Adam Schiff’s plan to impeach Trump just blew up in his face because of this text message

Adam Schiff thought all the pieces were in place for his master plan to remove Donald Trump from office.

But just as quickly as Schiff saw his plan come together, it collapsed.

And Adam Schiff’s scheme to impeach Trump just blew up in his face because of this text message.

Adam Schiff cherrypicked text messages between U.S. special representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker, Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor, and U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland to claim the Trump administration dangled a “quid pro quo” in the form of a White House meeting for the new Ukrainian President launching an investigation into Joe Biden.

Schiff posted text messages obtained from Volker and the media raced to claim they were the smoking gun that would end Trump’s Presidency.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

“Heard from the White House—assuming President Z convinces Trump he will investigate/”get to the bottom of what happened” in 2016, we will nail down date for visit to Washington,” wrote Kurt Volker, then the U.S. special representative for Ukraine negotiations. Mr. Volker testified before House lawmakers on Thursday and turned over the text messages to them.

The Zelensky aide, Andriy Yermak, wrote to Mr. Volker after the phone call to assure him that it “went well” and that Mr. Trump had asked Mr. Zelensky to choose dates for a visit. In the phone call, Mr. Zelensky had assured the president that Ukraine was “ready to open a new page on cooperation” after Mr. Trump requested that he investigate Ukraine’s role in the 2016 U.S. election.

A week earlier, on July 19, Mr. Volker texted Gordon Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union, as the two discussed preparations for the coming call and said: “Most impt is for Zelensky to say he will help investigation—and address any specific personnel issues.”

But — like every other Russian collusion and Ukraine whistleblower “bombshell” — this one turned out to be fake.

Volker’s testimony directly contradicted the incendiary claims made by Schiff.


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315 Responses

  1. Tony says:

    Trump needs to go into the Oval Office and address the Nation.. Not on tweeter or Youtube.. The Oval office is like a broadcasting studio… All the prior Presidents have done so why not him… Trump is an elected officical for the voice of the people.. Trump needs to address the nation on the Facts on what is going on in Washington DC… Good or Bad for him America has the right to know… Facts from him not no third hand story from the Media who’s telling America what to THINK… Let American’s decide for ourselves… This Government belongs to the People of The United States … The Criminal politicians need to be exposed.. Their names what they did how much they sold their positions for… It’s Our Government not theirs… Trump address the Nation we the People Decide what to do next not no Elected officials TRUMP WE ARE WAITING.. Remember you Work for us… That’s what most Politicians don’t want to hear…

  2. jack says:

    Pencil Neck Shifty Scheff should be charger with a attempted ” COUP ” against the President of The United States and treason !

  3. Paul W Hope says:

    All true American’s should have a accurate line moving forward. That’s just another piece of Schiff!

    • FRanco says:


      • Jean says:

        Although I agree that Adam Schiff & George Soros are both snakes, this is not true. Do some research, as I did. Adam Schiff doesn’t have a sister, first of all. Second, the woman Soros’ son was married to is a Melissa Schiff, but her parents & Adam Schiff’s parents are not the same people. Melissa Schiff’s family is from NY and Adam Schiff’s family is from CA. This was some “fake news” someone posted on the internet and lots of people reposted it thinking it was true. It is not true.

  4. On the voting page here asking if the ukraine scandal is fake or not , depends on the date is was asked to vote on, either the meddiling in the 2016 election ? no it was not fake, but schiff and the media want you to think it wasnt. for schiffs nit picking text messages and saying its a nail is fake. the part of voting needs to be written a different way touching on the dates inmention.

  5. Barry says:

    Adam schiff is a communist bastard. He needs to be dangling from an oak tree at the end of a rope along with Pelosi,Schumer,commey,crooked Hillary,and the rest of the communist bastards running for president in the so called democratic party.

    • bren says:

      VOTE RED …If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

      • Bobbie says:

        Bren, I totally agree!!!

      • Valli Neal-davis says:

        Absolutely there’s no doubt that we the people have to take America back and vote these evil treasonous traitors out of offices before they destroy our country and the freedoms we American citizens have this is all about politics and power these dirty treasonous democrats don’t give a dam about the American citizens and taxpayers. What have they done for the American citizens since being reelected for the American citizens except try to destroy and impeach our president and stop every good thing he has done for the American citizens.

    • Chenz says:

      Berry good for you We all feel the same
      way , only let’s gather them. All together
      Once convicted , they can all hang
      together. After the new tar-N-feathers party is thru with them of coarse !

  6. Desert Fox says:

    Adumb Schitt will get what he deserves right before election time…..Jail! But what he deserves for all of his treasonous lies is the firing squad. Bring back the good old punishment……..Line the whole list of sedtitionist, obstructionist, demented, dimwit, demoncrats against the wall and have some fun! And please make the lying DAGO (low class eyetalian) paloooooozi first.

    • Tempie Almstead says:

      Yes, return to the punishment of the past……a target shooter, that doesn’t miss!!!

      • Mike says:

        I don’t miss, can I do it with a smile on my face? I am a former Recon Marine.

        • 82nd Airborne vet says:

          Than you for your service Mike I to am former military as well. Staff Sargent 82nd Airborne Div . I like to line up a little bit down range ir perfect for the visual pink mist of you know what I mean. And I never miss either. Woo haa airborne all the way

          • D.A.N. says:

            Thanks to both of you from a former military dependent. And dad also taught me well.

          • Mark Spencer says:

            I think most if not all of the military, active, retired, and past veterans are able to see the evil that is trying to be forced on We The People. I myself am a retired Navy Corpsman. I am mostly puzzled about how the military is not standing up to all this evil. If they aren’t domestic enemies of the Constitution of the United States and that they are attacking our Commander In Chief, than I know nothing.

          • Jonathan Conover says:

            82nd I thought you had 3 more years before you could retire from the military. Anyway, thanks for your service.

    • Chenz says:

      Desert Fox ,, here’s the problem. There’s no way to convict them. The establishment republicans are not standing with us they are biparticommies!
      I have already called my. Represenative

      In a news letter he says better things to do than partison bickering! My reply was we Virginians don’t onsider false impeachment as
      bickering to us! I think it’s time for a 60 million man march!

  7. Don says:

    When are the voters is CA going to realize that Waters, Pelosi, and Shifty Schiff need to be replaced with someone who “knows” at least the “difference between “right and wrong”. These Damocrips are not doing “anyone’ any good at all and “they” need to be the ones on the streets of LA!

    • Flotmorton P Gildersleeve says:

      The sooner Adam Schitt is in federal prison the better.

    • jsooz says:

      We keep trying, but not enough R’s yet. We are still too infested with dems, illegals voting, and voter fraud. I have faith that we will someday soon have enough sane voters on our side to take back our state.

  8. Cowgirl Diva says:

    The only part of the Ukraine scandal that’s not FAKE is the role the DEMONCRAPS….specifically the Bidens, Clintons, Obamas are guilty of orchestrating….that’s real….!!

    The rest is just more of the COUP to overthrow a legally elected President of the United States known as OPEATION CROSSFIRE HURRICANE…!! We the People are sick and tired of the way President Trump is being trashed by the insane left…!! We the People are fighting back NOW….!! God Bless President Trump….God Bless America….MAGA2020….!!

  9. Joz Lee says:

    kangaroo * democrat donkey court, behind closed doors, hiding, ”cherry picking” what will serve them to incriminate Trump but not incriminate any criminal Democrats involved…. like this? eh?

    Biden’s Son
    Nancy’s Son, Jr
    Romney’s Son
    John Kerry’s Son…….
    Hillary’s unSon Chelsea *****The daughter of two people who used to be some of the most powerful and corrupt folks in America.
    If you listen to Chelsea Clinton speak, you might wonder if she’s capable of surviving a fourth-grade Language Arts class. She’s not impressive. But that hasn’t stopped Chelsea Clinton from landing a string of extremely high paying “jobs” through the course of her “career.”
    Oh Oh Oh
    Schiff’s Son?he’s too young, but ?Schiff is stashing funds for his son’s future by Ukraine profits? that’s why he’s doing what he’s doing? wow!

    • Bobbie says:

      Love your comments… especially Hillary’s unSon Chelsea. All so amazingly, I believe truth!!! But still hilariously humorous. Listen, we’ve got to laugh about this wickedness in high gear. If not we would cry our eyes raw.

      Keep Praying there is still Great hope for America. We are better than ever before because today we are wide awake and we are not stupid. We know how to fight like our 45-POTUS is fighting for us. We will always be greater than ever before as long as we keep Almighty GOD first and esteemed highly. Blessings to you and Keep Believing in H.I.M. Almighty GOD in 3 persons. Amen? Share the great news… And VOTE POTUS 45 FOR 2020 elected President of the USA 20-24…. SaintBobbie Keep Praying and Don’t STOP!!! I. Thessalonians 5:17

  10. Guess says:

    I had an interesting question go through my mind, which is. When all said and done if and when the Democrats face the Justice system for their wrongdoing, how many of them will die by the Clinton’s Suicide Technique, you know, the unwilling assisted suicide?
    I sincerely hope none

  11. Bobi says:

    The word “Sh*t in the dictionary should be made synonymous with “Schiff” for example: ” Boy, that’s a bunch of Schiff!” “No Schiff”! ” What a pile of Schiff!” Adam should absolutely go DOWN in history!

  12. Ernst says:

    Democrats are using the phony impeachment based on the nonexistent “quid pro quo” as an excuse for a fishing expedition, hoping to find at least something. This really is criminal conduct and is very damaging to the US. House Democrats should be passing legislation like the USMCA which will benefit all America.

    • reconviper1 says:

      Same thing they pulled with the special council and “Russian collusion”. All the demonrats want is power by any means. They don’t care about working for the good of the people. Ever wonder how they go into congress poor and come out stinking rich?

      • CHARLES M COLSON says:

        Gee. The Democrats are the only ones in Congress who are getting rich. Do you really believe that. Politicians vote for their own pay raises. In my opinion, that is about the only thing that both sides agree on. The only reason why I read “Patriot Pulse ” is for a good laugh. Like so many other “news” sources, they are pro Republican, or pro Democrat, or neutral (which is rare). Wake up people. Our worthless politicians are only out for themselves regardless of what happens to our country. Quit reelecting the worthless politicians.

        • Chenz says:

          Colson the difference in. Media!.
          The left, twist n spin!.
          The right have documentation!
          Suggest you listen to wmal, or read washington times.

        • marleen davis says:

          Then help with the term limit initiative. Work for it, donate to and change the way these politicans profit from their ill gotten riches. That is the way you can help stop this insanity instead of just complaining about it. So many people only do one of two things: 1) Complain and do nothing Or 2) Put it on Ignore and still do nothing. Be an Advocate for our Republic, Get the Term Limits initiated and then you can vote after doing sound research and voting in the best we can. Stop Complaining, Do the right thing and make American Greater and stop these political theives and greedy Media Jerks.

        • the blind leading the blind: Mitch McConnell has been made rich by the coal industry in Kentucky and he supports further pollution of our enviornment with coal and the miners know that coal mining is a dead industry. The Republicans are just as guilty and probably more so since they favors the rich as Mr. Trump who does care for the poor. Jesus would certainly not approve of his policies or behavior yet you faithful loyalists would rather worship him than the true God. In the light of the Scriptures, Mr. Trump will be held accountable for the divisiveness and hatred he has stirred up in our country.

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            Talk about blind, there’s no one so blind as he who will not see. That’s YOU Joseph – you and your ilk. You know, the radical fascist/communist left. They’re the ones responsible for the division in this country. They’re the ones always screeching racism while actually being more racist than anyone on the right. They’re the ones who would tax the working people to death while giving the lazy, good for nothing morons everything for free. They’re the ones that would restrict and burden businesses until they move out of the country or fold thereby destroying the economy. They’re the ones using violence and destruction against anyone who disagrees with their blatant fascism and totalitarian agendas. Don’t assume God is on your side Joseph. You will find out in the near future God does NOT side with false Christians. Oh, I almost forgot about the hundreds of thousands of babies the communist left murders every year. I suppose you think God approves of that too. Maybe your god Satan does, but I can assure you, the True God doesn’t.

          • Pamela says:

            Joseph, it would appear you do not Jesus Christ ( God in the flesh). Do you not know what is going on here? There is nothing happening now that our Lord has not deemed to happen. Just remember that each of us will be held accountable in the end. Christ Jesus will rule one day.
            I do hope you are reading His word, You will see that God almighty is in control and nothing happens without is approval. I pray for you, that you will have understanding of his word.

          • prove me wrong ! says:

            Wow!!! Your comments suggest all DEMO-C-RATS are poor !!! Which is another falsehood they spread !!! The DEMO-C-RAT party has always raised many millions more than G.O.P. in big part due to George ” SORASS” SOROS !!! So now you HIPOCRIT DEMO-C-RATS are condemning Trump by spinning the BIBLE against him.??? At least Trump made his millions by capitalism &not by Coercion with other world governments like O’slima, O’biden, O’hillary, O’holder !!! Check out SORASS history in Hungary during war with Germany ,how he rated out his own people &turned them over to NAZI’S !!! GO back & take a long look at who is doing the real HATERED. against Trump G.O.P. Congress people ,Christians,!!! Your own DEMO-C-RAT Congress people demonstrate much HATE every day !!! Don’t ever call DEMO-C-RATS DEMO’C’RATIC,, 2 entirely different words &meaning !!! Let’s all remember what happened to O’hillary when she demeaned COAL MINORS !!!WOW !!!

        • Daniel Brofford says:

          I think people on both sides of the aisle are crooked Charles. I think if they were to investigate 500 out of the 535 would be guilty of selling their votes. That is why so many Democrats and rinos both are against Trump. He is trying to change the way business is done in DC. We need term limits but how do we get it done when they are the ones who have to do it? We must pray and trust in God to help us.

          • Daniel Brofford says:

            Very well said Mark. I started to respond to Joseph but I read your post first and you did a great job. You talk about a comprehension problem. They profess to be wise but became fools. How do you tell someone when everything is out there for all to see & hear but yet they blame it on the other side ????. When people choose to be blind how do you open there eyes. I believe if this country falls and people are eating out of garbage cans people like Joseph will Blane it on the wrong people. There is no hope for these types of people. Hopefully there is not as many of them as what it seems. We will see next Nov.

        • Matk says:

          That’s why i voted for Thrump!
          He is a business man!
          And now he is taking care of business!

      • Hillary lost, get over it says:

        Somehow, we need to DEMAND investigations into EVERY SINGLE ONE. All in congress, past and present, to find out just how they got all this money. If they did it legally, fine. But, then we need to close the loopholes so they cant make millions after serving a few years. And if we find they broke laws, Gitmo here we come. I am sick of them passing laws, that they do not obey. Like the Obamacare act. Oh, it’s so great for you guys, your gonna love it. Keep your doctor, no problem. But we arent going to have Obamacare for us. We will have our platinum care, because, well, we are better than you. Bullschitt.

      • Bobbie says:

        same old crap and dish water soup!!! B O R E D O M NOTHING BURGER MADE OF DIRT MUD.

        VOTE TRUMP 45TH POTUS IN 2020. Without a dot he is the besg

    • SandyJ says:

      Just think how much better off we’d be if these criminal democrats put their energy into something that would help the country rather than their craziness.

      • rather how much would our country be better off if Mr. Trump was not in the Oval Office – FBI reports an increase in hate crimes since he took office, KKK and Neo-Nazi hate groups support him, he, himself, stated there are some good Nazi – tell that to a Holocaust survivor. Hitler and Stalin executed any member of the press who disagreed with their policies, Trump insults them – what is next their execution? According
        to Madaeline Albright attacking the press, democratic institutions such as FBI, DOJ, and stirring up fear, anger, hatred, violence and racism are all signs we are leaning towards a fascist form of government. So keep on being loyal to the next Hitler. Jesus would not approve of his policies nor his behavior. He has no morals and betraying our Kurdish allies is the epitome of stupidity and pride.

        • Mark Hopkins says:

          You’re an absolute moron Joseph. Almost all you just spouted off can be applied to the communist left. You know nothing about foreign policy and who is and isn’t a true ally. Take your moronic ideas and stick em you know where, communist idiot.

        • prove me wrong ! says:

          Wow!!! Your comments suggest all DEMO-C-RATS are poor !!! Which is another falsehood they spread !!! The DEMO-C-RAT party has always raised many millions more than G.O.P. in big part due to George ” SORASS” SOROS !!! So now you HIPOCRIT DEMO-C-RATS are condemning Trump by spinning the BIBLE against him.??? At least Trump made his millions by capitalism &not by Coercion with other world governments like O’slima, O’biden, O’hillary, O’holder !!! Check out SORASS history in Hungary during war with Germany ,how he rated out his own people &turned them over to NAZI’S !!! GO back & take a long look at who is doing the real HATERED. against Trump G.O.P. Congress people ,Christians,!!! Your own DEMO-C-RAT Congress people demonstrate much HATE every day !!! Don’t ever call DEMO-C-RATS DEMO’C’RATIC,, 2 entirely different words &meaning !!! Let’s all remember what happened to O’hillary when she demeaned COAL MINORS !!!WOW !!! Seams to me after reading a lot of Trump HATERS comments they have misplaced real reasons for ANTIFI, BLACK LIVES MATTER, DEMO-C-RAT CONGRESS PEOPLE, VERY FAKE NEWS MEDIA,ETC. ETC. ETC .!!!

        • D.A.N. says:

          You can’t trust the FBI until you root out all the crooks that went in under Obama. They ran illegal spying operations and looked the other way when Biden extorted Ukraine. As for the Kurds, how many lives of US military people do you want to lose. Are you willing to go there and fight the Turks yourself?

    • Bobi says:

      My accessment EXACTLY!
      If I were in charge, and of course I’m not, I would take this to court. Let it go to the SCOTUS.

    • wesley caperton says:

      Adam SCH*T and his sex starved Nancy “P” are seriously thinking about running for Pres an VP.

  13. Alaska Woman says:

    The fed has always wanted a sales tax.
    Trump created on — increased tariffs.

    • RR says:

      Tariffs used to be how the treasury took in money, before there was an income tax, BTW. It’s not new. And every country has tariffs against us so trying to make it an even plying field and if it’s too expensive to buy imported goods, we’ll buy U..S. Goods.

    • SandyT says:

      You really should know what you’re talking about before opening your mouth and inserting your foot.

  14. Norman Keene says:

    New name for the Democratic Party: Nazi Regime note there is no racism involved. Read about what the German High command did to the people!

    • Trump is supported by KKK and Neo-Nazi hate groups and he said there are some good Nazi. He is leading our country to a fascist form of government. I think it was Elie Weisel, a former concentration camp victim, who said: first they came for union members, then clergy, then Jews, then gypsies and finally they came for me. I have never experienced so much hatred and divisiveness in our country since he took office. He does not deserve my or any other Americans respect because he does not respect the Constitution, veterans, women, Muslims, Mexicans, the poor and demands total loyalty as if he were God who does not approve of his policies or behavior – read the Bible so your eyes might be open.

      • Mark Hopkins says:

        You’re not only a false Christian, you’re an absolute liar. I’ve read the Bible front to back and what it says applies directly to the communist left. You swallow communist lies like a pig to slop. You’re a complete waste of space and an enemy of the Constitution and our freedom. You’re a demonized proselytizer for the totalitarian communist left.

      • ih8reps says:

        How Do You Get A## Breath?
        # You Lick Putin’s Brown Eye!
        Ever See Melania Kiss Cheeto-Man?
        I Think Not!

      • Mark says:

        I read the bible every day.
        And what you are saying is total

      • prove me wrong ! says:

        Look who ran GM out of FLINT MI.,LANSING MI. SAGINAW, MI. DETROIT MI.& many other Cities in the U.S.A. you won’t like what you’ll find out!!! The Fabulous U.A.W. who is OWNED by DEMO-C-RATS, who are OWNED by YES you GOT it GEORGE SORASS !!! I know this I have lived in FLINT,MI. area over 40 yrs !!! Again you don’t your history the K.K.K. we’re &still are DEMO-C-RATS WOW do some learning UP please before your HATERED boils you UP !!!

  15. Mike Flanagan says:

    But according to the treaty that Clinton signed it is the President’s job to route out corruption and ask for help from the President of the Ukraine for help. If Biden is the corruption so be it. here read it.:
    Joe Biden Turning His Quid Pro Quo into an Obama Scandal?
    “They were walking out to a press conference. I said, nah, … we’re not going to give you the billion dollars. They said, ‘You have no authority. You’re not the president—the president said’ … I said, ‘Call him.’ I said, ‘I’m telling you, you’re not getting the billion dollars.’ I said, you’re not getting the billion. … I looked at them and said, ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.’ Well, son of a b—-. He got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time.”

    US and Ukraine Treaty doc 106-6, signed by then President Bill Clinton with then Senator Joe Biden voting to ratify contains the following:
    “The Treaty is self-executing. It provides for a broad range of cooperation in criminal matters. Mutual assistance available under the Treaty includes: taking of testimony or statements of persons; providing documents, records, and articles of evidence; serving documents; locating or identifying persons; transferring persons in custody for testimony or other purposes; executing requests for searches and seizures; assisting in proceedings related to restraint, confiscation, forfeiture of assets, restitution, and collection of fines; and any other form of assistance not prohibited by the laws of the requested state. I recommend that the Senate give early and favorable consideration to the Treaty and give its advice and consent to ratification.”


    • 82nd Airborne vet says:

      Mike Flanagan excellent job. That my fellow Patriot was perfect stated that was picture perfect. God bless you my man

      • BORN AGAIN says:

        Sounds to me like they HAVE to identify the “NO WHISTLE BLOWER”, Whistle Blower. I would make a bet and not be afraid of the bet that it is just protection from Democrats only because it will implicate their inside plan for impeachment, with no substantiated evidence other than HATE for President Donald J. Trump. It would not surprise me at all if it was Schiff himself that mastered the entire plot of lies. I absolutely believe that is where the “THERE” is. (Shifty Schiff)

    • reconviper1 says:

      Mic drop, my friend. Well said, Patriot.

      • Hillary lost, get over it says:

        But the dems will say that because Clinton did the signing, it’s only for democratic presidents. They are traitors to the USA, and should be dealt with accordingly.

    • Ms. Munchkin says:

      And this is EXACTLY WHY what the Democratic party is currently attempting constitutes TREASON! They are preventing a duly elected President from performing his sworn duties!

    • D.A.N. says:

      Only one problem there Mike. Clinton did not sign the agreement. That was Al ( I invented the internet ) Gore. Clinton signed the cover letter that sent it to the Senate for the ratification vote. But it is a legal binding treaty despite what people like Schiff tries to frame the phone call as.

  16. JJ says:

    And you are nothing more than a sodom repository for the Dems. Keep getting packed boy.

  17. Racists for Trump says:

    You right wingers are either evil, stupid or brainwashed or a combination of those three options. There is no other possibility. You are all ignorant, you never read a book or a scholarly article, you just listen to Fox and right wing radio nuts like Limbaugh and Levin, now there are two evil thugs like Trump. Trump is a lifelong mobster/creep, bashing a teacher, draft dodging, blowing 225 million has father gave him, not paying taxes, only candidate in 50 years not showing tax returns, an even under audit they can be shown, what happened to those multiple lies. Trump is up to about 11000 lies as President, ran scams like Trump U, lost over 1000 lawsuits ripping off people in real estate, his scams, and his sexual assaults. He is famous for not paying employees and banks and how many bankruptcies did he declare? He has friends like the NYC mafia, Jeffrey Epstein, bragged on Stern he entered the Miss Teen girls’ dressing rooms. How many more mistakes, sins, acts of vengeance, treason, insults, whining, blaming, firings and not hiring countless open positions. He has cheated on all three wives numerous times, endangering them with STD’s, even after they gave birth. He has ridiculed our allies, the handicapped, people of color, people who are not Christian while sucking off Putin and Kim. He admires dictators, because he is a dictator wannabe who has talked about being one in our country, for life. If there is an anti-Christ it is Donald J. Trump. Finally he clearly is a traitor, he will do anything to satisfy his vengeance, greed, lust and power, don’t be surprised if he has ordered hits on people in real estate, 8 Russians he had dealings with have disappeared. Read about that instead of the bull crap Benghazi which 7 investigations weren’t enough while one of the Russians invading our election was too many for you right wing scum. Mueller has 10 obstruction of justice charges, almost every prosecutor says they are a slam dunk to prove if he wasn’t President. His campaign had 271 known contacts with the Russians, just what is wrong with you people. Yes you are sick cultists.

    • Texas Belle says:

      I think all of your comments could be applied to many Democrats, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, Clapper, Pelosi, Schiff, Jerry Nadler, McCabe, Strozk, Paige, Schumer, and the list goes on. You seem to be as full of hate as most of them are.

      • KATH says:


        • Racists for Trump says:

          Everything I wrote is true and you know it.

          • Rosann says:

            you are brain DEAD

          • Rod says:

            You like the COMMIECRATS that head up your political whoredom have all the HONOR AND UP STANDING MORAL VALUES OF A FIFTH LEVEL PARKING GARAGE PREVIOUSLY OWNED CONDOM!

          • reconviper1 says:

            Only in your own mind. I pity you.

          • RUTH says:

            I think racist for Trump should go to another country he doesn’t like this one because he is living in a hole…and can’t see out of it. I could name just as many things that Obama done or Clinton . you have so much hatred ..I don’t think even prayer will help you…you are too too far gone over the deep should think the Good Lord that he let you wake up this morning….

          • jw says:

            You’re sniffing Schiff where the sun doesn’t shine , there Racist for Trump

          • InTheKnow327 says:

            No, everything you wrote is a tantrum, and none of your accusations are true. Let’s start with an easy one: “Trump has never paid taxes.” Obama was in office during the campaign. The IRS was under his administration – the same IRS that illegally used its powers to interfere with right-wing organizations. Does anyone think for ONE INSTANT that if Trump was dodging his tax obligations (or had done so in the previous decade) that he would not have been prosecuted? You and I know the IRS put Trump’s taxes under an electron microscope and found nothing was wrong. You go on and on with one hysterical false statement after another, but any rational person can see it for what it is: hysteria borne of hatred, because you already know your party is going to lose the presidency. Again.

        • Hillary lost, get over it says:

          Oh, I can hardly wait until his 2020 victory. I am hoping to see some of these losers jump out of buildings. Screaming at the sky. It sends shivers down my spine. There will be enough tears to fill a lake. Oh, the fun that’s going to be. I pray well get it on tv so we can watch over and over again. Be able to see the splat in 4k high definition, see heads exploding, with absolutely no brains inside. Wonder what the scientists will say as to why theres no brains in most liberals heads. Then, about 30% will have Schitt in their cranial cavity. I wonder, is that why they have Schitt for brains?

      • Racists for Trump says:

        You know you cannot deny what I wrote Ms. Texas and isn’t true of any Democrat. or even any Republican, I wouldn’t and couldn’t say this about McCain, Romney, Reagan or even Nixon

        • John says:

          The REAL corrupt thieves are the ones that want to get rid of the 2nd Amendment for law abiding American citizens. That’s the definition of the democrap party! Your party gay lifed and aborted all of their future voters away, and now want to let stupid illegal aliens into this country to vote democrap! Don’t try to tell me who the low lifes are!

      • Debra says:

        Texas Belle, amen sister. That’s exactly what I thought.

      • SandyJ says:

        Truer words were never spoken, and don’t forget Mad Maxine. She’s the worst of the worst. Such an honor.

    • Pat says:

      Blah, blah, blah. Where’s all your proof, leftie?

    • Ms. Munchkin says:

      Let us start with a few facts. I happen to have several degrees., an IQ than rivals Einstein and am a retired college professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry. I am FAR from stupid or retarded. What I am is AWARE of the corruption within the Democratic party. I have been around long enough to have been personally witness to the exact same chain of events occuring in other counties and have seen the outcome. YOU may be naive and believe that the Democrats want only good things for YOU and the rest of the country, but this is NOT the case. This IS A FULL SCALE TAKE OVER! It will happen slowly, but it will happen. They will take away all our weapons, slowly strip us of our rights, make us more and more dependent on them until, before you realize it, they are controlling every aspect of your life. THEY will have all the power, all the money, all the control. YOU will be living in a DICTATORSHIP! YOU WRONGLY THINK TRUMP IS THE PROBLEM, Honey, he is the only thing standing between us and total destruction at the hands of the Democrats! WHY DO YOU THINK THEY HAVE BEEN FIGHTING SO HARD TO GET HIM OUT? It started with Obama. His movement to get so many Muslims into the country! Think about what happened on 9-11, what President in his right mind would want so many unvetted Muslims in America after such a horrific attack unless the ultimate goal wasn’t nefarious. And yes, it is a matter of record that the majority were unvetted. Why was Hillary Clinton so SURE she was going to win in 2016, if it hadn’t been pre-planned and fixed? YES, she was the one with “something in the works” with that election. And that is why so many people have died over her scandals. Not just the emails, or Benghazi. It all ties to the planning for that election. It had been in the works for years. The Democrats only care about gaining POWER! Neither you or your concerns matter to them. You will go down with the rest of us once they are in power again, mark my words!

      • Tony says:

        MS Munchkin… In all wars and resistance in many cases it was the common freedom fighters that sacrificed all that they had.. Thats history… That many will not allow America to go down with out a FIGHT… Yes it could and will be a blood bath… Hope that’s not the case…. However a few Politicains do not and will never tell AMERICANS how to live. Interesting times for sure…. With over 300.000.000. Americans in this country those few HACKS in DC should think… I don’t care whos who what party what agenda… If it’s not for our nation…. THEN LET THE GAMES BEGIN…They can’t hide they are in the cross hires.. Americans know where they live, know their families, know when they sleep.. Not a treat but FACT…….

        • r w says:

          My bet is most of the blood will be the traitor democrats and their lemmings!

        • Hillary lost, get over it says:

          Tony, Ms Munchkin is 100% correct. If you think small arms are going to go against military weapons, think again. After 8 years of Obama, you can bet your bottom dollar, there are as many “bad guys” in the military as are “good guys”. The dems will whittle away at the second amendment, not because they are afraid of us. It’s so that when they gain control, there wont be a bunch of resistance cells, causing problems. We had better take heed, because what Ms Munchkin said, is coming to fruition, whether you believe her or not.

      • Racists for Trump says:

        You can be a paragraph together but I doubt any science degree because you aren’t thinking logically. Republicans have all the money and power in this country, big business controls everything, money does, and the wealthy people in the world are conservatives who want everyone else busting their back just to survive so they can have more Munchkin. If Clinton was destined to win you would have, big business and Russia wanted the mobster Trump to win. The election was fixed. Basically, you are a Trump cultist and lunatic.

        • Ms. Munchkin says:

          Says the guy who has yet to give one single shred of evidence to any of his outrageous claims. Also the guy who can’t seem to form a cogent thought. And perhaps you could explain how one can “be” a paragraph together? ALSO, THE FACT THAT YOU DISAGREE WITH ME DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY MEAN THAT I AM THE ONE THINKING ILLOGICALLY. That hypothesis is flawed at best. You see, the subject matter, in and of itself is subjective, therefore no definitive conclusions can be drawn. Each person is entitled to their own opinion, this isn’t a case of either/or, rather it is a case of opinion. I don’t happen to care what your opinion is, I have my own! You THINK TRUMP IS evil because he isn’t doing things your desired way. Yet when the Democrats did the exact same thing, trying to force Ukraine to investigate Trump, even dangling large sums of construction monies that were promised then held up until Ukraine would “play ball” that was completely acceptable to you people. Do you not see your party’s own hypocracy? AND WHAT THEY DID CONSTITUES TREASON! No, it only matters when someone you dislike does it. And you hate anyone who disagrees with your point of view. And despite the popular attitude, you people are afraid of us, because we are smarter, we have seen more, done more and know more than all of you Democrats combined.

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            Ms. Munchkin seldom have I seen such a level of intelligence displayed as I have in your posts. I applaud you. Unfortunately I believe it’s wasted on “liberals”. They have proven, in my opinion, they cannot understand truth or wisdom and have no desire to learn anything beyond their limited emotions. Keep posting though, it’s good to read the truth.

          • seeking dirt on your opponent to secure your reelection is against the Constitution – our founding fathers did not want any involvement by foreign powers – because England tried to dictate to our colony. Yes, what he did was treason and why is he prohibiting any of his staff from testifying – what does he have to hide?

          • Mark Spencer says:

            Joseph, you sure you want to mgo there? Do you seriously think that none of your demoncrat idols have never dug up dirt on their opponents when they were seeking re-election and that they were as pure as driven snow? If you believe that, I’d be glad to sell you the London Bridge, cheap. Remember, he who lives in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks. Better still, as the Lord stated, “He who is without sin cast the first stone.”

          • r w says:

            You can’t reason with an idiot (racist for Trump). The traitor will find our soon enough it was on the wrong side of history! When Trump wins again, I am having a huge laugh at the idiot Democraps party!

          • Rod says:

            Ms M, Nothing I like better than a smart woman!!!!! Your answers to that COMMIECRAT are right on target.
            The plan was 8 years of Obama to be followed by 8 years of Clinton.
            That would have allowed the Demo
            craps to stuff the SCOTUS and rip the CONSTITUTION TO SHREDS.

          • Hillary lost, get over it says:

            Ms Munchkin for house or senate. You have a beautiful way of putting things. So intelligent. Just what this country needs, in such dire times. I agree with Mark Hopkins. I love to read what you write.

        • ja says:

          lol keep drinking the kool aid kiddo. snowflakes are about to melt son.

        • Payriot says:

          Racists for Trump
          Let’s go back in time to 1968, 52 years.
          Since then they have held the Presidency 32 of those years.
          Since that time between Congress and Senate they have 40 years of control.
          Now I don’t have nor do I need no stinking degree to do 1st grade math, to figure out that the party with the most control has most of the power will have most of the corruption, as you can see it just doesn’t add up against the Democrats party.
          What we see today is in direct connection to the control, power, corruption the Republican party so desperately needs to remain in the set up for the one World Order.
          Also in the year 2000 and 2016 they needed the Electorial College Vote in order to win.
          No one can ever make me believe that they have America’s best interests in mind.
          Every Tax cuts since Reagen over 80% of cuts has gone to the top 10% of our population, that alone is not economic prosperity for the most of the population, it is and remain to be that which Leeds to massive INEQUALITY and OPPRESSION of Americans.
          Over 35% of American citizens are on some sort of government assistance not because they want it but because of oppressive policy’s set forth upon us from the radical right.
          Most all Americans only desire to work and contribute too the greater good of the country but it’s hard to do when wages have been stagnated for 40 years I made over 17.50 per hour in the 80s company paid insurance retirement pension we used to call it the American Dream that’s when America was Great.
          Since Reagen and every Republican since it has only meant Death And Dispair.

          • Hillary lost, get over it says:

            Patriot, hate to rain on your parade, but, most companies, big companies, are ran by liberals. So if you have a problem with wages, I dont believe the President of the United States has anything to do with that. You ain’t too bright, are ya? And what, pray tell, is a patriot? We know you idiots on the left love to riot, but…

        • George says:

          Racists for Trump, pull your head out buddy, name calling is a lazy way of avoiding having to defend your argument. Donald Trump is not a racist, give me one instance where he demonstrated that. I support him because he’s actually doing his job, what the hell are the Democrats doing? Absolutely nothing, look at states that are primarily Democrat, what do you see? Corruption! The American people like what the president has accomplished, that’s why he will be reelected, and that’s why we’ll win the house back too!

      • John Doering Sr. says:


      • Cindi says:

        Does no good to say anything to these crazy people ,they are delusional liveing in a fantasy land ignoring facts because it does not suit their likeings.they don’t stop to pay attention to anything.they got one track minds brain washed by fake news plots from their fearless leaders repeatedly placeing fictional narratives as facts because if they say it over and over again maybe it will come true. It still baffles me how these folks cheer them on 78% more taxes there crowd goes wild,take your protections dismantal the constitution the very thing that protects them from a corrupt goverment they cheer it on killing innocent babies oh they cheer that to but mark my words when all the crap hits the fan and we have to defend this country and our rights this pansy and all that votes and agrees with their fearless leaders will he the ones running around scwalling because the very thing they cheering and fighting over now is not going to suit them then. So it does no good to talk to these idiots.
        WE THE PEOPLE who have morals and values and love our freedoms and god given rights it will be us who in the end has to stand up and clean up the mess these people create with their nonsense. I would not waist my time with this joker let this individual pretend to know what they talking about
        Maybe whom ever it may be will stop stalking sites trying to create a problem right.have a great day

        • Patriot says:

          The fact remains the Germans fully supported HITLER only to see their country destroyed, they also prayed to God to protect him.
          And as for praying to God I’m sure the Jews prayed like no one has ever prayed before, just remember all that praying did them absolutely no good, so you must ask yourself where are all these GODLY MIRACLES all you people talk about cause I just don’t see them.

          • reconviper1 says:

            You have the wrong name there, sparky. Should be “traitor” or “bigot”. That’s why Hitler’s own people tried to kill him, huh?

          • Roger Reece says:

            Check some history FACTS. At its maximum, German Nazi Party membership was less than 20% of the population. In all contested elections before 1933, Hitler and his Nazi Party polled only about a third of the votes cast. However, that made them a “PLURALITY” (NOT majority) winner giving them the most seats in the Reichstag and then they took control of the government. The only serious “contender” was the German Communist Party, polling about 20%. The streets of every major city in Germany were constant battlegrounds of Nazi SA and Communist street thugs, very much like today’s Democrat Party “Antifa”. The only difference is the “uniform” Instead of brown shirts, jackboots and swastika armbands, Antifa thugs wear masks, work boots and (frequently) red armbands very much like the Communist League thugs of the same era.

          • Ms. Munchkin says:

            Usually, I am a woman of science, but yes, I have a spiritual side also. I believe God answers all prayers, it is simply that, sometimes, the answer is NO! As in science, if we had no failures, how would we appreciate the successes? There must be balance in the world in order to teach us to to appreciate both the good and the bad. If the world were always a perfect place, a utopia, what a boring world it would become. We would not know true joy and happiness, true sorrow or fear. Our emotions would be flaccid. We would be emotionless. How boring a world to live in.

        • reconviper1 says:

          Amen, sister.

      • becky morrison says:

        Exactly right, demonrats are evil and Obama and killary are at the top of the list,

      • Racists for Trump says:

        You are a lunatic Munchkin regardless of your IQ or degrees. You know Trump is a criminal, and a traitor if you have an ounce of honesty.

      • Gene says:

        Ms Munchkin
        You got it right. They are using Antonio Gramsci play book. Unless we make a move, it won’t be too long either.

        • Ms. Munchkin says:

          First, my apologies for being away so long, my eldest had major eye surgery and I was needed to help care for her.
          Now onto other matters, yes Gene. You are correct. A coup straight from Gramsci’s play book. As did Rod, it was meant to be two terms for Obama, two terms for Hillary. Enough time to to strip us all of our constitutional rights but you see, it would not have ended there. Hillary was not meant to give up the presidency. She was the one meant to dismantle our constitution and she would then take over leadership, or more accurately, DICTATORSHIP of our country. This plan has been known by a few for many years. Even before her husband took office, 2016 was to be her year. Some refused to believe it, some thought those who spoke of it were conspiracy theorists. But anyone who watched her when it was announced that Trump had won, knows she was beyond upset. She was shocked, it was supposed to be a sure thing, a done deal, she WOULD be President. Except she wasn’t, and thank God! But don’t think for a minute that this means their plans have changed. This party is insidious and they will not give up no matter how long it takes. We must always be vigilant!

    • rafael says:

      Hate got you ; Fool Full of it .

    • William says:

      What utter nonsense!!! You should be ashamed of yourself for posting such junk!!! Get back on your meds. Dems like you really confirm what we already know , i.e. dems will name call, insult, and yet their accusations never can be proved. You are truly deplorable.

      • Joseph Strychasz says:

        your idol, trump, is a master of name calling, insulting, accusing, not taking responsibility of his actions or words – President Harry Truman – the buck stops here. Name calling does no solve the divisiveness which trump has done to our country he is a traitor and self serving adolescent.

        • Mark Hopkins says:

          Sounds a lot like you morons Strychasz. Are you a Polack? We’re dropping the old Polack jokes in favor of DemonRAT jokes. Much more fertile territory. You just called President Trump names: traitor – infantile, but I suppose it’s ok if a DemonRAT does the name calling. You know, like Hillary Clinton calling us “a basket of deplorables”. You idiots always try to take the high ground and portray yourselves as the more “reasonable” and “polite” political party. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Your fascist/communist party is the party of liars, racists, obstructionists and mob rule. You definitely aren’t better than us, just self righteous.

      • Patriot says:

        All the vile rude vulgar comments I see come from you vile rude vulgar Republicans.
        Also add in all the references to lock and load civil war death threats violence and harm to Democrats all this comes straight out of your supreme leaders mouth and repeated word for word from your comrades in the alt right commie party.
        You always claim ANTIFA is attacking innocent Republicans with violence just remember they go home maybe beat up true, but when radical right wingers get violent the majority of their victims get body bags.

        • reconviper1 says:

          Wow, you must be a Marxist demonrat, you’ve got the rant down perfectly. Ask the conservative reporter covering Antifa in Portland, Oregon who was nearly beat to death by your fascist leftists who are the ones committing violence. Put down the leftist kool aid and turn off the phony television “news”, it is rotting out the five brain cells you still have.

          • Hillary lost, get over it says:

            Five brain cells? Wow, you are giving an awful lot of credit here. More like 1 and a half. An IQ of 47, which make him mentally retarded. In the grand scheme of liberals, an IQ of 47 would be their version of a valedictorian.

    • Franco says:

      SURE HE DID!
      What about $12,000,000 False UNVERIFIED Russian Dossier paid by Slick Willie’s Wench
      and the DEMIs and than used to SPY on Candidate Trump after getting (4) illegal
      FISA warrants??

    • Christina says:

      I don’t think name calling and attempted ridicule are showing you to be of a mature nature. That said, let’s look at just a few of the democrats “sins and acts of vengeance, treason and sedition” have been perpetrated by the democrats, especially in the last administration. Benghazi, fast & furious, over 30,000 missing emails, the botched secret tarmac meeting between the AG and a suspects wife, who also happened to be under ( ahmm ) investigation for her high crimes and treason, while running as a candidate for president. What about the racial division Obama & Holder incited, what about the massive body count of “friends & associates that surround the Clinton’s. What about Obama caught on a hot mike moment that he will have much more flexibility after his re-election? Oh yeah, there is this matter of Hillary & Obama selling Russia our uranium? Then there is Bill Clinton’s dozens of trips aboard Epstein’s private jet and to his island, his townhouse in NY and his ranch in New Mexico? What about the Clinton’s foundation and their corruption in Haiti?
      This list can go on and on.

      • reconviper1 says:

        Oooh! Smack! You go girl! That is the sound of an American patriot. Bless you, sister.

      • George says:

        Christina, now that was a knock out punch, the Democrats forget all the crimes committed during the Obama administration, the media refused to report on it and there was zero oversight. You go my patriotic friend!

      • Hillary lost, get over it says:

        Well, if you wanna bring up a few facts. But dems dont do no stinking facts. They only work on lies.

    • Dan Winright says:

      The only way anyone would like you is if you got breast transplants on your back. You sound so desperate you’ll probably take my advice. You triggered freak.

    • Carl Lewis says:

      No evidence Trump or his campaign conspired with the Russians during the 2016 election..quote from Mueller Report.
      No obstruction of justice charges brought by the DOJ after the Mueller report was examined by the U S Department of Justice. What part of the above have you NOT SEEN?

    • mzaz says:

      Lets see. HRC sold 20% of our Uranium to Russia. She lied about Benghazi, deleted over 33 thousand subpoenaed emails. Tje lust of that career corrupt ctimincriminalal goes on. Niden said in an interview how he rold Ukraine prepresident to fire the prosecutor that wss investigating Sleepy creepy hair sniffing Joes son or he wouldn’t release the billion dollars. He told him to call BO. Then he said, son of a bitch if he didnt fire him.
      Better look in the mirror before calking anyone names. But what the hey, Dems are good at name calling or destroying statues, art and beating up on single people while they are in mobs with their faces covered.
      #KAG #TRUMPTRAIN2020 #2ndAmendment #USA1ST #WalkawayFromDemocrats2020 #VoteRed Wake up America

    • BARNEY says:

      Racists for trump You’re so smart why couldn’t Mueller find about these
      271 contacts if he did they must have been benign as Mueller did not come
      up with $h!t !!! I almost feel sorry for stupid pricks like you !!!

      • Payriot says:

        Barney Fife

        • Rod says:

          PAY…RIOT …?? Did you mean to call yourself.

          PATRIOT. ?????????



          • Hillary lost, get over it says:

            I’m pretty sure that he tried to spell patriot. Just because most of them go to college, doesn’t mean they have a clue. The left are not even people. I’m against abortion of any kind, unless the person is a dem. Then you have what is called a 142nd trimester abortion. Save the planet. Abort a liberal.

    • Norman Taylor says:

      Well it sounds like you have a personal problem, Just like many other dumb ass Democrats, All you need to do is prove any of these accusation, Before I will believe anything you say!!!

    • r w says:

      You believe lies and we are the dumb ones!? No dum dum, Democrats like you claim elite intelligence, and claim to be wise, but are fools! To see all the fake stories to Impeach a President they don’t like is absolute evil, yet you believe the lies dum dum! You are a part of the problem that will be eradicated soon!

    • Cherryboy says:

      You had too much Koolaide!

    • 82nd Airborne vet says:

      Hey racists for trunp. Come to any bar in Fayetteville N.C. And talk your smack. I promise you you will not leave walking. Very possible you won’t leave alive. We protect our country and commander & chief from treasonous terrorist like you. Your a dead man walking

      • Patriot says:

        Just as I always knew your a southern racist member of the KKK and like so many times before your always calling for k###### of another human being.

        • reconviper1 says:

          You must be a demonrat supporter, you have the rant and illiterate spelling down pat.

        • George says:

          Non Patriot, go stick your head back in the sand, people like you are what’s wrong with this world, so drink your koolaid smoke another j and leave politics to those who have a spine.

        • Hillary lost, get over it says:

          You got it wrong, nonpatriot. If he was threatening a human being, we would call him out, and tell him that’s not nice. But, since hes ranting at a creature that is much like a cockroach, in other words, a liberal, we cut him some slack. It’s not a bad thing to want to smash cockroaches, is it?

    • johnson says:

      You have some weird idea that Trump is like some earlier politicians. The fact is he is a business man and is trying to run the country like a business. This is a radical idea for some lawyers.

    • Perry F says:

      Racist, you have most definitely proved your point. Well done. I’m so very very glad I read your post. I feel Pelosi is missing out by not having you as the DNC correspondent.

      From what you said it makes me so proud to not be a damn Democrat.

      Thanks, Racist, you are a true example of being a true Democrat. Best of wishes to you and your fellow whining, crying, and sniveling Democrats

    • PG Vangelis says:

      WOW! You just won the prize for “The Most Unbalanced, Obscene and Delusional Troll of the Month’! Almost nothing in your crackbrained screed is fact. YOU believe everything YOU are told by Trump-haters who have neither a speck of honesty nor an unbiased bone in their bodies. To you, you pitiable and pitiful Marxist mouthpiece, I have only three words: AROINT THEE, TROLL!

    • George says:

      You my friend need to read through proverbs…

    • Hello Phsyco Democrat Trump is going to be reelected I am so sure
      that I am going to work the TRUMP 2020 campaign as I did in 2016.
      Democrats are delusional what has any Democrat politician done for this country since JFK NONE. Johnson was a Democrat who got us into Vietnam, raised taxes robbed social security. The Democrats have been evil since it’s the inception.
      Every Democrat-controlled for example city is in serious debt Detroit is bankrupt the crime
      is rampant. Flint Michigan lead in the drinking water poisoning thousands of people. Should I go on Oh ya LOL Barrack Obama from Kenya the phony president giving money to terrorist a tanked economy . Joe Biden aka Crazy Joe for 8 years kissed Obama’s ass. The Democrats started segregation did not want the blacks to vote to have civil rights . Read your history on the Democrats before you run your mouth.

      • Hillary lost, get over it says:

        I think it was Roosevelt that said that now that he had welfare, blacks will vote democrap for 100 years. Let me guess. The parties switched back then. Hyuck, hyuck, hyuck. Man liberals are just too gullible and stupid.

        • Mark Spencer says:

          Gullible and stupid, though they may be, but like any crazed animal they can be dangerous, especially when cornered. Boy are they ever cornered! Need to call out the dog catcher to round them up and put them into the pound.

    • Ralph says:

      You’re clearly an imbecile. Your family must be so proud of you!

    • Lewis says:

      Where did you get your information? I want you to prove what you posted.

    • John says:

      We don’t care what communist have to say.

    • Velma Fowler says:

      He without sin, Let him cast the first Stone., Judge not lest you be judged

    • reconviper1 says:

      Wow! You really drank deep from the Marxist kool aid there, commie. Get a job and move out of your mommy’s basement.

    • When all else fails for Liberal Democrats,they go back to GOOD OLD RACIST ATTACK.The Democrats know that huge percent of the American voters, have not paid too much attention to what is going on with the Democrat party,and like past elections,they,(the DNC, party has falsely used the Racist tag,to sully their opponents credibility),which has worked with a large enough number that has gained them a large number of the GULLIBLE un informed vote,which may have either won a close election,or made it close enough to use it again. To call Trump a racist,and with a large number of new young, un informed and gullible voters,feel that they will have a chance to cancel out the majority of the Trump voters( who elected im in 2016),and re take the White house,and perhaps the senate,while keeping the House of Reps. The danger is there ,given the past success with un informed and gullible new voters. The DNC has for three years neglected to do the PEOPLES BUSINESS,as far as Health issues as well as many more important issues that needed to be done.In stead,the DNC concentrated on getting Trump unelected via IMPEACHMENT,which never had a chance, due to the fact that the Senate would never had convicted Trump, so the DNC wasted almost three whole years on a vindictive Anti Trump crusade,full knowing it would never get a Senate conviction. This mistake for the DNC instead is using it’s power to SMEAR Trumps reputation with the false Racist tag.

    • CHARLES M COLSON says:

      But Trump alleges that he cannot be prosecuted or face any legal matters while he is president. That basically means that the one person that we should look to for guidance is above the law. I read during college studies that the Supreme Court ruled that no government official could use their political status to avoid any legal action. Unless I am mistaken, the Supreme Court is the highest legal authority in our country. Does this mean that Trump knows more than the Supreme Court? LOL.

    • Breaker 19 says:

      You are probably the worst Trump Hater I have heard yet. I have heard all you accusations on CNN. That’s where you got them probably. You apparently don’t have a clue what you are talking about.
      You are the best person I know of to answer this question and I have asked it 20 times to Trump Haters like you, never got an answer, you are number 21.
      Why do you have so much hate for President Trump. What has he ever done to you? Please give me an intelligent answer, not the garbage you spout here you heard from the crooked media. What has he done to you to create all the hate you displayed here in your comment?
      Please give me an intelligent answer, I’d really like to know. So far, nobody has.
      Please tell us why you hate President Trump with so much passion. I’m sure you have a reason. Please, no CNN garbage.
      Why do you hate Trump? What has he ever done to you

    • Fidel says:

      So what is your point? Rather be a racist, than a devil worshipping jackass

    • Hillary lost, get over it says:

      What does Trump showing you his tax returns do? Do you really think Mueller didn’t see them? Let me guess, he doesn’t even show them to the IRS. You talk about ignorant? You are so ignorant, you dont realize Barack, or should I say, Nocock, was married to a dude named Michael Robinson. Joan Rivers even said so on her last interview, before she was murdered. Oh, I mean, before she died of a routine colonoscopy, that nobody in today’s age dies from. You need to check out the Ellen DeGeneres Show, where Big Mike’s thingamajigger cum untaped and was flopping all over the place. If you cant tell by that show, your a moron. You are a moron, we know that. But, I digress. Big Mike was prancing around onstage, that sausage was flopping like a dying tuna, and old Ellen’s eyeballs about popped out of her head. It was a glorious moment. Full of fun and laughs for the entire family. And one more piece, is, where are pics of Big Mike when it was pregnant. Every pregnant person has lots of them. Where are they? Not doctored ones, either. You should visit the San Francisco Zoo. I was there last week, and lo and behold, I come to the great apes. In one exhibit, we see Barack Nocock, in his tux, drawing up lines of cocaine, and Big Mike is swinging his rolling pin at his head. Old Big was screeching like a banshee, while greedy Nocock did all the blow. Mike was not happy. He started throwing feces at the crowd. It was good times for all.

    • Perry F says:

      Racist for Trump.

      I myself am a racist. I love NASCAR

    • Victor says:

      ur an idiot………

  18. chief1937 says:

    Ukraine and Russian allegations are the same both made up by democrats.

  19. Will Penny says:

    The whole DemonRat party is nothing but a bunch of BS . Now Joe Biden and son , there Guilty as hell . President Trump hasn’t done not one thing wrong , to deserve this stupidity from the far left wing Idoits !!

  20. Kathy says:

    I voted yes, but it really is a yes and no question the way it’s set up. For President Trump, yes, it’s a fake scandal. For House Dems, NO, it’s NOT a fake scandal, it’s a very REAL scandal. House Dems sent a very real threatening letter, “well we’ve always helped support you but.. ” is an implied threat. House Dems and their media cohorts are lying through their teeth about the President while covering up the Dems actual criminal acts. I hope every Dem loses their upcoming elections, because even the so-called good ones still vote with the party so they don’t become a target!

  21. Bill says:

    I thought Schiff and many other congressional Democrats told us time and again they had proof positive that President Trump committed crimes that justified his being impeached, removed from office, and possible sent to prison. Inquiring minds want to know when little ferret face is going to present all this proof he swore he has?

    Personally, I have been convinced for some time that all the hot air and rhetoric coming from the House Democrats is nothing but a smoke screen trying to hide their greatest fear that they will be unable to defeat President Trump at the ballot box so they have to make their best effort to discredit him in any way possible.

    • Hillary lost, get over it says:

      I believe the dems greatest fear is that they are all going to prison. That’s why they need Trump out NOW. He is not a politician. He plays by a different playbook. He doesn’t need money, so cant be bought. So, he must go. I think we need all members like him. No more politicians. They are greedy, and in it to enrich themselves, at our expense.

  22. Deplorable Lanie says:

    I sure would like to know who the 4% are that don’t think it is a fake scandal? How much more do they need to be convinced that it isn’t fake?

    • Hurley Henson says:

      You are right Lanie, it is fake just like the entire democrat party is nothing but fake. They pretend to be for the American people but they do everything against them and bend over backwards to defend illegals and give them everything under the sun.

    • Brenda says:

      Well, I thought you were also referring to the REAL scandal., regarding Biden and Son. Their financial dealings stink to high heaven. They belong in jail ! And then there is the Biden China scandal. Did you know that the Biden property in DE has a cabin on it ? Biden billed the US gov. for rental ! It was used by the Secret Service detail who were protecting Biden. Incredible.

      • William says:

        Yes, Brenda you are right on. Biden cheated the taxpayeers by charging the US gov for rental just like Clinton did by buying the house next door and then renting it to the gov at an exorbitant rate. I personally believe that these people deserve no more protection than any other citizen and that they should pass no law that doesn’t also apply to themselves. Also, their payraises should not be decided by themselves -talk about letting the fox guard the henhouse!!!!!

      • Hillary lost, get over it says:

        Biden learned that little trick of billing the US government for the housing that was there to protect them. How corrupt must one be?

  23. Fred Zehend says:

    All you have to do is wait. It’s going to be like Krakatoa, East of Java 1883. Will anything be left to salvage? YOU BET THEY’LL BE. The GOP will survive and then some. All of the garbage will be destroyed, and hopefully, all will be renewed. Gruess Gott

  24. Mike Flanagan says:

    This gives the President to investigate corruption the world over;
    US and Ukraine Treaty doc 106-6, signed by then President Bill Clinton with then Senator Joe Biden voting to ratify contains the following:
    “The Treaty is self-executing. It provides for a broad range of cooperation in criminal matters. Mutual assistance available under the Treaty includes: taking of testimony or statements of persons; providing documents, records, and articles of evidence; serving documents; locating or identifying persons; transferring persons in custody for testimony or other purposes; executing requests for searches and seizures; assisting in proceedings related to restraint, confiscation, forfeiture of assets, restitution, and collection of fines; and any other form of assistance not prohibited by the laws of the requested state. I recommend that the Senate give early and favorable consideration to the Treaty and give its advice and consent to ratification.”


  25. Tony says:

    REALLY FRIENDS DOES these blogs do really go anywhere????? Just a few people voiceless statements… No PLEASE DON’T get me wrong AMERICA.. Never would I do that against any one of you…Just a few hundred Americans writing their opinions are an HONORABLE JUSTIFIED RESPECT not To forget YOU ARE BLESSED for doing your blogs!!!!! YOU are for us as A whole AMERICAN FAMILY..What do we do????? HOPE FOR AN ANSWER FROM OUR PATRIOTS OUT THERE… REAL AMERICAN’S…. These political HACKS will never think about you and your WOWS Will never HELP YOU with your bills WILL NEVER help you AT all

  26. Martha says:

    My guess is that the whistleblower is probably Schiff or one of his cronies. SO RIDICULOUS!!! These Demorats are stalling everything good for the country! They have only ONE thing in mind – to get rid of Trump ASAP. And the reason? He’s coming up with LOTS of dirt on them which will send them to jail, I’m hoping!

    • reconviper1 says:

      You are right. Trump has had the dirt on all of them and they know it. There is a reason there are over 127,000 sealed federal indictments and you can bet Schiff is named in one of them (along with a host of others). Average for any given year is about 1,500 sealed indictments.

      • Hillary lost, get over it says:

        But, lest you forget. We have to have an AG with balls enough to do something about the criminals. He has called Comey a guilty man, yet, refuses to bring charges against him. We know now that Mueller lied under oath, so where are the charges? Barr is NOT going to charge his friend. It just isn’t going to happen.

    • 2004done says:

      Christine Blasey Ford, resurrected (not having any Intelligence in her background is as important as not having any significant memory of her recollection).

  27. Kate says:

    Some of the comments here are laughable. But, I guess you can say and do whatever you want and the more you say it, it becomes fact. This is down right harassment. President Trump should sue all their a$$e$. Trump 2020.

    • Patriot says:

      Just where do you think TRUPZILLA got all his ideas.
      HITLER was the best at memorizing his people he talked and talked and talked some more the Germans just like you TRUPZILLA followers eat that CRAP up.
      What happened in Germany will happen in America we just have a new HITLER HIS NAME IS TRUMPZILLA.

      • Mark Hopkins says:

        I know where O’Sambo and HitLiary got all their ideas. Straight out of Karl Marx’s playbook, with a “liberal” smattering of Hitler and Stalin thrown in. I know the antifa thugs are identical to Hitler’s brown shirt enforcers. I know treason, lying, obstruction, destruction and murder are the creed which all morally bankrupt DemonRATS live by. What happened in Germany will happen here – because of the treasonous actions of the communist DemonRAT party, with the same result. We true Americans will crush and destroy the DemoNAZIS. Suck on that Anti Patriot.

      • Breaker 19 says:

        You apparently have no idea what you are talking about. I’m 89 years old.
        I remember Hitler and what he did. He took the peoples guns away from them so they could not defend themselves, then the Nazi Storm Troopers started rounding up the Jewish people, putting them into concentration camps and murdering them. Sound familiar.
        Who is wanting to take away our guns? Trump? No it is the Democrats who want us to be unable to defend ourselves. Then what? Another Nazi Storm Trooper invasion?
        President Trump wants us to keep the 2nd amendment intact. The Democrats want to do away with it. So who is following the Nazi policy? Trump? No the Democrats are .
        Quit calling names. Learn what you are talking about before opening your mouth and making a foll of yourself.

      • Ms. Munchkin says:

        Apparently you need a history lesson, allow me. It was Hitler who slowly took the Jewish citizens rights away. (Exactly like the Democrats are trying to do to the American citizens.) It was Hitler who took the guns away from citizens, leaving them defenceless against his regime. (Just as the Democratic party is currently attempting to do to the American citizens. ) It was Hitler who then began rounding up imprisoning and executing Jewish people in mass. So what do you think will happen if the Democratic party ever succeeds in stripping us of our rights? And do you really think ANYONE will be spared? Do you think being a democrat will save you? It WON’T, you aren’t one of them, one of the elite! You will go down with the rest of the country. All they care about is absolute power. You will just be one of their subjects, no better than dog feces on their shoe. Welcome to our level!

  28. Timothy Toroian says:

    As I said elsewhere, his “smoking Gun” is more a smelly fart.

  29. Kathe Gilbert says:

    KAG 2020, the Democrats in Office and the RINOS have for Over 3 years to destroy President Trump, his Family and the Trump Administration. They could have 200-300 FBI/CIA people come out as Whistleblowers which I would not believe any as the Democrat Congress with the help of Dem. Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi have done their best in the lies and deceits to undermine, obstruct the workings of not only President Trump but of Congress too. They have lied and cheated so much that now no matter what they say I will refuse to even listen to. The Democrats and RINOS have shown so much hate that they have Totally ignored the American people’s safety and well being . They have shown exactly why they will be defeated in 2020 because the American people have been shown why President Trump will be elected as he loves America and the American people in that he brought back jobs and businesses and manufacturing to America. He has cut regulations so that businesses can thrive and are able to hire people for the jobs they offer. He has given back in Tax cuts that the American worker has more money in his pocket, less to Taxes. He has listened to the American people as they Want the Southern Border Wall to help keep out drug traffic, sex/human traffic and Illegal migrants. There is so much more, as he is succeeding in putting America first as to Tariffs, putting America first in our Military. President Trump is a true American has given much of himself as well as donating his entire salary to charities and those who needed help when the Hurricanes hit. The Democrats come off as being selfish which they have been as they have taken Taxpayer money for salaries and have given nothing in return but lies, deceits and heartburn. MAGA 2020 KAG 2020

    • Patriot says:

      You can maga this kaga that you can show all the emogies you want flag here smiley face there 2020 this 2020 that hell you can wish upon a star blow out your birthday candals make a wish this or that pray to God for this or that nothing you say or do is going to change the fact your POS POTUS TRUMPZILLA IS GOING TO LOSE IF NOT IMPEACHED FIRST AND GOING TO JAIL TO BECOME BUBA’S NEW CELL MATE AND THEN HE IS GOING TO SQUEAL LIKE THE LITTLE PIG HE IS SQUEAL PIGGY SQUEAL BUBA’S GOING TO TAKE HIM TO SCHOOL.

  30. W says:

    Why not? Oscumma circumvented the laws and the legislature with all of his executive orders.

  31. JusticeforTrump says:

    How do you cultists defend Trump with all the sexual assaults, scams, a corrupt campaign, his racism, his misogyny, his bragging, his treasonous acts, his insults of even warrior families like McCain while he was a cowardly draft dodger? Oh, that’s right you are cultists allied with the Congress and Senate Republicans who are gutless mobsters like Trump.

    • Charles Doss says:

      Justice for Trump, we defend Mr. Trump the same way you most likely defended Slick Willie, except you have the Lame Stream media to help cover up many cogent facts, and spread many suppositions, rumors, and outright lies, instead of providing cover of same.

      • JusticeforTrump says:

        Charles, if you have an ounce of honesty you know Trump is only out for himself, feeding his lust for adulation, money, feeding his gut and worst, winning be being a traitor, he showed that in 2016 by asking for help from the Russians and receiving it 5 hours later. He is running the Presidency like the mafia, with nepotism, constant lies, thievery, money laundering and so not answering to laws, common sense, dignity and the office. He is a criminal, you know that and saying Clinton or some other Democrat is certainly not an equivalent to his monstrous actions.

        • J says:

          Trump can’t hold a candle to Hildebeast, Billie Bob, Oscumma, Holder, Commie, Brennan, Lynch and a plethora of other demoscum elites. Their crimes and misdemeanors have, and always will be, covered up by your demomaggots owned propaganda puppets. The true criminals are the ones spearheading this lynching.

        • Mike Bobnick says:

          Man, watch CNN or MSNBC much? You have all the leftist talking points down to perfection. All you lefty’s have is hate Trump and destroy the country as you do it. You want as much investigation against Trump, yet do not believe that it really could be all crap that is being said about him. You dummycrats are really SAD!!!!!!!

          Trump is out for the good of the country and you hate it! Pathetic!

          • JusticeforTrump says:

            I get most of this information from Fox, you know how everyone thinks it has changed radically despite having Hannity, Pirro, Carlson and Ingraham preaching their propaganda and spewing their puke filled lies.

        • Tony says:

          You see a true person that KNOWS that We the common Americans know that these politicians are out for THEMSEVES… Never had and never will be for the common poor families out here… Just crap they feed us…While the average American fights to support their families from day to day… Paying bills, buying food, cloths etc etc… THEY MAKE MILLIONS .. I am here on this earth to provide for the ones I love any way I can…Not for this STAGE SHOW IN DC…

          • Patriot says:

            You make a lot of sense I truly hope some day you can see light at the end of the tunnel and don’t take this the wrong way but starting in the 1980’s that is when wage stagnation started and it continues to this day as long as they only support and look out for the top 10% corporate America big business big pharma big oil big insurance just the big boys the good old boys club nothing will ever change most people here have no idea who to blame so they listen to this POS POTUS we have for all the answers and they listen to all the crap he claims evil Dems this or that which is true but believe me the reps are not some knight in shiny armour they are not the good guys hell they started this mess in the 80’s. Oppression is how you control the masses suppress suppress suppress.

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            Anti Patriot, let me explain something to your stupid ass. Wages have not “stagnated”, they just haven’t kept up with inflation. It’s a catch 21. If government doesn’t make the United States tax friendly to big business they leave the country and we lose jobs. Make the country tax friendly and they stay and we have jobs, which leads to a better economy and less inflation. Then everyone benefits. Big business may not be fair to it’s employees but the alternative is much worse… Try filling your head with something besides communist $hit.

        • Rich Bach says:

          Let’s set the record straight. Obama told the Russians that he would have more flexibility after the election. Those words are on video tape. He also gave the Mullahs in Iran pallets of cash to get a nuclear deal with Iran. Can you spell quid pro quo? At least 3 Democrat Presidents never actually had the best interest in the United States. Let’s look at another quid pro quo. Vice President Biden shaking down the Ukrainians with a billion dollars if they don’t fire the prosecutor looking into the company that his son was on the board of. Deal in facts and innuendo.

          • Hillary lost, get over it says:

            Rich, Rich, Rich. You cant put facts into the equation, when talking to mentally retarded liberals. They can be shown things right to their scrawny little brains, and nope. CNN said the sky was yellow, so, that’s gotta be it. Must be awful walking around, blind and stupid all your life, but, they do it. I guess they should consider themselves lucky that we give them welfare, so they can go out to all these protests. We all know a real working person couldn’t do that, because, they have a family to take care of, and also have to pay for the neighbors house, foodstamps, iPhone, booze and smokes, healthcare, etc, etc.

          • JusticeforTrump says:

            The flexibility comment was about aligning missile defenses. the Iran deal was good despite Trump ruining it because he is all about vengeance against Obama for a few comments at the correspondents’ dinner a few years before. The prosecutor was corrupt, Biden intervened with the approval of NATO, and the prosecutor was fired. It makes Biden look defensive of his son and he is fading, senile like Trump but without the fire to survive anymore. I hope Bullock or Bennet can rise because both would kick Trump’s ass, I doubt anyone else can, certainly no woman.

        • Mark Hopkins says:

          My – my, Injustice, you’re quite the indoctrinated moron. Every one of your “talking points” can be applied directly to your fascist/communist DemonRAT party of liars and obstructionists. Your lies against the President have already been proven false as will the current lies and any future lies your party of criminal communists can come up with. We certainly DON’T know President Trump is a criminal. In fact, it’s been proven over and over the charges leveled against him are nothing more than DemonRAT manufactured lies. We DO know however, that the many – many charges and accusations leveled at all the anti American, anti Constitutional, anti Freedom filthy rotten lying communist DemonRATS are ALL TRUE. Pull on your jackboots and pull up your panties Injustice, war is coming.

          • JusticeforTrump says:

            Hoppy Toad is at it again with your lies, hatred, brainwashed comments, Trump is a criminal, he bragged about sexually assaulting numerous women, you right wingers made it a big deal when Clinton did it. He is a criminal too. You Nazis wear the jackboots idiot boy, and follow America’s Hitler Trump. You are an effing traitor like him hoppy.

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            LMFAO! Injustice but justifiably insane, talk about brainwashed, no one beats you DemoNAZI commies when it comes to brainwashed. Same old crap from you morons; call the conservatives exactly what you yourselves are. Do it enough and other DemonRAT retards will believe you. Just for your feeble brain to ponder: The left has antifa and blm, exact copies of Hitler’s brown shirt Nazi enforcers. We on the right have no such animals and don’t bring up the KKK, they’re not true conservatives, they’re DemonRATS, just like you. And moron, Trump never bragged about sexually assaulting women, not once. I saw the video you morons keep bringing up and at no point did he say he ever assaulted anyone. So again: Put on your jackboots, pull up your panties, jump on your Jackass and go break something, that’s all you mentally deficient idiots are good for – destruction and obstruction.

          • William says:

            Good post Mark. Totally agree. “Justice for Trump” is doing a lot to ensure that we Republicans get out and vote and re-elect Trump in a landslide. He is obviously a person playing without a full deck. Let’s also take back the house and replace Pelosi Nadler and Schummer with some representatives who actually represent their constitutents and love this country. Go Donald, MAGA and KAG!!! I have had enough of the dems investigations, personal attacks without any corrobation, foot dragging and not doing the job the people sent them there to do. The era of lying, cheating, and stealing from the people needs to end. The dems have no credibility at all.

          • Patriot says:

            Just because your blind deaf and stupid makes your comments false get glasses hearing aids and return to school come back when you can figure it out or when your able to add some intelligence to the conversations.

        • George says:

          sorry that all you have is hate. If you truly tried to find the truth, you could but you won’t. Clinton’s classified emails ended up on a private pc out of government control, that is treason, no one knows who may have had access this government information.

        • Tennessee Hawk says:

          I’m pretty positive Melania hasn’t found other women’s panties in their bed or it would have leaked out. Just like it did when Jackie O had to give jfk’s whores panties back to him. Then you’ve got slick willy with his rapes and the hildebeast having to pay off his victims. Then you’ve got the ra$head married to her brother and biden’s son has left his family to shack up with his brother’s widow. Maybe you should look under the demonrats’ covers and not worry about the Trumps.

          • Sad times coming says:

            Tennessee Hillbilly
            It’s sometimes better to remain silent and only appear to be ignorant stupid myopic.
            Then to openly post that way and remove all doubt.

        • Laura Wagner says:

          I take it you haven’t been paying attention. The Russian collusion with Trump was a hoax, bought and paid for from the Clinton campaign fund by the DNC. This while her private server blind copied all her emails whatever security ranking they contained directly to the Chinese. The quid pro quo was from then VP Biden to fire the investigator into the wrongdoings of him and his son. The democrats in congress are simply continuing that false narrative while their own members are getting away with murder, collusion, obstruction and other crimes. At this point the entire congress needs to be fired by the American people!

          • Pamela says:

            Laura Wagner, GREAT comment and I agree with you totally. The entire Congress has done absolutely NOTHING for the American taxpaying people. I believe they get together everyday and just plan on the next scam on Trump INSTEAD of doing the GD job that we GD people pay them to do. It makes me totally sick to my stomach that this country has been so separated instead of making it GREAT like they are suppose to do. Never seen anything like it in my 72 yrs.

          • Racists for Trump says:

            Laura and Pamela are lunatic right wingers with no soul, or intelligence to understand current evens and history. The Democrat controlled congress has passed about 140 laws but the ahole McConnell will not bring them up for a vote, he’s another rotten traitor who is evil

          • Patriot says:

            Pamela Laura
            The comment from sad times coming above also pertains to to both of you

        • Patricia Overbey says:

          Really ask the left about Bengazi ask the parents about Seal team 6 ask Biden about his model son kicked out of the Navy for drugs I could go on & on however it is hard to un do the brainwashed democ rats. TRUMP 2020 God bless him.

        • Fred says:

          And your evidence is? Typical leftest attacks about prejudice, misogyny, etc. Trump’s evidence is the lowest unemployment in African American, Hispanic, Asian, women, rising wages, lowest on food stamps, energy independence, highest stock market, highest number of new jobs, etc.

        • Jonathan Conover says:

          Trump does attempt to run the country like a mob boss with one major exception. The mafia is good at it!!

      • Randall clark says:



      Sir or Madame, please do some honest research about McCain’s life. If you do, you won’t really believe McCain is someone you respect.

      • Launa McNeilly says:

        I remember all about “Song Bird”. He sang to save himself, and his fellow prisoners be damned. Making it to the Senate doesn’t erase anything.

        • Patriot says:

          A comment like that just proves your disrespect for any and all veterans I guess you think you could have taken all the torture he endured and you would have come out smelling like a rose people react to torture different ways but unless you were there to see it first hand STFU BITCH.

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            You know Anti Patriot, your rapid fire BS is tiring. All you do is spew total nonsense about which you know absolutely nothing. I hope to meet up with you someday. You need some retraining and humility pounded into your worthless @ss. I’m willing to teach you. Of course, if the SHTF I doubt if you last long enough. All you commies that do the rapid fire posting are nothing but alligator mouths on hummingbird @sses.

      • Nellie says:

        Right on that one.
        God Bless our country

    • df says:

      Hahahaha…4 year old news. Come on dude.

    • MRC says:

      Isn’t it hilarious that sheeple like Justice For Trump ALWAYS accuse the POTUS of crap their party has done during the last 2 liberal regimes….
      It’s pitiful that it’s so hypocritical it’s funny…

    • Sully says:

      “JusticeforTrump” is obviously an angry, lonely, ugly, unwanted woman who was never asked to the prom and still hates “winners”. I feel sorry for her.

    • Graham Jones says:

      You are so misinformed, I feel pity for your kind!

    • marinedoc says:

      JusticeforTrump, I would claim that you are half an idiot, except you are a full fledged idiot. Trump doesn’t need any help from foreign governments, he is doing quite well. I hate stupidity, therefore, I hate you !

    • Miss. Munchkin says:

      McCain? A “Warrior family?” Please! At best he is the most blatant evidence of STOLEN VALOR known to date! While I don’t discount that he spent time in a POW camp, his claims of heroism are ALL nothing but a huge pile of bovine feces! He was a traitor who gave military secrets to our enemies. Then dared to dub himself a hero. The man has sullied his own reputation and has nobody to blame but himself and now he has eternity to reconcile that fact!

    • Nellie says:

      Wow! You don’t know the McCain history of his Military involvement.
      McCain was a Rhino Republican. He did more damage in our country by backing Obama agenda. I would bet he gave the Presidency to Obama. Follow the money. Sheriff Joe was a great sheriff. Doing his job, but Obama wanted him out of the way so he could bus illegals through Phoenix. To CA sanctuary state? God bless our country
      Trump 2020
      Build the wall
      Deport illegals

    • Hurley Henson says:

      JusticeforTrump would believe the moon is made out of cream cheese if the lying media and democrat party told him it was. But I guess if I were a heroin addict then I would too. I would add, he most likely is a welfare and fod stamp receiver like nearly all democrats are.

    • Fred says:

      That’s right: attack the person if you can’t discount his policies and successes. “Rules for Radicals”.

    • r w says:

      These talking points and lies are brought to you by our sponsors…CNN, MSNBC, CBS and of course your corrupt Democrap Party! Get a clue idiot!

  32. Sheldon says:

    Trump is a loud mouth lier bully is all his mouthhe no good hesxaxwomen chaser also he needs impeached hes acradist takes dirtyvtobwomem del hescruining our country

    • Patriot says:

      So, when you get your weekly check you tell your employer to keep the extra money you get from the Trump tax cut. Ah, no you don’t. You are a hypocrite.

    • Tony says:

      Can anyone please interpret what Sheldon just wrote…. I was looking in the dictionary nothing!!!!Give me a moment I have to get more popcorn… Really enjoy the blogs really..

    • Robert says:

      what are you chasing Sheldon? Dick? Obama was a Fascist but since the media hid most of His shenanigans He looked & sounded great! He spied on Journalist, His Administration kept a tight reign on the media

    • Rich Bach says:


    • Mark Hopkins says:

      Sheldon, you’re obviously an illiterate moron who “thinks” with his (her, it’s?) feelings. Cinch up your jock strap (panties?) and brace yourself for the obliteration of the communist party (DemonRATS) in OUR nation. Perhaps you can be reeducated… Or educated in the first place.

    • Larry Turman says:


    • Mark Spencer says:

      Obviously, you are having either a problem with the English language or your typing. But then again, that may be what being a Democrat does to you. I believe the American Psychiatric Association should have an IC-9 code for democrats being a mental retardation syndrome.

      • Mark Hopkins says:

        They’re definitely retards Mark. Also morally deficient, sexually ambiguous and totally unable to recognize truth. Being a DemonRAT is without a doubt a severe mental illness.

        • Mark Spencer says:

          Agreed. Considering that they are pro-death, pro-LGQTXYZ, anti-gun, anti-free speech, anti-Christian, and plain old anti-American, they need to be institutionalized, with frequent electro-shock therapy until they come to their senses.

  33. Gideon Rockwell says:

    Shiff, as well as other longtime Democrat Members of Congress and some RINO’s are scared of what the D.O.J. will turn up in it’s Ukraine Investigation. They are all hip deep in the Deep State Coup Plot along with the Obama Administration against President Trump and his family and associates. This Coup Plot which the Dems are continuing mainly in the House is so treasonous and putrid it makes Watergate look like a jaywalking violation. The will have some extremely earth shaking repercussions on a historic level for all those involved in this vile page in our Nation’s history, particularly for the D.N.C. who was also involved. Can’t wait for the real show to begin, the background noise from the Dems will probably be reminiscent of Torquemada’s torture chamber.

    • Irish19 says:

      Where are the reports on these traitors. They are dragging their feet. I don’t trust their investigation. The subversion with all these leaks is all that’s taking place . The deep staters(Obama ‘s agents and dept heads. Are still running the intelligence agency’s. Don’t forget Obama let all the intelligence collection be shared by 18 depts other then the 3 as was always in place. This was done just before Trump came in and you know it was to create leaks on this President to take him down after he left office. It’s called the deep state because the intelligence has been corrupted by left wing ideologues who are willing to put their thirst for power over ride the national security of this country. Now that the IG changes the whistleblower code to accepting 2nd hand information just before the 1st came out, there will be dozens more from all the government agency’s. The IRS has just had another. It’s totally unprecedented. There has never been such an obvious coup in our country. The constitution is being torn apart by these dem traitors. We have become a banana Republic. The people have to demand that Barr, Durham and Upton do their job to stop the madness. There has been a trove of evidence over the last 3 years’ to prove that it was Hillary, The DNC, dem politicians, the MSM and the DOJ and all the intelligence agencies under Obama who colluded(A coup) to spy on the Trump Campaign then try and bring down a duly elected President. This is not only criminal it is a slam to the electoral process. The people who voted for this President are having there votes dismissed. Justice has to be served or all of us who vote for what the left feels as the wrong candidate will continue to be punished. Barr, Durham and Upton need to get the reports out and issue many indictments. Bring one against Wray also because he has been obstructing justice by not complying to turning over the materials that he has been told to turn over. Wray is busy protecting Comey and Mueller, Brennan and Hillary. He needs to immediately hand over the materials or be fired and charged with obstruction. Wray is part of the deep state. So Mr. Barr do not wait any longer on Wray. Relieve him of his duties and get someone who will turn over what was requested months ago.

    • Fred says:

      I picture Don Quixote Schiff poking with a jousting stick named IMPEACHMENT at a giant Trump windmill .

  34. Wesley Kellams says:

    Trump is on solid ground. Bill Clinton signed papers that covers Donald Trump. That just came out Friday. Read it.

  35. facts says:

    Did you write this article BEFORE you knew of the third whistle blower against Trump? It is fascinating to watch all the propagandists and Trumpers dance around the evidence existing in Trump’s own words, that he SOLICITED campaign help from a foreign government. The Federal Election Board said clearly after Trump tried the diversion that “there was not pressure” (which evidence this week shows that is another LIE), that the law is clear:

    “it is a CRIME to SOLICIT, ACCEPT OR RECEIVE anything of value (includes opposition research) FROM A FOREIGN GOVERNMENT OR PERSON . . . . concerning our elections.”

    • Dan Winright says:

      Stop the drug use. Your hallucinations are affecting other stupid dumbocraps

      • ABC says:

        Stop the lying and foolishness, Dan, they are helping to enable law violations and are going to bring down not just Trump, but the entire standing of the GOP> The more republicans fought to circle the wagons around Nixon, and claim he was “Innocent,” the longer they were out of control of congress and the presidency.

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      Exact quotation:
      Federal Election Commission, Ellen Weintraub about Illegal Contributions
      Ellen Weintraub, the chair of the Federal Election Commission, took to Twitter Thursday afternoon (Oct. 3, 2019) to muse over whether or not President Donald Trump understands that soliciting or accepting foreign assistance during an election is against the law.
      “Is this thing on?” Weintraub wondered, linking to a tweet she made in June drawing attention to the fact that it is illegal for any American—a political candidate, a regular citizen, or even the U.S. president—to solicit or accept “anything of value from a foreign national in connection with a U.S. election.”

      • Georg says:

        Weintraub doesn’t know WTH she’s talking about. The U.S., Ukraine, China, Russia, Australia, UK are some of the signatories to the UN Convention Against Corruption. Weintraub may be subject to prosecution via international law.

        • ABC says:

          You don’t know what you are talking about, George – – this is the legal position about elections. What you are referring to has to do with corruption and handling it, not the digging up of dirt, in another country no less, on a political opponent.

          Have you seen any evidence of wrongdoing that would lead to an investigation, by the Bidens? Trump, sadly, is a conspiracy nut who has been listening too much to Giuliani. They asked Trump if he has gone after any one else for corruption, other than a political opponent – – Trump knew of none.

          • Charles Doss says:

            ABC, if you REALLY believe Hunter Biden was being paid 50K A MONTH to be a member of a board of directors of a company involved in an industry in which said Mr. Biden had zero experience or expertise, then I have some oceanfront property in Omaha that I will sell you, and it won’t come cheap, much like Hunter’s service to the gas company in Ukraine. But, I will throw in The Golden Gate bridge at no charge! He was on that board for one reason only, and that is because of who his daddy was, Vice President Joe Biden! And then there is the amazingly sweetheart deal he and his “compatriots” got in China. If these countries are willing (eager?) to make under the table deals like this, do we not need to know about it, and don’t both the US and those countries need to take action to punish those crooked deals? In your mind, I guess that only needs to take place if it isn’t one of your Dems.

          • r ehlers says:

            I think you should remember the corruption of obama and clinton, that’s real corruption.

          • Fred says:

            Evidence from Biden’s own mouth.

        • facts says:

          In addition, Georg, once the call was made (and we have @ 30 minutes still missing from transcripts), why did the White House people sound the alarm, demand that it be moved from the proper server for such calls, and buried in an inappropriate most top secret server to hide it? And why did both the White House and the DOJ improperly step into the process of the whistle blowers complaint to try to stop it from going to Congress?

    • April says:

      The only thing Trump asked Ukraine for was to look into the 2016 campaign. It is Trump’s responsibility to look into corruption. You might want to read the constitution and find out what the POTUS’s responsibilities are before opening your unknowledgeable fly trap. To bad Obama didn’t care about US government officials committing crimes in foreign country, oh how could he was part of that corruption. He even illegally sent millions in cash on a cargo plane in the middle of the night to our enemy Iran. Oh, yes I had even voted for this criminal and found it was time to rid myself of the democrat party. I party that I thought were for the American people. I worked on a few campaigns and I know they can be quite the liars but I overlooked that, but no more. Democrats are about power and control at any and all cost. They will destroy you and your name to get their desired outcome and yes sometimes kill to cover their own butts. No thanks.

      • reality check says:

        April, you started your post etc. off with a false premise. It is an easy read (5 minutes) after you download the summary transcripts. After Uk. prex Zelensky said he wanted to buy more Javalin missiles, Trump said “I would like a favor though” and proceeded to cover numerous times about starting an investigation against the Bidens. Intell sources indicate he solicited holp on this at least eight times!!!!

        Then you go off on some wild goose chase about Obama. Whatever Obama did or didn’t do, is no excuse for Trump in his violations of the law. It is a typical rationalization to “Attack the attackers” to divert one’s own guilt.

    • Patriot says:

      So based on your comments, that means biden has been implicated for bullying Ukraine into firing the prosecutor that was looking into his son’s business dealings with Ukraine if they wanted to see the billion dollars in aid. Also the democrats bullied/influenced Ukraine and told them to cooperate with the mueller investigation or else lose aid. Then there is hillary using her position as secretary of state to fatten her foundation that collected billions and using only a paltry 6% for actual donations – and in October 2016 hillary moved 1.3 billion of the foundation’s money to the bank of Qatar, which by the way does not have an extradition treaty with the U.S. Oh, yes I forgot. They are democrats and democrats are above the law.

    • Shane Bryant says:

      Facts, you may want to entertain the idea of drug rehab and alcohol abuse treatment, but for now, put the pipe down and step away from the bottle.

    • Cliff says:

      What is “fascinating” is how the CORRUPT LYING DEMOCOMMUNISTS can continually LIE, and come up with all these “whistleblowers (probably paid royally to LIE for them) What we see is “story after story” LIE after LIE and ALL because YOUR “crooked queen hitlery” got her BUTT BEAT by “We the People ” that didn’t want another OBUNGHOLE 2.0 DEMOCOMMUNIST infesting OUR oval office.
      Go back to your parent’s basement “safe space and scream at the moon like the rest of your kind SNOWFLAKE…TRUMP WON get over it or leave MY Country.

    • J says:

      So Biden’s being hired for a job he wasn’t qualified for when Joe was VP is OK? And openly bragging about telling the president of the Ukraine to fire the prosecutor investigating the company his son worked for or the US would withhold one billion dollars in aid is legal? Sounds like quid pro quo. And RINO Romney having his former campaign manager being on the BOD of that same company is on the up and up? And Skippy Schitless’ having a huge election contributor on that same BOD of that electric company is legal also? Why did Brennan go to the Ukraine using a phony passport and have “private” discussions with Ukrainian officials? Why is “legal” for Paloozer to take friends and family members all over the world on Air Force aircraft at taxpayers expense? Why is it “legal” for Maxipad Wasted to hold office in a district she doesn’t even live in? Why is it Okay for to openly commit overt acts of sedition? Why is it OK for Raghead Tlaib to say “we’re going to impeach that motherf**ker” at any time, but if Trump calls someone an a$$, you lemmings go ballistic?

      There are plenty more that the demoscum need to answer to, but we all know that won’t happen. That’s because they’re “speshul” and it’s OK for them to violate our laws, isn’t it?

    • R ehlers says:

      You mean like the clintons

    • Rich Bach says:

      Why wasn’t Hillary charged for the same thing you are spouting off? Deal with facts and not innuendo.

    • Patriot says:

      Their just like the Germans that just loved HITLER they never saw anything out of the ordinary at that time either just like now they all claim nothing to see here nothing to see LITTLE HITLER HAS THEM WRAPPED AROUND HIS LITTLE ORANGE CHEETO.

      • Mark Hopkins says:

        Well, what you said certainly applies to all you moronic fascist/communist DemonRATS. You’re all spitting images of Hitler’s Nazis. Your Idi Amin has all you mental defectives wrapped around his little black snake. Suck it hard Anti Patriot, I know you love the taste. Tastes like defeat doesn’t it.

  36. George says:

    This investigation has taken us to areas that we’ve never been to before, we need to all be in prayer for our country and our President. Since the whole of government and our intelligence community are corrupt to the core it’s going to be a bumpy ride, there is no oversight, but when one goes down the whole house of cards is going to collapse, I personally believe all the major players are complicit in the ongoing corrupt system. We are witnessing nothing less than a coup against the president and the will of the American people.

    • Rani says:

      George, you nailed it = that’s exactly what’s going on here – a BIG FAT COUP sponsored by Alan Schiff. Schiff sister is married to George Soros’ son. Schiff couldn’t be any closer to the Soros who is the one sponsoring all of this crap. We have to pray that our President stays strong and that the house of cards will soon fall for the Demorats Swamp people. They’re beginning to really stink now. This new coup is just as phony as the Russia Collusion, but it’s the same old continuation with a new name – “Ukraine Phone Call” with the phony “quid pro quo” staged by Schiffty Schiff.

      • JusticeforTrump says:

        That is another conspiracy theory that you are helping to spread Rani. it was a totally different Schiff family that WAS married to Soros’ son. You right wingers are always making up sick stories like that and pizzagate

    • Kimberly Copeland-Manke says:

      Well said!!
      I pray everyday for our great nation & President Trump. God be with him & his administration❤????

      • Scott27 says:

        Kimberly, it is the pinnacle of naivete and indoctrination to believe you can pray for our great nation and president t in the same breath; unless you are praying for his well being after he’s out of office.

        • Dr. J.D. says:

          I think Trump knows when he is out of office, he will be facing multiple federal and state charges. The next president can pardon his federal charges and crimes, but not his state charges, of course.

      • Patriot says:

        You know the Jews in WW2 prayed every day also the only difference they didn’t have stupid emogies to add to their prayers maybe that could have saved them.

  37. Hedy says:

    It is so sad and disgusting that the MEDIA does not cover any of this.

  38. Dan Bivin says:

    after all is read and said, I am going to take a Schiff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The Redhawk says:

      OH just imagine SHIFTT FOR BRAINS trying to handle a LOADED GUN …He;d BLOW his BRAINS OUT !!

    • Patriot says:


      • Mark Hopkins says:

        I’d say you’re the one who’s been eating some Schiff. That’s why he has that strained smirk on his pencil necked face. He really enjoyed your chicken lips pecking on his pecker. You’re a good little androgynous whore for the communist party Anti Patriot.

  39. Gayle Clay says:

    Schiff should be removed immediately from government offices of any type. The ethics committee should be on this already. If the ethics committee fails to remove him, I guess we know who runs that committee too. They have thus far failed to remove talid and ilhan and waters for their criminal acts. Any other individual would face criminal charges and be fired for what those 3 have been caught doing…embezzelment shouldn’t be that difficult for the ethics committee to take action, as should this disgraceful performance by Schiff.

    • W says:

      Since the house of representatives(?) has a demoscum majority, all committees are chaired by a demomaggot. As usual, they will do nothing to their lead criminals.

      They have committed acts of sedition, violated their oath of office, made false and often slanderous statements, violated privacy, encouraged violence, committed fraud, violated federal election regulations, openly breached security, are conducting an ILLEGAL impeachment investigation in direct violation of the Constitution, and a plethora of other criminal acts with impunity.

      These criminals need to be impeached themselves.

  40. Susie says:

    Losers@desperate people get confusion when it looks like it will work but then you will no who is the crook when they can’t pull it off even tho they are using every power and scheme possible Haha another page for Americas comics

  41. W says:

    Skippy Schitless is a complete moron. Once again he is coming up with NOTHING!! However, wasting over 40 MILLION DOLLARS of our taxes on frivolous witch hunts is okay with the demonazis.


    • Rani says:

      You’re right – we have to get rid of all these Demoscums. We need to teach them a good stiff lesson. Mess around like this and you’ll never get elected again. It’s the only way to stop this continuation of coups.

  42. The RedMan says:

    Adam sh/t is just like every other rich racist white folk in the gov hahahahahahaha

  43. Lyudmila says:

    Adam Schiff’s place is not in Congress, but in prison for trying to overthrow the incumbent US President.

    • Scott27 says:

      So, lyudmila, you believe it best to have a president who is not accountable to anyone or any law, but can rule according to his own whims, regardless what damage it does to the nation or the world?

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