Adam Schiff made one confession on TV that has Donald Trump grinning from ear to ear

Adam Schiff keeps making things worse for Democrats.

The House Intelligence Committee Chairman’s lies, leaking, and partisan stunts exposed the impeachment inquiry as a hoax.

And now Adam Schiff made one confession on TV that has Donald Trump grinning from ear to ear.

Adam Schiff appeared on ABC’s The View where the hosts questioned Schiff about former National Security Advisor John Bolton saying he would testify in an impeachment trial if subpoenaed by the Senate.

The hosts wondered if this meant House Democrats would also subpoena Bolton to testify.

Schiff said Democrats would not because they did not want to fight a legal battle if Bolton declined.

The Daily Caller reports:

“We are considering whether to subpoena him in the House,” Schiff said, but added that the Senate should really hear from Bolton directly. “It makes little sense to have the house depose John Bolton and then submit that deposition to the Senate.”

Schiff then pointed out his concern that Bolton might still fight a subpoena from the democrat-controlled House as he had threatened to in the past.

“I also have to say that I’m skeptical that Mr. Bolton will appear before the House. He’s refused to in the past,” Schiff explained. “He’s only said he will appear before a Senate subpoena. And yes, we could expose that there’s no constitutional or legal basis to distinguish between a House and Senate subpoena, but our goal is not to make John Bolton look bad or expose the hypocrisy of that position.”

Schiff’s admission completely undercuts the Democrats’ article of impeachment accusing the President of obstructing Congress.

President Trump blocked Bolton from testifying by simply asserting executive privilege, which is a principle every other President has claimed.

In his ABC interview, Schiff flat out admitted Trump really isn’t obstructing Congress.

The President has never instructed anyone to disobey a court order.

It’s just that Democrats have no interest in seeing the judicial branch settle a legal dispute between the executive and legislative branches.

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