Adam Schiff went on TV and smacked Trump with some really bad impeachment news

Democrats tried to pull a fast one on Donald Trump and the Republicans.

Led by Adam Schiff, Democrats in the House are trying to stage a coup to remove the President through secret hearings and without due process.

And now Adam Schiff went on TV and smacked Trump with some really bad impeachment news.

Republicans have ripped the un-American tactics Democrats employed in their sham impeachment investigation for weeks.

Nancy Pelosi and Schiff tried to shut down these criticisms with a resolution codifying the impeachment process that they claimed granted Donald Trump “due process.”

As Adam Schiff revealed in a CBS interview, that was a lie.

Schiff will run the upcoming impeachment hearings with an iron fist and block Republicans from calling witnesses that exonerate the President.

Breitbart reports:

Adam Schiff went on TV and smacked Trump with some really bad impeachment news
During an interview broadcast on Thursday’s edition of “CBS Evening News,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) responded to a question on whether he can assure Republicans that Democrats won’t block witnesses by stating that he wants to hear which witnesses Republicans want to call and that he is concerned that Republicans will “propose a bunch of witnesses that have no bearing, that they can use merely to smear the president’s opponents or for other improper purposes.”

Host Norah O’Donnell asked, “Republicans say they’re concerned that the Democrats will block the witnesses that they want to hear from. Can you assure them that you won’t reject those witnesses?”
Schiff responded, “Well, we’ve asked them for proffer of which witnesses they think are relevant, and I have to say, we have concerns that they’re going to propose a bunch of witnesses that have no bearing, that they can use merely to smear the president’s opponents or for other improper purposes. It’s important to note that, to the contrary of what they have been saying, in both Clinton and the Nixon impeachments, the minority did not have the right to call witnesses on their own unilaterally. They could call for a vote, but it was a majority vote, that they were not assured of winning. So, we would love to hear who they’re interested in having come before the committee. But given the kind of circus-like tactics, the storming of the SCIF and all the stunts the president
puts them up to, we can’t surrender the process to the minority party.”

Schiff’s comments come after former National Security Council Staffer Tim Morrison’s testimony backfired on the Democrats.

Morrison’s testimony revealed that Deep State agents, Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor and National Security Council Staffer Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, lied under oath about Donald Trump’s Ukraine policy and the July 25 phone call between Trump and the Ukrainian President.


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254 Responses

  1. Ronald E. Wright says:

    Iran claims they have enough money (Obama gave Billions), Uranium Rights, and Top Secrets to wipe out Israel and the United States. Iran thanks Hillary’s Famous Emails. Iran thanks Obama for weakening our economy and military, while bringing in 2 million Muslims to America. Took 2 Muslims, 2 planes, to take down 2 towers? Hillary was supposed to finish the job! Oh! Well? Wait! If Schiff could come up with something, and we can stop any witnesses from testifying? Omar has control of the Muslims in United States? Omar has Praised the 911 workers? No investigations on Obama and Hillary of selling Americans out? Wasting taxpayers money fighting Trump from day one, while using time to cover up their Federal Crimes, and plans to make One World Leader, One World Money, and One World Religion? The Antichrist will persecute all CHRISTIANS and Jews? Obama ( in front of God Almighty), claimed that the United States is no longer a Christian Nation! Obama sold CHRISTIANS out, and worse than that? MADE HARDWORKING TAXPAYERS PAY FOR ALL OF IT!!!! Americans were attacked from behind, and never knew what knocked us down? No vaseline! Just Blood? God made this Earth and God will destroy it. God Promises Abraham that whoever Blesses his seed? God would Bless them? Whoever Curses Abraham’s Seed? God would Curse them? Obama and Hillary has brought God’s Wrath and Judgement on Americans. Trump restored Israel to become a Nation and restored our relationship with God Almighty. If Christian’s don’t stand up for Jesus Now? Jesus won’t stand up for Us before God? We play? We Pay! As the days of Sodom and Gamora? So are the days in America? Where men will be lovers of Self, instead of lovers of Almighty God! I was robbed and beaten to death and went to Heaven to talk to my Angel. I saw Millions of people fallen into the lake of fire. I saw more going to Hell, than to Heaven. Angel told me? 2 things (answers) ,that sends people to hell quicker? 1. Everybody else is doing it? 2. Almighty God can’t send us ALL to Hell? One thing that stuck with me ( both ways Heaven or Hell?), the World Famous Word ETERNITY!!!!!! People who sold their Souls for Wealth, Fame, Fortune, Luck, Longer Life, Sex of all kinds, etc living like it was Heaven? Then, wake up in Hell? Their Above Lifestyle that made them as Gods, over the Oppressed and Poor ( even up to 100 yrs?), finally like a Great slap in the face? Wake up in Burning Hell? Why? Would Anybody ( even a Mother like Hillary?) Would kill, rip out, cut up a innocent little helpless child? So that a woman can scream out ” Next!”, and not have any conscience? Easy! Sell your Soul? Come One! Come All! Satan says: ” Come! The heat is on, leaving the lights on, plenty room for everyone! Some are leap frogging over others, screaming and hollering? Just playing with their friends? Sometimes we have the whole family down here? Yall, come on down here? Yall hear?

  2. Mama says:

    POTUS NOW in LA. in re 40 min.
    Get a ‘Front Row Seat .!!!
    SAVE US from ‘GLOBALIST’ Take0ver
    @ & Thru Dems in ‘0UR Country’. KNOW REAL Info.
    Do Your Civil Duty. ___ Thank you & God Bless.

    • isamu says:


  3. DC says:

    We have in our government a PROVEN and ADMITTED LIAR who is in the Process of ORCHESTRATING the biggest sham and hoax in America’s history. He is “LEADING” witnesses testimonies until they say what he NEEDS/WANTS them to say. Liar Schiff along with others are pressuring incoming witnesses to change their testimony. One Ambassador after being berated changed his testimony saying I guess I didn’t hear what I think I heard.. McKinley accuses Schiff of putting words in his mouth… on and on and on. This is an absurd, unethical witch hunt and phony scam on the American people. Schiff should be removed from office immediately!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️

    • 2004done says:

      DC: “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” It will get much worse, before truth or honesty will be allowed near any leftist-run “investigation.”

    • Rod Smith says:

      I am in total agreement. We need to remove all the commiecrats & RINOs who are in office & replace them with true patriots. We also need to get rid of this political correctness & replace it with goodwill for fellow Americans. Skin color means nothing. It’s what is in the heart.

  4. Mama says:

    POTUS, BUT moreSO USA for ‘Globalist’ Take0ver_

  5. Chenz says:

    Va. You have45 minutes to vote!
    Those who dont, don’t complain.

    • Mama says:

      VA. Is ‘taken’___ ( Dems/ Globalists for US Take0ver)
      Always Has Been, BUTT there WAS
      a ‘glimmer of HOPE, ‘THAT’ PPL THERE Would HAVE
      ‘Awakened’ By NOW. << Infiltration___ Sad. & For the Patriots that Live There. _ eom

  6. Sue says:

    Schiff is making up excuses. He has no solid proof, that’s why he doesn’t want the Republicans to question his lying witness. Schiff subventing the law. He should be disbarred today.

  7. Chenz says:

    Isn’t it strange how similar Shiff’s investigation an Mueller’s are.
    Is he getting advise from him or just using
    A blueprint? What’s commie comie he
    been doing he helping to?

  8. William Freeman says:

    The Democrats are spending more time on this dead horse chase than they are in working for the American people. They are still mad they lost the election.

  9. Chenz says:

    Today’s the day we defeat them again
    I am using the RNC SAMPLE BALLOT

    Defeat the Demo. Social communist

  10. Steve says:

    schiff should be smacked with an arrest to GITMO for many , many acts & counts of sedition & high treason ! WHY is he above the law ? ! Where are the authorities that can arrest this NWO / organized crime criminal buddy of soros ?

  11. jreb57 says:

    Adam Schiff is going to get some even worse news in the 2020 election.

    • Faith says:

      I hope he and Nancy both are Voted out,they sure need to be. Just look at California and both of them are from there. If those people ever want a better State They have got to get those Demacrate’s out of there,you would think they would know that by now…

      • Strider51 says:

        They are from California and could not lose an election there. In California they are heroes of the highest magnitude. What do you expect from the land of fruits and nuts?

  12. karen bailey says:

    Schiff is an evil man & I want him & the rest of these cronies out of office.!!!

  13. Faith Matsuoka says:

    Schiff is a lying,coniving, deceitful man. He doesn’t know what telling the truth means. God will judge him someday and I would hate to be in his position. The GOP needs to fight him like crazy, because he is wicked. There is no way they can allow him to be the one to chose the witnesses. Who does he think he is???

  14. xtinmover says:

    How can you tell when Adam Schiff is lying?
    Answer: his lips start moving.

  15. Desert Fox says:

    When this is over (it won’t be long) Adumb Schitt will be flushed down the toilet to the cesspool his parents brought him up in. One thing you can tell when Adumb Schitt enters a room because you can smell him and what he has been eating….just another demented dimwit obstrucgtionist immoral demoncrat ck skr.

  16. 82nd airborne vet says:

    What shift just said and it’s planning on doing is treason in itself right then and there stop stop this stops right there by that comment alone that is treason round him Pelosi Maxine waters AOC alien Omar round them all up. Heng them all for treason are put him to death whatever means necessary if it’s lethal injection which I don’t like because it’s painless be need to feel a little pain as far as I’m concerned what they’ve done to our president and our country over the past 3 years they are terrorists it stops here and now and they need to be held accountable and be put to death to show the rest of the country that this is unacceptable and that this is our country of the people by the people and for the people this stops now

    • Jonathan Conover says:

      Make sure to take your children and grand children to the hangings so they will know how tough we are in the Good Ole USA. It might be possible to get Assad or Lil Kim to be the Emcee.

    • Bruce says:

      I agree with that statement. Mr. Sh****t is accusing the Republicans of what he and his cohort are doing.

  17. Hey Adam, I E-Mailed you several days ago relative to the True Name of your children’s Biological Father.
    I have not received a reply, have you had the opportunity to speak with your wife about this matter ?

  18. Fritz Riel says:

    I live in Shifty’s district, never voted for that ***hole, hope we can vote him out the next time. He is a disgrace to the human race.

    • Ghost says:

      Skiffass is a Traitor, and the House is filled with them. It may take more than a vote to get them out of Office..

    • Donald Hailey says:

      You need to speak to every beleiver in GOD and remind them a true servant of GOD cannot support or vote for a Lucifer loving lying liberal demonrat

  19. Randall says:

    I couldn’t imagine it being a legal court ! It shows the truth about demoncrates there communist . 3rd world country , just do as I say I’ll make law’s to fit my needs . So demoncrates if pelosi, and schiff and schumer nadler do this to Donald Trump , just think of what they’ll do for you . I can’t Think of anything good. It’s all do as I say not as I do.

  20. Bill says:

    What a wonderful thing it would be for the Republicans to take control of the House of Representatives in 2020. Pelosi no longer Speaker. Schiff and Nadler no longer committee chairman, and the Democrats no longer able to obstruct the great things President Trump is trying to accomplish. And, while I am still in the wishful thinking mode, I would want the Republican Speaker to be a hard-nosed SOB who would run roughshod over the House Democrats just like Pelosi has done to the Republicans. It is said what goes around, comes around and payback is hell.

  21. Tony says:

    Schiff leads an impeachment “inquiry” not a formal impeachment. Too, he will not lead an official impeachment trial, as that would be held in the senate. This is all theater folks, democrats are desperate because they know they cannot win a fair election against president Trump. They have no achievements, plausible ideas, or foreign policy accomplishments, so they rely on lies, deceit, and smear tactics to sway voters. it will not work, since America loves president Trump. KAG 2020

  22. wayne says:

    as long as shifty Schiff continues to hold closed door hearings & not allow questions by Republicans during these secret hearings , not allow the president’s counsel to the hearings the President will not get a fair hearing !!! All these hearing should be public until they are the process is tainted with the democrat partisan politics !!!

  23. Old Deep State Intell Guy says:

    Hey, folks a few inconvenient facts. In an impeachment, the House acts as the prosecutor and grand jury. The Senate is the Trial Court.
    In a grand jury proceedings, the prosecutor controls. He calls the witnesses and questions them without their lawyer and without the potential defendant’s lawyer being present or asking questions or presenting evidence. The grand jury votes for or against indictment or in this case impeachment.
    The case then proceeds to the trial before a trial court or her the Senate. At that point the defendant can confront and question witnesses and introduce evidence showing his innocence. That is what is called due process.
    Here, the Republicans, acting as defense counsel, are asking to sit in on the cops witness interviews (remember unlike Nixon and Clinton) there is no special counsel to do the investigation). Try to imagine a normal criminal investigation where the suspects lawyer got to participate at each step.
    Bluntly, the Republican position is nonsense.

  24. Don says:

    This impeachment is Illegal as the demos continue to defy the Constitution and the Law. Trump should just tell all of them demo to SHUT-UP and to go to HELL

    • Roger D Mann says:

      He should declare martial law and arrest the traitors!

      • 82nd airborne vet says:

        I agree with you 100% Roger D Mann I don’t think there’s a need for martial law though just invoke the military to round them up by executive order call them whatever you want in order to do that terrorists on American soil invoke the military to round them all up on capital Hill right in their closed door sessions. Every one of those democrats that are in these closed door sessions participating in any way shape or form round them all up charge them as treasonous seditious terrorists on American soil and have them executed by executive order don’t even have a military tribunals this is gone way too far and gone on way too long enough is enough I’m sick and tired of hearing this and anyone that condones this behavior needs to be kicked out of the country if they voted for the democrats and they’re still continuing to flap at the gums then they need to be banned from this country they need to go to another country pick it and get on a rubber raft and start paddling their cause you’re not welcome in this country no more

  25. John J says:

    When Shiff is presented as a REPRESENTATIVE of the people it should make us all realize how far down America has sunk

    • Mike Weaver says:

      Evwerybody already knows how far down we are when they elected Trump. The closest we have to a dictator ever. Be proud Trumpsters. You may get what you wished for. And learn to speak Russian

      • Curtis B Siewert says:

        In a Nutshell…you’re a clueless moron. Trump is the most successful president in pur lifetime. Record highs in the stock market. Record low employment. Need I go on?

      • Roy Coon says:

        Did you just pop your head out of your Mommies basement?

      • Donald Hailey says:

        You need to speak to every beleiver in GOD and remind them a true servant of GOD cannot support or vote for a Lucifer loving lying liberal demonrat

      • chief1937 says:

        Are you insane or just brainwashed? Open thine eyes to reality before commenting please. Facts speak for themselves just take a look at the shape of our country economically laying aside politics. Never been better Mike weaver.

      • Lovei says:

        Amazing where are your facts? You are very stupid / brainwashed media controlled being……

  26. Cowgirl Diva says:

    If the DEEP STATE was not giving Adam Schiff and the rest of these TREASONOUS TRAITORS cover for their TREASONOUS behavior, they wouldn’t be getting away with ALL this…! THIS IS PURE DEEP STATE….!! The DEMONCRAPS will lie…..cheat….steal…killpeople in order to gain and hold power..!! This is SINISTER and SHAMEFUL for the United States of America…!! God Bless America..!!

    • Roger D Mann says:

      They wouldn’t be getting away with it anyway if just the 63 million people that voted for Trump would write their representatives and senators every day like I do and demand that this BS be brought to a screeching halt!

      Think about it 63 million of us vs 235 House Democrats! They wouldn’t stand a chance! Trump/Pence 2020 landslide!

      • Pat says:

        My state’s Congressmen/women are all raging liber as l who hate Republicans. Any letter I would send would be thrown in the trash by a staffer.

    • Randall clark says:

      ALL OF THEM, ought to HANG BY THE NECK, for the TREASONIST ACTS against this country!!

      • Jonathan Conover says:

        Take the kids to the hangings. Pack a picnic basket and buy souvenirs. Let the kids throw rocks at the swinging bodies. Give away MAGA hats soaked in Democratic blood. Get Pol Pot to announce it all on Fox, news. By God!!!

  27. Cowgirl Diva says:

    All the people involved in OPERATION CROSSFIRE HURRICANE….the ongoing COUP orchestrated by the Obama Administration’s FBI, DOJ, CIA, Lame Stream Media (among many others) to overthrow a legally elected President of the United States of America…..Donald J. Trump……must be arrested and tried and suffer the most severe consequences for their TREASONOUS behavior…!! They are all TRAITORS to the United States of America…!!

    • Reach Reachport says:

      You are absolutely and unequivocally correct, but this coup is being propelled by the media, and the Media’s power is beyond any restraints. People listen to the same lies from all the Media and come to the conclusion that it must be true because it is being repeated by all of the MSM. As all us who are aware of this perverse and evil coup know, this is an all encompassing campaign to overthrow the President elected by a bona fide Presidential Election. It is a disgusting time in American History. We are watching the government being overthrown by a conglomeration of an outlaw political party and the MSM, abetted by the very agencies sworn to uphold the law and protect the Constitution, the FBI and the CIA, and the DOJ.

  28. Anne F says:

    I wish that Schiff would walk in front of a moving train. Would be a plus to many people in our Country.

    • William Burke, Jr. says:

      That’s a great idea. I hope the train wouldn’t be damaged too much if Schiff did it.

    • ISAMU says:


  29. LH says:

    He should save some of the money they are wasting on this new witch-hunt and put it towards a brain transplant for himself and Nancy because it is guaranteed to increase their IQ’s by at least 1000 points

  30. Batman says:

    Somebody promised little Adam Sniff he could be president if he could come up with some BS reason the get rid of Trump! He still wets the bed, and nurses on Nancy, but Hillary is his biological mother!
    And these dimwits are all they can come up with! How humiliating!!! What an embarrassment!!
    Lock them all up before they do anymore damage!!!
    Sniff and Nancy are smoking way too much
    Cali Wacky!!! It’s in plain sight!!!

    • Deep State. says:

      Republicans do not know the impeachment process. The impeachment is not judicial process so congress writes rules and the articles of impeachment. During the open hearings both sides can call witnesses.
      During the trial in the Senate President can call his witnesses and be represented by a council.

      • Mysty says:

        And how do you explain away the fact that the dems REFUSE to allow PRESIDENT TRUMP to call any of HIS WITNESSES???
        Dems are so shallow they just believe anything their ‘leaders’ tell them.

        • Jonathan Conover says:

          This would be so simple if Mr Trump would take Rudy in front of Congress and testify. Clearly, Mr Trump is a man of honesty and integrity and could put this impeachment nonsense to rest once and for all. It puzzles me to read that the Republicans suggest the creation of a War Room to figure out a way to fight the impeachment. Just allow this Man of God to testify for the love of Pete. Sometimes I wonder if we are a nation of simpletons. Mr Trump, God love him, is the only one left with a brain.

  31. Rick H says:

    Schiff-head needs to take a long hard suck on a dead dogs a$$ h0le.

  32. colette griffin says:

    My goodness, what is becoming of our Country? Why has this president had to go through so much crap? He is a good man, he is why the people of America Put him in the office, to begin with. We all are fighting so hard to just stay alive due to the taxes the Democrats have taken from our pockets. Shifty Schiff and Pelosi need to be brought up on charges of Treason. Why is this not happening? She vowed she was going to have him impeached, and at what cost to the People of the United States. This is such a scam. No due process, no witnesses, and the republicans can’t seem to get this stopped. Somehow we need to ban together to have them in court for their lies and deciet.

    • Deep State. says:

      Why has this president had to go through so much crap? Because he is incompetent, adulterer, Iyar, cheat, and in general a sleety person.

      • Mysty says:

        Goodness…did you pass the 2nd grade? With your poor spelling & incapability of proper sentence construction I can understand why you are a dem.

        • Will Penny says:

          Misty , the 2nd grade is being far to nice to deep state , for the liberals don’t teach using Common Sense . It’s just believe in liberalism and do as i tell you , don’t think for yourselves , let us do that for all of you !!

        • Bender says:

          Musty maybe he was educated in a red state where they don’t think education is important. 2nd grade in a blue state is equal to 8th grade in a red state. With an education you will see how rethuglicans are stealing money from middle class and giving it to the rich.

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            Hello Bendover. I guess indoctrination education is far better in the communist states, however real education matters to us in the free states. In the free states a 2nd grade education equals about 1st year college in a communist state. Now about stealing money from the taxpayers. You mean like the DemonRATS raising taxes to give to you lazy cellar dwellers, or the illegal aliens, or the pedophiles with their private pedophile island, or the millions of dollars wasted on illegal witch hunts and obstruction, or given to terrorists and drug cartels, or embezzled and laundered by the Clinton cabal? There are many other examples of DemonRAT thievery as well, but the commie morons like you live in fairy tale land where communists can do no wrong. It’s been proven by you idiots, you just can’t fix stupid.

      • Kkat says:

        Based on what? What has he personally done to you? All you have are the words of others. It’s hilarious if you think that President Trump is not an ordinary human being that makes mistakes like everyone else. Don’t tell me it’s because of what he said or did many years ago when he was a private citizen. If you listen to Rap music or even watch R rated movies you see and hear more everyday than our President EVER said or did. So the hypocrisy and bigotry are showing. Remember that people who live in glass houses should never throw stones. What on earth will you do when you find out who the real crooks are? What happens when the truth reveals that you were wrong? Judge that you be not judged. The Truth will soon be revealed by Almighty God who Knows the Truth and will bring about His truth and justice. If you truly believe that this President Trump caused the corruption that has been going on in our government with these career Politicians over many decades than you must be very young! President Trump is about to put an end to corrupt Politicians gravy trains they steal from taxpayers! You will soon have your eyes opened. God will reveal Everything!

        • Mysty says:

          AMEN, Kkat!!! The truths will come unfolding so fast the poor dem puppets will be shocked & some will continue to shout, rant & rave & not even believe God Almighty!!! That is stupidity beyond stupidity.

      • whisperingsage says:

        Well, were you asleep in the last several president’s’ administrations? Including Bush , and Clinton, and Bush Sr before that? Does Benghazi mean nothing? Does Hilary’s antics mean nothing? Does Fast and Furious sound familiar to you? Bill Clinton the rapist? And user of women? And as Governor of Arkansas, he was a shill for the CIA to traffic drugs and guns through Mena Arkansas? That’s OK is it? (Terry Reed’s Compromised. 500 page book). And this was done while Reagan was in office and he was fully aware of it. The 25 Muslim training camps in the USA were all on Youtube with maps, during GW Bush and he never made a move to shut them down. Cathy O Brien’s TRANCEformation of America will tell FAR worse things these people were all involved with. Heartbreaking. Horrible hard read.

        • Mysty says:

          And every single one of them WILL stand before GOD & WILL try to blame someone else for all their sins & crimes. Anyone out there think they can convince GOD a Republican did it?????
          How about YOU deep state?
          How about YOU AK person?

          • Mike Weaver says:

            So you think Trump is God and everyone else is stupid. Do you think Trump has not done any crimes since he has been in office? Get your head out of the sand.

          • John Vieira says:

            Mike Weaver…Trump is NOT God…nor does he belong to the establishment politicians. As to his crimes and (or lies)…since you appear to have some knowledge of these, it would be greatly appreciated if you would cite them for us…dates, times occasions. etc.,…You appear also to have supported the ex secretary of state ( of Benghazi fame), one of the highest offices in the USA, requiring TOP security clearance, who by her OWN admission, was too stupid to know that “C” on official documents, meant CLASSIFIED/CONFIDENTIAL….and had you been paying close attention in 2016 you would have known that there was NO hack, the transfer speed of the data precluded that…it was a DOWNLOAD…which Obama spuriously converted to Russiagate to deflect the resulting WikiLeaks, which incidentally have NEVER been debunked, “dump” on Hillary…that morphed into the fraudulent Mueller inquiry…guess you really did believe that some Russians who spent, according to Facebook, the majestic total of $80,000.00, not all of which was of a political nature and were able to “swing” enough voters to have an effect in the election…had that been the case those Russians would have been the most sought after “campaign managers” by every politician worth his/her/it’s salt on the entire planet…Please refrain from imbibing the Kool Aid…it is having an obvious detrimental effect on any common sense or cognitive abilities you may still possess…

      • Bill says:

        Your name says it all…ya damned worthless commie!

      • Ai says:

        Incompetent? Because he is not a dirty like all of you demonrats? You are still crying over your loss in 2016. What a pity… waste of space here in the USA. Move out of the country with your dirty politicians because we do not want any traitors like all of you. You are all good when it comes to deceit, lies, revenge. All of you Demonclowns do not have any chance in 2020….accept that. That is why you concoct charges against our President because you are all whiny losers. You cannot believe that a non politician would win against your lying cheating Killery. MAGA 2020.

      • The ManMythLegend says:

        deepstate: So is your “MOTHER” though and you hear no one complaining do you!!! TRUMP 2020 MAGA…MAGA…!!!!

      • Emily says:

        So, Kennedy, despite certain virtues, was an adulter, as was Bill Clinton.
        Neither of them were all bad. Clinton lied about it too. Don’t know if Kennedy lied, but certainly tried to conceal. Kennedy blew the Bay of Pigs. Was that not a moment, at least, of
        incompetency ? So why don’t you think they shouldn’t have had to go through all this like Trump ?

  33. Murphy says:

    vid man lied and schitty is hiding it! The ambassador lied and schitty is hiding it! The last witness testified what actually happened and it is true! It matched the transcript and the president of Ukraine and the President of the US swear to the same thing! Impeachment is a mueller like happening and is the same crap! No quid pro quo, nothing illegal and impeachment will never happen! The lying witnesses need to be indicted and charged with perjury!!

    • Deep State. says:

      Murphy It seems that any body who disagrees with you is a cheat and a layer. If you want to be taken seriously when you call somebody a layer, show at least 3 examples. Other wise keep your peace.examples

      • Mysty says:

        What is a ‘layer’ in your opinion?? In the REAL world, a layer is a hen or a level of a cake. Maybe a brick layer but none of those ‘layers’ seem to fit your narrative…
        You still don’t make a lot of sense.

  34. Rick H says:

    Adam Schiff-for-brains needs to take a long hard suck on a dead dogs festered ass hole

    • Mysty says:

      Rick, I can’t stand schiff or even looking at those eyes that look they belong in a mental institution, but please…don’t talk like the gutter-dweller dems. It’s not becoming.

    • Mysty says:

      Amen to that, Wicked Woman!!! I was about to say the same thing!!!
      She…AK person…& deep state probably went to the same school…

  35. John Boanerges Redman says:

    The demoncraps are dead men walking once the trial begins in the Senate. POTUS will control his defense and will call under oath every slimeball swamp creature that has polluted to body politic since his campaign began. Those cowards will plead and implicate each other to lessen the time they wear orange jumpsuits. Like in Psalms 118, there WILL be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Lock them ALL up will be the order of the day/century.

  36. David says:

    The President should not sign any house budget extensions, and shut the Government down thus month.

    • Gayle Clay says:

      The citizens of this country should be made aware that should this made up impeachment continue at the complete direction of the illegal Democrats it will be a disaster. Do they not realize that the voters of this country will not be overridden by made up excuses to have Trump removed from the office he legally was elected to? Do they honestly believe the voters and supporters of this president will allow this to happen? If they do, they are dumber than I thought. All the Democrats are actually doing is either a ploy to distract from the upcoming election or to wave the flag for the beginning of the next civil war. It will start with the Democrats themselves in office, they will be literally removed entirely by walking away or by force. They then will be deported out of this country with the clothes on their backs. They will not remove the elected president of these states simply because their corrupt criminal activities are going to be exposed. We the people have quite a bit to say about it. Believe me, pelosi and Schiff will be going way before Trump!

      • Shane Lucas says:

        Amen with you brother.i the people will pick up arms and defend trump,freedom,the constitution and this country and freedom of speech and most of all the 2nd ready to pick up arms and March to Washington now.sombody say when

        • Mike C Weaver says:

          You are a true Trump man. He is the next thing to Hitler. I better not say anymore or you people will send Trumps hit squad.

          • Terry Smith says:

            Retardpuppet boy 🖕

          • goyaathle says:

            Mike, take some time to think about what your saying. I am 68 years old and I have seen some awful presidents. Carter, LBJ, Ford, Obama, Clinton etc. Trump has done none of the things you accuse him of. Yes he is sometime an ass, but he does what he says he will do. I served my country in the Army 1969-1981. VietNam July 70 to Dec 71. Broke my back twice and shot once. Am 100% disabled but still stand for my country and my President.

    • Yes! Send all these fools home to their home states. Look at their conditions? California, what a sight! Then they wonder why all these terrible things are falling on them? Run gor the hills and cry for them to bury them! God hates sin of any kind! Don’t they get it? Go ahead and keep their borders open. Let it flow???

    • Jonathan Conover says:

      He’ll yeah, shut down the government and make working people suffer yet again. They will whine when they lose their homes because they can’t pay the mortgage. They will moan because they have to stand in unemployment lines, and they will complain because they can’t afford to take their children to the doctor. They are too lazy to walk dogs or sell off their possessions like the Chosen One suggests. He knows what suffering is all about. He has suffered greatly even while squatting on golden toilets. Heartbreaking.

  37. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    The democrats know that if this circusof potty talk against President Trump quiets down enough, the Victoria Nuland telephone call where she brags about it ‘only costing $4 billion to hire thugs to murder the Ukraine government, which she did. Within weeks, Hunter Biden was extorting $50-80,000.00 a month fro the Ukraine energy company, while other democrats stole over $12 billion of an IMF loan from there.

  38. H Lee says:

    schiff is nothing but a lynching promoter, one who stands in front of the rioters and barks ” lynch him, Matters not why, just hang him and let him die, matters not why, just do and let him die” He deserves not a voice, his witnesses deserve not a voice, my voice is the only one for you to hear. Think not, question not, hesitate not, listen only to me, we must hang him from a tree.

    • SHELL says:

      President Donald J. Trump, Commander in Chief, Call in the Marines, with their guns and protect yourself and this nation from this illegal coup. It is time Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and the entire HOUSE of democrats were arrested placed in prison and if they yell too much cart them off to GITMO.


  39. Walter Deveau says:

    The only chance shifty has to accomplish is sneaky,dirty deed, is to keep the truth out of the mix.

  40. nonya says:

    I Hate To Tell Them
    Dumb Ass Demo Rats
    But LEGALLY They
    The DEMO RATS Can
    Witnesses At A Hearing
    Or Impeachment
    There Testimony Should Be Herd By The DEFENCE

  41. Medic RN says:

    Sooooo? Absolute proof of collusion? LIAR!!
    This is violation of public trust. POS should be washing butts in prison.

  42. Perry F says:

    I really like Shiffy’s comment regarding the potential smear tactics at the impeachment hearing.

    They don’t want the truth on record, which would go against their 3 year free political campaign paid for by the auspices of criminal accusations which were false to begin with.

    The active liars filing these false accusations for political reasons and not for criminal reasons needs to be held accountable for abusing Federal Investigations for political gain along with malfeasance of public officials, fraudulent use of criminal investigation departments, conduct not of a public official, perjury, etc.

    Once convicted, it should be mandatory these convicted criminals should make full and complete restitution to all government agencies and bodies of every tax money spent for this harassing political agenda.

  43. Save babies says:

    true Americans will make sure the dem terrorists will have hell to pay. It will be fun to watch them beg for mercy

    • While congress is allowing Adam Schiff, a congressman to whole closed door hearing, without the president having his attorney, and not allowing the witnesses to be questioned by the Republicans without due process. This is what would happen in Russia, China, North Korea, or Iran. Who the hell does he think he is? He, Pelosi, and Schumer, along with all the other corrupted Democrats and Republicans.

  44. Dan Winright says:

    Wake me when it’s time to lock and load

  45. Raffa says:

    Shut down that kangaroo court.It’s dishonest Schiff deserves a stick a ypoudynamite up his ass.

  46. Raffa says:

    Redman your right the white democrats keep all the ministry in the welfare rolls.Chicago,New York,SanFransico,Philadelphia all controlled by the DNC.

  47. AKLady says:

    Garbage piled higher and deeper. The House bring the charges, the Senate holds the hearings. People are being oed tto. Apparently, rght-wing, Trump supporters failed to attend Civics Class or take ASmerican Government.
    That is what Trump and his supporter are counting on. They want the ones who they can lies to. This entire article is bases on lies … Trump is a pathological liar. He is a habitual law-breaker. He wants low information Americans that don’t know enough to recognize when he goes afoul of the law.
    He will have fue process, just as every other American is given — at his hearing, before the Senate.

    • Wicked Woman says:

      …and apparently AKLady failed to attend English grammar classes! We expect nothing less from people like AKLady who drink the Kool-Aid and swallow MSM lies!

      • Alan Patrick says:

        I totally agree with you about AK Lady. She is about as ignorant as they come. I have her Blocked on Discus due to her own stupidity and ignorance of Every subject she ever comments on, along with the perpetual name calling that is nothing but counterproductive.

      • Ai says:

        Yes, she did attend but failed because she cannot read cursive writing and drunk from Kool-Aid and high on drugs.

    • Please aklady enlighten the rest of us on just what crimes or laws that have been broken!

      • Mysty says:

        She won’t. They are typical libs…NEVER answer any questions about what PRESIDENT TRUMP did or said. They just repeat what their ‘masters’ say.

    • RONALD GUNN says:

      AKLady, learn English!!

    • You are definitely a low information voter and quite ignorant of the facts. You must only listen to the fake news on cnn and msnbc.

    • William says:

      Regardless of what YOU say, the Democrats are pi–ing into the wind with their attempt to undo the 2016 election. It makes no difference what the Democrats in the House do, as Trump will never be found “guilty” in the Senate. The liberals actions only guarantee that Trump will be reelected in 2020.

      • SHELL says:

        If the HOUSE DEMOCRATS carry out the COUP as seems they are determined to do, the President Trump still has the option of calling in the military with their guns and defend the President , Senate, House, as well as the government and that will shut it down until order is maintained and the culprits are incarcerated with this ongoing fiasco stopped immediately!

        CNN alluded this would happen whereby with the takeover (coup) the President and Vice President would be OUT and Pelosi would place herself in the Oval Office, with Adam Schiff as Vice president backed by George Soros, Schiff’s sister’s father in law and his MONEY!

    • enubus18 says:

      Wow!! You are not only ignorant but you are demented!

    • Mysty says:

      It’s obvious by your spelling/punctuation that you are an uneducated dem. You have no concept of truth, but one day you will. In the meantime I’ll add your name to my prayer list in hopes you’ll seek & find God!

    • Perry F says:

      AKlady is obviously a true dysfunctional Democrat. She’s so accustomed to being lied to, she fails to accept the truth of the matter, which she most certainly Has that right.

      Stay a Democrat, AK, the Democrats are going to need your support.

      Trump for 4 more years.

    • nonya says:

      T R U T H
      L A W
      T H I N K !! YOU ARE ABOVE
      R U N

    • Chuck says:

      And you obviously have been gobbling the garbage that’s at the Democraps feeding trough of which you’ve made a pig of yourself! You are correct in part that this article is based on a lie. That lie is the one(s) coming from you Libtards accusing our President of misconduct with no basis on truth, fact or reality. But you Libtards have never allowed the facts to get in the way of your anti-America agenda. The fact is your whole agenda is based on a lie that Democraps are pro America which couldn’t be further from the truth that the Democrappy Party is a domestic enemy of the USA and their actions support this reality. There is absolutely NO reason why the process they’ve chosen couldn’t and shouldn’t be open, transparent honest and true to our principles of justice with the rule of law that due process and the presumption of innocence stands at the head if the line! But this is not about that for this is about an unquenchable appetite for power by undoing the 2016 Presidential election which the Democraps attempted to fix. The Democraps continue their assault and abuse of our U.S.Constitution with anti-Constitutional motivated behavior to undo a duly elected President under the guise of impeachment that our founders included to be able to remove a President for real actual misconduct detrimental to our country and to the office of POTUS but not for a power play of envy and jealousy or to cover up corruption.

    • Steve says:

      What has he done. No demon craps can tell us

    • Mark Hopkins says:

      AK Bitch, you can’t spell, your grammar is that of a five year old’s and you repeat the same worn out communist lies we’ve heard a million times by you sewer rats. I crown you moron of the month. You win an all expense paid one way trip to North Korea. Enjoy!

      • BigAlum says:

        AK”Lady”, or AK bitch, as you say, is really Shrillary. From Arkansas and thinking she’s a lady? Gotta be the Shrill- liar-y we rejected in 2016…

        • Mark Hopkins says:

          I wonder BigAlum, if she is aware that AK is also one of those evil “assault” rifles that coerce innocent, law abiding people to murder with them? They mentally control their owner to commit mass murder and the person firing the rifle is completely innocent, it’s the evil rifle’s fault. Of course, one must consider that more than twice as many are killed with knives as with all rifles combined, so I think we should outlaw knives, hammers, vehicles and yes, hands and feet. They’re all EVIL and cause people to kill through mind control. If DemonRATS were any dumber they’d be cabbages.

          • ih8reps says:

            Once again clean up you’re grammar or lack of grammar, geez you’re such a MORON!

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            Well hater of patriots, point out my grammatical errors since you have appointed yourself grammar Nazi. The real moron looks back at you from the mirror. By the way, this is a site for political dialogue, not spelling and grammar contests. Of course when you’re too stupid to come up with anything else…

      • ih8reps says:

        I can’t help but notice you and many more RETARDicans like to point out someone’s mistake’s, but never not once do you correct the moron’s on you’re side.
        You only Elide post’s from you’re side.
        Also re-read you’re post for you’re own mistake.
        You’re post is nothing but Hokum!
        To me you seem to be Irascible!

        • Mark Hopkins says:

          Since you want to make this about spelling and grammar, what the hell is “Elide”? Mistake’s? Irascible? Bet you had to look that one up. Well , anyway, you are an ill educated moron. I’ve wasted enough time on you.

        • Emily says:

          Please have the courtesy to stop calling all Trump supporters Retardicans. You are reflecting badly on yourself, not the people you are insulting, just like the ones who call Democrats names. Some of us are independents. Actually, I think a lot of us are. And yes, I intend to vote for him again. I look at results, not rhetoric. And he has done plenty that I appreciate.

    • Deep State. says:

      Well put, I agree 100%.
      I never desire to converse with a man who has written more than he has read.
      Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.
      Samuel Johnson
      The yahoos like other Republicans attack the form not the substance. Ignore them

      • Mysty says:

        You & Ak person would make a good tag team on the rolls of the uneducated. You must know each other…neither of you can spell, construct a proper sentence, make any kind of sense or think for yourselves. You just believe the lies of the left without even questioning the validity of them.

      • Mark Hopkins says:

        Well Deep Snake, we’d attack the “substance” if there was any. You morons have no “substance” to your profuse lies, so I think I’ll ignore you.

    • BigAlum says:

      AKLady? Are you really Shrillary? Sure sounds like it. Who’s next to be Arkancided? Maybe Adumb Schifferbrains or Bury-the-bone-in Obunghola? All the big Dimms have lots of dirt on you…

  48. Peter Gaskin says:

    This is looking more like the Russian hoax that democrats paid for and wasted millions of taxpayers money 0 due process its almost like its being run by Russia or China or North Korea what a disgrace from the land of the free but only if you are democrats or illegal immigrants Muslims if you are American citizen and you are a conservative you no longer have rights even if your the President the international communist democrat party are taking the rights of American citizens

    • AKLady says:

      Except the hoax is all Trump’s and the Republicans. Trump is going down. He will have his day in court — in front of the Senate — as is required b law.

      • R says:

        Go Trump 2020 lol you going to cry like a little kid lol remember me in 2020 I can’t wait to see you again and laugh at you again lol you truly are a idiot

      • Bill Buchana says:

        It’s a shame that there are people like you in the country.!

      • William says:

        And, just what are you going to say when Trump is found “not guilty” in the Senate? Why, the Democrats can’t even state what they think Trump is guilty of, as all they can do is yell, “Impeach Trump”.

      • Medic RN says:

        Light some candles. Have a nice warm water enema. Then chill out.

      • Donna Rowland says:


      • Mysty says:

        Goodness you just keep digging your ditch deeper.

        • ih8reps says:

          Such a horrible use of grammar!
          I also noticed you have a problem spelling “and” must be like the other problem you have”…” I can see proper grammar for you “and” Cheeto-Man is a big problem today.

          • Will says:

            Hey 8 ball why don`t you go F`yourself
            you have nothing at all to contribute here except to criticize other people ,,, nothing to do with the subject at hand

      • Lance says:

        Again please be specific what exactly has Trump lied about, and or what law has he broken. You might want to step back and look at this from neither side. Don’t just say something like that without backing it up.

      • Alan Patrick says:

        Like YOU CRIED when Hillary lost to TRUMP. LMAO. You’re going to CRY again in 2020 when TRUMP WINS AGAIN

      • Mysty says:


        • Mark Hopkins says:

          I suggest firing squads for the traitorous DemonRATS, using “AK”47s. LOL! Just thought it sounded ironically funny Mysty. What you say is true, but the idiot DemonRATS will deny the truth even when proven. You just can’t fix stupid.

      • ih8reps says:

        Lesson #1 in good grammar is how to spell “Republican” it’s “RETARDican” and yes you’re welcome.
        Keep up the good work exposing the TRUTH, we have a country full of ” Know It All’s That Don’t Know Sh##”.

  49. Will says:

    Donny WOW,, what are you trying for ,,, Maybe to be Shiffs under study ,, That was the biggest line of sh*t I have read since I have been on this site ,, you my friend are an idiot ,, plain and true .. Get yourself some mental help before you get put away

  50. karen bailey says:

    Schiff, you aren’t going to get away with your EVILNESS, believe it or not, there is a GOD WATCHING YOU.

  51. norm meredith says:


  52. Cecelia Henderson says:

    I can’t believe we have an arrogant, proven liar leading this impeachment process. This is the best Nancy Pelosi could find? What a pitiful excuse for a Congressman.

    • Mysty says:

      What a pitiful excuse for a human.

    • Jonathan Conover says:

      I can’t believe we an arrogant, proven liar for a President. This is the best America can do? What a pitiful excuse for a President.

      • Mark Hopkins says:

        I can’t believe we have so many little sh-t swallowing, commie hoplophobes that believe every lie their communist overlords and the fake “news” propaganda outlets tell them. Little vaginas that actually think they can beat the true Patriots in the coming war. That’s alright Jonathan Cornholer, we have a real president now, not one of your illegal African muslims and not the rabid morons with syphilis brain rot that are going to try to convert the United States. Into a communist crap hole. Keep swallowing moron, I don’t think you’re full yet.

  53. Alex says:

    This sounds like some of the witch trials, where they tie a 100 lb. rock TIGHTLY around the person’s neck and throw them into 500 feet of of water! If they surface alive, they are a witch.., if they don’t surface…, oops… guess they weren’t a witch after all!

  54. TexanForever says:

    So, … where’s the “really bad news” that was supposed to have shaken Trump?

    This site uses misleading click-bait headlines and should be relegated to spam folders.

    • Kerry Reeves says:

      I totally agree

    • Will says:

      Well if there is no due process I would think that might be bad news .
      What if you were hauled into court ,, with no one to represent you and you were up against a crooked cop with only his word ,, as to what was presented .. how would you feel about that setting

      • Mysty says:

        Dead in the water with no oars aboard.

      • Jonathan Conover says:

        I would not show up for court. I would send word that I don’t agree with the process and that the whole kangaroo court is a witch hunt. I would declare that these charges are nothing more than fake news conjured up by the media, the enemy of the people. Then I would board a helicopter and fly over to Stormies house.

  55. Nancy Pelosi and many on the Right politically have a favorite saying, ” NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW” I sure hope they are looking in a MURROR when they say that.

  56. Jerry Kahn says:

    What in the world can we do about Adam Schiff, I’m ashamed to see a congressman of either party do what he’s doing. Please let me know what
    to do, other than vote him out but I’m not a Californian.

    • Steven Crosby says:

      Shoot a hot poker up his ass
      . In the middle of main street DC .By the way DC stands for Dumb Cocksuckers

      • Mysty says:

        Steven, that’s the way the has-beens in hollyweird talk when they are trying to get people to notice them again so they can get a job. Haven’t heard of any of them getting new gigs so it must not be working for them.
        Please don’t cuss like that & put yourself down into the filthy gutters when the dems reside.

  57. B. Hicks says:

    What I would like to know is this. Who in the hell is the one percent that voted to keep republican witnesses out of these proceedings? They have got to be true demoncrat supporters and DNC puppets. These one percenters are of the brainwashed minds that you are guilty until proven innocent.

  58. Dems and media are All corrupt. Vote all Dems out and burn CNN and MSDNC to the ground.

  59. Rex says:

    Due Process will be the Supreme Court decision. File litigation papers now seeki0ng an injunction against the house Leadership and Congressman Schiff.

  60. Gideon Rockwell says:

    It is time to launch a D.O.J. investigation into Schiff. I am certain he has a deep involvement in the coup attempt with Obama, Clinton, Brennan and all the known cast of traitorous scum.

    • BigAlum says:

      He IS under investigation. Probably by John W. Huber. And he will answer for ALL his evil deeds. And there are many, as he’s been a facilitator for child sex slavers. LOTS of money in that racket. These sick worms are so deep into their twisted activities, they’ll be outed sooner or later. Sooner is better – it’s GOT to stop now. Too many kids getting “lost” by CPS and others.

  61. LARRY says:


    • trebor says:

      it’s going to happen. The worst thing that the Dems will have to face is the public seeing what is going on. Shiff has been able to keep the whole thing undercover. When the other side gets to speak the idiocy that has been going on for three years will be open to all the public. The major networks will not be able to kee it under wraps, they will have to let their viewers see what is going on.

      • Will says:

        It is already happening ,, these shady bastards have been dealing corruptly ,for so long they don`t realize ,,,WE the people are on to them and are fed up with their crooked ,, self serving ways.. It`s time for it all to come to ahead ,, with them being sent ,to the nearest jail,,, and that goes for those on both sides of the isle ,Corruption has no place in our Govt,, no matter which side they are suppose to represent

  62. Bemused Berseker says:

    Schifty Schiff the Schitt’s pulling more Schitt out of his arse. I look forward to seeing the Chief Justice chip this sanctimonius asshat down to size.

  63. gary johnson says:

    never trust a dem, they are all lying, corrupt aholes

  64. david says:

    AND Trump cancer continues to eat them alive.

  65. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Mr. Schiff head is stupider than I thought he was and when he loses this “impeachment” fight, I hope that I’ll have the privilege to laugh in his face once this is all over.

  66. Roy L Massey Sr. says:

    Raised to be a Democrat by my Father, served my country and retired military, always reviewed pros and cons of both the DNC and RNC and, based on my views, became an Independent Voter. I continued to review both the issues and the Candidates voted on who I felt was most qualified Candidate. Democrat, Republican, Independent, Green Party, Tea Party, made no difference as long as I felt they were qualified. Now, as an 81 yr old, Proud to be an American and retired Military Veteran,
    who supports my duly elected President, whatever his party affiliation, the actions taken Thursday 10/31/2019 by the NEVER TRUMPers of the Democrat Party, led by Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi have thoroughly disgusted me. I now make a pledge and have taken a solemn vow that as of Friday 11/01/2019, I will NEVER, EVER vote for a Democratic Candidate again, be it Local or State or General elections.

    • JN says:

      I Yes, me as well, I took that oath at the primaries, Mr. Massey. Thank you for your service. 🇺🇸

    • Donny Jr. says:

      Roy L
      Thank you my daddy needs more morons like you to be stupid enough to vote for him as we rob America blind we’re making many millions here just check out our bank accounts.
      Jr. I told you shut up nobody can see our taxes or bank accounts I still don’t know why I gave you or Ivanka a job in my administration you’re such idiots you’re going to get us caught.
      Sorry Daddy I was just trying to help you steal more money for us.
      I’m not going to tell you again Jr. Shut up or I’ll give YOU’RE job to Eric and write you out of my worthless will.
      Sorry Daddy it won’t happen again I promise, now can I have some of that money for a Hooker I need some pu##y.
      Well I guess son as long as you’re going to spend it on some good pu##y like I always did just don’t tell you’re mom I admitted to that.
      Don’t worry daddy I won’t tell anybody about those little girls we raped at Epstein’s house.
      You’re a good little pervert Jr. That’s why I love you so much you remind me of myself King Pervert.

    • Mysty says:

      GOOD FOR YOU, ROY!!! I too was raised by a dem parent, but when al gore did his dirtiest best to destroy george bush my entire family…including my hubby who had also been raised dem, changed our affiliation & became Republicans. Never looked back & never will. In my nearly 73 years I’ve NEVER seen such SHAMEFUL, EVIL, CORRUPT TACTICS PLAYED OUT BY THE DEMS. THEY GET WORSE & WORSE EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!
      They WILL be VERY, VERY sorry when their time on earth comes to the end. They WILL be on their knees professing that God is King, Jesus is Lord. Their names will NOT be in The Book of Life unless they have repented of their sins & asked Jesus to come into their hearts and change from their satan-worshipping.
      Thank you, Sir for your service to this great nation. We are the very LAST COUNTRY OF FREEDOM ON EARTH. YOUR SERVICE HELPED ACHIEVE & RETAIN THAT.

    • Emily says:

      To Roy L. Massey:
      Ditto. I’m with you.

  67. The RedMan says:

    Who keeps blacks in poverty? Racist white folks, that’s who.
    Who promises free handouts for votes? Racist white folks, that’s who.
    Who thinks blacks can’t get voter IDs? Racist white folks, that’s who.
    Who thinks black need affirmative action? Racist white folks, that’s who.
    Who tells blacks they’re gonna die from Global Cooling? Arrogant white folks.

    • Jim says:

      No one cares what you say dumb ass.You are the reason blacks get a bad rap.All the blacks I know are good people.You being the exception.

      • Graham Jones says:

        Isn’t that the truth Jim, sounds like you are going in the right direction other than those stuck in a time warp.

    • Bob says:

      Looks like EVERYONE you mentioned are democrats…🤔🧐
      AND you do realize that HALF of ALL aborted children were black… Now, Margret Sanger (the founder of planned parenthood) was … yep WHITE 😂🤣😅 AND a Democrat AND a eugenist. I know, that’s a REALLY big word for you, sooo I’ll help you out. It means that they wanna KILL EVERYONE that doesn’t agree with them…Black or White…🧐🤔
      Sooo are you a Native American or are you African American, or are you some smuck troll hanging out with the boys in tel eviv ??? 🤭🙈😳🙀🤔🧐😂😅🤣🙄

      • JN says:

        Lol, what ever he is, he’s probably in his mom or sisters basement masterbating to the verbal abuse. He seems to love it. Hes like 50 shades of grey red…

      • ih8reps says:

        A few years ago in Colorado Springs, Co.
        Some lunatic on the radical right broke into Planed Parenthood murdered three humans one of which was a police man with a young family, he left those poor little children with no father to ever see again EVER.
        Those poor little children will need mental health for the rest of their lives trying to deal with why some monster would murder their father but you people don’t have a problem with that, how many humans have the radical right murdered all in the name of God.
        The radical right has murdered hundreds of innocent people in the last three years all from the Hatred Cheeto man has stirred up in mass shootings across America, but you don’t have a problem with that as long as you can buy military assault weapons of mass destruction, how many kids have died in schools across America all for you’re misinterpretation of the second amendment, remember it was written when we had muskets that might be able to get off two shots in a minute if you were good.
        For the first time in modern history we have to sensor our POTUS speeches from children because he use vulgar obscene language speaks of hatred for various races of people whether it’s religion color or political affiliation.
        The FLOTUS and Ivanka also need to be sensored because they show up in public in see through clothing wearing no bras HIGHBEAMS sticking out for all to see poor billionaire’s can’t even afford to buy a bra, what a great example to set for young girls and women, but you don’t have a problem with that do you.
        In simple terms for you simpletons you’re FLOTUS is a DISCUSTING SLUT, but you don’t have a problem with that do you.
        Bob why do you Obfuscate?
        Bob why are you so Mendacious?
        Bob you’re post’s are Otiose!
        Bob to me you seem Flummoxed!
        Bob you’re so smart but guess what you just got schooled MORON!
        Everyday on PP some moron radical idiot on the right calls for civil war, taking up arms against American citizens how many innocent children are you willing to have no parents or be homeless because of you’re hatred for Democrats, Mexicans, Muslims, or any other group but you don’t have a problem with do you.
        Just remember if you don’t get those children when you murder their parents they will grow up to hate the radical right, Glory Be To God The RETARDican Party Will Exist No More Then And Only Then Will There Be Peace On Earth.

        • Freddie says:

          Ok,ih8reps,real long post,but absolutely not one word of it is true,when are you lying democrats,ever going to back up your false allegations against Republicans and especially,President Trump,with facts,truth and honesty!You can never do it! All you’ve got,is your usual,partisan,talking points,loaded with lies,fabrications and deceptions and your usual msm alliances,that have no more desire to know the truth,than the corrupt democrats!

    • David says:

      You’re boring….

    • Mysty says:

      Geez, not you again…why don’t you go pick your nose sonewhere else?

    • Noel McKinney says:

      you didnt finish it.
      Who are the racist white folks?
      Democrats that’s who

    • Raffa says:

      Shut down that kangaroo court.It’s dishonest Schiff deserves a stick a ypoudynamite up his ass.

    • William says:

      And, who says that “Racist white folks” are guilty of causing “problems” for black folks”. Why, Racist black folks, that’s who.

    • John Boanerges Redman says:

      And those “racist white folks” are and always have been demoncraps plantation dweller. Thanks for making our case for us. You left out the “racist white folks” that convince black folks (Margret Sanger) to commit self genocide . Who told black folks to align with the Republican party? Martin Luther King Jr., that’s who. BTW, there are more than plenty of black demoncraps swallowing “free” bait and feeding it to other blacks. If you are truly concerned about the future of black folks, look at Harlem in the 20s and 30s when their district was no slum and people had strong families, jobs and a vibrant culture. Break up the family (the goal of progcommies everywhere) and decay becomes practically irreversable. Destroy the social fabric and Venezuela becomes the norm for all but the elites. Cuba – China – NKorea – think rather than react. Another word you might look at rather than “racist”, try Control Freaks. These monsters don’t so much regard blacks in racial terms but rather a definable GROUP that can be baited into following a particular message, all to give POWER (and wealth) to those trolling for votes. Tammeny Hall did it for Irish votes before. Read history. It does not repeat so much as it rhymes (Mark Twain).

  68. Steve Scoutaris says:

    It’s funny how the democrats kept saying Trump colluded with Russia when it’s the democrats that are acting like Russia. Soviet style kangaroo court star chamber. Democrats act just like communists.

  69. Marcia says:

    This is an illegal process and should not be allowed. I feel Trump should bring the Supreme Court into these hearings so they can not get away with this. I hope Trey Gordy accepts the position with Trump to represent him. I would love to see Schiff stop him.

    • 82nd airborne vet says:

      This is an outright cou At I hope trump invokes the military and they surround the senate and the house on Capitol Hill and round every one of them democrats up and execute them. For treason sedition and outright terrorism to the United States of America

      • Donny Jr. says:

        82nd spoken like a true hero my daddy needs more of you to stand up and murder all Democrats everywhere across America so we can freely steal all the money rewrite the Constitution or better yet just tear it up Putin don’t want us to have no freedoms he already told my daddy and me that.
        Jr. You moron how many times have I got to tell you to shut up you’re going to blow the whole plan me and Putin agreed to remember we get to build Trump Tower in Moscow you idiot remember I was going to let you manage it geez.
        Sorry Daddy you want me to go out and lie for you some more I’m really good at that you know.
        Why yes you are Jr. and while you’re out there I’m horny find us some young fresh pu##y we can fu## now that I had BARR get rid of Epstein we need a new contact.
        I’m all over it daddy I could use some fresh pu##y also me so horny.
        Oh and Jr. don’t worry about how much it costs these stupid Americans will give us all the money we need for fresh pu##y believe me I got them wrapped around my little orange Cheeto I mean finger Everytime I think about pu##y I think about my little orange Cheeto.
        I do too daddy just remember I get sloppy seconds.
        You got it Jr. now go out there get some money and fresh pu##y.
        Yes daddy anything you want I’m a good little boy aren’t I daddy.
        Yes you are Jr. and don’t forget WHO’S YOU’RE DADDY.

        • cathleen says:

          your pretty sick, why don’t you get some counseling for your pervertedness??

          • Donny Jr. says:

            That’s a new word “pervertedness” I’ll try to use it from now on my daddy likes them big words makes him feel even more prevented.
            Now how about some free pu##y for my daddy.
            After all Cathleen “Who’s You’re Daddy”.

  70. trapperwv1 says:

    So he wants to suspend due process. Schiff is a pig.

  71. Robert Ratto says:

    The democrates believe they are above the law and they know they can’t win unless they procedings are behind closed doors and witinesses in favour of trump are blocked. It is all about political gain and nothing more. If allowed to go on it will be a black mark in the history books. This is why I beleive that all who are proticpating in this SHAME should be impeached or voted out of office. If they are allowed to go on it will only get worse.

  72. a fool says:

    It is always easier to get rid of someone whose Abilities one can not competes with! Thus, platting for that person’s DEMISE is the only way to PRESS ON! But, God never stop watching! “Let your conscience be your guide!” “The tree is known by its fruit!” “Evil be gets EVIL!”



  74. Allan Walker says:

    After the announcement by sneaky Schiff that he will control the witness’ participation there is left no doubt that this proceeding is a sham. The democrats know that an open forum will demolish there arguments and of course they can’t have that. Such hypocrites!

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