Adam Schiff’s big surprise witness just ran into one giant problem

Adam Schiff is about to lead the Democrats’ laughably weak impeachment case in a Senate trial.

Schiff and his allies know this and are trying to pull a rabbit out of their hats.

But Adam Schiff’s big surprise witness just ran into one giant problem.

On the day the Democrats finally transmitted articles of impeachment to the Senate to begin the trial, indicted Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas popped up on Rachel Maddow’s show hurling all sorts of unsubstantiated allegations.

Parnas claimed President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and Attorney General William Barr were supposedly pulling the strings on a pressure campaign to force the Ukrainian government to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden for their corrupt behavior.

The Fake News Media and Democrats celebrated Parnas’s interview as building pressure on Republicans to let Democrats conduct an unending fishing expedition.

But the air was let out of that balloon when Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko appeared on fake news CNN and described Parnas as a liar who no one should believe.

“It’s all in Ukrainian media as well — today and yesterday — and strangely enough, my name was not mentioned, even though I’m the minister of foreign affairs. Frankly, I have not spoken with this individual, and again, frankly, I don’t trust any word he is now saying. The assistance that he’s referring to was reviewed each and every year, annually at least twice, and half of the year and end of the year. So we knew this was going to be reviewed. Sometimes it would be cut because of some political understanding of what is to be done in Ukraine,” Prystaiko told fake news CNN.

Russian Collusion. Robert Mueller. Obstruction of Justice. Stormy Daniels.

And now Lev Parnas.

These are the figures or legal theories Democrats pinned their hopes on to take out Donald Trump.

Every single one failed.

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