Adam Schiff went on TV and smacked Trump with some really bad impeachment news

Democrats tried to pull a fast one on Donald Trump and the Republicans.

Led by Adam Schiff, Democrats in the House are trying to stage a coup to remove the President through secret hearings and without due process.

And now Adam Schiff went on TV and smacked Trump with some really bad impeachment news.

Republicans have ripped the un-American tactics Democrats employed in their sham impeachment investigation for weeks.

Nancy Pelosi and Schiff tried to shut down these criticisms with a resolution codifying the impeachment process that they claimed granted Donald Trump “due process.”

As Adam Schiff revealed in a CBS interview, that was a lie.

Schiff will run the upcoming impeachment hearings with an iron fist and block Republicans from calling witnesses that exonerate the President.

Breitbart reports:

Adam Schiff went on TV and smacked Trump with some really bad impeachment news
During an interview broadcast on Thursday’s edition of “CBS Evening News,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) responded to a question on whether he can assure Republicans that Democrats won’t block witnesses by stating that he wants to hear which witnesses Republicans want to call and that he is concerned that Republicans will “propose a bunch of witnesses that have no bearing, that they can use merely to smear the president’s opponents or for other improper purposes.”

Host Norah O’Donnell asked, “Republicans say they’re concerned that the Democrats will block the witnesses that they want to hear from. Can you assure them that you won’t reject those witnesses?”
Schiff responded, “Well, we’ve asked them for proffer of which witnesses they think are relevant, and I have to say, we have concerns that they’re going to propose a bunch of witnesses that have no bearing, that they can use merely to smear the president’s opponents or for other improper purposes. It’s important to note that, to the contrary of what they have been saying, in both Clinton and the Nixon impeachments, the minority did not have the right to call witnesses on their own unilaterally. They could call for a vote, but it was a majority vote, that they were not assured of winning. So, we would love to hear who they’re interested in having come before the committee. But given the kind of circus-like tactics, the storming of the SCIF and all the stunts the president
puts them up to, we can’t surrender the process to the minority party.”

Schiff’s comments come after former National Security Council Staffer Tim Morrison’s testimony backfired on the Democrats.

Morrison’s testimony revealed that Deep State agents, Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor and National Security Council Staffer Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, lied under oath about Donald Trump’s Ukraine policy and the July 25 phone call between Trump and the Ukrainian President.

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267 Responses

  1. Ronald says:

    Who ever is the keeper of the brass balls use them.

  2. Ed says:

    AMERICA Love it,or LEAVE it…

  3. Ghost says:

    I’II bring the Popcorn for Popeye Skiffy’s next act. Being himself playing “Azz clown of the Year”.

  4. S.L. says:

    Kick the Democrats out! Time to setup Schiffty Schiff as the idiot of all time who will do anything he can to show us all the lame brain lying BS he can come up with. I think he and his looney tune pack rats need to go to jail. This crap has to stop! Time to stop these arrogant lying congressional skags. Vote Trump!!

  5. Billy Wilson says:

    Do you know what over heated sand looks like.

  6. p;d soldier says:

    I first thought you were talking about Cadet Heel Spurs

  7. Joann Weissbach says:

    Wow! Amazing Post Ronald! All true!! Thank God for our President he’s a man with Stamina, Integrity, and a just plan Love for America and its Citizens…

  8. the Redhawk says:

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>..And for his nEXT Act for getting noticed on TV…..sCHFFTT for Brains will appear in a Clown Outfit nad sET HIMSE:F ON FIRE ……………..and give VIWERS A REAL IMAGE of what a STUPID NARCISSISTIC TDS AFFLICTED TERRORIST CAN DO>>>wE won;t miss you MORON !!

  9. Lebo says:

    Adam Schiff needs a blindfold and a wall to put his traitorous back against. Martial law! Purge the swamp! Make America great again!

  10. Rod Smith says:

    Yes indeed. He talks about the circus the Republican Party is providing. The 3 ring circus is provided by Schiffty and his supporters.

  11. Rod Smith says:

    I am in total agreement. We need to remove all the commiecrats & RINOs who are in office & replace them with true patriots. We also need to get rid of this political correctness & replace it with goodwill for fellow Americans. Skin color means nothing. It’s what is in the heart.

  12. 2004done says:

    DC: “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” It will get much worse, before truth or honesty will be allowed near any leftist-run “investigation.”

  13. Ronald E. Wright says:

    Iran claims they have enough money (Obama gave Billions), Uranium Rights, and Top Secrets to wipe out Israel and the United States. Iran thanks Hillary’s Famous Emails. Iran thanks Obama for weakening our economy and military, while bringing in 2 million Muslims to America. Took 2 Muslims, 2 planes, to take down 2 towers? Hillary was supposed to finish the job! Oh! Well? Wait! If Schiff could come up with something, and we can stop any witnesses from testifying? Omar has control of the Muslims in United States? Omar has Praised the 911 workers? No investigations on Obama and Hillary of selling Americans out? Wasting taxpayers money fighting Trump from day one, while using time to cover up their Federal Crimes, and plans to make One World Leader, One World Money, and One World Religion? The Antichrist will persecute all CHRISTIANS and Jews? Obama ( in front of God Almighty), claimed that the United States is no longer a Christian Nation! Obama sold CHRISTIANS out, and worse than that? MADE HARDWORKING TAXPAYERS PAY FOR ALL OF IT!!!! Americans were attacked from behind, and never knew what knocked us down? No vaseline! Just Blood? God made this Earth and God will destroy it. God Promises Abraham that whoever Blesses his seed? God would Bless them? Whoever Curses Abraham’s Seed? God would Curse them? Obama and Hillary has brought God’s Wrath and Judgement on Americans. Trump restored Israel to become a Nation and restored our relationship with God Almighty. If Christian’s don’t stand up for Jesus Now? Jesus won’t stand up for Us before God? We play? We Pay! As the days of Sodom and Gamora? So are the days in America? Where men will be lovers of Self, instead of lovers of Almighty God! I was robbed and beaten to death and went to Heaven to talk to my Angel. I saw Millions of people fallen into the lake of fire. I saw more going to Hell, than to Heaven. Angel told me? 2 things (answers) ,that sends people to hell quicker? 1. Everybody else is doing it? 2. Almighty God can’t send us ALL to Hell? One thing that stuck with me ( both ways Heaven or Hell?), the World Famous Word ETERNITY!!!!!! People who sold their Souls for Wealth, Fame, Fortune, Luck, Longer Life, Sex of all kinds, etc living like it was Heaven? Then, wake up in Hell? Their Above Lifestyle that made them as Gods, over the Oppressed and Poor ( even up to 100 yrs?), finally like a Great slap in the face? Wake up in Burning Hell? Why? Would Anybody ( even a Mother like Hillary?) Would kill, rip out, cut up a innocent little helpless child? So that a woman can scream out ” Next!”, and not have any conscience? Easy! Sell your Soul? Come One! Come All! Satan says: ” Come! The heat is on, leaving the lights on, plenty room for everyone! Some are leap frogging over others, screaming and hollering? Just playing with their friends? Sometimes we have the whole family down here? Yall, come on down here? Yall hear?

  14. Lovei says:

    Amazing where are your facts? You are very stupid / brainwashed media controlled being……

  15. isamu says:


  16. Strider51 says:

    They are from California and could not lose an election there. In California they are heroes of the highest magnitude. What do you expect from the land of fruits and nuts?

  17. Mama says:

    VA. Is ‘taken’___ ( Dems/ Globalists for US Take0ver)
    Always Has Been, BUTT there WAS
    a ‘glimmer of HOPE, ‘THAT’ PPL THERE Would HAVE
    ‘Awakened’ By NOW. << Infiltration___ Sad. & For the Patriots that Live There. _ eom

  18. Mama says:

    POTUS NOW in LA. in re 40 min.
    Get a ‘Front Row Seat .!!!
    SAVE US from ‘GLOBALIST’ Take0ver
    @ & Thru Dems in ‘0UR Country’. KNOW REAL Info.
    Do Your Civil Duty. ___ Thank you & God Bless.

  19. DC says:

    We have in our government a PROVEN and ADMITTED LIAR who is in the Process of ORCHESTRATING the biggest sham and hoax in America’s history. He is “LEADING” witnesses testimonies until they say what he NEEDS/WANTS them to say. Liar Schiff along with others are pressuring incoming witnesses to change their testimony. One Ambassador after being berated changed his testimony saying I guess I didn’t hear what I think I heard.. McKinley accuses Schiff of putting words in his mouth… on and on and on. This is an absurd, unethical witch hunt and phony scam on the American people. Schiff should be removed from office immediately!!! ????????????????????????????????❤️

  20. Faith says:

    I hope he and Nancy both are Voted out,they sure need to be. Just look at California and both of them are from there. If those people ever want a better State They have got to get those Demacrate’s out of there,you would think they would know that by now…

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