Adam Schiff was red with rage after Rand Paul dropped a giant truth bomb

After months of work the Democrat’s impeachment effort is reaching the finish line.

The Senate trial is ongoing and Adam Schiff is ecstatic to be on the manager team to try to convict Trump.

But he was red with rage after Rand Paul dropped one giant truth bomb.

Since day one of the impeachment hoax, Adam Schiff has been pushing lie after lie to promote his agenda.

His first lie came just after the complaint from the still unconfirmed “whistleblower” came out.

Schiff went before his House Intelligence Committee and read off a fake transcript alleging to be from a call between President Trump and Ukraine’s President.

Trump questioned whether he should be arrested for treason over the blatant and malicious lie.

But ultimately the impeachment scam continued on, with the mainstream media barely covering his lie.

Although the mainstream media wouldn’t shine a light on his despicable actions, President Trump was able to, using his massive online platforms.

And ultimately, Schiff began to lose support for his impeachment effort.

By the time he was able to pass two articles of impeachment through the House, polling showed that a majority of Americans oppose impeaching President Trump.

And even with the Senate trial beginning, Trump’s approval rating continues to climb.

That’s why Sen. Rand Paul took to Twitter to praise Schiff for uniting Republicans.

“The more we hear from Adam Schiff, the more the GOP is getting unified against this partisan charade!” Paul tweeted.

His point hits close to home for Schiff, who must learn to accept that he is doing more to unite the Republican Party than anybody else.

Currently, Trump’s approval rating among Republicans sits between 90% and 95%.

This is higher than any Republican in modern history and likely ever.

His massive approval among Republicans has to do with both his handling of the economy and the sheer maliciousness of Democrats targeting him.

Schiff has made clear that he isn’t willing to let voters decide whether or not Trump should stay in office, and instead is demanding he make that decision for them.

“The President’s misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box, for we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won,” Schiff said on the first day of the impeachment trial.

What Schiff is implying is that any election that results in Trump’s re-election isn’t a fair election.

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    Anyone in the world that does not know by now that Schifty Schitt Adam the weasel is 100% a corrupt lying POS , THEY ALL need a mental hospital with Nancy the witch Piglosi

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    Amen to that, Jimmie Chesser…

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