Adam Schiff saw his impeachment plan collapse with this report on Fox News

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff thought his plan to remove Donald Trump from office was foolproof.

But Chairman Schiff was sorely mistaken.

And Adam Schiff saw his impeachment plan collapse with this report on Fox News.

Adam Schiff’s impeachment plans depend on two factors — selective leaks and the Fake News Media’s desire to see Donald Trump impeached.

Schiff’s fed the media’s appetite for anti-Trump stories by cherry picking damaging facts from witnesses’ opening statements and not releasing the full transcripts of their testimonies.

But what he didn’t realize was New York Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin sat through every single witness deposition.

And Zeldin appeared on Fox News saying none of the actual witness testimony backs up the story that Donald Trump engaged in a quid pro quo over Ukrainian military aide.

Breitbart reports:

Tuesday, Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) told Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom” that after sitting in on all impeachment inquiry depositions that have taken place, the House Democrats have “nothing” to “possibly impeach the president of the United States for.”

When asked what the Democrats do have to continue the impeachment investigation, Zeldin replied that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) and his fellow Democrats have been using “creativity” in their questioning to connect dots that do not exist.

“They have creativity in developing a narrative, a story to try to connect all sorts of different dots that aren’t actually connected,” Zeldin stated.

“I see it with the way Chairman Schiff asks his questions inside these depositions,” he explained. “He will make multiple leaps and assumptions, finish it with a simple question. If you give a simple answer, you might think you’re answering a question, but you bought into the premise of this question that has all these different assumptions. It is very leading the way he asks his question.”

There’s a reason Democrats are hiding the transcripts of witness testimonies.

They know the truth does not support their fabricated scandal.

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