Adam Schiff just got hit with some more really bad news about impeachment

Adam Schiff is not done racking up defeats on impeachment.

The consequences for Democrats continue to pile up.

And Adam Schiff just got hit with some more really bad news about impeachment.

When the Senate acquitted Donald Trump from the Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff tried to spin their humiliating defeat in the best way possible by claiming that Trump was “impeached for life.”

Republicans countered by pointing out that Donald Trump was acquitted and when someone is acquitted it is also “for life.”

But Republicans were not going to beat back the Democrats with clever rhetorical games or by hanging their hat on the norm of American jurisprudence that an acquittal means the charges failed and – do not in fact – stick with the accused for life.

Instead, New York Congressman Lee Zeldin (R) told Breitbart radio host Matt Boyle that should the Republicans win back control of the House of Representatives the first thing the new Republican majority should do is expunge Donald Trump’s impeachment.

“The House Intelligence Committee basically turned itself into the House impeachment committee. […] If President Trump was reelected and Democrats kept control of the House — the only thing that we can say with confidence as far as what they’ll be prioritizing is trying to make President Trump the first president to be impeached twice . . . President Trump was acquitted for life. He shouldn’t have been impeached in the first place,” Zeldin told Breitbart.

This would add insult after injury to Pelosi and Schiff because it would eliminate impeachment from the record so Democrats couldn’t even trot out the “impeached for life” talking point.

With Bernie Sanders the likely Democrat nominee the chances the Republicans win back control of the House are increasing every day.

And that makes it more likely than ever a new Republican majority would erase the Democrats partisan impeachment witch hunt from the record.

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34 Responses

  1. Archangel III says:

    I have been saying this the entire time… No proof, no evidence, all the witnesses, when asked the walk off homerun question to all 17 witnesses from Congresswoman Stefanik and Congressman Matt Gaetz if any of them had any “Fact Evidence” of any “Quid Pro Quo”… “Extortion”… “Bribary” or “Treason”… All said “No evidence”… No evidence, no proof… No credible witnesses… No impeachment… There was never any grounds for impeachment in the first place and the only evidence shown here is that this is what the Democrats have tried to do since the evening President Trump and his wife Melania came down that golden escalator to announce his running for president… Coup against Trump for the Russian Collision Hoax… Then the Fake Impeachment Farce… While lying and falsely accusing president Trump of everything and anything the Dems can whip up, and make up… Please win back the House majority… It is just as important as Trumps re-election… Why re-elect President Trump if America gives the Dems back the House? Wouldn’t make any sense.

  2. Keith Lynn says:

    Shallow people can’t see the truth, Paul.

  3. Paul A Howell says:

    These responses show what shallow people you are. wishing loss on people. Oh yea, you’re winning.

  4. Clyde says:

    The 1st thing should be to impeach Schiff, Waters, Swalwell and Pelosi. The 2nd thing is to pass a bill for a secure voter registration, if Mexico can do it I think we can as well, fingerprint and eye recognition should secure the most important event in the U.S.

  5. Tony Bell says:

    Democrats are losers FOREVER.

  6. Rodney says:

    The Democrats act like spoiled, undisciplined, whinny toddlers. What an embarrassment to our country. I sure hope this can be fixed.

  7. John J says:

    Schiff should be hit by a speeding bus

  8. Olllie ollie says:

    You always write great stuff but I never see anything happen to these terrible people. It’s getting very old and stale and I am loosing faith fast.

  9. Mark W. Rudy says:

    The one percent is Pelosi.

  10. Jerry Young says:

    Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Jerrold Nadler are guilty of a false impeachment of President Trump. The only reason they succeeded in an impeachment is because of their majority in the House. This will cause the Democrats to lose big time in the November elections. There may also be criminal charges brought against key players in this coup. Stay tuned!

  11. The Real M says:

    Adam Schit is the most prolific liar and leaker in America and has -0% credibility! Prison is too good for him! He should be stripped naked, buried up to his pencil neck right by a fire ant mound and have honey poured over his head and neck. He will endure about three days of fire ant hades before his sorry a$$ expires! He will then be a thorn in his master/satan’s side and we will be relieved from him forevermore!
    The language in this chapter would be far too graphic even for adults so, use your imagination! Then, Nancy Pelosi shall endure the same fate as Adam Schit!
    AND, the world will be a better place!
    The End

  12. Craig says:

    Yes both of them need to be buried. We need to win back the house and keep the senate. Then we can get a lot more done for this Coumtry.

  13. Guenther says:

    If Schiff and crooked Nancy don’t lay down they will be in jail where they belong

  14. Dale says:

    Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff must NOT be re-elected. I hope somebody(s) are working on that.

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