Adam Schiff got hit with a rude awakening that just blew up his impeachment coup

Adam Schiff thought he could get away with the perfect crime.

But he just got called out in the worst way possible.

And he got hit with a rude awakening that just blew up his impeachment coup.

Republicans are fed up with Adam Schiff conducting a coup against the President of the United States in secret.

Schiff is interviewing witnesses behind closed doors and denying Republicans any semblance of fundamental fairness.

Now Republicans are putting him on the spot.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham declared that unless Schiff agrees to release the transcript of former U.S. special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker’s closed-door deposition Graham will call Volker to testify in public.

Breitbart reports:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Wednesday demanded that House Democrat leaders release the full transcript of the testimony provided by the impeachment inquiry’s first witness, former U.S. special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker.

Graham, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, threatened to call Volker to testify before his panel if Democrats did not meet his demand.

Volker is at the center of the impeachment investigation. He resigned as the special envoy to Ukraine at the end of last month as the inquiry began to heat up.

Sen. Graham described the House Democrats’ refusal to make the full transcript of Volker’s deposition last Thursday public as “an abuse of power.”

Democrats are guarding Volker’s testimony under lock and key because what Volker told them blows a hole in the Left’s impeachment narrative.

Republicans claim Volker repeatedly told the committee there was no quid pro quo between the Trump administration releasing military aide and the Ukrainian government investigating Joe Biden.

Democrats don’t want Volker’s testimony public because the lack of clarity on the subject of the military aide is allowing them to insinuate Trump withheld the military aide until the Ukrainians agreed to investigate Biden.

And that is driving the uptick in support for impeachment in the polls.

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179 Responses

  1. Barry Cooper says:

    soo that was a republican that opened fire on that baseball field that night . Glad you cleared that up for us. You people wouldnt know the truth if it was to take up every inch of space in those brainwashed, wait you woukd have to have a brain to be brainwased so nevermind . What is it like to be so easily manipulated by the dumbest of the dumb? Accuse your enemy of exactly what you do yourself. oldest trick in the book . Stopped falling for that when i was 5.

  2. Bruno says:

    Tom — make an appointment with your shrink tomorrow. It looks like your liberal media brain-washing is mis-firing.

  3. TOM says:

    Of course you’re full of hate you’re RETARDican.

  4. TOM says:

    And I fully blame you for being ignorant to facts and truth.

  5. TOM says:

    And I blame God because every RETARDican claims God appointed Cheeto Bandido for POTUS.
    All RETARDicans have abandoned God for Cheeto Bandido.
    You shall have no God before me, does that sound familiar, when you fully support Cheeto Bandido and proclaim he’s God sent, you just denounced God you broke one of the ten commandments, you are worsiping the false prophet you have sinned a great sin, you worship the golden oxen. You have accepted the coming of the Antichrist.

  6. TOM says:

    You can’t charge anyone with treason anymore BOZO BARR made sure of that when Reagen got pardoned for exactly that TREASON.
    Look it up it’s well known it happened over the x m ass holiday season when no one was around to protest it, you know closed doors hearings hidden from the public.

  7. TOM says:

    Yes I agree you should be able to announce all you want too about murdering American citizens, you should be free to announce how you want too murder members of Congress, since when did that become a crime, everybody knows RETARDicans want too murder all Democrats be they men women or even children, just proclaim you’re pro life and cleansing the world of evil God will understand, as a matter of fact that’s one of the ten commandments go forth and murder all Democrats or future Democrats murder them all shoot first ask questions later.

  8. TOM says:

    Yes Jose come to the Antichrist you’ll be so much happier dead but happy.

  9. TOM says:

    Yes always believe in you’re supreme leader even though he is the one committing the crime.
    Always abandon truth honesty and mostly God for you’re supreme leader.

  10. TOM says:

    Yeah only poll to believe is these polls on P/P that show 98%+ approval of Cheetos Bandido now that’s a good honest poll.
    As for Fox talking bad about the supreme leader how could they switch over and start telling the truth they built they’re whole base on miss information telling lies for years now the truth that’s just appalling how in God’s name could they do that it’s disgusting to say the least.
    Never question you’re supreme leader.
    Always believe the lies you’re supreme leader tells.
    Bow down to the supreme leader.
    Kiss the feet of the supreme leader.
    Follow you’re supreme leader to death.
    Call you’re supreme leader God.
    Abandon the true God for you’re supreme leader.
    Cry for you’re supreme leader.
    Commit murder for you’re supreme leader.
    Start a civil war for you’re supreme leader.
    Abandon you’re very own children for you’re supreme leader.
    Now go out and vote for the Antichrist for he is you’re supreme leader.

  11. TOM says:

    Because you stick you’re fingers in your ears and refuse to hear the truth does not make it less true.
    I just put up now stick your fingers in your eyes because you don’t want to see it either, going through life deaf and blind is not the answer.

  12. TOM says:

    They did give you the evidence you just refuse to believe the truth, that’s not the Dems fault, that’s you’re fault if you can’t process the truth.

  13. TOM says:

    And God bless God for giving us the Antichrist.

  14. TOM says:

    Please take the time too tell us just who or where are all these great RETARDicans that believe in the Constitution or even America.
    I’ll wait this could take you decades.

  15. TOM says:

    What’s the matter with you, you can’t come here and tell the TRUTH.

  16. TOM says:

    Irish eyes
    It’s always so much fun to see you people complain about the rules for impeachment being used today and proclaim the Dems changed the rules, because the 100% truth is Dems are following the rules set forth from the changes made by RETARDicans. TRUE FACT LOOK IT UP.

  17. TOM says:

    True communist do feel more comfortable around each other playing with you’re guns dreaming about all those Democrats you can murder including children.

  18. TOM says:

    Yep typical RETARDican you don’t like something go forth and murder everyone the proclaim you’re pro life that makes it 100% legal.

  19. TOM says:

    I know right threatening to shoot a setting member of Congress, but hey that’s what all RETARDicans do they don’t like what’s happening shoot someone, look at all mass shootings 100% done by someone on the radical right, you don’t like Democrats shoot them all men women and children and when you’re done proclaim you’re the pro life crowd, poor big baby Trumpzilla is being impeached for committing high crimes, extortion, bibbery, lying under oath, putting America in grave danger from foreign enemies, so you get so mad because he’s being charged just like any citizen would be for breaking the law so the answer is for civil war, with RETARDicans it’s always gun violence always has been always will be just murder you’re fellow Americans and say you did it because you’re PRO LIFE just not Democrat life, then go to church and tell everybody you believe in God that always makes murder OK just ask God he himself said and I quote ” to all RETARDicans voters go out and murder all Democrats for me I command you go forth and murder”. GOD!

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