Adam Schiff just admitted the biggest failure of his life

Adam Schiff feared this day would come.

The House Intelligence Committee Chairman dedicated the last year to ending Donald Trump’s Presidency.

But now Adam Schiff just admitted the biggest failure of his life.

During the impeachment witch hunt Democrats promised this was not a political stunt and that they would continue to produce reams of evidence after the trial that would prove Donald Trump committed high crimes and misdemeanors.

That was a lie.

After the Democrats impeachment gambit ended in a humiliating defeat Democrats shelved their long promised investigations after polls showed Trump’s approval numbers rising as Americans judged the Democrats harassment of the President as overreach.

POLITICO’s Kyle Cheney – who critics accuse of being a stenographer for Adam Schiff and a Russian collusion conspiracy theorist – noted that officials Democrats claimed were central to the Ukraine quid pro quo testified before Congress did not get asked any questions about the freeze on security assistance that launched the impeachment hoax.

“When one witness to the Ukraine scandal, White House budget chief Russ Vought, came before the House Budget Committee earlier this month, no Democrats asked him about why millions of dollars in aid were withheld from Ukraine, even though he had defied a House Intelligence Committee subpoena to testify in November,” Cheney wrote.

“And Secretary of State Mike Pompeo faced questions from the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Friday about coronavirus and the administration handling of Iran policy, but no Democrats inquired about Ukraine, despite Pompeo defying demands for documents from House impeachment investigators last year,” Cheney added.

This performance proved that Schiff and other Democrats were never serious about their impeachment allegations.

Had Democrats been concerned about getting to the truth – as they claimed – they would have kept up their oversight and questioned Vought and Pompeo.

But they didn’t.

That’s because they were itching from day one to impeach the President and they thought the freeze on Ukrainian security assistance provided them the political safe ground to try and remove the President and overturn an election.

Once the fake Ukraine scandal turned in to a political loser the Democrats dropped it as quickly as they could and moved on.

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39 Responses

  1. Alan says:

    If the Democrats want to gain any credibility again they have too do their job of serving the people. The Democrats have wasted three years unsuccessfully trying to get rid of a president they don’t like. Like him or not congress has to work with the president; because, you are supposed to be on the same side despite differences. The Democrats also have to move back to the right and center; because, they are too far left on everything.

  2. muavae maika says:

    You go Trump you r the Man Amen.

  3. jim says:

    Adam’s mother should have kept her legs crossed and this ass would not have been born

  4. Donald Cook says:

    You can make everything right, Commit Suicide.

  5. mark says:

    adam shift worse day was surviving his abortion

  6. Concerned American Citizen says:

    I’m with you 100% BastionofFreedom. The Dems think that the US federal is their free piggy bank! It’s time to make them pay for the money they have wasted!! In fact, they should be made to pay double, to cover the trouble they caused!!

  7. Twykes says:

    What was that all about?

  8. ajm says:

    why leave a comment when you don’t post it anyway…………………….

  9. sandyj says:

    Schiff’s worst day was the day he was born. I doubt his mother is proud of his behavior

  10. Valli Neal-davis says:

    All of us American taxpayers should demand our tax money paid for this sham by the democrats be recovered and given back to American citizens and taxpayers let the money come from the pockets of these lying dirty demonic democrats who hate America and steal from the American citizens George Soros you also owe the American citizens and taxpayers.

  11. Jim Jackson says:

    Adam Schiff has had nothing in his life but FAILURES !

  12. Danrighty says:

    Definition of politicians: Legalized crooks.

  13. Sonja Copley says:

    I will Not be voting unless I see some consequence (arrests) from the Actions of Democrats and Republicans who broke our laws! The Republican’s are just as guilty for their lack of faith and action towards our President, as shown recently by the vote to limit Trump’s actions concerning Iraq!

  14. Jan13 says:

    Better yet, maybe they should start investigating themselves.

  15. Concerned Citizen says:

    Democrats are financing a personal war against Trump with our tax money.

  16. Douglas says:

    The biggest mistake Adam ever did. Was when he became a Democrat

  17. bill says:

    Dems found a way to have a nonstop campaign against Trump at my expense. They are crooks and scoundrels and 1/2 should be in jail now.
    It’s death by a 1000 cuts

  18. Jeff says:

    Adam Schiff is proof no one should ever vote Democrat.

  19. BastionOfFreedom says:

    a bunch of hereditary crooks and scoundrels are wasting our hard earned money for their bloody entertainment… the failed attempt of the “impeachment” should result in charging them with the financial fraud.. they have to return their salaries for the last 3 years to the Treasury… all of them: pelosi, schiff, nadler, schumer., boxer, feinstein, sanders, tlaib, omar, aoc (absolutely outrageous cretin) , pocahontas, waters… all these greedy dumb hyenas

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