Adam Schiff is hanging his head in defeat after getting the worst news of his career

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is the Deep State’s voice in Congress.

He uses his position on the House Intelligence Committee to do much of their dirty work.

But now he is hanging his head in defeat after getting the worst news of his career.

Adam Schiff is a verified liar.

He is spreading outright falsehoods to try to force President Trump out of office.

But Republicans are fighting back after Schiff’s most brazen lie yet, where he read a made-up transcript of a call, putting words in Trump’s mouth.

A measure to censure him for his actions now has 135 lawmakers signed on as co-sponsors.

Fox News reports:

A motion to censure House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., for his “parody” reading of President Trump’s July phone call with Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky during a hearing last month is gaining steam with House Republicans, as Fox News has learned 135 lawmakers have now signed on as co-sponsors.

The resolution to censure Schiff — who has become a favorite target of Republicans for his role in the Trump impeachment inquiry — was first introduced late last month by Rep. Andy Biggs, the Arizona Republican who chairs the conservative House Freedom Caucus, and has the support of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., and House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., among other ranking Republicans in the lower chamber of Congress.

Democrats have the majority and control the floor in the House, but Republicans could still attempt to force a vote on the matter.

“Schiff simply does not have the gravitas that a weighty procedure such as impeachment requires,” Biggs wrote in an opinion piece for Fox News. “He has repeatedly shown incredibly poor judgment. He has persistently and consistently demonstrated that he has such a tremendous bias and animus against Trump that he will say anything and accept any proffer of even bogus evidence to try to remove the president from office.”

At the end of the day, being censured is far from the worst of Schiff’s troubles.

The President thinks it fits the definition of treason.

And Trump is calling for him to be arrested over it.

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170 Responses

  1. S.S Henry says:

    The wicked only understand one thing: strength, power & annihilation. Go ahead keep it up, impeach Trump and see what happens.

  2. Jimmie Chesser says:

    Ya I bet balboa used that money that he fined Americans for no insurance paid part or all of his place on Mar has vineyard cause his ugly man wife Damon sure didn’t work for it in the 8years they scored Americans, before you think it my husband works and has always provided insurance for me and him.

  3. Jimmie Chesser says:

    OBLBLA a did nothing for THIS COUNTRY but take too many vacations and spend to much of America’s tax payers money

  4. Jimmie Chesser says:

    AMEN crOOks be GONE.

  5. Jimmie Chesser says:

    What is taking so Damon long to bring these crOOks to justice they have the proof why are they just sitting on it could their and others be part of it?

  6. Ellen says:

    He has in his Rallys. If he goes on TV the news media will make a mockery of it.

  7. Mark says:

    Adam Schiff is a sick individual. His illegal impeachment is treasonous. Lock the coward up and give him his day in court but if our justice determines that there was an illegal coup by the previous administration then this is Schiff’s way to continue down that path before all the swampers get caught. If that is true then he has committed treason along with his past administration liberal buddies. LOCK HIM UP!!! All IMO

  8. Freddie says:

    Well,ih8reps,only a totally,stupid,doofus,would think that two other totally stupid,doofusses,we’re doing a great job! But then again,stupid,doofus,democrats,have never been prime examples of intelligence!!

  9. Investigate odumbo and the rest of the democraps? There are 360 million witnesses to all their crimes. Let’s just get to the punishment. Start building the gallows. Not an honest democrap anywhere in this country. All are committing treason.

  10. It’s coming for them. Time for accountability for all of the demorats. Along with their liberal sheeple. They help to spread the lies and attack anyone who doesn’t agree with them. They can go with their demorat masters. Nobody will miss them.

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