Adam Schiff just got smacked with life-changing news from the Supreme Court

The Deep State is counting on Adam Schiff to impeach President Trump.

He is their last hope in this coup attempt.

But all of that is in doubt after Schiff got smacked with life-changing news from the Supreme Court.

The claims from the so-called “whistleblower” were supposed to be enough to take down President Trump.

But Schiff quickly learned that his claims were completely false.

So now he’s trying to find anything he can to revamp his failing impeachment inquiry.

And Trump’s tax returns are what Democrats have been salivating over since the day he took office.

But the Supreme Court just shut down a court ruling that would force Trump to turn them over to House Democrats.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Supreme Court put on hold a lower court decision granting House Democrats access to President Donald Trump’s personal and professional financial records Monday night.

In effect, Monday’s stay means House Democrats cannot examine Trump’s finances before year’s end, and conceivably much longer. Neither the vote count nor the reasoning was disclosed for Monday’s order — as is typical of orders of this nature — though five votes are needed to grant a stay.

The case, which sets Congress against the executive branch, touches significant, groundbreaking questions in an area of law with very little precedent. Trump’s lawyers told the high court in legal documents that the dispute is a “case of firsts” that will have “lasting ‘consequences for the functioning of the Presidency.’”

The high court indicated that it intends to process the dispute quickly. The justices gave the president until Dec. 5 to file a petition seeking reversal of a lower court decision upholding the subpoena. House Democrats will submit a response to that petition shortly thereafter. Then Trump will file a final brief about two weeks after Democrats send in their response.

There is no reason Trump should be forced to release his tax returns.

They are private, and something that should only become public if he chooses to release them.

If Democrats win on this, they will try to pull it on all of their enemies.

It is unlikely anything bad will be found in Trump’s tax returns, but the mainstream media has already proven they will lie to create anti-Trump narratives.


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125 Responses

  1. Culper Ring says:

    The House of Representatives has no more authority to review Donald Trump’s tax records than it would have to review anybody else’s. Without the permission of both the Internal Revenue Service and the person whom the records are about, the House must have probable cause and reasonable suspicion that the records would uncover a fact of material interest to an impeachable offense. Why is this so hard for so many opposers of Trump to understand? Perhaps they do understand it, but willfully ignore the Constitution of the United States for political reasons.

  2. richard says:

    James Comey lied to President Trump, he said he wasn’t under investigation, but he was. That a spy plain and simple. That’s why he was fired. He should be brought up on spy charges. Where s the DOJ? The President done right by firing Him. How would you feel if you were a coach and somebody on your team was giving the other team your game plan.

  3. richard says:

    Muller didn’t write the Muller report he just signed his name to it. I watched him as he gave his testimony . He new very little about the report. He seemed confused most of the time.

  4. richard says:

    No facts. Schiff and his herd of herders.

  5. Richard says:

    No facts only Schiff and his herd of herders.

  6. Independent Who Read the Mueller Report! says:

    82nd Airborne Dude,

    You may be brave, but you sure are stupid! The way Cadet Bonespurs treats the military, about which he knows absolutely nothing, makes me wonder how you could support him.

    Here are a few things that Trump has done wrong. Not all are illegal, but all are definitely wrong:

    a. Soliciting foreign attacks on our elections;

    b. Using federal appropriations or other resources to pressure foreign governments to help them win reelection;

    c. Implementing an across-the-board refusal to comply with any congressional oversight at all;

    d. Firing the heads of the government’s top law enforcement agencies for allowing investigations of the president;

    e. Retaliating against whistleblowers and witnesses who testify before Congress;

    f. Investigating investigators who investigate the president;

    g. Attempting to retaliate against American companies perceived as insufficiently supportive of the president;

    h. Attempting to award the president’s own company federal contracts;

    i. Using personal devices, servers or applications for official communications;

    j. Communicating secretly with foreign leaders, with foreign governments knowing things about White House communications that our own government doesn’t know;

    k. Abandoning steadfast allies abruptly without prior warning to Congress to cede territory to Russian influence;

    l. Destroying or concealing records containing politically damaging information;

    m. Employing white nationalists and expressing empathy for white nationalists after an armed rally in which one of them murdered a counter protester and another shot a gun into a crowd;

    n. Disseminating Russian disinformation;

    o. Covering for the murder of a journalist working for an American news outlet by a foreign government that is a major customer of the president’s private business;

    p. Violating human rights and international law at our border;

    q. Operating a supposed charity that was forced to shut down over its unlawful activities;

    r. Lying incessantly to the American people;

    s. Relentlessly attacking the free press;

    t. Spending 1/4 of days in office visiting his own golf courses and 1/3 of them visiting his private businesses;

    u. Violating the Emoluments Clauses of the U.S. Constitution;

    w. Misusing the security clearance process to benefit his children and target perceived enemies;

    x. Drawing down on government efforts to combat domestic terrorism in order to appease a segment of his base;

    y. Refusing to aggressively investigate and build defenses against interference in our election by Russia, after the country helped him win an election;

    z. Engaging in a documented campaign of obstruction of a Special Counsel’s investigation.

    aa. Lying about a hush money payoff and omitting his debt to his attorney for that payoff from his financial disclosure report (which is a crime if done knowingly and willfully);

    bb. Coordinating with his attorney in connection with activities that got the attorney convicted of criminal campaign finance violations;

    cc. Interfering in career personnel actions, which are required by law to be conducted free of political influence;

    dd. Refusing to fire a repeat Hatch Act offender after receiving a recommendation of termination from the president’s own Senate-confirmed appointee based on dozens of violations;

    ee. Calling members of Congress names and accusing them of treason for conducting oversight;

    ff. Attacking states and private citizens frequently and in terms that demean the presidency (see Johnson impeachment);

    gg. Using the presidency to tout his private businesses and effectively encouraging a party, candidates, businesses and others to patronize his business;

    hh. Causing the federal government to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars at his businesses and costing the American taxpayers well over $100 million on boondoggle trips to visit his properties;

    ii. Hosting foreign leaders at his private businesses;

    jj. Calling on the Justice Department to investigate political rivals;

    kk. Using the presidency to endorse private businesses and the books of various authors as a reward for supporting the president;

    ll. Engaging in nepotism based on a flawed OLC opinion;

    mm. Possible misuse of appropriated funds by reallocating them in ways that may be illegal;

    nn. Repeatedly criticizing American allies, supporting authoritarian leaders around the world, and undermining NATO.

    I say to Trump: “Stop hiding behind Twitter like a whiny little bitch, and testify before the impeachment committee — under oath.”

    • Uncle Hoppy says:

      Everything you listed is B.S. All made up stuff that has been debunked.
      You should take your B.S. somewhere else. Nobody here is interested.

    • Jerry B Robison says:

      Each and every one of those come out of the DNC playbook on how to overturn the presidential election of 2016 because the losercrat’s hand-picked nominee didn’t get to be elected. Sore losers that blame it all on anything they can conjure up even if there is not one shred of truth in it.

  7. Eddie says:

    Old cock-eye Schiffty sure needs to send some of his money getting his eye straightened out, it appears that he can see two people in two different rooms.

  8. Louise says:

    We already have a government agency called the IRS that has surely gone over Trump’s taxes extremely carefully. I believe there are adequate reasons Trump should not have his personal tax statement gone over by the mainstream media, etc.. Privacy is to be treasured. It doesn’t mean you have done something wrong to want your taxes kept private. The curious public and media have no business examining his taxes. The IRS is perfectly capable of watching over his tax statements.

  9. Shelba says:

    The democRATS are trying to set a dangerous president, if they get Trump’s tax returns they can go after any one they want too, the Supreme Court should realize this and rule against the lower court, the lower court judge was an obomer appointed judge so naturally he let the democRATS have a subpoena, doesn’t make it right yet until all leftist judges are off the bench and judges who follow the constitution appointed there will be problems like this

  10. Pat says:

    Takes a liar to know a liar.

  11. Pat says:

    blhunter-right on! It is not in the Constitution for a president to show his taxes so it is not illegal. I believe the Dem’s want to see them so they can get Trumps SSI number and commit fraud making authorities think Trump is guilty of a real crime. That is how unjust and lowlife the Dem’s are. Good post!

    • Jan says:

      Pat, I never thought of it this way, but I believe you are right!!! If those lowlife demorats get President Trump’s tax returns, with all of the vicious tricks they have played on him, i wouldn’t put it ahead of them for using his social security number to commit fraud, making authorities think that it is Trump himself, of commiting wrongdoing!!! Go President Trump 2020!!!

  12. Pat says:

    nn, yes they were real sopoena’s issued by Democrat Judges whom are on the Democrat’s side which made you think they were lawfully done. Just think about it.

  13. J D Harper says:

    Donald Trump is the biggest liar in he whole U S government!!!

    • BLHunter says:

      okay JD Harper …..what do you base your accusation on???……you said so???? or do you have evidence to back up that claim…shooting from the hip???

    • TESS says:


    • JamesR says:

      Your typically liberal evidence not needed statement only confirms how uninformed, fractured and hateful the Dems are. I would suggest you do some fact-checking, but that is apparantly against the rules of the Democratic Party Handbook. It takes FACTS, not dial-a-fantasy ignorance to make a legitimate case in the U.S. But love of country seems not to be in the handbook either. Believe it or not, a great portion of this country could care less about Trump’s, or anyone’s tax records. To informed, sensible people, it’s not how much he made, but how much he has DONE for this country. That’s not in the handbook either.

    • Perry F says:

      If Trump is as big a liar as JD HARPER suggests, I feel it’s high time Trump reregister as a dysfunctional Democrat, and then he would fit right in with his fellow DYSFUNCTIONAL DEMOCRATS and then there would be no need for impeachment hearings

    • D.A.N. says:

      No, that would be the leftist media. Like with what Trump was going to be doing on Thanksgiving. Except he wasn’t even where they reported him to be. He was with the troops in Afghanistan and not in Florida. 😀 Another case of President Trump makes liars out of the media.

    • Jan says:

      J D Harper…so you think those lowlife demorats who are doing all of the vicious tricks on President Trump are truthful??????????

    • Only following in line after the great Obama…..and lets not for get slick Willie Clinton.!!!

    • Steven Crosby says:

      Up yours JD your a POS…loeing ass liberal

  14. Pat says:

    Well, Tom, I guess that makes you a “slut”. Slut minded, too. Are you a pedophile? Are you a peeking tom? You seem to like nudity so much, I bet you are one. You probably go out late at night in the nude. Any naked body turns you on. Am I close? Keep the posts going so the rest of us can blast you, too.

  15. VGF says:

    Tom…The Fact is..YOU are Wasting your Breath..barking UP the Wrong TREE. YOU Leftties ARE NOT Getting Anything done that IS halfway Productive… [Nor are yout doing the DEMO_Rats ANY GOOD >>IN THE citizens` Eyes >] WE Are NOT mindless Idiots like TOO many of you Lefties banked on. WE DO know What is Going on here…And IT Bodes No Good FOR the DEMOs in the HOUSE. IT is REALLY too late For IOshif to back up now.. BUT Neither is HE and HIS gang of wannabes going to reap anything for the past FOUR years PLUS ….. that THEY Had their Sights set on going after ! {GRABBING. more like it ! } JAIL TIME, perhaps !

  16. blt says:

    the democrats want trump’s tax returns why don’t they show their’s and lets see what their hiding and where all their millions have come from and taxes they paid. democraps what a waste they are.

    • Judith Sughrue says:

      but they have as past Republican Presidents have. Where did you get your information that they haven’t’ Gotta got my dog calls.

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        Correct Judith – – every president since Nixon has produced their tax returns for the good reason that another Republican, Spiro Agnew, had conflicts of interest. No one had more potential conflicts of interest that Trump who does business all over the world, including Trump Moscow project (which Trump lied about for months) and twin Trump towers in Turkey – -where he allowed Turkey to murder our former allies.

        • D.A.N. says:

          What blt means is that all those Democrats calling for President Trump’s tax returns should be willing to show theirs. In fact it ought to be a law that anyone in Congress has to produce theirs and their family’s tax returns. Because you can’t become rich on a Congressman’s salary but yet you have a batch going in poor and coming out rich. As for your claim about murder, Obama allowed the murder of a US Ambassador. And started an illegal war that caused it. Want to show me the Resolutions allowing him to attack Libya. At least Bush had them when he attacked Iraq and Afghanistan.

      • blhunter says:

        Judith, It should NOT be a HAVE TOO….if he wants to keep secret his tax base and where and how….then that’s HIS business and it SHOULD be kept Private….TAX people would be ALL over him IF he was erroneous in paying taxes for his income…..WHY IS EVERYONE BEING SO NOSEY… about we reveal EVERYBODY’S TAXERS AND POST IT IN THE NEWS PAPERS???????????…..PEOPLE STILL HAVE A RIGHT TO PRIVACY IN THE U.S.A.

        • Like Trump said…..Muellar looked into ALL of his financials during the 2-yr-$40 million witch hunt. If anything had been there it would have been blasted all over those ‘reputable’ news stations like CNN, NBC, MSMBC, etc.

  17. Pat says:

    Tom, why are you so fixated on Melania’s body? She was a model years ago while she was single. Modeling was her profession. I’d be willing to bet she never, ever pictured herself serving as our FLOTUS one day.

  18. Texas Belle says:

    There is nothing in the Constitution that says a President or a wanna be President must reveal their income tax returns. Democrats think they can force this on Trump but if the Supreme Court has a modicum of common sense they will veto that idea.

    • Frank2525 says:

      There is a very practical reason that forced, public reporting is dangerous beyond anything any of you have thought of. Many years ago (1955 to 1959, as a Staff Sergeant, I received orders from unit Commander (Major General) and was sending military personnel (officers and enlisted) to other countries “as civilian employees of USA government”. Their uniforms were in classified storage, and in much of their work, their families who accompanied them, did not know they were still in the military.
      ———Now think of all the police, military, FBI, CIA, DIA, and other Intelligence personnel, who work undercover, in civilian roles. And think of Lois Lerner at IRS, who was feeding requested information to Government Officials, and who else? who could put those lives in danger? Get some folks inserted into government offices, and do you see the danger?
      ———When we complete our Income Tax Report, we have expectation that it will be private information, known only to a preparer (if we have paid preparer) and the IRS, or Taxing Authority. Only time anyone else should ever see those forms, is when individual is being investigated by USA court System, for crime or criminal action, or a violation of any such law. We have already seen how Democrats have “weaponized” the demand for the tax forms, by implication, or gossip. If that came to reality, just think of the future , political actions.
      ———–Just who do you think would campaign for any office, at any level, if suddenly all their private papers and records had to be produced, and used by the opposition? REALLY. POLITICS IS DIRTY NOW, BUT COULD GET MUCH WORSE, IN QUICK TIME.

  19. ChuckB says:

    Personally, i think the drive to see President Trump’s taxes is just another hoax the liberals want to smear our President. What I would like to see is the tax returns of all the congress critters who got so rich on $174k per year congress salary.

  20. renato says:

    there is a good reason why the lunatic left want the president tax return. first, they fail the russian hoax
    second failure is the ukraine hoax and the 3rd the final hoax which is they counting on is the tax return and
    they will used an electron microscope to see any mistakes in his tax return and they will turn it against him
    to impeach the president. plain and simple right.

  21. Kurt says:

    Trump got a law firm and accountants that take care of all his book-keepings, so far we know he was paying 35.M a year in Taxes from previous Tax-returns. Killarys accountant Peter Comey, James’ brother got 6.7. Million in Salary, Wow, Wonder if that was for James Comey for keeping her out of that Orange Jumpsuit.?? Besides, it is up to the President, No law requires a president to show any Tax returns, that is between him and the IRS. What about PoopOloozie, the 100’s of Millions she made of her 12 insider tradings. And Al Scharpton, does he still owe the IRS 7.MILLION US.$,??

  22. bob jones says:

    adam schiff would lie to his mama on her death bed. if a man will lie he will steal and adam schiff and skalwell both from california the most corrupt state in the union are the biggest liars in congressional history.

    • Kurt says:

      What about NoBummer?? 250.++ 4. Pinocchios. MAX lies ( WaPo ) But the Quran states that it is OK for a Muslime to lie if it is in his Favor.?? And Killary Newer lied? LOL.

  23. Guenther says:

    It is my opinion if Hilary’s tax returns would be investigated she wold go to prison. She and her cronies started all this crap. The Demorats have many rats in there closet the election in Virginia
    proofs that fact

  24. Pat says:

    Someone should force Adam Shiff and Nancy Pelosi that we want to see THEIR tax returns within 24 hours OR ELSE! See how THEY like it! They both are guilty of treason anyway and are not being arrested like we would be if we committed crimes. What a farce out congress is turning out to be-correction, what a farce congress IS!

  25. reality check says:

    A complete article filled with fabrications and outright lies. First and foremost, you are misusing the term “coup” which does not apply here at all – – if the impeachment of Clinton was not a “coup” than this procedure is not either = = > both are clearly legal and outlines in the constitution.

    The decision by the Supreme Court was only a HOLD, not a decision made for a permanent basis. The HOLD is common, you are making too much out of the action – – best you look at the VERY SERIOUS AND MAJOR DECISION THAT TRUMP CANNOT ORDER WITNESSES TO NOT TESTIFY TO CONGRESS – – MCGAHN OR ANYONE ELSE.

    There are too many falsehoods to address ALL of them, but another of the largest is that whistle blower’s claims are false – – WHEN THEY HAVE BEEN SUPPORTED BY EVERY . . . . SINGLE . . . . . ONE of the witnesses brought forth by either the Democrats or the Republicans. You will lose any credibility you have left if you don’t quit telling OBVIOUS lies.

    • lzib says:

      Wow, were you watching the same impeachment hearings I watched? Is there a different liberal channel that only shows lies- Oh, sorry I forgot CNN pretty much 98% of the MSM…sorry you may want to look again- Every single one of those so-called witnesses said when asked- NO Trump did not ask for a quid pro quo, bribe, or do anything they could say was illegal or impeachable. So not sure where you find the Evidence. Only support I saw was for each of these bureaucrats being upset things were done “irregularly” meaning not the way we usually do it. Too bad Trump is president and elecions have consequences- as someone once said. As to not allowing witnesses to testify, I do recall Obama doing the same thing. As to clintons impeachment they Proved 11 Crimes, he had all his Rights to defend himself, call witnesses of his own unincombered by the opposition being able to deny them, to have lawyers to defend him, and he was Proven Guilty with facts, not presumptions of what he may have meant, assumptions of his thoughts, motivations, meaning, not pissed off lifelong politicos who don’t like a new boss coming in and not doing things their way! Find solid Evidence. Oh and if you did not think Biden’s self-confessed extortion/bribery/quid pro quo and his son’s bank account is sufficient reason to investigate them- then Trumps saying “hey do me a favor…” is hardly equivalent! Let’s let go of the double standards, shall we?

      • reality check says:

        THAT, Izib is a lie and I watched the hearings! Take Sondland said clearly “there WAS quid pro quo” as did all the later witnesses. Vindman HEARD it in the original phone call, and risked his long career by going immediately through the head lawyer for the National Security people. What was clearly ILLEGAL is what you deny, to even ASK or accept any aid for a campaign in America. Then clearly, Trump withheld money in military aid for 55 days to BRIBE Ukrainian President to give him campaign dirt on Joe Biden. Hey, do me a favor was the beginning of his extortion request. What you call “double standards” is not exactly the same and you are comparing apples and oranges.

        I watched what you CLAIM Biden did – -and you are reading lots of things into that – – most by YOUR bias. But I have NO problem with investigation the Bidens, but there has been NO proof the Bidens violated the law, whereas with Demented Donnie, TONS of evidence of his continual criminal law violations.

    • bob jones says:

      reality you have no reality of what is happening in this nation. the true reality is liberal democrats hate trump so much they will destroy america to get him out of office so they can go back to stealing money and no one will take notice as they did before trump became president. the deep state is real and corrupt.

    • Eileen Trent says:

      So called whistleblower was being monitored, moron.

      That means EVERYONE with whom he had contact was also being monitored.

      Vindman, Rosenstien, Tillerson, Gen. J Kelley, Yovano witch, all the way up the chain of command in the State Department……,

      U dems. are really stupid!!

      Trump is really enjoying all this, I’m sure!!

      W W G 1 W G A

  26. Mike Flanagan says:

    When the AG endights the Deep Staters they’ll all blame each other Just Like RATS jumping ship.

  27. Leon says:

    The demoncraps need to show how much money in bribes they receive from Soros and such criminals.

    • Roger says:

      I don’t give a FF about President Trump’s taxes or finances, I don’t give a crap about what he says or tweets! I care about what he does like the following!

      Since President Trump was elected millions of new jobs have been created, hundreds of thousands of new manufacturing jobs, over seven million lifted off of welfare and food stamps! The lowest minority unemployment in history, lowest female unemployment in more than 70 years, a robust stock market, a booming economy and one of the largest tax cuts in the history of America, all because of our amazing President’s policies! Negotiating better trade deals for America and the American people and negotiating with other world leaders in an effort to bring world peace! President Trump’s policies added more than 100,000 jobs last month!

      Under President Trump’s leadership and willingness to let our military operate unrestricted by Washington bureaucrats Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the most wanted terrorist in the World was easily located and annihilated!

      President Trump has done more for America the American people and the world since his election than the previous four presidents did in 28 years and all in the face of diversity never experienced by any other president!
      Donald Trump is my AMAZING PRESIDENT and like he promised, president for all AMERICANS! President Trump is the best president ever and the most brilliant leader in the history of the world! Keep America Great! Greater than ever before! AMERICA and AMERICANS FIRST!
      Actions speak louder than words and President Trump’s actions speak for America and the American people! Trump/Pence 2020 landslide!

    • TESS says:


  28. Dan Winright says:

    Its funny how the deep state has so shallow minds. One look at schitt or nadler is proof positive

    • truthistruth says:

      Only people with shallow minds, fairly or completely empty, believe in the BS about a “Deep State” – – the latest FAKE conspiracy by the right wingnuts. I read Corsi’s books on Deep State and there is virtually no credible evidence presented for its existence. IF THE DEEP STATE WAS SO POWERFUL, WOULDN;T YOU HAVE MORE EVIDENCE OF ITS EFFECTS!?!?

      Adam Schiff and Nadler are two smart lawyers, and if you wish to caste stones, you need to take a look at Nunes (who participated himself on trying to get dirt on Bidens), Jim Jordan, or a president who cannot seem to not violate the laws with reckless abandon!!! Trump is a crook who has already diverted over $110 Million from taxpayers and into his pockers!!!

      • lzib says:

        truthistuth- “Trump is a crook who has already diverted over $110 Million from taxpayers and into his pockers!!!”

        OK, So Prove your Slander!
        With 99% of the MSM looking 24/7 for any tiny misdeed Trump “may” do and using every assumption as supposed facts- if that were True It would be All over the News 100% of the Time! lol what an ignoramus!

        you may want to change your screen name to something True.

        • truthistruth says:

          Nothing would work for a cult follower like you , but the the Budget Office has shown this data: President Trump has been draining off federal funds to go directly into his pockets. It has been known for a long time that his continual trips to Mar-O-Lago has cost over $102 million for the first two years alone. Now evidence has surfaced that military planes (i.e. from USA to Beirut etc.), instead of refueling, as normal at European military bases, have been diverted to a small, failing airport nearest to Trump’s Scotland golf course. The Trump Golf course in Scotland is already failing, and the closing of the only airport nearby would certainly damage it further. Then, the planes having to pay the much higher commercial rates, have the military passengers stay at a Trump property, furthering money going into the Trump coffers. In a recent trip to Ireland, VP Pence was ordered to stay 160 miles from his destination, completely on the other side of the country, at a Trump facility, bringing even more money into the Trump’s pockets.

          • Uncle Hoppy says:

            If what you say is true then why aren’t democrats impeaching Trump for that?
            Why do they make up fake crimes if Trump has committed real ones?
            What happened to Russian collusion?

      • Pat says:

        You have no clue what you’re talking about. President Trump has donated every one of his quarterly paychecks to charity. Where’s your verifiable proof that President Trump diverted and pocketed $110,000,00? That’s chump change in his world

      • Texas Belle says:

        There is plenty of evidence of the effects of the Deep State; you just refuse to see them. Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Stroek, Page, Hillary, Obama, and many more conspired to take Trump out of office. They are the most corrupt politicos that I have seen in my lifetime. They should all be in prison.

      • J.W. says:

        The Deep State is synonymous with the Military-Industrial Complex that Eisenhower warned Americans about and it is very much drawing breath still today. The Federal Reserve is part of the scam, too. Maybe you weren’t aware that having a central bank like the FED and the progressive taxation that finances it are the two primary requirements of Marx’s Manifesto.

        If that is hard to grasp, read the Grace Commission Report to then President Ronald Reagan. But I’ll warn you that there is some seriously hard truth contained therein that Americans usually haven’t a clue of until they actually do a bit of research. The MSM won’t divulge the matter. Once you do, add in the simple fact that the greatest constituent of the federal debt is all of the Federal Reserve notes in existence, which earn interest for the gangbanksters 24/7/365, and they only have at risk the cost of printing…if even that.

        • LOL says:

          You and more than a little nutty, aren’t you? Do you aid LSD to your conspiracy Koll-Aid?

          • J.W. says:

            I’d wager from your response that you are either a long-term drunkard or simply so misinformed that you are basically useless. Others below have recognized the issue as well. I won’t bother to reply to anything further from you as it is just a serious waste of time.

          • Amen says:

            J. W. the MIlitary INdustrial complex has to do with industries involved with military complex, not some officials in the U.S. government. They are working for private corps, not government work.

            And if the (fake) Deep State was that powerful to shut this down from the MSM, you right wingers would not have a chance, would you and Trump would never have been elected, and the House and Senate would never be in the hands of Republicans. There is more evidence of Big Foot or Loch Ness monster than a Deep State. You have been reading too many conspiracy sources and need to get out of your dark distorted nightmare and come out into the light of day.

      • Eileen Trent says:

        truthistruth—-Apparently u missed it, but DEEP STATE just admitted they are DEEP STATE!!

        Boy, r u wack, they admit their existence and u deny they admit tbeir existence.

        I watched the interview with many of them, including the big DEEP STATE rat, Brennan himself, all laughing and admitting who they r!!

        It really was ‘must see tv’……

        Corsi must have had a heart attack!!

        U dems. are stupid and CLUELESS!!!

        W W G 1 W G A

        • Amen says:

          That is just plainly NOT true, and Brennan has denied that on several occasions. You been taking your meds, Eileen, because you need them!

          • Eileen Trent says:

            U missed it dimwit, I saw it!!

            Journalists and DEEP STATE rat Brennan all admitting there is a DEEP STATE!! Rat Brennan can deny it till hell freezes over, it’s out there 4 everyone to see!!

            BTW Never smoked, Never drank, ( don’t even know what wine tastes like!), Never touched an illegal drug in my life, not even marijuana!

            Can U SAY SAME?!!

            Do ur research be 4 u open ur trap!!

            And ICUMI, I told u that the whistleblower was being monitored cuz, Trump knows who he is—CIA ramalla was booted out of the White House in 2018. He heard nothing!!

            He was communicating w/others who were also being monitored, BY THE MILITARY!!

            Can u say Vindman, Rosenstien, Tillerson, all tbe way up the chain of command in the State Department—u know ALL the DEEP STATE rats there, that crawled out of their nest.

            All were involved in the Ukraine hoax, and Trump has the evidence on them ALL!!

            Trump genius—IQ 162.!

            DEEP STATE rats CLUELESS!!

            AWWW– Did u think DEEP STATE were the only ones to play the eye spy game??!

            ROTFLOL 😂

            W W G 1 W G A

      • TESS says:


      • Uncle Hoppy says:

        If you claim there is no deep state then you claim there is no corruption in the government which is about the stupidest thing anyone has ever said on this website.
        Besides that, we have text messages between deep state operatives to prove it.

  29. John Keenan says:

    Your work is to be commended. Keep up your excellence and make sure your results are spread across America. The horrible “Left” is trying to destroy the country we love. I am a Veteran .

  30. Bill says:

    If the Democrats win on this tax return fiasco all of our tax returns will be fair game to any politician who disagrees with us on any subject. Tax returns are supposed to be confidential for a reason and just because the Democrats want to find out how to emulate Trump’s success is insufficient reason to make his tax information available to them.

  31. TOM says:

    All these stupid comments, just try what he does when they come knocking on you’re door to see you’re taxes, just try to tell them you don’t have to show them because you’re supreme leader said it’s OK not too.
    The one and only reason to block his taxes is because all the corruption, cheating, lying, fraud in them will expose that he is a crook, he is not a billionaire, he is nothing less then Al Capone a tax evader a fraud how he cheats the system and has already paid millions in fines for stealing from his charity, properties full of tax scams, sure I want to see all politicians taxes that should be the first thing released before even running for political office, it should be released for every election or re-election I desperately want to see what Moscow Mitch has to hide after all to be truthfully honest I believe he is richer than TRUPZILLA his wife owns that shipping company and she’s transportation secretary what does she have to hide billions I bet, so stop protecting the liar in Chief and all his crony people in his administration prove the people wrong if their innocent of any wrong doing let’s see his taxes.
    Don’t be so afraid of the truth embrace it demand it stop hiding from the truth.

    • Jerry says:

      You are a stupid dumbass Democrat. Dumbass should get the hell out of th UNITED STATES.

      • GHD says:

        No, Jerry., fascist people like you who disrespect freedom of speech, do not belong in the USA. You right wingers are so limited, you cannot handle different points of view.

        • TESS says:


        • Eileen Trent says:

          OH, u mean like the FASCISTS ANTIFA!!

          They r tolerant of NO ONE that has an opposing point of view!!

          One of those violent, hate mongers was just convicted in Oregon of second degree asssault and will be spending the next 6-yrs. in prison…….YEAH, REAL TOLERANT!!

          The fascist is fortunate the victim didn’t die, just had his skull cracked open by a baton-wielding baboon…….but, do tell us again about the tolerance on the left……I’m waiting……

          BTW can u explain why the ANTIFA flag mimics that of the NATZI flag???!

          Just sayyin……

    • Larry342516 says:

      If he was corrupt as you may think he would already be in jail. Democrat’s want to make something out of nothing as they have been doing ever since Trump took office. People like you or sad. All the good Trump has done for this county and people like you would rather the USA go down so the New World Order could take over. Freedom? What Freedom? There would be none.

    • IRENE says:


    • vgf says:

      TOM..YOU are the epitome of Purely Stupid…Don`t you realize YET..that The IRS >>And ANY Entity that Needed to VIEW PResident Trumps` tax Records were thoroughly CHECKED Over…. All of them..with a FINE Toothed COMB’ Before he was Even Allowed..TO ‘RUN for The Position of President ??’ Maybe YOU should Just Rein in your Large Grudge Against HIM>>( Because HE IS One[ Or a Lotta Million Notches ahead of you ,,in The Financial department ( and Too many others To Mention ! LET IT REST. THERE IS “NO There’ there ! HE Will be ELECTED OUR President >>With MANY TIMES OVER Numbers of VOTES in 2020 !..Than HE had in his First term !!! Actually, THIS ‘left-behind= bunch of =sour grapes has Pushed him over the top..Because of their nasty < under-handed Actions Against HIM !!

    • Gorge says:

      Tom, so you are convinced that the IRS lies, cheats and steals because they have found nothing improper in his returns, so are your returns correct if the IRS can’t do the job right. Sorry that you can’t accept the IRS is doing their job. Explain why Obama sealed his records fore ever, what is he hiding!!!!!

    • JD says:

      Get you head out ass

    • chief1937 says:

      Tom; You are taking an awful lot of stupidity upon yourself with this post. Undoubtedly a democrat who makes charges without any thread of evidence. We have a whole department of government to worry about tax returns it’s called the IRS if there is a question about his return containing anything illegal they are responsible to audit not the democratic party. Where was your rage when Obama refused to supply any of his records? Your whole post could just as well apply to him as it does to anyone. Your bias and Hippocratic attitude is showing badly. Not required by our constitution but you know better maybe you should replace it being smarter. By the way proof of citizenship is a requirement FYI.

      • J.W. says:

        The IRS isn’t a part of the US Government. It is why it cannot be found in the Blue Pages of the phone book. It is the collection agency for the FED.

        Find and read the Grace Commission Report to Ronald Reagan. The fact is that all of the money extracted from the people is “entirely exhausted by paying the interest on the debt” is what they said. Now guess what the largest constituent of that debt happens to be.

        • Dr. J. D. says:

          Well, that sure must be a surprise to all the workers of the IRS like my father who worked for the federal government as an attorney for over 30 years!!! His office was in the FEDERAL building with other US agencies. You have NO credibility making an ignorant and false claim like that.

          And if you hate the federal debt, then Trump doubled the annual debt of Obama and we are, for the first time in history, running up over $1.1 TRILLION in debt per year. GOP only talks about “fiscal responsibility” while being the most irresponsible ones in government!

          • snark says:

            Some who worked 30 yrs.accumulated, Looks like part of a current problem .
            > Recall the IRS ‘Targets’ during
            0bama’s watch.

    • lzib says:

      The IRS has the right to look at anyone’s taxes, NOT Politicians on a fishing expedition because every other thing they have tried to pin on him has failed!
      Let’s take a look at Biden’s taxes after unlike Trump, Biden earned his massive millions While on the Public dole as a Politician for over 4 decades. Trump earned his money in the Private sector- I don’t care how as if he had done anything illegal it was the Obama administrations IRS that did not see any crimes. However, your side does not feel it necessary to look into the criminal activities of Dems like Biden, Nancy, Kerry, Nadler, Schumer, Schiff, Watters, and their families, and even when they have proof of some like Sharpton who grow rich off of there the Taxpayers filed jobs The Left sees no reason to go after them – since they are all riding on the same gravy train and That is why they are going after Trump- because he is derailing their fortune grabs!
      We get it though, no one expected the swamp creatures to give up easily once the draining began.

      Keep that Koolaid addled thinking going Tom, it will only help push more Dems and independents to the Republicans and insure Trumps’ 2020 win of the WH and Congress!

      You are one sad delusional liberal- but not as sad as you will be next Nov. 🙂

    • Wyatt Earp says:

      Tom, how about you asking your Democrat congressman to show you his or her taxes return? If you are a man of your words! Trump doesn’t have to show his tax returns if we have NEVER SEEMS ANY DEMOCRAT PRESIDENT TAXES RETURN IN THE LAST THIRTY YEARS! And for your information his taxes return is no different than your! Just like you HE WAS A PRIVATE CITIZEN before he became PRESIDENT! So do you show your taxes return to other people? If NOT THEN SHUT UP!GO CRY A RIVER ! WE NEVER SAW BILL CLINTON TAXES RETURN OR OBAMA! And don’t forget this— TRUMP IS NOT TAKING A INCOME AS PRESIDENT OF AMERICA! SO CRYBABY WERE IS THE TAX RETURN FOR A SITTING PRESIDENT WHO DOESN’T HAVE A INCOME?

    • Will says:

      Tom,, if you want to embrace the truth so bad why don`t you want any of the Dummy crates ,, investigated ??? Cummings ,,Clinton ,,Biden ,,Obama ,, just to name a few

  32. Bob says:

    First and foremost it’s neither a law or a requirement that the president or anyone else for that matter is required to make their tax returns public. If Congress would like to pursue creating a law that make s this a requirement i would not have a problem with that provided they also include themselves and anybody else running for any political office. I’m sure that would be the end of this ridiculousness. Congress has been passing laws for years and have always excluded themselves, why? I thought everybody was equal under the law, Congress should be also, in fact they should be held to even higher standards as they are elected to represent the legal citizens of the U.S.. It’s time to hold them accountable and it’s well past time for term limits. They instilled term limits on the presidency years ago, they should have included themselves back then also due to the fact they are nothing but crooks themselves and only get more crooked once they remain in office.

    • Jimmy Burch says:

      I agree with you, and requests for all serving in government need to go out ahead of the Presidents due date so they will get first hand knowlege of the law they are passing.

  33. Mary Johnson says:

    The IRS reviewed President Trumps returns at the time of lose and found nothing so why do they want what they themselves will not give? Why do the Democrats have million dollars of homes when they pay is not enough to support what they have? President Trump has bought nothing new and has even closed some but still he is the one they can not control and therefore want to get him out. I say thank GOD they can not control him. We do not need a puppet in the White House and the American People choice the right President.

  34. Tennessee Hawk says:

    When politicians have to turn theirs over to the PEOPLE then we’ll talk about PRESIDENT TRUMP’S

    • TOM says:

      T Hawk
      The fact still remains that you can see our flotus completely nude but we can’t see his taxes.
      You’re statement is about as STUPID as they come.

      • Tammy says:

        Actually, no, your statement is about as STUPID as they come.

        • TOM says:

          How is my statement STUPID?
          Because I talk the truth, because my statement is a fact easily researched, is it because you’re ashamed you adore a slut for flotus, what exactly are you afraid of, does the truth scare you that much, do you have a daughter and that is what you want her to grow up to be a slut in the pages of Playboy for the world to see.
          What part of my statement is false, what part is fake news, just because it offends you is not a reason, give me a break you got nothing at least I don’t lie before God at least I don’t put anybody before or above God, at least I have what people like you will never have and that’s the truth.

          • volsfans says:

            why are you judging someone if you are so Godly , JUDGE not yet you be Judged , is what ive always read in script. As for tax returns they belong to him not congress ,, I agree that if they want returns made transparent why not start with theirs first .. because how do you go to congress or any office broke and come out multi millionaires. on what they salary is.. the problem is their play ground gone with MR> TRUMP in office .

          • Just about everything you said is a lie, so us your proof, I don’t any hear say stuff but actual proof. You have none, but you can say anything about anybody without getting into trouble. So those people that spread all the stories Obama etc. are correct because you believe all these story tellers , get real

          • chief1937 says:

            Tom; If it were me I would not bring God into this conversation especially as you seem to change his word to fit your rants but we won’t go there right now you and He will settle it at some point in the future. My comment at this point is simply people who live in glass houses should not throw rocks. Your judgement of our first lady shows exactly the main problem you have “Jealousy” Ranting without evidence is slander. Can you not wear a bathing suit? At least she doesn’t look like she is wearing a toe sack. Besides I thought this article was about the president not his wife. What has she to do with it anyway? Each person will answer for THEIR own sins including you and I.

          • lzib says:

            Tom- Judge Not Lest ye be Judged!
            holier-then-thou – and completely unaware of your own sins.

          • Pat says:

            You obviously have never read the Bible. God demands that you take the log out of YOUR eye before trying to remove a splinter in the eye of another. I suggest you stop commentng until you have read the Bible if you’re going to profess being a Christian. God will not be mocked.

          • Will says:

            Well Tommy,, the truth is ,, nudity is nothing to be ashamed of ,, unless of course ,, it comes to say ;;Pig loise ,, or Hitlery ,, or Waters ,,,WOW what a thought ,, you`re just pissed because there is no good looking women on your side of a loosing party

      • John Pobiedzinski says:

        Wait till we give the house back to the Republicans. Then we will show you some investigations. Better find your safe space now

        • TOM says:

          You already tried that for eight years all you did was investigate Obama, Hillary tried to undercut the ACA eight long years and hundred of millions of wasted tax payer money, remember Trey Goudy how about that bozo investigator Star during the Clinton impeachment millions spent you wanted them too and you still can’t understand why the house flipped in 2018 if anything the Dems are going to gain more house seats and flip the Senate you got nothing all you have is a nothing burger zip zero nadda zilch.

          • Stuart says:

            Tom, it wasn’t Obama’s taxes that we the people wanted to see, We wanted to see if the SOB was an American Citizen and I still don’t believe he is. He produced three fraudulent birth certificates all of which didn’t correspond with the hospital because there wasn’t a hospital at the time he was born!

          • reality check says:

            Stuart, even lying Trump had admitted publicly in his first year that Obama WAS born in the USA. Your right wingnuts just make up the falsehood the birth certificates are false. How stupid – – his birth was announced the day after his birth in Honolulu – – in the newspaper.

          • Debbie Downer says:

            TOM, if you followed history you would know that congress often flips to the opposite party of the incumbent president, and you would also know that the house and senate were flipped under Obama.
            So attributing any of this to Trump is ignorant on your part.
            If you plan to continue picking arguments with conservatives you might want to know what you’re talking about so you don’t look like a fool all the time.
            Just a suggestion.

      • lzib says:

        Ok, Tom, so your statement in response to THawk was about as Stupid as they come. It is irrelevant not to mention Sexist and misogynistic- who cares what she did as a private citizen- she was a supermodel, speaks five languages, and has done nothing to impose her unelected positions on the American people like Hillary and Michelle did. So you really sound jealous- is it that your own lady is not anywhere in Milanias league? or are you just jealous of Trump for having such an attractive wife?
        Gotta love the disingenuous Liberals who prove time and again they do not do as they say! Where is your #metoo values of feminist freedoms?!

      • Pat says:

        You have no clue what you’re talking about. President Trump has donated every one of his quarterly paychecks to charity. Where’s your verifiable proof that President Trump diverted and pocketed $110,000,00? That’s chump change in his world

    • Wyatt Earp says:

      Amen! Would like to know how these Democrat can afford to pay for a ten million dollars Mansion??? On a years salary of 174 k! Only thing I can come by is taking it out of their campaign funds. Or since it House Democrat who control the FEDERAL FUND!

      • lzib says:

        Oh, it’s easy, they give their Families govt. contracts- Nancy’s personal income increased by 67% during her first term as Speaker of the house, when her husband’s company won all kinds of govt. contracts for jobs his company had zero expriance in. Politicians like Biden, Nancy, Kerry, etc help their kids get positions where they are paid millions, yet have zero experience in, and like the Clintons they open “charities” that give out 14% of the hundreds of millions “donated” by US and foreigners in exchange for access to the State Department under her pay-for-play schemes. This is the real reason the Dems are going after Trump- the Swamp creatures are losing the easy money and they are pissed!
        You are right though campaign funds are also stolen- look at three out of four of the squad – not a year in office and they are all being investigated for campaign fraud violations!

  35. Raine says:

    Not to mention the waste of taxpayer dollars. Not to mention they’re not doing the jobs they were elected to do.


      i agree completely. The fact that Nancy has had the MEXICO/CANADA U.S. AGREEMENT on her desk to sign and hasn’t done it, even though it would be a blessing for each and every American in this country, tells me the Dems do not care about the American people whatsoever. Proof positive.

    • TOM says:

      You’re so correct Moscow Mitch has dozens if not hundreds of bills on his desk for years now that he flatly refuses to bring up for passage let alone even for debate so please remind all of us who refuses to do their job.
      The only thing RETARDicans do is pass soc—ia—li—sm for the rich or seating radical right wing judges give me a break, stop blaming Dems for all our problems RETARDicans just as much to blame if not more.

      • lzib says:

        Hundreds of bills? Ok, and most purposly filled with add-ons designed to not get them passed. Things that do not belong in the bill but the Dems are trying to slip through. Kinda like when Nancy had her congress vote on the bill to find out what was in it- the night before they put in several addons like student loan takeover (nothing to do with healthcare right?) so please if Mitch is sitting on them there is a reason! Let’s publish the bills as he recives them to show the BS the Dems push in it. Like trying to put in that Trump cannot use funds to build a wall…your side is so freaking deceitful and swampy its redicoulous!

      • Pat says:

        Dream on, Tom. You have NO idea what you’re talking about.. All you offer are lies and conjecture.

      • Did you protest this much when crooked Harry Reid left office and they found about 365 bills on his desk the he REFUSED to even read since they were submitted by Republicans? I didn’t think so. And what about nutty Nancy refusing to bring the USMCA bill to a voted and its been on her desk for almost a YEAR!!! So much for them caring about the needs of the people!!

  36. Debbie Downer says:

    I would think you’d need to offer a legitimate reason for the subpoena.
    Not just because you want to go fishing to see what you can find.
    The house democrats are going way out of control with their endless investigations.
    This is not how our government is supposed to operate.

    • Ann says:

      Your name should be Debbie Dumbass . . . . each subpoena must be obtained through a judge who makes those determinations – – and they WERE! You may not agree with the reason, but a judge DID – – in this case the House has substantial reasons to investigate Trump for violations, and to use the subpoena power.

      You Trumpons continually refuse to here the evidence and just attack the messengers. Over 15 witnesses confirm Trump’s crimes.

      • Debbie Downer says:

        No Ann, it is you that is the dumbass.
        None of the house subpoenas were obtained through a judge.
        Congress does not need a judge to issue subpoenas.
        You just embarrassed yourself in front of all the people that read these posts.
        Maybe you should learn what you’re talking about before you come back.

  37. 82nd airborne vet says:

    1st of all no reality the only department in our government that can call for your tax returns is the IRS the department of internal Revenue services.. They then do an audit on trump which means when he filed his taxes dating find anything wrong and this is a bigGovernment department that can be a little shady at times but in all reality they are reasonable. Adam schiff and the democrats they’re liars they’re cheaters they’re thieves there. Obvious pedophiles with the Bill Clinton picture on that. Island resort where his counterpart got murderedSo to hell with these Democrat let them all go to hell you want trump’s tax returns go get him yourself outside in the court go knock on the White House door go knock on trump towers go knock on mar lago in Florida here I promise you all make it across the freaking bridge

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