Adam Schiff told one jaw-dropping lie about impeachment that no one could believe

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is trying to save his impeachment witch hunt from flying off the rails.

Schiff raced to friendly TV networks to try and reset the public narrative.

And Adam Schiff told one jaw-dropping lie about impeachment that no one could believe.

Adam Schiff appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” for a friendly interview about the impeachment witch hunt.

Host Chuck Todd asked Schiff about his previous support for having alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella testify in public.

Schiff claimed it was no longer necessary and listed two outrageous lies about why Democrats no longer wanted Ciaramella to tell his story under oath.

Breitbart reports:

On Sunday’s broadcast of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said House Democrats wanted the so-called whistleblower to testify until President Donald Trump’s comments.

Schiff said, “We had a deep interest in having the whistleblower testify until two things happened. One, we were able to prove everything in the whistleblower complaint with witnesses that had first-hand information.”

He continued, “Second, the president and his allies effectively put the whistleblower’s life in danger. The president said the whistleblower and others should be treated as a traitor or a spy, and we ought to use the penally we used to use for traitors and spies, and that is the death penalty.”

He added, “We don’t need the whistleblower’s secondhand evidence anymore. It would only serve to endanger this person and gratify the president’s desire for retribution. That is not a good enough will-be reason to bring in the whistleblower.”

Democrats don’t want Ciaramella to testify because of his history as a Democrat and connections to Joe Biden would reveal his complaint was nothing more than a partisan attack on a Republican President.

But Schiff and the Democrats can only keep Ciaramella hidden away for a brief period of time.

If the Senate stages an impeachment trial, Republicans will run the show and Ciaramella will most certainly be called to testify.


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  1. Fred Stanley says:

    The only lie here is this story. Schiff’s take is 100% more “perfect” than trumps call with Zelinsky. Witnesses have CERTAINLY corroborated him-1st hand, so why do you need his 2nd hand info? Answer: you don’t.
    And if you don’t think one of Trump’s screw loose sycophants would go after this guy, I have one word for you: Pizzagate.

    • zee says:

      Ou. “Pizzagate”__ Ou. >Whew___AllTrue. Damming, to Say the Least. ( & 0ff Topic, but NEEDS
      Attention, but, long Gone. ) : (
      > Schiff HAS committed ‘Perjury’. No Call out___ Certainly, NOT
      from ‘House’, Where ARE the ‘R’s ???

    • Billy Vincent says:


  2. Chenz says:


    • walkedAway Liberal says:

      Silly TOM, still doesn’t get that it is China, building factories Here.
      They own Large Chunks of Silicon Valley/ auto/ Tele Comm’s/
      HOLLYWOOD/Theaters/ Smithfields etc.
      >Russia owns NOTHING mentioned above.
      > Maybe TOM imbibes in something ‘other’ than 0J/water/coffee etc
      > What a ‘nitwit’ ___ his thoughts ARE up-side-DOWN !!!

      • Billy Vincent says:


    • Billy Vincent says:


  3. TOM says:

    In 2020 it all comes down to a simple choice.
    Do we continue to allow Putin to influence our elections, or continue to allow Moscow Mitch to let Russian oligarchs build factory’s in America to gain a bigger chunk of control.
    Or do we vote BLUE NO MATTER WHO to keep America free and and enjoy liberty.
    I’ve already made up my mind I’m for FREEDOM & LIBERTY.
    I’ll always vote for America first.

    • chief1937 says:

      Tom if as you say vote blue you my friend are either blind, dumb or delusional. This country is in the best shape it has been in years under red leadership and you want to regress to blue

      • KAWWIE says:


      • TOM says:

        Yeah it’s in better shape because Obama fixed Bush’s 💩 now that POS you love will turn it back into 💩 you just wait it’s coming I guarantee it Everytime you morons take over you turn America to 💩 in a very short time.
        And if you call pouring Monopoly money in the hundreds of billions of dollars into the stock market to prop it up temporarily a great economy you’re in for a big surprise very shortly.

        • walkedAway Liberal says:

          OK. TOM So what. “monopoly $$”.
          YOU ARE USING IT IN ‘Free America’.
          What Is IT, that you don’t get.
          It’s CHINA, mister. ARE You Elderly Senior???
          Happy Thanksgiving. Be THANKFUL You Are
          In USA. Quit your ‘crabby’ bitching !!! lol

        • Billy Vincent says:


        • Bettyann Sonn says:

          So, I guess you get a check from Soros to say such stupid stuff. You are a democrat puppet. What a fool.

    • Debbie Downer says:

      If you vote blue you get social -ism. No thanks to that.
      TOM, instead of you spending so much time on these websites why don’t you make a donation to Food For The Poor? They are feeding starving people fleeing from social -ist Venezuela right now as I type this.
      I donated. Why don’t you?

      • Mama says:

        Hi Debbie ‘Upper’. I delivered some Thanksgiving Plates
        Today. 1 was to 80 yr Cherokee woman, lives in a Barn
        W/her 2 Horses. . I Am ‘relatively poor Senior’. But I Can
        Get ‘around’ & GIVE !!! Happy THANKSGIVING !

    • Jean says:

      You don’t have much of a mind to make up. If one could reason with a demon crat
      there would be no Democrats. Trump will win in a landslide.

  4. Eli says:

    We need to stay focused on Democrat corruption and expose what the Washington Examiner has said about the investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden. Obama had put former “V.P Joe Biden in charge of overseeing federal government disbursement of stimulus funds, which was a separate program.” ” An investment firm linked to Hunter Biden received $130 million in Federal Bail out loans, while Joe Biden was Vice President in 2009, and routed profits through subsidiary in the Cayman Islands according to Federal banking and corporate records reviewed by the Washington Examiner.” What about “a listing of grants that went to non-existent congressional districts among other errors?” Kind of reminds me of false fundraising, that went on behind the scenes in Chicago, prior to 2008.
    Now, a Florida court has said Congress woman Omar has received funds from a foreign country and was sending information to Iran. They are ignoring major corruption here, with the impeachment distraction. Please check it out and make it known.

  5. TOM says:

    And why is you’re parties color red?
    Because red is the color of communism!

  6. NJ says:

    Any of you noticed that only the Schiff and all the democrat party use the words
    “no one above the law.” Yet every one of them think they are above the law.

    Be the way Cohen isn’t behind bars due to Trump. I heard Cohen on TV that he lied to keep his
    wife being locked up.

  7. walkedAway Liberal says:

    0MG. Now Schiff Says : He added, “We don’t need the whistleblower’s secondhand evidence anymore.”
    >>> He Admits “SECONDHAND Evidence” !!!
    HOW MANY TIMES ‘PERJURY’ ??? At the ‘expense ‘ 0f an
    Entire Nation ???
    &&& some ppl Remain to Support Dems ???

  8. TOM says:

    I’m waiting for Putin to inform us how to vote he holds all the cards in our elections anyway.

    • walkedAway Liberal says:

      IT’S CHINA, you ‘goof ball’…

    • Roger D Mann says:

      President Trump has done more for America the American people and the World since his election than the previous four presidents did in 28 years and all in the face of diversity never experienced by any other president!
      Since President Trump was elected millions of new jobs have been created, hundreds of thousands of new manufacturing jobs, over seven million lifted off of welfare and food stamps! The lowest minority unemployment in history, lowest female unemployment in more than 70 years, a robust stock market, a booming economy and one of the largest tax cuts in the history of America, all because of our amazing President’s policies! Negotiating better trade deals for America and the American people and negotiating with other world leaders in an effort to bring world peace! President Trump’s policies added more than 100,000 jobs last month!
      Under President Trump’s leadership and willingness to let our military operate unrestricted by Washington bureaucrats Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the most wanted terrorist in the World was easily located and annihilated! Trump/Pence 2020 landslide!

    • Debbie Downer says:

      Why don’t you send Putin a letter and tell him how you feel about him?
      All you do is talk about Putin all the time.

      • TOM says:

        I’ll do just that, now all I have to do is address my letter to the White House that way I’m sure he’ll get it good idea.
        Thanks Debbie you’ve been a big help.

        • Debbie Downer says:

          I think Putin was in the white house with Obama too then since Obama told Putin he would have more leverage after the election, or something to that affect.

        • Jean says:

          Tom’s last name is not listed but it is easy to determine that it
          is Tom Turkey. Fits right into the holiday and accounts for his
          thinking ability, which is nonexistent. But it is Thanksgiving so
          he can gobble all he wants and never make sense.

          • Mama says:

            Haha. TOM Turkey(s). Better than Hens?
            0n Thanksgiving???
            Sometimes TOM ‘turkeys ( depending how 0LD they are , are less juicy that a Hen !!!
            LOL. ( choose ‘turkey’ Wisely) ___ ie
            (drug/ alcohol FREE! ) YAH Haaa.
            ( silly ? talk…) Connect the ‘dots’___

  9. Save babies says:

    Can we the people sue the dem terrorists for knowingly wasting our tax dollars. They deserve to be shot for treason

    • linda says:

      We should hold out taxes– quit paying taxes till they run out of money to attack our President. Then they can just shut up and go away. Then when they are voted out of office we can pay all the taxes we back owe and the President can use them wisely to build the wall, take care of Real Americans, Seniors, Military, etc. These Demon Rats have WASTED our hard earned money for frivolous attacks on our president. What about Odumba and hitlery? how do they get by with murder and people just turn their heads. They both need to be in Prison and throw away the key!!

    • Wondering Woman says:

      Personally think we would have a good case for a class action lawsuit to force these deep state establishnent traitors to make retribution of every cent they have wasted of treasury funds including their salaries they have not earned by representing their constitutents or America over most of their deep state establishment traitorous careers!

    • Roger D Mann says:

      Note: While President Trump has accomplished so much despite democrats resistance, the USMCA Trade Agreement has sat in the House of Representatives for more than nine months and Pelosi won’t bring it up for a vote because she says there are things in that aren’t enforceable! I am proud to say I didn’t vote for dimwitted Nancy or any other democrat! If all three countries sign the agreement what is not enforceable?

  10. Perry F says:

    I see I forgot to put the word taxes in my last post

    ……double or triple taxes……

    • TRS Enterprizes says:

      Unlike Republicans, most democrats are lawyers and they don’t care if something is right or wrong, they just want to win!!!!!!!!!!! Just like a defense attorney for a serial killer, they just want to win!!!!!!!!!

  11. Mohammed, Mohammed... says:

    Shifties Dog and Pony show….5 cents….
    You couldn’t pay me to vote for this more on….

  12. Robert Zenner says:

    How does this guy get away with so muck lying? If anyone needs to be impeached it is Him

  13. Jap Jones says:

    All of this impeachment B.S. by Schiff and his cronies has done one thing for me. It has convinced me that free Bud Light will be served in HELL before I’ll ever vote for another Democrat….for anything.

  14. JOHN P CATALANO SR says:

    Adam”shifty” Schiff in the Intel group is such an oxymoron it’s pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. reality check says:

    Schiff was correct in that Trump did vilify and threaten the whistle blower, which a thoughtful person who is being investigated learns NOT to do. But Trump is NOT a person who makes smart decisions and listens to experts or even reads his intell briefings. One thing many of you Trumpers won’t face is that Trump was directly involved with the felonies that sent his first lawyer, Cohen, to prison – – Trump, if not president would be there with him since he directed his lawyer to violate those laws.

    But when you can’t handle the message, you attack the messenger, right?!? You just vilify and malign all the 15_+ witnesses, Chairman Schiff, and everyone else except your cult leader who has been involved with over a dozen charges – – and that is skipping many of his emoluments clause violations!

    When is someone going to say what Hunter Biden did that was criminal??!

    • Daniel says:

      You and your accomplice Democrats are nothing but liars and cheats and will do anything to game the system when the rules don’t work for you change him so you can win you will never beat Trump in 2020

    • Sorin Neagu says:

      You are very stupid

    • Sorin Neagu says:

      And kiss Mr Trump ass

    • william f neal says:

      And your full of Schitt

    • Jay says:

      Reality Check: what planet are you on?? Seriously ….you are really misinformed.
      Adam Schiff is a lying treasonous vile person and someday he will face his karma and it will not be pretty! This investigation is like a circus and Schiff is bozos the clown! The implosion of the democrat party is close by!!
      God bless America!! Save us from the treason of the democrats!

    • You need to have another glass of koolaid, you’re about a quart low

    • Did you by any chance listen to the witnesses
      in the hearings regarding exactly what was said and who heard who?
      Oh, are you by any chance stuck on something
      Long forgotten concerning cohen .
      AND the President wanted the whistleblower to testify, that’s not a threat that’s something you call defending oneself against another
      fabricated hoax, like the Russian hoax.

    • David says:

      Do you smoke crack? Or shoot drugs? Maybe sniff glue or gas?

    • Hunter may not have done anything wrong but Dad probably did. As VP and point man on Ukraine using quid pro quo to get the prosecutor fired investigating company Hunter working for. Hunter has ZERO talents for the job. This was a Pay to Play Job. Do you really think that Hunter would have been given that job if not for DAD.? Same story in China. 1.5 $$BILLION dollars. For what? CHINA does not pay that much to anybody unless they are getting something very special for it.

    • TOM says:

      reality check
      As soon as Putin directs RETARDicans on what he wants them to do, same with Hunter Biden Putin is investigating that right now he’ll get back with Trumpzilla very soon as long as he can make 💩 up for all his cult followers to believe of course they’ll all kinds of 💩.
      Also I have first hand video proof of how they pull off a Trumpzilla ralley, first they call in a bunch of dogs to 💩 all over the place then just like magic the FLY’S show up.

  16. Leon says:

    Trump 2020!

  17. Raffa says:

    The democrats proved one thing that they are nothing but a bunch of true jackasses.

  18. Louan Wigton says:


  19. Joseph Needham says:

    There is no way that the “NOs” could be 0%!

  20. Kevin says:

    A.S. Sits on the lead chair and cant protect his own imagination!

  21. libra says:

    What kind of mental derangement does sack of Schiff have to pull of such a hoax hoping to impeach and remove a legally elected President of the USA? In the meantime–he is fighting to protect his lying buddies and under the guise of protecting the whistleblower we find he has known him and coached him in this totally made up conspiracy. They all are SICK IN THE HEAD.

  22. T.Bell says:

    Adam SH*T is good at lying but he always gets caught with his pants down !

  23. Linda says:

    On September 24, 2019, STEVEN A ENGEL, Assistant Attorney General, Office of Legal Counsel wrote a MEMORANDUM OPINION FOR THE GENERAL. COUNSEL OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE. Two things were legally clarified. First … the complainant is NOT A WHISTLEBLOWER UNDER THE LAW. Two … the matter does NOT MEET THE LEGAL REQUIREMENT FOR “URGENT CONCERN” as the ICIG had determined. Therefore, there was no requirement to transmit to any intelligence committees. Please note – the President is NOT a member of the Intelligence Community.
    Mr Engel referred the ICIG letter AND the complaint to the Criminal Division of the DOJ for appropriate review.


    Schiff, Pelosi, Obama, and company can’t spell truth let alone say it. Years of corruption does that to a person. Two things anger me most: 1) The Dems want Americans to pay for their hoax investigation, and 2) they were too busy with the investigation to hide THEIR corruption that they didn’t sign the Mexico/Canada agreement which would have helped every single American in the country. Helping Americans is the least important thing on their agenda, apparently.

  25. phantom says:

    the only problem with that is he is saying that whisleblower reported to is the enemy of the american people . he reported it to democrats. so when did the US declare war on democrats? otherwise how can telling democrats be classified as treason? it can’t be unless trump is trying to remove all democrats or people who won’t bow to him , as he demands all republicans to do so, even when the republicans know what trump is doing is wrong and illegal they stand behind him, what nobody understand is it doesn’t matter who you are if you are told to do anything that interferes with the oath you took, you are violating the oath you took to defend and serve you country first and it doesn’t matter if democrat or republican because when you serve this country you are neither you are american a party that can’t be behind anyone or party alike


      Phantom, run-on sentences such as yours are impossible to read.

    • Boarland says:

      Because the democrats started the impeachment process before Trump even entered office you could call that treason.

    • Bob says:

      What Trump is doing is approved by the America people and is for the people, what the corrupt Demorats did hurt all the American people and they lined their pockets with are tax dollars. There is a big difference you moron.

    • Will says:

      Phantom,, YEAH really ??? Well you better get that message out to the Democrats,,, because that is just what they are doing

    • Michael Lovetere says:

      So the whistleblower has too fear Trump and his allies? What kind of nonsense is this. what a lame excuse. He knows if he showed the whistleblower in front of the committee, Nunez, Jordan, Stepanik, would make him the fool he apparently is. All you left wing fools keep harping on Trump’s supposed guilt. Guilt for what? All Schiff has shown with his witnesses are hear say evidence.. Witnesses! To have a witness, they have to actually witness something. The president has every right to safeguard the taxpayer’s money, and only brain dead democrats can turn something into a fishing expedition. “Show me the man , comrade, and I’ll show you the crime?”…I;m not surprised yahoo would show something like this to bring the cockroaches out of the woodwork. Schiff said to the committee that he didn’t know who the whistleblower is…Lie He made up his own version of the presidents phone call ..he never thought the president would release it ….14 pieces of legislation sitting in Congress including the MCUSA trade deal, and nothing is getting done because of this hoax. If you don’t think taxpayers are pissed, you democrats have another thing coming. I’m glad that criminal referrals are coming for the GPS fusion inspired fake fisa report. maybe us taxpayer will get some satisfaction for the 35 million dollars wasted on this phony Russian collusion hoax.

    • Perry F says:

      It sounds to me Phantom is catching on why the totally dysfunctional Democrats are so well disliked.

      Just about everything he has mentioned is exactly what the dysfunctional Democrats has been doing.

  26. Retired Marine says:

    aDamn Schitt is a lying a-hole that never met a lie it didn’t like or a truth it didn’t hate. He and ALL the demoncrats are certifiably insane. Where are the charges of treason against these pukes?

    • phantom says:

      that is the whole point you say Schiff lied but you stand behind trump who lies nonstop? this is why this country is falling apart, one party is allowed to do as they please while the other is held in contempt. well welcome to the newest form of racism political racism and we are all guilty in one way, and the bad news is we are all to stupid to see it, sorry I’m not that stupid anymore

      • Debbie Downer says:

        If Trump is so bad then you democrats need to vote him out of office.
        Do it the proper way through the ballot – not impeachment.
        All your impeachment nonsense is doing is telling half the country they made a mistake and you’re going to fix it for them by taking away their vote. Bad idea and your side will pay for it.

        • Louan Wigton says:

          Exactly, thanks for clarifying what the phantom refuses to understand (on purpose).
          Louan AKA (I’m A Deplorable)

        • reality check says:

          Debbie, the impeachment procedure was outlined IN THE CONSTITUTION when a president misuses his power and his/her oath of office. It would be a crime in this case NOT to impeach a president who committed crimes with his first attorney, Cohen, and would be in prison now (like Cohen) if he was not president. He will probably face charges when he leaves the office. Plus there are TEN obstructions of justice outlined (with evidence) in the Mueller Report, plus all the crimes with Ukraine (Bribery/extortion etc.) and all his emoluments violations.

          How come Republicans did not say the same thing when they brought Clinton up for impeachment – – ???? If you take the exact wording the republicans used to justify the impeachment of Clinton, and apply it now, it would DEMAND an impeachment.
          Besides, Downer, the polls show the support for impeachment AND REMOVAL IS OVER HALF AND HOLDING STEADY. As the evidence grows (like those who heard Trump directly in his call to Sondland), support will grow, like it did for Nixon.

          • Lorene says:

            The circumstances are totally different. Clinton lied and it was proved.. NIxon was actively involved with Watergate. Trump is different. He asked for a favor. It was not granted not even voice service. The millions of dollars was not withheld, just delayed and we had already helped the Ukraine with foreign aid and not with just blankets. No one who had direct contact with Trump was able to admit that there was any crime and had to directly say there was no crime. There is no high crimes and misdemeanors. Bribery was clear when Biden told the Ukraine that if they did not fire the prosecutor, they would not get 4.5 million dollars. They fired him, and got the money Big difference

          • Debbie Downer says:

            Clinton lied under oath, Trump has not lied under oath.
            The Mueller report was to find Russian collusion and none was found.
            So now democrats are moving onto something else they can try and get Trump on with second hand testimony about a supposed Ukraine bribe.
            This witch hunt has been going on since Trump stepped into office. First it was Stormy Daniels.
            Anything the democrats could do to try and mess with Trump.
            Democrats are dirty and they don’t play by the rules. They know they can’t beat him at the ballot so they will resort to dirty politics and smear campaigns instead.

        • Michael Lovetere says:

          don’t know if that’s a good idea, either..democrats are masters at voter fraud…

      • Lea says:

        Phantom: You’re Not That Stupid, ANYMORE? OMG 😳 😝 You Are THAT STUPID, STILL! The Dems Are the Very 1’s who Are Getting Away With Their LIES, Not the Republicans! And just so You know, I Am an EX-Dem & for very Good reason. The Dems & Rinos Allowed BHO All Kinds Of FREEDOM to do WHATEVER he Wanted! And Nobody Complained or mentioned Impeachment when BHO LIED & BROKE his OATH OF OFFICE!

        • Louan Wigton says:

          Been there, did that, won’t be stupid to do it (democrat) again. If truth be known I arrived in Texas, a Republican, but soon switched to the democrats due to I wanted to vote for the dems running for office (all but one walked away from stupidity). But my political base is independent but in Texas one must be registared either Rep or dem to be able to vote in the primaries. Note: I have found (due to my younger son’s political views) that many snowflakes have not voted in their lifetime or have never voted. I am 77 and since I became of age to vote I was voting in all elections, missing one as I was in the hospital, to the present.

          • Louan Wigton says:

            I need to proofread before I hit the submit button: i.e. snowflakes have not voted in their lifetime or have never voted should be, or have not voted for many years – my snowflake son is an example. And he is not a dummy – has an EE degree).

          • Walter E Beverly III says:

            Somehow, I doubt you went to TEXAS as a REPUBLICAN and all of a sudden you decide to be come a DEMONcRAT. “For your information, there is no such thing as an “independent”. It is a misnomer. You are either a Leftist or you are a Conservative. Let me put is another way. Make up your mind.

      • Michael Lovetere says:

        Hear we go again, “What about Trump lies??”..Cut it out with that comeback BS already. why don’t you throw in the race card while you’re at it? You talk like a 5 year old.. This country is falling apart because you stupid democrats never accepted the election results of 2016. Like a bunch of little brats, You’ve been throwing a perpetual tantrum…democrats have shown that it’s party before country…. Republicans were not allowed to call their own witnesses, but the democrats say they want to find the truth?…let me quote Joe Biden.. We democrats believe in truth, and not facts”.. He summed up your party very well….No wonder the DNC party mascot is a donkey!

      • Perry F says:

        Phantom, you may want to consider reading and listening to the real news before it’s too late.

        The dysfunctional Democrats have you right where they want you, deep into YOUR pockets.

        Do you honestly believe all the FREE things they want is free?

        Hell no they aren’t. Somewhere along the line, the triple or higher will be implemented because the rich has ways to either find technical loop holes or just hide it, legally.

        That leaves the people the dysfunctional Democrats have been promising all these nice free to ending up paying what the rich people won’t have to pay.

        Think about this, Phantom.

  27. vince says:

    Jaw dropping lie? If Schiff told the truth, that would be jaw dropping!

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