Adam Schiff tried to hide the one truth that would end impeachment for good

Adam Schiff’s impeachment witch hunt continues to fly off the rails.

Democrats are flailing about as Republicans shred the credibility of their supposed “star witnesses.”

And now Adam Schiff was caught red-handed trying to hide this one truth that would end impeachment for good.

Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman was one of the Democrats center piece witnesses.

Vindamn testified that he found the July 25 call between President Trump and the President of Ukraine “improper” and circumvented the chain of command to hide his concerns from his boss and snitch on the President to lawyers at the National Security Council.

In addition, the insubordinate and delusional Vindman gossiped about the call with fellow Deep State co-conspirator George Kent and an unnamed official from the “intelligence community.”

When pressed about the identity of the individual – believed to be Obama operative and CIA analyst Eric Ciaramella – Adam Schiff immediately interjected and stopped Vindman from answering the questions.

Breitbart reports:

“I want to make sure there’s no effort to out the whistleblower through the use of these proceedings,” Schiff added.

Nunes asked Vindman about his testimony that he did not know the whistleblower. Vindman reiterated that he did not, but said, “Per the advice of my counsel I have been advised not to answer specific questions about members of the intelligence community.”

“Ranking Member, per the advice of my counsel and the instructions from the chairman, I’ve been advised not to provide any specifics on who I’ve spoken to with inside the intelligence community. What I can offer is that…it was a properly cleared individual with a need to know.”

Nunes told Vindman that he was subpoenaed to answer questions, and instructed him that he had the options of answering or pleading the fifth.

Schiff’s interruption made it clear Vindman was one of the sources Ciaramella cited in his phony whistleblower complaint.

Democrats and the fake news claimed Vindman “corroborated” Ciaramella’s account.

That proved to be false.

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  1. Gary Lindenfelser says:

    democrats schiff,nadler,swalwell,,nancy,schumer,harris,,maxine, are the funniest looking batch of misfits I have ever seen. And the list goes on AOC,ilhanOmar,green OMG endless batch of idiots.

  2. Bobh says:

    For Sure !!!!!!!

  3. Bobh says:

    YES!!!! YES!!!!

  4. Bart Batten says:

    AMEN Diana!!!

  5. barb brown says:

    Every lib that has testified has been caught in a lie…I guess that’s Trump’s fault too…..That bug eyed LYING shift head should and hopefully will be arrested for lying under oath……What a joke…..How many lies has he already been caught in??????? I guess you don’t know of any..LOL Get you head out of the sand….

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