Adam Schiff is facing one impeachment demand that could ruin him for good

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is about to find himself in the hot seat.

Schiff is going to have to answer some serious questions about one of his biggest lies.

And now Adam Schiff is facing one impeachment demand that could ruin him for good.

Americans still have not received an answer from Adam Schiff about how his staff colluded with alleged whistleblower Eric Ciamarella before Ciamarella filed his phony complaint against Donald Trump.

But Schiff may not be able to maintain his cover up for much longer.

The top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee Georgia Congressman Doug Collins announced on Fox News that unless Schiff testifies as to he and his staff’s involvement in this scheme that any impeachment report Schiff’s committee releases is a sham.

Politico reports:

Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) said Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee would have House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff testify in their impeachment hearing and claimed the parameters of the impeachment investigation were skewed against the president.

“If he chooses not to” testify, Collins said Sunday of Schiff (D-Calif.), “then I really question his veracity in what he’s putting in his report…

…Speaking with host Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday,“ Collins complained that Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) gave Republicans on his committee an unrealistic timeline to digest the findings of the Intelligence Committee’s report. Collins said Nadler gave them until Friday to present a list of witnesses to testify, which he said was too soon after the expected release of Schiff’s findings.

“Why are they hiding the stuff from us?” Collins said. “If they think they have such a case, give us all the materials and don’t let Jerry Nadler write a crazy letter that says on the 6th, let us know who your witnesses are. We don’t even have the information from the Intel Committee yet. This is why this is a problematic exercise and simply a made-for-TV event coming on Wednesday.”

Schiff wants to conceal his involvement with Ciamarella for as long as possible because Schiff wants to hide the fact from the American people that Ciamarella was a partisan operative with a partisan agenda when he filed his phony whistleblower complaint.

If Schiff does not testify in the Judiciary Committee’s impeachment hearing the President’s lawyers will most certainly call him as a witness in any Senate impeachment trial.

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147 Responses

  1. Pat says:

    He will never speak another word about it I bet you he pleads the 5th. They will all do this thinking they are safe and no conviction on any of them I bet. Democrats are the crocked people I ever seen. Like Pelosi son involved with over seas deals and Pelosi herself told all democrats they where not to utter one word about Benghazi. Seems to me democrats are in on everything including those in The hose and senate. Jail them all.

  2. P. Lightfoot [email protected] net says:

    ???? chicken Schitt TROLL

  3. P. Lightfoot says:

    Uncle Tom eat Schiff kiss nadsler butt bump

  4. Eileen Trent says:

    Get used 2 that, Debbie Downer, I’ve been the target of Tom’s maniacal rant since, like, for EVAH!!

    Every single time I post he goes off the reservation. UH OH, politically incorrect!

    Keep posting Debbie Downer and u’ve incurred the wrath of Tom!

    A fate worse than death……lol


  5. Eileen Trent says:


    Saw ur post on the PP site re: Kapernic.

    I wonder why u didn’t respond 2 MY post?!!!

    I know u saw it, u never let 1 of my posts go unchallenged!!

    But, just ICUMI, I will repost for EVERYONE……

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    At the time, Johnson was an indenture servant, both black and WHITE ,were servants. They served 4 seven yrs. and were released.

    When Johnson was released, he bought another indenture, a black man named Casor.

    Casor served Johnson 4 seven yrs. and demanded 2 b let go, but Johnson refused 2 free Casor.

    Casor fled to a neighbor, a white man 4 help 2 free him from Johnson……the white man intervening 2 help Casor, bought Casor back from Johnson.

    Johnson then later decided he wanted Casor back, and sued the white man in Virgiaia court 4 return of Casor, claiming Casor was his property 4 life!

    The court at first rejected Johnson’s claim and ruled against him, but later reversed its self and ordered the white man 2 return Casor 2 Johnson, deeming him 2 b Johnson’s property 4 life!

    Johnson, black man, FIRST slave holder in Virginia Colony!

    SOURCE: Wikipedia

    Come on Tom, respond 2 my post re that if u can, would love 2 hear u bloviate and rant about CONSPIRACY …….I’m waiting Tom……maybe u can wail cookoo, cookoo, love that 1 2!!

    I only post facts, not conjecture or theory…….

    TRUMP 2Q2Q

    W W G 1 W G A

  6. TOM says:

    From reading your post you on that good stuff Uncle Hippie got from Colorado the way you type it sure looks like it you must be stoned out of your mind.
    Go get some Cheetos to snack on I can tell you got the munchies plus it’ll remind you of your supreme leader Cheeto ban dido.

  7. TOM says:

    Uncle Hippie
    You still with us how’s that trip going you back from Colorado already got your new supply of weed.

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