Adam Schiff just got smacked with life-changing news from the Supreme Court

The Deep State is counting on Adam Schiff to impeach President Trump.

He is their last hope in this coup attempt.

But all of that is in doubt after Schiff got smacked with life-changing news from the Supreme Court.

The claims from the so-called “whistleblower” were supposed to be enough to take down President Trump.

But Schiff quickly learned that his claims were completely false.

So now he’s trying to find anything he can to revamp his failing impeachment inquiry.

And Trump’s tax returns are what Democrats have been salivating over since the day he took office.

But the Supreme Court just shut down a court ruling that would force Trump to turn them over to House Democrats.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Supreme Court put on hold a lower court decision granting House Democrats access to President Donald Trump’s personal and professional financial records Monday night.

In effect, Monday’s stay means House Democrats cannot examine Trump’s finances before year’s end, and conceivably much longer. Neither the vote count nor the reasoning was disclosed for Monday’s order — as is typical of orders of this nature — though five votes are needed to grant a stay.

The case, which sets Congress against the executive branch, touches significant, groundbreaking questions in an area of law with very little precedent. Trump’s lawyers told the high court in legal documents that the dispute is a “case of firsts” that will have “lasting ‘consequences for the functioning of the Presidency.’”

The high court indicated that it intends to process the dispute quickly. The justices gave the president until Dec. 5 to file a petition seeking reversal of a lower court decision upholding the subpoena. House Democrats will submit a response to that petition shortly thereafter. Then Trump will file a final brief about two weeks after Democrats send in their response.

There is no reason Trump should be forced to release his tax returns.

They are private, and something that should only become public if he chooses to release them.

If Democrats win on this, they will try to pull it on all of their enemies.

It is unlikely anything bad will be found in Trump’s tax returns, but the mainstream media has already proven they will lie to create anti-Trump narratives.

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136 Responses

  1. Doris Garlock says:

    Still draining the swamp one frog at a time.

  2. Jane Mooody says:

    The President does not need a reason to fire anyone who comes under the executive branch; they work at the pleasure of the President, who has the right to fire each and every one of them! I agree that comey should be charged with spying and sent to prison for a long time, hopefully at Leavenworth at hard labor!!

  3. Richard says:

    That was my impression as well. Unfortunately, too many people were counting on his name to carry the load. When that failed he was left on the gallows without defense other than his own recollection after reviewing the report.

  4. Don says:

    If the demos wants Trump taxes open then every demo should be forced to the same so we the people can see who brought them off.

  5. Johnny says:

    Wow that’s crazy talk unless
    Your talking about the clintons
    And presidents of the past
    Good job for spelling that out
    I was empressed Wow Wow Wow

  6. terry says:

    you are so full of dog squeeze.
    while you repeat all the lefts comments they have been proven to be false

  7. Sam says:

    Shelba, you wrote:
    The democRATS are trying to set a dangerous president, (1st line) I believe you meant to say “a dangerous precedent”, – And I totally agree!!! The Dems are asking for not just 1 year, but 6 or 8 years of tax returns!!! Even allowing ONE year to be advertised throughout the media is a huge mistake!!! I agree – he has already passed the IRS’ scrutiny, and because his lawyer/personal accountant probably did the entire thing for him & IF the IRS had any issues, they were obviously worked out, again, probably with the accountant. The ONLY reason they want these taxes, is because they have fallen on their faces with NO positive results…so they feel maybe they can find something in the taxes to nail Trump on!!! The Dems have NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING…so rather than falling on their faces AGAIN, maybe they should fall on their swords instead & GIVE IT UP!!!!!

    Re: the lady praying for Pelosi should save her breath. Poor Nancy…worked all these years as the Queen of her little Dems…and now history will judge her as a crazy-lady for allowing all this to happen!! She MUST be losing it, because, in her hey-day, SHE NEVER WOULD HAVE ALLOWED THEM TO PROCEED WITH THIS WITCH HUNT!!! Now she looks like just another idiotic Dem – not the leader of the pack!!! Too Bad!!! Nancy, why don’t you & your cronies each give back every dime you have made in those jobs the past 3 years cuz you certainly did not work for any of the American population. Do you think we forgot the 1st few months of Trumps presidency??? Where YOU kept saying “We will never work with this president!” You showed your colors then & they are blazing now!!!

  8. David Laue says:

    He will with the Senate. Dem. Have it rigged this is not how the house should act. The three lawyers for dem were a poor choice. They were so bias it was funny.

  9. HELEN N says:

    I would like to pray for Nancy and her ilks: “IN JESUS’ NAME, I command you Satan, to release the bodies of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat impeachmene freaks, from the shackles of your spirit of obstructionism, pride, anger, hatred, jealousy, uncooperation with the President and non acceptance of the results of 2016 election. FATHER GOD, in JESUS’ NAME, I beseech Thee to cause the spirit of love for the American people, humility, joy, kindness, goodness, gentleness and acceptance of the 2016 election result and cooperation with the President, to work and prevail on the physical bodies of the Demoncrat impeachment freaks.” THANK YOU, LORD, AMEN”.

  10. Vladilyich says:

    20 points up! The following comment by “Uncle Hoppy” is absolutely demented and mindless.

  11. Barbara says:

    Sure the president can turn over his financial reports, First everyone in congress turns in his financial reports BEFORE the president.

  12. Too bad you didn’t learn to understand WHAT YOU READ.You are a Brain DEaad Liberal…With a case of Trumpsyndrome…Please GET INFORMED SNOWFLAKE…

  13. Culper Ring says:

    The House of Representatives has no more authority to review Donald Trump’s tax records than it would have to review anybody else’s. Without the permission of both the Internal Revenue Service and the person whom the records are about, the House must have probable cause and reasonable suspicion that the records would uncover a fact of material interest to an impeachable offense. Why is this so hard for so many opposers of Trump to understand? Perhaps they do understand it, but willfully ignore the Constitution of the United States for political reasons.

  14. richard says:

    James Comey lied to President Trump, he said he wasn’t under investigation, but he was. That a spy plain and simple. That’s why he was fired. He should be brought up on spy charges. Where s the DOJ? The President done right by firing Him. How would you feel if you were a coach and somebody on your team was giving the other team your game plan.

  15. richard says:

    Muller didn’t write the Muller report he just signed his name to it. I watched him as he gave his testimony . He new very little about the report. He seemed confused most of the time.

  16. richard says:

    No facts. Schiff and his herd of herders.

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