Deal expressed. Clinton had no power in that prison, perhaps he was on the island but Trump definitely was, he admitted to sexually assaulting numerous women and over 20 said that he assaulted them, including write E,J. Carroll, follow up on that story Mr. Know Nothing,

        • Will T says:

          Countless doctors? 3 or 4 that lack ethics in diagnosing someone they have never even talked to are too many for you to count? And Carroll’s interview on CNN was cut short because she was too much of a nutbag for even Cooper to cover for. And the few others, far less than the 20 you claim, were, as someone said about another group, all about the Benjamins. False accusations against wealthy men, by greedy women hoping to score a payday, are not at all uncommon. Only the few still ignorant enough to vote for Democrats would believe a word of that debunked garbage

    • you are really a stupid democrat or communist

  34. Theresa M Gorduyn says:

    Desperate times means these kinds of measures. This is just not even laughable. They’ve lost it.

  35. Jules says:

    Please Run this Race Baiting Moron and I Hope n Pray he’s the Demonrat Nomination because it proves President Trump will have guaranteed 4 more Years , Please Demonrats

  36. Truckman says:

    I don,t think that idiot is using what little brain he has what’s he going to say when hes asked what has he ever done to help the black people or anybody except for himself and he,s not going to be able to list anything he just needs to keep his mouth shut and fade away

  37. VN says:

    Who the HELL the bastard thinks he is?

  38. Ernest Warner says:

    I hope he does run so that he can see how unimportant he really is!

  39. Gary says:

    Now the Dems are really running scared……LOL

  40. Ch says:

    He must use vaseline for his hair, you know where he has been!
    He has been in for so long he is skin and bones and still just as stupid as always

  41. Loyd says:

    I really won’t add anything about A. Sharpton just about every one made the same comments that I would have put in print.

  42. Robert Beougher says:

    demms are so worried about Trump’s tax returns what about Sharpton’s hugh tax bill

    • Sharon Grizzard says:

      Sharpton would rather make trouble and keep blacks fighting with whites and Jews. He never pays his back taxes. How does he get away with it. Is it money?

    • George says:

      Sharpton’s huge announcement should be’; “I’m going to pay all my back taxes with penalties”.
      What a piece of work. just another worthless, clueless, criminal DemonRat.

  43. Al Sharpton is to poison as Donald Trump is to life.

  44. David O says:

    I hope the POS bastard runs and wins the nomination.

  45. 2WarAbnVet says:

    :”Al Sharpton just made a huge announcement that could change everything in 2020″!
    What an utterly ridiculous headline.

  46. Marshall Rosenthal says:

    The Hilldabeast is the Evil Genius behind all of this.

  47. Jim Bachtel says:

    He’s a pos, almost as bad as obummer!

  48. Dan Winright says:

    That’s quite the joke. But Sharpton isnt the greatest divide. That moniker belongs to obungler

  49. Charles Brown says:

    Why is Sharpton excused from back taxes???? I find it impossible to get an answer from ANYBODY!!!!

  50. Jack says:

    Rev. Al needs to craw back under the rock that is his home. He has never done anything but top people off.

  51. bagster53 says:

    just what we need another racist black idiot , worse then oboma , tax dodger and crook , no wonder the left love him , hay whites , yous ready to sit in the back of the bus ,

  52. Rod says:

    If Al Dullton were to run for the office of the Potus we would have to ask MLK to come back just to DEEEENOUNCE him. I think MLK would at least ask to be allowed to do it , to save black people from the shame!!!

  53. Donnie says:

    When is Al going to pay the 5 million in back taxes he owes.

    • Randall clark says:

      EXACTLY DONNIE!!! SHARPTON is a fake and a fraud, and a big fat liar!! I wouldn’t believe that man, if he told me he was black!!! AL SHARPTON, is EVIL, and ONLY looking out for AL SHARPTON!!!

    • JOHN P CATALANO SR says:

      Al was protected by his buddy obuma, POTUS knows he’s not going anywhere, but come 2020, will be entirely different.

    • Robert says:

      And the Penalties and Interest.

  54. Lucy says:

    So many of the Democrats I see running for President are running on straight EGO, nothing else. They can’t run their own lives well, much less run a whole country. People are beginning to realize that in President Trump, we have a person with great business background and instincts. There isn’t anything that he’ cannot handle, and when he gives an opinion, it always turns out that he’s right, even if it looks wrong at first. He’s got sharp instincts and is not afraid to handle big things, and he doesn’t back down. In other words, he’s a winner, not a loser, and he’s making us all winners. Which of the Democrats can hold a candle to him?

  55. ANI4ANI says:

    This Pekka head couldn’t get elected president of the Congo.

  56. Joe says:

    Run Al, spend that donor money. You’ll drop out faster Beat up O Rourke

  57. Jono says:

    I thought he was going to threaten to leave the country when President Trump is reelected!!! LOL

  58. Mary Johnson says:

    Al Sharpton is a criminal and belongs in jail. He is part of the deep state which is treason to have in this country.

  59. H Lee says:

    I do not care to hear anything that this tax evading POS al brawley sharpton has to say about anything. If he wasn’t black and a friend of obama’s he would be in jail for tax evasion. But since they were corrupt like the FBI, DOJ, BATFE etc. he does not need to b e concerned since he is a black democrat.

    • Richard J. Broye says:

      H Lee, WELL SAID! This POS needs to “Run for the Hills” AFTER Trump is re-elected! I have a good feeling these POS, especially those who like to RUN their mouths, will DEFINITELY be leaving the Country in November, 2020! When this POS goes to leave, GRAB his skinny ass and HOLD HIM in the same prison cell Epstein was in until he pays the US ALL of his back taxes with Penalties!

      • Chief Kickabitch of the Slap-a-hoe tribe says:

        Yes put him in the same prison cell as Epstein, maybe he’ll do the USA a favor and commit “suicide” too.

  60. Bill Littleton says:

    Al Sharpton is a phony facade and a total BS artist. He lacks character, ethics and hasn’t a shred of morality. He’s a pathetic excuse for a human being. Saying that Black people would support him is a joke. This article claims “his many followers on MSNBC” would support him!” What BS. Nobody watches MSNBC and the majority of Blacks in this country are smart enough to recognize Sharpton for what he truly is………A flim-flam artist and huckster!

  61. William E Mitchell Jr says:

    All I can say is hahahahaha.

  62. Lyudmila says:

    If Sharpton doesn’t rule it out, let’s rule it out we.

  63. jack says:

    what a racial slur that would present. there’s already too much, (although, untrue), going on in the party of the dimms.

    • Mike Otrok says:

      dimms? Is thut e newey werdy nah wun hasd dun heerd uf? You nneede tuh eety mo hamberders? YAY! I think it might be raining out. I’ll let you know when important updates are needed by your planet. Thank you for the bigly kittens.

  64. Walter says:

    That is an easy fix put him in jail for not paying his taxes and he is out of it lol

  65. Laurence Whitfield says:

    Free Al Sharpton

  66. Ernst says:

    Al Sharpton would be a great Democrat candidate for President. This would 100% assure a Trump win!

  67. SGT Preston says:

    The proper word here is not “sew”, but “sow”. Sew means to sew clothing, or a wound. Sow means to sow seeds, sow thoughts etc.

  68. Mike Otrok says:

    Trump doesn’t pay taxes. Eats hamberders. Has butt zits to pop off Ivanka’s ass.

    • Kerry Mehaffey says:

      I see your I.Q. test came back negative ……..again !

    • jack says:

      butt zitts, ain’t that what yur mammy raised you up on.

    • David says:

      Sounds like otrok getting ready to anounce his entering as a dem canidate for 2020

    • Sarah says:

      Hey Mike! You sound like your missing a few cogs on the wheel! Oh well, if you would venture to say what you did here, then we all know that you can’t think for yourself anyway.

      About now a one pound, hand formed, grilled beef hamburger with crispy bacon, cheese and grilled bun sounds great!! Thanks for the suggestion Mike!!

      Keep America Great AND Free!!
      President Donald J. Trump 2020!!????

  69. chris says:

    Lord have mercy Al Stupid back in the sixties I was around this idiot was backing the black panther riots in Ohio he is a preacher all right he preaches hate bigotry and is the biggest raciest in America what a idiot he is one who insights what is happening now for the love of money$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  70. Will T says:

    Looks like the devil’s ‘reverend’ is too old and senile to realize that of his old followers are now working, enjoying more money from the tax cuts and a sense of accomplishment that they never got from the Democrats. Hang it up Al, your 15 minutes ended long ago.

  71. Mike says:

    This should be on all tv’s.This guy is the joke of the century.One of or is the most racist black man in America.If you think Obama was bad .This guy would be monumental .

  72. Dave says:

    Wouldn’t that require “Good ol’ Al” to be current on his Taxes and then release them to the public? ROTFLMAO…

    He’s entirely too much hate for this country.

    • trapperwv1 says:

      He just wants to steal campaign money

    • Allan Terry says:

      Remember all those members of Congress (Jerry “The Penguin” Nadler and others) calling for Donald Trump to release all his tax documents for years much earlier than his term began? Trump should reply that he will do so when all the 2020 Democrat candidates have done the same. They can’t claim Executive Privilege. Bug that will never happen.

  73. libra says:

    If Al runs–it will be only that he wants to get his sticky mitts on campaign money. He is a joke as is the Tv. station who turns him loose on the viewing public. He is a liar and a tax cheat and a thief and a criminal. Just what the USA needs in the oval office for 8 years.

  74. Kevin O’Neil says:

    Why isn’t the IRS going after Sharpton, like they would with the rest of us???

  75. Rodney says:

    I bet Fat Al would love to erase his IRS debt without actually having to pay it off. Isn’t the Dimwit clown car full already?

  76. Dale says:

    Fu Al pay your taxes

  77. It’ll never happen. If it did, he go down in flames even worse Jesse Jackson.

  78. Raine says:

    He’s got to be kidding. Reading this made me lol, and that takes a lot!

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