Adam Schiff is facing one impeachment demand that could ruin him for good

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is about to find himself in the hot seat.

Schiff is going to have to answer some serious questions about one of his biggest lies.

And now Adam Schiff is facing one impeachment demand that could ruin him for good.

Americans still have not received an answer from Adam Schiff about how his staff colluded with alleged whistleblower Eric Ciamarella before Ciamarella filed his phony complaint against Donald Trump.

But Schiff may not be able to maintain his cover up for much longer.

The top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee Georgia Congressman Doug Collins announced on Fox News that unless Schiff testifies as to he and his staff’s involvement in this scheme that any impeachment report Schiff’s committee releases is a sham.

Politico reports:

Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) said Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee would have House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff testify in their impeachment hearing and claimed the parameters of the impeachment investigation were skewed against the president.

“If he chooses not to” testify, Collins said Sunday of Schiff (D-Calif.), “then I really question his veracity in what he’s putting in his report…

…Speaking with host Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday,“ Collins complained that Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) gave Republicans on his committee an unrealistic timeline to digest the findings of the Intelligence Committee’s report. Collins said Nadler gave them until Friday to present a list of witnesses to testify, which he said was too soon after the expected release of Schiff’s findings.

“Why are they hiding the stuff from us?” Collins said. “If they think they have such a case, give us all the materials and don’t let Jerry Nadler write a crazy letter that says on the 6th, let us know who your witnesses are. We don’t even have the information from the Intel Committee yet. This is why this is a problematic exercise and simply a made-for-TV event coming on Wednesday.”

Schiff wants to conceal his involvement with Ciamarella for as long as possible because Schiff wants to hide the fact from the American people that Ciamarella was a partisan operative with a partisan agenda when he filed his phony whistleblower complaint.

If Schiff does not testify in the Judiciary Committee’s impeachment hearing the President’s lawyers will most certainly call him as a witness in any Senate impeachment trial.


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144 Responses

  1. TOM says:

    OMG not the radical leftests how could it be the leftist are taking over God save us the leftist are coming to get us.
    Call out the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, even the National Guard impose Marshall law let’s have a curfew shut it all down the LEFTIST ARE COMING nobody is safe, save yourself from the leftist OMG where do we go I’m scared of the leftist.

  2. TOM says:

    Eileen Trent
    After reading so many of your post’s, it has become increasingly clear that you’d be the perfect candidate for that big comfy leather couch in a psychologist office.
    Just think you can lay down and talk too him/her about all these crazy ideas you have all jumbled up in your head.
    You can free yourself from all those conspiracy theories, I’m sure they’d really love too spend some time with you, lots and lots of time.
    You can finely show someone all this evidence you have compiled, in private of course, I’m sure some of your evidence is just too sensitive too be shown too all of America, some is probably very top secret sensitive material that only maybe the president should see.
    We know you’ve been in contact with some very high level people in Trump’s administration like AG Barr, Rudy Giuliani, Kelleyann Conway, Sarah Sanders, Mick Mulvaney, Rick Perry, just too name a few.
    I mean maybe you could even help AG Barr find this evidence that even he can’t find, it was just released he couldn’t find any of this Ukraine conspiracy stuff the radical right is pushing, you’d be an invaluable asset for this corruption conspiracy.
    I’m looking forward to him announcing he has a new member on his team that has overwhelming proof that Trump is innocent, someone that can come forward with actual facts, show us that all 14,000+ lies he’s told were actually true statements, proof that when Devin Nunes went overseas on the tax payers dime too investigate false conspiracy theories about Ukraine’s involvement in 2016, he was really not there, or his phone call record is just innocent conversations between good buddies.
    Rudy Giuliani is over there right now still trying to dig up dirt, personally most of us think he’s only digging his own grave, I mean who names his business FRAUD INC. Not someone honest anyway.
    So Eileen get down too your local airport and catch the next plane to Ukraine Rudy and Trump need you badly.

    • Uncle Hoppy says:

      TOM the twit. Still can’t figure out nobody reads long posts.
      We know all of your names you go by.

      • TOM says:

        Uncle Hippy
        Sorry for a longer post I know it’s hard for a burned out Hippy to concentrate for long, especially between puffs on your bong, what you smoking anyway you got some good stuff. You know there’s plenty of states now that make it legal for you burned out Hippies too legally get high and smoke your weed.

        • Uncle Hoppy says:

          Nobody reads long posts idiot. I bet you don’t even do it yourself.
          The only exception is if someone has something interesting and intelligent to say which excludes you. Do you actually think people bother to read pointless long rants that go on and on and on about nothing but Trump bashing? Think about it for a minute.

    • Eileen Trent says:


      Saw ur post on the PP site re: Kapernic.

      I wonder why u didn’t respond 2 MY post?!!!

      I know u saw it, u never let 1 of my posts go unchallenged!!

      But, just ICUMI, I will repost for EVERYONE……

      The first slave holder was a BLACK MAN, in Virginia: colonist: Anthony Johnson.

      At the time, Johnson was an indenture servant, both black and WHITE ,were servants. They served 4 seven yrs. and were released.

      When Johnson was released, he bought another indenture, a black man named Casor.

      Casor served Johnson 4 seven yrs. and demanded 2 b let go, but Johnson refused 2 free Casor.

      Casor fled to a neighbor, a white man 4 help 2 free him from Johnson……the white man intervening 2 help Casor, bought Casor back from Johnson.

      Johnson then later decided he wanted Casor back, and sued the white man in Virgiaia court 4 return of Casor, claiming Casor was his property 4 life!

      The court at first rejected Johnson’s claim and ruled against him, but later reversed its self and ordered the white man 2 return Casor 2 Johnson, deeming him 2 b Johnson’s property 4 life!

      Johnson, black man, FIRST slave holder in Virginia Colony!

      SOURCE: Wikipedia

      Come on Tom, respond 2 my post re that if u can, would love 2 hear u bloviate and rant about CONSPIRACY …….I’m waiting Tom……maybe u can wail cookoo, cookoo, love that 1 2!!

      I only post facts, not conjecture or theory…….

      TRUMP 2Q2Q

      W W G 1 W G A

  3. John Vetter says:

    The alleged “Whistle Blower” does not exist. It is all a figment of the clown’s imagination!!

  4. Culper Ring says:

    Ciamarella? Or do you mean Ciaramella?

    • Eileen Trent says:

      That’s CIA ramella—-not a whistleblower—-DEEP STATE rat

      • TOM says:

        OMG not the DEEP STATE what o what are we going to do not the DEEP STATE.
        Please tell us who are members of the DEEP STATE we know you have all the evidence.
        Or is it just too top secret to tell us, maybe just a little hint, come on release the evidence only you can some how find.
        I’ll bet their all Dems maybe even Soros it can’t be true, I’m scared of the DEEP STATE, come forward with your evidence.

  5. Chenz says:


    • JusticeforTrump says:

      Your paragraph shows your sick devotion to the megalomaniac Trump.

      • Debbie Downer says:

        No Chenz is correct. Those 3 professors are radical leftists that donated to democrat candidates and one of them tried to drag a 13 years old minor into this.
        Very despicable and just what you would expect from communists.
        None of them had a clue what they were talking about. The whole thing was an embarrassment for the democrat party and now there’s rumors of house democrats jumping ship.

        • TOM says:

          OMG Debbie is a scholar of constitutional law.
          She knows more about the Constitution then anybody in America.
          We need too listen to Debbie and shut down this kangaroo court she knows everything everybody else hasn’t a clue.
          Why go through all this when all we need is Debbie’s opinion, after all she’s the expert.
          As for some stupid 13 year old who cares we picked on Clinton’s daughter and the Obama’s daughters they’re just subhuman anyway, we RETARDicans can do what ever we want, we can ridicule anybody we want, we can install a Dictatorship if we want, everybody in America just needs too get in line and bow down too our supreme leader, kiss the feet of our supreme leader, get over it we no longer want more freedom we want less, we want corporate America too rule over us, we don’t want free elections we only want RETARDican rule, we want Trumpzilla forever, we want the return of the third Reich, we want Hitler back that’s what we want someone that reminds us of Hitler, that’s why we voted for Trumpzilla, Imperial rule forever.
          Go to for further updates.

        • Eileen Trent says:

          Get used 2 that, Debbie Downer, I’ve been the target of Tom’s maniacal rant since, like, for EVAH!!

          Every single time I post he goes off the reservation. UH OH, politically incorrect!

          Keep posting Debbie Downer and u’ve incurred the wrath of Tom!

          A fate worse than death……lol


  6. Mohammed, Mohammed... says:

    All of Schifties books are in the Fiction section….Psycho….

  7. VGF says:

    WOW ! Hold on to your HAT !! Have you ever Tried to “” listen to a bunch of ”’Liberal Profs, who are so intent on looking ..sounded learned..that they only Come off..looking like What They Absolutely ARE..a Bunch of pompous Fools who are Using this Farce of a ”’Kangaroo Court” to GET rid of A President Who, When he is ”RE-elected in 2020..( by a Stupendously Great margin..AS OUR On-going President…Which IS an unavoidable outcome ! ) It does not ‘help their cause…to think they ? can impeach a President the First place… Is not Guilty of ANYTHING That Could Possibly Stack up As..Impeachable Anything > ) This is, plainly put..a Kangaroo Court ..Trying to get rid of a President ,,>>Because They all KNOW..Once This is a done deal.. They will be IN DEEP DUNG. TALK about ”TREASON !! They KNOW ”They ” are INFORIT !! They ARE Fighting for their very ”lives ‘.’

    • Chenz says:

      Right, and today. PAMELA Carlyn showed
      How much she knows,that little Barron,TRUMPS son will never be a real Barron as OUR constitution not to allow !
      Wow isn’t she bright and shows we need to
      Do something about our law schools!
      Teach law not political hate.
      PAMELA is the dregs of the earth!
      LOT LIZARD !!!!

  8. Claxson 68 says:

    Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi & Schumer are trying to make a name for themselves as the ones who took down Trump. Instead they are making a name for themselves as the ones who destroyed any chance of the Dems winning anything in 2020! TRUMP 2020!!

  9. Bill says:

    When these impeachment hearings first began I thought the charges would not be approved. I based this on my misguided belief that many of the Democratic representatives on the Intelligence Committee were fair and reasonable and would be able to see through the dog-and-pony should being put on by Schiff. I have to admit now that I was a damned fool for giving the Democrats so much credit. The Democratic party members of the Intelligence Committee acted more like lemmings than supposedly intelligent people. So, the ball is now in the court of the Judiciary Committee which, of course, will rubber stamp the outrageous charges included in the Intelligence Committee report. Where does that bring us?

    Today, thanks to old Nadler, we get to hear four Constitutional Law Professors give their opinions on the charges included in the Intelligence Committee report (which should be about as exciting as watching snails racing). The problem is these four ‘experts’ are all anti-Trump and you can bet your bottom dollar the entire group will conclude that the charges warrant impeachment of Trump and removal from office. Of course, based on the reports I have heard, there are no evidence in the report that actually supports the charges. So, the witch hunt continues.

    • chief 1937 says:

      Nadler and Schiff are both cut from the same mold both are anti-Trump and determined to advance the impeachment process regardless of evidence supporting it or not. Both should remember their actions and rules followed will be used when the other party regains the house. Every action has consequences. Scheduling the hearings while the president is out of the country was no accident either as Nadler proved when he refused to reschedule hearings for another date. All D,s voting no and all R,s voting yes there seems to be nothing bipartisan in this action from it’s very inception.

  10. jc says:

    The most important part of America politics is follow the money. shift is responsible to SOROS. SOROS is the Trojan horse of the deep state. follolw the money..

  11. Got Cha says:

    We all know the same old story. Use Hillary’s Saul Olinsky theory and the demoncrats fare well until the truth surfaces. Pencil neck schifless is in the same toilet. Running these so called citizens (Nadler/Schiff) out of congress would benefit their supporters. The system is catching up with these criminals (check out CNN) and then who will they try to screw over, perhaps their own families???

  12. T. Bell says:

    I can’t wait ! I hope it KILLS Adam SH*T !

  13. Don says:

    All democrats who pushed for this impeachment should be arrested for high crimes and Treason against America and against we the people by the Republican’s now. They should have been investigating the demos from day 1 for crimes they have committed all the way back to Clinton squatting n the oval office like Obama.

  14. Beach says:

    Schiffs lies and hatred is what started all of this. He should be held accountable to AM Citizens for all his lies over the past 3 years!! Nadler needs to put that fried chicken back in his out and just shut up, he is as corrupt as Schiff!

  15. Chenz says:

    Guess which leftist FAKE NEWS. MEDIA
    Is. being sued for their leaked lies.
    Four hundred million dollars!

  16. Badrooster says:

    Rep. Schiff has repeatedly stated that he has irrefutable evidence that the POTUS has broken the law and has indeed committed perjury. The question that so many Americans are now asking themselves is this. Is Mr. Schiff going to be forced to testify on his assertions that he has said evidence against our president that in his opinion and past reports will have President Trump removed from the office of the President of the United States of America? My guess would be that he will continue to lie to the American people and I really hope that this will be his Swan song as well as his downfall. The Rooster Has Crowed!!!

  17. NOBODY says:

    This worthless peace of trash is a known LAIR So why wouldn’t he lie in congress like he did in the house with his made up phony phone call transcript.

    he lied in the house and to us American people. (with a straight face none the less)


    but because of a law that puts lairs in congress are above the law he will not be.

  18. Neen says:

    Schiff you will burn in hell. You are an evil thing and you will get your just karma.

    • Joe Bob says:

      I just want to see this schitty piece of Schiff get his meeting arranged with the devil as soon as possible. I believe all of these democrats are guilty of subversive activities. Between Nadless fat ass Jerry, Stretch Turkey neck Peelousy and Schitt head, all of which are liars, they should be executed for treason. Or by a mob of several thousand with baseball bats!

  19. JusticeforTrump says:

    Trump is a mobster and traitor and also a serial sexual assaulter, and his buddies include Manafort, Cohen, and Epstein. He should not even been allowed to run as a lifetime criminal, but since his campaign, trying to fix 2 Presidential elections proves his worthless soul. You cultists shame yourselves, your family and country.

    • NOBODY says:

      you MUST be one of those idiots that believe the main stream media.
      and not the truth, I pity you for your ignorance the only problem is it NOT BLISS

      good luck commie!

      • JusticeforTrump says:

        You are your name, add redneck to it for supporting the racist. Trump is the one kissing the king commie’s ass, Putin

        • chief1937 says:

          justiceforTrump; what a joke you have to be a hard core democrat to make statements like they do without proof only hear say and innuendos to back your rants. Better to be a redneck any day than a committed democrat baby killer. When it comes to the bottom line I had rather stand with the redneck.

    • Norman says:

      You are too funny!!

    • Jim says:

      Time to get your head out of Obama’s ass….You are suffering from oxygen deprivation!

    • Roger says:

      JusticeforTrump! You are just plain stupid!

      President Trump has done more for America the American people and the World since his election than the previous four presidents did in 28 years and all in the face of diversity never experienced by any other president!
      Since President Trump was elected millions of new jobs have been created, hundreds of thousands of new manufacturing jobs, over seven million lifted off of welfare and food stamps! The lowest minority unemployment in history, lowest female unemployment in more than 70 years, a robust stock market, a booming economy and one of the largest tax cuts in the history of America, all because of our amazing President’s policies! Negotiating better trade deals for America and the American people and negotiating with other world leaders in an effort to bring world peace! President Trump’s policies added more than 100,000 jobs last month!
      Under President Trump’s leadership and willingness to let our military operate unrestricted by Washington bureaucrats Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the most wanted terrorist in the World was easily located and annihilated! Trump/Pence 2020 landslide!
      Note: While President Trump has accomplished so much despite democrats resistance, the USMCA Trade Agreement has sat in the House of Representatives for more than nine months and Pelosi won’t bring it up for a vote because she says there are things in that aren’t enforceable! I am proud to say I didn’t vote for dimwitted Nancy or any other democrat! If all three countries sign the agreement what is not enforceable?

      • JusticeforTrump says:

        Job creation under Obama was more extensive than under Trump. Obama took over an imploding economy, the stock market went down 60%, people feared another Great Recession, is your memory that short? Manufacturing is not down the past 2 quarters,, so industry is now in a recession, don’t you follow real current events, just listen to Limbaugh and watch Fox News. Watchers couldn’t stand an honest reporter in Shepard Smith so they fired him, that is how brainwashed you people are. Carrier didn’t bring back jobs, GM is moving to Mexico as is Ford and Obama saved those companies. Don’t you remember how EVERY Republican said let them fail. That is insanity. You cultists believe the buffoon Trump, the lazy obest thug, a lifelong cheat, thief, women abuser and now a disgrace. Every historian is calling him the worst President and countless doctors are saying he is a sociopath, he truly has no conscience, and only cares about himself. 81% of the tax cut went to about 50 super wealthy families, he has done nothing for this country but brought hatred and division and alienation of our allies. You like him mainly because you are a racist like him. His biggest hobby has been insulting Obama with his fake birtherism crap and insults during the Presidencies, and trying to do the good actions Obama did. If there is a such a being as the anti-Christ it is Trump. He is a traitor to Americans and the Kurds who lost 10000 people fighting our enemy Isis.

        • SL says:

          “Fake justice for Trump” get lost. Time for freebies is over.
          Only if you need kiss ass to obama. Always available for brainwashed like you.

          • JusticeforTrump says:

            SL, it’s you red state, rednecks that are getting most of the freebies as the blue states are paying you far more per capita, read a book occasionally and learn,

        • Uncle Hoppy says:

          Obama will always be known as the corporate welfare president.
          He handed out more welfare to companies than any other president in history.

        • TOM says:

          Justice for Trump
          Whoa you can’t just post the truth like that these simpletons heads will explode.
          Think about Uncle Hippie he’s so stoned he might have a bad trip.
          You know the exact minute they declared Trump the winner even before he got sworn in the economy exploded unemployment went from 10.5% down to 4% that very night in November.
          The stock market went from under 10,000 to over 25,000 that very same time.
          Hundreds of millions of Americans got like 10,000 or 20,000 dollars each in tax cuts don’t you remember getting your 10,000 dollar check from Uncle Sam.
          How about all those company’s handing out tens of thousands of dollar checks too thier employees, I guess you missed out on your 10,000 dollar bonus.
          How about all the hundreds of company’s that came back to America that somehow nobody can name not even one.
          I mean everybody in America is making like almost 30 bucks an hour now because of Trump even at Wal Mart they start you out at 25 bucks an hour because of Trump with 100% company paid insurance.
          Where have you been all this time, I mean you can still buy brand new 2018 cars and trucks that haven’t sold yet because of Trump’s great economy that most people can’t seem to find or see.
          Wake up man get some of all that greatness that’s gone too the top 1% only.

      • TOM says:

        You have to keep your post short Uncle Hippie is too stoned on weed to read that much, keep it simple for the simpleton stoners, Uncle Hippie thanks you, he might even pass that joint my friend.

    • Badrooster says:

      Hooray for me. I’m a deplorable and I’m proud of it. This republican veteran will stand by my president come what may. The Democratic constituency of this country is turning their white shorts brown because their heroes are finally going to get what’s coming to them and that is lengthy prison sentences. The Rooster Has Crowed!!!

      • JusticeforTrump says:

        You are one, but Trump is worse as he degrades this country every day with his racism, incompetence, vengeful actions, laziness, insults, constant bragging, whining and insulting. Ssmarten up roosterboy

      • Chenz says:

        Justice for Trump and America will be when the Senate hands SHIFF his balls Instead of peaches!
        Your Obama is a Muslim antichrist who
        Created racial devide for power!
        Now that he’s no longer president it’s
        Reverend obama!

        • JusticeforTrump says:

          Learn how to spell to be considered equal to any Democrat Chenz, It is Trump who is the anti-Christ, nothing about his is admirable, treason, cheating, raping, assaulting, bragging, whining, lying, stealing, fixing elections if treason.

          • Chenz says:

            I can spell I just sometimes let it go. This site is a data burner.
            You and your four professors. Today
            have shown the problem with the education in our institutions.
            You focus on spelling but don’t have a clue between right and wrong. or what’s being said, and the hippocracy
            At levels never seen before!

          • Uncle Hoppy says:

            Another buffoon troll that doesn’t know what the antichrist is.

        • JusticeforTrump says:

          Anyone for Trump is brainwashed or evil Chenz, or both, there are no other possibilities anymore. What is your problem?

    • Doug says:

      Justice, your a little faggotty democrat. Your mother says your a pu$$y and we used to kick your a$$ every day in high school. Get a life scumbag or we’ll provide you some justice with a noose around your Neck like you deserve!

      • JusticeforTrump says:

        How many insults can you throw, you are the type of person that has hurt this country immensely, your misplaced anger, stupidity, racism and cultism to the anti-Christ Trump. Speaking of nooses, you might be something who lynched, you evil bastard.

    • LAWRENCE F BONI says:


      • JusticeforTrump says:

        Trump was buddies with Epstein, and he knew what was going on in the island. He supplied the girls from his Miss Teen Pageants that he bragged about entering the girls’ dressing rooms. Smarten up Saundra, you are supporting a serial sexual assaulter, are you proud of that. You shame the Irish name as well.

        • Eileen Trent says:

          Only 1 thing 4 u justice and Schiff: STANDARD HOTEL—-Witness Alison Mack singing like a canary, and there is actually more than she that witnessed Schiff’s “incident”, to put it mildly!

          Schiff going down, yanno…..!?

          OH, and Pres. Trump has the evidence……!

          Schiff flailing, trying 2 get rid of Trump, b 4 he releases it all!!

          Everyone of those women, then-teens , making their charges against Epstein and many, many others, have all said, Trump never sexually assaulted them nor even flirted with any of them!!

          I know ur desperate to link Trump to Epstein, but the one they can definitelly tie to Epstien and pedo island is Bill Clinton!!!

          Also can u say Prince Andrew?! Sooooo many high-powered, influential, men world-wide that can be linked to pedo island.

          BTW Prince Andrew talking, knows more about pedo island than u cud imagine……Prince better watch his back, he’s now a threat…….

          That’s why all these men r now fighting 2 keep THEIR names from being revealed!!

          ALL is going to b revealed, anyway….

          TRUMP 2Q2Q

          • chief1937 says:

            Ellen; don’t confuse justiceforTrump with facts . He can not handle the truth. He is too full of hatred to see anything but his blind loyalty to the democrats and their deadly platform. It is quite evident he does not know the meaning of justice even though he uses the word. SAD

          • JusticeforTrump says:

            Any man who talks sexually about his daughter like Trump, went to the island because he has absolutely no morals Eileen. You are just another delusional cultist of Trump’s. Shame on you for supporting a serial sexual assaulter that he was caught on tape bragging about.

        • Eileen Trent says:


          Have 2 tell ya ur misinformed again!!

          Those girls—sonme as young as 12—were from a modeling agency in FRANCE!!

          Not from Miss Teen Pageants, moron!!

          Epstein had a home in France—Prince Andrew was there 2!!

          TRUMP NEVER!!

          TRUMP 2Q2Q

          • JusticeforTrump says:

            Eileen, read the above comment that is for you. Trump is a rapist, go read about famous writer E.J. Carroll’s experience with Trump.

          • Eileen Trent says:


            And there u go, just admitted that u r ‘assuming’ that Trump was on pedo island, u can’t throw out accusations based on assumptions!!

            I just told u that Prince Andrew is spilling EVERYTHING about pedo island, and whom was involved in Epstien’s Lolita Express…..and it does not involve Trump!

            But, I would b very worried were I 2 b BILL AND HILLARY CLINTON!

            Both of them on the island many, many many, times…….LOL!!

            Epstien also having had the forsight 2 place recording devices in everyone of his residencies including Pedo Island, which r already in the possession of authorities……..UH, OH!!!

            Apparently, Epstien was anticipating any of whom might turn on him—-believe that’s called blackmail insurance—-LOL!!

            I also told u those very young girls being procured 4 Lolita Island came from a modeling agency in FRANCE!!!

            That’s a fact, not an assumption……authorities have the name of the owner of said agency!

            Get ur facts straight, lest u spew more nonsense, and I don’t care about E. J. Carroll’s experience, I care about facts!

            Yanno, like actual witnesses that actually witnessed an event of which were actually THERE!

            I believe the actual victims, and EVERYONE said, Trump never assaulted them, nor did he even flirt with any of them!!

            If u deny the testimony of the actual witnesses, I can’t help u, as ur HOPELESS!!

            TRUMP 2Q2Q

      • JusticeforTrump says:

        Read the comment above, that was supposed to be for you Saundra, you are just another crazed Trump cultist,, you know he is an egomaniac if you have some brain cells.

      • JusticeforTrump says:

        Laurence you are just another lunatic cultist for the monster Trump. You hurt this country for backing a serial sexual assaulter, a mobster and traitor egomaniac, you need help.

    • Exactly what crime has he committed? Not according to the Lying Lame Stream Media I mean according to You? You’re going to be looking and feeling stupid as all your Pedophile Heroes get locked up for Treason and Sedition

      • JusticeforTrump says:

        The comments aren’t posting correctly so for the third time read the comments above that were directed to you Saundra.

    • Shows just how stupid you are Justice, and of course most likely fried from dope. Epstein’s biggest buddies are democrats. Why you think none of his black book details has come out? You should know by now that the crime cartel known as the FBI, will cover up everything that the democrats do.

      • JusticeforTrump says:

        Didn’t you see the tape of Epstein with Trump Hurley. The girls Epstein was getting were from Trump’s teen pageants, remember he bragged about entering their dressing rooms and on the tape with Billy Bush, bragging about grabbing women’s pussies. Congratulations you are a cultist of an assaulter, a scam artist, an egomaniac who only cares about himself. He is the scum he accuses other people of. Henson, smarten up.

        • Uncle Hoppy says:

          All the girls in Trump’s pageants were over 18 idiot.

          • TOM says:

            Uncle Hippie
            Glad we can always count on you to give us some stupid comment.
            That weed you smoke must be pretty good stuff, just be careful you don’t have a bad trip to China or Russia.

    • VGF says:

      justice4TRUMP….. YOU are the most ridlculous piece I`ve Run Across >>NotJust here..But..Anywhere. YOU, ARE NOT the last”WORD ? on ANYTHING..But you Set yourself up to Appear So, YOU should be ashamed of your pompous self.

    • Uncle Hoppy says:

      OK TOM whatever you say.

  20. WillS says:

    Poor guy that schiffty Turtle. Gotta blame all the schiffs he comes up with on his parents. It’s not his fault. When he was a baby turtle and started telling schiffs his parents should have corrected him but they never did. Seeing schiffing as acceptable behavior poor Schiffty Turtle grew up unable to to tell the truth about anything. The poor turtle can’t help it. Maybe when this is all over he can check himself in to the Schiffty Turtle Klinic for Pathological Schiffers and perhaps be rehabilitated and learn to tell the truth at least some of the time. Poor Schiffty Turtle.

  21. Proud vet says:

    Mr. Shiflett should be tried convicted and head for treason is this is an assault on the American people and the salt on the Constitution and the rule of law. He should be made and example out of him the first one that opens his mouth should be angry with him for aiding in abetting.

    • Joe Bob says:

      Schitty schiff is also a child molester. Mr Epstein used to get little boys for Schitt head. He makes democrat priests look saintly.

    • JusticeforTrump says:

      Hey fake vet, are you from the Nazi army?

      • Eileen Trent says:


        STANDARD HOTLEL, incident involving Schiff……

        justice—- Again, witnessess 2 an actual event that actually took place at said hotel—witness Alison Mack talking……I can shoot u down everytime..,,,,

  22. Jesse says:

    Schiff should change the name of his Committee to the IGNORANCE Committee. He tried to first sell the Russia LIE but his puppet Mueller did not do as he was supposed to because he could not sell the Russia LIE to even himself. Now he is pushing the Ukraine LIE. but as we saw not only did allSchiff’s Witnesses say NOTHING was done WRONG but Biden being the IDIOT he is bragged about his breaking the Law to help his son. Schiff bolstered his IGNORANCE change by sending to Gonadler another UBER Trump HATER a report that still clings to the Russia LIE. I mean when the only other person actually involved in the phone call says NO quid pro quo was implied or even asked for what case does Schiff think he has. Then there is the UNCONDITIONAL things Schiff and the Democraps are doing like spying via phone records and calls on Trump and his Lawyer. Democraps are even trying to claim Trump is not entitled to due process which is TOTALLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL. But Schiff and his pal Gonadler are wasting their time because Nutsy dare not allow a House Floor Vote on Impeachment because it would put targets on the back of every Democrap and RINO which would cost them the Houss and Senate in 2020 and years to come. They have ZERO chance of taking the White House which is why this FARCS is going on. See Democraps think by running with this FARCE they might have a small glimmer of a Chance at winning 2020.

  23. VGF says:

    You have all heard the old Saying “” Not unless it involves ME’/// Or’ ” I ”am not affected,,SO until I am..I`m staying out of IT !” WE Do know this is A Cope-out To keep from making any Personal Sacrifice…Or Having TO DO Something instead of Just Talking About IT. WE all Have been guilty of This “Omission ” To SOME degree, Now..Haven`t WE / BUT YET..WE Are the First to Scream the Loudest..If And When..OUR Coat-tails Happen to get Singed… WE just SIT back And Look the Other Direction,,,DON~T WE ?? WELL> THIS TIME WE Don`t have the LUXURY of Pretend left to us. WE MUST>>Wake UP..And Put OUR feet TO the FIRE>>and begin OUR Protecting Mode..( you KNOW ? The ONE that SAYS”” Enough ! WE will not Let this go on another day. IT is Past due Time Short Shrift was Made of Schiff, the Treasonous One, And A.G. Barr is Loaded for Bear !! Lets` get Solidly behind HIM>>He Knows What HE is Going to DO..AND >>He WILL. SO..ARE we Behind HIM?? YES !!!

    • TOM says:

      From reading your post you on that good stuff Uncle Hippie got from Colorado the way you type it sure looks like it you must be stoned out of your mind.
      Go get some Cheetos to snack on I can tell you got the munchies plus it’ll remind you of your supreme leader Cheeto ban dido.

  24. Kevin says:

    I think ‘Trump Chump’ Nunes has more to worry about than Schiff

    • D.A.N. says:

      Kevin, we know that you don’t think to start with. Nunes has Schiff by the Nadlers and Schiff knows it. Why do you think the Commie News Network is being sued for so much? Because they got caught in the Schiff for brain’s lies. Going to be fun watching ol’ bug eyes squirm.

    • Eileen Trent says:

      Don’t think so. Read my post to the idiot justice…..

  25. Harry Katz says:

    It isn’t a question of should he testify. It is more like “He had damned well better testify under oath and testify truthfully.” None of his usual Bull Schiff; the time for letting him get away with his lies is over.. When he lies (not if as he will not be able to control himself) he needs to be removed from Congress with NO benefits, prosecuted, sentenced, fined and incarcerated to the fullest extent of the law. Somebody needs to be made an example of and Schiff fits the bill to a T.

  26. DD says:

    Can we put these IDIOT DEMWITTS in PRISON, including some if not all those running for President ? I am getting sick and tired of these games the DEMWITTS are playing and now they will start having Temper Tantroms when they LOOSE in the SENATE and it will go on to the election. WE THE PEOPLE need to STOP this all of us R, D, and I’s !

  27. I have been Reading stories from web sites like this for almost 3 years. You know how many ended up True??? ZERO. When Anti-Christ Trump Gives up on his games against the majority here, here come the nukes He Flees to Russia, and their next Country to try to destroy?? Israel, and They have an Ally that Trump can not trick. Trump can not even Speak to him. This is one being who cane Never be beat.

    • Mysty says:

      Fred, either you live in some sci-fi movie in your head or you have been off your meds again.
      List your PROOF here about ALL your accusations…list EVERY reason you believe PRESIDENT TRUMP is the anti-Christ.

    • Thelma Johnson says:

      Fred, just wondering what on earth gave you the idea that Trump is the anti-Christ? You must not have been among the millions of Christians, who prayed God would send us the right president! Despite all odds, and the candidates that seemed far more capable, HE clearly chose President Trump to lead us at this particular time in history. God didn’t choose him because he was the most holy, but because He knew he could get the job done the best! God often choses the least likely among us to do HIS work, hence the reason he has been so successful. God is working through him to clean up our country and bring us back to HIM again. Have you not noticed that President Trump is the only leader, who has offered to bring prayer back into our schools? He is the only president to return the Capitol of Israel to its rightful place, although other presidents promised to do so…but never made the effort. He has given us the most prosperous economy in our history and provided more jobs for our people, by bringing back industry that was long gone and thought impossible to ever return to America again! In fact, he has accomplished more in 3 years, than all other presidents put together! He works tirelessly 24/7, despite all the opposition and constant hatred that has been poured upon him! Can you not see God’s hand leading him?! You need to look elsewhere for the anti-Christ…perhaps George Soros, who is determined to destroy America….or the leader of the Deep State, who is running a shadow government to undermine everything our president is doing. You are definitely way off base on this one, Fred!

      • Joan Sandenbergh says:

        Well said Thelma

      • I'm Not Blind says:

        Thelma Mysty
        Proof of the ANTICHRIST and his arrival.
        Those that worship at the feet of the ANTICHRIST shall wear the mark of the beast upon their head.
        And that Mark is the Red MAGA Hat.
        Biblical prophecy, you can’t argue with the Bible those words are true.

      • KatahdinView says:

        I will give you a 1000% thumbs up.

      • JusticeforTrump says:

        Trump is the Anti-Christ. He is pure evil, pure selfishness, a mobster who has probably killed to get his way through life. He certainly has sexually assaulted numerous women Thelma, that reason alone should have you not vote for the vermin.

        • Eileen Trent says:

          Clinton Foundation— front 4 child sex trafficking…..

          Huber report 2 b released sooooon….

          The witch Hillary just told her adoring audience a few weeks ago, that they would see flashes of videos on the dark web, bad people doing bad things…..

          What prompted the witch 2 say that???

          She knows the videos of her and Huma and a young girl were somehow dropped onto the dark web, havng come from the Weiner laptop.

          Someone that had access 2 that laptop on the inside dropped those videos on the dark web, and the witch is trying to get ahead of them, claiming that’s not her—-OH, YES IT IS!!!!!!

          Talk about killing,….. it follows the witch everywhere she goes….being a high priestess in the church of satan…….can u say Abromawitch?!!!!

          BTW Barr has the Weiner laptop and where in the heck is Podesta and Huma????

          HMMMMM…….witness protection maybe???!

          Told u I will shoot u down everytime, so go talk ur smack sonewhere else, I know the truth!!!

        • Uncle Hoppy says:

          Since you don’t know what the antichrist is nobody here is taking you seriously.
          In fact, people are laughing at your stupidity. But maybe that’s how you like it being a troll and all.

  28. Scott Graham says:

    I feel that the democrats should pay for the mess that they have created in our county, with three years + of the mickey mousing around, How did they get their job done they were too busy playing around trying to frame our president!

    • JusticeforTrump says:

      The house passed over 150 laws but Mitch McConnell, the other Nazi, won’t bring the bills to a vote, that shows how sick the system is and Trump is making it worse with his cultism.

      • Uncle Hoppy says:

        Elections have consequences. That’s what your cult leader Obama said.
        If Obama didn’t suck so bad as president maybe he wouldn’t have lost the house and the senate to the republicans under his reign. The republicans have the senate majority thanks to Obama.

  29. robert bizek says:



    • McKenzie says:

      There are enough people in the Cemeteries to Keep the Dimpocrats in office…

    • neo anderson says:

      Do away with “computer voting” and all this goes away….too easy to alter the program to elect whoever they want….

      • I'm Not Blind says:

        I agree with you no more voting machines, no more voter suppression, no more gerry meandering, no more closing voter sites in poorer areas, no more citizen’s united where corporate America can buy our elected officials, no more electoral college vote, no more career politicians, no more fat retirement checks, no more corruption, no more lying dozens of times everyday day after day, no more embarrassing us on the world stage, no more attacking social programs that keep millions of elderly alive or food in the stomach of the hungry, no more tax cuts for the ultra wealthy that pay no taxes anyway, no more special low tax on investment income all income needs to be taxed correctly, no more hidding American dollars in off shore accounts, no more subsidizing big business, no more attacks on unions, no more wage stagnation, add some if you wish but let’s all agree our current government does not work for the American people, and hasn’t for over 50 years, not one single person has been for the American people, their only concerned about the big stuff and big money period.
        I don’t care what party you align with nobody has done anything for the American people, it’s all about the money.

  30. Leon says:

    The demoncrap politions are of the same mind set as their idles Slick Willie Clinton and butcrack Obama. Criminals and despots to the core.

  31. Desert Fox says:

    Every time I see Adumb Schitt I think he looks like the puppet he is; but then I remember the full cast of charachters Nutzy Palooozi as mthe Wicked Witch of the West. Adumb Schitt as the Scarerow, and Chump Scummer as the Cowardly Lion, and JOff Comey as the Tin Man. Then you can fill in the rest of the demented dimwit obstructionist immoral demoncrats to complete the poicture.

    • domaho says:

      have you seen the fat over-weight in the old B/W photo? his spine just couldn’t support his fat butt. his pant harness at the waistline was up to his chest. now his sagging turf face looks like the slim- jim looks like the palefacelosi malifesto twin. in other word these two were raised from the mobsterfamily, the gangbander whore house of the’30

    • domaho says:

      sorry, i was characterizing the nuder senator from the crime-infested slum from Nude Yakey

  32. Tom says:

    Give Schiff and Pelosi 50 years in prison with no parole and even if they pass away in prison just keep them in their cells until prison time served.

    • Alcira says:

      It has been said for a long time now that
      A. Schiff is in the hot seat!!! Yet, he is still in charge of the fake impeachment hearing. He must Testify or held in Comptent shall he refuses to do so. He is just the Evil’s son. For all the Corrupted, treasonous, fraudulent ways to run the Inteligence Committee, HE must be Impeach, Trial & send behind bars for the rest of his life (unless the Republicans are weak & afraid of some kind of exposure) they have not demand much of anything as compare to all the demands the democrats have done.

  33. Sue Neely says:

    I agree totally and don’t forget High Pockets Nadler and The Warbler Pelosi and her sidekick Schumer!

  34. Johnny says:

    Toast that lying mother -effer and run him out of Washington!

  35. Jack Handy says:

    N0 0NE SHOULD SHOW – Leave the Dems
    & TV Cameras ‘EMPTY’.

  36. At all costs the democrats will pull every trick, dirty trick, obstruction and subterfuge to protect Schiff. This is nothing but an attempted Coup-de-tal which has always been the plan. Remember the democrats started this process the day after Trump was elected. Their hatred and lack of morals and ethics astound me. If they succeed we will all pay a very dear price.

    • Stephen Tilghman says:

      Facebook did not like it that I advocated prosecution of individuals violating the law by trying to overthrow the government. So they deleted my comment.
      Probably some liberal who thinks Schiff and pelosi can do no wrong.

      • VGF says:

        Stephen T, Don`t sweat it…that Face book deleted YOUR comment That Any individual ( Or Any “{“facebook Malarky ) Did not LIKE being ”Told ? They WOULD be indicted for Trying to overthrow OUR guvmt. !..FOR>>The TRUTH IS…THEY WILL BE>>and VERY soon now ! CALL it “impending DOOM whatTHEY ARE Feeling..For IT Creeps Closer With Every Minute that Passes ! ( and here we were, Wondering HOW LONG do WE Have to WAIT>>For JUSTice TO BE Meted OUT>>for All THOSE scoundrels Have Put us THRU>>For OVER three years ? ) WE are SO fed up with What ”THEY” Have Put OUR President..”Our Duly Elected” Donald Trump ”THRU>>since The FIRST Second THEY Knew they WERE going to Have TO.. Be Confronted AND Called OUT>>For THEIR Treasonous Actions… Right in Front Of the Whole World !! As the saying goes ” Justice moves Slowly.. BUT ( Eventually. IT does get there !” These Next FEW Days ARe going to FEEL LIKE An Eternity…Before All of THEM are “”Rounded up..AND Faced Their ”just Dessert !!”” I Can WAIT, After All, I`ve Waited THIS Long..

    • Andrew says:

      You’re absolutely right. The one should be impeached and kicked out from Congress is

    • Will says:

      Wrong,, if they succeed ,, THEY will pay dearly

    • Jimmie Chesser says:

      I am sick of them bullying Donald Trump just sick of their anagrams the need voted out ordinary was and still is a crook and I never seen a den or republican do to him what they have done to OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP ITS TIME THEY STOP THEIR BS.

    • Bill Rose says:

      You are absolutely correct David! Trump was right when he characterized them as “deranged.”

  37. The Eradicator says:

    Adam Schit is a larger than life liar, leaker, conspiracist who authors fake allegations and false whistleblowers! He has betrayed his country and every American citizen as well as the Constitution! But, it is all for nothing! Impeach the POTUS, he will be acquitted in the Senate. He will be reelected and the Dems are going to lose their behinds in 2020 AND they deserve every bad thing that is coming to them! ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES!
    Adam Schit’s gentalia should be placed in a commercial grade vice which should then be closed tightly, until there is metal to metal as in completely closed. Someone get him a clean diaper, he’s going to need it! He will squeal like the pig he is!

  38. Don Juan says:

    The only time Adam Schiff head will ever testify in front of his constituents and the Senate is when we will see pigs flying in the sky. It ain’t going to happen. The Deep State is protecting Adam Schiff head and he will never get in trouble because of his countless lies. As sad as this may sound, the Republican leadership is weak. They do not have the gumption and the cahoonus to fight fire with fire with these corrupt creatures on the left. The Democrats hold all the cards and they are the gatekeepers to our messed up government. It will literally take an act of God to correct this terrible mess we are all in.

    • tinker68 says:

      You don’t know that. Why not give them the chance to prove themselves before you condemn them. Your doing to them what the dems are doing to the President. There is plenty of time for failure lets give them a chance at success which will be fleeting.

  39. ian barton says:

    It would be interesting to total the cost of “”ïmpeach 45” from day one including salaries of polititians and lawyers involvement. All taxpayers pay the cost not just the voters. Therin is the interference in the election. (white House saving money by not getting involved on 6th)

  40. Carl J Bujan says:

    Schiff is what I call a American Hitler, he lies , cheats, miss leads the people and the people let him get away with it by not getting involved.

  41. Sandra says:

    Schiff should be convicted. He has been carrying on for too long in a false and expensive sham. Along the way he has committed a number of crimes which no seems to be addressing.

    • mary brumley says:

      Sandra, I believe Schiff’s actions will be addressed when the time is ripe! We must have patience and trust the Plan.

    • TNBob says:

      you really have to wonder how an insane megalomaniac can break one law after another and lie about, slander and defame someone in front of the world and walk a way untouched. It is beyond comprehension!!! Some are saying he will be prosecuted, but frankly I don’t believe it. I DO however believe that soon enough he will be prostrated in front of the Great Judge at the Great White Throne Judgment and not one godless thing he has done will escape the wrath of the Almighty.

      • D.A.N. says:

        TNBob, he gets away with it because when in Congress, a lie gets you in no troubles. But catch him out in public making statements like he does, and he is guilty of a crime. CNN is about to face that fact. And you can bet that they will hang Schiff for brains out to dry. His day is coming. Remember, dirty Harry Reid lied about Romney’s taxes. Guess which one is in Congress now. It sure ain’t Reid.

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