Adam Schiff launched a new line of attack against President Trump that could lead to disaster

Democrats know their effort to impeach Trump over Ukraine is backfiring.

Unable to make anything else stick, Adam Schiff and Democrats leaders look to investigate Trump’s actions regarding Iran.

And this time the Democrats’ actions could damage national security.

It’s no secret the Democrats have been trying to get rid of President Trump from the day he won the 2016 election.

In fact, new reports out show the efforts actually started before he was even elected.

They tried multiple times, with no success, and have accused Trump of everything from accepting bribes from foreign nations to collusion with Russia and associating with Nazis.

All of these previous attempts have fallen short due to lack of any evidence or facts to back them up.

The latest attempt to remove Trump, which passed the House, looks like it is DOA in the Senate.

So, of course, Democrats are already looking into new ways to take down the president.

And House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) has announced he wants to hold House hearings to investigate President Trump’s actions regarding Iran, specifically the military action that killed known terrorist Qasem Soleimani.

Schiff also decried Trump’s threat to take out 52 Iranian targets if any Americans were attacked by Iran.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Schiff said he believes President Trump’s actions could lead to a war between the U. S. and Iran.

Schiff called for Congress to “fully engage,” and added the President’s threats against Iran were “disproportionate” and could not have come from the Pentagon.

Schiff exclaimed: “None of that could have come from the Pentagon. Absolutely no way.”

Of course, “Shifty” Adam Schiff either doesn’t know, or has conveniently forgotten, that the President is the Commander in Chief of all armed forces.

Once again, it is a case of Democrat leadership, worried they can’t beat Trump in November, pushing a new set of investigations to try and remove the president before his re-election.

Schiff went on to claim he believes Trump’s decision to kill Soleimani was “impulsive judgement” and “the result of a dysfunctional and nonexistent National Security Council process.”

So, in sum, Schiff’s call for new anti-Trump hearings comes down to Schiff’s “beliefs” and “feelings” on the matter.

The American people would be better served by politicians like Adam Schiff if they actually did the job they were elected to do rather than spend their time, and taxpayer dollars on continued attempts to remove a duly elected president who is doing the job he was elected to do.

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136 Responses

  1. DUANE says:

    L O S E R !!

  2. DUANE says:

    L O S E R !!

  3. DUANE says:

    L O S E R !!

  4. TOM says:

    Oh look everybody another dumbass Bible thumper that believes in God and believes Trumpzilla was God sent.
    Takes a real dumbass to make a statement like that.
    Mary pull out your fake Bible and tell us where it says Trumpzilla is God sent or that he sends anybody to be our president.
    I’ll be patiently waiting for this joke you come up with, God sent LMAO!

  5. TOM says:

    If you would watch real news not Fake Fox News, then you’d know that BOZO BARRS report already came out and guess what it’s empty nothing nada zipp zero zilch a BIGGLY big 0

  6. Greg says:


  7. TOM says:

    We’re all to well aware of who our president is, it’s Putin he’s the president of America, the sooner you realize that the sooner we can have an American for president again, the more you deny that fact the worse it’s going to get, stop being blind and brainwashed, you’re only hurting America, if you have kids do you really hate your own children that much to sell out to Russia.

  8. TOM says:

    And I guess you think you’re enlightened!
    And I guess you think you’re not a cultist!
    And I guess you think you’re educated!
    And I guess you think cadet bone spurs isn’t a COWARD who never served our country, because he’s a COWARD just like you.
    And I guess you’re now going to make us believe you’re a BILLY BADASS, what a joke.

  9. TOM says:

    Koo Koo Koo Koo and then Eileen flew over the coo coo’s nest!

  10. TOM says:

    Nothing worse then a big fat dumbass liar.
    The people did not vote for Trumpzilla that was the electoral college vote that did that, get your facts straight before you post.

  11. TOM says:

    Are you really that blind to his draining the swamp of swamp rats and swamp monsters, the ones in jail are from his administration, look at all the crooks he’s already caught, their his people, geez you’re one big dumbass not to know that.

  12. TOM says:

    OH poor little cry baby, are you crying very BIGGLY tears for your supreme leader?
    Is somebody picking on your supreme leader?
    That’s just so terrible or I mean ” HORRIBLE” picking on your supreme leader.
    We must never speak bad about the supreme leader!
    We must always bow down to your supreme leader!
    We must always kiss the ass of the supreme leader!
    We must believe every LIE the supreme leader says!
    We must always praise the supreme leader!
    You keep forgetting one very important fact, the vast majority of Americans HATE your supreme leader, the vast majority of Americans don’t want a dictatorship, the majority of Americans never voted for your supreme leader, the vast majority of Americans don’t love Putin and communism, the vast majority of Americans will do the job of the spineless balls less coward RETARDicans and vote the ORANGE ORRANGATANG MONSTER out in 2020 guaranteed.

  13. TOM says:

    Boy are you ever a dumbass!
    The only one’s leaking information in trumpzilla’s administration are his dumbass kids that have NO security clarence’s to be anywhere near these top level meetings, even Trumpzilla he can’t keep his mouth shut to save his life, he’s the biggest leaker around, you can’t trust a dumbass like Trumpzilla.

  14. TOM says:

    No No No
    How can intelligence and Trumpzilla be used in the same sentence, that’s the question you should be asking instead.
    Trumpzilla is by far the biggest dumbass I’ve ever seen, even Bush wasn’t this big of a dumbass, even Reagen and he was a huge dumbass, just tell me one guy you got that’s not a dumbass.
    I’ll be patiently waiting for your dumbass response.
    I can’t wait to hear your dumbass excuse for your dumbass response.

  15. TOM says:

    Billy the hillbilly
    Prove it!
    Show us your evidence!
    Go ahead tell us you heard it on Fake Fox News!
    Prove you’re not brainwashed!
    Don’t post something you can’t prove!
    You’re just like all the other dumbasses here, know it All’s that don’t know ????.

  16. TOM says:

    Is that the best you got?
    That’s all you can come up with!
    #1 I agree.
    #2 I agree 100%.
    #3 You took the words out of my mouth.
    #4 You know that’s right.
    #5 I couldn’t agree more.
    #6 I was thinking the same thing.
    #7 I also heard it on Fake Fox News.
    #8 Look at Eileen’s post she has the evidence.
    #9 Liberals are evil.
    #10 Democrats are communists.
    I could go on forever, dumbasses with little to no IQ always post just like you, you’re just to stupid to come up with something original, you can’t think for yourself, you always regurgitate what another dumbass says, only dumbasses with low IQ’s watch Fake Fox News, only dumbasses believe anything Fake Fox News tells you, only a dumbass would vote RETARDican.
    Moe you’re a dumbass for sure.

  17. TOM says:

    I’ve never seen anyone so over the edge as you.
    You’re totally embedded in these conspiracy fairy tales.
    Remember dumbass BOZO BARR?
    What happened to his digging up all that dirt on Hillary, millions of dollars of wasted money all for nothing, the dumbass had to give up, and admit he’s a dumbass?
    You kept posting that BOZO BARR was going to prove of Hillary’s guilt, all you ever say is YOU have all the evidence, YOU and only YOU know the truth, YOU are going to show us, because YOU heard it on Fake Fox News!
    Now it’s dumbass Gulianni, only HE now has this conspiracy fairy tales only YOU can somehow find on you’re fairy tale computer, does your computer have little Daisy’s on it, how about little fairy’s with wings, oh I know my fair princess, have you got little Daisy’s on your panties?
    I also remember dumbass Trey Gowdy, another one of your dumbass heros, warning us dumbass Trey Gowdy has all the evidence, just watch folks heads are going to spin, YOU guaranteed it, but just like usual just like I told you before all YOUR guys are dumbasses that’s all that’s to it, dumbasses will believe anything another dumbass tell them, because the RETARDican party is full of dumbasses.
    I can’t wait for dumbass Gulianni to make a total dumbass fool of himself, I just love watching YOU make a total dumbass fool of yourself for all to see.
    Here’s a perfect analogy of you dumbass RETARDicans, my dogs go outside to take a ???? and bingo the flies show up to eat the ????, Fake Fox News spews nothing but ????, and RETARDicans dive in to fight over who can eat the most ????.
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    How about the big LIAR Rush, it’s been proven time after time Rush is full of BS ????.
    Now run to your TV’s and get your daily dose of ???? you all must be hungry for ????.

  18. TOM says:

    H Lee
    I support the articles of impeachment.
    Impeach that po???? dumbass.
    Destroy all anti American RETARDicans.
    Restore American freedoms vote blue no matter who.
    I’m TOM and I approve this message.
    Down with communism, kick Putin out of the white house now.

  19. TOM says:

    No that’s not true Rita fake news.

  20. Eileen Trent says:

    Sen. Linsey Graham has invited Gulianni 2 testify b4 the Senate Judiciary Committee about his findings he has prepared 4 AG Barr.

    I think I accidentally confused everyone…I should finish my thoughts, but I asumed everyone understood…..the Senate Judiciary hearing is where Gulianni will testify…

    I’ve been posting 4 ever about the Senate trial, which I want, and the witnesses from whom I want 2 hear …. not 1 included Gulianni!!

    My bad!!

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