Adam Schiff is hanging his head in defeat after getting the worst news of his career

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is the Deep State’s voice in Congress.

He uses his position on the House Intelligence Committee to do much of their dirty work.

But now he is hanging his head in defeat after getting the worst news of his career.

Adam Schiff is a verified liar.

He is spreading outright falsehoods to try to force President Trump out of office.

But Republicans are fighting back after Schiff’s most brazen lie yet, where he read a made-up transcript of a call, putting words in Trump’s mouth.

A measure to censure him for his actions now has 135 lawmakers signed on as co-sponsors.

Fox News reports:

A motion to censure House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., for his “parody” reading of President Trump’s July phone call with Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky during a hearing last month is gaining steam with House Republicans, as Fox News has learned 135 lawmakers have now signed on as co-sponsors.

The resolution to censure Schiff — who has become a favorite target of Republicans for his role in the Trump impeachment inquiry — was first introduced late last month by Rep. Andy Biggs, the Arizona Republican who chairs the conservative House Freedom Caucus, and has the support of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., and House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., among other ranking Republicans in the lower chamber of Congress.

Democrats have the majority and control the floor in the House, but Republicans could still attempt to force a vote on the matter.

“Schiff simply does not have the gravitas that a weighty procedure such as impeachment requires,” Biggs wrote in an opinion piece for Fox News. “He has repeatedly shown incredibly poor judgment. He has persistently and consistently demonstrated that he has such a tremendous bias and animus against Trump that he will say anything and accept any proffer of even bogus evidence to try to remove the president from office.”

At the end of the day, being censured is far from the worst of Schiff’s troubles.

The President thinks it fits the definition of treason.

And Trump is calling for him to be arrested over it.


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170 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    Adam Schiff is a sick individual. His illegal impeachment is treasonous. Lock the coward up and give him his day in court but if our justice determines that there was an illegal coup by the previous administration then this is Schiff’s way to continue down that path before all the swampers get caught. If that is true then he has committed treason along with his past administration liberal buddies. LOCK HIM UP!!! All IMO

  2. Tony says:

    I hope that Trump would go into the oval office and address the nation… Like all other Presidents have done before him… Trump has not done so… Trump should speak to America concerning this Destructive conduct going on in Washington DC.. The people need to hear for themselves and make up our own minds.. Not some media person telling the American people what to think… Trump as an elected official who represents the voice of the people.. Must address us… We the people of The United States have to know the Facts, Good or Bad for Trump WE NEED TO KNOW.. The same with all the other Elected Officials in DC.. The American people Will Decide their Future as well…. It’s the PEOPLES GOVERNMENT NOT THEIRS… Trump Address us… We are waiting..

  3. Will Penny says:

    Oh poor baby , hanging his head is he now , well , he’d best be glad he isn’t hanging from the Gallows , from the short end of a good ROPE. . THATS EXACTLY WHAT Adam’s BUTT IS In NEED oF , ITS JUST A SHORT DROP Adam , with a crack and then a Snap , End of Story !!

    • It’s coming for them. Time for accountability for all of the demorats. Along with their liberal sheeple. They help to spread the lies and attack anyone who doesn’t agree with them. They can go with their demorat masters. Nobody will miss them.

  4. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    I have NEVER in my 66 years seen any adult stand up and shoot off their mouths to be ridiculed like Schifty Adam and Prancy Pelousy. They are backed by fear or some faith which appears to be extorting them into screaming inside to avoid being dragged backwards into hell. Chuck Schumer’s getting all sinister and warning President Trump that “The intelligence agencies have “six ways of Sunday of getting back at you”. I would be willing to legally bet President Trump could beat the crap out of any one of those treasonous swine, or three a week including Creepy Joe Biden. People NEED to turn their CFR programmed television sets off. The American Intelligence Media website has, in just the past few weeks, managed to DOCUMENT the British control over the American news media through their Council on Foreign Relations, which has remained in the smoke screened background of the American news media as a foreign based hostile entity since its inception by the Rothschild bank(Warburg), J.D. Rockefeller, an J.P. Morgan in 1911, NOT 1921 as they would have you believe. Time to clean the gutters, clean house and drain the swamp.

  5. VGF says:

    THE American People are A Patient People..But when IT comes TO “”Justice Delayed TOO LONG…. Patience has a way of ‘deserting us When It is LEAST expected To happemn. I wonder..does THAT SWAMP Infested Group Realize Thhhhheir TIME is Running OUT On them ??

  6. Louis Chen says:

    It’s Adam Schiff that should be tried for lying and treason, we should also investigate and try former President Obama and the rest of the Democratic party as well! They’re very TOXIC on our political scene. It’s time we should investigate the Democratic party and former President Obama.

    • VGF says:

      I, among M illions MORE Americans..Want to KNOW..What THE H.Is Taking SO Long TO Get to the ‘Made TO Pay ” For All these Treasonous ACTS that Have been Propagated against OUR President..AND Against US, the American Citizens ?? When does THE Justice Part Kick in ?? Haven`t WE Been patient..And Waited LONG enough For This Penalty Phase to KICK IN ?? How many more “”Rotten Things Have to Be DONE Against THIS USA.. before WE SEE that SWAMP Really being DRAINED DRY ??

      • Tony says:

        VGF… It’s not coming no time too soon.. Agreed Millions of us can’t believe how these Criminals have gotten away with ALL the Crimes they committed against our Nation…For profit for themselves in PLAIN SIGHT… Above the law for sure.. That’s why they want to take American Citizens guns away.. Now that another election is coming… Same old BULL will be staged again and again… They don’t care what you nor what Millions of America thinks.. It’s business as usual for them… I mean all parties in DC it’s a CLOSED SOCIETY..

      • Will Triebel says:

        I think Barr is going to need some outside help. The swamp is turning out to be global.

        • Tony says:

          Will …..yes it’s global and very well protected…. You can’t take one down because they know the others secrects… It’s a Closed Society in control for Decades… The elites want and need Turmoil in our Nation to maintain their power… Trump was never their choice he’s an outsider…He has many problems for sure just like anyone else… Trump is in trouble because the attacks on his administration is supported by Blind Sheep, and crooked Media… If Trump gets re elected again… It’s going to be four more years of Impeachments… Don’t count on the Attorney General, nor Inspector General, FBI, State Departments.. To do anything no time soon… This Criminal Political Enterprise has been in operation for Decades… They control all the Law Enforcement agencies that could do something but can’t or face termination.. Trump started to expose the things that were going on in the Global Swamp…As well of certain parties names, Moneys involved.. Right away these Criminal elites came to their RESCUE.. If they can’t impeach him…Just maybe hope not..JFK days again..

      • Howard T. Lewis III says:

        VGF, A+++

    • Investigate odumbo and the rest of the democraps? There are 360 million witnesses to all their crimes. Let’s just get to the punishment. Start building the gallows. Not an honest democrap anywhere in this country. All are committing treason.

  7. Walt Thatcher says:

    Adam Schiff should be indicted and tried for Treason. He is guilty as sin and should be charged.

    • Jimmie Chesser says:

      What is taking so Damon long to bring these crOOks to justice they have the proof why are they just sitting on it could their and others be part of it?

  8. Gideon Rockwell says:

    Shiff better keep his mouth shut and a low profile. Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham, along with Rudy doing his own detective work are closing in on the center of this continuing coup attempt. In the final analysis this will stretch from Deep Sate minions in D.O.J. and Intel, to the Obama Administration, to members of both parties in Congress and the members of the media, to Soros and his minions. If Shiff survives the resulting house cleaning he will be lucky to get appointed as cloak room check Boy. Of course everyone will be worried about him going through their coat pockets for loose change.

  9. Chenz says:

    Tired of little sparklers that fiz! WHEN are we going to see summon and prosecute!!
    WHEN will we seeJustice! Are they to big to fail?we are running out of cheeks to turn we just holler to the wind!!

    • Tony says:

      Chenz… It’s really sad for sure to see.. All of these criminals getting away with lawlessness for DECADE after decades…. Nothing has been done to stop them… From our common America level the only thing we can do is vote them out… However that takes more years and months to ACCOMPLISH that… It would have to be an investigation on a DC level… Why has not this been done I have no answer for that… Yes Chenz to SEPTIC TANK or SWAMP is large deep and smells The deep cleaning would take more decades to clean.. If that’s possible at all… Focus on yourself family knowing that we are not alone… Suffering the worst time in Washington DC history… Those DC Criminals are not even thinkig about our Nation.. It’s only about Themselves, Power of Control to do what they want…They are only a few of them, we are 300.000.000. Million Ameeican’s.. Watching and Ready when our time comes..

      • Mad as Hell says:

        Time for Mr. Trump to step up as the Commander and Chief as Kick some Rat butt… No weekend tweets no more talk.. Lets go POTUS it’s time for an old New York Ass Whipping… The Nation needs it… Lead your Country in draining the Swamp…That would be a Great Platform when you run again… Gitmo is right there… Slogan Trump Stumped your butts out of here… Million of Americans are here give the Order Sir”” Old Law Enforcement saying… Let no Guilty person(s) go Free…. You have Honest officer’s everywhere… Law Enforcement, Military, Average American’s…. GIVE THE ORDER SIR”’ You knew perfectly well that it wasn’t going to be easy going into the swamp… All of us are in the SWAMP with you… LEAD…

        • BillPits says:

          I swore that “Oath-of-Office” on 16 November, 1956, when being commissioned in the USAF. I’m ready, my CIC, where do I report for duty? What armament is required? What aircraft shall I fly for you? At 85, I’m certain I could perform.
          (And yes – I AM pissed – I am ready to do my duty to God and Country – let’s run those insurgents out – tarred and feathered – Antarctica for them! Freeze their cajones off)!

          • Mad as HELL says:

            Billpits… American to the Bone… Many do not understand what it takes to swear that Oath.. Nor the Sacrifice living and dying for this Country leaving who families behind… I feel in the short future if nothing is done to correct the fall of our Government by these Criminals in control..,Then the Military with Law Enforcement will have to step in.To forcibly remove them from Office… They are out of control…It’s called now Politics for Dollars.. Let anyone out there say this is not True… Millions and Billions of dollars were made by these Corrupted Politicians in DC… Not for our nation but for THEMSELVES.. That’s why they are all screaming Impeachment for 3 plus years because the light has come on and they are getting caught… For those who want the truth… But many don’t because they are Sleep walking…These Horrible Criminal minded Politicians all have to go..Yes on both sides of the parties…Trump can’t take this with out a fight, yes he’s an arrogant Mother F@@ker… He needs to get into the oval office and Address the Nation and put it all out there…..These rats will stop at nothing to protect their Secrets of Crimes committed against American People… Honor and Respect Billpits…

      • Sofie says:

        DemonicRats had been always on the attacks and succeeded many times to destroy republicans -that is why when we elect republicans they are so scared of their own shadow – they will never Persuade the investigation resulting in indictment and removal from office !! Who can forget Trey Goudy fiery speeches during Benghazi hearings and then NOTHING !!!
        Or POS like mitten Romney who practically delivered second term to Obama is now worse than Schiff or Pelosi!!! Lesson never learned !!!!
        It is hard to see our country is practically destroyed in front of our eyes by openly treasonous demonicRats who persuade China not to negotiate and sign agreement with our president .
        If that isn’t act of treason I don’t know what is considering all the dealings Biden, Diane Frankenstein and others had with China enriching themselves while selling our country !!! How can we save our country if people we elect are eager to destroy it ?

        • Mad as HELL says:

          Sofie…. It’s divide and take over…Nothing the average American can do but watch in Horror how Washington is falling apart with in it self… It used to be for the People…Now it’s for the few… The average citizen never had a say Never… Our country was founded on Christian values.. What happend??? Self centered ambitions took control, and they don’t want to loose THAT power… If anyone in Office takes an oath of service on the Koran and not the Bible… Speaks for it self… Sharia Law instead of the Constitution I don’t think so….Please don’t get me wrong there are good honest person(s) of other faiths living in this country…Whom made contributions for a better way of living in our Nation… But those who want to place Sharia Law as the law of this country…. THOSE are the very ones do not belong here…… I viewed on Youtube a reporter was interviewing Many men in Minnesota concerning this Sharia law vs. the Constitution… All of them were for Sharia law… Thank you OBAMA.. How can any person who was accepted into our nation..Turn against a Nation like that!!!!!! IF they want Sharia law then go back to the country they came from…I believe the battle lines have been made already.. It takes just one spark to set it off…It will happen… These DEMONRATS want none Americans to infiltrate our nation for their votes to stay in power…

  10. Frank2525 says:

    I want to hear the Democrats explain to the public, just what they think FOREIGN AID to Allied Countries, is paid by USA to so many countries. This started during WWII when Germany was marching through Europe, and knocking off the countries at his will. Only England, Russia was very active in latter part of that war, until Japan, took advantage, and attacked Pearl Harbor, Australia, and Pacific nations. Until then, FDR had forced Lend Lease through our recalcitrant congress, but even after the attack, one Democrat still voted against DECLARATION OF WAR.
    ———-When USA entered the war, with our manufacturing base, and manpower, tides of war changed, and our Navy, even though depleted, destroyed German Aircraft carriers, and gained control of the skies. In the Pacific, and in Europe, and this led to total destruction of cities, and the will to continue fighting of the Germans, Italians, Japanese, and others who had been taken over by German Power.
    ———-With surrender , USA then kept on producing materials, and financed rebuilding the cities, power, and countries so destroyed during the war. And USA has been paying FOREIGN AID ever since, through treaties with those countries, allied with us, against those who try to take any of us over.
    I contend that when any country accepts FOREIGN AID from USA, QUID PRO QUO has taken place. We expect them to amend their government, and remain allied with us, and though they have different forms of government, USA IS THE ONLY REPUBLIC, on this planet, and is CAPITALISTIC, and productive. DEMOCRATS OF TODAY, SHOW IGNORANCE OF JUST WHAT THAT MEANS, IN TODAYS WORLD.
    ——–Ukraine and USA signed such a treaty in 1999, having been supported by Senator Joe Biden, who encouraged the other Senators in 1998 to sign approval. President Bill Clinton signed that treaty in 1999, and though that was different Congress, many on that slate then, are still in Washington. WHY DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?

  11. Jeff Noncent says:

    the Democrats need the AntiChrist to bail them out and he is going to do it as soon as he is in power.

  12. Ronald hatt says:

    America, has never suffered so much as being under Libretard persuasion! *Demoncrat Leadership is the poorest thing I have ever seen! Disgusting, corrupt, inept, & devoid of any Honor! They laud their corrupt leaders, { Schiff, Clinton, Cummins..{ rip}….Waters, Schumer, Biden Pelosi, K.Harris, Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Strozk, Paige, Nadler, Feinstine, Gavin..{ Californication}…….& so many other defunct leaders, with little or no morality!

    Hillary…..Why did you visit the Epstein sex Island? What exactly did “YOU” do there? We “Know” why Slick perverted Willie went there dozens of times…..& we can “guess why”…..{ Hilary at least 6 times}…..When is America, going to be told the truth of this sex debacle, & exactly who was involved?

  13. Tony says:

    82nd Airborne is Correct… These top Dem rats are having meetings behind closed doors…Think Tank…In an all out CAMPAIGN to remove Potus… Conspiracy That should be enough for an investigation as to what their end goal is…Power and Control of Our Government for their own Agendas… Who are the People who are supporting Schifitty and Nancy… Their sources should be exposed too…All of the nonsense for three plus years have Protected Hilary, Obama, Biden, Comey and all the rest of these Criminals… A smoke screen… This goes far deeper than that… As well will go on till next year…. The media has been utilized not to Magnify Past serious crimes againt our Country by YES THESE TREASONOUS DC HACKS… Uranium one,, 33.000 destroyed emails on an on

  14. Solomon Goldenberg says:

    I never trusted Hillary Clinton, that is why I never voted for her. Because of her negligence 4 Americans lost their lives in Libya. Now the Democrats want Joe Biden to run as President. Besides him and his sons have cheated the country he is also at an age where senility is setting in and he is becoming more confused. As regard Elizabeth Warren gets in our taxes will go up to pay for all the illegal immigrants. Donald Trump is bombastic but he is doing a great job so far.

    • Will Triebel says:

      Warren getting the nomination might not be a bad thing, though, since the big tech companies have said that they will support Trump if she does. Either way, though, I don’t think anyone in their clown car has a chance.
      Moody Analytics has Trump comfortably in the lead on 3 different models, and is predicting as many as 300 electoral votes against any Dem candidate.

  15. Jesse says:

    While the Democraps won’t bring the vote for Impeachment to the House Floor because they know that will cause a PUBLIC RECORD to be created. That means any and everyone who wanted the vote could get it and that would spell disaster for Democraps and for a very long time. Schiff proves that he and all his party have WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER for brains and he does it hourly if not more often. They are hoping that their ILLEGAL actions will keep Trump looking bad till the 2020 election but with all Trump has done for Americans I don’t see that working. Also why was a CIA agent working on American soil when that is a crime????

  16. Ron says:

    Myself and other soldiers over the years who put forth a stand fast position regarding
    our home land and what we will always stand for.
    Young men and women over the years has never seen our home land in dyer straights
    like this.
    A hand full folks on the left that stand near the MIC should hold their head down and
    walk away.
    You will not along with other non American political hacks take our country (DOWN).

    • ih8reps says:

      There’s only one person taking this country down and that’s PUTIN’S PUPPET.

      • Mike says:

        I agree… Obama is still working hard to destroy America!! He is the original Putin puppet.

      • Will Triebel says:

        What’s the matter, h8ter, afraid Trump might put an end to your Regressive state worshiping religion?
        You spoiled children really should take your whining and sniveling back to the kiddie pool, and come back after you grow a pair. So proudly showing off your ignorance gets irritating to adults.

      • Bob says:

        ih8reps, surely you are not that stupid. Nah, I take that back, you are that stupid. Hillary is the one who started all this Russian Collusion crap and obviously, uneducated people like you believe her.

      • J Brock says:

        ih8reps: “putin’s puppet”. That’s what Hillary calls him. Just like all you leftists. Not an original thought in that tiny little collective brain of yours! So who’s turn is it to have the brain today, ’cause I can tell it ain’t you. And you people think you’re so intellectually superior to everyone else who doesn’t fall into lockstep with the democratic party, but the truth is, you’re too brain dead to realize it’s you who are being taken for total fools. The democratic party actually has nothing but contempt and loathing for you and only tolerate you until they can replace you with their chosen ones! Their beloved illegal aliens! Now, why do you suppose that is? Why do they want to spend all YOUR money fighting for these foreigners and giving them all the free benefits that should rightfully go to Americans? And somehow you’re ok with that? I know I’m not. The democrats are supposed to be looking out for your welfare, yet they don’t. look at the cities they manage and see your future. Covered in human waste, drug addicts, homelessness, despair, garbage, rats, filth, disease. They pass laws to kill American babies and celebrate, yet weep and wail for those illegal alien babies. And, as we speak, they’re trying to pass a bill that will legitimize pedophilia as just another “sexual orientation”. I suppose you’re looking forward to that day, aren’t you? None of this makes any sense to me, so that leaves me to believe you’re either a sick f**k who agrees with the party’s anti-American insanity or you really ARE as stupid as you sound.

      • Bob says:

        …..and dont forget your party!

      • Will Triebel says:

        Not quite, but with the ‘Russian reset’, selling Putin a large chunk of America’s uranium reserves, and hiring another foreign agent, a British
        ex-spy, to work with Russian intelligence to create the fictional dossier, you can’t say that she didn’t try.

      • Clarence says:

        Ron sick sick etc ectoplasm

      • Clarence says:

        Obama, sleepy joe, Pelosi, Schumer etc.

  17. NJ says:

    We all need to either e-mail or phone call both Shiff and Old Nancy and let them know we
    won’t put up with there lies and they should be the one put behind bars for all there lies.

    • ih8reps says:

      I already did and thanked them for the GREAT JOB THEY’RE DOING.

      • Bob says:

        ih8reps, I see you are confirming my previous comments about you being uneducated because you do not know corruption when it hits you in the face. Adam Schiff is a known liar and Nancy Pelosi does not even read something before objecting to it. These two are tied at the hip in this fake impeachment and will do anything to keep it going. Wake up and do more unbias reading.

      • J Brock says:

        Hello again ih8reps! You just can’t get enough bootlicking, can you, stooge? Next time you call them don’t forget to push for that “equal rights for pedophiles” act. I know how eager you are! Say, maybe they’ll even light up the empire state building for that one! You know, like when they lit up the bldg all in pink to celebrate killing full-term babies, up to and even after birth! Was the pink for all the baby girls they’re going to kill, you think? Ask Nancy for me, would you? You might just bring a smile to that shrunken skull of hers!

        • Will Triebel says:

          It does seem like a party that claims to be all about women’s rights should support a woman’s right to be born, doesn’t it?

          • J Brock says:

            Will Triebel, Most definitely! How does any of this add up to people who vote for them? I used to be a democrat! But there comes a time when it becomes so obvious that there’s something seriously wrong with them and you just say NO. I admit, I was never very political, so if it was obvious to me, how can anyone still support them?

          • Will Triebel says:

            J Brock, Einstein once stated that two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, though he could be wrong about the universe. Some really do appear to be infinitely stupid.

      • Freddie says:

        Well,ih8reps,only a totally,stupid,doofus,would think that two other totally stupid,doofusses,we’re doing a great job! But then again,stupid,doofus,democrats,have never been prime examples of intelligence!!

  18. Jim K says:

    You attract to yourselves what you think about!!

    The Dems can only think about hatred for Donald Trump and so they are only attracting hatred to themselves – which has become very obvious to everyone operating on 1% brain power. The good side of all this hatred is the assurance that Trump will get reelected for another four years.

    In reading the comments of today, I notice that no one has mentioned that over 40 millions dollars of taxpayer money has been paid out on phony investigations demanded by the Democrats. I think the Dems need to reimburse taxpayers for the money they have squandered on all these investigations due to their hatred. I also believe the Dems need to pay back to the taxpayers the salaries they have collected for doing nothing but obstructing for the last 3 years. Most of them need to be kicked to GITMO for a sedition trial.

    • SweetOlBob says:

      “Hang his head in shame” ……. He should be hung in shame !

      • ih8reps says:

        The only ones hanging their heads were at that table as WONDERFUL NANCY PUT THAT POS IN HIS PLACE.
        I love you’re optimism but you’re guy is going to jail to be BUBA’S CELLMATE.

        • Jim K says:

          I would have to question your idea of WONDERFUL NANCY – perhaps that’s what you feel when your head is up your Ass so far that you can’t see.

        • J Brock says:

          Hey, ih8reps! Glad you’re still here. Being that you’re such a strong supporter of the DP, you can help me understand some very puzzling things. Iran’s not exactly, umm, how should I put it…they’re not exactly allies are they? So why did Obama give them 1.7 BILLION dollars again? I’m sure it was on the up and up, ’cause congress approved it and we…wait, what? Congress didn’t know about it? He slithered his way around congress and secretly sent them CASH from a Swiss bank to slither around sanctions put on Iran? Do tell! God, that Obama, he was a crafty one, wasn’t he? Ha,ha,haa! And maybe you can explain about ambassador Stephens and his skeleton crew in Benghazi…so he sent 100s of emails to Secretary Clinton, begging for protection and she was on it, day and night, trying to get troops to Benghazi for the safety of….wait, what? She never responded to a single email and let them die? In fact, there were troops ready and willing, nearby and they were given orders to “stand down”? And Obama? Oh, he knew about the situation, so HE was going to take care of it! Nahh, he was out golfing on the day of the attack. Can you help me, stooge? Explain to me where all the compassion and love for their fellow Americans, not to mention their duty to protect them, was that day?

        • VGF says:

          THEERE WAS No Hanging their HEADS IN SHAME>>At That ..SO_Called Meeting. But THERE WERE A FEW OLDER HEADS Who WERE SO ashamed AT the Antics That DUMB Woman wasThrowing OUT THERE..They Could NOT Stand to even Look AT HER ! Pres,Trump Knew She was Only Making a Bigger fool of Herself..So he Just LET HER Rage !!! And Made Certain Everyone Knew What SHE IS..A Petulant Idiot who Thinks There IS NoONE As important AS SHE IS ! She Better Enjoy the LIMELight ( For IT IS Soon Going to Flicker OUT !! SHE IS too Senile to Lead a Chicken Across the ROAD >>Even on a Leash !!

  19. Jack Blade says:

    They should throw Schitt, Nutsy, Chuckie, AOC, Omar, Trashida and the rest of the gruber Dem traitors in prison for treason!

    • Hillary lost, get over it says:

      Nah, I say hang ’em high.

      • I concur with you,,Hillary lost, get over it…The demorats all deserve to be put in JAIL..They will be responsible for a civil war. SCHITT needs to resign and face a jury trial in OPEN COURT, along with his Commie Pelosi. GOD BLESS AMERICA GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP..2020

    • Hussain says:

      Hang them.

    • ih8reps says:

      Peeping Tom
      Once you dig up that POS REAGEN and BUSH and charge them with TREASON OTHERWISE STFU.

      • Will Triebel says:

        And where are your parents, boy? Absent or too strung out to give you attention? That’s a large part of the problem, children growing up without supervision or guidance.
        And you think you are entitled to tell adults what to do? Maybe you and that deranged Nazi girl (Greta, is it?) should hook up. You seen like two of a kind.

      • J Brock says:

        ih8reps! Who were you calling a pervert, pedo? You must know quite a bit on the topic, huh? I mean, because of all the “sexual health” that’s being taught to our children by your oh so progressive party. Kindergarteners are being exposed to transgenderism and told they can pick and choose whatever sex they want to be! How progressive! And ten year olds play a game on who can put the condom on the dildo the fastest. That must be so fun! And, of course we can’t leave out the pre-teens. They’re being taught about all the choices they have in sexual relations…you know, besides just regular vaginal sex there’s anal sex and blow jobs and cunnilingus. You’re never too young to know about that are you, pedo? And who’s not a fan of “Drag Queen Storytime” at a local library near you? Did you know that several of those lovely drag queens have been arrested for child molestation since the program started? Go ahead, pedo…explain to me how exposing our children to all of this is beneficial to our country and well being. By that I mean, to a NORMAL PERSON, not a sick, twisted individual who has no morals, or a soul, for that matter.

    • Ronald hatt says:

      Would rather see them “exiled”, back to the country of their relatives! ONE WAY TICKET! NEVER TO RETURN HERE!

  20. Gregory Sullivan says:

    S**t head and Pelosky are now using diffent tactics that are simular to those used on Nixon in 1974 to frighten him into resigning, which will never ever happen with Trump as he is a fighter and fights his opponents to the end unlke Nixon who caved into them. They need 20 senatorial votes from republican senators to remove him from office which are simply not there as they have the last say in the impeachment matter.

    • Herman says:

      Unlike Nixon, who I liked, President Trump fights back when he is attacked first! He is not paranoid but knows truth better than the misled politicians worried about their reelection chances!

    • Tony says:

      More than 20 since 5 of the house members are conflicted with presidential aspirations. They must recuse for conflict of interest.

  21. mark says:

    Adam Shiff,
    Is a dirty rottten sumbag filthy lier and should be arrested for treason.
    And, his pension should be revolked too.

  22. James W Cummings says:

    Attempting to have the President from office by lying about the substance of his actions is sedition if not treason. So, Yes…charge him by all means.

  23. Stephen Frain says:

    50 years ago my Grandfather asked me, “How do you know a politician is lying?”
    They are talking in public…
    Things aren’t much different now…
    I believe 80-90% of all so called “News Reporting” is that network’s/owner’s OPINION and/or ANALYSIS based on their particular biases…
    Only 10-20% or maybe less that all news networks say exactly the same are factual.

  24. John Bazen says:

    Let’s be honest here OK?
    Anyone who believes, that Government STUFF is free, must have two brains….one is lost and the other is out looking for it! I n other words the product of their liberal Education in PUBLICK SKOOLS?

    • SGT Preston says:

      What these nimrods think is that the government stuff is free to them. In other words, someone else pays for them and the someone else is the people who work for a living. The “gimme free stuff” idiots are leeches on society who expect the government to support them and their habits. So, to these people, they love the idea of more “free government stuff” because they don’t pay anyway. They are the users, not the providers. Our government should go back to the old Biblical principle, if you don’t work, you don’t eat.

    • ih8reps says:

      What part of Jeff Bezos not paying taxes don’t you understand?
      I must have gone to a better public school then you because I can assure you that’s a whole lot of FREE.
      Maybe you just need glasses or a coloring book.

  25. Adam Schiff and Miss Nancy make a great case for term limits in congress. Just like limits for the President. Our founding Fathers never intended to make our congress a lifet time career! When President Truman said that their should be term limits were necessary, he pointed out that President Roosevelt had too much power. And this was the reason for term limits. Now it is Miss Nancy and Maxine Waters who are trying to run our government. Lets get with it, and pass term limits for congress. We may lose some great members, however we will get rid of the trash. Elizabeth

  26. Frank says:

    I’d like to know who comprise the constant 1% of people that always vote in support of the Democrats’ position with all the evidence to the contrary. Are they brain dead or merely hard core idiots.

    • Douglas Mayne says:

      Frank I was thinking the same thing every time I see this 1% in 2% and sometimes I seen it as high as 9% who are these retards liberalism truly is a mental disorder they are retarded

    • Tony says:

      It has to be their own families, friends that are supporting them… However their time is short, and they know that… Three years of the same thing…WOW…

  27. Rani says:

    Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi have committed treason and both should be tried and made examples of. They need prison time for promoting a coup to oust a duly elected President from office and they’re guilty of trying to change the results of the 2016 election. Maybe when we start arresting these crooked politicians, others will get the hint and stop the corruption that is sucking the oxygen out of our Constitution and Congress. Pelosi and Schiff are two of the biggest Swamp Rats and they need to go. Tried and arrested because they’re definitely guilty.

    • chief1937 says:

      For sure we know Schiff will do and say just anything to get at Trump. We have seen where he read false information into the congressional record concerning Trump’s phone call. That alone tells us we can not believe anything he says. People serving in positions like his should be held liable for misrepresentation of facts just maybe a few years in the cage would do him good.

    • 82nd Airborne vet says:

      I couldn’t agree more with you 100% but you gotta remember There is no jail time for treason the punishment is the death sentence this is a country of the people by the people and for the people and the democrats have done nothing but treasonous acts which they all should be tried tried by a military tribunals. Because they are no longer United States citizens they are treasonous terrorist which means they went against our country and constitution they went against their oath of office and they tried a coup against the United States they are terrorists and the penalty for that is the death penalty no jail time the death penalty

    • Medic RN says:


  28. Diana S. says:

    Schiff and Pelosi are both traitors. They need to be arrested and tried for it. They’ve been so fixated on impeaching OUR PRESIDENT that they’ve done nothing else for 3 1/2 years. When are they going to start earning their salary. This latest attempt to oust the president isn’t about impeachment; it’s a coup attempt.

    • travis says:

      Nancy is saying we need prayers for trump NOT SO even prayers for her won,t help, prayers don.t help people who are NITWITS like her

    • Patsy Stokkeland says:

      There should be a way to stop them from getting paid ,Cut off the pay for not doing their jobs and insubordination.

  29. Chuck says:

    The problem with the “T” word or Treason, is the Constitutional definition is very narrow and very specific to what the Founders determined and agreed upon. Prior to that definition, Treason could be whatever the King or Parliment decided it would be, a very arbitrary and capriscious definition, where even free speech against the king was treasonous.
    The Constitution of the United States of America defines Treason as “…levying war against the US…and adhering to an enemy, providing aid of comfort to…”(sic), a very narrow definition indeed. Under that definition, the skullduggery the Democrats have engaged in, in attempting to block, discredit, and remove the President, is not Treason. Sedition? Yes, I believe so. Insurrection? Again, I believe so. While my own and other’s beliefs about what constitutes Treason are much broader than the Constitutional definition, we’re bound, if not by oath and belief, to measure these actions against what the Constitution defines Treason as. Should the most vociferous Democrats be charged with Sedition and Insurrection? Hell yes. Especially Schiff and Waters. Pelosi? Possibly, as the leader of the Democrat carcass woops I mean caucus. But the charge of Treason will be measured against the Constitutional definition of Treason not our personal belief systems.

    • Rich says:

      Sheriff Woody’s “bad news” came from the authors of “Toy Story” and he was told that his services were no longer needed . . . . . as his reputation as a confirmed LIAR and “Star Chamber” operator wouldn’t go over very well with the kids who follow Toy Story. ????

    • chief1937 says:

      I believe they are guilty of giving aid to the enemy which would be covered by the constitution in regards to treason. Not being a Constitutional lawyer that is simply my opinion which may or may not be correct.

    • 82nd Airborne vet says:

      Yes but you have to remember this is treason cause they’re holding committees and actions against the president behind closed doors and the conversations going on there are not transparent nobody knows what’s going on there trying to impeach a president and remove him from office who was duly elected that has proven there has been no cortion or criminal act. Therefore seeing a removal from office from a duly elected president without a vote one Democrat politician even said well ever come brings A-war let the people choose that cause we have nuclear weapons which means he was gonna use and threatened to use nuclear weapons on the people that in itself is treason you have to follow everything these democrats say specially on social media like Twitter they’re shooting off their mouth left him right on Twitter you gotta follow that I can’t remember what representative said it but he said he United States got nuclear weapons in of the people want A-war will use Them. So this Democratic Party is treasonous and that’s a death sentence to me there citizenship should all be revoked. They should be stripped and removed from office for the past 3 years that they have a been doing their job the Salary that they were paid. Should be paid back and returned to the taxpayers cause they have done nothing for the past 3 and a 1/2 years but attempt to remove a duly elected president. Add of cause treasonous acts of our country our constitution bill of rights and amendments. Which means I believe and I truly hope he does trump should invoke the military round up all the democrats behind the closed door sessions that are not transparent and not being voted upon round them all up they should all be brought to Guantanamo Bay Cuba put on trial under a military tribunal convicted which they will be convicted and sentenced to death

      • ih8reps says:

        You know what you’re problem is you’re just overly obsessed with death.
        Go to you’re local dollar store buy yourself a coloring book and calm down before you actually do k### someone.

    • ih8reps says:

      How true since the whole IRAN CONTRA AFFAIR WAS SWEPT UNDER THE RUG.

  30. Rodney says:

    Lil Adam” Shifty” Schiff has certainly met the threshold for Sedition. A charge of Treason might be able to be made if it can be proven he and the other Dimwits can be shown to be purposely causing harm to our National Security. That threshold might be a little harder as you have to show intent and I doubt the left thinks beyond their own thirst for power to realize the full ramification of their action.

  31. Don Juan says:

    Censor my A$$! Adam Schiff needs to go to a maximum security prison for a minimum of 20 years and have the diseased Sodomites there ravage his worthless A$$ every single day. That would be pure poetic justice at its best.

    • Terry says:

      He would appreciate that. You’d better think of something else.

    • ih8reps says:


      • Freddie says:

        Hey,ih8reps,you sure seem to know a lot about Bubba and his’bitch boys’,any possibility that you might have done some time and actually had some intimate,wonderful,experiences,with Bubba?! If so,did you Squeal Like a Little Piggy?Only your cell mates,know for sure!! Lol

  32. Mohammed, Mohammed... says:

    I like Trump more everyday!

    • ih8reps says:

      Of course you like him he’s just like you an ISIS TERRIOST.

      • J Brock says:

        Oh, come on now, ih8reps! You’re not going to go THERE with the terrorist nonsense. Not when your supreme ruler (or is he a Czar? No, no that was what he called the stooges who did his bidding in the white house. Odd choice of word…not secretary of this, or chief of that? Hmm) Where was I? Oh, yeah…Obama. The one born in Kenya to an original SJW and a radical black activist. Surrounded by radicals and communists from birth. One of his mentors was Frank Marshall Davis, hardcore member of the communist party, card carrying, even: #47544. Obama mentions him close to 100 times, but only refers to him as just “Frank”, Wonder why? Was it because Davis had a deep hatred for America, especially WHITE america and was being surveilled by the FBI and the House Committee on Un-American Activities? Obama, as president, gave $200,000 to an Al Queda affiliated group in Sudan, which is chump change compared to what he gave to the Muslim Brotherhood! He flew thousands of muslim “refugees” into America, unvetted, undocumented and NOT through any proper channel. He did it secretly using military transport planes. Why all the secrecy, I wonder? And remember Michael Flynn? The guy the DP tried to ruin in congress? Maybe it’s because he warned people about Obama’s “willful decision” to support Al Queda, the Muslim Brotherhood and other jihadist groups in Syria, which lead to the rise of ISIS. Obama actually named his project that funded and armed ISIS, the “Anti-ISIS Coalition”! Isn’t that a hoot? LOL. I could go on forever. Seriously. Your stupidity astounds me, stooge. Bringing up terrorists to attack the duly elected President of the United States of America! Come back when it’s your turn to have the brain, ok, stooge? Bye.

  33. G DiGiorgio says:

    Can!t trust a liar who falsely makes up his own transcript of the conversations between 2 presidents to be chairman in the impeachment inquiry.

    • HerbertSteele says:

      Any government official, elected or unelected that knowingly outright lies to the public, in my opinion, deserves to be removed from office immediately.

    • Scott27 says:

      If lying and hyperbole were crimes, your dear supreme cult leader would have been behind bars years ago. He lies or exaggerates every. single. day.

      • J Brock says:

        Scott27: I’m so tired of responding to your buddy ih8reps. Now here YOU are. You know, I would love it if you leftist clowns would respond with intelligence and actual facts, but it’s nothing more than name calling and stuff you got off t.v. news. (Did you happen to catch those videos on CNN from Project Veritas, by the way? No surprise there, right?) Yes, we get it! Orange Man bad!!! Do me a favor and go back and read my responses to ih8reps and if you have any reasonable excuses for your repellent party and why you support them, I would love to hear it. I’d be surprised if you responded. Peace, stooge #2.

  34. Lei says:

    Let’s spend the money saved by investing in our border and extra protection at our ports.
    Democrats hated the Vietnam War and now they love this war. Got it.

    • J Brock says:

      Lei, quite honestly, I think the party itself supported the war…it was the American people who opposed it, and they couldn’t blatantly ignore the people who keep them in power, without damage to the party and their carefully crafted anti-war facade. I think the mask is finally crumbling and we’re seeing what they were all along.

  35. Don says:

    I think Shifty Schiff and Maxine Waters should both be ridden out of DC on a rail, as well as Nadler, Pelosi, Swallwell, Schummer, AOC, Omar, Talib, and a few others. I respect some Democrats and the Democratic voters, but there are some Dem’s in DC that should be not only thrown out of DC but out of the country!

    • Jan says:


    • Allen Morgan says:

      I would hope those leftist lying Democrats you mentioned are eliminated from Congress but considering that the granola people of California (flakes, fruits, and nuts) elected most it will likely take an act of God.

      if America’s patriots will do what we did in 2016, we wil re-elect Trump with wider margins this time. We must pray and participate: pray fervently, and volunteer to campaign, be poll watchers, vote and provide transportation to like-minded voters.

    • Roger says:

      You forgot Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and who in the hell is AOC?

      • Rodney says:

        AOC, is short for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!!!!! You had better crawl back under your rock, she has been called AOC for the complete time she has been in office!!!!!!

    • KATH says:


    • ed ritter says:

      bring out the tar and feathers ,and brand their face cheeks so they can’t hide what they are .

  36. ABC says:

    It is amazing how much effort conservatives make to try to divert attention away from the crimes and bad decisions of President Trump. This week, not only did Trump make a series of HORRIBLE decisions to BETRAY our allies, the Kurds, but also put our remaining American troops in harm’s way of Assads shelling. But this week we also learned that Trump’s “no quid pro quo” exists when his Chief of Staff, Mulvaney, brashly admits quid pro quo over Ukraine aid as key details emerge. 10/17/19. White House acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney made a stunning admission Thursday by confirming that President Donald Trump froze nearly $400 million in US security aid to Ukraine in part to pressure that country into investigating Democrats.

    • R says:

      America first idiot if you don’t like it here than by all means leave lol Go Trump I bet you were one of many who said they leave the country if Trump won get use to it cuz he will get another 4 yrs again please to leave anytime lol

      • ABC says:

        Typical fascist ignorant response! Don’t you ever get tired of babbling those same old lines – – stuff like that goes back to the Nixon/Agnew Nazis of the 1960s. You Trumpers claim you love America, but strive to limit anyone to have rights except to regurgitate right wing propaganda. You tell others to leave the country of threaten to do harm to them if the dare disagree with you. You are fascists like Hitler and Mussolini, that attack the press, free speech. freedom of religion (if it is not yours), and justify the law violations of your “Chosen one” cult leader. It is no wonder that both the KKK and white supremacist groups think Trump is their man.

      • spanky says:

        You just said the most powerful racist remark there is TO LEAVE OR GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME.
        To go back every human on this planet would have to return to the birth place of Adam and Eve.
        For all human life spread out from that single place.
        When you make that remark you are also referring to you’re self if you have any ability for cognitive thinking you would see the RACIST HATRED in you’re post.
        To many people claim to be Religious or believe in God you claim to go to church every week sometimes 2 or 3 days a week, you claim to be Righteous Loving High Morals Show Empathy and Forgiveness.
        Then you come to these sites openly calling for the attack on, and murder to any human life that does not conform to you’re demands or ideology .
        Forget what the Democratic party is doing do you truly believe you’re doing God’s Work, where in the Bible does it state for you to go fourth and K### Democrats or people of color mostly black and brown.
        Go ahead claim violence on the left, trouble with that claim is when the radical right gets violent too many people end up in body bags because you can’t out run a bullet especially from an automatic weapon.
        With his attack on military high ranking officers from all Branch’s this is right now dividing our military troops, how can a divided military protect the USA and it’s people or Allies.
        Our country has endured some very rough times in our history WW1 WW2 internal wars Foreign wars and yet today we see as never before our country is tearing itself apart not because of slavery but because of one very corrupt man and party all to willing to destroy America over IDEOLOGY.

        • Will Triebel says:

          Oh, suck it up, snowflake! I agree, if you think America is such a bad place, there’s not a damn thing keeping you here. You ignorant children need to find something to do besides hang around here with your constant whining. Try shaking your parents out of their drunken stupor so they can give you some attention and guidance, we are not your babysitters.

    • Lei says:

      Oh, like Democrats like war? I thought they were the consummate anti-war crowd.
      Now, that Trump doesn’t like war, they are the war mongers. LOL!

      • Will Triebel says:

        They always have. McCain and many other neocons favored Hillary because she was, for years, the biggest war hawk in Congress.
        They are like petulant toddlers that just want to argue about everything, no matter what Trump does, they will immediately flip to the opposite stance and whine about it.

    • I Try to use nice words for what I am saying… however, many Democrats are stupid idiots and blind liars like most Demo/Lib/Mus. are today… ANTI AMERICANS who don’t do their job for America but instead are trying to destroy Our Great America, therefore they should be thrown out of the Government immediately, and either thrown in Jail for their TREASON-SEDITION BEHAVIOR, or even “OUT OF THE COUNTRY BECAUSE THEY “HATE AMERICA” AND ARE THE DOWN-FALL OF OUR NATION”, because the Democratic Platform is build on LIES AND FAKE STORIES! America can not tolerate such EVIL BEHAVIOR. Mentioning HORRIBLE DECISIONS: Why is Obama and Clinton not in Jail? Many very criminal Decisions, (ILLEGAL DECISIONS WERE MADE BY OBAMA- AND CLINTON WITHOUT CONGRESS APPROVAL). Delivery of URANIUM TO RUSSIA, BRIBERY OF IRAN TO STOP NUCLEAR RESEARCH (which did NOT work), with 62 Billion Dollars of our TAX MONEY. KILLING INNOCENT AMERICANS BECAUSE OF NO ACTION OF OBAMA AND CLINTON!!! And the list is going on-and-on-and-on!!! STOP your ACCUSATIONS OF OUR GREAT PRESIDENT!

    • J Brock says:

      ABC: Let me guess…you got this all from mainstream media, am I right? CNN, perhaps? The one Project Veritas exposed, this past week, for the lying, cheating, underhanded charlatans that they are? Straight from the horses mouth, mind you! Communist Zucker. They’re sooo reliable and unbiased. They even went so far as to FAKE bombings supposedly in Syria, right here in Kentucky, of all places! Go figure. Just to add that special touch to their narrative-driven FAKE NEWS. And people like you lap it up and BELIEVE them. I’m also equally amazed at all the effort you leftists expend on dodging questions about killing full term American babies, while at the same time weeping about the foreign babies at the border. Well, maybe YOU don’t weep, but your party sure does! Explain that, if you can. Don’t get me wrong. I’m pro abortion, but NOT to the point of birth! And I certainly wouldn’t cheer and celebrate it!? How do you feel about this? That doesn’t disturb you, at all? Another thing…tell me you’re not naive enough to think your side of the government is totally above lying? C’mon! ALL politicians lie. ALL of them. It’s in their job description. They couldn’t do the job without lying. But there are varying degrees of lying, from necessary to straight-up evil in order to hide your own terrible acts. Hey, where’s Chuck Schumer been lately? Didn’t I hear he was connected to that NXIVM sex cult? And Kristen Gillibrand? So was she. where’d she go? I also heard some stories about Adam Schiff and the Standard Hotel. So, yeah, go ahead and tell your Orange Man Bad stories. I’ll be busy doing some research, in the meantime. Peace.

  37. Wicked Woman says:

    Karma. When you lie, cheat, and steal (Democrats) to take down a President (from the get-go), it comes back to haunt you. Proven time and time again. When President Trump said he would “drain the swamp” in his inaugural address, and the cameras swept the crowd (Clintons, Bushes, Nobamas, Pelosi, etc.)…their faces told the future story…”We will get him at all costs!” The plan is backfiring and will continue to do so. Trump 2020!

    • stan says:

      Adam is a political hack. Career self promoting politician. His long range plan I believe is: to run for president in 2024.

    • Lincoln says:

      Karma also applies to Trump who continually and brazenly keeps violating American laws and to his followers, who are like lemings, and will follow him off the cliff and seriously damage the GOP for decades.

      • J Brock says:

        Lincoln: ???????????????????????????????????????????? It’s LEMMINGS, dear, and don’t you worry your little head about the GOP. You should be focusing more on the damage the democratic party is doing to Americans and our country. You heard it from one of your own: Hillary Clinton is the “Queen of All Warmongers”, responsible for the “ROT” within the democratic party. And speaking of violating American laws, do we even want to get into the woman you wanted to put in the white house? Well, DO WE? I thought not. You guys are so good at sneering down at us from your lofty moral perches, but in truth, you’re unfeeling, empty, soulless automatons, supporting an evil, soulless party. I can’t help but laugh at you, but at the same time, it’s frightening to know there are people like you, who are my fellow Americans! By rights, we’re supposed to be on the same side. You know… “We the people”? Tell me why I should support the DP. Don’t tell me about Orange Man bad! Tell me what’s good about the democrats and how they contribute to their districts and the people they represent. What good are they doing for our country? Help me to understand.

    • Jimmie Chesser says:

      AMEN crOOks be GONE.

  38. Thaddeus McKeown says:

    Schiff Along With The Rest Of The Demoncraps Should Be Arrested For Treason And Sent To Gitmo Also We Need To Bring Back The Death Penilty For That Crime

  39. jack says:

    the hell with censure, impeach his treasonist ass, and try him in court.

    • I agree; along with Nadler, Pelosi, and the Squad -they are all trying to destroy our nation and way of life.

    • R.C. says:

      Jack, are you ignorant by choice and just a throbbing hemorrhoid that just causes irritation? The word “impeach” does not apply to congressmen and Senators . . . . . AND the concept of “treason” only applies to when we are in the middle of a war that Congress has declared. You are just one nasty spud, Jack that should read more and post/speak less . . . at least be quiet until you know about what you are spouting.

  40. Rsue says:

    I am sick of the demos flaunting their criminal activity and lawlessness daily in the face of the American people, while everything our great president does goes directly under the microscope! Please Jesus, take the wheel! Not being irreverent, I love Jesus and I am intentionally calling on Him to set the wrongs right, amen!

    • Mysty says:

      Rsue, you’re NOT being irreverent! You are calling on Jesus to please intervene & take charge of these situations that the radicals in our government are manufacturing. To step in to expose these satan-worshippers (under the guise of being ‘devout’ catholics’, etc.) & show, to the ENTIRE WORLD, their hypocrisy, their TRUE EVILNESS, their undiluted HATRED for PRESIDENT TRUMP.
      It’s interesting, I actually believe they would treat ANY President this way. They had an agenda (which PRESIDENT TRUMP STOPPED IN IT’S TRACKS)…the One World Order, a society without guns to protect ourselves & our families, farmers controlled so their fields would go fallow; not being allowed to grow any food product, ranchers not allowed to raise any animal for food or the various products they provide, raise the minimum wage so high (workers LOVE this idea until they discover their hours have been cut to less than 30 hours a week; stopping all benefits – insurance, retirement benefits, etc. – eventuality THAT WILL KILL THE BUSINESS because now you have less people working because many companies will have to release many workers. Making less money makes for less ‘shopping’ or eating out. That IS the ruination of most small businesses. EXAMPLE: Target just raised their employees’ salary to $15 an hour. At the same time they dropped all their hours, by 10 or more hours weekly. One lady commented that for a $1 raise she is now taking home $200 LESS a month & won’t be able to pay her rent AND/OR buy groceries. Target is a perfect example of PURE STUPIDITY!!! With all their other idiotic business-killing moves in the past 5 years, they have just about destroyed themselves from within…but SOMEONE keeps throwing money into that bottomless pit to keep it going. STRANGE. But more companies will go this same route…by law.

  41. phantom says:

    how does a proven liar call somebody a liar?trump wants everyone to believe him when his own people are testifying to his criminal acts. As a nation can we risk what trump is doing by driving our loyal allies away, making them believe we wont stand by our allies and friends. using unfair tactics for self serving purposes in order to capitalize off be president?they say this is how politics work well in my 54 years i have never seen politics work in such a way , sorry to say this but if congress thinks its better to turn a blind eye to save your party then let it go down in flames because if you can stand up for this country you need to walk out of congress and quit because if you can do right for the country how can we depend on you to do right for the people?

    • Mike Clarke says:

      Loyal allies? The Kurds? We need to get the hell out of Middle East. They will never stop killing each other and the more the better. No matter how much Mass Media and the Military Industrial Complex want us there to make them rich.

      • Scott27 says:

        But you’re ok, apparently, with sending a couple thousand troops to aid Saudi Arabia… who not only birthed all of the 9-11 terrorists but is run by a shiek who blessed the live dismemberment of a journalist last year???? And it was the Kurds who lost more than 10,000 fighting ISIS for us. I don’t believe in turning our backs on those who helped us so much; and I’m glad I never had to serve in battle next to you and others who want to betray our friends.

        • J Brock says:

          Scott27: The majority of the kurds are communist, you idiot! They’re not our friends. In truth I wouldn’t trust any country in the middle east, not even Israel. While I admit, the complexities of the ever-changing situation in the middle east is a subject I’m not real knowledgeable about, it seems I know more than you, so shut your ignorant ass. Any one of those countries would gladly stab us in the back if the price was right, so don’t go feeling too sorry for anybody. We don’t belong there! These are wars started decades ago by evil people like George H.W. Bush in agreement with countries who were sometimes willing to kill their OWN PEOPLE for profit. Trump is into saving AMERICANS. He realizes better than either of us that these wars will NEVER end. When do you suggest we bring our troops home, with all your hard earned war knowledge? By the way, when did you serve in the war?

    • Mary says:

      The democrats are behind the criminal acts. Trump saved this Country from demise after the Obama years.

      • GHD says:

        The evidence points to just the contrary, but what do you care about evidence?!? You make up all this stuff about Obama, when he turned the economy around from the Bush Great Recession, helped save millions of jobs in the American auto industry, added millions of people to health care, ended the insurance scam of not paying for “Pre-existing conditions, got Osama Bin Laden and rebuilt our economy. Suffice to show evidence” Obama reduced the federal deficit from 9.8 percent of GDP in 2009 to 3.2 percent in 2016.” Trump has taken Obama’s worst annual deficit and DOUBLED IT TO OVER $1.1 TRILLIAN A YEAR !!!

        • Duke says:

          GHD has it backasswards. Obama added 10 trillion to the deficit in his 8 year term. He fined people for being uninsured and now the Dims want to give illegals free insurance. Go back to bed GHD and sleep off that hangover.

          • Jimmie Chesser says:

            Ya I bet balboa used that money that he fined Americans for no insurance paid part or all of his place on Mar has vineyard cause his ugly man wife Damon sure didn’t work for it in the 8years they scored Americans, before you think it my husband works and has always provided insurance for me and him.

        • Jimmie Chesser says:

          OBLBLA a did nothing for THIS COUNTRY but take too many vacations and spend to much of America’s tax payers money

      • Scott27 says:

        Mary, you are living in a totally made-up land of make-believe. Such a sheep and blind believer.

    • J Brock says:

      Phantom: Jesus, you’re how old? 54 and still being played for a fool. I can, maybe, understand how some young impressionable minds might get brain-washed into believing all the propaganda from the democratic party, but there’s no excuse for you. You need to stop watching mainstream media and maybe read a book or two. Do some research on DuckDuckGo, even. You’re old enough to recognize that what the DP claims to represent, does not add up to their actions and what they REALLY stand for! I mean, if you actually approve of Antifa, the LGBT ‘s aggressive take over of our social norms, the celebration of aborting full term babies, the sexualization of our school children (you’re honestly ok with them being taught about anal sex when they’re 12-13 years old?), 5 year olds being exposed to the Drag Queen Storytime and told, no…..ENCOURAGED, to change their gender, and now they’re being introduced to pedophilia as merely a part of history! If you embrace these things then I have nothing more to say to you. However, if you find these things as disturbing as any normal person would, then you are running out of time. You’re FIFTY FOUR…how old do you have to be before you wise up?! Everything I’ve said is true and can be easily verified, if you choose to do so. You’re doing this nation damage by giving support to a party whose goal is the destruction of this country and the replacement of its citizens with illegal aliens who will keep them in power forever. President Trump may be rude and abrasive, but he’s not a racist or an islamophobe. He lies, sure, but they ALL do. He doesn’t hate women and all the other myriad things the media accuses him of…stop believing all the garbage CNN, NBC and MSNBC etc. crank out! He genuinely loves this country and in his own blowhard way, he’s trying to do what’s best, in spite of all the opposition the desperate democrats and all the groups in league with them are throwing at him. Why would they oppose him so irrationally unless they have something terrible to hide? There was a man with a gun apprehended at his Dallas rally just the other day, for godssake! They’ll stop at nothing to stop him. You can do your part by not giving these terrible criminals your support! GROW UP, old man, before it’s too late and you’ll have to live with some pretty heavy regrets.

  42. jj says:

    Schifty Schiff is an ass

  43. Janice E. Prescott says:

    I wish all those reports would become available. They keep promising, but then delay it. I want so badly to see all those corrupt Dems GO DOWN. AWFUL PEOPLE.

  44. Mike Flanagan says:

    The whole Problem is that there so many Swampers on both sides of the Isle that are deathly afraid of President Trump really keeping his campaign Promise to pull the plug and really drain the SWAMP of Those Elected and Unelected corrupt officials that has them running scared. Beware DEEP STATERS Trump is coming for your ass. All the road blocks you can fabricate (Russian collusion / Ukraine Quid pro quo ect) will not stop him. He will send a lot of you to Prison for attempting to overthrow the duly elected government of the United States of America.

    • JOHN ZVER says:

      thank you mike! amen! and there are other nice comments here but there are some really ignorant knuckleheads who have no clue. notice how most of them cant spell??!!! lol!!!!! always remember: trump was elected to drain the swamp….he even told the news media… better hope I don’t win. i’m coming to get you. now he sure meant it. didn’t he? you bet he did.

  45. ken says:

    Adam Schiff for Brains is NOT worthy to serve in the US Congress.

  46. Alan says:

    Ann egotistical Pencil-neck with a little Pin-head

  47. MARKYL says:


  48. Robert LIpani says:

    Why has he not been prosecuted up to now. Joe McCarthy was a choirboy compared to
    Schiff. There is evil in this mans heart. He doesn’t belong in the house along with Nadler
    and Pelosi who are just as guilty and all three deserve severe punishment. Also the
    squad should be evicted from their hateful duties.

  49. deb says:

    Good, that is what is needed instead of gov circus shows with no teeth.

    • Diana says:

      Adam Schiffty is a slimy reptile who needs to be arrested for treason and convicted for it. Then prison.

      • Emma says:

        No prison. Public hanging.

        • Anon says:

          What you said or posted Emma is a violation of the laws about protecting members of Congress or the executive branch from violence. It is hate speech and anti-American to suggest using violence against any of our elected leaders . . . . it is an act of domestic terrorism . . . and weaker minds often get moved by hate speech, like some serial killers.

  50. Pauline Kasper says:

    Serves him right for running a kangaroo court! He should be censured and removed from Congress. If the constituents in his district have any brains, they should find someone to run against him in the primary and vote him out then. If he wins the primary, vote him out in November 2020!

  51. Dan Gibson says:

    Schiff is a LIAR, therefore he is GOING DOWN … So a quick glance at the ledger shows this: HILLARY defeated (and embarrassed); SCHUMER gone & forgotten; PEWLOSI going down; BIDEN & WARREN (take your pick) about to be Boat Raced in the 2020 Election; AOC, OMAR & DLAIB, “may” last until defeated in election. Good Job, MR. PRESIDENT ! Keep up the Great Work … TRUMP IN 2020 !

  52. Even a blind person just by listening to what he has said or said, if the blind person knows brail he also knows just how much of a lier he is. from 2015-2019 he has lied to the public just to try and sway their opinion to make them believe he is right and everything he says is true. mom always said when you lie once, and seam that you got away with it, 90 percent of the time it will come back to bite you in the ass, and lie once the president is you will lie again.

  53. Deb says:

    I think he is the loudest right now, but I think obomination, hill and co, brennen, comey, rice, huma, and many others need to be questioned criminally not by politicians.

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