Adam Schiff’s televised confession just confirmed every Trump supporter’s worst fear

Adam Schiff is one of Donald Trump’s biggest enemies in Congress.

Schiff has spent years trying to bring down Trump.

And now Adam Schiff’s televised confession just confirmed every Trump supporter’s worst fear.

Adam Schiff spearheaded the Russian collusion hoax.

And Schiff played a starring role in the Ukraine impeachment hoax.

Both of those witch hunts failed to end Donald Trump’s political career.

But Schiff is taking one more swing at Trump by serving on the January 6 Select Committee.

The Select Committee delivered a gut punch to Democrats and Never-Trumpers when Chairman Bennie Thompson admitted they would not make a criminal referral to the Justice Department against Donald Trump.

That led to a worry among Democrats and the Committee’s cheerleaders in the corporate-controlled media that the public would tune out the show trial hearings they still planned to hold.

Schiff tried to reassure worried leftists in an interview on CNN where he claimed – without citing any evidence – that the Committee had enough proof of Trump’s supposed criminal conduct that the Justice Department could indict him anyway.

“Our mission is to expose the facts to the public light about a plot to overturn a Presidential election, the first non-peaceful transfer of power we’ve had in our history, and prescribe remedies, legislative remedies to protect our country going forward. The principal mission of the Justice Department is to bring people to justice who break the law. We can make a referral, but of course, the Justice Department doesn’t sit around waiting for referrals from us, at least, they haven’t in the past. I hope they’re not simply waiting for us now. It’s their duty to follow the evidence and, if there are credible allegations of crime, to pursue them against anyone, including former Presidents,” Schiff began.

Schiff then hoped the Justice Department would act like a branch of government in a third world banana republic and charge Trump with a crime relating to him challenging the 2024 election.

“I certainly believe there’s enough evidence for them to open an investigation of several people, and so did Judge David Carter of California who believes the former President and others were engaged in likely multiple criminal acts. So if the Justice Department concurs with Judge Carter, let alone my own view or others, they should be pursuing that. So, yes, I think there is sufficient evidence to open an investigation. It would be up to the Justice Department ultimately to decide whether that evidence rises to proof beyond a reasonable doubt such that they’re comfortable indicting someone. But there’s certainly, in my view, enough evidence to open up investigations,” Schiff concluded.

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